Dueling Oni’s Drunken Partners In Lust

Sukiru was traveling throughout the realm seeing the world. He had finally reached the Zipangu region he had heard there were a lot of powerful monsters that lived in these parts so he kept up his guard. As he continued his way into the closest viliage he saw. Sukiru was then greeted by a human woman who bowed to him lightly and said “Welcome to our vilage please enjoy your stay here.” Sukiru smiled and nodded back before saying “Thank you, do you know where the nearest Hotel is where I can stay?” She smiled warmly before saying “Yes there is one right in town you cannot miss it.” Sukiru smiled back and said “Thank you very much.” before walking into town seeing the mixture of Monsters and Humans. Sukiru notice the hotel in town and walked in only to be greeted once more by another human female. “Oh sir do you need a room, we have one more available it is our nicest one if you wish to take it.” she said. “Yes ma’am I would love to take the room for a night or two.” he replied pulling out some money. Sukiru paid the lady for the room before walking up the single flight of stairs to the room at the end of hall and opening the door. The room was really nice it contained a king size bed, a small couch, a desk and his own shower. “This is perfect.” he said tossing his backpack to the couch. “I cannot wait for my shower.” he said walking into the bathroom and disrobing and turning on the hot water. “I cannot wait for this shower.” he said once more before stepping under the warm water letting it cleanse his body. He washed his whole body with the soap that was provided along with the shampoo. He stepped out before turning the water off with the bathroom all steamy. “Ah refreshed.” he said drying off with his towel. He walked back out to the room and pulled out a fresh pair of jeans and shirt. Once he was dressed he decided to walk out and grab a drink. Sukiru walked out of the hotel and back onto the street then walking to the closest bar near the hotel. Sukiru walked into the bar and the place was crowded with monsters. Every monster was staring him down with lust in there eyes. Types of monsters ranged from a Manticore, a few Kitsunes, an Arachne, a Minotauros, a table full of Red and Blue Oni’s were in the back all looking at Sukiru harder than the other women. He nervously walked up to the counter and ordered a vodka on the rocks. Time went by and he had half way finished his drink before a Red and Blue Oni came and sat on each side of him. “Well hello there cutie.” the Red Oni said. “Hello ma’am.” Sukiru replied. He had encountered and had been assaulted a few times in his travels so he always was wary of them. “You going to drink with me and my friend here?” the Red Oni said as her Blue Oni friend put her hands on Sukiru’s shoulders. Sukiru knew he wasn’t getting out of this situation they smelled strongly of Sake and other liquors. “Y-Yeah sure I’ll drink with you both of you.” he said reaching for his glass. “Perfect bartender set us up Sake and Vodka on me of course.” she said putting her arm around Sukiru. Sukiru, the Red Oni, and the Blue Oni sat there and got really drunk. The Red Oni wrapped her arms around Sukiru’s neck and kissed his cheek deeply. “Come on let’s go fuck like animals.” The Blue Oni said as she paid for every thing then picked Sukiru up in her arms. They carried Sukiru out of the bar and took him back to the hotel. “Where is he staying?” the Red Oni asked as she carried him near the front desk. The woman sighed and pointed them up to the top of the stairs to his room. “Come on Sukiru let’s go upstairs.” The Red Oni said as her and the Blue Oni carried him upstairs opening his room. “Perfect a big bed for all three of us.” The Blue Oni said as they laid Sukiru down on the bed and started to remove his clothes. The Red Oni locked lips with Sukiru as he laid there not really knowing what was happening to him. She swirled her tongue in her mouth while stroking his already hard cock. “He is hard for us come on let me mount him first.”

the Blue Oni said as she pulled off her loincloth showing her sweet blue pussy lips which was dripping wet already. She leaned down slowly and slipped is cock all the way into her pussy. The Red Oni was too preoccupied with his mouth constantly kissing him and running her fingers through his hair while ripping off her clothes. “Mmmm god he is fantastic Kiara wait until your turn.” she said as she bounced up and down gliding her tight walls on his throbbing cock. “Hurry up then my pussy needs to be filled with his cum.” she said as she broke the kiss. “Alright then I’ll ride his face you take the cum, we can always go round two later.” The Blue Oni said as she climbed off his cock opening the spot for Kiara. “Thank you.” She said now putting his cock in her deep red pussy and moaning his name passionately. “Go on eat my pussy Sukiru.” the Blue Oni said as she slid her pussy across his lips moaning gently. Sukiru laid there licking her sweet pussy while being rode by they Red Oni. “F-Fuck I am cumming.” The Red Oni yelled as she tightened up causing Sukiru to blow a large warm load into her pussy and womb. “Oh fuck me too he is great.” the Blue Oni moaned as her juices flowed on to Sukiru’s mouth and face. “Come on we should rest up before round two.” Kiara said as she got off of his cock. “Yeah right we can sleep here.” the Blue Oni said as they both got under the blankets with him embracing him with there different colored bodies and drifting away to sleep.

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