Liquid Gold

Disclaimer: This story was requested by the community. It contains scenes which might provoke the mentally weak. As per following the official guidelines as noted by the Admin, you have officially been warned. Great.

Syra wrinkled her nose.

There was a slight breeze in the air which carried with it the subtle hint of the briny sea. She was lucky. Though the ocean was still some distance away, the salty air would be perfect to mask her scent. She crept silently, making sure to make as little noise as possible as she weaved her way through the woods. Out of the corner of her eye, she noted a moss covered boulder, jutting out of the ground. With a satisfied grin, she checked her bearings and then turned east. Her contact in the Adventurers’ Guild had been very specific about the directions, though she felt the sting in her coin purse. Bribing Adventurers’ Guild clerks always left a heavy dent in her coin purse, but it at least ensured that no other party could get a head start and steal the reward out from under her nose.

She suddenly froze.

Knees bent, her ears tuned to the sound of a disturbance in the trees, amber eyes scanning around her for any danger. The trees seemed to quake, and out of the branches flew a flock of gulls over ahead, squawking loudly to each other. Syra sighed, relief washing over her like a cool comforting blanket. Damn birds. She always hated gulls. She resumed her journey, hopping over fallen logs and climbing over small hills until finally she reached the base of the mountain range. Craning her neck upwards she marveled at the craggy mountain surface; even to the most experienced mountaineers it would have proved a formidable task to summit, so she was happy her prey hadn’t decided to make its home at its peak. Instead she turned again, this time following the base of the mountain for what seemed like hours until she finally found what she was looking for.

A cave, a gaping maw carved into the mountain itself.

Syra ducked next to a tree, almost hugging it in excitement. It was true then, she thought, tail wagging giddily. The cave was real. And if it was real, then what lay inside of it also had to be true. She scanned the entrance, making sure it was her quarry, and only her quarry, that had made the cave its residence.

The cave itself was devoid of any sign of goblin or troll life, their crude effigies nowhere to be seen. And while some larger predator could have lived there, there were no tell-tale signs of broken bones, or drag marks of carcasses being brought inside. Instead, what did reveal its contents were the scorched trees and blackened rock face that surrounded the cave entrance.
Only one thing could possible do that.

A dragon.

Her body shivered. Not out of fear, but of excitement. Of course dragons were terrible beasts that plagued kingdoms, captured princesses, and killed scores of would be heroic knights and heroes with fiery breath and steel-like talons. But as an adventurer, she also knew that dragons were practically flying vaults of gold. Everything of a dragon was of value; its scales could be used to craft the finest armor, its teeth and bones had an infinite number of uses, and its blood was said to be magical. Even its shit was worth something to the right buyer.

The most common way of obtaining these materials was to kill a dragon. Such a thing however, was easier said than done. And what could a lone adventurer, and a single anubis monster girl at that, hope to accomplish. It was fortunate then, that she did not plan to kill the dragon. Everything from a dragon was of value; including as insane as it sounded, its semen. And as a monster girl she had unique gifts, that only monster girls had, that would be useful for her plan. It was idiotic and dangerous of course, but the creed of the adventurer was to get rich or die trying.

Besides, Syra thought to herself, this wasn’t stupidest plan she ever thought of.

There was the time, she snuck into that vampire castle and made off with an enchanted circlet, vampire knights and other monstrosities hot on her tail. There was another incident where she helped flood an entire city by blowing up a dam; while she was still inside. No, this wasn’t one of the stupidest plans she ever thought of. But if it worked, the payoff would be extraordinary, especially since she already found a buyer. The only real issue was whether the dragon was hungry or not.

Syra sat herself behind the tree and waited. The only way to be sure was to wait for it to show itself. A dragon usually gorged itself whenever it could, and once sated, slept in a secluded location. She would move once it was sated, applying her “skills” and harvesting the rare material without fear of being eaten in return. Besides, she told herself, there had to be a reason why dragons kidnapped all those princesses. At least she would be doing it a favor.

