Eagle City, Chapter 1

It was a dark, gloomy night in Eagle City. Usually, the shining crimson moon would light up the sky like a beacon of  hope, but on this night, the sky was completely overcast by black, sullen clouds, blanketing the city with a thick coat of darkness.   

The skyscrapers extended high into the night sky as they should, but down below, the buildings, cars and everything else you could imagine was built by the industry were all far too large and wide for normal humans, although not as large to the point where they couldn’t use it.

But that was an intentional design choice. Unlike the technological advances that would’ve occurred if humans were the dominant species back in its darker days, most modern convinces were based around large and varying body types.

For a large chunk of humanity had died out thousands of years ago… the fairer half, to be a bit more specific.

Thousands of years ago, a time where only the most ancient of beings could remember, before the very continent the city rested on was discovered and colonized, the last human resistance fell to the forces of the Demon Lord. Not by monster kind’s dark hexes or otherworldly might, but by appealing to humanities most base desire… sex.

But the forces that fought against monster kind were able to hold power by mongering a base fear man holds… ironically, the reason they found sex so irresistible in the first place; the desire to reproduce. But when the monsters first became mamono and craved the love of man instead of his flesh, they could sire only their own kind.

After all, what sort of sick bastard would sign away his own species to extinction for sexual pleasure?

However, that fear was soon wiped out by a startling new development at the turning point of the war.  A genius sorceress whose name was lost to history crafted a new incantation and fulfilled the wishes of the first Demon Lord. From that point onward, it was entirely possible for mamono to give birth to human males.

With the threat of their species dying out no longer looming, most of the mankind gave in to the pleasure the monsters offered them. Of course, it meant the gradual extinction of the human female, but many men didn’t mind that at all. In fact, a fair amount of women even welcomed the prospect of new power and pleasure at the cost of their humanity.

It was a slow, painful death, but any resistance against the mamono eventually fell to the rapidly evolving world. Of course, the entire half of a species’ extinction wouldn’t be easily forgotten. Even in the modern hedonistic world, there could very well still exist those with a grudge against mamono…

But that’s very unlikely, and the rest is merely ancient history from a time long forgotten, in a land across a vast sea.

In the modern-day, in the lower section of Eagle City, a fight was breaking out between two men in a seedy little bar.

The barkeep, busily cleaning his glass, broke away from it’s now shining surface. Narrowing his eyes, he sat back and watched what was transpiring.

Standing at around 6’4 and looking to be around 200 pounds of muscle, the young man was practically a giant, and his threatening features truly drove home his intimidating presence. With shoulder-length hair the same deep crimson as a rose, a broad jaw, green eyes that burned like an emerald fire, and a large scar stretching from his right chin across and over the bridge of his nose were what marked his thuggish face.

“Really, kid? Ya think you can me on?”

If the crimson-haired youth was a practical giant, the middle-aged man staring him down was might as well have been a literal one. Closing in at a massive 7 feet, the brutish bald man’s arms’ rippled with muscles even larger than the youth’s, yet his massive gut jiggled with each cocksure chuckle aimed at his relatively smaller enemy.

The pasty bald man smiled, revealing a mouth full of yellow, crooked teeth, “I eat punks like you for breakfast.”

At this, the redhead shot his own cocky grin back up at the man, “Psssssh… yeah? Well, I eat dicks like you fer brunch.”

If his lightly tanned skin being flushed red wasn’t already a dead giveaway that he’d had a little too much to drink, that comment certainly drove the point home.

Urrrpppp… sorry, that came out wrong…” he belched and apologized, but not before burping yet again, this time, right towards the fat man’s face.

Recoiling in disgust, the massive brute clenched both his fists, now boiling with rage, “Kid, I’m going to make you cry like a little-”


“Good grief, your breath stinks…” the redhead muttered, yanking his left fist out from the brute’s gut and sending the opposite fist flying towards his foe’s face.

A loud crunch signified the older man’s broken nose. Flying backward, the massive barfly crashed into a nearby pool table, breaking the legs and sending both it and the thug crashing to the ground, shaking the whole damned bar in the process.

“Err… oopsie… sorry ’bout that, barkeep.” the crimson-haired giggled sheepishly, turning to the mustached man behind the bar.

The bartender responded with nothing but a dejected sigh, setting his now sparkling glass down, “Don’t worry about it, kid. This kinda shit happens every night down here…”

*HIC*! R-really…? I knew things were pretty bad down here… but… every night?”

“Yup. By the way, you might want to duck.”

“Heh. Thanks for the advice, old-timer, but this ain’t my first bar fight. I’m pretty sure I can-”

“DIE!” the gargantuan man roared, now looming behind the redhead with a pool stick reared behind his back.

The young man spun around just in time to have the stick crash into his right temple, nearly knocking him out. The impact sent him spiraling back, but he somehow managed to catch himself on a bar stool before he hit the ground.

“I don’t know if I should be concerned or thankful I’m so drunk I could barely feel that…” the redhead muttered to himself, being interrupted from his thoughts as the large man hauled him to into the air by the collar of his t-shirt.

“Did you really think you could just break my nose and walk away alive?!” the fat man roared the rhetorical question into Victor’s face, the blood running said broken nose running down his chin.


