Depravity Series: C 3

Last entry, Evan was seen finally giving in to his captor’s advances, sealing his fate with a passionate kiss. Leaving the initiative up to her lover, the high demon had been slowly guiding him, motivating his every move with reciprocated actions and encouraging words.

We had left off with the two just on the verge of consummating their newfound relationship, and with her privates laying bare as she sat upon the human boy’s face, Desira drew nearer to unveiling his erection. From here, we continue…


C 3 • Love and Lust


Desira slowly pulled away the final layer of cloth retaining her lover’s modesty, rewarding her with the first glimpse of his pubic hair. Evan squirmed anxiously underneath her, shivering a bit from her painfully slow efforts.

“My, you’ve grown quite a fine patch down here~,” the demon teasingly complimented the youth, taking notice of the pleading cry he’d whimpered from below her crotch. She couldn’t help but express a sympathetic chuckle in response. “Now, now, there’s no need for that. I know you are impatient, but I let you entertain yourself with my tail, remember~?”

A groan, muffled under her wet snatch was his reply.

“I will tend to your every need, my love,” Desira continued, moving the strap of his underwear further along, “so just be patient for a little… longer.”

The base of his engorged cock came into view and the monster woman became immediately transfixed, her crimson eyes locking upon it. She had felt the form of his swollen girth from beneath the garment he wore, but to actually see it set something off within the demon. After a pause — which had Evan somewhat concerned — the boy yelped as Desira then violently yanked the rest of his underwear down.

As soon as she’d freed him, a cloud of heat and the powerful scent of arousal enveloped her face. With the once vaguely-hidden erection now standing at full mast, the blue-skinned temptress ogled the enticing organ in front of her. This was the very representation of a male’s inner desire, the very incarnation of his lust and his urges to breed. For a male to have a hard-on like this, it meant he was instinctively ready to engage in the most intimate form of passion.

And he was so very hard for her…

“Oohhh… you must be aching terribly, my love,” Desira moaned, tentatively placing a gentle hand upon his length; it twitched under the cool touch of her palm, and the demon’s heart skipped a beat in turn. The thing was not the largest one she’d seen, but it greatly excited her nonetheless. 

She was mesmerized. 

“To be so dense, so thick~… I didn’t think you’d like me this much. I wonder, just what were you expecting from me, to get this hard before I’ve even given any proper attention to your little guy here~?”

His embarrassment over his lost modesty overcame the fragmented shame he’d felt from his immorality, and Evan buried his face deeper into the demon’s nethers after hearing her remarks; his grip on her thigh tightened a bit as well, but no audible response was made.

“Mnnf…!” Desira stifled a moan as Evan submerged into her, and naturally began to grind herself upon him again. However, she hadn’t become too distracted, not with the prize of his dick still waiting in her hand. “Haahh… to think I’ve held out this long… mmnh~… Evan, do continue to pleasure me with your mouth… you’re not done yet…”

Her tail lowered itself to coil around the back of his head, pulling him in further into her depths; it was enough to spur him on, and Desira shuddered upon feeling his hot tongue re-enter her folds. She broke concentration only momentarily to enjoy his roaming oral member, and the occasional sucking upon her lower lips. Yet still, as much as she wanted to spoil herself in her lover’s attention, she had to do her part as well…

Without further ado, the demon brought her face to Evan’s girth and absentmindedly rubbed her nose and cheek against it. His essence was strongest here, and it diluted her thoughts, the thick musk of male virility effective in dulling her state of mind. Desira mused that she could get drunk off the mere presence of the boy’s swollen cock alone, the idea of simply basking in his overwhelming heat and aroma being more than appealing to her.

“Such a lovely thing you have, Evan…” she praised, shamelessly voicing her carnal thoughts to him; her hot breath tickled the base of his erection, forcing another twitch out of it. As she continued, the demon traced her thumb upwards upon its length. His body squirmed in anticipation. “So sensitive~… Shall I tease you some more~? I truly wish to, but you’ve been so good for me… and so very patient.”

Desira took one last, extensive whiff of her lover’s scent before finally giving him an experimental lick, dragging her steaming tongue along the engorged flesh. Evan spasmed a bit and withdrew from exploring her leaking pussy, only to plant a firm, desperate kiss into it. His passionate intimacy was wreaking havoc with the demon’s emotions, and her heart threatened to leap from her chest with its frantic beating. The boy was simply too wonderful, his pure soul much too innocent for her to withstand!

“So precious…” she moaned through another, slow lick. “Such a good boy…”

A spark of electricity seemed to shoot down Evan’s shaft and throughout the rest of his body when the demon’s tongue made its way to his erection’s head. He shuddered briefly, not expecting himself to be so sensitive. A mild chuckle was heard from Desira, yet no words followed; instead, she administered another lick upon his tip, progressing the act into focusing her tongue solely upon it. Her oral member swirled in small, delicate circles upon his cap, and the human teen sputtered and groaned as he tried to endure.

A wildfire of pleasure engulfed his tower. The monster woman’s heated breath, her hot tongue, the saliva coating his flesh… in conjunction with the boiling sensation of Evan’s heart pumping more and more blood into his cock, it all left him painfully scorched. 

Already he could feel it, the climax building inside him… he was being taken to his limit so quickly! 

…However, it soon dawned on him that it wouldn’t be enough. Even amidst the heat, he was occasionally chilled whenever Desira inhaled, or when her tongue strayed too long from a particular spot, either resulting in the residue wetness cooling. The cold detracted from the pleasure, constantly interfering, distracting. The heat just wasn’t consistent enough to push him over the edge.

The youth was being subject to torture, and he knew he’d go insane at this rate!

“Haaaahh…” moist, hot breath fully enveloped his dick as Desira throatily exhaled upon him, following it up with a loving kiss upon his lower head; Evan’s hips involuntarily bucked in response, nearly forcing himself into his captor’s mouth. “Nf-! Mhmhmm… Oh, must you be so eager, little one~? Don’t tell me you are already getting close. Patience…”

He’s been patient! Evan felt he’d been left waiting long enough, and voiced his urgency in the form of a muffled, strained grunt; he dug his nails into the blue flesh of her thigh, not intending to break skin but to give enough pressure to express his desperation. Thankfully, the demon hadn’t felt offended by the act… yet even so, unfortunately, she did not relent to him just yet.