All she had to do now was wait.

A gust of wind roused her from her light nap. Syra’s eyes shot open instinctively and she rolled onto her stomach, flattening herself against the ground. She quickly looked to the cave entrance to find the tip of a scaly tail disappearing inside. Syra felt a rush of emotions as she got to her feet, her body jittering in excitement. If this worked she could retire from adventuring for at least a year, maybe even more. The thought of never having to sleep out in the open or paying guild dues was tantalizing, not to mention the amount of coin she was about to make. She began to undue her sword belt and leave behind her bow. What preliminary research she did beforehand revealed that while dragons were monstrous beasts, they did display some form of intelligence; better to approach it unarmed. She had little hope her weapons would be of any use against it anyway. Her weapons stowed safely next to the tree, she began to make her ascent to the cave, her heart thumping in her throat at approaching the entrance of a dragon lair. The shattered rocks beneath her feet gave way with an audible crunching noise, making her wince with every step as she finally peered into the cave itself.

It was fairly open, she was surprised to find, with the walls neatly smoothed out and the cave ceiling tall enough that even tree could have grown inside without hindrance. The cave itself wasn’t very deep, the end already visible in the dim light. Perhaps this wasn’t a cave at all but a cavern, she wondered to herself. But before she could debate with herself about what correct geographical term was applicable here, a distinctive low growling interrupted her train of thought. Syra turned her head to the sound of the disturbance and noticed a hole dug at the edge of the cave wall, descending further into the ground. From within, the scaly head of dragon emerged, followed by the rest of its imposing shape, leathery wings stretching to their full length. It raised its head and roared, announcing itself and bellowing a fearsome challenge.

Syra quickly plugged her ears, the roar reverberating off the cavern walls.

‘Green dragon. Juvenile. Definitly male.’

The dragon’s size was that farm wagon if one ignored the span of its wings and tail, which would have made it considerably larger. By her estimate, if must have only been a few decades old. If she had shown up with a group of adventurers she might have gotten lucky and managed to kill it. But such a thing was risky in itself. Attacking a dragon, even a juvenile, was dangerous, especially in a confined area like the cave. A single fire breath would have cooked them all alive. Not to mention she would have had to split the reward if they were successful.

“Woah! Woah. I’m not here to hurt you.” Syra said, lifting up her hands in a show of surrender.

The dragon lowered its head, baring its fanged teeth at her, the fresh gore from its earlier still evident. Though in truth Syra had at first felt apprehensive, whatever fear Syra had now was alieved at the sight, if only a little, for at least now she knew she wouldn’t be eaten immediately.

Unless it was still hungry of course.

Syra pushed the thought out of her mind.

“Woah. I’m a girl you know. I can be your friend.” Syra said slowly and clearly before pulling off her bag from her shoulder and placing it gently on the ground.

“In fact, I can be more than a friend.”

Syra worked to undo her hardened leather corset, tugging at the strings behind her back and letting it slip from her body. From there, she undid her leather jerkin and proceeded to unfasten the buttons on her tunic. She pulled both pieces off in one smooth motion, revealing her breasts and leaving her upper body naked. It felt strange to strip in front of the dragon, which took several steps back away from her, becoming more interested in her discarded clothes. Syra had a wry smile as she then undid the strings holding up her tight fitting leather trousers. She wore no boots as such things were expensive for monster girls, having to be custom made for each wearer; her own natural paws made due instead. She stepped lightly out of her clothes, leaving her stark naked in front of the dragon, whose gaze returned to her. Syra struck the most alluring pose, she could think of, bending one leg and running a hand up along her side.

“Well? How about it?” she finished, making an obscene back and forth hand gesture, tail flicking back and forth behind her.

The dragon for whatever reason, reared its head back, its wings once again folding behind its back, as if contemplating her offer. Though supposedly intelligent, Syra doubted it could understand her. She took a cautious step forward, as if testing scalding water with her toes. The dragon made no discernable reaction to her advancement and Syra carefully approached it, stretching out a hand to make contact with it. With some trepidation, she managed to put a hand on its scaly side. Only now had she realized she had been holding her breath.

