Fluffy Comforts

“Duran, are you okay?”

Having stumbled and fallen onto his stomach in the soft grass, Duran was, by most standards, perfectly okay. However, he was still slow to respond to his mother’s worry – not out of injury, but rather curiosity. Nestled in a stand of tall grass, a pair of brilliant blue-grey eyes had captivated him. The eyes belonged to a furry creature with pointed ears, a long-fluffy tail, and sandy-blonde fur – though the ears and tail did end in black tips.

Duran thought the critter looked very dog-like, yet unlike any dog he’d ever seen. His fascination blocked out the rest of the world, and he found himself possessed by a desire to reach out and touch the fluffy thing. Just as his stubby little fingers were about to touch it, the creature made a snappy side-step to avoid him.

Startled from his intense focus, Duran suddenly remembered his mother’s words about strange animals. Urgency and a sizeable amount of fear brought him to his feet in a hurry, and Duran scampered across the lawn towards his mother on the porch.

“What happened?” His mother asked, concern knitting her brow as her son made his frantic escape from the deadly beast.

“Mom!” Duran shouted, clinging fiercely to her leg and pointing towards the grasses. “Something’s there!”

She followed his finger towards where he’d come from, and after a moment all the concern melted from her face. “Is that what you saw?” She asked, sounding rather pleasantly surprised.

Duran looked across the lawn again. The creature was no longer amongst the weeds. Rather, it had taken a seat on its haunches some distance away, seemingly just as curious of Duran as he’d been of it.

“My, I thought she’d died,” his mother said.

“What is it?” He asked, still firmly attached to her leg.

She chuckled in a very motherly way and ruffled his hair. “That’s a fox, Duran. One I’ve known for many years. I’m quite surprised she’s still alive.”

“How come?”

“Well, foxes don’t normally live a very long time. She must be very tough to have survived this long,” his mother said with a small smile.

The fox’s fur fluffed out at the comment, as if puffing up with pride. Duran, no longer quite so afraid, could feel his curiosity rekindle. His eyes met the fox’s again, only this time instead of avoiding him she began taking slow, purposeful steps forward.

“Still friendly as ever,” his mother mused.

No longer clinging to his mother, or even all that close to her, Duran tottered to the edge of the steps. The fox sat down at the landing, looking up towards the boy. He turned back towards his mother, his face making his question plain as could be.

“Go ahead, just remember to be gentle.”

Now all smiles, he made his way down to the fluffy fox. Mindful of his mother’s words, he reached out gingerly to touch the tail that was nearly as large as the creature itself.

“Fluffy!” Duran giggled out, delighting in the downy softness at his fingertips .

“Just like the old days,” his mother said softly, smiling as she remembered her youth with the fox.

Shuffling out of the house in his pajamas, Duran plopped himself down on the porch like a sack of potatoes. The cool evening air was welcome refreshment from the stuffy house and the twinkling stars and brilliant moon gave his mind something new to think about – for a few minutes.

It wasn’t long until he let out a sigh that was far too deep for his years as his mind turned back to what’d tormented him for the past few days since he’d started up a new year of school. Perhaps by coincidence or drawn out by his sigh, Augusta appeared at his side. The stealthy fox had a peculiar habit of appearing from the shadows, even in broad daylight.

“Hey there,” Duran said, giving her ears a few scratches. “What’s up?”

The fox slid in closer, sitting down next to him and curling her tail around the back of his waist.

“You always seem to know just how I’m feeling. Guess animals really are good at reading emotion, huh?” Duran said, petting the length of her back in slow motions.

Maybe too good, Duran thought, but he’d learned that the fox was full of mysteries – and he’d learned to stop questioning Augusta so much. He was just happy to have her companionship, especially in times like these.

Stroking her fluff always brought a smile to his face, and tonight was no different. After plenty of rubs and scratches, the fox cocked her head and leveled her steel-blue eyes on him. She did always know how to ask questions without ever speaking.

As if it were the most natural thing for anyone to do, Duran answered the fox. “What’s wrong?” He said, as if repeating a question.

The fox tilted her head the other way.

“Well, I guess I can tell you,” he said with yet another sigh.

Augusta’s ears twitched and swiveled to focus on him along with her steely gaze. The piercing effect reminded him a little of his mother; the way she’d stare at him as if she knew what was really going on even without him saying anything.

“It’s kinda embarrassing,” he began, only to hesitate after a few words. “Well it’s two things, really.”

He closed his eyes for a moment. Even if she understood him it wasn’t like she could give him advice. But maybe he’d feel better to just tell someone, even a furry, four-legged someone.

“First off!” He began, nostrils flaring. “First things first. Firstly, it’s about a person… who is a girl.”

Took only seconds for his manly bravado to vanish without a trace. Duran was immediately regretting his decision as he met Augusta’s stare. Giving voice to his thoughts was proving much more awkward than he’d imagined it could possibly be. He thought he caught a look of something in the fox’s eyes, but he couldn’t pinpoint what. Something like jealousy? Still, she waited patiently for him to continue. Yet another sigh slipped out from the boy.

