Elysium, CH.6: Happiness

The simplest things can carry the greatest meaning, all because of the heart we put into them.




It was hard to shake off her giddiness. With Eden leading her quickly away, Ilias thought they must’ve looked no different than young choir girls sneaking off. All the others were far too busy with Ranael, and the spa’s steam hung over everything as an impenetrable fog. The lewd orgy faded behind them, the sounds soon indiscernible save for the high pieced squeals that were swiftly cut off.


“My, Eden, that was fun, wasn’t it?”


“Not quite what I had in mind,” Eden grumbled lowly, but for as close as Ilias was, being carried bridal-style through the water, her ears easily picked it up. “Yes, Your Grace. I am glad to see Ranael doing something other than mope around.”


“Come now, must you be so gloomy?” Ilias raised a hand to Eden’s chin, pinching the tip. She thought it to be coy, but as the seraph turned to her, Ilias paused.


“Far from it, Your Grace. I am merely waiting.”


The emphasis was slight, yet there, and the word ‘waiting’ hung on Ilias’ mind as much as Eden’s dilated eyes staring at her. They slowed to a gentle drift, and the Goddess found the angel leaning in. Her arms around her shoulders and legs squeezed her closer, and Ilias found herself snugly held.


“For what do you wait for?” Ilias returned, her ears twitching. The arm on her shoulders lifted her just a bit at the same time Eden brought her face down. A thrilling sensation—that of gravity’s pull, as much as Eden’s closeness—clenched Ilias’ chest. It tightened as those inviting lips closed in, yet a tinge of confusion came as they passed by.


Eden’s cushy cheek slid alongside her own and that lone wing-like ear of hers coming to rest over Ilias’ eyes. Tingles shot down her spine as those soft lips she wanted settled into her ear, puffs of hot breath drawing out goose bumps. The cozy warmth and softness of her angel set Ilias’ head swimming, but it would be Eden’s throaty voice that set it spinning.


“My turn.”


Eden’s lips squeezed against her ear in a tight kiss, and when she parted, a soft pop came. That tiny sound thundered through Ilias, a delirious shudder rolling down her whole body with it. A depressing emptiness came as Eden withdrew fully upright, and the Goddess had to resist chasing after her.


The seraph smiled down at her, somehow both teasing and kind, vexing Ilias as much as it made her melt into her hold more. For want of a response, Ilias couldn’t gather her thoughts in anything decent. She’d let her general keep that smug little smile a while longer. Her knees squeezed together of their own volition, all her belly clenching with a delightfully arousing tingle.


“Ah, we are here.”


Ilias had hardly paid much of any attention to the gentle drift they were doing. Her head turned forward as Eden’s six wings rose from the water, lifting the two of them easily out of it. The seraph took them up and over a waterfall ledge and into a much different sort of spa.


Fashioned marble sat in a u-shape, and small steps led into its reclusive pool from either side. At the far end lay a grand, brass mural, depicting all manner of angels in such sexually loving ways. Ilias stood upright, more from Eden’s prompting than anything, as she looked around the eerily familiar sight.


This entire bath is a … throne?


The longer the word sat on her mind, the more she was convinced of it. Not the throne she sat on when she deigned to, but one quite close to it in memory. It had been changed to fit the bath around them than a grand imperial hall.


“While reconstruction of the palace is an ongoing concern,” Eden said, drawing her attention. “I could not stand by so much to let Her Grace not have one befitting place to sit.”


Despite her serious face, Eden didn’t meet her gaze.


Are you really going to sell me such a corny line?


The Goddess wanted to laugh as much as hug her adorable seraph. Shaking her head, she stepped around to Eden’s front, the water now just thigh-high around them. She looped one hand around Eden’s lower back and tugged, bringing them flush together, bosomy breasts and soft skin alike. “Eden …”


Serious, and yet possessed of such anticipation in one swirling mix of wide eyes and a blush waiting to spill out. Ilias loved that moment, just holding her naked angel in her arms, the beat of Eden’s heart distant, but there. Two slightly larger arms wrapped around her, and the Goddess found herself in a hearty hug.


A realization came with that warm embrace, one that was as surprising as it wasn’t. The aftermath of the war, dealing with the monsters and lost souls, all the rebuilding and future planning … those were still there. But, she could work on them tomorrow.


She wasn’t at all worried about what to do anymore.


Her lips twitched, and a smile—without a hint of coyness, nor some other greater meaning—came to her. She wanted to laugh, cry, hate and love herself just as much at how much of a damn relief it felt to have. Her bright blue eyes turned to Eden, and without a thought, she leaned in and kissed her.