The youth’s snappy comment was repaid by a quick, hard, and powerful jab to his gut.

“Alright, maybe…?” the redhead muttered as he flinched in pain.

‘Kid, do you ever shut up?”

“What? Humor helps me deal with my crippling depression.”

Clearly not amused, the fat man reached into his back pocket, pulling out a razor-sharp knife.

“Ah, shit.” cursed the crimson-haired youth, his eyes widening at the sight of the weapon.

Right before the knife wielder was going to slit the young man’s throat, a purple blur zipped behind them, sending the fat thug flying forward with a single blow. After his brief flight, he landed right back into the remains of the pool table, his broken body sprawled atop the shattered wood.

Now free from the fat man’s grasp, the young man fell to his arse, looking back up at the purple blur that had taking shape, now standing coolly and confidently under one of the dim lights of the bar, her scarlet eyes glowing in the dark. Her outfit was scanty at best, as she wore only a black bikini top and a criminally tight pair of jean shorts. This showed off her honey-brown skin, curvy frame, and taut stomach almost too well, every inch of her body tantalizing enough to drive a man mad with lust.

But she was, quite very obviously, in fact, not your average monster… and not just because she was an entire head taller than the young man she just rescued.

Out from her silky, purple hair, a pair of violet horns extended with a slight curve and changing to a dark pink. Her ears appeared to be sharp, purple, scaly fins, a trio of small, pink hearts on each.

But her horns and ears weren’t the only draconic thing about her. All from the base of her spine, a pair of wings and long tail, the same dark purple of her horns, sprouted.

But the strangest appendages on the girl were the two tentacles sprouting from between her tail and wings. Running about as long as her arms, the dark purple appendages slowly faded into pink as they ended… and when they did end, it revealed a pair of mad grins.

It seems she had an extra pair of mouths on each tentacle, the only difference between the two being the left one had it’s lip pierced with a silver stud, and the right having a small diamond set into its molar.

Mustering up his last bit of strength, the fat thug craned his neck up and took a good look at the girl, “Oh god… no… you’re a…”

“Jabberwock? Yes, I’m aware.” the dragon nearly whispered, her voice soft and quiet, yet laced with malice.

The broken brute could only moan in agony as they attempted to shift out of the splintered table. Seeing his struggle brought a small smile to the young redhead’s face.

But that smile quickly faded.

“And what about you, love?” the Jabberwock asked, quite obviously rhetorically.

“Yeah, Julia… I’m sorry…” the young man sighed in defeat, lifting up his eyes to meet the Jabberwock’s.

Upon seeing the blood rushing down the young’ man’s face, Julia the Jabberwock’s stern, angry glare turned into one of great concern, “Oh no, that wound on your head looks bad. I’ve gotta get you home and fix you up, pronto.”

“Nah, it’s just a lovetap… I’ll be fine.” the redhead assured her, pausing mid-sentence to wipe away the blood that was gushing from his forehead to his lips.

“You’re not going to be saying that when you sober up. Come on, let’s go home.”

Grabbing the young man up by his collar with her right tentacle’s mouth, the odd thing yanked him up, pulling him into a piggy back. The crimson-haired youth was now sitting on her tail, wrapping his arms around her neck to stay in position.

“Have a good night, ma’am.” the disturbingly calm bartender said to the Jabberwock, giving her a small wave goodbye.

“Hold on just a fucking second…” the woman growled, stomping up to the bar and nearly splitting it in half as she slammed her claw on the surface, “Why the hell didn’t you help him?! He could have been killed!”

“Ma’am, if I had to breakup every fight that went on in here, I’d have died several times before the weekend.”

Both she and the mouths at her sides growled at the mustached man.

“You’re lucky Victor needs medical attention… or else I’d twist you and that fatass over there into a fucking flesh pretzel.” Julia snarled at the barkeep, her two mouth tentacles unconsciously snapping at the man in resentment.

Spinning away, Julia stomped towards the door so hard her clawed feet left a gaping hole in the floor with each step, right before she kicked the door right off the hinges and across the street, then spread her wings wide and took off into the night sky.

“Well, there go my profit margins for the month.” the barkeep muttered sadly, going back to cleaning another glass.  

Soaring above the degenerate waste of a neighborhood they called home, Julia quickly sat Victor down on the nearest flat roof she saw, which happened to be an abandoned accounting office.

Quickly and gently setting the drunken man down, she grabbed him by the cheeks and aimed his gaze towards her own.

“For fuck’s sake, Vic, what’s gotten into you? You go out looking for work right after noon, and then ten hours later I find you in a bar fight!”

“I’m sorry, Jules… I couldn’t find any jobs and I got sad…”

Quickly grabbing Victor’s shirt off from his body, she ripped a strip of its fabric off, “Just stay still, Vic. I’ve gotta stop the bleeding.”

Wiping away the blood with the torn shirt, she then discarded the ruined fabric before returning to the treatment and wrapping the strip of cloth around his head in a makeshift bandage.

“Thanks, Jules. I can always count on you.” Victor said happily, tapping a hand against in the strip of cloth. But the dragon was far from amused.

“You promised me you’d never do anything like this again…” she sobbed, planting her face into her palms.