“Right, girl. A girl that I don’t hate. I really don’t hate her, you know?”

It took him a few moments to realize what he was saying, which only made him feel worse. For her part, Augusta was wonderfully amused by his shyness. Duran was glad the fox was unable to speak for once. No doubt he’d never hear the end of it.

“Okay so I l-like her! What’s wrong with that?!”

Augusta had no rebuttal, instead she just kept her gaze on him and blinked.

“Yeah, there’s nothing weird about a guy liking a girl, right? Especially her. I mean, it might be weird if she was like fat or ugly or dumb, but she’s none of those things! Not at all! No, wait! I mean, she’s really cute and stuff!”

Poor Duran’s words came out in a rushed jumble, mashing up against each other in fits and starts. The fox’s ears had gone straight up and Duran could see her upper fangs poking out of her lip. And then she snorted. Actually snorted. He shot a scowl at her, but the effect was more than slightly diminished by his flushed face.

“Hey! No laughing! I’m trying to be serious here!”

She placed a paw on his leg, but did little to hide her toothy smile. There was a long, silent pause as Duran struggled to gather his courage once again. All things considered, he was glad to have someone he could talk to – even if it was more talking to himself. Something about speaking one’s mind aloud made it easier to think. Didn’t hurt that Augusta was such a good listener. Even if she laughed on occasion.

Finally he managed to marshal his thoughts into some sort of cohesion and began by clearing his throat. “A-anyways, I like her, I really do, but I don’t know if she already has a boyfriend or anything. And what if she doesn’t like me? What if I try to ask her out and she just laughs at me?” Duran went on in that adolescent way of worrying about everything. “What should I do?”

He made such a pitiful, pleading look at the fox. The fox tilted her head one way and then the other, letting her massive, fluffy ears flop back and forth. Giving her back a few strokes, Duran’d suddenly changed his mind on her inability to speak. If only she could give him the advice he so desperately sought.

Then she licked his nose. She could speak to him at times.

“I don’t know if I should just kiss her,” he said with a chuckle. “Maybe, though…”

Her eyes twinkled and she swished her tail, earning a few more rubs and pats. With a final sigh, Duran stood and stretched.

“Thanks for listening,” he said, looking down at the fox. “But I need to get back to bed or mom will yell at me for being outta bed.”

In a gesture he took for a nod, Augusta turned about and hopped off the porch, waving him goodbye with her tail. Though when he waved back and then slipped inside, he didn’t notice the fox had come to abrupt halt, looking over her shoulder.

Rolling out of bed with a yawn and a stretch, Duran discovered something curious on his nightstand. A bit of paper, folded in half. Opening it with one hand and rubbing sleep from his eyes with the other, it took only seconds until he was wide awake and clutching the scrap with both hands.

Written inside was some advice on how to ask out the girl he’d been crushing on. All the sorts of juicy and embarrassing romantic ways of asking someone out that’d turn a young teenage boy red with embarrassment up to his ears.

“Oh gods, mom must have overheard me…Maybe she just didn’t want to say anything,” he reasoned with himself, collapsing back down into his bed face-first to hide his shame. He was more than willing to play along and not utter a word to her. There was little more humiliating than having your mother of all people try to help your love life.

Augusta laid out in some brush, resting her head on crossed paws. In the distance Duran was playing some sort of catch game with what’s his name? Roar… Rori. Right. She had no idea why they’d left the cool, air-conditioned house to come out into this sweltering heat. The acrid scents of sweat managed to reach her nose, even at a distance. Not that she particularly minded, it had its own appeal. A little reminder of days past.

Things were meandering about in that lazy summer way – just how she liked said things. Yawning once, then twice, Augusta began to close her eyes and prepare for a lovely summer nap. Until something caught her notice. They hadn’t done much throwing or catching in a while. Instead they were just talking, though maybe more than ‘just’ talking.

Just as concern and curiosity mingled enough to bring her to her feet, Rori had suddenly picked up his bike and left in a hurry. Now it was all concern, especially seeing as how Duran just sort of stood there for a while before flopping down into the grass.

Stealth fell to the wayside as Augusta made her way over towards him with haste. Though she did wish to maintain a modicum of dignity, slowing to her normal walk as she emerged from a stand of grasses into the clearing. Not that it mattered, considering he’d not noticed her until she was close enough to cast a shadow across his face.

His arm was laid across his eyes, more to hide himself than the bright sun. He shifted slightly to catch a glimpse of what’d shadowed him, then instantly covered himself again.

Not even a hello. This called for serious measures.

A fluffy tail brushed across his nose, making him twitch and sniff. Then again, and again. He was holding out far too well. Time to break out the heavy firepower.

“GAH! Damn it, alright!” Duran shouted as she snapped up, rubbing his nose. No one could withstand having the tip of a fox tail shoved up their nostril.

He tried to spit the fox with a withering stare, but all it took was a brush on his arm to melt away his facade. Smiling weakly, he then flopped back down onto the grass and stared into the brilliant blue sky. “How do you always find me when shit happens?”

