Dullahan Soccerball

As her world was spinning, the ringing of the whistle reminding her of yet another point going to the opposing team. As her body searched for her head, she thought about how this all came to be. How she, a Dullahan, became the captain of the soccer ball team.

It was back in her early, innocent days. Before her sluthood took over and she became a semen demon Even back then, she adored sports, of any kind, but she absolutely loved soccer. It was the sport she used to play with her father after all. Even though her head used to fall off during it. That was a problem in pre-school however, seeing as her head used to…replace the ball at times. Damn Richard.
But, those times were long past now she was in high school, in the prime of her life, before puberty hit. Mamono puberty that is. Now, she had all the time in the world to follow her passion…and to be promoted to captain of the soccer team the moment she joined. Mostly because at the first group meeting, when the trainer asked who knew the rules of the game, only our Dullahan actually raised her hand. It was kinda embarrassing to be honest.

At that meeting she met the rest of the team, as anyone would expect. The team was made up of Mimy the Dormouse, Goop the Slime, Poof the Weresheep and Lily the Alraune, no one could go past them, seeing as they either fell asleep, of got stuck in the goo. Their parents weren’t that inspired. The Middlefielders were Reen the Xiongmao, Suki the Ghoul and Nicky the Ogre. Seriously, who came up with their names? Their attackers were Cheeky the Cheshire, Yumi the Hinezumi and Licky the Akaname. Why do I even bother?

“My teammates are…something else” she said to herself. “This is going to be, interesting…”
And after a two month-long training montage, which mostly consisted of the others playing ‘keep away’ with Hilda the Dullahan’s head, or kicking into the goal instead of the ball (Damnit Mimy, at least look at what you’re kicking.), that hurt. And a lot of running up and down a staircase, jumping upon reaching the top. Too bad Hilda’s head fell off and tumbled down the stairs. That hurt a lot too.
At last, the day of a match finally came. Maybe they would actually go into the championship if they won this one. But to do that, they first needed to beat the Western Faggotcats.
And so, they fought a fight to the death, passing the ball of disaster from one another, trying to get it in the adversary portal, with the intention of their destroying their own realm. It was a colossal event, that will be forever remembered by everyone present, for it would scar them forever, haunting their deepest nightmares for all of eternity, leaving them a shell of their former selves.
In other words they were playing a normal match of football. As normal as playing with Monster Girls is going to get. There were a few interesting events however…

Like that time Licky tried to stop one of the guys, and they got real close, like, almost touching each other. At that moment, they both realized their love for each other, and questioned why they even fought on opposite sides, and so, they both leaned in for a kiss…only to have Cheeky scream at them “OMG they’re gonna kiss! Referee, do something!” with that, they snapped out of it, and Licky managed to get the ball from him, going in for the goal.
Only to trip and land face first in someone’s crotch. “Those are the wrong soccer balls…and this is a cliché.”

And with that, the whistle rang, indicating the end of the first round. Break time.

“So, is it too late to apply for the cheerleading squad?” Cheeky asked. She was sitting on her stomach, propping her head up towards the girls with her paws.
“Yes, yes it is.” Hilda told her. “Now, we need t-”
“Fuck this shit let’s break-dance!” Cheeky said, before Hilda’s teammates began to…break-dance?
“Just…just why are you guys doing this? What is the reason for this? Just, why?” Hilda asked in exasperation.
“Oh, just to annoy you, mostly.” Cheeky replied. And so, Break time finished.

Round 2.

It was quite similar with the first round, with a single exception, they weren’t a total embarrassment to the school, or anyone that participated at the event, only a few people, maybe two dozens at most, mostly family…no, only their families. This would most likely be remembered as the weakest team in the School’s history and would leave a black spot on their record, not that their record was that good to begin with. It was actually quite mediocre.

At any rate, the most remarkable moment of the second match, was Hilda’s performance, it was quite impressing, although silly…

The pressure increased as the second round progressed, the enemy team scored five points, compared to their mere two. The match was not in their favor, that was for sure although, that wasn’t a surprise, considering their team. They were quite shitty . But, at their most dire moment, when the opposing team advanced past their defense with ease, soon getting close enough to score yet another point, one that would lead to their total defeat. At that moment, Hilda found her inner strength, and took her head off her shoulders, holding it to her prepubescent chest, and whispered to herself one single sentence that would be remembered by all those present there, if they would’ve heard it, that is. That sentence was…

“We must go to our people.”

And, as the attacker kicked the ball, aiming it straight over her headless neck, Hilda threw her head at the ball, with the power of ten draconic pelvic thrusts , sending her head straight at a tremendous speed towards it, such speed has never been seen before in front of man, or monsterkind.. Once she made contact with the ball, the spherical object ignited, and glowed with the blazing fury of ten thousand yellow suns heading straight towards the other goalie, passing through her chest, leaving a gaping hole in its wake, good thing she was an Ignis and that did literally nothing, melting through the goal itself and continuing to go on a path of destruction for several more decades, but that’s a story for another time. A story that would forever remain in history as the blazing ball of death that ravaged the land like an Ushi-Oni ravages her man, for a few decades

And so, with another point under their belt, the second round ended, with a whooping victory of the Western Faggotcats, with a ten to 4. Hilda’s team didn’t seem to care about the results, just going back to playing keep away with her head. Kids these days, not even bothering to have a heart-wrenching scene after their defeat. Sheesh.

Even with their recent loss, they still looked up, mostly Hilda, planning their future. They needed to become the very best, that no team ever was, to score points was their real test, to not suck was their cause.
They would train harder, to achieve their goal, for there was a long road a-head of them.

The End.

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