All she wanted to do was feel Eden’s lips, to have her angel’s delicate warmth and beating heart upon hers. A joyous little jolt shot all the way from her mouth to the tips of her wings as the seraph returned her kiss, adding that wanton pressure only another partner could give. More than any bodily pleasure, though, she craved Eden’s willingness, her general’s sheer palpable devotion and love.


Half-a-minute later, though, she needed some air.


With a gasping pop, Ilias parted, yet stayed as close as she could, sucking in lungful’s of air and Eden’s heady scent. She felt every part of her body against her general in such electric detail, every little inch clear in her mind, all of it pushing her into a slow, gyrating grind. Worse still was that dreamy, spaced out look on Eden’s face, and her lips parted so invitingly.


She wanted her, this angel, her Eden, in a viscerally powerful way that made her pussy quiver and wet.


“Eden?” Ilias asked, her tongue flicking across her lips.


“Y-yes, Your Grace?” the seraph returned, a tinge of lust-induced pink to the edges of her eyes.


“It would seem your games worked after all.”


“It did? I—er, that is wonderful!”


Oh, how Eden trembled in her hold, and those hands on her back groped at her butt. Ilias leaned in and stood up just a little all to touch their foreheads together. “Thank you for all your work.”


Then came Eden’s blush, and that stoic serious façade she kept up crumbling into a giggly smile. “I-if I might be, be, selfish, Your Grace?” she stuttered, her six wings and ears fidgeting in tiny flaps. “Just one request?”


“Anything you want, Eden, in all the Heavens.”


“May I—I, please, have You?”


Ilias couldn’t imagine a world she’d ever say ‘no’ to such wide, soulful eyes. Yet, rather than answer, she reached for one of Eden’s hands on her hips. She grasped it in her own, and with a small tug, slid it over to her front side. Ilias smiled at how Eden’s eyes grew the farther down she brought her.


Hand on top of Eden’s, Ilias guided her through her trimmed pubes and right over her slick nether lips, and gently pressed her in. A shudder shot through her whole body as Eden grasped her gently, pressing in with an almost disbelieving touch. The Goddess perked up onto her toes, and with a teasing roll of her hips, rubbed herself upon Eden’s hand.


“You may, but …” She breathed each word, a bubbly tension in the seraph’s very soul before her. “Treat yourself. Make love to me, Eden, for like a woman starved, I need you.”


Those three little words made Eden’s dilated eyes constrict to pin-pricks.


Ilias inhaled as Eden’s arms squeezed tight and pulled her in, the sheer force molding her to the seraph’s voluptuously soft body. One hand crawled up her back with greedy gropes until it reached her neck. Held in a vice as those plump lips sought hers, Eden kissed with a feverish hunger.


She could scarcely keep up with the speed, her mouth a plaything to Eden’s roaming tastes and tantalizing suckles. The seraph massaged her lower lip, then the upper, and Ilias couldn’t guess which would be caught in a nibble until it was too late. Another moment would find that meaty tongue swipe across her mouth, and Eden would strike upon the edges, giving Ilias the room to gasp for air before sealing together once again.


Even in such haste, every motion followed absolute specificity, the precision of a mind bent on taking everything it could. Ilias squirmed in Eden’s voracious hold, grabbing at the angel’s lush butt for dear life as much as desire. “Eden,” she breathed out when those capturing lips spared hers for a moment. “W-why do you taste of vanilla?”


Crystal blue eyes swept up at her own, and the focus in them made Ilias’ knees weaken. “Is it pleasing?” Eden asked, face peeling into a lecherous smile. “I had a glossy lipstick made just for You.”


She hadn’t the faintest clue when the sneaky seraph put it on, but Ilias didn’t care. She grasped Eden’s cheek and brought her back to kiss, that faint taste becoming ever clearer in her mind. With a tiny flick her of tongue, she licked across the seraph’s lips, trying to find more. Yet, in doing so, the slight opening turned into a surprise as Eden’s tongue came slithering inside.


A purring moan, one drenched in utter satisfaction, came from Eden. It danced its way into Ilias’ ears as much as the tongue in her mouth laid its claim, driving the electric pleasure harder. She was certain her knees gave out, but Eden caught her, angling higher with new found leverage.


Dear me, she’s so … Ilias couldn’t pick a word out, but she quite liked being held this way. Eden had total access to her mouth, and the seraph’s tongue roamed as if it owned every little inch. Such flagrancy only stoked the fiery jolts every swipe and lick gave her, and Ilias suckled upon Eden’s spittle greedily.