Augusta sat down next to him, just waiting for him to continue. Duran let out a mirthless laugh through his nose. “I suppose you want to know what happened? Sure, why the hell not.”

Seems she’d made the right call.

“You know what Rori just told me? He told me that, that he’s moving. Can you believe it? My best friend… my only real friend, won’t be here much longer,” Duran said, again covering his face with an arm.

“Everyone else moved out of this shitty town already, so I guess it was only natural. Eric, Paul, Aaron… Katie, and now Rori.”

He fell quiet for a spell, prompting Augusta to rest her head on his chest. His other hand ruffled her fur and scratched at her ears and he breathed out as if the weight of the world was on his chest.

“So now I’ve got no friends. All alone in this shitty, worthless town…”

But just as quick as he’d fallen into a somber tone, anger began to color his words.

“Why does mom want to stay here so bad?! She can write anywhere, can’t she? What’s so good about this place?!”

The arm that’d been covering his face flew off and he slammed a fist into the dirt and grass. “Not like dad would ever come back even if we stayed here,” he muttered. “Gods I am so sick and tired of this place…”

Augusta scoot up and stared at him until he looked down. A few tears had managed to squeeze out, something that always made Duran feel ashamed. Placed her paws onto his chest, she gave him a few affectionate licks on his cheeks and nose, forcing a smile on his lips. Thumping her tail weakly against the ground she also laid her ears back and down for maximum effect.

“Well, I guess I still have at least one friend,” he said weakly, patting her head.

Seizing the opportunity, she half-climbed onto him and showered him with a flurry of licks, finally getting him to laugh at least a tiny bit. Duran wrapped her up in a hug – something she normally did her best to wriggle out of, but this was a special occasion.

“Don’t you leave me too, okay?”

For once he got a response; a short, foxy bark.

The warm breeze felt nice and the dusky sunset filled the sky in brilliant, majestic shades of reds and purples, but neither could hope to staunch the flow of tears. Duran sat alone on the porch, face buried between his knees. He’d lost track of time, though he was sure most of the day had been spent in tears. Tissues were long spent and his knees were growing increasingly damp, but none of that quite mattered. Nothing in the world did.

A familiar fluff wrapped around his legs. Almost nothing. “Oh, hey,” he said with a deep breath in through his nose.

Directly in front of him, the fox displayed her usual questioning look. Though it wasn’t idle curiosity, far as Duran figured. Animals could tell when something was wrong, when people were deeply upset. Though if he believed the fox was as smart as he thought, she probably knew and remembered everything he’d said these past few weeks – like all the hospital and doctor visits. They hadn’t seen much of each other lately as a result, and when they did he usually didn’t have much time to tell Augusta what was going on.

“It happened a few days ago,” he began, happy for a pair of ears he could spill his thoughts to – talking to himself hadn’t done much good, and his extended family weren’t exactly the sort of comforting shoulder he could cry on. “She finally passed away. The…” he stopped short, struggling to maintain his composure, “The funeral was yesterday.”


Slipping up onto the porch, the fox leaned against Duran. Her warmth nearly coaxed another wave of tears, but it was just the sort of comfort he yearned for. He gave her a few pats and rubs, trying to sort out of the storm of thoughts and emotions that raged. Her fluff was the sort of thing one could lose themselves in, something he so desperately needed. For the first time in days, if not weeks, he let a smile hook the corners of his lips.

But losing himself wouldn’t allow him to find anything, much as he hated to admit. With a stuttering exhale, he began again. “She, she fought hard – so hard, but they couldn’t do anything for her. Not even the big hospitals in the city. But I already told you all about that, didn’t I? How she’d hold my hand and tell me not to worry, that I wouldn’t ever be alone…”

There was no damming the coming wave, and all Duran could do was cover his face to hide his shame. But the fox never left his side nor mocked him for crying. Instead she simply rested her head on his lap. Long minutes passed, the fox waiting patiently for him to calm.

He muttered a thanks after his sobs had faded, followed by a few more gentle pets. “Wouldn’t be alone? It’s just me and this house,” he said. “Probably, anyways. Family and their fucking lawyers,” he said bitterly. “And I… I don’t have a job or anything, I mean, I just graduated high school.”

From his lap she turned her head to stare up at him, as if unraveling his thoughts.

“Yeah, I think I’m going to have to sell mom’s house,” he said, fighting back yet more despair.

Duran could understand now why she’d never wanted to move. The house belonged to his grandmother before it passed to his mother. It was old and creaky, but it was cozy and warm, and it was home.

“But I don’t want to leave… plus, I don’t think they allow foxes in the city,” he said, forcing a dry laugh.

Drawing away from his lap, the fox resumed sitting on her haunches, staring at him. Her tail swished once, then twice.

“I know, you probably wouldn’t like it there anyways. The only other guy I know doesn’t have a job either, so I couldn’t even have him as a roommate or something,” Duran said, giving voice to any idea he could think of. “I don’t think working at the general store would be enough. Even if they did hire me…”

“What should I do?” he pleaded to the fox in a hushed, cracked whisper.

The fox simply licked his nose, as she often did to comfort him. He smiled, but it was short-lived.