“You seem quite needy,” Desira announced while she resumed her oral teasing; she made a sudden and especially long drag of her tongue across his tip, and Evan failed to stifle a whimpered moan, “but you are still hesitant. I’ve told you more than once what needs to be done, yet even now you refuse to yield. Just a few words, Evan… A few, honest, simple words would be enough to get you what you want.”

The boy murmured into her depths, but nothing decipherable could be heard. She could feel him quivering.

“Just say it~,” the demon urged, washing the end of her lover’s cock in her damp, heated breath. “You had already admitted your love of kissing me, and told me of your desire to seize my drooling cunt… You know I will grant you whatever is asked.”

Another murmur — smaller in volume — was whined from within Desira’s crotch. She pressed on.

“It’s alright, there’s no reason to feel ashamed or embarrassed…” She applied another kiss upon his tip as her hand gave a lazy pump to his swollen shaft. “No-one will interfere, none will judge you. I am the only one who will hear you… don’t be so shy.”

Evan felt the weight of the demon’s body lift up from atop him again, lungs heaving while he stared hazily at the few strands of feminine love juices connecting his lips to Desira’s looming snatch; as her liquid essence oozed down upon his face, and back into his gasping mouth, the teen could barely muster the willpower to utter even a verbal response. He’d had enough of the teasing, the torment of pleasure she forced upon him… he just wanted it to end already, and have her let him finish!

“…Pl…ease,” he croaked weakly; he forced himself to swallow a bit of the woman’s fluids so he could speak clearer. “J-just… stop it…!”

“What was that~?” Desira replied, blindly slithering her tail from beneath Evan’s head, and wiping away some of the fluids coating her lover’s mouth with the spade. “You want me to stop? I guess we could leave it like this, if you want —”

“N-NO!” The boy suddenly burst out in desperation, but then quickly grew meek thereafter. “I… no, I-I mean…”

The demon let out a lively chuckle at his abrupt turn in character, adoring his conflict. He was so stubborn, too bashful to admit his own feelings. The poor youth was clearly embarrassed out of his mind. The way his throbbing heart pounded from within his chest, felt against Desira’s stomach, it was a marvel it hadn’t burst from exertion. Humans were such frail, helpless things…

“Allow me to make this easier for both of us, my love,” she hinted suggestively to him, shifting herself only slightly further down his frame. “If you ever wish for me to relent, you are welcome to inform me~…”

Heat. Radiant heat enveloped his lower head along with a hot wetness; Evan spasmed and sucked in his breath. Hands balled into fists and toes curled in on themselves when Desira finally took him inside her mouth. Her progression was slow and intimate, but not hesitant; more and more of him was taken in without delay, and she continued even when his tip poked the back of her mouth and threatened to make her gag.

Evan’s hips jerked in reaction to the electrical surge of pleasure he was experiencing, involuntarily bucking himself down her throat… but she didn’t sputter or choke, nor voice any form of complaint. She was in total control, not one tooth scraping him while the entirety of her tongue guided his cock deeper into her oral cavity.

A lewd, wet gurgle sounded once the demon had hilted herself, finally having taken Evan’s entire length. The young man’s body shuddered as he released the breath he’d been holding, proceeding to pant and gasp laboriously. He could feel the walls of her throat constrict his member, and the blood coursing through his captor’s veins pumping along beyond them; the fleshy musculature, in tandem with the pulse of her beating heart gave his erection consistent pleasure, the internal workings of her orifice all doing enough to take him back to his limit…


Euphoria. Desira thought this the perfect word to describe what she was experiencing.

With the demon having her nose firmly planted into Evan’s ballsack, and her mouth and throat stuffed with his engorged length, her senses were being overwhelmed by his signature essence. A male’s sperm carried the highest concentration of his body’s life energy reserves, and his genitals — the testicles, specifically — stored it. To have the scrotum shoved into her face, in combination with deep-throating a dick leaking his pre-seminal fluid, it was almost too much for even her to bear.

Not only was her willpower being tested by her lover’s taste and the scent of his arousal, but the addictive energy that made up his spiritual essence — the one thing that all monsters craved — assaulted her as well. Every drop of his pre-ejaculate delightfully burned down her throat, imprinting Desira with his ethereal signature. He was delicious, every twitch of his swallowed cock spurring her lust and leaving her starving for more.

She HAD to have more…

…No. Not again. She had to control herself. She wasn’t a mindless succubus, a slave to her own libido. Desira was strong at mind, a high demon who was more than capable of reigning in her natural cravings. Nonetheless, to endure this much was troublesome — it was surprisingly easy to become enthralled, but she needed to focus. If she had her way with him now, unexperienced as he was, her lover would surely become overwhelmed. He needed to be properly groomed to withstand her, to endure her lust.

Most of all, he needed to be taught to trust in her guidance. She needed to be gentle, considerate… intimate. 

Slowly, Desira raised her head, dragging her tongue and lips back along her lover’s cock. Evan bucked again in spasm, but the demoness was sure to keep her throat agape for his reentry so she wouldn’t choke on the erratic thrusts. Professionalism was vital in this experience, for how could she lead if she could not handle his faltering? He was new to all this, and thus was expected to stumble… which was why he needed her guidance.

She pulled away further until her mouth reached his tip, where she then reverted her progress to begin taking him in once more. Enduring another jerk of Evan’s hips, the demon again hilted at his base, where she paused for but a moment before repeating the process. Slowly, meticulously, Desira bobbed her head and pumped her lover’s erection, refueling his buildup and pushing him closer to climax. 

He writhed and bucked underneath her, his time growing short. The boy had more than once been left on the edge of finishing, so Desira thought it reasonable that he’d be quick to release this round; sensing the nearing end, she mentally deactivated the binding spell on Evan’s one wrist. His newly freed hand then shot up to grapple the demon’s unclaimed thigh as she herself began to suck and move faster, the boy receiving another taste of her nethers when he was allowed to pull her ass back down upon his panting face, proceeding to delve inside.

The young man was now thrusting his hips more actively, still wild and reckless, but it more than pleased the demon sucking him off. Wet, throaty sounds protruded from within her oral cavity as her esophagus was pounded without remorse, and Desira only went faster when she felt the time was right… and then it happened.

