Decadent Delights

“Hmm? You two have plans?” It was a week before Valentine’s Day. Most stores stay open even during that time. But this year…

“Yeah, sorry for bringing it up late, but Xiameign and I finally got ourselves a date! We won’t be able to do what we usually do on Valentine’s Day. We’re sorry!” My employees Vixy and Xiameign managed to land a double date with two young boys shopping at our store, ‘Bare and Brash.’ It was a week before Valentine’s Day, so it’s not like they gave me a last-minute notice. Business is going to be slow on Valentine’s Day anyway.

“Heh. I was thinking of closing the store for Valentine’s Day anyway. So don’t worry. Have fun on your double date.”

“Thank you, boss! I’m sure you’ll find someone too on Valentine’s Day!” I appreciate your enthusiasm and encouragement, Vixy.

But I doubt that’ll happen.

Hey there. My name’s Eiko Furikawa, and I’m a Nurarihyon. I own the store ‘Bare and Brash’ in Magicia Mall. It’s a gothic-themed clothing store. I’ve been dateless for the past four years, and this will probably be my fifth year. Am I being too pessimistic? Maybe? But if you asked any previous guys I’ve dated before, they’d all tell you the same thing.

‘You’re too much of a downer. You stink of cigarettes. You look too much like a creep to hang around with.’

Harsh, right? Well, it’s the feedback I’ve gotten from previous dates I’ve had. Not that they aren’t entirely inaccurate. My first love left me feeling a bit hollow. To say the least, I got a bit overzealous and scared him off. It left a bad taste in my mouth since. I couldn’t find the motivation to give it my all.

My lunch break was about to come, so I left the store for Vixy and Xiameign to look after while I headed out for lunch.

“Hmm…well, I’m not too hungry. I could use a pick me up…” No point in going to the food court at this time of the day. Luckily, there’s a new place that opened recently I can go to for coffee.

Warm Delights. A famous Cafe Restaurant chain founded by Djamila, a Pharaoh who’s known far and wide. They’re famously known to serve their drinks with ‘Fresh Mana.’ So they’re a hit with several Spirit and Undead Monster Girls who rely on Spirit energy to survive. I’ve known about the cafe for years, but the closest one was a seven-mile drive from where I live. Not exactly convenient to get to. Thankfully, a new location happened to open up here in Magicia Mall.

“There it is. Warm Delights. They’re certainly decked out for Valentine’s.” As expected, there were heart-shaped decorations on the ceiling and the walls. There are also pictures of several Warm Delights locations framed on the wall.

Aesthetics aside, the scent of freshly brewed coffee in the air tickles my nose. The roasted, nutty smell of freshly ground coffee beans permeates the cafe. Makes sense when you see the baristas at work. The way they pour and top off their cups was quick yet methodical. It gives them an air of sophistication you rarely see in most coffee chains.

As one would expect, the place was naturally busy. The line was long, but they had three cashier stations. And twice as many barista’s around to make the coffee. With that much manpower, it didn’t take long before it was my turn to order.

“Hello! Welcome to Warm Delights! Is this your first time here, mam?” The menu was quite robust. I should’ve read the bloated menu plastered on one of the walls.

“Hello. And yes. I’ve heard about Warm Delights, but this is the first time I’ve been to one.” With a clap of her hands, the Ghost cashier’s genuine warm smile certainly complimented the overall vibe of the cafe.

“Oh! Excellent! Well then, I’m happy to be the first to welcome you. If you have any questions regarding the menu, please feel free to ask.”

“Well, since you’re offering. What would you recommend for someone for a caffeine and mana boost?”

“If it’s an overall energy boost you desire, then any of our double-shot espresso drinks are a hit. I’d personally recommend the Ghastly White Chocolate Chai Latte.” Heh, clever upsell.

“Alright. I’ll have that with Fresh Mana. I’ll also take Blueberry Scones with blue slime jelly topping.”

“With pleasure. One Ghastly White Chocolate Chai Latte with Fresh Mana and Blueberry Scones with blue slime jelly. That comes to thirteen dollars and seventy-five cents!” After handing her my card, she gave me a numbered card to hold onto. “Alright, mam! One of our waiters’ will bring your order on a tray before escorting you to one of our pleasure rooms. Enjoy your stay.” While waiting, I sat down on a vacant stool near the mirrored wall facing the mall.

“…” Hmm…I wonder what everyone else has planned for Valentine’s Day?

“Excuse me. The name’s Wesley, mam. I have your order ready for you.” That was quick. I can’t say I expected the waiter tending to me to look the way he did. Round glasses with an oval-style haircut, he gets some bonus points for the cute freckles around the bridge of his nose. The kid practically screamed the nerdy type, but who knows?