“I miss mom so much…”

If only there was something that could be done. Something, anything. Though acclimated to the lonely rural life, it was wearing thin. Maybe change was in order, especially when his heart was being torn apart.

Twilight had given way to the serene darkness of night, and Duran found himself having cried out all his tears. Utterly exhausted in body and mind, he resigned his mind to worry about everything worth worrying about tomorrow.

“Thanks for listening,” he said to the fox, giving he a few more ear scratches. “It helps to have someone to listen, ya know?” With no more tears left, all he could do was grin and shake his head at himself for confiding in a fox.

Normally that would be that, but a thought crossed his mind. He was by himself now. As much as he wanted to respect his mother’s wishes, he didn’t want to sleep in an empty house for the second night in a row.

“Hey,” he began. The fox’s ears perked up.

“Want to come in?” He said, sliding open the door and standing aside.

In all the years he’d been with her, this was the first he’d seen the fox at a loss for what to do. Over and over her eyes shifted from him to the open door. Hopeful at first, he began to think that the fox’s hesitance was her way of letting him down gently. Briefly he considered himself crazy for ascribing so many human elements to the animal, but remembered his mother often did the same when Augusta came around.

“Well, I understand if you’re not much of a house fox,” he said solemnly, moving to slip inside.

“Goodn-“ he began, but before he could close the door or finish his farewell she suddenly bolted forward ahead of him.

The hardwood flooring proved a challenge to stop quickly on, sending the fox skittering a short distance in a decidedly ungraceful fashion. Blinking a few times in wonder, Duran then smiled. The first genuine smile he’d had in over a week.

She followed him about the house, looking around at everything. This was the first time she’d been inside. Augusta even followed him to the bathroom while he readied for bed. Duran was a little hesitant to change in front of her, but she was just a fox, after all. Still, he couldn’t help but imagine she was leering him at him. Didn’t improve matters when she licked her lips. Just must be nerves.

The ultimate test for him came as he slipped into his bed. “Wanna come up?” he said, patting on the covers.

Again there was the strange hesitance from her, but eventually she bolted up. With no further hesistant, she moved straight for his chest and curled up against him. By impulse or instinct or even just a want, Duran laid an arm across her. “Heh, I feel dumb for saying this, but you’ve been my best friend for years,” he said with a self-deprecating laugh.

“And I guess I love you, too,” he added as an afterthought.

Before much more thought could be given, Duran fell asleep. Not a surprise, considering how exhausted he was. But his words hung in the air, making those who were so sure of themselves more than a little unsure for the first time in years.

“What? You’re leaving?” Duran asked as if Augusta would stay with him at all times.

The fox looked back for a brief moment, then dashed off the patio, across the yard, and into the underbrush.

“What’s she in a rush for?” he wondered aloud, now with a heavy gloom. “Tired of me already?”

Fortunately, or unfortunately based on who was calling, Duran’s morose thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of the phone. It’d been doing that a lot lately.

Several hours and many more phone calls later, his grief was turning more and more to anger. Distant, greedy family were trying to claim the house for themselves, saying Duran wasn’t old enough to inherit it and there was no way he could afford to live in the house by himself. The only thing giving him the slightest bit of hope was that they fought each other as much as they tried to pressure him into giving up the property. He so dearly wanted something to pull him away from the world of lawyers and family that suddenly cared so much about his well-being.


Then there was a familiar face peering in from the porch.

“You’re a sight for sore eyes,” Duran said, smiling and welcoming the fox back in. “And ears,” he said, gesturing to the handset he’d left sit on a countertop.

Augusta’s eyes played over him for a moment, but then she padded along to the front door and sat in front of it rather expectantly.

“What is it?” He asked, following her along.

She glanced from him to the door, her usual signal for when she wanted him to do something. Opening the door, Duran found himself looking at two pieces of luggage on the stoop. Curious, he checked over the bags, looking for some sign of where they’d come from. Other than appearing quite old, there weren’t any markings of any sort that would allow him to discern their origin.

Duran leveled a stare at the fox. She’d done many curious and strange things in the past, but this was getting up there – especially after all the recent events.

“Are these yours?” He asked, only half-jokingly. “Guess you really are moving in.”

“Whatever, I don’t care, I’ll deal with this later,” he grumbled, hefting the pair of suitcases inside. Just in time for the phone to ring again.

Clicking off the lamp, Duran slumped down into bed and pat beside him. Augusta simply blinked at him from the floor.

“Don’t feel like bed yet, huh?” he said, rolling over and drawing the sheets tightly around himself. It was a warm evening, but that didn’t matter to him.

Staring out the window at the moon, he struggled to make sense of all that’d happened. He was pretty sure the house was safely his, until the remainder of the savings and life insurance ran out. What happened after that was an inevitability, one he’d rather not think about or even consider. But, more than anything, he just wanted to be held.

Something began settling down on the bed. All at once, as if colliding with a brick wall, every thought in his head came to a dead stop. At first he thought the fox had hopped up, but the bed shifted too much. Whatever laid down next to him was far too heavy and far too large to be a fox. Immediately his heart broke into a gallop and he shot up, half-tangling himself in the sheets in the process and crashing back down in an awkward heap onto the bed.

