Expanding Her Hoard

Gaby was mad.  No that wasn’t a strong enough word, she was absolutely furious.  The white scaled dragon’s brown hair was blowing in the wind, and her eyes narrowed at the spectacle before her.  On a bench outside of the adventurer’s guildhall that stupid fox Miwi was holding onto her most precious treas…traveling companion.   
Her stupid white tails with those stupid black tips were trying to wrap around him, trying to trap him in that stupid fur prison.  The worst part of the whole thing was that he seemed to be enjoying it.  Stephen was setting there smiling and laughing with that stupid red-eyed hick of a fox.  If she didn’t know better she would think he was even flirting with her. Smiling with his gorgeous smile and laughing with his cute laugh.   
Gaby could feel her blood begin to boil.  How dare she, how dare that lowly trickster try and take something away from a noble and proud dragon such as herself.  As she stood there fuming she felt a soft paw on her arm.  Following the arm, her eyes came to rest on the red furred face of another member of Gaby’s adventuring team. Her hard hitting nekomata friend Roze.
“Your gonna wanna calm down Gabrielle, your gonna blow your top.”
The feline to her right had a soft caring look on her face, a sight not normally seen on the ruby haired pugilist.  Roze had been with Gaby almost as long as Steven and often functioned as her voice of reason. The calm collected brawler had been gently massaging Gaby’s arm in between the plates in her armor.  A action the larger dragon girl felt was comforting.   
“What’s she got her panties in a knot about now?”
Gaby’s anger came back.  Roze’s annoying sister now stood a few feet behind her elder.  The white haired nekomata was beyond insufferable.  From the way she would try and get under the dragon’s scales, to the way she would sometimes flirt with Steve even though she herself already had a fiancé.   
“Shut up Ashe!”  The dragons authoritative voice doing little to shoo away the annoying cat.
“Make me Gaby.”  Sticking out her tongue as she said this to further incensed the dragonkin.
The bleached cat had fluffed out her tails in a pathetic attempt to look intimidating.  The five foot nothing neko trying to stare down the six foot tall dragon looked considerably out classed.  The armor clad dragon had closed the distance between herself and the robed healer prompting her much tougher sister to intervene.
“That’s enough.  Ashe stop provoking Gaby, and Gaby stop trying to intimidate Ashe.  I’m tired of being the only adult in our group.”
Roze had pulled out what Gaby called her mom voice.  A technique the rough and tumble cat had used on them before.  Gaby released a loud sigh.  While she could not stand the impudent white mage, she had nothing but respect for the battle hardened brawler.  Apologizing to Roze, Gaby turned to see that Steve was now on the bench all by himself.   
She watched quietly for a moment taking in his features.  His copper hair blew in the wind as he lay his head on the back of the bench arms stretched out taking up most of the back.  He had always been tall standing just a few inches above Gaby.  His medium build was maintained by their adventuring, having always preferred the intellectual pursuits versus the physical.  A boon as he was a mage by trade,  capable of commanding fire and brimstone.  He stared up at the evening sky, emerald irises glistening slightly in the fading light.  Gaby could find herself getting lost in those eyes.   
She moved over to the building, her armor clanking as she set down.  She wanted very much to do nothing more than to lean into him, to rest her head on his shoulder, sadly her armor and wings prevented this.  Steve glanced over at her noticing that she looked a little nervous like she wanted to say something.   
“Hey little dragon, come here for your cut of the reward?”
She startled as if brought out of a deep thought, “Y-yeah.”
“And where might the rest of our troupe be?  No doubt Roze and Ashe are in a hurry to spend there share, I believe Ashe was gushing about some new clothes on the trip back.  That cat has a bigger wardrobe than the queen.”
Gaby looked around for her two feline friends, and noticed they had seemed to vanish.  That is until she noticed four tails flicking back and forth behind a nearby bush.  Two white, and two red.  Stealth was not the sisters forte.   
“Oh,  I’m sure they are here somewhere.”
She began to fidget, playing with the straps on her armor making a small tinny sound as the buckle was latched and unlatched.  Steve slightly oblivious to his scaled companion reached into his coat and fished out a small bag with Gaby’s share of the gold rewarded for their last job.  As he went to hand the nervous women her cut of the profits, he noticed she was distracted.
“Hey little dragon, you feeling ok?”
Steve was no fool, and knew that when a dragon was so zoned out she ignored gold, that not only was something wrong but whatever it was, it was big.  Having traveled with the armor clad dragon since he had decided to leave the nest, and ran into her on his way through the mountains.   
“Gaby we have traveled together for over five years, I have never in that time not seen those pretty eyes of yours light up when gold is involved.”   