“Ah, so I see.”

“Please, follow me.” Moving away from the main lobby, he led me to a back area where I thought the staff would go. Four doors with two on each side labeled ‘Pleasure Rooms.’ lined the walls. We went to the third room on the right.

“Hmm…so this is a pleasure room.” It’s not as drab as I thought it’d be. The leather chairs were simple yet modern. The walls were much the same as the ones in the lobby. The only ‘boring’ part of the room was the small coffee table at the center.

“I understand this is your first time here. I’m still a bit new to this kind of service myself. But don’t worry, I strive to serve you.” A newbie, huh? Talk about coincidence.

“Oh? Well, I don’t mind at all. So uh…is there any specific way I should top my drink with Fresh Mana?”

“Well, the method of extraction is up to the customer. You can extract Mana any way you like as long as we consent. So…with that in mind, I’ll be in your care, mam.” He even ended his explanation with a bow. He’s such a polite young man.

“I see. In that case, let’s get one thing straight. I’m not one for formalities, so you can drop the mam and call me by my name, Eiko. And naturally, I’ll address you as Wesley.”

“Ah…as you wish. E-Eiko.” Lovely. He’s blushing over calling me by my name..

“Well, I’d like to get to know you more, but I’m on my lunch break. I’ll have to finish this up quickly.” Getting started, I had Wesley take a seat. “Unzip your pants for me…”

“Yes, r-right away…” He acts shy, but he’s quick to obey.

“Hmm…it’s been a while since I’ve last seen a dick. You’ll have to forgive me if I’m a bit sloppy…” Right now, his dick’s all limp. But a quick blowie should harden him up. “Right then…” When was the last time I held a dick in my hand like this? I know it’s been years.

“Ah…” I hadn’t done much to it, but Wesley’s already panting from above. The way he’s staring back at me’s reminding me of that time when I…

Crap…it’s all starting to come back already.

“Mlaahh…” Dragging my tongue across the length of his shaft, I couldn’t wait for him to get fully erect. Stroking him while licking his scrotum, it didn’t take long before his dick got fully erect. “Oh! What a pleasant surprise. You don’t look it, but you’re packing a monster…”

“Ah…th-thank you…” Taking the whole thing into my mouth, I could barely push my mouth down to the base of his cock.

Oh god. It’s hitting the back of my throat…

“Mam, are you alright?!” Tsk. Didn’t I tell him to call me by my name? “Ah? A-aahhh!!!” I just have to remember from that time. Swallowing his cock whole with every bob of my head, I had Wesley gripping the wrist rest of his chair. It didn’t take much longer before I felt him shooting load after load down my throat.


K-keep it in! Don’t pull out. His hips are still jerking upward. Keep him down until you swallow every last bit of cum.

“Ahh…ah…M-miss Eiko…” After a few more squirts, I pull my throat away before taking deep breaths to catch my breath.

“Di-didn’t I tell you to drop the formalities…”

“Oh, yes, you did. I’m sorry.” Damn. Looks like my time’s up. I only have five minutes before my lunch break is over.

“It’s fine. You’ll have plenty of chances to get it right. I’ll…I’ll probably come back, same time tomorrow. So you’d better be available for me. I’ll take the scones in a to-go bag.”

“Of course. I’ll get a bag for you right aw-eh…wait. Same time tomorrow?”

“Yes. Congrats, Wesley. You earned yourself a regular. I’ll be in your care again tomorrow.”

“Thank you for your patronage!” Waving goodbye to the staff, I left with my bag of goodies and Macchiato.

What happened back there? Why did I suddenly feel compelled to put so much effort into making him cum?

Hmm…tch. Too much thinking.

“Oh, right. I never had a chance to drink my Latte. Hmm…it’s good.”


“Ah! Welcome back, miss!” The second day, same time as before. They weren’t as busy this time around. I got my order in no time at all.

“Thanks. Say, is Wesley busy right now?”

“Oh? Ehehe. He already has a regular, huh?” With a smile, the Ghost cashier calls out for Wesley.

“Ah, hello there Mi-eh Eiko.”

“Hey, Wesley. I’m glad you don’t have a memory of a goldfish and remembered to call me by my name.”

“We aim to please.” After securing another order, Wesley led me to the same pleasure room from yesterday.

“Hey…I got a bit more time compared to yesterday. Why don’t we chat for a bit before we get started, hmm?”

“Sure. I don’t see why not?” I say that, but I found myself sitting there for a whole minute trying to figure out what to talk about. It’s a good thing Wesley’s such an accommodating fellow.