When the seraph pulled away, her lips followed until a jarring ‘pop’ came and snapped them back into place. Ilias shuddered and squeezed her thighs together, panting and licking aimlessly for the teasing serpent that had left. Eden pressed into her cheek, and more from primordial instinct than thought, Ilias craned her head to give access.


“You taste divine, Your Grace,” Eden whispered into the Goddess’ ear, and noisily sucked her own lips clean.


“Y-you k-know what that does,” Ilias hissed in a half-heartfelt anger, her face contorted into blissful, swollen lipped ecstasy. Every hair on her body stood on end, her skin sensitive to the very air, and every little lecherously lewd sound reverberating in her skull.


“That I do.”


Oh, now you use your sexy voice.


“Your Grace,” Eden breathed into her ear, ever respectful, yet a touch of scorn, if she was to believe it. “Did I wash behind Your ears?”


What? Dark brows furrowing, Ilias thought for a second she was completely serious. All her body stiffened at once as a warm, wet, and malleable mass settled into the crook of her ear. The very sound of its flesh molding to hers rumbled into the Goddess’ skull. Ilias’ face froze between surprise and pleasure, twitching in tiny places as her body tried to figure out which was which.


Pleasure swiftly won as Eden’s serpentine tongue slithered outward, meticulously flattened and encompassing as much as it could. Ilias’ neck contorted of its own accord, a rebellious desire for more as much to escape, and it only pushed her deeper into Eden’s embrace. M-my ear, she’s licking my ear!


All the way to the very tip Eden traveled, and Ilias clung to the respite of that tongue vanishing. She sucked in a lungful of air, finding the will to breathe again, but a new warmth cut it short. Softness surrounded her ear tip, a hint of hardiness beneath it, and that tongue returned just as Eden’s mouth suckled.


A girlish squeal, one Ilias desperately tried to stifle, escaped her. She squirmed in Eden’s arms, trying to pull away as much as get closer, her head trembling in its own inability to escape the seraph’s mouth. Again and again Eden licked and suckled, massaging a good half of her whole elfish ear inside her mouth. “E-Eden!” Ilias chirped. “T-That’s chea-a-ating!


Her ears were her amongst her most sensitive places, and Eden’s delicate brutishness made her arms go slack. Ilias’ wings fluttered and she blindly groped at the seraph’s back, but nothing changed the heart pounding attention she received. Such was the seraph’s loving efficiency that every motion she made shot down Ilias’ nerves, right to her very loins.


The Goddess was certain to pass out in bliss when Eden pulled away, and the slightly cooler air washed over her ear.


“There, all clean,” Eden remarked, sounding satisfied. She pulled away, beaming a red-faced smile down at the quivering Ilias. “Oh? You are flushed, Your Grace.”


Ilias squinted at the coy angel, even while the rest of her still felt like limp noodles. The tended-to ear buzzed beside her head, and the other was all the more noticeable for how devoid of Eden’s touch it was.


“Shall we lay down? The water is a little too warm, hmm?” Eden asked, but she didn’t wait for an answer before moving. With one hand snug against Ilias’ butt, and the other on the Goddess’ back, she all but cradled her to the far end of the small spa pool.


“Truly, Eden? Ravish me and then carry me to bed? Whatever happened to dinner?”


“You are looking at her, Your Grace.”


Ilias choked a laugh out and gave a quick kiss. “I can hardly wait.”


At the head of this would-be throne was a comfortably smooth space, one so clearly meant to be laid upon. Eden wasted no time in setting her gently to the marble, going so far as to use her wings to help. Ilias preened under the attention and stretched herself a little more prominently, complete with a hand curled under her chin.


A simple act, and yet it made Eden’s face redden a bit more, her lips purse together tighter, and those eyes sharper. Ilias tingled with anticipation, biting her lower lip as the seraph hovered over her. “You seem fraught with indecision, Eden,” Ilias remarked, smirking.


“’Indecision’ when I am merely looking?”


“At what?”


Eden laughed as she sank down, her lips fastening to Ilias’ jaw. In no mere kiss, she sucked and nibbled, parting with a skin pulling pop. The Goddess gasped as the devious technique ventured to her neck and ticklish nerves sent her twitching in odd ways. Undaunted by such squirms, Eden ventured further, kissing her way across the top of Ilias’ chest before she delved down the middle.


“Oh, my Goddess,” the seraph sang under her breath, reverent and excited. Her fingers traced along the edges of Ilias’ breasts, fingering the little divide, almost inspecting their supple fullness. Pressing them gently together, Eden enveloped her face in Ilias’ softness, her tongue licking in languid, aimless tastes.