After a pause in the boy’s given attention to the pussy in his face, there was a strained grunt that was drawn out in a moan, then a shudder followed by hot, seething liquid. It burst from the cap of Evan’s swallowed head, coating the walls of Desira’s throat with his thick and sticky essence as it fired down into her stomach; shot after shot, the demon kept her lips fastened around the base of her lover’s cock and took in every drop of his release, savoring his flavor as she gulped down every ounce.

All too soon, however, it was over, and the human male’s final spurt left him as the last of his erection began to wilt inside the blue-skinned entity’s mouth. His activity ceased at her crotch as his body fell limp, and she granted her lover a moment’s rest to recover before she withdrew from his now flaccid penis… but so as to make absolutely sure she had taken everything he had to offer, Desira gave one last suck as she pulled away.

“Phuah…” she finally breathed, moving to raise herself up to a sitting position; she shifted backwards a minimal distance, unwinding her tail from around Evan’s head before she sat herself so that her still-aroused, vaginal lips were kissing the top of his head. Looking down and bearing witness to that gaping, heaving face of his, contorted in the overwhelming pleasure of his afterglow, she couldn’t help but adore him. 

“Ohh, you are just so precious~” Desira quietly gushed as her hand moved to brush along his cheek; the contact caused the youth to crack open his eyes and gaze weakly between the crevice of her bountiful, hanging breasts and at her face, looming beyond the cleavage above him. He said nothing as he continued to catch his breath, and the two just stared at one another in prolonged silence, the demon affectionately petting him as Evan gradually regained his stamina.

“And would you look at that,” she smirked, “you aren’t dead. Your soul is still right where it belongs, too, my love. How about that~…”

The young man managed to comprehend her words in his stupor, the “I told you so” tone she carried all but ignored. He was… relieved, a sense of gratitude dispelling the knot in his gut; the earlier tension he’d been harboring till now had begun to fade. While he had yet to trust her completely, the confirmation that he wasn’t in any actual danger finally began to sink in. He was still plenty exhausted though, and simply resorted to just rest under the demon’s gaze.

“That wasn’t so bad, now was it~?”

The youth’s chest continued to heave, yet by now he had regained enough of himself to at least voice an answer. “N… no, it was…”

“Enjoyable?” Desira suggested down at him, a sweet expression adorning her features as her hand continued to caress.

“S-sure… yeah,” he little more than muttered in response, closing his eyes with a flushed face; in turn, an amused, knowing chuckle escaped the demon.

“So then,” she continued as her hand moved to begin combing through the hair of his head, “do you still think ill of me? That I have only come to threaten your life?”

“Not… really. No,” he said, the confession coming much quicker than Desira had anticipated; her tail began to curl and twist excitedly, the demon’s physical expression of joy hidden behind her back… yet before she could tell him just how happy she was for his newfound impression of her, he then asked, “but why me?”

An old question, once asked at the very beginning of their encounter, but having yet to receive an answer. Evan reopened his eyes and stared up from between his temptress’s thighs, meeting the unholy entity’s overhead gaze. There was a silence, purposely prolonged as Desira hummed in mock-thought, her warm smile turning playfully mischievous.

“You tell me, Evan,” she told him, slowing her hand’s caressing as she leaned downward a bit; she only slightly closed the distance between them, stopping just short of having the base her breasts press down upon his forehead. “What is it that makes you so different from any other human in this city?”

Her inquiry puzzled Evan, and he gave it serious thought as he mulled it over. Was there something? As far as he knew, he wasn’t too unordinary, save for being a perverted, teenage shut-in who had a thing for monsters… among other things.

“Um… I… I like inhuman girls?” He guessed.

“That is certainly a plus,” Desira complimented, yet shook her head. “But no, that is not quite it. Try again?”

“Uh… because I —” the boy suddenly grew a few shades of red darker. “… I mean… my v-virginity?”

“Hm~ I can see why you would think that,” she replied, her tone growing lascivious as she went on. “After all, my kind do find those lacking in… experience, to be much more fun to toy with.” At this she slid her hand back down the side of Evan’s face, her other hand joining in on his opposite side. The boy shivered involuntarily at the contact.

“Oh, have you any idea just how good it feels to corrupt an innocent soul? To see their purity erode away as we taint it with the pleasures of the body and mind? Why, to take a man — who has only known human women — and introduce him to a demon’s touch is one thing… but a virgin? Could you imagine it, the eroticism in defiling a youth so completely foreign to the ways of lovemaking?”

Evan merely voiced an indecipherable grumble as he cast his eyes off to the side, his blush reddening further.

His blue-skinned counterpart uttered a light giggle at the sight before continuing. “Nonetheless, in your case, that was not the foundation of my interest. Although you were quite enjoyable to tease and violate, your virginity was merely… the ‘icing on the cake’, as you humans put it.”

“Then… why?” Evan suspiciously inquired, returning his gaze upon her.

This time it was Desira who broke eye-contact, raising her head and straightening her back while she shut her eyes. Once again, she hummed a bit in wonder before responding.

“At first, you were but an intriguing concept — a young human boy, secluded in his home and often left to his own devices… but he had a secret, basic in form yet complex all the same. A little booklet, hidden away. I found your scenario quite interesting, and I grew curious, even distracted. ‘What was this little human doing?’ I thought. ‘Why was he burying a book of all things?’ ‘What were its contents?’ Other questions came about, but imagine my surprise when I discovered that it was a renowned erotica from the demon realm!

“To say the revelation garnered my attention would be a mild understatement. The information you had stored away, buried for another time, I realized it contained a hidden passion for my kind, a lust for ‘the enemy’. You were in love with the very beings who were at war with your own species! More questions came to my mind after that. ‘How did you obtain such a text in Order-controlled territory?’ ‘Had you even met an inhuman entity before?’ ‘Did you fancy my kind simply for our looks, or was there more to it?’ ‘Which species was your favorite?’ So many things I just had to find out…

“But I wasn’t here to spy on you, for I had been tasked with surveilling the city, specifically to find out its weak points… and, of course, exploit them wherever I could,” Desira then drew in a breath, sighing through her nose, “and that led me into discovering that you weren’t the only one. Far from it in fact.”

With his captor’s palms cupping his cheeks, her clawed fingers entwining beneath his chin, Evan silently continued to listen as the demon went on explaining.