“My, you’re a magnificent thing, aren’t you.” She said, her heart pumping in her ears.

The dragon rumbled, shaking its body back and forth, causing Syra to jump back. She let a cautious laugh. Perhaps it could understand her.

“Well you don’t mind if I get started do you?”

Syra ran a hand along its body before crouching down next to its hind legs. Tilting her head down, she could already see the hint of deep red from the tip of its genitalia. Syra smiled. She had over thirty thick glass vials in her bag. Once she made it cum, she could collect as much as she could and make a quick and easy profit. All she had to do now was quickly jerk it off, collect the semen, and transport the liquid gold back to town. She reached a hand out, letting the tip of her paw pad come into contact with the red foreign object. The dragon rumbled again, its whole body shaking as it stepped in place. Undeterred, Syra continued, gently stroking it to coax the rest of the genitalia out from the beast. Slowly through her gentle touch, the cock began to appear. It was hot to the touch, she noted, and coated in a thick mucus that stuck to her fingers. It had a inward curved head pointed to a tip and had a series of ridges beneath it, overlapping each other. With a profound awe, she watched as more of the genitalia revealed itself, all the while she made sure to thoroughly stroke the length, rubbing her paw along the exotic feeling bumps and ridges. She could barely wrap her hand around it, instead she opting to rotate her hand up and down to further stimulate it. And as if to unveil its final surprise, the whole of the cock suddenly jumped forward, the last of the red throbbing cock escaped the dragon while Syra looked in shock at the massive bulbous shapes at the base of the genitalia. Syra’s jaw dropped at the size of it; nearly the length of her forearm and just as thick, and rigid enough to fight back against her touch.

“You don’t see that every day.” Syra muttered to herself as she scooted closer, eager to finish the job.

With both hands wrapped around it, she began to work slowly, rubbing her paws along it in a back and forth motion. She alternated directions, focused on certain areas she thought to be more sensitive, and even used the back of her paws, using the fine fur to tickle the under-length.

What happened next caught her completely by surprise.

The dragon suddenly roared and turned, knocking Syra flat on her back. She scrambled back to her feet, hoping that she didn’t get crushed underneath its think limbs. Upright and alert, she watched as the dragon circled around in place, jaw working as it…grunted? Roared? Syra couldn’t tell. Something was wrong now and she didn’t feel like staying. She quickly glanced over to her clothes and bag. A quick dash and she could scoop them in her arms and make a break for it. She turned to run, one foot in front of the other. Something large and scaled butted her aside before she could take her second step. She tumbled to the ground, the world becoming a blur before she stopped on all fours. The dragon had stepped over her now, and Syra could feel the heat emanating from its belly. Deep fear overtook her instincts. She didn’t want to be cooked. She scrambled forward on all fours, desperate to flee from the hulking mass above. The dragon took several steps forward, and for an instant Syra thought she would be crushed beneath its clawed feet. Instead, something hot and wet slapped itself against her pelvis, nearly lifting her hips upward. The object gave away, and Syra felt ridges sliding through her legs as her knees came back into contact with the ground with a thud.

Syra’s head shot up in realization.

‘Oh shit.’

Syra’s first thought was of escape. She had seen and felt the dragon cock with her own hands. There was no way she could take such a massive thing, she realized. It would break her. She had to escape before that happened. Once more she tried to dart forward, only this time she was met with gnashing teeth and hot sickening breath. Syra ducked back in surprise, moving backwards to escape the snapping jaws. Once again, the wet cock slapped against her pelvis, lifting her up again before her body slipped away. She was panicking. She could try and roll out from underneath it, but as soon as the turned turned, she would be crushed.

Syra suddenly noticed it had gone eerily quiet.

She looked above to see the chest of the dragon expanding.

And then a roar, so deafening and so loud, the ground itself shook.