“Mmm, right there,” Ilias purred, pushing her chest up into Eden’s worship. Warm, well-rounded fingers enveloped her breasts with a pleasurable squeeze, just enough to perk her up. Eden’s head tilted upward and their eyes met, her mouth edging toward a stiffening nipple. Slow, slower, slower still. Ilias’ eye ticked and Eden giggled.


“Right where, Your Grace?” the angel asked, her eyes wide. The tip of her tongue sat a hair’s breadth away from Ilias’ nipple, her every exhale blowing gently on it.


Ilias smiled back sweetly, but Eden’s ears perked with alertness. Faster than light itself, she set her hand upon her head. “Right there,” she said, pushing Eden right onto her breast. Slippery hotness enveloped her as the angel sucked her nipple and more inside of her mouth. Cushiony lips pressed down as Eden’s tongue unfurled and licked in pointed, flicking strokes.


Sitting back on the smooth marble, Ilias moaned lowly as Eden’s attentive mouth worked. The angel brought out every trick: sucking with a gentle pull, biting down softly with her teeth, and even pulling at her nipple. Thrilling anticipation made the Goddess’ chest clench, and a shrill satisfaction followed every time Eden peaked her relentless suckling. “Dear Me, Eden,” she breathed out pleasantly. “You’re better than I remember.”


Eden, with a pull of her mouth, popped free, and Ilias’ pleasantly throbbing breast flopped to the side. “You flatter me,” she answered sweetly, smiling as Ilias rubbed her head. “But, I have more for You yet.”


“Hmm? Some secret skill from fantasizing about me, Eden?” Ilias meant to be a little playful, but Eden’s face utterly enflamed at her words. The seraph sank into the valley between her breasts to hide, but her ears remained alert. S-so cute!


Ilias hugged the embarrassed angel to her, giggling. “Well? Will you show me, my seraph?”


Shifting from side to side and drawing herself up, Eden stared with a cutely determined look. Such was the potency of her gaze that even Ilias paused, the Goddess’ chest tight, and a curious excitement rising as Eden’s mouth lowered once more. Rather than return, Eden set upon the other, ignored breast, her wet lips parting with lick of anticipation.


That return, the mere soft and warm pressure of Eden’s mouth made Ilias shudder pleasantly. A true gasp broke out as something hardy and flexible grasped her other, now newly ignored breast. Eden’s fingers sank into her plush skin, gripping with a tight but painless hold. Eden’s eyes flicked upward, and Ilias felt her smirk against her breast.


She barely had time to wonder why before Eden made her move. With a renewed hunger, a pace faster than anything before, the seraph’s mouth moved, sucking, biting, and licking with a hardy intent. At the same time, Eden’s fingers groped their way up her other breast, three very pointed fingers grasping her plump nipple.


“Eden!” Ilias greedily moaned at the sharp, and deliriously sudden, rush that went to her head. The poignant warmth of Eden’s dexterous mouth danced her precise finger work, and Ilias shifted side to side, eagerly moving to the seraph’s play. Anything to have those fingers grasp a little harder, or that mouth sucking more of her. “Harder, just a bit more. Yes, right there!


It was the guiltiest of pleasures for her, and one Ilias relished every time she had the opportunity. Few had the dexterous skill, or attention to detail, that Eden did. The Goddess laid splayed out, a dreamy look to her flushed face. She stroked her slate hair, half-mumbling encouragements as the nerve-tingling pleasure bloomed in her chest with every squeeze, bite, and lick.


“Eden,” she panted out, tugging at the seraph’s hair. Slowly, and with a bit more force, she drew the angel up to her. Eden laid atop of her, the weight of her own breasts a wonderfully new pleasure to Ilias’ overstimulated ones. Without waiting, she brought Eden’s lips to hers, forcing the seraph’s head down in the process.


All Ilias wanted in that moment was a taste of that warmth and slippery spittle fresh in her mouth again. She barged into Eden’s mouth with her own tongue, robbing all the mouthwatering tastes out of her in the process. A cute, airy moan escaped from Eden as she pulled away, the seraph’s eyes unfocused for a moment.


“Ah-ah, You are magnificent, Your Grace.”


Eden’s low voice flew right to Ilias’ ears, and the Goddess’ skin prickled with goosebumps. Her general looked upon her with such lovingly wide eyes, tongue still absently peeking out of her lips. Ilias cupped her cheek, and Eden nuzzled into her hand. “Enjoying yourself?”


“Only if You are, Your Grace.”


Ilias laughed a little, her whole body buzzing pleasantly, and more of her still hungry for attention. This is how their times together always seemed to go, no matter how much she pushed Eden otherwise. The seraph possessed an almost fanatical need to please, and even in the midst of Eden’s own pleasure, she still thought of her.