Though, now that I got a closer look at him, he reminds me more and more of my first….

Yeah, my first love. It would’ve gone well if I hadn’t fucked it up…

“Eiko, is something the matter?”

“It’s nothing. You just remind me of my ex…”

“Your ex? How do I remind you of your ex?”

“Heh…you sure you want to know?” What am I doing? I wonder why I feel compelled to tell Wesley.

“I won’t force you to tell me. But I have a hunch you want to. Since you paid for my company, it’s my job to ensure you leave here satisfied. That doesn’t just apply to giving you fresh mana.” So earnest. Such a good employee you are, Wesley.

“…it was four years ago. I dated this young man who looked like you, minus the freckles and black hair. He was a sweet man who treated me right. We took things slow, which in my youth was agonizing. I withheld my emotions for his sake.” Taking small bites of the Ratatosk Nut Pie Wesley recommended yesterday, the sweet, chocolatey flavor was at just the right intensity.

“Did you ever tell him you were holding back?”

“How could I? He was a meek and self-conscious person. I didn’t want to ruin our relationship by pushing things too far. Turns out, holding in my desires backfired.” Should I really go on with this? There’s no reason for him to know my story…

“And, what happened?” He’s staring with such interest in his eyes. I’ve already gone this far.

“One day, he kissed me deeply for the first time since we started dating. He looked me in the eyes and told me he was ready to take it to the next step. Seeing that, I dragged him back to my house. There, I vent all of my pent-up sexual frustrations that’s been building up. I still remember the ecstasy I felt as I fucked him with everything I got. Face sitting, Blowjob, Tit job, and all derivatives of Cowgirl and even amazon position.” Listening intently to my story, I saw Wesley reflexively swallow.

“And while I was there fulfilling my desires, I stared back at my ex and saw him crying tears of ecstasy. Or, that’s what I wanted to see. Really, he was crying because I overwhelmed him. I scared him off. Frightened by me, he broke things off with me the next day. I tried to apologize. But he didn’t want to see me ever again.” That’s right. He wasn’t just scared. He was traumatized. When I tried to recall the look on his face, it was that of terror. I was so focused on venting that I neglected how he felt. That left a scar on my heart.

“I see. Have you dated others since then?”

“I did, but each time, the scars I left on my first ex would come to haunt me. So, all of them ended in failure. I just wasn’t able to get back into it since. Ah…geez. I didn’t mean to ruin the mood just now…”

“It’s alright. I’m the one who insisted you keep going. I could tell from yesterday’s session that you were sexually pent up.”

“Yeah, sorry about that. I didn’t scare you, did I?”

“You think I’d willingly answer your call if you did? That said, you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself. It’s not like you intended to scare him. You were genuinely sorry after what happened. You just haven’t found that person yet.” Not only is he a cute stud, but he’s quite the smooth talker.

“I appreciate your kind words. What about you, Wesley? You said you were new yourself, right? How long have you worked in Warm Delights?”

“Hmm…I’ve been working here for two months so far. The benefits they offer for the entry-level requirements are unbeatable compared to other places. The caveat comes from the physical exhaustion from being drained day after day…” He must be talking about the times when he gets milked of mana.

“Did you come to work here because of the benefits that came with it? Or is it the benefits that come from serving your customers?” Cute, his cheeks turned red just then. I want to guess the latter, but I could be wrong.

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy serving customers in ‘that’ way, but I took the job mainly from the benefits they offer and their flexible work schedules. Being single helps since I can pick any schedules that open up.”

“Is that right? I’m honestly surprised. I thought you would’ve already had a girlfriend, considering what you have tucked between your legs?”

“Nah. I did have a girlfriend before, but she was one of those abstaining types. Things didn’t work out since she was such a downer when it came to sex. I mean, I get that it’s often associated with doing it with someone special in your life, but I couldn’t even relieve myself without her calling me gross for it. That…was probably too much to share, wasn’t it?”

“Nope. It’s perfectly natural to feel that way. I see where you’re coming from.” It’s funny. Wesley and I have a lot in common. We both lost our first love due to our sexual frustrations. “Hey…Wes-”


Suddenly, I heard a beeping in the room. It was coming from a pocket on Wesley’s apron. He pulled out his phone before turning the alarm off.

“Whoa, has it been twenty-five minutes already?”

“What’s the alarm for?”

“Ah, you don’t know? When customers ask for fresh mana, they have thirty minutes to do just that before we have to go back. They can’t have us employees off the station for too long.” A time limit. I should’ve figured they had a system like that implemented.

“Right. That makes sense. Well, let’s end our conversation for the day then.”

“Are you sure? You didn’t get what you paid me here for.”

“I’m sure. