Falling Leaves Ch 9.1

Following a short Thursday night dinner date downtown, we made sure to be prompt about our post-meal drinking. Her place, this time. It took some convincing to get her to go with me, but I felt the results were worth it. Together we nearly tripped over each other on our way to her couch, clutching a bottle apiece. She got brandy while I grabbed some vodka.

“What now?” She asked as she untwisted her cap. She wore jeans, a black shirt, and a light summer coat that day. During dinner I got to check where she made the hole for her tail in her pants. With my hand. It was worth the slap.

Instead of sitting next to her on the couch, I set my bottle down and carefully stepped around to the other side of the coffee table. “You’ve been practicing your disguises with movie actors, right?”


A menagerie of DVDs and blue rays sat in uneven rows across the long shelf. One sip from my glass to start me off, and I pored over the titles.

“When I name an actor or scene, how about you play it out for a bit?”

Jun nearly choked on her first sip of brandy. “Kuh. No. No, Len, don’t. Please.”

I ignored her. “Alright. Uh, how about whoever Clooney played in ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’”

Her head craned backward. “Ugh. Do I have to?”

Good question. She didn’t have to embarrass herself just because she had a few drinks. “Name something I have to do, too.”

This time her head snapped to face me with an eyebrow raised in interest. “Like what?”

“I don’t know. Whatever you want.” A stack of cases in my arms, I headed for the couch. Only after turning to see her brow furrowed in contemplation did I wonder if it was such a good idea to give her such a wild card.

Then, Jun’s lips turned up in a sly smile. With a bounce she stood from the cushions and took a swig of brandy. Sauntering to the other side of the coffee table with a hand on her hip, she pulled a leaf from her pocket.

“You said Clooney, right?”

I couldn’t hold back a laugh when I saw the leaf she placed on her head. With the familiar puff of smoke, a new person stepped forward. The actor, greasy Great Depression makeup and all, stood in front of the TV in filthy striped convict clothes.

“Say,” he said, “you a smithy, boy?” I nearly choked on my drink, but that didn’t stop him from saying the line. “Or, if not a smithy per se, were you otherwise trained in the metallurgic arts before straitened circumstances forced you into a life of aimless wanderin’?”

“Pff. Fuck.”

Another puff of smoke and Jun stood covering her mouth with her hands to keep in her laughter. “Oh God, I didn’t think this would be so hard.”

I leaned over the DVDs again. “No, no, do another one. This is great.”

Jun quickly managed to gather herself. “Before that, you have to do something for me.” Looking down her nose at me with a sidelong glance, I could only guess what she wanted me to do. Using one arm to hold herself over the coffee table, she leaned over and put a finger on the collar of my shirt. “Take that off.”

Oh. So she wanted it to be that kind of game. “You know, I had incredibly pure intentions for tonight,” I said as I complied and unbuttoned my shirt to reveal my undershirt.

“Yeah, sure. Pick the next one.” With a bit of a strut and a hand on her hip, showing off her nice tight jeans, she stepped into position for her next act.

Her apartment got really hot as I sifted through the stack of movies. “Huh. You have Kill Bill? Didn’t see that earlier.”

“Uh oh. Please don’t ask me to be the school girl.”

 “I could totally ask you to be the school girl.”

“No don’t.”

“Be the yellow chick, whatsername.”

“The Bride?”

“Yeah, her.”

Jun took a deep breath and put the leaf back on her head. The lines came more instantly this time as the yellow-clad warrior woman emerged from the smoke. “It’s mercy, compassion, and forgiveness I lack. Not rationality.”

I gave her a triumphant thumbs up as she immediately transformed back. “A bit short, but still. That was great.”

Jun covered her face and let out some kind of combination of a scream and laugh. “Ahh! That was so bad!”

“Next one?”

“Wait, no. You have to take off something else.” She peeked between her fingers with a mischievous smile. “Your pants this time. But just your pants.”

“Hoo. You’re getting a bit eager.” My hands were not as steady as my voice as I yanked off my belt with two or three tugs. Then I realized my shoes had to come off first.

“Hm~? You look pretty eager, yourself,” she said with a downward glance and a bitten lip.

Of course, I didn’t need to give her that one, and looked over the stack once more. “Aha,” I exclaimed, “Titanic.”

“That’s kind of a low-hanging fruit, isn’t it?”

“I can’t be the only one showing some skin. Come on, you know exactly the scene I’m thinking about.”

“Oh yeah? Fine, whatever, buddy.” Another leaf and another puff of smoke.

As it cleared, I couldn’t help but burst out laughing at the sight. One violinist clad in a gray suit, plus four or so other ghostly band members, stood in front of Jun’s TV. Together they played their respective instruments, sending sweet sounds through the apartment walls.

As the music ended, the only solid one spoke up. “Gentlemen, it has been a privilege playing with you tonight.”

I clapped long and slow as the illusions faded with shimmers and wisps. “Well. Fucking. Played. Didn’t know you could make more than one, uh, person. That’s really cool.”

Jun stuck her tongue out at me between her teeth. “Off goes the wife-beater. Come on.” I complied while she took a sip of brandy and took a noticing glance at my shirtless self. “Whoa. This is, uh, some strong brandy.”

“Yeah, sure.”

 She smacked her lips and set her bottle down. “Next one. Bring it on.”

Sitting with only my boxers to maintain my modesty, I smiled. “Nah, that’s probably enough for now.”

“Hey, hey, don’t wuss out.” Regardless, she drunkenly sauntered over to me, bottle in hand, and plopped down next to me. She used her momentum to rest one leg over the other and shimmy out of her summer coat. As she stretched her arms above her head, she bent her back and pushed her chest against her black shirt.

“See something you like?”

Deep breaths. Talk it off. “You know, I never really expected you to flirt this hard.”

The dam broke, and her face flooded with blush. With a groan of frustration she put her hands over her face once more. “Aw, damn it, I was on a roll, Lennard! Why’d you ruin it?”

Ah, there she was. “I don’t get how you can act like Sylvia every day, but something like this embarrasses you.”

“Stage fright doesn’t happen when people don’t know you’re acting.” She nudged me with her bottle, touching cold glass to sensitive skin and making me jump a little. “And come on. I’m trying to be, like, sexy. Or something.”

“Jun, you’re plenty sexy without bad one-liners.”

She stared at me. “What.”

Just enough alcohol to keep a straight face. “You heard me.”

Although the fidgets continued, she sidled up to me along the couch. “Th-then, do you mind if, uh, I try taking the lead tonight?”

“That’s it?”

“Shut up. This is, uh, this is important to me. Ahem.” Her voice shrank down to an ant’s. “S-sexually.” No matter how hard I tried to look her in the eye, she turned away.

“You should’ve just said so. Fuck it, let’s do it.”

For a moment she glanced from me to the bottle in her hand. Twisting the cap back onto it, she tossed it onto the adjacent couch. Then she snatched my vodka from me and set it on the table. No more drinking for us, then. Fine by me.

“Bear with me for a bit,” she said. With that, she put a hand on my shoulder and guided me to lay on my back. Predictably, I was already erect from the little game we played. Positioning herself on top of me, she crawled in close and whispered in my ear, “You’re mine tonight.”

She paused. I suspected for a moment that she wanted to go slow, but her biting my collar bone quickly proved me wrong. My breath caught in my throat as her lips and tongue kissed and caressed my skin up to my ear where her every breath, sigh, and nibble made me tremble. The weight of her thighs and butt, wrapped tight in denim, pressed and grinded against my erection with confidence I seldom witnessed in her.

Without missing a single lick or nibble, she said, “Hold still until I say so,” into my other ear.

Jun’s fingers grasped at and rustled my hair as she slowly made love to me through our lips. Normally the target of such attacks, Jun forced me into the couch with her multitude of kisses. Though I wanted more than anything at that moment to tear her clothes off and carry her into the bedroom like some kind of caveman, she gave me an order to not move. She never gave those. Felt kind of exciting.

My thoughts cut off with a suppressed grunt as dainty fingers slid into my boxers and squeezed me at the base. A pair of sly amber eyes, nestled in a mask of darkness, gazed into mine. “Come on, don’t hold it in.” She pressed her chest against mine and kissed my ear. “I want to hear you.”

A squeeze of her hand elicited a deep but brief moan. Clearly not enough of a reaction, her breath echoed within my ear. Every little movement of her tongue sent liquid sound winding through my head and sent shivers into my groin. One more stroke of my member and finally my voice came out in a brief broken groan of pleasure that pierced through the silence of her apartment.

“Mm,” she hummed into my ear before kissing the lobe. “Just like that.”