There, illuminated by the moonlight, was a woman. She was nude, save for several long, luxurious looking tails that she held in front of her to act as a cover. Adorning her head were two velvety looking ears capped with black tips. One of them flicked up and down.

“W-who the hell are you?!” Duran demanded, though his current predicament robbed any authority he might’ve held.

“Me? Why, I’m Augusta,” the fox-eared woman said. Her voice was deep, sensual.

“What?! But, but she’s… you’re a…” Duran trailed off as his mind registered her fluffy appendages as being very fox-like and familiar. Sandy blonde, along with her long hair.

“A vixen? My, but you flatter me!” Augusta laughed very lightly – very lady-like – covering her mouth with a tail. The self-compliment was decidedly unlady-like, but rather fitting.

Duran’d managed to untangle his legs from the sheets, but he wasn’t in much of a hurry to leap off the bed. His mind was still frozen, and all he could manage was to gawk at the fox, the woman, Augusta.

“But, yes, I am the fox that you so dearly remember. I’m a Kitsune, my dear – a shapeshifter of sorts,” said Augusta, waving her bundle of tails all about.

One of the fluffy tails stretched out and lightly brushed Duran’s cheek. He nearly recoiled, but the sensation was the same as he’d always remembered. The scent of her fur sparked a surge of memory and emotion.

“Why?” he asked, reaching out to stroke the tail. Just as always, his fingers sunk into it, caressing his hand in its softness. “How?”

“How? Magic, my dear. As for the why…” She said, shifting closer to Duran on all fours.

As she drew nearer, he could make out her face and body more clearly in the dim light. She moved with the same grace, the same poise. She had the look of a woman more than twice his age, but time had only refined her features. Her chest and hips had a motherly swell to them, and the scent of a mature woman crossed his nose. The scent was nostalgic – comforting; Duran found his guard rapidly dropping to nothing.

Then, before he could react, she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into her chest. Her tails followed along, nearly wrapping his entire body in their warm embrace. What remained of Duran’s protests fell in that instant as a flood of emotion and desire washed over him. His hands wrapped around her in equal measure and he buried his face into her.

Augusta ran her fingers through his hair and hummed a little song. She was so soft, so affectionate and comforting. The conflict and confusion he felt were fading to nothing.

“Say,” she began, whispering into his ear. “Did you mean it when you said you loved me?”

Duran pulled away slightly to meet her gaze, those steel-blue eyes. She wore a sweet, honest smile that made his heart skip a beat. It was all so confusing, but she was still the dearest friend he had.

“I… well, uh,” he began, tripping over all his words in the worst ways possible.

Yet despite his terrible awkwardness that made him feel so small, Augusta just gave a girlish giggle. “Yes, that is like you, isn’t it? Well, my dear, I love you.”

Then, in such a remarkably Augusta move, she poked him on the nose with her finger. He stared at her, unblinking. His mouth moved, but no words came out. Leaning in, Augusta lightly touched her lips to his. When he did not back away, she pressed in more firmly, holding the kiss for several long seconds before she broke it.

“How do you feel now?”

“Er, I, ah…”

The love for the fox and the love for the woman were two entirely different things. But she’d been with him through all those trying times, guiding and protecting him. Maybe they weren’t so different.

Augusta smiled and rolled her eyes. “You’re such a sweet-heart sometimes, but do show a little initiative. Or do you not want me this night?” She said, feigning hurt. “Am I too old for you?”

Duran pursed his lips. The chance of a lifetime was in front of him, he just had to grab it. A few doubts lingered, but to be close with someone – someone he knew and did deeply care for was, well, too good to pass up. So what if she was older?

Licking his lips and pausing for only a second, he darted forward to plant a kiss on her. Though clumsy as could be, Augusta was more than able to feel his surge of passion. It ignited something deep within her; it’d been so many years since she last mingled with another.

With new found hunger she slid her long tongue into his mouth, twining it against his. Duran resisted ever so slightly at first, but quickly relaxed and allowed her to take the lead. It’d been the first time he was ever kissed deeply, and he found the feeling rather intense and most enjoyable.

Holding the kiss, Augusta pulled his hands up from her waist to her sizeable breasts. Instantly, as if by instinct, Duren began kneading the soft mounds. His fingers sunk into her warm flesh and he circled her nipples, flicking over the rapidly-hardening nubs.

Augusta broke the kiss and let her head roll backwards and arched her back in a soft, low moan. “Mmm, go on, use your mouth,” she whispered, letting herself fall backwards onto the bed.

Instinct and passion were beginning to take over and Duran followed her down, taking one of the pink, pert nipples into his mouth. He savored the taste of her flesh, working his tongue over and around her sensitive bud while his hand knead and grasped her other breast.

Several more rolling moans spilled from her throat and her tails curled and coiled all around Duran, pulling him even closer. He suckled and tasted and licked at each of her hand-filling mounds in turn, pausing only to plant a kiss on her neck or collarbones.