Syra covered her ears again, gritting her teeth and closing her eyes, hoping, praying, that it would stop. When it finally did, Syra was left with a faint ringing in her ears. Her breath was ragged, and overwhelmed with fear, Syra’s body shook like a tree branch in a

Before she could react, a green blur suddenly appeared from the corner of her eye, moving directly beneath her. The dragon’s tail. She tried to climb over it, but it lifted up her midsection, preventing her from moving, her claws barely scrapping at the rock beneath her. To her horror, something hot and sticky poked against her inner thigh. Slowly, it traced up her leg until it rested neatly in between her thigh and womanhood, pulsing and throbbing.

“No.” Syra breathed horrified.

She tried to dash forward, one last final attempt to escape.


It was in vain. Held in place by its tail, Syra was left to feel the full brunt of the dragon’s cock penetrate her. Several things happened at once. The dragon’s cock entered with such precision that she swore she could feel every single bump, fold, and ridge, before it settled neatly at the base of her cervix, filling her completely. Her body spasmed in shock, back arching to accommodate the foreign mass, while her tongue lolled out and a lewd and loud scream escaped her throat. She had felt anything like this before. She gasped for breath, letting out a high pitched scream of both surprise and pleasure as the mass pulsed steadily inside of her. Syra gritted her teeth, reaching out with her hands to try and pull away but she was still held firmly in place by the dragon’s tail. And just as suddenly as she was penetrated, the dragon’s cock withdrew from her, eliciting another gasp from her as just the last few inches remained inside. A light whimper escaped her lips as she realized what would happen next.

The dragon bucked, and once again its red exotically shaped cock thrusted into her, causing her to howl and scream, eyes threatening to go cross-eyed and stars appearing in her vision. It wasn’t forceful, nor by any means did it try and break her. But the length of its cock, combined with its ridges and other features unique to its kind, sent wave after wave of pleasure cascading through her body. Her panicked shouting soon turned to ragged cries and moans, the thrusting mass hitting every crevice and stimulating parts she didn’t know could even be stimulated. The thought of escape quickly perished, her mind now flooded with spasms of ecstasy. A sudden feeling erupted inside of her and for a brief moment, she had thought she lost consciousness, her legs and tail jittering excessively, walls clamping down hard on the dragon dick, which only served to heighten her sensitivity. She realized she came, from a dragon fucking, no, raping her. She didn’t know what to think about that. Syra didn’t even know what to think anymore. The tail suddenly gave away, and once again, she was on all fours, back arching while it had its way with her. Her arms wobbled, suddenly robbed of her strength, and she was forced to hug the ground, leaving her ass high in the air for the dragon to fuck. She quickly lost track of time, for each time she orgasmed, her consciousness faded a little bit. Her body was coated in a sheening layer of sweat, both from the heat of the dragon’s belly and the intensity of the fucking, her black hair sticking to her forehead.

And then the fucking stopped. Syra was left there, underneath the dragon, wondering what had happened. She tried to turn her head to look behind her but before she could, in less than a second, the cock inside of her throbbed and suddenly a burst of seething hot liquid erupted inside of her. Syra half moaned/half screamed again as the dragon came inside of her, sending the thick blasts of its semen deep inside her, filling her completely. She came again, walls once more clamping down on the cock inside of her, preventing the cum from escaping. But the dragon released more and more inside of her, and unable to contain it, it splashed out in an impressive display, landing some few yards behind her and spilling underneath where the pair was conjoined, the excess running down her stomach and down to her chest. The dragon, seemingly down with her withdrew it cock, letting Syra fall limply to the ground, in the still hot puddle of dragon’s cum. Exhausted, unable to think straight and filled to the brim, Syra was left to gasp for breath on the cavern floor.

Something hard and hot prodded her inner leg.

Syra’s eyes went wide, tears beginning to well up in her eyes.

“No…” Syra whispered in a hushed voice.

The dragon’s dock traveled up the length of her thigh, seeking entrance once more.

“No more…”

Her pleas fell on deaf ears as the dragon continued raping her.