“J-Jules… I’m sorry… I really didn’t plan to, it just sorta… happened…”

“You already apologized, Victor! I just still can’t believe I let you sweet talk me into moving here!”

“B-but… our house cost almost nothing compared to where we were planning to move in… and it was 5 times bigger.”

“I know that! And that’s because there’s nothing in this shit hole part of town but thugs and mamono trying to rape them!”

“L-look, Jules. I know this part of town is rough, but we need somewhere to plant our roots for a little while before we can make some money, find a career we can really succeed at, and settle down for real.”

“You’ve already told me that a hundred times, Victor.” she breathed, wiping the tears from her eyes, “But that doesn’t matter. Not if you get yourself killed…”

Letting her words sullen words digest, Victor walked towards the edge of the roof they stood on, staring into the starry sky. With a dejected sigh, he sank to his knees and shifted his gaze to the grimy alleyway below.

“H-hey. I got an idea.”

“What is it, Vic?”

“We could… *hic*… we could rob that fat, bald guy in that alley down there. He looks pretty loaded.”

“Vic, I thought you promised me you’d never steal from anyone again.”

“S-sorry. I just, thought, he looks like he’s about to get mugged anyway, so we might as well mug ’em first… we’d probably use the money better anyway…”

“Wait, what?”

Scooting Victor to the side, Julia peeked over the side into the alley below to see a pudgy, balding, and middle-aged business man clawing at the chain-link fence between the buildings in a vain attempt to climb up.

Slowly approaching him was a ferocious-looking Red Oni, clad in leather and carrying a heavy lead pipe in place of a club. Two human thugs garbed in black and armed with rusted chains followed closely behind her.

“Alright, tubby. You’re nothing to look at, so I won’t try and rape ya… just hand over your cash, shoes, and watch, and I’ll let ya go…”

“A-alright… just… don’t kill me… I have kids… that depend on me…” the pudgy man slowly sobbed, throwing down his watch and slowly beginning to remove his shoes.

“Does it look like I give a fuck? Hand ’em over, before I bash your fuckin’ skull in.”

“P-please… I don’t have any money on me right now…”

“Oh? Then I guess I’ll just hafta bash your skull in.” the Oni sneered, lifting her pipe above her head and aiming it down at the cowering man.

Julia’s face twisted into a grimace, “Damn… wait here, Vic, I’m going to help him.”

“Wha…? But why can’t I help?” Vic asked.

“Your head is busted open and you’re drunk.” Julia curtly replied, before jumping from the building, landing right atop one of the thugs.

Nearly jumping out of his skin at his friend’s sudden and crushing defeat, the second goon lashed out his chain… only for the crude weapon to be caught in Julia’s claws. Using his own weapon against him, Julia yanked the man’s chain with all her strength, sending him hurtling over her head and into the side of the building behind her.

“Eh? And just who the fuck do ya think you are, ya bitch?” the Red Oni growled towards Julia. Now up close, one could tell the dragon and the demon were about the same height, and both looked just about as muscular and threatening.

Julia didn’t respond. She only lashed her tail out, the appendage smacking against the Oni’s face with a deafening crack.

Stumbling backward, the Red Oni let out a small chuckle, wiping the blood from her freshly busted lip. Pulling out a miniature gourd from her jacket pocket, she bit off the cap, downed the whole thing in two gulps, and crushed it in a single palm, letting the fragments fall to the cracked pavement below, “Alright, bitch. Let’s just skip the introductions then.”

Peering over the edge of the building, Vic’s eyes drifted from the cowering business man, looking like he was on the verge of wetting himself, over to where his dragon partner was doing battle with the Oni mugger.

The Red Oni swung her pipe with enough force to smash down brick walls, but unfortunately for her, not enough to rupture the scales of a dragon. Each earth-shattering blow she threw was quickly blocked by Julia’s armored claws.

“JUST! DIE! YA! BITCH!” the Red Oni roared, practically foaming at the mouth as the intensity of her swings increased, to the point where sparks were flying off Julia’s arms with each collision. Yet still, the Jabberwock held her ground.

“DIE!” the Red Oni spat, bringing down the pipe at the Jabberwock’s head. But this time, she held up both claws, and the impact, at last, broke the lead pipe in half.

Finally backing off for a moment, the Red Oni blinked in surprise as she looked at the handle of her broken weapon “O-oh… shi-”

Before the mugger could finish her swear, Julia began hammering the Red Oni with a rain of punches. And while they were about equal in strength, the Jabberwock’s armored claws added much more than just a bit of an extra sting.

Finishing with a right hook to the mugger’s face, the Red Oni fell to the ground, curling up in pain.

“It’s over. Give up.” Julia spat at the mugger.

But the Red Oni only responded with a loud sob. Sitting up to her knees, she cradled the left side of her face and began sobbing like her only child was just murdered.

“M-my eye! You punched out my eye!”

Almost instantly, a concerned frown spread across Julia’s face. Bending over, she gently reached out towards the Oni.

“Oh no! I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to-”

“Sucker!” the Red Oni shouted in glee, delivering a fierce uppercut to Julia’s unprotected chin.

Falling backward, Julia roughly hit the ground, and couldn’t even react before the Oni was upon her, fiercely kicking her ribcage before she could muster her guard back up.