Her soft moans steadily grew in intensity and length, her breaths increasingly shallow. Then, carefully, she began pulling his hand downwards across her tummy and over her pubic mound. Duran’s heart began to race even faster as he felt the first bits of fluff on his fingertips – very wet, sticky fluff – and then the softness of soaked, passion-inflamed lips.

Curling his fingers inward, he began to spread her apart and slide his digits inward – one finger, then two. She was hot, incredibly hot, and her lubricant slathered across his fingers.

“Mmmm, just like that,” Augusta encouraged him in a lurid whisper, releasing his hand.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and met his eyes. The pink hue on her cheeks was nowhere close to Duran’s, but bit by bit she was reddening – especially when he curled his fingers upward and began pumping them in and out of her, caressing just the right parts of her folds.

The kitsune was moaning and gasping in short bursts, clinging to Duran so very tight and near. He couldn’t help but kiss her as his fingers worked their magic. Every time she moaned her tongue would lash and lick inside his mouth, threatening to overwhelm him. Nearly by accident his palm began to stroke her clit as it stood proud from its hood. Instantly she let out a low, lewd moan that lasted for several long seconds.

And then over a minute as Duran did his best to stimulate every part of her that he could. Soon her cute little gasps gave way to teeth-clenching, guttural moans and then all at once her back arched and she went silent. Her pussy clamped down on his fingers like a vice, spasming in time with the stiffness in her body.

Finally her body went limp, and she flashed Duran a toothy grin after a long sigh. “When did you learn to finger fuck like that?” She said, attempting to catch her breath. “You stud you~”

For someone with his fingers to the knuckle in a woman’s snatch, Duran had a surprisingly difficult time coming up with something to say.

“T-thanks,” he said quietly, trying to avoid eye contact with Augusta as he removed his hand from her crotch.

Augusta sat up and sighed, brushing her long bangs aside. “That’s not exactly something you reply to with ‘thanks,’ you know.” A girlish, disarming little smirk played on her face as she spoke, giving Duran the impression that at least she found something charming in his manner.

“Sorry, I just ah, am at a loss for what to say because you’re so beautiful,” Duran said with as much gusto as he could manage. Which wasn’t very much.

“…Better,” the vixen said with a wink.

Then in a blur, before he could even react, all her tails had wrapped around him and gently pushed him down. Augusta was already upon him and slipping off his underwear before he knew what was going on. And then in just the briefest spans of time, she’d pulled his underwear down and set his dick free.

He looked away awkwardly as one of her delicate hands wrapped around his cock and the other traced a finger from tip to base and down to his balls.

“Did making me orgasm get you this hard?” Augusta said impishly, shifting around to lay her breasts atop his chest while her hands worked slowly, gliding up and down his length. “Or was it simply from seeing me naked?”

Duran mumbled something unintelligible, his eyes constantly darting to Augusta’s breasts resting on his chest, her plump ass and full hips. The myriad of fluffy tails that were all waving about and brushing against his arms and legs. Her soft hands, stroking and caressing him in ways he’d never managed himself. But, he most often found himself meeting her eyes and warm smile.

“I can’t hear you,” she said teasingly, bringing one of her tails around to stroke the top of his shaft while her fingers continued to trace up and down the bottom.

“I-it’s because, I… I like you,” he managed to say , finding his strength draining as she touched him in all the right ways without bringing him anywhere close to relief.

She let out a sigh and let her head rest on his chest. “We’re going to need to work on that, you know.”

“W-work on what?” Duran said, flinching slightly as her pert ears flicked and tickled his chin.

Her hands fell away from his throbbing erection and she hefted herself up to look down at him. “Making you a little bit more of a man,” she said rather matter-of-factly before her tone quickly turned lurid. “And I know just where to start~”

In one smooth motion she fell atop him in a gentle embrace, wrapping her arms around his neck and resting her head against his chest again. And, in one smooth motion, two of her tails curled around his dick and a third began to lift and tumble his sack.

She let out a little happy sigh as her tails twisted around his cock and pumped up and down. The soft, downy fluff was more sensual than he could’ve possibly imagined. A shiver went down Duran’s spine as the tails worked in concert, ensuring no part of him went untouched.

Augusta trailed lazy circles on his chest with her fingers, letting her eyes wander to the bundles of fur. Faster and faster the tails went and tighter and tighter they squeezed. Duran garbled something that sounded like a question as his mouth hung open and his eyes closed.

“Oh? A Kitsune has complete control of her tails,” Augusta said after she’d gave a moment of consideration to his incoherency.

A soft groan was all he could manage as a response, but that was more than enough to make her happy. She was certainly proud of her tails, and did so enjoy when they brought someone happiness. Giggling to herself, she then added a fourth and fifth tail to the mix. Each one began to stroke along the inside of his thighs, occasionally flicking the across his glans with their tips.

The thick fur enveloped all it caressed, sending waves of pleasure through his body as seemingly every nerve was set alight in pleasure. The two tails on his cock alternated their pace, sometimes stroking in the same direction, sometimes starting from opposite ends and meeting mid-shaft.