Gaby looked at him, or more specifically she looked at his collar doing the best she could to not make eye contact.  She opened her mouth to speak but was unable to find her voice, she glanced at Steve a comforting smile on his face.  She was determined to say something, anything to voice here feelings for him.
“What were you and Miwi talking about?”  Good job Gaby, now he is going to think your some kind of stalker.
He chuckled slightly, “Well if you must know, she was asking me out on a date”   
Gaby’s face visibly darkened and even her ear fins drooped making her look like a beaten puppy.  She murmured something that Steve couldn’t quite make out.   
“What was that?”
“Nothing, I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time with her.”
Gaby moved to stand up, the sound of her armor again cutting into the silence left in the air after her quick outburst.  She moved to walk away, but she felt his gloved hand grabbed hold of one of her claws.  She glanced back at him and saw that he was starring at her,  that big dopey smile of his had spread across his face.
“Don’t you want to hear more?”
Gaby doing her best to sound indifferent cut back, “No.  I merely wish to head home I’m tired.”
“Really little dragon, without your cut of the reward?”
Gaby turned around pulling her claw from his grasp.  She focused on the pouch in his hand, holding her scaled hand out for him to hand it to her.  Steve however, sat back down on the bench, returning to his original position and began to speak.
“I told her that I was busy, that and there was already another girl I’m interested in.”
Gaby’s ear fins twitched slightly, “You do, what is she like?”
Steve smiled again,  “Well she’s strong, really knows how to handle herself in a fight.  Keeps all the bad guys distracted while I cast my spells.  Unfortunately she’s a little oblivious to anything that’s not fighting or gold though.”
Gaby’s eyes began to light up, and her frown began to turn into a smile.  Her mind flashed on every weird fantasy she’s ever had.  Steve taking her from behind while standing in a room of defeated enemies, her straddling him while she rode him into a massive pile of gold coins.  Her personal favorite of course, was the dream of them laying together in the same pile of coins with a egg nestled between them protecting the young life inside.
“I don’t think Roze has noticed yet though.”
You could hear Gaby’s hopes shatter.  Her legs felt weak and she collapsed onto the bench.  The smile she was sporting had  faded and a knot formed in her stomach.  How could he do this.  Gaby was a proud and noble dragon, a prime catch if there ever was one.  What about Roze was in anyway superior.  Was it the fur?  Her mind flashing back to how he seemed to enjoy Miwi’s tails.  Maybe he didn’t like her scales.  That wasn’t fair.
She felt a hand on her chin,  Steve had lifted her face so that he was staring into her now somewhat moist eyes.   
“Hey I’m kidding.”
Her eyes flashed slightly like a fire had sparked just behind him.  Steve Had seen this look before and suddenly felt very nervous.  The Pale dragon moved her head from his grasp and delivered a light punch into his shoulder.
“Ow.  Ok I may have-“
“-are you-
“Ow ok I get-“
“-such a jerk!”
“Ow-Gaby.  Ok I get it.  Sorry Love it’s in my nature.”
She stopped her assault.
“Well your nature is gonna get you beat.”
Steve moved closer to her on the bench, he moved his arm around her back and pulled her into a slightly awkward hug doing his best to mind her wings.  In the position they were in Gaby had to look up at him, suddenly realizing how close their faces were.  Steve moved closer to her, locking lips with the stunned dragonkin.  She was taken aback but for a moment before relaxing into the kiss.  She parted her lips prompting Steve to take it a step further sliding his tongue into her mouth.   
The first thing he noticed was her taste.  Smoky, like kissing a bonfire,  he found it oddly pleasing.  She too was enjoying the flavor of his spirit energy.  His saliva was the best thing she every tasted, it was sweet and spicy like a red pepper covered in milk chocolate.  She wanted more, she needed more.  Her forked draconic tongue slid into his mouth an she moaned in excitement, the stronger taste of his spirit energy spurring her to dive deeper.  Her heart was pounding as she climbed on top of Steve straddling his waist, her natural instincts causing the now aroused dragon to began gently grinding her crotch into his.  She began moaning louder as she enjoyed the sloppy kiss.   
“Dammit you two go get a room!”
Pulled out of the moment by the sound of Ashe’s voice, the new couple realized they were still in front of the adventurer’s guild.  A look of anger was plastered on the alabaster dragon’s face as she glared at the place where the younger nekomata had been, having quickly been pulled back into her hiding spot by a red furred paw.
“You know little dragon,  my place is only a few blocks from here.”

“Yes but mine has a pile of gold we will need for reasons.”

“Alright then, lets head to your place, for reasons.”
The two cats peeked out from behind their hiding spot, watching the new couple interlocking their hands and the slightly shorter dragon resting her head on her partners shoulder before placing a wing around him.   
“Finally, took those two long enough.” The white furred kitten said.   

“Hey I just realized something.”  Said her red furred sister, “We never got our share of the reward.”

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