Don’t forget to lock the door

Once upon a time, the new Lord of Demons took over the previously empty throne, with the support of its brethren.
This Lord however, was no murderous beast like its predecessors, for she was a demon of lust and desire. A succubus, to be more exact, and quite a powerful one at that, powerful enough to fulfill her dream.
Her dream? To unite humanity and demons under one race, after all, she even managed to convince the hero sent to slay her to join that cause.
But, not all went according to her plan. Only half of it worked, turning the demons of ol’ into horny, female human versions of themselves, with a desire to mate with humans. But, that was almost a century ago.
After defeating The God itself, along with her supporters soon after, she managed to gather enough energy to complete the process, and enabled the birth of males, incubi, to be more exact.

And so, our story takes place centuries after those events, in a more modern, yet magical, world.
In a normal household, with a normal family.
Well, as normal as a family of magicians can be…
Demons of fire, unleash your power, and purge this heretic from this world, FIREBALL!” the young man shouted, sending a bolt of fire towards the target, pulverizing it in a single shot.
BallFire!” His younger sister on the other hand, only managed to light her hat on fire. “B-brother, h-help!” She cried towards her brother.
He pointed at the fire and said “Water.
A jet of water erupted from his fingertip, and extinguished the fire while completely soaking the little witch to the bone.
Their father shook his head at the display and said “Today’s lesson is over, Rob, good job, Eve, try not to set yourself on fire next time, ok sweetie
Eve meekly nodded her head while Rob just headed towards the house. By now, their father was already used to this, it became a routine, so to say.
His son would succeed, whereas his daughter would fail, and she’d ask for her brother’s help, before they both headed inside. It never changes, and at this rate, never will.
If only they could get along better…

“If only we could get along better.” The little witch sighed, burying her face in the fluffy pillow. Before the magical training started they both used to be so close to each other playing, bathing, eating and even sleeping together. But nowadays, he completely ignores her, maybe that time when she bugged him about ‘Building a Golem together’ in a melodic way had something to do with it, maybe, but still, why did he have to lock himself up in his room, studying dusty tomes full of ancient knowledge instead of spending time with his little sister, she wondered.
“Hmm, maybe that old book mom gave me might help…” she said to herself, maybe the loneliness had something to do with her talking to herself, who knows?
And so, she reached under her bed for the book. It was a nice book, despite its age. Its edges were golden, the cover was red and in the middle of it, there was a heart symbol. Under the symbol, there was an inscription, one that she couldn’t under at the time. Later on, she will find out that it translated to ‘The Art of Eromancy, Onii-chan Edition’…

He placed the tome on his desk and opened it. Once he did that, he could feel the power radiating from it, the power of the ancients… or the power of intermediate offense spells, in other words, the next part of his magical training. Seeing as he mastered the basic spells, it seemed like a good idea to start studying the more advanced ones, right?
At any rate, as he delved into the book, he looked at the clock, realizing it was already past midnight. “Huh, lost the track of time again, this seems to be happening more and more.” He muttered. That occurence was surely not the first nor the last since their magic training began, it was quite exhausting at times, but he loved it, he loved the feeling of power, of liberty, of tranquility that magic offered him.
Though, in a moment of clarity, he took a look at the old times, when he used to have not a care in the world, just amusement and childish glee, just him and his sist-No, he must not think of her. Else…
And there it goes, a stir in his loins soon lead to a noticeable bulge in his pants.. Ever since puberty hit him straight in the hormones, he started to feel his sister in a different, more… sensual way, that was one of the reasons why he locked himself in the study. The flashbacks from earlier didn’t help either, seeing her soaked, see-through clothes stick to the skin, providing him with a view of her tiny cleavage and petite frame, the clothes she was wearing giving her a childish charm making her look even more attractive. And her hat, oh her hat, that was just a masterpiece, completing the set, making it perfe-
No boner, don’t assume direct control right now, you’ll be satisfied in a few minutes. He sighed, knowing that he’ll have to get rid of that later, if he wanted to have any sleep. And so, he went to his stash, the clear evidence of his desires, grabbing a piece of fabric out of it, and bringing it to his nose, taking a big sniff.
‘This is it’ he thought, ‘These are her panties, and god damn are they not good material.’ So, with one hand, he unzipped his pants, and his erect manhood did the flop out of them. As soon as it did, it was grabbed by his hand, as he began pumping, while taking long whiffs from the feminine undergarments. Continuing with the sinful act, he soon neared his climax and just like any other regular session, spurted the essence onto the floor. He sighed yet again, and went to grab a box of tissues, his tool already shrinking back to its flaccid size. Though, as he stretched his hand towards it, in the corner of his view, he saw a pair of eyes look at him through the crack in the door. Crack? He must have forgotten to lock the doo-Oh. Oh no.
When realization hit him, his sister was already halfway through the room, and by the time she he realized his grave mistake, she was already shutting the door behind her, panties in hand.