Her four remaining tails took to gently rubbing and touching the rest of his body, sending little arcs of pleasure wherever they trailed.

Duran let out another soft groan and in the same instant his hips lurched up.

“Ara? Coming already?” The vixen said in her usual teasing way, but she did look rather pleased with herself.

His hips bucked up once again as the tip of his cock flared white and then thick streamers of hot semen jet upwards into the air, only to splatter messily onto her tails. However, her tails did not stop – in fact she wrung him tightly, squeezing his cock from base to tip in time with every spurt. A fourth and then a fifth weak spurt dyed her tails white and Duran finally relaxed.

“You’ve made such a mess of my tails, you naughty boy~”

“But they felt so good,” Duran said after a deep, content sigh.

“Hmm, needs work, but better than an apology,” she responded as she sat up. “Now then…”

Carefully she brought each of the sullied tails to her mouth and began to lick the fur clean. Duran watched and gulped while her tongue slurped up every sticky drop. Every time she wrapped her lips around a bit of her tail and sucked it clean she closed her eyes as if savoring a fine meal. Augusta sucked and licked every bit of matter fur thoroughly as not to miss a single drop of her coveted sticky treat. Only when she’d cleaned every tail did she lick her chops and gaze at him – with a hint of hunger in her eyes.

“Very thick and tasty. Not too salty, not too sweet – just how I like it,” she said, tails waving about merrily.

Further emboldened by how she was making a show of everything, Duran felt a touch of confidence emerging. “Well, I made it just for you,” he said, struggling – and failing – to contain his shit-eating grin.

Augusta rolled her eyes, but not without a hint of a sarcastic smirk. “You’re lucky you’re so cute.”

Somehow her lewd cleaning of her tails hadn’t much fazed Duran, but her comment managed to give him pause. Which gave her time to press further. Augusta rolled backwards and spread her legs wide, pointing herself straight at Duran. When he looked back towards her, his eyes went wide at the display.

She was spreading her lips apart with two fingers, her other hand curling one finger in a ‘come hither’ motion. Duran could only gawk at the rosy-colored flesh as his heartbeat broke into a gallop. While most of him was slow to react, his cock sprang back to full hardness in mere seconds.

“Oh my~ So eager just from a glimpse,” Augusta said lasciviously, spreading herself further to expose her tight entrance.

Though she was trying to maintain her cool demeanor, her quickly rising and falling chest just barely gave her away. Her sizeable breasts shifted with every breath and hints of sweat glistened on her reddened skin.

“Come on, don’t be shy, my dear,” she said, beginning to caress one of her breasts while holding herself exposed to Duran.

Raw, carnal desire had finally taken hold of his mind, forcing Duran to shuffle over on his knees. Carefully he took hold of his throbbing erection and pressed his glans just at her entrance. The heat was already overpowering and a coat of her honey had already covered his crown.

“Yes, just like that… now press in all the way…” Augusta said in a low moan, her own need breaking down her teasing front.

With a grunt and then a groan, Duran slid home to the base in one, fluid thrust. Her hot insides squirmed around him, contracting and relaxing in rapid pulses. He could feel his tip press up against something in the kitsune, something soft and pliable.

Augusta let out a cute gasp of her own, then held out her arms to him. “Come closer, make love to me.”

More to a weakness spurred on by the intense pleasure that constantly wrung at him than her words, he dropped down onto her chest. Their eyes met for a moment before he closed his to kiss her, then sought out her hands. Interlocking his fingers with hers, Duran felt a closeness he’d never known before as so much of himself was joined with Augusta. For the first time it felt like he was sharing himself with another, body, mind, and spirit.

Breaking the kiss off, Duran lifted his hips, sliding his length out of her hot folds that squeezed and sucked at him with every inch that slipped out. His whole body shuddered with pleasure and just as he was about to pull completely free, Augusta’s tails wrapped him from both sides, gently coiling about his body and pulling him back down into her.

Again Augusta moaned softly and craned her head back, serving only to spur on Duran’s rush. Once, twice, thrice he pulled out quickly and slammed back into her, squeezing her hands as hard as her pussy clenched his dick. On the fourth thrust her heat and wetness and folds and tightness and smell and voice and softness all proved too much for him and he came.

All at once a tightness in his loins let go in blissful release and he spurt and spurt into her womb, grinding himself in as deep as he could manage. With every thick rope his whole body trembled, and finally he collapsed completely atop her, letting his hands go slack as well.

“S-sorry it was… I…” he began, embarrassed at having lasted only seconds.

Augusta slipped her hands free and hugged him tightly, tails and all. “Don’t think I didn’t enjoy it,” she said softly in his ear. “Besides, I know I was your first time. That means a lot to me.”

“R-really? You’re, you’re not… disappointed?”

“Not at all, my sweet,” she said, running her fingers across his cheek. “Besides, you’re quite young – and still very stiff!”

True, he’d never even pulled out of her. He could feel himself still throbbing in her as her walls continued to gently massage him. “You gave yourself willingly to me, so now just lay back and relax.”