“Hehehe… I can’t believe you were actually dumb enough to fall for that! Or maybe ya heart is just too damned big for your own good?” the Red Oni spat each word with venom, delivering a fierce kick to the Jabberwock with each syllable.

“Oh fuck…” Vic cursed, glaring down at the dirty Oni, “… Julia’s gonna kill me for this, but better me than her…”

“Geronimo!” the drunken young man cried, flinging himself off the edge of the four-story building. Fortunately for him, a Red Oni was there to break his fall.

Crashing into the mugger, Vic smashed her down into the pavement below, bouncing off and landing on his back. All the alcohol in the world couldn’t have numbed the pain of that little stunt. While he hadn’t broken anything, he’d definitely be feeling it in the morning.

“Who the fuck even is Geronimo…?” Victor moaned in pain, rolling to his stomach in a vain attempt to stand up.

“You… bastard…” the Red Oni growled, struggling to her feet and staring down at the human. Blood ran freely from her forehead, but its crimson was drowned out by her already red skin lighting up with pure rage.

“Oh… uh… sorry ’bout that, ma’am. Forgot my parasol.”

“Ya mean parachute?

“I meant what I said.”

Grabbing the young man by the neck, she hauled him into the air before slamming him atop a nearby dumpster.

“Ya ain’t that good lookin’…” she growled, rubbing a hand down his naked chest, before her hand grabbed the rim of his jeans, “Certainly not as pretty as I like ’em, but I’m pissed off, I tend to fuck my frustrations away. And since you’re the only real man currently conscious…”

The Oni shot a dirty look towards the cowering business man and her defeated henchmen, “-so look’s like your gettin’ lucky tonight, boy.”

“BAD TOUCH! BAD TOUCH!” Victor cried out, kicking at the Red Oni. Each of his kicks impacts could’ve knocked a grown man out for a few good hours, but against the rock-hard abs of the Oni, they did little more than excite her.

“Oof! Hehehe… don’t worry, I’ll be nice and gentle~”

“Shame… can’t say the I’m going to extend the courtesy to you!”

The Red Oni turned around just in time to have Julia’s balled up claw of a fist collide with her face. The mighty blow carried so much power, it sent the mugger flying straight through the wall behind the dumpster, sending her crashing into the vacant building in a pile of rubble with a broken jaw.

“That was a close shave…” Vic mumbled, rolling off the dumpster and landing on his rump. The young man then looked up towards the dragon girl, “…you alright, Julia? I didn’t think you’d be up so soon. Not after how many times that Oni kicked ya.”

“Yeah, I didn’t either.” the dragon wheezed, clutching at her ribs with one claw and wiping a dribble of blood from her bottom lip with the other, “-she almost broke some of them…”

“I could go for some juicy ribs and a cold beer right about now…” Victor muttered, a trickle of saliva running down the side of his mouth.

“You need more alcohol like you need a hole in your head.” Julia scoffed.

“Then I’d need allooooottttt of holes in my noggin right about now…” he groaned, before placing a hand over his bloody makeshift bandage, “-besides, already got one. Couple more can’t hurt.”

Rolling her eyes, the Jabberwock turned over to the balding man cowering in the corner, who was sitting up, sighing in relief and wiping the dirt off his suit.

“T-thank you. You two saved my life!”

“Don’t mention it, sir.” Julia said to the man, a proud grin spreading across her face and both her tendrils.

“Y-you’ve a very big heart. No offence, but… you don’t often see Jabberwock’s much at all, let alone putting their well-being on the line for a total stranger.”

“Well, Julia here ain’t like other Jabberwock’s. Her heart is bigger than an elephant’s.” Vic muttered, shakily making his way to his feet, wrapping his arm around Julia’s neck and pointing her heart… by poking her in her left tit.

“S-say… look… I’m a very wealthy man. The only reason I even went through this shitty neighborhood is because I was working overtime at a separate branch across town for a promotion and wanted to get home before it got too dark… but my car broke down halfway there, and before I could even call a tow-truck to come help me out, those thugs chased me here.”

“Welp, it’s allright now, buddy.” Victor said, giving the pudgy man an encouraging pat on the shoulder, “Well, good luck. Try not to get killed on your way home.”

With that, Victor turned his back to the terrified man, placing his hands behind his head and trotting off.

“Victor! We can’t just leave him like this.” Julia chastised her mate.

With a perturbed groan, Victor spun right back around, placing his hands back at his waist and marching up to the businessman.

“Alright, fella. We’ll take you back to your car. But you gotta take us back to our house, got it?”

“Of course! And… t-thank you. I don’t have any money or valuables on me right now, but I’ll be sure to compensate you later.”

“Hey, this car is really spiffy. Kinda surprised that no one stole it while that Red Oni was chasing ya down.” Victor mused, running his grubby hands across the immaculate, azure hood. It was one of the newest models on the market, both sleek and powerful.

“I’m actually kinda surprised at that myself.” the pudgy man muttered, nervously tapping his fingers together as the oily Gremlin  finished packing up her tools.

“I’ll come collect the bill tomorrow.” the diminutive green-haired woman told the businessman.

“Ah, thanks again for coming out here on such short notice and fixing it up on the spot.” 