He fucked up, badly. After pulling his pants back up and cleaning the mess he made, he exited his room, and went towards hers. Good thing it wasn’t locked, or else this would’ve been more complicated. Besides, he didn’t know how to pick locks and didn’t feel like burning the door down either. Though, he knocked on the first, and after getting no response, called out to her, with no response given this time either.
And so, he barged into the room, only to see his sister on her bed curled up into the corner, sobbing softly, clutching her underwear tightly to her chest. Retcon, he fucked up, massively. The sight broke his heart and within seconds, he was next to her, hugging her with one arm, stroking her hair with the intent to calm her down, while asking for her forgiveness, regretting his shameful act, and dreading what could happen if their father found out, that’d be hell, most likely.
After she calmed down, and wiped the tears from her eyes, he asked her what could be done so he could be forgiven.
With a mischievous glint in her eyes, she asked him for a single thing. Personal training lessons, so they could make up for the lost time.
He, of course, agreed, oblivious to her true intentions. And so, after their usual lessons were done, they would ‘venture through the forest that was next to their house, until they found a clearing and began their lessons in there.
As time passed, she became better at controlling her magic and casting spells, mostly because of her brother’s rather… attentive teaching. But, that would be all, wouldn’t it? Just him teaching her the basics, soon getting on an even level with each other, and getting closer like in the old days, reforming the bond they lost.

There was, however, a little problem. As time passed, so did the little witch mature, her own desires beginning to swell, and with a target in mind, and a tome to help her, she began to cook up a plan for her dear brother, one that would take place very soon…

One particular night, after their normal training, her brother was quite tired, and decided to call it a day. At his response, his sister just smiled sweetly at him, and nodded.
He got back in the house, into his room, and in his sleeping clothes. As he laid down on his bed, he started to drift off…
Only to be awakened by the feeling of something heavy on his chest. When he tried to rub his eyes, he noticed that his hands were restrained, same for his legs. That’s when the panic began to set it, he began to trash and soon enough, let a scream. That would’ve been the case, but a piece of fabric was shoved into his mouth the moment it opened, silencing him. It tasted…sweet?
When his visioned cleared up, he could see…his sister on top of him, rummaging through a red book, while constantly casting her gaze upon him…she appeared to be…ectastic?
“Hmmm, Onii-chan, how much we’ve waited for this. And tonight, you’ll be mine, and I’ll be yours, kehehe.” As he paid closer attention to the book she held, he could make out the title… “The Art of Eromancy, Onii-chan Edition” Oh shit. Oh fuck. That is the Sabbath approved guide on seducing your elder brother, how did she even find that?

Soon enough, she put the book aside, and pressed her chest against his, her petite breast squashing against it. She grabbed him by the shoulders, and pulled herself up to eye level with him. He was scared shitless by what was about to happen, but he was still aroused. Talk about a fear boner.
She looked at him dead in the eye, and told him, in a barely audible voice “Brother… I know we grew distant, and could only become closer yet again only with the help of your perverted mistake…I do not wish for that to happen again I-I care too much about you to let it happen again, you can’t keep yourself locked up in this room forever…I know this is selfish of me… but I-…I love you Onii-chan!” By the end of it, she was shouting her adoration towards him. Better not screw this up, seeing as this might be his only chance to get the lolibutt.

She removed the panties from his mouth, allowing him to speak, as she began to tear up, probably awaiting his refusal. But it never came, for he only told her his honest apologies for neglecting her, and sharing the same feeling of… love, if you could csll it that.
And, at that, she burst into tears, and hugged his chest tightly, moaning his name between sobs. After she calmed down however, she felt his need for…attention on her thigh, and smiled lustily at him, even with her puffy eyes.
“Oh boy” He thought, you saw that look before, and it usually ended in his father walking funny for a while when it came from his mother…
With one hand caressing his chest, and the other fishing out his prick, giving it a stroke and a squeeze, seeing that it won’t get any harder than that. Than wasn’t a problem though…knowing his incest boner.
Although, when her hands began to glow with a soft pink light, that soon changed, as he could feel his body burning up, looking for release, and his mind beginning to grow foggy, pleasure slowly entering through his defenses, rocking his very soul.
The air around them felt heavy, leaving a sweet aftertaste inside their mouths, as they began to place chaste kisses on each other’s lips, soon going for something deeper, more passionate, exploring their depths.
The boy’s restraints began to disappear, the magic that formed the dissipating and allowing him to take hold of his dear sister, getting more passionate. Soon enough, they were all over each other, literally.
Licking, caressing, kissing, all you could imagine, but yet, they had not crossed the boundary, the point of no return. Although, that didn’t stay like that for long, as their bodies aligned, so did their genitalia, and after a bit of probing with his fingers, he leaned towards her ear and whispered a few words that’ll change their lives forever.

“I’ll be gentle.” With that, he thrusted into her depths, going past her defenses, and filling both of their minds with white-hot bliss. A trickle of blood flowed from her now taken maidenhood, marking their union, and staining the sheets. He’ll need to clean that in the morning. As soon as she stopped twitching, he began thrusting his pelvis into hers, slowly at first, but picking up a more rapid pace as time went on.
Soon enough, they were going at it like newlyweds, which, by mamono terms, they probably were. But all good things must come to an end, and they did, with her climax, that spurred his on, and with one last thrust, he erupted inside her, coating her insides white…

As they basked in the afterglow, cuddling each other, she asked “Onii-chan, did you really mean it…that you love me?”. He just sat there, thinking. This will surely bring them trouble and hardships in the future, he sure wasn’t the best brother material, nor mate for that matter, but if it meant that he could see her smile. It was well worth it.
“Yes, yes I did. And I’ll make sure to show you that as much as I can.” He said, a smile almost as bright as hers on his face. And with that, they both drifted to sleep…

Their parents were quite understanding of their predicament, their father giving his wife ten dollars. All in all, from there on, they faced their challenges together. Magic, society, family, parenthood, they faced them all together, till the end.
And so, they told this story to their children, and their children told it to their grandchildren, and the line goes on.
Just as I told this story, to you.


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