The Goddess walked her fingers around Eden’s face, rubbing as much as feeling her. A coy, almost sultry smile answered, and Eden angled to match the touch, giving Ilias the best access to her possible. “Eden,” she said in a thoughtful whisper, “I have a commandment for you.”


Confused, almost disbelieving yet compliant, Eden turned toward her, a measure of seriousness returning to her blushing visage. “What do You Will, my Goddess?”


Ilias squished Eden’s face between her hands, drawing out a protesting mewl. “I said to treat yourself, did I not? Do so.”


“Bhut ahm am,” Eden tried saying, her face popping back into place when Ilias let go. Those bright blue eyes peered into the Goddess’ own, bubbling with a mirthful joy that made her pause. “I want nothing more than to make You happy, Your Grace.”


I …


She wasn’t sure what words to use, but Ilias’ chest swelled with a tight, almost embarrassing feeling. Turning her gaze away, she pursed her lips and tried to seem contemplative. No matter how much she tried, though, her ears couldn’t stop twitching excitedly. “Oh, very well, then,” she muttered with a faux-resigned sigh. Ilias looked at Eden again and gently brushed a few strands of hair out of her face. “Do as you please, Eden.”


A strange sort of look, one Ilias hesitated to call ‘mischievous’ or ‘plotting’, passed through the seraph’s eyes. “I shall, enjoyably so.”


The mere way the seraph’s tone carried made Ilias’ skin tingle with goosebumps. A hand pressed into her belly, fingers splayed open, and Eden rubbed in small, soothing circles. But, it didn’t stay still, and with a tiny smirk, the seraph started trailing downward. At the same time, she sat up, angling herself over Ilias and balancing on her elbow.


“I will very, very much.”


Ilias’ wings fluttered as Eden leaned in. Their foreheads pressed together and the seraph stared into her, the tips of her fingers inching into the wondrously soft fuzz crowning Ilias’ mound. The heat between her loins, once ignorable, found the out it needed, blooming to meet Eden’s touch with heart pounding quickness. Her knees and thighs squeezed together at the delightfully ticklish touch, and Ilias’ belly tightened. Eden giggled at her squirming and nuzzled her mouth into the Goddess’ sensitive ear once again.


“Oh, my Goddess,” Eden sang in a low, almost throaty hum, her fingers combing through Ilias’ pubes. “So soft and beautiful.”


The wonderful touch went farther, and Ilias rolled her hips, legs shut tight together but yearning for more. Eden’s hand tilted, pressing in a little firmer, her fingers spreading open to cup her entire vulva. An unintelligible moan, half-way to a gasp, slipped out of her as two fingers slid just over her entrance, grazing her inner folds.


“Whose light is my dawn, and whose smile is my way.” Eden went on, her fingers stroking in long, teasing motions. Two of her fingers teased the Goddess open, spreading her vulva for a slow touch of her inner softness.


Ilias clutched at Eden, grabbing at her shoulder and arm as pure, sexual electricity ran on her nerves. Were it that just a womanly touch, but her ears were subjected to her loving, purr-like voice, every breath and word going straight to her head. “E-Eden,” she sputtered, biting her own lip to stifle her lewd sounds. The seraph withdrew from her ear and passed over her face, a glimpse of a smile showing before Eden claimed her other ear.


“The one who is my sun,” she went on, the tip of her tongue tracing a path inside Ilias’ sensitive ear. “The one who I follow, planet bound by her love.”


By all that she held dear, Ilias wasn’t sure to laugh or moan anymore. The entire impromptu song was so … she found it difficult to pin down. In its own way, everything just felt like Eden. The awkward wording, the unquestionable conviction, and the overindulgence in doing so.


A smile inched its way across her face, one Ilias herself dimly knew of. The warmth of her seraph swallowed her whole; Eden’s soft, cushiony skin kissed hers, nearly every inch wrapped up. The slightest pressure squeezed them shut together, and with one leg trapped between Eden’s, Ilias found herself delightfully pinned.


Whatever words Eden kept singing turned into a mumbled buzz in her head. All Ilias knew, and cared for in that moment, was the visceral closeness, the feeling of Eden’s hands upon her, and those unyielding fingers sinking into her quivering pussy. Two wholesome interlopers—the other two splayed on either side of her vulva—slid over her hood, determined in purpose, and only stopping when they were nearly knuckle deep. They’d twitch, and wiggle, and gently coil up into the roof before pulling out slowly, Eden’s silky palm caressing all the way up with them.