“Just a teensy lil’ oil leak. Nothin’ worth bringing her over to the shop fer.” the Gremlin replied, throwing her toolbox back into her pickup.

“Well, you certainly work fast.” Julia complimented the tiny mechanic as she hopped back into the tow truck, which had it’s seat and petals elevated to the point where she could actually operate it.

“Don’t mention it. Be careful, ya hear?” the Gremlin warned them a final time, starting up her vehicle and taking off.

“I know Gremlins are a bunch of little gearheads, but I’m still shocked she managed to fix it in under 10 minutes…” Victor muttered, kicking the now empty oilcan left behind by said Gremlin across the street.

“Well, that’s why she gets paid the big bucks.” the businessman replied, sticking his key into the ignition while Victor and Julia piled into the backseat, Julia carefully folding her wings and tails into a comfortable, yet compact position. The luxurious car was big enough to hold a mamono her size, but it was a tight squeeze, what with her appendages.

“Thanks again for saving my bacon.” the businessman thankfully repeated, the engine sputtering to life.

“You’re welcome, sir. Our house isn’t that far. Just keep going down this road, take a right at Liberty Avenue, and we should be there in around 5 minutes.” Julia said, relaxing into the velvet seats.

“Gotcha.” the chubby driver said, taking off and driving down the lonely, dark road.

“Tch. I’m going to have some nasty bruises in the morning, but nothing too bad.” Julia said, rubbing her sore rib cage.

“That’s a relief.” Victor muttered, folding one leg over the other and placing his hands behind his head.

“What are you talking about Victor? You’re in way worse shape than me.” Julia leaned in towards Victor, her sweet, honey-scent tickling his nostrils.

Turning towards her, his heart melted when he saw the mounting concern in her scarlet eyes. In that moment, he wanted nothing more than to kiss those plump, delectable lips, to have her addictive taste dance across his taste buds for as long as he could.

But his bitterness overtaking his desire, Victor turned away from her, “C’mon, Julia. We both know I need you way more than you need me. We’d be in more trouble with you having a chipped tooth than me being in a body cast.”

His face immediately lit up like a campfire. Why’d he have to go and say some stupid shit like that? Was it the alcohol?

Victor’s focus was brought back towards the dragon once again as he felt the soft scales of the palms of her claws envelope his hand.

“Victor… don’t belittle yourself like that.”

“Ahem.” the driver coughed as if to remind them he was still there.

Quickly breaking away from each other’s gazes, the car soon fell into an awkward silence.

It was unbearable. If Victor hated anything more than forced social interactions with motherfuckers you just met, it was forced social interactions with motherfuckers you just met when you were in a car and hadn’t jack shit to talk about.

“…so, what’s your name, anyway?” Julia asked.

Victor scratched his nose while stretching out in his seat, ‘Shit. We didn’t even ask this jackasses’ name.’

“Ah… it’s Porter. Eugene Porter.” Porter said, pulling up into a derelict neighborhood, the run-down buildings rotting in the darkness.

“Well, tell us something about yourself, Mr. Porter.” Julia asked with genuine warmth and curiosity.

“Bah, you kids don’t need to know too much about me. I’m just a well-off old fart happily married to a beautiful Holster who blessed me with three healthy kids.” Porter laughed. A family man, apparently.

“Hey, slow down, gramps. That’s our house right up there.” Victor informed the driver, pointing to the home down the street.

Victor and Julia’s abode was a two-story building, only just recently purchased for a stupidly low price.

While it was previously derelict and crumbling, Victor and Julia had managed to whip the old structure back into shape with a few days and a whole bunch of paint, nails, and elbow grease. Now, it was a shoe-in for the nicest house in the neighborhood, standing tall and picturesque, with a bright blue paint and white picket fence making it look like it belonged in the suburbs.

“Thanks for the lift, gramps.” Victor said, eagerly exiting the car.

“Don’t mention it… you kids saved my life. I’m coming back here tomorrow with a reward.” Porter said to Julia as she exited the car.

“Ah, you don’t have to-” Julia began, but was quickly cut off by Porter.

“Don’t have to, but I want to, and I will. And I’m not going to take no for an answer, young lady.” Porter insisted, the dead-seriousness clear on his chubby little face.

“Well, if you insist…” Julia muttered, blushing in embarrassment.

“Then I’ll see you two tomorrow… have a good night!” Porter said as a final farewell, and as soon as Julia shut her door, the businessman speed away like his life depended on it… but in that neighborhood, it very well would’ve. Even then, Victor could hear the sounds of gunfire in the distant, along with a more nearby telltale laughter of a Cheshire Cat nearby.

“C’mon, Vic. Let’s get inside before that fucking cat gets any bright ideas.” Julia said, quickly pulling out the house keys and unlocking their front door.

“So, you really think Porker is gonna come back here with a gift for us?” Victor muttered as Julia stepped inside.

“It was Porter… and I’m pretty sure he will.”

“I wouldn’t count on it. Can’t trust snooty fucks like that.” Victor muttered, stepping inside before closing the door and locking it tight.

“What? He seemed like a nice enough guy, and he was defiantly grateful that we saved him.”

