False MGE – Gnoll



Family/Type: Weasel*/Beastman

Habitat: Plains, Deserts, Forests, Mountainous regions

Disposition: Aggressive, Ferocious, Selfish

Diet: Carnivorous, wild animals, etc


A beast-man type monster with characteristics of a hyena that form groups, called “clans”. Devious in nature, they often times form raiding parties in search of men, using their strong legs and near endless stamina to attack human settlements. One of the most distinguishing noises a Gnoll will make is a yipping cackle, almost as if it’s mock human laughter.


When they spot a man that suits their fancy, they often find themselves consumed by an insatiable bestial lust. Lovers of the fight, they sadistically enjoy raping a man as he struggles beneath their weight, finding their fiery lust coming to a meridian when the sex is less riding him and more like wrestling. Sex with a Gnoll never lasts for one round, often times going until both partners are completely exhausted and sweating. Once consummated in this way, a Gnoll will bring her mate back to the clan, establishing him as betrothed in the social hierarchy. Only the strongest men will be chosen by these fierce hyena women, cemented firmly in the desire for strong offspring.


In a Gnoll’s clan, the eldest, or Queen’s words are treated as law. Similar to Werewolf packs in that respect, the Queen will more times than not be the oldest and most ferocious of Gnolls. Her husband, having spent years as her mate will have dominion over the other men of the clan, acting as her right-hand man. In this way, the hierarchy of men being beneath their mates is maintained. Do not be mistaken, however, as Gnolls are infamously possessive of their husbands, who they treat as their greatest treasure.


If another monster were to approach a Gnoll’s husband, believing him to be a bachelor, his wife and clan-sister wouldn’t hesitate to engage in combat. Using her claws, rocks, or anything on hand, she would beat back her rival and proceed to rape her man as if in heat. In this state of a mixture of jealousy and a primal, bestial lust, the Gnoll is absolutely insatiable. She wouldn’t stop, no matter how many times he protested until he’d successfully planted the seeds of a child within her.


Before the current Demon Lord, Gnolls were half-man, half-hyena, while being virtually indistinguishable between male and female due to a physical anomaly called a pseudo-penis. However, after the rise of the current Demon Lord, and the effects of her mana on all monster races, it has been reduced to a larger than normal clitoris on her womanhood. Stimulation of it, in contrast to its size, will increase her pleasure tenfold. One thing that they have kept, however, are the myriad of shades and patterns on their fur, ranging from a grey-green colour to bright tan that is either spotted or striped.


Though while they naturally avoid the company of other monsters, Gnolls have been known to work with Goblins, Hob-Goblins, and Orcs in the past for the single-minded purpose of finding men and becoming pregnant with their children. Monsters with feline attributes, especially Jinko and Manticores, are treated with an utter disdain that is deeply rooted in the biology of the three races. Where there be Gnolls and Manticores, there be war.


*Note: They were made Weasel family members because, in the real world, they’re more closely related to the Mongoose than an actual dog or wolf. The more you know.

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