Elysium, CH.3: Dance

Familiarity breeds forgetfulness as we become used to things that are not permanent.




After calming down her excited angels, and with some minor planning, Ilias found herself being guided down a quaint hallway of crystal and marble. A single, long red carpet stretched down the middle, protecting her naked feet from the cold floor.


“Geeze, everyone was so happy!” a petite angel commented, floating alongside the goddess. Wearing nothing more than a skimpy skirt and an overly revealing blouse, her heart shaped pupils gleaned with unbridled mischief, accenting her infectiously perverted smile.

“Quite,” Eden remarked dryly from Ilias’ other side. A few more angels behind them giggled at the exchange, exciting the tiny horde following them.


“Don’t sound so glum, Master Eden!” the angel chirped, fluttering past Ilias’ front side. Her skimpy skirt rode up her rump as she did, giving the Goddess a perfect view of her naked bottom.


“They had weeks for that sign, Cupid,” the seraph remarked testily.


“It’s quite alright,” Ilias interjected, raising a hand to Cupid’s butt. She cupped one full cheek, giving the soft skin a tasteful squeeze that made the angel jump in the air.


“Y-yeah! I mean, we forgot the party poppers and stuff too,” Cupid’s cute, high voice jumped as the goddess’ elegant fingers groped her. “Told ya I shoulda done it, I’d make them do it all right, too.”


Ilias drew her hand away, watching amusedly how Cupid scooted backward in the air after her.


“Cause I’m all about parties!” Cupid declared, twirling around in the air, leaving her upside down. Her skirt fell down, giving everyone a clear view of her neatly kept, inward lipped pussy and the oversized barrette on her head fell off.


Ilias caught the hat with ease, absentmindedly giving it a few pats in the process. “Manners, Cupid,” she remarked, the murmurs of the angels behind them rising.


“Aww, but it’s so fun,” Cupid whined, hanging upside down, her blonde hair falling down. “Master Eden never wants to play, you know, always ‘ohh gotta work, crush the monsters, make Ilias happ-‘”


Large, beige feathers snaked around Cupid’s neck and shoved their way inside her mouth with all the speed of a viper. The messenger grunted, her words nothing more than flesh filled mumbles around the intrusion.


“I do my work, unlike some.”


A muffled moan came from Cupid’s stuffed throat, the messenger trying to stuff her hands down to her loins. Eden’s tendrils restrained them, and what words the angel could not say her heart shaped eyes made up for, begging and pleading to the Goddess.


“Perhaps your smart mouth is best spent servicing something else?” the seraph asked with a tiny smirk.


“Eden,” Ilias intoned warningly. “Must I reprimand you as well?”


If the not-so-innocent look sent her way was any indication, she very well might have to. Sighing dramatically, she slipped a hand around the seraph’s back and firmly slapped her butt. “Ungag her at the least,” she commanded and the startled seraph complied. A wet sucking sound gagged out from Cupid’s mouth as the feather tendril withdrew, coated in spittle and streaks of lipstick.


“Pu-please Master Eden,” Cupid moaned, licking her swollen lips, “I didn’t mean an-anything by it!”


“Then how is phase two coming along, Cupid?” Eden inquired coolly, shaking the angel.


“Ba-banquet is still being made!”


The Goddess glanced over to Eden, who greeted the flat stare.


“Can I not punish for speaking out of turn?” Eden feigned annoyance, but nonetheless loosened her tendrils. They righted Cupid upwards, keeping the insensate angel aloft.


“For now, consider my sensibilities on such matters willfully suspended.” Ilias stepped over and set the messenger’s barrette back on her head. Plucking her from Eden’s wing, she set the shorter angel across her arms, Cupid’s head upon her shoulder. The messenger’s dreamy eyes blinked and she smiled upward at her.


“My, Eden barely tries and you’re already so wound up?” Ilias chastised and glanced toward her general. “Is she your personal servant? I would have expected better training.”


“She takes poorly to instruction, I find.”


“Pssh!” Cupid blew a raspberry dismissively. Sitting up in Ilias’ arms, she leaned into the Goddess’ elfish ear, covering it conspiratorially with a hand. “Master Eden never takes it easy. She gets so mad when she works, so sometimes I don’t wear panties for her to spank me,” the messenger whispered, throwing sneaky toward the seraph.


“Doesn’t that only make her angrier?” Ilias wondered aloud with a touch of skepticism. She hates improper dress code.


“I know,” Cupid returned, breaking out into uncontrollable giggles.


“She doesn’t …?”




Sheer absurdity tickled Ilias, the gall of such an idea catching her off guard. She chuckled, her smile stretching wider slowly. The tips of her feathers covered her mouth as the Goddess’ snorting little chuckle brought hearty shakes, tousling Cupid in the process. That’s completely insane, Ilias marveled, barely suppressing outright laughter. Cupid’s licentious attitude was well known in the Heavens, but she never imagined it to go so far. Eden has a masochist on her hands, oh dear me.


 “Your Grace?” the seraph questioned, sharing a look with Cupid.


“Iti’s nothing.” Ilias waved her off.


“Saaay, Master Eden?” Cupid asked, drawing attention. “If the party poppers and everything else wasn’t here, what about the, ya’know, next part?”


“The next …” Eden’s brows knitted together thoughtfully, deepening into a scowl. Then, faster than anyone saw, a beaming smile replaced the angel’s frown. She clapped her hands and said, “Well, with the reveal done, would Her Grace like a bath?”


Cupid and Ilias stared at the seraph, neither entirely sure of the complete change in personality. Silence hung in the air, Eden’s ears slowly wiggling with an electrified jerkiness.