“Yeah, that was before he knew we were degenerates. Did you see him speed away? He ain’t never coming back here again, mark my words, Jules.”

“We’ll just to wait and see about that tomorrow, Vic. Just go get that wound cleaned up.”

Now in the refurbished bathroom, Victor quickly downed some pain relievers as he felt the aches and pains of his most recent misadventure coming back to haunt him as some of the numbing alcohol faded from his system.

“Alright, let’s check this wound out…” Victor grunted as he hastily unwrapped the blood-soaked, substitute bandage he made out of his shirt from his head, quickly tossing them in the trash bin by the toilet and checking out his latest injury.

“Alright, it doesn’t look that bad…” Vic muttered, seeing the gash under his hairline wasn’t that deep, only spread over a large area, and had already mostly scabbed over.

While he wasn’t sure whether or not it would scar, he disregarded it quickly wiped it clean, disinfected it, and wrapped some fresh bandages around the injury. Even if it did end up leaving a scar, it would pale in comparison to the scar running from his cheek over the bridge of his nose.

Speaking of which, that scar always forced him to notice another certain deformity with his sniffer… it wasn’t just the deep scar running across the bridge, the nose itself was bent ever so slightly.

Vic gave that crooked nose of his a few pokes, then let out a long, exasperated sigh. He had broken it at least 3 times in one fist fight or another. Which one was a moot point at this juncture, as it had apparently healed out-of-place no matter who’d done it. He knew it didn’t have anything to do with the scar; he had gotten that in a knife fight 3 years ago, but his nose had been crooked since middle school.

It wasn’t that clear from a distance, but one could easily tell it bent just a few degrees to the right up close.

“Maybe I can snap it back into place…” Vic whispered to himself for just a moment… but quickly threw that idea in the gutter. Not only would Julia be livid, knowing his luck, it would probably either make it worse or move it to the left.

Not to mention it would hurt like a bitch and get blood everywhere.

“What are up to, Vic…?”

Victor nearly jumped out of his skin when he realized that he had left the bathroom door open… and Julia had been standing near the entrance watching him for only whatever cruel deity currently laughing his ass off knows.

“Uh… just… admiring these guns!” Vic quickly cooked up the excuse, giving his impressive biceps a flex and twisting his agape mouth into a nervous smile.

“Vic… I’ve told you a hundred times, I don’t care if your nose is a little crooked.”

Casting his eyes towards his feet, Victor let out a dejected sigh, “For realeo…?”

“For realeo.” Julia assured him, shooting him a soft, reassuring smile. Stepping closer, she gingerly placed one of her talons on his cheek, wrapping the other around his waist to pull him in closer.

Victor suddenly broke the silence of the moment by giving the dragon a little boop. He quickly gave her cute button nose a slight poke, “Boop!”

“Hehehe… Victor, cut it out.

“Make me.” Victor playfully refused, continuing to lightly press his finger against her nose.

“Oh, I’ll make you alright!”

Knocking Victor’s hand to the side, Julia dove in for the kill. Grabbing the back of his head, she brought his head forward, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss.

Their tongues dancing together, Julia moaned into Victor’s mouth as she felt his greedy hands reach around and grope her behind.

While her breasts were well-sized and perfectly proportioned, her ass was something else entirely. Just the right balance between softness and firmness, heart-shaped, and with just the right amount of bounce and jiggle to it, her big butt was truly out of this world.

And as usual, Victor just couldn’t get enough of it, continuing to lock-lips with her while he eagerly groped her behind through her jean-shorts.

“V-Victor…” Julia muttered, breaking away from the kiss.

“Yeah, Jules?”

“I’m gonna fuck your brains out.”

Sweeping Victor up into her arms, Julia kicked open their bathroom door and spread out her wings, and with a single hard flap, she launched both of them from the bathroom to their large bed, Victor landing on his back with the dragon looming over him on her hands and knees.

Just as suddenly as Julia tossed the human onto the bed did she claim his lips once again, diving in and hungrily exploring his mouth with her tongue.

Struggling to keep up with the lusty dragon, Victor moaned into the her mouth as he felt her claw sneak its way into his pants, grabbing hold of his half-erect cock.

“Oh, so hard already…”

Stroking his dick up to a full erection, Julia’s tentacles grabbed hold of the rem of both his jeans and boxers. With a quick flick of her claw, she unbuttoned the pants and pulled both them and his underwear down with her extra mouths. 

Before Victor could make another move, his girlfriend motioned for him to sit with his back up against the headboard. Needless to say, he quickly complied.

Now sitting completely naked with a raging erection between his legs, Victor let out a chuckle that was somewhere between nervous and excited, his face turning red as his hair.

“G-go easy on me, Jules.” he said only half-sarcastically.

“Oh, don’t you worry, Vic…” she cooed, crawling towards him, her wings spreading out and her tail wagging happily behind her.

When she reached the human, she slowly tapped a single claw against his muscled chest, slowly tracing it down to his naval.

The two mouths, following close behind her claw, snaked their way down his chest, licking at his abs, but gradually descending lower… until they hit his pubic bone.

Resigning to his girlfriend’s whims, Victor laid back and braced himself for the incoming pleasure.