The tanuki pulled back, towering above me as she reached down for her belt buckle. With one long pull she let it fall to the floor with a clatter. I lay captivated as she wiggled her hips back and forth, slowly peeling herself out of her jeans. The skin of her rear puffed like pastry above the waistband, indented by her thumbs. As her pitch black underwear came into view, she stopped.

I stared at her, wondering what happened. Did her phone go off again? Another sort of distraction? Ignorant of my own eagerness, I tried to sit up. When I did, she put a hand on my chest and pushed me back down.

Once more she wore that sly smile, her eyes seeming to glow. “I said not to stay still.” Taking her hand back from my chest, she adjusted herself on top of me. Difficult, given her pants wrapped around her thighs. With her feet resting at either side of my head, she sat down on my crotch. The both of us let out a shudder as her silky underwear made contact with my still-covered erection.

The sudden pressure driving onto my dick made me grunt once more. Then she started moving. Slow at first, she held herself up with her arms, sliding forward and back. Both of our breathing turned into bothered panting as the pace hastened. The buttons of her jeans jingled on top of me as sweat pooled at my back, neck, and forehead. She bit her lip and looked at my pained and helpless face. Precum and vaginal fluids dampened our underwear, intermixed, and made strands of sex between us as she slapped into my dick over and over.

“Oh my g-g—” My muscled convulsed slightly and my hips arced with steaming pleasure. Heat seeped into my boxers in waves while I cried out true throughout the room. My vision blurred a little as I tried to regain my senses, but the waves kept pulsing out of me.

Meanwhile, Jun shuddered on top of me, gazing down at me with arms wrapped around her middle.

“F-fuck,” I finally managed to stutter. “Jeez, Jun. Hoo-whoa.”

Quickly as I sat recovering, Jun let herself slump next to me.

“Give me a few minutes, and I can—” I was cut off by the feeling of air blowing into my ear, followed by more licks and kisses in my ear and along my neck. “Jun, you alright? Ah!”

She bit my collarbone once more and looked up at me, her eyes clearly aglow with an amber hue. “Never been better.”

I let out a gasp when a hand wrapped around my half-flaccid penis. “Wha— whoa, hold up. Give me a minute and—” This time she shut me up with a kiss that pushed my head back into the couch cushion.

Meanwhile, she worked my wet and filthy member out of the opening in my underwear. Using my own cum as lubricant, she rubbed, squeezed, and teased until I once more grew painfully erect. I knew I wouldn’t be able to climax for another few minutes at the very least, but she didn’t seem to care.

With her jeans still wrapped around her thighs, she maneuvered so that she lay across my front. With her ass pressing against my chest, she trapped my head between her jeans, her two luscious thighs, and the pair of drenched black panties inches from my lips. Towering above me, she crossed her arms with expectation.

“Ha. I never thought you’d do stuff like this,” I said.

Instead of a response, she shoved her crotch into my face, rubbing off hot wetness onto my lips and chin. I assumed she would let me use my arms, and looped them under and over her legs before pulling aside her black panties. Her vagina wasn’t something unfamiliar by that point, but I never really looked at it from such a position. It dripped, swelled, and twitched with anticipation by the time I took the plunge.

A moan of euphoria sounded from Jun as I went to work on her. One arm held her lower half within make-out distance while the other slid up her shirt and groped at a breast. Steaming hot fluids lathered my tongue and lips as I teased her clit and stuck a finger into her mouth to suck. Moans and whispers of my name filled my ears.

Then, loud as laughter, Jun screamed my name and pressed my head into her groin with both hands. “Oh~ Yesss.”

I had to pull her off before I could breathe, but when I did she was already moving again. This time she moved herself down toward my own nethers. My member stood fully erect once more as she pulled her legs off of my head and adjusted her jeans so that they held her legs together once more.

Without much ceremony, she lowered herself onto my dick, both of us dripping with bodily fluids. I gasped when the tip touched her hot twitching labia. I panted when the head entered her. I let out a moan for the rest of it as she let herself sit on top of me side-saddle. An empress in a black shirt and jeans.

Jun smiled at me and twisted her hips, clockwise and counter, tighter than a vice from the jeans holding her legs together. “You like this, Lennard?” She leaned toward me and drew circles on my chest with a finger. “Hm?” A twist and my mouth fell open. “Hmm~?” A squeeze of her insides and both pained pleasure shot through my groin. “Remember, I told you not to move.” She lifted herself an inch, and let herself come crashing down against my pelvis.

