Elysium, CH.4: Healing

Hate begets more hatred; too often, we forget that joy also seeks to make more of itself. That is why we share both.




“Is that real crystal?” The nagging little concern had been eating away at her for a while now. True crystal was a magnitude beyond anything else in difficulty to work with, let alone shape.


“I believe it is, Your Grace.”


Behind her cool façade, Ilias gawked at the awing sight as they entered the bath. The floor and walls sparkled under the glass window ceilings, their diamond and sapphire mixed lattices utterly beautiful. A tone of ordinary marble remained at the edges and corners, providing an elegant and unobtrusive frame for the crystal.


“Eden, I’m becoming annoyed.”


“What for?”


“Who made this? It’s simply too stunning not to use more of!”


“Erm, if I remember, Dindalus wanted to try this new technique some eons ago.”


A flitting image of an angelic spider woman passed through Ilias’ mind at the name and a sharp bark of laughter escaped. “Of course she would make this.”


“Uhmm, uhmm, Goddess Ilias? Master Eden?” a shy voice peeped from behind the two of them. Their heads craned over their shoulders, mutually regarding the horde of angels ready to cram their way into the bath.


“Oh. Yes, yes, have your bath,” Ilias muttered, stepping aside with Eden on her arm. With a cheer, the horde piled in, their indecent clothes flying off within seconds. The Goddess couldn’t help lamenting at how the beautiful lattice work was muddied by such things.


“Excuse me, Your Grace,” Eden said, bowing out of their linked arms. She winked a little as her fingertips slid across Ilias’ hand, leaving the Goddess tingling. “I shall fetch the appropriate soaps.”


“Be sure they are vanilla flavored. I feel inclined for something classy today.”




Eden’s thick rear gave Ilias a tasteful sight as the seraph left to a corner in the bath. The naked angels parted around her like water, most not even aware of the awing power mere feet away. Pleased at the prospect of washing not only the dirt off of herself, the Goddess looked around the bath.


To an eye as practiced as hers, she didn’t miss the oddity at the far end.


A set of tall golden doors awaited, not unusual in itself. Yet, the bathing angels avoided crowding to close to it and the lump of meat sitting at the bottom. She squinted at the serpentine coils and scaled feathers, an angel the likes of which that hadn’t accompanied her here. An inkling of wrongness gnawed at her until she decided to investigate.


In crossing the bath, she soon stood in front of the lonesome angel wrapped up in herself. Even in such a pitiful mound, the serpent sat easily at half her height and with fairly massive body. “What are you doing?”


“Go away!” the muffled voice of the angel spat venomously.


Ilias’ brows climbed upward and all at once the cacophony behind her quieted. Dozens of eyes peeled toward her, their harrowed gazes digging into her backside. She ignored their gawking and waited as the serpent slowly uncoiled and peeked out from between her wings.


“Why is everyone …” Her cerulean eyes climbed up Ilias’ body, a growing horror in her flushed face. “I-I-I,” her teeth chattered together when she met Ilias’ cool stare.


“Dominion Norn,” the Goddess greeted.


“I-I’m so sorry!” the tomboyish serpent yelled, almost slamming face-first into the ground with her frantic bowing. “I didn’t know it was you, Goddess!”


Giving the serpent a minute to grovel, Ilias shot her hand to the angel’s chin. With an impossible grip, she froze Norn in place, staring down at the angel’s tear filled eyes. She tilted her face side to side, studying. “Why were you crying, Norn?”


“I-I-umh, in-insulted yo-“


“No, before that.”


Ilias frowned at the incoherent blubbering that followed, only able to pick out a few choice words. She hadn’t a clue what wrought such terrible crying from an otherwise sweet, tomboyishly cute angel. Stretching out one golden wing, the Goddess reached for Norn as she stepped in closer. With a firm tug, she brought the serpent into her arms and into the cushy, snug pillow of her breasts.


Norn made disagreeing noises, but Ilias only invited the angel deeper into her bosom, stroking her hair all the while. “Shush, be at peace. Nothing is wrong when you are here, hm?” she cooed, a perverse pleasure swelling in her chest. Such was her weakness for her cute subordinates, especially when they were so flustered and needy.


The troubled serpent quieted after a few minutes, her tearful mumbles disappearing. Instead, to Ilias’ growing enjoyment, the angel nuzzled into her breasts, kissing and licking with adorably tiny flicks of her tongue. What wonderful lips, she thought pleasantly as Norn’s scaly face explored her freely.