The right mouth slowly and tortuously ran its tongue up Victor’s cock, its twin trailing right behind it on the other side. Stopping right before they hit the head, Victor couldn’t help but let out a needy wine and buck his hips on instinct.

“Calm down there, Vic.” Julia muttered, tracing her claws along his muscular thighs, “I’m going to take very good care of you.”

Without warning, Julia dove down and took his entire length into her throat. Victor threw his head back, a guttural moan escaping his lips.

“H-holy shit, Jules! All at once?!” he gasped between labored breaths, running his hands through her violet hair before grabbing onto her horns for support.

Feeling her tight, wet throat contracting around his erection, Victor involuntarily thrust his hips upwards, the head of his cock hitting the back of her throat.

All at once.” Julia confirmed, but with the cock stuffed in her mouth, she only mumbled and sent pleasurable vibrations down the shaft. She was sure he caught the meaning, however.

Shifting around, Julia held down both of Victor’s thighs and sat up on her knees, keeping the head of his cock in her mouth all the while.

“J-Jules… p-please, take it slow-”

Victor’s pleading was cut short by his another pleasure-filled moan. He felt Julia bring herself down, continuing to take his full erection down her throat, as it plainly bulged from his impressive girth.

Vic tried his damnedest not to thrash around as Julia began fucking her own throat with his penis. And it took every ounce of his willpower not to just thrust along with her and cum.

But he knew his girlfriend had an oral fixation, as many mamono did, so the face-fucking she was giving herself would be ample foreplay. But that’s aside from the fact he also wanted to enjoy it for a bit longer.

Victor gripped her horns even tighter as the sloppy throat-fuck continued, covering both Julia’s mouth and his crotch in a thick layer of her spit. Victor’s mind swam and his vision nearly went white from the heavenly pleasure the dragon was giving him.

Whenever she slid back, she made sure to keep the head in her mouth, giving the cock a quick, hard lick and swirling her tongue around it before taking it back down her throat… her tight, hot, wet, throat that continuously contracted around his dick as it filled her.

Victor’s eyes burst open as he felt her tendrils now joining the party once again, sloppily sucking and licking his testicles in an effort to finish him off.

It worked quite well.

His grip on her horns tightening to the point it pained his fingers, Victor cut lose all reserves and thrust his hips upwards, letting loose a torrent of cum. Julia eagerly swallowed each sticky wad as it splattered against the back of her throat.

Pulling backwards a bit, Julia let the final shots land on her tongue, savoring the salty taste in a way only a mamono could.

“Fucking hell…” Victor groaned as Julia removed his softening cock from her mouth, still rolling the thick load in her mouth around with her tongue, going absolutely mad for the taste.

Seeing his girlfriend playfully wave her hips back and forth as she savored his seed was almost humorous, in a way. Casting his gaze from her lust-glazed, blushing face, Victor saw that her jean shorts sported a large, damp spot in her crotch.

“Look at how wet you made me~!” she mumbled through the seed in her mouth, rubbing two clawed fingers against her slit through her jean shorts and panties.

Quickly removing both them and her bikini top, Julia’s full, naked glory stood before Victor. Her full breasts looked just as appetizing as ever, each bouncy tit topped with a hardened little nipple a shade darker than her skin. Her lower lips were completely soaking, a thin trail of her juices still running from her slit to the panties around her ankles.

Bending over, Julia opened her mouth wide and presented the cum he had given her- the salty, pungent fluid losing its viscous properties after being so thoroughly chewed and mixed with saliva as Julia had just done.

Still, it was quite an erotic, lewd sight, seeing his cum pooled up and around his girlfriend’s tongue, still greedily stirring around to enjoy the flavor.

But that sight was soon gone as Julia tilted her head back, hungrily swallowing the cum. The little show had put Victor’s flag back at full mast, the throbbing erection already leaking precum and ready to invade another tight, wet hole once more.

“Mmm… thanks for the meal, Vic~” Julia cooed, rubbing her taut stomach as the cum inside settled, “It was real tasty. Here, let me give you something in return!”

Before Victor could eagerly accept or even ask what it was, Julia’s tendrils burst in front of him, both snickering before planting a kiss on each of his cheeks.

Retracting back a bit, the tendrils bestowed Victor’s gift… they gently blew a pink, aphrodisiac gas right into his face. Slowly breathing in the sweet cloud through his nose, the crimson-haired man’s pupils shrank, and his heart began racing.

The effects were instantaneous. His body began to heat up like a furnace, his erection began throbbing even harder with desire, and his scattered thoughts bounced around in his skull before gathering on one thought alone…

Flipping to her hands and knees, Julia eagerly lifted her tail high into the air, leaning back and exposing her soaking wet snatch, fat bubble butt, and tight pucker to the human.

Taking his place on his knees behind her, Victor grabbed hold of her tail, hugging the mighty purple appendage close to his chest for support.

“Fuck me…” Julia lustily moaned, biting down on one of her scaled fingers as she cast her needy scarlet eyes on his pulsing erection.

Wasting no time, Victor lined the head of his cock up with her moist slit. The need for foreplay had left the building ages ago, and the aphrodisiac-enhanced human wasted no time in slamming his full-length deep into her core, a wet squelch sounding as he fully planted himself inside her.