Ilias, whose knees locked together tight, slowly eased them apart, every stroke a serpent’s song. The tenseness in her body bled away the more she invited Eden to her, those toned legs of hers spreading invitingly open. Her hips moved to the rhythm of Eden’s fingers, angling to invite them in, and raising up to chase after when they left. Small, minute movements, but her own earnest body thrilled Ilias even more.


All of her, the Goddess of Light, wanted this one angel, this seraph, her Eden.


The only other who, throughout all of time, had been beside her.


Through the worst and the best.


The one she’d indulged in heavenly treats with as a friend and lover.


The one with those clear blue eyes and overly serious looks, yet with those hidden smiles, as well.


Revelations itself struck as hard as the sweet, mind-whitening ecstasy of release did. Ilias cried out, her body shuddering and twisting in tiny spasms, every inch of her locking up close to Eden. Pure, roiling sexual relief flooded with every wanting, slickening pulse of her pussy, the hardness of Eden’s fingers the only certain truth.


Seconds ticked by into minutes, and the soul seizing pleasure receded little by little. An unawareness the likes of which Ilias could scarcely remember in hundreds of years blinded her. There was her self, then there was Eden close to her, and all the rest: the heavens, the mortal realm, everything, nothing but a blur. She could do with such a carefree life, if she was honest.


Reality re-asserted itself in quick order, though.


Sweaty, slippery skin and her heavy breathing were the first two things she noticed. As Ilias blinked her eyes open, she found Eden peering down at her, smiling. Nothing but a smile, and two very, very pink-infused eyes. “Eden,” she mumbled.


“Ah, Your Grace.” The seraph’s face fell under the shadow of a frown. She brought her fingers up and daintily wiped at Ilias’ eyes.


“What?” Had she cried at some point? Ilias couldn’t tell, but the cool, wet touch of air on her face felt like it. The mere notion she’d done such a thing bubbled a laugh up from her chest. “Oh, oh dear Me.”


“Your Grace?”


A real tear jerker this time? the Goddess mused, indulging in Eden’s cutely worried look. At least, she thought it looked worried at first. As her own orgasmic buzz receded, and her ears could hear more clearly, a quiet, fervent squelching sound was coming from nearby.


Or, as she discovered, from between Eden’s legs. Ilias peered and the angel grinned, a touch between being caught and tempting her. Slowly drawing her eyes upward, she quirked a brow knowingly. “Enjoying yourself, Eden?”


“Y-yes, Her Grace is …” The seraph nibbled on her bottom lip, indecisive in words, but her very aura oozing arousal. “Beautiful, perfect. I would very much like to do slovenly worded things, right now.”


That last bit came out in a rush, an admission tinged with guilt as much desire. Ilias wasn’t sure why Eden ever saw it as such, but it seemed to only ever happen with her. The wet, slicky sound of the angel’s fingers sped up along with her breathing, and Ilias smiled. Drawing upon her pleasantly numb body, she sat up, pushing Eden up along with her. The pull of gravity and sheer exertion sent a blood rush to her head, and she hugged close to Eden for stability.


“Ah, haha, Eden?”




Ilias smothered the dutiful answer in a kiss, squeezing the seraph harder against her. That naughty arm of hers was caught between them and she felt Eden’s feverish efforts to continue. She broke their kiss, and with her general staring at her in a daze, commanded, “Eden, your hand.”


A flicker of confusion passed through, but Eden did so nonetheless, drawing her perverted fingers free from her quivering loins. She raised to Ilias’ inspecting gaze, shuddering and rolling her hips, seeking out what touch she could get on Ilias’ body.


Eying the three slick, almost stickily wet, fingers, Ilias smiled at the thin webbed strands that stretched between them. She folded her hand on top of Eden’s, making certain one of those fingers was free. As one would a treat of a Popsicle, Ilias wrapped her lips around it, sucking the whole appendage into her mouth, right up to the knuckle.


The aroma and liquid warmth of Eden’s delightful womanhood filled her mouth. Wrapping her tongue around it, she dragged it all the way to the tip and squeezed with her lips as she let it pop free. Eden stared at her all the while, wide eyed, panting, and squirming. Ilias began on the second finger much the same, and by the time she was done, Eden desperately tried to rub against her.


“Patience,” Ilias chided, the entirely playful remark still enough to bring the seraph into compliance. She hovered over the final finger, letting it sit on her bottom lip. Eden, though clearly trying to be still, trembled and squeezed her thighs with a lustful intent. Suckling the last finger clean with almost unnecessary slowness, Ilias licked her lips as it came out.


Humming with a pleased feeling, Ilias grinned with a bit of teeth at Eden’s pin-prick gaze. “Well? Where might I find more, my seraph?”


Those ear wings of hers started flapping nervously. “Ah, well, You know, down there.”