“There, isn’t that better?” Ilias ran her fingers’ through Norn’s short hair. The angel’s slitted eyes peeked up at her, reddened, but brighter. She smiled down, pleased to see a longing blush overcome the sorrow, perfect for one so cute. Norn’s suckling lips popped free, glistening spittle drooling between Ilias’ hefty breasts.


“Y-yes, my Goddess–oh, I dirtied you!” Norn chirped when she saw the mess.


“Nonsense. Earnest love like this cannot be dirty.” Ilias squeezed her chest, enveloping Norn’s face even more. “Now, tell me, my Dominion, why are you so distraught?”


“I don’t want to trouble you, my–“


Ilias squeezed her chest tighter around Norn’s face with a sweet smile.


The serpent moaned in the back of her throat, audibly breathing Ilias’ scent. “Uhm, it’s … well. They asked for my help in the kitchen and that didn’t go so well. I went out to help with setting up the dining hall, but they didn’t want me there. Then, I came here to help prepare the spa, but they kicked me out on the spot …”


Rubbing Norn’s head soothingly, Ilias cuddled the depressed angel close. I know she’s clumsy, but that is far too harsh. Her eyes squinted. It would seem some spankings must be handed out.


“Never mind them, my beautiful angel. I have a different task for you.”


Warm, wet eyes peeked up to her, shimmering with earnest expectation. Behind them sat a will, coiled for just the right moment, any reason to burst forth with all the jubilance Ilias knew to be hiding there. Her chest swelled at the sight, for she truly enjoyed the sensual adoration her angels always surprised her with.


“As you might see, I’ve been felled by some dirt,” Ilias remarked, flexing her wings for Norn’s widening eyes. “I could use some experienced hands in cleaning myself.”


“Yes!” Norn beamed, shooting up from Ilias’ bosom. “Yes, of course! I’d love to, my goddess!”


Ilias smiled at the almost literal energy bubbling out of the angel. She inclined her head to the side, a familiar presence approaching them. “Excellent, and I do believe that is Eden with the soap?”


“I would be surprised otherwise, Your Grace,” the seraph returned dryly. A woven basket of glimmering white threads sat under her arm, bottles and soaps neatly stacked inside. “There was more than one kind of vanilla.”


“There always is.” Ilias tapped her forehead irritably and turned back to Norn, whose eyes shot back and forth between the two. “Would you find a stall for the three of us?”


“Umm …” Norn rose up, her serpentine body letting her ‘stand’ far taller than Ilias or Eden. She craned from side to side, brows furrowed. “Let me check!”


The once-gloomy angel unfurled the rest of herself and slid off, her feather scales rising and falling in enticing waves.


“Her?” Eden asked out of ear shot, eying Ilias.


“She’s capable.” Ilias smiled and hugged close to the seraph, their hot breaths kissing each other’s lips. “But can she keep up with you? Hmm …”


Plucking the basket from Eden’s arm, Ilias sauntered away as her general’s aura pulsed with an agitation between being challenged and shown up. Her smile turned wicked, the curious eyes of other angels dancing on her body. Oh, them too? she wondered, fingering a shoulder strap. Tracing it all the way down to the bump of her nipple, she played with the edge, their gazes burning at her finger.


She almost laughed at how much quieter the bath became at the little show.




“This one will do, my Goddess!” Norn waved from a stall, round and big enough for a dozen angels. Adequate for her large serpentine body, and room for Ilias and Eden as well.


“Very good.” Ilias daintily stepped onto the slightly rougher hewn floor, already slick with water. A three headed shower sat at the center, the golden pipes interweaving through the crystal pillar. Norn slid past her, half-way coiling around the pillar.


“Look, they’re detachable, too!”


A snorting laugh bubbled out of Ilias at the ridiculous back and forth gesturing Norn made. “Yes, we’ll get to that!” Ilias winked as she set the basket in a little crook on the pillar.


“What is detachable?” Eden inquired with poorly guarded curiosity.


“Ah, here, Seraph!”


Ilias, too busy looking in the basket, only heard the girlish squeal that followed. Her eyes craned over her shoulder, the seraph glowering at a horrified Norn and the gushing faucet in her wing feathers.


“That is freezing!”


“I’m sorry!”


Her eyes tracing the faucet’s tube to the pillar, Ilias reach for a series of oddly jutting out crystals. The gentle, blue glow of one receded as it was pressed into crystal and the one beside it began to glow red. Really? No knobs this time?


“Try now,” she said, turning back to the basket.


“Ehh,” Norn’s worried hum reached her ears, but so did a gentle patter of water against skin.