Julia let out a series of soft squeaks and moans into the pillow below her with each thrust into her warm, wet snatch. Feeling Vic’s tempo steadily increase, the dragon gripped the bed sheets and let out a needy whine, thrusting back against the human.

With her tail still firmly locked in Victor’s grip, Julia reached her tendrils behind her, wrapping Victor around his waist and pulling him in even closer.


A lusty grin spread across Victor’s face. Wrapping his right arm around the tail even tighter, the human used his left to lean over and tweak one of her nipples, causing her to jump in surprise and let out a cute little murmur in pleasure.


Holding nothing back, the human began roughly pounding into her. He was beat up, tired, and woozy from the alcohol and painkillers, but the pink cloud he breathed in overloaded his libido and spurred him forward.

Julia bit down on her bottom lip as she felt Victor slam repeatedly into her, his length brushing against her sweet spot each time.

“Ahh~!” she cried, biting down on her pillow, greatly enjoying the brutal fucking the human was giving her.

Even in his lusted state, an idea scrambled around in Victor’s head. Letting up on his thrusts for just one moment, Julia turned back to face him.

“Vic, what’s wro- EEK!”

Standing up on his feet, Victor raised Julia’s tail along with him. The dragon’s arms gave out from the surprise, her rump raised high into the air as she stood on her feet with her face to the bed.

“Don’t… stop…” Julia lustily moaned, her whole sweaty body blushing and heating up as his cock continued to pound into her snatch at the unconventional angle.

“V-Vic… I’m… I’m…”

Shaking and shivering with mind-numbing pleasure, Julia’s words slurred as her orgasm overtook her senses. Her arms fully gave out and she pushed her hips back even further.

With a muffled scream, her sex contracted around the human’s cock, the dragon cumming hard and squirting around the redhead’s erection.

“J…Julia…” Victor muttered, thrusting his cock back into the dragon a few final times, feeling his balls clench up as his second orgasm overtook his body. He came hard inside the dragon, painting her cervix white with a sticky load before pulling out and collapsing in exhaustion.

“So… tired…” the near delirious young man groaned, his cock still wet and sticky from the combined juices that were still dripping from Julia’s pussy.

Crawling back up towards Victor, Julia pulled him into a tight embrace, “Let’s just take a shower in the morning. I was going to wash these sheets tomorrow anyway.”

“M’kay…” Victor agreed with a sleepy yawn, almost as if he were a young boy whose mother asked him to go to bed after a movie instead of a musclebound grown man who’d just finished fucking his long-time girlfriend.

Snuggling closer to the dragon, Victor tucked his head between Julia’s plump breasts and breathed a sigh of exhaustion. Although he was groggy and tired, his thoughts still drifted away from the happy place they were just settled.

Where would he be without Julia in his life? He was a complete mess, yet she had shown him nothing but unconditional love and support, no matter how many times he fucked up.

“I-I know I’m not the best at expressing myself Jules,” Victor whispered to her, “And… and I know I don’t say this as much as I should, but… I love you.”

Victor tried his best to keep up his tough guy facade at all times, especially in front of Julia, but at this point, he just couldn’t help it. He began tearing up as he went on.

“Can I ask you a question, Julia? And be totally honest, alright?”

A worried look crossed Julia’s previously happy and content face, “Of course, Victor… what’s wrong?”

“D-do you… do you ever regret being with me?”

The concerned frown on Julia’s face was soon replaced by a bright, starry-eyed smile of reassurance. Wiping his tears away, the dragon gently held her boyfriend’s chin and stared lovingly into his eyes.

“Oh, Vic… I love you more than anything in the world. Nothing could ever happen to change that.”

Consoled by her words, Victor let out a sigh of relief and tucked his head back between her generous breasts, “So you’ll never cheat on me?”

“No, Vic. I swore I wouldn’t, remember?”

“Thanks, Jules. I won’t ever cheat on you either. But… threesomes are still cool, right?”

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  1. > But her horns and claws weren’t the only draconic thing about her
    You mentioned her ears, not her claws.

    > the Julia the Jabberwock’s stern, angry glare
    I think you accidentally a word.

    There were a couple plotholes I noticed – the businessman’s car broke down and he didn’t even have time to call for a tow before being accosted by robbers but it started right up when everyone gets into it? Vic jumped off a four-story building and possibly got a concussion from being hit by the pool cue, not to mention Julia got the shit kicked out of her by the Oni, but they can fuck like animals an hour later? I’m surprised he can even move.

    That aside, I did enjoy the story.

    1. Well caught, my friend. Already fixed the grammatical errors. Adding in extra scene to fix the plothole with the car.

      No idea how I missed all that. Read over this SOB 3 fucking times before posting.

  2. I do not comment often for reasons. However I liked your story so much I cannot lurk on this one.

    I cannot objectively give criticism as I have grown completely biased for Julia. You have captured my own personal fantasy waifu just about completely.

    Whelp good story. Now off I go to the next chapter.

  3. One could make the argument that with the two extra mouths a Jabberwock has, technically makes any lovemaking session “group sex’. Four mouths between the two of them.

  4. Those lovemaking scenes at the bed were so juicy to read! Especially Julia biting her nails and giving a fuck me signal to Vincent was a chef’s kiss!

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