“Their were plenty of others who bore such secrets… some more provocative than your own, others more drastic. A few citizens even had the boldness to keep some of us in their own homes, hidden away from the eyes of the public. The encounters I had with them — my kind and their hosts — were quite special indeed, but those are tales for another time…

“What I had once thought to be but a special case was actually more than prevalent in this great city. So why did I choose you, of all the many, many options available?” She finally glanced back down, and expressed an endearing smile that sent Evan’s heart aflutter. Regardless of her blood-red eyes surrounded in black sclera, her blue skin and other ominous, inhuman features… he realized once again that she really was quite beautiful.

“You humans put metaphorical ratings on everything, including yourselves. Price tags, if you will. You judge a person on their fitness, genius, state of mind, their accomplishments and accumulated wealth, their historical lineage… your perception of value is entirely based around who or what a person is, including what they have done or upon the evident ‘potential’ they have shown. You see another human, and you instinctively rank them in comparison to all the others.

“But when one of my own sees a human,” Desira continued, gently caressing Evan’s temples with her thumbs, “in most cases, all we see is a human, and little more. To us, there is much less value in material things, especially when we can always obtain them ourselves and with less effort than you; the same goes for most things related to one’s physicality, for through the assistance of training, certain magics and even raw demonic energy, it can always be manipulated. One’s mentality, too, can be altered with the right influence… and, under the right circumstances of course.

“Additionally, a single human’s accomplishments can always be outdone by one of our own kind, and while certain girls like the lizardmen would prioritize a man’s skills as a critical factor in selecting a mate, or a kikimora favoring a hard-working man full of diligence, this is not a constant with the majority of us. We indeed have our particular tastes — those whom we fancy — but it is hardly ever enough to keep us from claiming a man who is without such preferences.

“What is left then, Evan, when the human-determined ‘value’ of a man is all but null and void in our eyes? Well, you might assume that we would see their accumulation of spiritual essence to be the leading factor of our infatuation, but once again you’d be mistaken. Just like any other thing, a potential mate’s pool of life energy is merely a bonus if it’s especially high… in the end, it can always increase in potency and volume so long as it is properly nurtured. Just like everything else.

“Back to you, specifically…” the demon paused for a brief moment, and her lover stared into her endearing, black and red eyes with a gaze of curiosity; her tail had moved to slither down to his side, where it found and curled around the teen’s forearm. Evan’s hand loosely closed around the tail’s spade reflexively when it poked and prodded its way into his palm, and Desira couldn’t keep from beaming with delight. It was still deeply touching to know he at least accepted her physical presence.

“It is a bit of a mystery to even myself, really. The precise reason… Perhaps it was simply that, out of the hundreds and thousands I could have chosen, you were the most known to me? Maybe it is that you would have been easy pickings? Taking into account your already-stirred lust for my kind and the fact you are always so sheltered, it is quite likely… Or was it instead your cute features charming me into keeping you all to myself? Did you bewitch me, Evan~? How devious of you~…”

The youth refrained from giving a verbal reply, his only response developed in the form of a dull, blank stare. Desira laughed in turn.

“Oh, don’t give me that look, handsome,” she told him with a smirk, “I am merely teasing you… somewhat. But taking us back to the point of all this, allow me to answer your question with an inquiry of my own. You asked me why I chose you, so let me ask in answer… why not? Is there something that should give me reason to not want you as my mate?”

Evan blinked, mildly taken aback by the inhuman woman’s reasoning. She didn’t care who he was or what he did? Was it really true that things like accomplishments and personal wealth disinterested her? True, she was a monster, and it would only make sense that their sense of value differed from the basic human’s… but to have little to no requirements needed in the selection of a mate was just…

Wait… hold up. Mate? As in… husband?

She wanted to marry him!?

It wasn’t as if he had missed the unsubtle hints or anything, rather this was when he finally took the time to acknowledge the concept, and it hit him like a bundle of bricks. The look on his face must have expressed his sudden comprehension, because the demon’s crooked grin took on a whole new level of mischievousness.

“My my,” she said with an amused chuckle, “it seems like you finally understand. Did you not assume I wanted you long-term, despite all the effort and attention I have invested into you? What were you thinking, that I was only here for a quickie? If I wasn’t going to kill or hurt you by any means, then for what point would it be if I only dropped in to enforce a single bout of sex? No, my sweet Evan… I came here looking for a lover, with whom to spend the rest of my days engaging in passionate, unholy bliss. You are the one I have chosen to fill that role, the role of my husb-”

“WAIT! W-wait a sec!” Evan burst, now suddenly much more vocal. “I m-mean, are you serious? Like, f-for real!? You aren’t just messing with me again, r-right? I mean… this is just… i-it’s too sudden for that, isn’t it!?”

Desira had opened her mouth to speak, but abruptly flinched as a squealed moan was let out instead, suppressed, yet still noticeably sensual in it’s tone. The youth was left confused somewhat, becoming alarmed when her nails started to dig into the soft flesh underneath his jaw; it was then he felt her tail constrict tighter around his arm, and he was made aware of the issue. He panicked somewhat when he finally noticed that he had subconsciously begun squeezing the spade in his fist.

“AH! S-s-sorry!” He exclaimed, quickly releasing the demon’s sensitive member from his grasp; when he did however, she only tightened her coiled grip around his arm.

“… ‘Too sudden’?” Desira echoed in mock wonder, voice seductive as she teasingly tried to worm her tail’s spade back into her lover’s open palm; while having enjoyed the pressure Evan had applied to her sensitive tip, it triggered her baser instincts… and considering she’d held off from her own needs thus far, the demon was insistent she receive more attention, in one way or another. “So says the one who had ‘eaten me out’ — as the succubi say — like I was a dearly missed lover.”

The teen almost sputtered in reply as he fidgeted beneath her, growing heated in his embarrassment while failing to think of something to say to counter. He couldn’t have been expected to help himself from doing that to her, really. The young man had been caught up in the moment, and it wasn’t as if he had the option to refuse… not to mention that he wasn’t entirely against engaging in such foreplay, either. 

Regardless, the fact remained that she was more or less proposing to him, more than likely not intent on giving him a choice to deny her. After all, it wasn’t as if she allowed him much decision in anything this whole encounter. He felt that in the end, were he to actually say no, she would just push him into a corner until he caved in… just as she’d been doing the entire time.

Yet… marriage? Seriously??

“Now then,” Desira announced after giving the boy another moment to think, becoming increasingly impatient with her unfulfilled needs, “I do believe it’s time we continue, my lovely gem. I had brought you to climax, and even allowed you a minute to recover… but we are not done yet. I have yet to be satisfied, and I expect you to keep me company until I am.”