Ignoring the two behind her, Ilias pluck out a quaint, creamy bar of soap. The gentle scent of vanilla and honey wafted under her nose, mute yet distinct. To her greater delight, it felt a tad oily so her skin wouldn’t dry out.


“This one’s good for us to start with–“ The goddess paused as she turned around, two very expectant angels staring at her.


“If I might, great Seraph, you may have the front.”


“I shall trust you can handle Her wings, then.”


Clever girls.


They closed in on her, Norn’s bulky serpentine half forming a ringed cage. Eden’s veritable presence enveloped her as Norn’s giddy giggles tickled the back of her neck.


“Please trust my delicate feathers, my Goddess,” Norn whispered into her ear with a practiced, breathy exhale and Ilias’ long ears twitched as goosebumps shot up across her skin. “I shall make your wings glimmer in ways diamonds would be jealous of!”


“A bold claim,” the Goddess returned, leaning back into the serpent angel. Their faces pressed alongside each other, the very edges of their lips teasing the other to them. Norn only smiled at her in that cute, tomboyish way bespeckled by a lewd confidence.


“Have no fear,” she said, the hook-like fingers at the tops of her wings prying at Ilias’ shoulders. The toga knots there came undone, and Norn departed as Eden’s hands took their place. With a smile of her own, the seraph’s strong fingers rubbed while they inched slowly downward.


Arching herself into Eden’s inviting hands, Ilias shivered from the hands on attention from the two angels. Norn’s feathery arms lathered soap on her wings, dutifully giving joint-popping rubs to them. The heated air of the bath kissed her skin when the toga fell away, easing the tension in her bones.


Ilias let out an appreciative hum, stretching her arms and wings wide open. Quite a few eyes planted their gazes up on her, undoubtedly following the heft of her bosom. She paused at the peak, putting herself on perfect display while her muscles burned so sweetly. Her arms came down in a graceful fall, Eden at the ready with soap in hand.


The Goddess giggled a little from the seraph pressing close, their naked bodies flush together. “I’ve not visited the spa yet and this is all so wonderfully relaxing.”


Eden leaned in, their faces close. “Oh, but that will not be all,” she whispered, her soapy fingers coming to Ilias’ cheeks.


“Are we but young maidens now? Coy about our innocent intent?” Ilias managed to ask while Eden’s long, firm fingers massaged her cheeks. They swept up to her forehead, the seraph’s thumbs pressing in.


“What could You mean, my Goddess?”


The gentle lull of the seraph’s fingers so wonderfully rubbing her forehead left Ilias a little dazed. She blinked herself awake when Eden moved down again. Her general had that self-assured smile of hers, almost a grin while she slowly rubbed against her.


“Ah, my Goddess!” Norn trilled from behind. “Your wings are sooo fluffy!”


A moment’s lapse was a dangerous thing where her angels were concerned. Norn’s feathery arms and singular, hook-like fingers lathered their way down to her back while Eden had occupied her. Sweet, electric pleasure jolted through Ilias when the tantalizing caress reached her toned back, all but thrusting her closer to Eden’s plump, cushiony body.


“I’m almost done, too!” Norn remarked, all too pleased and seemingly oblivious.


“Please, Your Grace,” Eden tutted with a faux bashfulness. “Let me finish Your beautiful face first.”


Ilias, for want of a witty retort, grabbed the angel’s supple butt instead. Eden jolted against her the tiniest bit and she grinned, letting her fingers sink deep into the seraph’s lovely rump. Her victory turned short lived the instant Eden’s soapy fingers made their way to her ears.


“Be sure to wash down below, Norn,” the six-winged angel instructed, prim and orderly despite her anything but innocent smile.


Inhaling excitedly, Norn asked, “I can? Really?


“I have a need of free hands, mine are occupied.”


Eons of loyal service revealed itself to Ilias when Eden ventured onto one of her greatest weaknesses. The tips of the seraph’s fingers pressed on her elfish ears, tracing the length of their stiff and flexible points. The very drag of Eden’s finger resonated in her ears, a dull thunder to the trembling lightning that shot down her neck.


An airy gasp tried to escape her, but ever dutiful Eden caught it in a sweet kiss. Full, cushiony lips sealed around hers, the hint of a tongue teasing for entry she almost gave it. Ilias’ wits came back about her for the pleasurable pop as the seraph pulled away again.


“You’re cheating, Eden,” Ilias hissed under her breath, to which the angel’s winged ears fluttered amusedly.