“Would I, Eden?” Ilias returned, her dirt-covered wings perking up a little.


“Then I think You will find my selection perfectly suitable.” Eden inclined her head, turning around with a sweep of her hand, beckoning to follow.


She really is wound up.


With Cupid nestled in her arms, Ilias followed Eden’s lead. Collective giggles and murmurs broke out behind them, the hushed conversations leaving the hallway buzzing with chatter.


“Oh my goshness, did you see their butts?”


A few collectively hummed in agreement.


“Hey is that Cupid? Why does she have that stupid smile?”


“Duh, who wouldn’t want to be carried by Goddess Ilias?”


“What happened to the cafeteria??”


“Ehh? You mean it’s open now?”


“No, it’s, like, totally wrecked …”


As the angels descended into gossip and gaggling amongst themselves, Ilias whispered to Eden. “Are the ones you keep here always this lively?”


“Mmm, not so much, no. I can think of one thing that might quiet them, if You wish.”




A tug on Ilias’ arm stopped her. With the two women suddenly halting, the following angels haphazardly fell onto each other, desperate to not run their superiors over. Ilias snorted laughingly at all the pristine women thrown into a tussle of limbs and clothing. “Well, that does work.”


Soft fingers inched up her arm, drawing her attention toward a suspiciously close Eden. The seraph smiled, her pink tongue flicking out across her lips, and neared closer. Ilias’ eyes widened when their hefty chests pressed together and squished Cupid between them.


Eden’s hand slipped behind her head, pulling the Goddess in before she had a chance to speak. Their noses brushed together and cushiony, full lips enveloped Ilias’ in akiss. She froze on the spot, the hairs upon her neck standing at end from Eden’s delectably soft, but electric caress.


And yet, as quick as it started, Eden parted.


Cool air washed her heated lips, jolting Ilias’ into focus. Her general pulled away, eyes half lidded and full of mischief. A chorus of gasping and giggling angels tickled the Goddess’ ears, but the totality of her attention honed onto the plump and shapely angel daring to tease her.


“I believe they are quieted now, Your Grace,” Eden remarked, her perked ears betraying smug satisfaction.


“All except one, it seems,” Ilias returned dryly, eyes narrowing.


Confusion flicked past in the seraph’s crystal blue gaze, giving the Goddess the only opening she needed. Snaking an arm around, Ilias grasped a greedy handful of Eden’s butt and surprised the angel. She pulled her closer, molding to the taller woman’s body. Ilias claimed her general’s lips with a full, possessive press.


A quiet gasp disappeared between their mouths, the sheer surprise parting Eden’s lips. Ilias, tempted as she was, resisted the urge to delve inside, content for that taste of warm, inner air. As swiftly as Eden had, she parted, leaving the seraph dazed at her speed.


“As excellent as I remember,” she noted airily, resisting the urge to grin. Eden gaped in disbelief; the following angels themselves doing much the same. A hot blooded blush stained the serious woman’s face, warming her fair cheeks in a most satisfying victory for Ilias. Amidst the fanfare, however, a rumbling between her breasts brokered attention.


Cupid, trapped as she was, flailed an arm around, her face smothered in cloth and divine embrace. Ilias laughed and stepped back. Free at last, Cupid gasped for air, her eyes full of tiny heart shaped stars.


“Myyyy Goddess!” the messenger angel sang, almost sounding drunk, and groped at Ilias’ thinly covered breast.


“You are fine now I see,” Ilias said reproachfully, though Cupid kept pawing at her affectionately. She glanced at Eden, but something more drew her attention further away. The whole gathering of angels had stilled down, staring at her with wide open eyes, some not as innocently as others. The Goddess’ eyebrow tweaked upward and higher still when wet lips kissed her chest. Cupid had buried her face back between her breasts, licking and suckling the exposed skin with wanton desire. Shaking her head, Ilias pulled the messenger away with one of her gold feathered wings.


“Noo, boobies!” Cupid cried, vainly reaching out as Ilias handed her off to Eden’s own waiting wing.


“Teases and misfits, every one of you,” Ilias said, throwing a look between the two. The seraph’s ears wiggled, undermining her stoic face. “And you!”


The Goddess grabbed Eden’s shoulder, yanking her close. Eden’s eyes shot open, her ears going straight up as Ilias took hold of her head. Trailing her fingers up the general’s jawline, Ilias forced her to eye level. “Do you think I can be teased?” she inquired hauntingly, turning her nose up. Their lips sat a hair’s breath away, her every word stirring Eden’s eyes downward.


“C-certainly not, Your Grace,” she pleaded, squirming under Ilias’ hands.


“You must, why else would you try?” Ilias hummed disapprovingly, leaning in till their noses touched, their eyes locked. Trailing her hand downward, her fingers skimmed over Eden’s neck and shoulders, worming to the woman’s backside. With a certain grip, she pulled Eden flush into her embrace. For a moment she indulged in the closeness of the seraph’s soft body and beating heart, crystal eyes twinkling wondrously at her.


Fighting to keep her smirk hidden, Ilias closed the gap, her lips brushing Eden’s. The seraph’s eyes fluttered expectantly, lips puckered, but confusion took hold as Ilias slipped past. Crossing over her cheek toward the base of her ear wing, the Goddess whispered, “Try harder, then.”


She pulled away, delighted by Eden’s confusion, and winked. The gaggle of angels behind the seraph erupted into laughter, giggling and gossiping with one another. They swarmed in as Ilias moved away, poking and prodding the flustered Eden. Just before Ilias passed around a corner, her eyes caught with her general’s heated gaze, a skin tingling shiver passing down her back.


Your move.

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