Evan looked back up at her, and suddenly noticed that her massive, black wings had been reformed; they were stretched out and looming above the two of them, forming something akin to a dome of protection… or more likely, of possessiveness. The red irises of the monster woman’s eyes shone like a blazing fire now, and the illusion which dulled the edges of her horns seemed to have been removed, once more revealing their imposing, dangerously-sharp points.

The human was abruptly reminded that he was in the presence of a being who literally bore the visage and presence of the underworld itself, an actual demon with all the attributes, feats, and powers expected of one. She was terrifying, and Evan had to wage a mental battle against the returning horror he had felt upon first witnessing her. It was hard to ignore such an ominous aura… 

Yet, all the more, he felt drawn in, the imposing atmosphere she presented only adding to her exotic allure, effectively stunning him. He couldn’t fathom as to why, but his heart leapt in his chest as she looked down upon him, bearing a hunger-filled stare befitting an apex predator eying a weak, defenseless catch. Evan shrunk in on himself beneath her intense gaze, feeling incredibly vulnerable and uncertain…

“Hmm~?” The demon wordlessly inquired in thought, a sultry, mild smirk forming. “I can feel you shivering, but the look on your face is telling me that you are more anxious than anything. Your heart is racing, my precious Evan, but is it out of fear? If so, that is… unfortunate, yet understandable. But, will it remain that reason for long? I wonder~.” She then pulled her hands away from his head, withdrawing herself completely and opening her wings, allowing the youth room to move about freely.

“Stand up, boy.” She then demanded, her voice suddenly devoid of her characteristic mischievousness.

Evan hesitated briefly out of confusion, but he timidly obeyed after he was given a stern, expectant glare. Why Desira had so abruptly changed her tone and demeanor worried him, if only for his own sake. Shakily, he gripped the sheets to pull himself up and stepped off the bed, before taking note that his lower garments were still lowered and exposing his flaccid shame; he made to fix his attire as soon as he was back on his feet, but a stray tail had snuck inside the back of his pants and down his underwear, preventing the youth from pulling them back up.

“And what, exactly,” the demon questioned, her tone completely level, “do you think you are doing, Evan?”

“I… u-um…” he stuttered while keeping his back to her, not sure how to properly react to the blue-skinned entity’s unsettling tone, “I’m just pulling up m-my…”

“No,” she stated matter-of-factly, cutting him off; it was if she were correcting a small child, the way she spoke to him. “You are stripping, are you not?”


“You couldn’t have already forgotten what I just told you, that I have yet to be satisfied… correct?” She tugged down on his pants with her tail, wordlessly emphasizing her demand; the young man currently had his hands on the front of his belt, afraid to give in yet growing more fearful of the consequences of resisting, if her tone was of any indication.

“Now,” she chuckled sweetly, the sound somehow quelling his worries… at least by a meager amount, “be a good boy, and let us get those obstructive articles removed, shall we~? My patience is not infinite, my love.” Her voice then grew exceedingly husky. “I’m at my limit~.”

He remained facing away from her, but Evan yielded after a heavy gulp. Slowly, he released his grip on his pants — one hand at a time — and kept his flushed face away from view as the material fell to his ankles, revealing his bare legs with the very base of his ass remaining exposed. The teen shuddered as he felt Desira’s tail touch upon his lower calf, sliding sluggishly upwards along the innermost section of his leg.

“So pale… and lithe,” the demon commented, taking her time as she explored her lover’s nakedness. “And yet, this place has such a lovely form~…”

He stifled a yelp as her tail abruptly slapped over one of his barely-covered cheeks, the spade administering an experimental stroke across its surface. It then slid just under the fabric and began to lift up his shirt from its base, but Evan’s hands instinctively reached behind and immediately jerked it back down.

“Oh, come now,” Desira complained from behind the boy, “must you be so shy? Should I remind you that I have already seen, even handled, your phallus of all things? There is no excuse to have such reservations at this point…”

He couldn’t help it, honestly. She was technically right, but he still couldn’t control how he felt about all this. It wasn’t only embarrassing, it was also demoralizing! To strip and be stripped in front of someone, especially if they had plans to practically rape you… it made him incredibly self-conscious, if nothing else.

“Let me see you… fully~. Please.”

Still, he complied with her instruction, suspecting she’d take matters into her own hands if he forced her to wait any longer. His fingers loosened upon the hem of his shirt, allowing Desira’s tail to continue raising it; she made no effort to refrain from sliding her fleshy spade along his skin as it went, and he arched his spine the higher she went. Evan flushed deeper when he heard the demon behind him voice a moan of approval once his ass was totally revealed, and a chill went up his spine as he felt his back start to become exposed along with it.

The boy then flinched as he felt something else sidle up between his legs, brushing his thigh. It was the demon’s foot.

“Lift up your arms, little one…”

Hesitantly, he did as told, bending forward when her tail slid up along the base of his nape in its efforts to pull his shirt up. A second later he was blinded as the material was raised over his head, and Evan’s knees quivered while Desira’s leg continued to rise, the cheeks of his ass clenching once her foot reached him below the crotch; he could feel that her toes extended beyond his scrotum, and her touch triggered the start of the teen’s slowly returning erection. 

The demon toyed with him a bit, pausing from taking off his shirt completely and applying pressure with her foot, rubbing into the base of his ass and ballsack teasingly while keeping his upper body detained in his own clothing. Just before he mustered the will to protest, however, she suddenly yanked his shirt the rest of the way off, the sudden friction stinging him mildly and forcing a bit of a yelp to leave his lips.

“H-hey! That hur-”

When he was about to turn around and complain, the young man was then ensnared around the waist by Desira’s powerful tail and quickly pulled back, another cry shouted as he was drug along the demon’s foot and up her extended leg; he failed to keep it in as his outburst turned into a loud moan of pleasure from having his crotch ground across her body as he went. When he was halted upon her lap he slapped his hands over his mouth, appalled by the sound he’d just created.