“Ah! Whoa. Ha.”

“Can you hang on, though?”

Over and over she only pumped an inch at a time. Every one sent jolts of heat through my shaft, but it wasn’t enough. I wanted it all to build up and explode, but she waited too long between each thrust. Though I didn’t keep track, it felt like minutes of her tenderly edging me to the point of bursting.

I sat up with such abruptness that Jun nearly fell over.

“Wha— Lennard? What’re you doing? I said not to mo—”

But it was too late for games like that. I picked up the tanuki and flung her over my shoulder, her jeans only making it more difficult for herself. She “fought,” but nothing but a few light smacks to my head and a knowing smile came of it as I princess carried her into the bedroom. The time for caring long since passed, I tossed her onto the bed and wrenched off my soggy boxers.

Before she could object, I turned the tanuki onto her back and lifted her ass above her head. With the jeans still holding her legs together for that deliciously tight grip, I entered straight down into her all at once with a roar. Every pile-driving thrust made the bed creak and Jun cry out. Slick with her steaming hot juices I pumped into her for all I was worth. No more games or teasing, just straight-up fucking.

We pushed the sheets and comforters aside with our sex until I fucked her with her legs held around her head. Steadily we went more and more horizontal until I held myself above her with my arms. Jun bit her lip and smiled and blushed harder than I ever saw. She gripped the sheets with one hand and hugged her tail to her side with the other, her mouth hanging open in the rush. Every one of her breaths let out a howl of anticipation for what was next.

With one final “Yes!” Jun clenched around me so hard I had to stop. Her every inner fold wrapped and quivered around my shaft until I let out a warcry of my own, blasting into her in seconds-long shots. My teeth clenched in time with her grip until we fell into a heap.

Among the twisted sheets, Jun’s legs flopped onto the bed while she caught her breath. She wore a silly smile, writhing and trembling and hugging herself around her middle. The sheets around us were twisted off the corners and at some point her shirt rolled up and away from her disheveled bra.

Finally, she sighed a sigh that trailed off with a purr. “Ah, that felt good~.” With a turn she faced me and pulled my head to her hot chest, sticky with sweat. Though her bra was still in the way, I wasn’t in the mood to fuss about it.

“It’s getting harder to keep up with you.” Taking the opportunity to unhook the garment. She let out a playful “Oh!” when her bra came off, but managed to peel off her top along with it before pulling me into the cushy pillows on her chest once more. Ah, heaven. “You’re doing some different stuff, too.”

“Sorry,” she said.

My arms tucked around her waist and fondled her bushy tail. “Nah. It’s alright, I’m up for it.” The spirit is willing, but the flesh is spongey and bruised. “But like I said. A couple months ago I wouldn’t have expected it from you.”

I felt her kiss the top of my head over and over. “I’m just comfortable, I guess.”

Couldn’t argue there, what with her tits in my face. I breathed in her scent from the valley between her breasts and let myself relax. Contented breaths and the occasional shifting of sheets were the only noises in the bedroom that still seemed to echo with our cries from mere minutes ago. Her fingers sifted through my hair, and I felt myself fading from reality.

Then a pair of fingers pinched my cheek and snapped me awake.

“Hey, come on,” Jun said. “You can’t sleep yet. It’s only seven o’clock.” She let go of my head and sat up to take her damp jeans all the way off.

Despite my want for sleep, I sat up, cracked my neck once on either side, and rolled my shoulders to limber up a bit more. I figured I could clean myself up a little and get dressed for movies or something. Then again, she made me ruin my boxers earlier, so there was that little issue to deal with. Thinking back, I might have left some clothes behind last week.

Before I could head for the bathroom, Jun crawled up to me on all fours, nude. Rekindling embers glowed within her eyes. “Where you goin’, baby?” She said as she felt up my chest and kissed at my neck once more.

That was when I knew exactly how long a night she wanted it to be. Blood rushed from reason to my pelvis quicker than I wanted to admit.

“J-Jun, don’t we have work tomorrow?” I stuttered out. A weak defense in the face of her newfound libido.

Though her ears fidgeted at the statement, she raised an eyebrow at me and pecked me on the lips. “Don’t worry about work. As your supervisor, I hereby suggest you take the day off. You know, for health reasons.” Her smiling lips covered mine before I could say anything, and the tanuki wrapped her arms around my neck before pushing me back onto the bed for another round.

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