“Down where?


Perhaps it was cruel of her to tease like that, but Ilias couldn’t resist the opportunity. Eden squirmed on her lap, blushing and so visibly at odds with herself, all over being polite. She knew the angel had a raunchy mouth, but getting her to be honest sometimes was a herculean effort.


At seeing Eden’s ongoing struggle, Ilias reached out with her fingers. She started upon the angel’s breasts, slowly enveloping them until they were snug, but bulging, out of her hands. Then, she slid them over and under, feeling her way around in an exploratory fashion. Eden almost immediately pressed into her, doing all she could to offer more, but Ilias never took it.


No, her little journey would be a light touch, over every inch of Eden’s sweaty skin. “Where oh where could it be, my seraph?” she asked again, almost singingly. Eden’s squirms turned to trembling as she bit down on her lip. Slipping down from the angel’s breasts, Ilias went to her hips, the tips of her fingers softly touching all the while. “Hmm?”


All at once, Eden’s whole aura shifted, and she seized Ilias’ face between her hands. “P-please, my Goddess,” she begged, yet her voice carried a potent command. “Will You not end this torment of mine?”


“I need only hear where and what to do, Eden …”


“Nnngh.” The seraph leaned in, squishing her cheek against Ilias’, and hiding her face out of sight. “Fffffucking, eat my pussy, please! I want to cum!”


Desperate need tinted the crack in Eden’s serious voice, the very sound giving Ilias’ goosebumps. The purest music she could ever wish for, and one she wanted so much more to hear. “I would love to, my dearest Eden,” she whispered into her ear, the wings upon her back moving. Lax from their prolonged rest, they snapped into shape and curled forward.


The Goddess gently pried Eden away and pushed her forward. Golden wings caught the angel, wrapping around her limbs and threading through her own slate-colored feathers with serpentine grace. With some sitting up, and the help of her wings, Ilias became comfortably seated with Eden laid out before her, suspended just above her lap.


“You can ask of me sometimes, Eden,” Ilias remarked, trailing a finger along the inside of the angel’s leg. She stroked from her knee to just at the little hump between leg and belly, where Eden glistened with vivid wetness. “After all, how is a Goddess to know what her most precious angel desires?”


With a leg on either side of herself, Eden laid splayed open, entirely free to Ilias’ lustful gaze. “She has to be honest, or I may never know.” As she spoke, she teasingly walked her fingers along Eden’s legs, inching toward her quivering pussy. “No matter what it is, a desire unspoken is one abandoned.”


“But it’s vulgar,” Eden muttered, biting into her own forearm.


The very notion of the idea made Ilias roar with laughter. It did little help to Eden, who vainly tried to shut her legs, almost glowing red with embarrassment. “Vulgar?” she choked out between breaths. Ilias pried Eden open again, pulling her closer in the process, and said, “It’s honest! There’s no need to be coy.”


Still, Eden remained cloistered.


And Ilias smiled; from how ridiculous it was, to how comfortably familiar everything could still be.


Oh well. I’ll try again some other time.


With her hands on Eden’s vulva, the Goddess leaned in, almost too eager doing so. Unlike her, Eden was perfectly hairless, her own inner lips protruding a bit more with utter invitation. Ilias used two fingers to gently stroke up and down, almost massaging. Wet heat gathered quickly on her, eagerly helped by Eden’s loins jumping to meet her. In its own, artful way, Ilias enjoyed how a tiny bit of pressure could change so much. A shudder, a twitch, a tiny mewl that rubbed her ears like fine oil; she loved the moments like this.


“You are so cute, Eden,” Ilias cooed, softly opening the angel by an inch. A mewling whine answered back, the sort only someone dying from embarrassment could make. Giggling, Ilias dipped her head and kissed Eden’s sopping wet pussy, lingering a moment. “The cutest, sexiest seraph I would ever desire for.”


In one single, long lick, she went from bottom-to-top, collecting every wet droplet on those pink folds. A shiver went down her very tongue and into her mouth; the sweet, jaw-tightening tingle of hunger of something most delicious. The Goddess sat up, only half aware in doing it, and used her better angle to lick deep inside.


A gentle delve returned a sea of swirling warmth and slippery skin, desperate to hold her in its rhythmic depths. Ilias kept herself still there, enjoying all the twitches and muscles working around her. Eden’s legs had shut closer, not enough to pin her head, but her ears came to rest on them.


“Oh-oh, Your G-grace!” Eden panted, an audible effort to sound somewhat decent.