“Mmm, no, not yet, Your Grace.”




Feathery-winged fingers curled around her buttocks and a scaled face rubbed against them. Clean, uneven teeth nibbled on her gently, a hungry desire racing up her back. It caught beneath Eden’s fingers on her shoulders, the seraph’s gentle massage all the more disarming. Ilias smiled, her soapy wings fluttering a little. The sweet warmth of the air and the two angels so comfortable, enveloping her in their romantic care.


“Ah, my Goddess!” Norn said in a sing-song praise, “You’re so firm and big, and such perfect shape too …”


“You flatter me,” Ilias returned, pushing herself just a little into the serpent’s eagerly licking mouth. Something was said, but all of it was buried beneath the long tongue swirling each of her buttocks, thick and wetly hot. As soon as Norn finished one cheek, Eden’s sneaky hand replaced it, gripping the wet, succulent rump possessively.


In the same stroke, Norn’s mouth returned, and the angel drew back with a surprised noise. “Oh! Seraph Eden! I’m sorry, I forgot!”


“It is nothing to worry over.”


“No, no no! Please, I will wash you too!”


“And how would you worship Her Grace as well?”


“Err …” Norn’s thoughtful hum trailed off.


Angels, Ilias marveled with a roll of her eyes.


“Wait, I know!” the angel declared, drawing upward. The serpent shimmied her huge, feathered body around them, coiling and coiling. “I can wash both of you at once!”


Eden and Ilias shot a look toward one another, bemused. In scant seconds, Norn’s coils pressed in hard, the two of them squeezed together in a tight, vice-like grip. Their wet and soapy skin slid against them, their nipples pleasurably slipping against one another as they wiggled.


“Yeah, it’s perfect!” the angel giggled, laying on top of the coils that bound the other two up to their shoulders. “Let me take care of everything.”


It didn’t skip by Ilias how much harder Eden’s hand gripped her buttocks. Her gaze slid over to the all-too innocent seraph and she pointed rolled her entire body, jilting Eden’s façade. Skin-to-skin so tightly pressed together, she felt every fine muscle twitch Eden made, a tiny dance that made her want to go again.


“It’s a wonderful idea, Norn,” Ilias praised, giving the tomboyish angel a blush stirring smile. “But, I need you to do something.”




“My jaw is a little sore, and I’d hate for Eden to be wanting …”


Norn’s brows furrowed together, the same as Eden’s, at her words. Realization dawned over both of them and two different looks shot at the Goddess. “W-would you mind, Seraph?” the angel asked, her winged arms half covering her blushing face. “I’m q-quite skilled, after all …”


“I am not one of those virgin souls you enthrall,” Eden remarked haughtily. Her pointed gaze drew away from Ilias and she regarded the meek Norn with an intimidating stare. “I expect a meaningful kiss.”


“Of course!”


Norn’s feathers ruffled around them, ticklish against Ilias’ skin. The Goddess found herself rather impressed with Norn’s resolve, a feat to achieve in the face of a seraph. Nonetheless, she bit her tongue at the tiny, trembling quake coming from the serpent’s coils. Squeezed flush against Eden’s voluptuous curves, Ilias sat back as Norn wormed in, their faces brushing up against each other.


The stage was set: the first Seraph of Heaven and her cool, imperious façade against a Dominion dressed to impress her.


An excited flutter passed in Ilias belly, different from the lush warmth and desire in the air. She cocked her head for a good angle of Norn’s petite mouth descending on Eden’s, aggressively sealing their lips together. It lasted all of a second, the seraph’s suckling pop drawing a moaning exhale from Norn.


There were few things Ilias couldn’t resist, and an underdog stacked against impossible odds was one of them. In spite of her earnest start, Norn was quickly pulled into Eden’s masterful technique, all but hypnotized by the seraph’s serpentine grace. Truly, if she didn’t intervene, nothing would stop the cute Dominion from losing.


For as sorely tempted as she was to see Eden have her way, Ilias didn’t want Norn slithering away unhappy afterward.


With a slow, practiced precision, the Goddess began gyrating her hips. Her thighs and belly rubbed against Eden’s, kissing the curvy angel’s body with her own little temptation. She felt—as much as saw—Eden shudder, the seraph’s cool blue eyes rocketing toward her with alarming width.


Ilias smiled back, unseen by Norn. She slowly mouthed the words, ‘I am merely washing you.’


Eden frowned back with anything but amusement.