Syra’s memory became a blur as to what happened next. She lost track of how many times she came or how many times the dragon came inside of her. She faded in and out of consciousness, and she had no idea if she had been there for hours or days. She could remember being rolled over, the dragon standing atop of her as it entered her again, her arms warping around its stomach in a perverse hug. The dragon’s knotting phallus ensured that the two couldn’t become separated, and Syra was forced to withstand countless hours of constant sex, being filled over and over again and enduring countless unwanted orgasms. The more she struggled, she learned, the more excited the dragon became. She could remember the dragon’s serpent like tongue, exploring her body, licking her breasts roughly and even invading her mouth; she had no idea why. All she could do was gag at the hot stench of its breath. She had little choice but to accept.

In one of the rare respites she had from the beast, she had finally noticed her hunger, her stomach growling loud enough to echo in the cave. This left in in a predicament. If she mustered all of her strength, it was possible she could escape, but she was in no condition to hunt for food. She realized she was starving. The dragon hadn’t left her side since she had first entered, and it didn’t look as if that was changing anytime soon. She needed something to eat, anything at all. And as sickening as it was, Syra could only think of one other option.

“Hey…dragon.” Syra weakly called out.

She was lying on her back, and after pushing herself up on her elbows, found the dragon on its side attempting to clean on of its wings, like a how a bird might. Syra gulped at what she was about to say, ashamed at what had become of her.

“Hey dragon…”

The dragon raised its head at her calling, directing its attention at her in a quizzical fashion.

“Fu…fuck me…”

The dragon merely cocked its head, and Syra was forced to repeat herself in a more confident voice. The dragon rose, and with profound gratitude, Syra watch as it began to make its way towards her, red phallus already appearing between its hind legs.

“That’s it…c’mon…”

Once again the dragon assumed its position above her, and Syra was enveloped in its radiant body heat. The exotic cock which she had become so familiar with was already erect and hard. It hovered above her, menacingly and would dip down to probe for an entrance, poking her body as it searched her womanhood. Instead, Syra scooted herself downwards, until the cock was slapping against her stomach. She moved further down until finally the dragon’s cock hovered above her torso. Gingerly, she reached up and grabbed it with her forearms, bringing it down to her chest to fit between her breasts. Syra looked down to find the curved tip of the dragon’s head looking back at her, disturbingly pulsing already. And to think that had been inside of her. Squeezing her breasts together, and working her forearms up and down, she proceeded to jerk off the dragon.

The gentle thrust of the dragon was amplified through its cock, as it began to thrust in and out of her breasts. Several times, the cock pressed harshly against her cheek, but she was at least thankful the dragon had settled to use her in this manner. It was revolting when the cock spontaneously entered her mouth. The several times that it did made her gag and gasp for breath at the salty taste of it, its girth barely fitting. Still she tried her best to pay careful attention as the red phallus coated her arm fur in thick juices until finally the dragon stopped and held still.

Syra opened her mouth wide.

A thick blast of cum erupted out of the tip, splattering spectacularly across her hair and face. She had just enough time to close her eyes before the hot liquid blinded her. She jerked her head towards the oncoming stream, holding her breath as her mouth filled with its cum. She swallowed as soon as it was full, fighting back the urge to gag to catch more of the spurting cum again. She needed every bit of energy she could get, and though it was disgusting, at least she would survive. Taking several mouthfuls, she swallowed each eagerly before finally the flow stymied and she released her grip, letting the phallus dribble atop her body. She began to wipe away her face and blow snot and semen out of her nose, both of her ears flicking back and forth.

She let out a laugh. It was over for her, she finally realized. This would be where her story ended, raped and used as a fuck toy by a dragon. Tears began to roll down her cheeks as she lay there, accepting her fate. It had all been in vain, and like so many others before her, greed would ultimately be her downfall. Her breathing calmed as she lay there, letting the sweet embrace of unconsciousness take her once more.