As she spoke she pulled him back with her tails and sat up in a smooth motion, careful to never let him pull free of her. In just moments Duran found himself on his back with the vixen straddling him, her swollen labia squished out against his crotch as he was pressed completely into her.

She searched out his hands this time, squeezing his fingers and holding his arms up for support. Augusta began to gently roll her hips back and forth, grinding her stiffened clit against him. Then side to side, and in little circles, relishing the feeling of her pearl on his skin.

Soon she began to bounce up and down, lifting herself up and then coming down with a soft slap of her soft ass and plentiful thighs again him. Duran twitched slightly as he was still sensitive from his ejaculation, but found himself lost to the pleasures of her flesh.

Above him Augusta was going higher and higher until her snatch just barely held onto his tip, her inner lips distending slightly as though reluctant to let him down. Every slap down was increasingly wet as her juices ran out in thick rivulets, leaving his rod glistening whenever exposed.

Her little gasps turned into loud, rolling moans and she working hip movements in with the noisy slaps. Above him the fox was bouncing up and down as happy as could be, her tits swinging up and down in time. Duran wished to reach out and grab her breasts, but she kept his hands held firmly in hers, squeezing him tightly everywhere.

Despite having cum only minutes before, he could feel a new pressure rising from his base. Everything about her seemed to encourage him to cum as quickly as possible, and his body was eager to comply.

Suddenly her tails poofed out and went stuff, followed by a loud cry or moan. Her cunt went into furious spasms, clamping and releasing seemingly at random firm and hard – just like when he’d fingered her. Her orgasm rocked her whole body and she collapsed onto him in a sweaty, panting mess. But he was so close.

Breaking her finger lock he planted his hands firmly on her ass and began thrusting up into the vixen as hard and fast as he could manage. With reckless fury he slammed into her over and over, causing her to moan and gasp over and over as a second and third orgasm tore through her sensitive body.

Finally sweet relief arrived and he thrust up harshly one final time and grunted as he exploded within her again, topping her womb off with several more thick loads. Her pussy contracted in time with every jet, as if greedily drinking it all down.

Both of them went limp, Augusta letting out a deep, content sigh as her tails settled down around them in a fluffy blanket.

“Mmm, I knew you had it in you, you beast~”

“I couldn’t help myself…” Duran said, equally as exhausted.

“You love me that much?” Augusta teased, tickling his face with the tip of one of her tails.

“Yes, I love you that much,” Duran snapped back, planting a kiss on her lips just as quickly.

For once Augusta was caught off guard and blushed furiously. She contracted around him tightly once more, this time inadvertently rather than to keep him hard. “Y-you… Jeeze, what am I to do with you,” she said a little more softly, having quickly recomposed herself.

“Say, how do you feel about marriage?” Augusta asked quietly.

“W-what? Marriage? But we’ve only just met!”

“Have we? Why, I’ve known you since you were but a small child – and you’ve known me just as long.”

“I-I guess, but that was…”

“And didn’t you tell me all those secrets? And all the times we explored and the time we spent together…”

Augusta sighed. “Do you trust me?”

“I… do, and I do love you, it’s just very, well, confusing for me,” Duran said, wrapping his arms around her.

She shifted slightly, lifting up to kiss him on his lips and cheek, even lightly biting on his lower lip. Hands now free, Duran began to knead her breasts again, relishing their warmth and softness.

“T-then to get married… you just need to cum inside me… three times,” Augusta said between gasps as Duran began to rock in and out of her in a slow rhythm while pinching her nipples.

Duran just smiled and planted his own deep kiss on her lips.


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9 thoughts on “Fluffy Comforts

  1. That was cute and fluffy, specially the fluffy part, hehe. It was quite touching how they were together through his childhood: it was cute beyond wrds.

    And somehow, Augusta sorta reminds me of Kohakuren from Kamidori… maybe it was because she’s what first comes to mind when I think of ”Mature Kitsune”? Dunno…

  2. I wouldn’t call that femdom of any sort, as, the male wasn’t forced to do anything he didn’t want to… That was IMHO just plain good sex with fair play! I don’t know about anyone else, but, I kinda like to ‘fuck up’ every now and then…

    1. Femdom doesn’t necessarily imply the man being forced to do anything. It just means the woman takes the lead and has the dominant (hence dom in femdom) role in the relationship. Whether that means whips and penis cages or the tender, gentle variety like in this fic with fluffy cuddles and kisses, it’s just femdom because the woman is taking the lead.

      1. Agreed. A woman (or monstergirl, as the case may be) can take the dominant role in sex while also being perfectly loving and considerate. It’s almost like a role reversal; traditionally, it’s the male that pursues the female, but sometimes girls like to lead the charge, even in bed. It’s such a shame that so little of the tender variety of femdom exists, I find it so much more appealing than the forced/dominatrix versions.

  3. well certainly a thoroughly enjoyable read, I just can’t beleive how long its taken me to actually find some Kitsune Smut where the Kitsune actually uses her tails…plus there’s a good balance of back story and lewd material…10/10 would read again…and again, and again…and ag-…you get the picture….

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