Slipping her constricted arms to the seraph’s hips, Ilias set herself into a rhythmic wave, pressing into Eden’s body as deep as she could. With every pull away, Norn’s coils constricted ever slightly more, caressing the two of them with her soap lathered feathers. Their squirming bodies moved at Ilias’ command, their whole beings caressing in a languid, erotic dance.


Each passing moment, Ilias could see Eden’s concentration crumbling. Norn took their kissing deeper, her forked tongue slipping into the unwittingly welcome depths of the seraph. Come now, Eden, Ilias thought with a perverse thrill. Relax a little.


Oh, to watch her subordinates enjoy themselves. Yet, something more hung about Eden and her alone. An inkling of a will too proud to ever surrender, but one that bent to her at the merest request. Her dutiful willingness to serve, her pride in always doing it well.


The Goddess couldn’t tell which would give in first, and she watched intently, every beautiful little twitch and stifled moan magical. Eden’s ears fluttered, her mouth slack yet kissing still, that lull to let her head dip back at the cusp of winning.


“Ah, seraph,” Norn panted between kisses, her words half-swallowed between them. “I can’t—I can’t—I …”


The tomboy’s coils stiffened, squeezing them both tighter than they ever had, and then they were done. Norn fell apart around them, the coils unwrapping as the lip lock popped free and down she went. Ilias and Eden both watched her, wide eyed as the dominion sprawled on the ground, bright pink heart shapes in her eyes.


The two stood there, staring down.


“Well, that was something,” Ilias remarked.


Eden snorted, thumbing her nose with air of superiority.


Freed of their sensual and thorough washing apparatus, the lewd sounds around them reached their airs. Many of the angels who followed them had long since seemingly busied themselves, hungrily kissing and licking each other with fervent abandon. What few who had any presence of mind left gazed upon them wantonly, provocatively spreading themselves with earnest invitation.


Though their short gazed attentions soon turned as those without partners sought them out, intertwining into a lustfully beautiful mess.


“Shall—ah, ahem, shall we wash, Your Grace?”


Her lips peeled into a smile that felt far too wide, Ilias nodded. They parted, their molded-together bodies giving a little wet pop as air rushed in. The Goddess shivered a tiny bit, feeling refreshed, if wanting for such cuddly holding again. Eden graciously retrieved the shower head from an unconscious Norn, and the two of them washed the soap off.


Inspecting her pristine, dust and grime free skin, Ilias fluttered her gold wings. “I’ve not had such a thorough bath in a while!” she noted, smiling at Eden from the corner of her eye.


“Such cleanliness befits You best, Your Grace.”


“You believe so?” Ilias asked, running a finger down her side, appearing as if she inspected herself. That Eden’s gaze followed along, and indeed, lingered on her naked butt, was surely not her real goal.


“Indeed. I will redouble my efforts to keep such unwanted dirt from You.”


Mentally rolling her eyes, Ilias still smiled. I can’t believe that cliché worked.


Stepping over and kneeling down next to the prone dominion, Ilias rubbed her forehead. “Thank you for your work, Norn,” she said sweetly, fixing the tomboyish angel’s hair a little. A dreamy, unintelligible murmur came back and Ilias nodded. She arose, her attention upon the lewd angels around the bath.


Clapping her hands, she called for their attention, the sheer force of her presence compelling them all. They stared at her nakedness, the very hunger in their eyes prickling her skin. “Would one of you be a dear and help Norn here finish? She could use a good cleaning and a bed after.”


A few angels answered in a chorus, all but dragging their partners over by extension. Ilias sidestepped them and their wandering hands, sliding up alongside Eden as the ravenous angels descended on the dominion. Happy squelches and moans soon followed, and feeling pleased, she turned her attention to the seraph.


“Now, I believe there was something about a spa?”


“Hm?” Eden’s eyes lifted up, meeting hers. “Ah, yes, this way, Your Grace.”


Despite having said that, the angel didn’t move.


Ilias followed her wandering eyes down to her very own hand. She covered her mouth to stifle her laugh and Eden looked away, ears flapping nervously. The Goddess stepped across the wet floor, pressing up against the seraph’s warm, slippery body. Eden’s gaze crawled back, a blushing stain across her cheeks.


Staring into her general’s soft eyes, Ilias raised her hand, carrying Eden’s by the wrist. She pressed their palms together, interweaving finger-by-finger, until they were clasped on one happy hold. Eden’s blush worsened by the second, all but consuming her face.


“Please, lead me there, my seraph,” Ilias purred, squeezing her palm gently. Eden nodded in an automatic way, almost light headed in her steps toward the grand doors that led to the spa.

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