The next time Syra awoke, she immediately sat up. Or rather, she bolted up right. She was alert, awake, and she felt a youthful energy course through her body. As if the turmoil of the last few days had been but a memory, Syra rolled to her feet, standing up right. She marveled at her strength, wondering what had prompted its sudden return.

The cum.

The cum she had so desperately and so willingly ingested, she realized, must have had some restorative powers. Syra’s strange elation was short lived however, as she remembered that she was still in the lair of the dragon. She turned around, expecting to find it standing behind her, ready to rape her again, but found that she was entirely alone. Her gaze turned to the hole in the ground, where the dragon first appeared. She waited for what seemed like forever, listening intently for breathing or any sign of its presence but found none. The only other explanation available was that it had left.

She was free.

She could escape.

She dashed towards her clothes, bits of dried cum crackling on her body as she dived for them, swaddling them in her arms to make her escape. Grabbing her bag, she suddenly remembered why she had come here in the first place. Thirty empty vials lay in her bag. Syra quickly glanced around the cave floor, noticing the stained puddles of semen where the dragon had its way with her and found them all dried or muddied by the cavern floor. She cursed herself, her entire plan having been for naught. She took a vail in her hand and proceeded to smash it on the cavern floor in a misfit rage. She took another vail in her hand, ready to destroy it again when she noticed something different about her body.

Through the scraps and cum that had dried on torso, she had noticed her belly was slightly distended. Hope coursed through Syra. Taking the vial, she placed the small opening at the entrance of her vagina. With a wide stance, she relaxed her pelvis and lightly pushed her stomach in with a paw. To her elation, thick white fluid poured out of her vagina and filled the vial, almost to the brim. She hurriedly grabbed another, and filled its contents too before repeating the process several times over. In total, she had filled twelve of the vials, less than what she had been hoping for, but after her ordeal, she was happy with what she could get. She gingerly placed the filled vials in her bag once more, and grabbing her clothes, she dashed out of the cave as if her tail was on fire. She’d head back to town, find her buyer, and then retire from adventuring forever.

But first, Syra realized, she should probably stop by a river first.

“Only five gold?!”

Syra slammed her paws down on the tavern table, drawing the attention of the other patrons.

“How can it be only five gold!?”

That was less than a third of her original offer.

Her buyer, a voluptuous bunny eared witch, complete with floppy hat and equally floppy ears, sighed. She swirled the vial in her pinched fingers, watching the contents swirl around. Turning her violet eyes back towards Syra, she watched as the witch unstoppered the vial, who promptly dipped the tip of her little finger into the pearly thick liquid and brought it up to the light. To Syra’s amazement, she then engulfed the finger, licking it sensually and smacking her lips, as if she was savoring and evaluating a fine wine.

“Because this came from a juvenile dragon, and while not ideal, it’s acceptable. However, for the amount that you’ve brought, plus the fact that this has the slightest hint of an anubis in it, for whatever reason. I can only give you five gold.” The witch replied.

Syra felt her cheeks redden, but she didn’t show any sign of backing down.

“I’ll take ten gold.” She said adamantly, “I did not suffer the sort of abuse I had to endure, only be low-balled by an unappreciative witch, who can’t see good ingredients when its waved right in her face.”

Syra silently fumed, insulted that the witch held her in such in little regard. The witch eyed her curiously for a moment, raising an eyebrow.

“I’ll tell you what….” The witch began, “Let’s say I give you the fifteen gold. But in return, I’d like to hire you for some…special jobs.”

Before Syra could react, the witch leaned in close, drawing an arm around her and pulling her into a tight hug. She felt the witch breath in deeply before the soft wet touch of a tongue licked her neck. Syra jumped back in surprise, completely caught off guard. The witch in front of her only smiled and returned to her seat.

“You seem to have a special knack for acquiring…things. I could use someone like that.” She finished, smiling an all knowing smile.

Syra gulped. “I don’t think I can…”

“Oh hell,” the witch interrupted her before she could finish, “…twenty gold then.”

Syra sat there flabbergasted and gulped again, trying ignore the clearly evident wagging of her tail.

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