Setting her hands on the underside of Eden’s shapely butt, Ilias pulled her closer, her fingers sinking in snug and deep. She reached in as far as possible with her tongue, and slowly withdrew, letting the flat side slide along one of Eden’s walls. Sweet, slippery-ridged smoothness greeted her back, shuddering and convulsing in a vain attempt to keep her inside. Her tongue and lips pulled free in a slightly exaggerated ‘mwah’ pop.


“Ahaha, wonderful,” Ilias praised, her words drawing a hearty shudder from the legs around her. “One taste and I’m already so …” Dare she use something vulgar? The absurdity tickled her.  


“Please, keep going!” Eden begged, rolling her hips and squeezing her thighs around Ilias’ head. “Please, my Goddess!”


Such a throaty, wanton cry tugged at Ilias’ ears, a siren song that sent a shiver down her spine. Extending her tongue, Ilias returned, but only by the barest hint of the tip—a tiny, probing lick between those quivering folds. She went top-to-bottom, smirking at how Eden tightened every time she reached the peak.


“Higher!” the seraph said, wiggling her hips in a vain effort to chase Ilias’ tongue. She reached down with a hand at the same time, spreading herself open invitingly.


A visceral delight filled the Goddess at the cute begging, and she wanted nothing more than to oblige. Working her way up once more, Ilias nibbled at Eden’s fingers, chasing them away until it was only her lips and that engorged clitoris. Hidden as it was beneath its heavy hood, Ilias gently kissed and enveloped its head with her lips.




Eden chirped, seizing around her for a moment before relaxing. Ilias hummed thoughtfully at that, the undoubtedly ticklish motion making Eden squirm under her mouth. Using more of her tongue, Ilias ran the long, flat side of it over Eden’s crown, bathing and tasting her clitoris at once. For every upward motion, the seraph angled higher, and for every downward, she pushed her hips forward, dancing eagerly for each lick.


Ilias pulled away, though only by a few inches.


“H-huh?” Eden huffed out, a bit airy in her voice.






“I want you to cum a lot for me. Be a good girl and cum a lot.


The next few words Eden tried for came out in a garbled mess as Ilias kissed her clitoris with a hard, mouthy press. She sucked the whole area, enveloping as much as possible, the flat of her tongue licking and licking. Eden bucked into her, and Ilias grabbed at her hips, steadying the angel somewhat. Ilias’ wing tendrils tightened as well, drawing out a sharper sounding moan.


Licking and sucking, Ilias bathed Eden’s sensitive place in her kisses. Some were around the hood, pressing in from the sides; others were upon it, slipping down into her folds to find a way to the core. When Eden’s sweet trembling became too much, she relented and ventured lowered to the rest of her pussy, giving it a long, hearty lick to help her along.


Eden squirmed and tightened around her, the seraph’s ankles hooking together behind her head. Ilias purred a muffled, pleased moan of her own at the enveloping mixture of warm legs and wet pussy, so very alive and animate to her. Licking, slurping, kissing; anything to taste and please, to indulge in delicious pleasure. Ilias loved eating pussy, and above everyone else, she loved Eden’s the most.


With hand on the angel’s hip, her other snuck down, Ilias’ own needy loins begging for attention. She shuddered wonderfully at the pointed, electric thrill of her fingers sinking inside of herself. The Goddess, lost in the warmth of love and sex, licked and fingered, every taste and moan of her seraph a soul firing joy.


Wrapped up as she was, Ilias was caught off guard by the tight, head enveloping clench Eden’s legs did. Sweet, orgasmic cries reached her ears as the angel bucked and squirmed, humping her face in bliss-squirting ecstasy. Ilias kept the same pace all the while, coaxing Eden higher and higher in her release, turning those staggered moans into sharp squeals—the very border of delirium and insensate pleasure.


Eden sagged under her hold, her locked legs easing, and a throaty, half-formed sound between words and moaning came out. Ilias, her face dripping wet and her jaw a little tight from working, pulled away, wiping herself clean with one hand; her other remained buried between her own legs. “Ahh, haha, Eden, very good!” she praised, shuddering as she teased her own clit.


“Th-thank You,” the seraph mumbled, not all together in her face with that dreamy eyed look. She let out an ‘eep’ as Ilias’ wings drew her upright into sitting onto the Goddess’ lap.


“Oh Eden,” Ilias sang, smiling wide, her ears perked.


The angel, even in her haze, shuddered.


“Let’s have lots and lots of sex, ok?”


Mortal kind never truly saw Ilias’ eyes glow with that lust induced pink—for, to truly arouse a Goddess, to stir her desires and affections in the deepest way, was a legendary feat. And Eden, knowing full well of Ilias’ endless appetite, could only smile and press her hefty breasts together temptingly.

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