“Ohoh~! What was that I wonder~?” Desira teasingly inquired from behind, lowering her previously raised foot as Evan sat on her upper leg; she squashed her bountiful bust into his back, and nuzzled her face into the hair of his head. “My, I didn’t know you could make such a lovely noise~. I do hope I’m given the opportunity to hear more in our future together…”

Her words went mostly unheard as Evan felt himself be pulled into the demon’s naked bosom, and amidst the dual mounds of sizable, soft cushions pressing into him, he took note of the hardened nipples poking into his back just below his shoulders. He squirmed with mild unease, but the act only stimulated the sensation of his groin grinding atop Desira’s silky, plump thigh, causing him to draw in his breath and hold back another moan. His captor didn’t allow him a chance to adapt as she brought her arms around from under his own, and draped them around his chest and stomach.

“Mmn~,” she hummed lasciviously behind his ear; her tail around his midsection shifted to give space as she brushed her hand across the skin of his lower torso, while the other above it held him still. “You have such a soft belly. Lithe, yet fit. You are lacking defined abdominal muscles, but it’s nothing to be ashamed about. If anything, I find it quite to my liking. So smooth~…”

Evan sucked in his gut slightly as her splaying hand continued to peruse the surface of his stomach, but he fidgeted when he felt her nails drawing circles into his pectorals; they were noticeably sharp, and it was unnerving that they could cut into his skin with the slightest pressure… should the demon choose to apply it. Of course, Desira did not, but it was hardly more comforting when she instead decided to pinch at his nipple and give it a playful tug.

“H-hey…!” Evan blurted, slapping a hand over the inhuman one pulling on him; he gripped firmly upon the demon, but did not dare try to wrench her off so long as she held onto him. “Stop, th-that’s…! D-don’t do that…!”

“Why not~?” Desira inquired hotly, heated breath rolling down his neck. He shuddered involuntarily. “I only want to make you feel good… is this not pleasurable~?” She gave a little twist with her fingers, and the youth nearly gasped.

“N… no, it’s…” the teen winced, stumbling over his words before he grit his teeth and said, “j-just knock it off…!”

“… Very well, then.”

Unexpectedly, Evan wasn’t as sensitive as the demon once thought — at least, not entirely in the way she assumed. She withdrew her hand from tweaking the boy’s nipple, and he snatched both it and its neighbor up in his palms, gripping them protectively. It was a disappointment to her that she had managed to inflict a discomfort upon him rather than the pleasure she’d intended, but it was only a minor issue. One learned best through her own mistakes, after all… “trial and error”, as the humans say.

“I didn’t mean to upset you, my love…” she whispered apologetically with a kiss to Evan’s nape; he twitched at the touch of her lips, but didn’t exactly shy away from them, which was nice. He did grunt with evident irritation, however… was he pouting? The concept stirred Desira’s maternal instincts further, her emotions swimming as her heart quivered with renewed adoration. Her newly free hand wandered, her fingers running along one of Evan’s forearms in a coaxing manner.

“Would you ever forgive me~?” She urged with as sweet a voice she could muster. “I promise to be gentler~…”

The youth only tightened his defensive posture in response, another groan of annoyance escaping him. This wouldn’t do, Desira thought to herself, and her eyes narrowed as she tried to think of a way to ease his conscience; indeed, it was the cutest thing to witness her lover pouting away in her embrace, but that could be enjoyed at another time. At the moment, she was still trying to get him used to her… thus far, he has openly accepted both her presence and touch, but now she needed to make him want it enough to claim it.

Hesitance still lingered, and his mistrust had yet to completely diminish… that much Desira could sense. Once she had gotten rid of his mental, emotional shackles, and removed all the obstacles, only then could she enjoy Evan to the absolute fullest — and, more importantly, propose her true offer…

The demon nuzzled further into his hair with her extended kiss, and started to inhale the human youth’s scent and essence once more.

Evan had been close to losing himself again. He was enveloped on nearly all sides by softness, the sizable mounds of Desira’s breasts and the voluptuous thigh upon which he sat were like malleable, fleshy cushions; it all had been arousing him immensely, as did the hot breath wafting through his hair and down his neck. Her tail binding his waist held him close and tenderly, as if voicelessly comforting the young man with its coiled embrace. The teasing of his nipple had certainly kept him from falling into another entrancement, but it hardly distracted him from the sensations he was still feeling all over his body.

It was impossible to ignore the demon and the urges her touch stimulated within him for long, especially as she began to drag her kiss down towards the side of his neck, moaning with delight along the way. As he had done before, Evan tried to tuck in his head to keep his sensitive area from being invaded… but as expected, Desira’s hand rose from his forearm and took his jaw in a firm yet gentle grip; ignoring his pleading groan, she kept his head tilted away as she moved to kiss and suck upon the side of his neck from behind.

“O-ow…!” Evan hissed, flinching when he felt a particularly hard suckle pain him; the demon kept her mouth over the wounded spot but stopped sucking at his outburst, continuing her attention in the form of soft kisses. Soon thereafter, she pulled her lips away and drew her tongue across the teen’s skin. 

He started to squirm under her affections, but he stopped when it caused his naked crotch to grind atop Desira’s leg. The youth tried to keep still but it was impossible with just how sensitive his neck was, so he reached up a hand while trying to pull away.

“Okay, s-stop…!” Evan gasped as his hand moved to grab the demon’s arm, the one holding his jaw in place; he tried to wrench himself out of her grip, beginning to jerk about and writhed. “Th-that’s t-t-too much! M-my neck’s…! Knock i- Ngk?!”

The words became stuck in his throat while the lips of his mouth clamped shut, the remainder of his sentence playing out as a drawn-out, muffled groan. The rest of his body seized up as well, with the only movements being in the midst of Evan’s lower pelvic region… and it wasn’t even his doing. Desira’s hand — the one which had once been massaging his stomach — had gone unnoticed as it lowered down to his semi-erect penis, now currently fondling it and bringing it back to full mast.

“Hmm~? Are you alright, Evan~?” The demon asked with mock inquiry, raising her head; she slid her lips and cheek upwards along his body as she went, the boy shivering as she effectively kissed him until her mouth was just behind his ear. She whispered to him, her tone dripping with an eroticism that nearly set him off right then and there. “You froze so suddenly~… I am merely cradling your cock in my hand, my love.”

Her teeth, the inhuman incisors and canines — more likened to sharp fangs — were felt upon the frame of his outer ear as she grazed the rim, and exhaled hotly over it; her heated, scented breath numbed his thoughts, its faint aroma just managing to reach his nose again. It wracked havoc with his senses, his already addled mind hardly able to withstand it. He drew in a lung-full of air through his nostrils before he let it out of his mouth in a heavy pant, his own breathing turning into shaky, labored gasps.

“Ohh, and you were so lively just a moment ago, too, were you not~?” Desira prompted, knowing he couldn’t properly answer her as he was. Evan bucked once in spasm when her groping hand began to outright pump his newly hardened cock, failing horribly to contain himself; as if in response, the tail around his waist constricted him tighter. “My lovely, precious gem… I cannot help but want to tease, and spoil you whenever you become so meek~…”

The demonic woman took the top of his ear in her lips and gave a gentle tug before releasing, her mouth letting out another throaty puff of hot air as her tongue extended again, the oral member tracing the frame of Evan’s outer pinna. In response to the resulting wet sounds of Desira’s open maw and her roaming tongue, the inside of the youth’s head was getting exceedingly murky from the stimulation.

His fears, his sense of reason… all of it was melting away in the presence of the physical pleasure this blue-skinned entity was tormenting him with. Desira moved to nip at his ear once again, this time latching on with her teeth and applying a little pressure, not enough to break skin but to ensure he couldn’t escape; from here, she nibbled upon him gently, lovingly as she twisted and pulled, eliciting a moaned cry of pleasure from the young man. At this point, he wasn’t in his right mind enough to care what sounds he made, his clouded focus directed solely upon the second release building up inside him.

…Unfortunately, just as he began to wildly buck and thrust his hips at the incoming climax, Desira stopped and pulled away both her hand and mouth.

“H-hah, wha…!?” Evan wheezed, panic briefly overtaking his lust-fueled mind at having been denied his release; even with his jaw held steady, he tried to glance back toward Desira, her smiling face in his peripherals.

“I told you, didn’t I?” The demon stated simply, her grin only widening as the teen could only gape at her in despair. “I’m the one who has yet to be satisfied. It is only courteous that a man ensure his woman is pleased before he indulges himself, wouldn’t you agree~?”

Evan could hardly think, but he nodded as a sign of a teardrop welled up within his eye. He hardly cared about anything anymore. If it meant that things would progress faster, and get her back to finishing him off, he was willing to go along with whatever she said. What did she want him to do? He was so close right now!

“Turn around and face me, Evan…” his inhuman temptress commanded him as the soft presence of her breasts fell away from his back, and her tail unwound itself from around his waist. “I want you to take me yourself.”

There was a pause as the boy took a moment to process in his head exactly what he was being told, and it triggered something inside him. A radiant heat enveloped his demeanor as his embarrassment reached new heights — the implications of being asked to be on top only made him incredibly self-conscious — but the deep crimson of his face only spread down his neck and further beyond when he finally rose from sitting on the demon’s thigh and turned to look at her.

Evan had an accurate idea as to what he would see when he turned around, but that didn’t make it any less arousing. Desira was lying on her back, legs spread with knees on either side of where he stood himself. She was fondling a nipple with one hand as the other was busily fingering her wet, leaking snatch, her tail coiling around the supple flesh of the one breast that had been left untouched. Her wings were spread and raised overhead, forming a new canopy over her body that was every way as haunting as it was inviting.

Eyes of darkness, dual rings of hellish red amidst their black-as-void sclera, looked deeply into the human’s gaze, her glance surpassing the boundaries of the mortal body as they stared directly into his soul. Evan had already fully witnessed Desira’s nakedness but — for reasons unknown to him — the scene he was subject to at this moment held an entirely different aura, as if he was seeing Desira for what she truly was for the first time. Of course, one could chalk it up to the fact her “dulling” illusions were no longer cast, but that wasn’t it… 

There was something else entirely at work here, some strange sense that he just could not describe…

He felt a pull of sorts on his conscience, a foreign unknown drawing him in…

What was this feeling…?

Desira watched the boy intently, patiently anticipating his next course of action. Little did he know, she was now exuding her demonic essence, the dark, imposing energy that all those subject to the Maou possessed; only a minimal amount of her mana contained enough magical power to bring an ordinary man to his knees, and that wasn’t even factoring in the alluring effect it contained. Being of the closest species to a succubus, her aura was nigh irresistible… she had been holding it in for Evan’s sake since the start of their meeting, ensuring he fell for her natural charm and learned to trust her of his own accord.

But now, the high demon figured he was ready for at least a taste of what she really was. Were things to go as expected, there would be little resistance, if any; of course, she wouldn’t overwhelm the poor soul, merely give him enough of a taste to encourage him. She still wanted him to choose, to willingly give in and surrender himself to her… but she was growing impatient. Surely, a little energy to boost his confidence and nullify his fears would be fine?

“I am yours. Accept me.”

Evan, stirred by her command and the unknown force tugging at his will, hesitantly shuffled his feet. It had been seconds, but it had felt like much, much longer before his knees met with her inner thighs, the demon still spreading herself open to receive him. He stared down at her crotch, a lump in his throat as he watched her fingers spread apart her drooling lower lips for his enjoyment. He had seen it already — the youth had practically drowned himself inside the organ — but it all just seemed so much more enticing this time around for some reason.

His tower stood proudly as it hovered above Desira’s entrance, and it twitched with excitement as a bead of pre leaked from the cap. Dazed eyes briefly tore themselves away from the sight to glance up along the gorgeous, blue-skinned body in front of him, his gaze drinking in every detail they could; his stare lingered upon her smooth, toned navel area, but hadn’t ogled nearly as long as they did when he looked over her bountiful chest, her voluptuous bosom pulling off quite the erotic show for him as it was squeezed and groped by the demon’s hand and tail.

The hand on her breast left it and reached out to him, beckoning Evan to take it.

“Come, my love,” the dark entity’s slightly pursed lips said, her voice a sensual mix between a lustful growl and a heated whisper. “Let me lead you.”

His focus was directed into her eyes once more, and Evan lost himself. Slowly, his arm extended, and he barely noted Desira’s looming wings twitch as his hand touched upon her fingers and slid into her palm. Greedily, the demon was quick to close her clawed digits around the teen’s offered hand and pull him down with her, and he nearly fell on top of her prone form. His other arm shot out to catch himself, his hand landing just above one of the inhuman woman’s shoulders as a knee descended into the edge of the mattress. He frantically cast a glance to his hand before he relocked his gaze with the beauty beneath him, and she beamed.

“I am so very proud of you, Evan,” she told him fervently, the color of her bluish cheeks flushing a bit. “You have no idea just how happy you’ve made me…”

Gently, she took his hand and slowly guided it down to her chest, Evan’s heart fluttering at having his fingers come into contact with the soft, malleable flesh of the demon’s breast; her nipple was so hard with the nub digging into his palm, and it only stirred his lust. Absentmindedly, he clenched his fist and grabbed a handful of her supple mammary, eliciting a groan of delight to escape Desira’s throat. She grinned up at him wildly, signaling her permission for him to continue… and he did just that.

Hand over his, the monster woman held Evan tightly to her large, ample bosom, moaning with pleasure as the youth helped himself. Before long, he developed the courage to lean in and sample her with his mouth, seizing her teat between his lips and pinching down upon it. A cry of arousal erupted from Desira, and she released his hand and brought her clawed digit to the back of his head to start combing through his hair.

“Y-yes, that’s good, Evan…!” She gushed, her voice singing with praise. “Keep going, do not hold back now. You are doing well. Nnh~, s-so perfect…!”

The young man ravaged his partner selfishly, her words only encouraging him to spoil himself and use the demon as much as he pleased. She wanted this? Even if she didn’t, it was too late to stop now. He was going to have her as much as he wanted, and do whatever he wished to her. 

Spurred by his lust — his intentions having become voracious by now — he latched onto her nipple with his teeth and bit down hungrily; Desira shouted in response, and for but a moment Evan’s conscience resurfaced with worries that he may have bitten too hard, but it became clear that the demon’s cry was one of ecstasy… and this revelation only fueled his burning passion. He alternated between biting and sucking roughly on the nub, his sexual starvation overwhelming.

But then a certain aching in his groin brought his attention down to his crotch, his true needs remembered.

Almost regretfully, Evan pulled away from his new favorite nipple, giving it an especially hard, loving suck before it popped out of his lips. Desira yelped at the pleasurable sensation, but bore a look of mild disappointment on her face as she witnessed his departure… until she spied him trying to position himself at her leaking pussy. He failed to notice the grin that plastered itself across her demeanor, and her tail as it unlatched from her constricted breast and snaked down along her body to meet him.

Evan was briefly startled when the serpentine limb darted between his legs and snagged his erection in a coiled embrace, but relaxed when he realized Desira was only trying to help, her tail tugging him along and properly guiding him towards her awaiting folds. He barely registered her labored breathing as she teased her own slit with his lower head, the youth shivering at his own experienced sensations that the act granted him; his hips jerked with a mind of their own, forcing his dick to flick the demon’s clit but miss the entrance, and she flinched as a squeak leapt from her mouth.

It was both the most adorable and arousing sound he’d heard from her thus far.

Desira could hardly stand it, the pleasure she was enduring. She was no stranger to sexual intimacy, and had a long history of engaging in the real thing… but when it came to this experience, this mere human boy, it felt as if she had reverted to being a virgin maiden herself. Of course, it wasn’t the skill of her lover which made her feel this way — they had yet to actually fuck and already he’d made several blunders — but rather it was the simple fact she was about to be taken by another, by someone she desperately loved, rather than having to force herself upon them.

This is what she craved, and why she’d been wanting Evan to choose her on his own. While Desira very much enjoyed the role of dominator, and literally thrived off subjugating a weaker being under her power and might, it was almost a nonexistent rarity that the submissive role was ever available to her. It was something she’d always longed for, something her body craved. She wished to be wanted, to be sought after and loved… to be selfishly taken by the one she cherished most. 

With her lover taking matters into his own hands and having his way with her, it was more than a dream come true. As the boy placed a gentle hand over her womb, and flicked at her clitoris with his thumb, she made certain to sound as pleased as she could, grinning lasciviously through the abundant pleasure while letting out a chorus of mewls and lustful moans. Evan was really getting into this, she noted, realizing that he was reacting to the outburst she’d made when he had accidentally thrust into the nub of her vagina.

This was good… no, it was wonderful! Miraculous! The simple fact he was responding to her reactions with further stimulation was something she’d only fantasized about, let alone hope for! He was doing more than simply taking charge, he was ultimately putting an effort into bringing her pleasure, rather than simply indulging in her body. Whether it was for his own amusement or out of honest consideration, it was a sign that he understood that he wasn’t the only one who aught to be enjoying themselves. 

Demons needed love, too, and Desira was one who needed plenty of love. She almost couldn’t stand it at this rate… she needed him now!

Evan hunched forward as he felt the demon line the tip of his erection up against her swollen lower lips, and winced as her tail began to pull him in. The heat of her aroused cunt had not gone unnoticed before, but now that he was entering her depths he realized just how hot she was; her insides nearly burned him, her molten depths akin to a raging hellfire. He grunted with mild discomfort as the moistened walls of her love tunnel squeezed down on him from every angle, yet the sense of pleasure felt within far exceeded everything else.

As soon as the entirety of his lower head had fully entered, Desira’s hungry snatch seemed to suck the rest of his length into her as if it were a starving creature. Evan was startled at how easily he slipped inside, and he had little time to properly react to this before the tail around his member unwound from him, then darted around his waist and latched on tightly. The teen was spared not a moment of clarity as he was then abruptly yanked forward, the demon forcing him to thrust hard the rest of the way into her.

They both expressed a wordless, vocal exclamation, Desira gasping with utter glee and arousal while Evan could only yelp with a mixture of surprise and ecstasy, the demon’s body now a sheath to the young man’s now fully hilted penis. The former of the two writhed with euphoria and slowly gyrated her hips into the latter’s pelvis, savoring how her lover felt inside her while he gaped and wheezed in his efforts to grow accustomed to the sensation of losing his virginity.

“Congratulations, Evan,” Desira cooed up at the boy, her words as smooth as silk; she gazed upon him with a look of heartfelt endearment, intertwined with a hint of pity as she noticed him struggle to adjust to the pleasure, “you are now a man. Now, my precious gem… from here on out, you shall walk the path of love and carnality. Welcome, to the road of corruption.”

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  1. Now the build up to the all climactic scene finally unfurls itself. A slow, but thoughtful and sensuous really set the mood. It showed the sheer patience and willpower of Desira who so badly wanted her object of love and lust to finally accept her wholeheartedly.

    It was a slightly frustrating, yet satisfying build up to see Evan finally pushing through. His doubts and hesitence were understandable of course. But he eventually relented.

    Good read as always

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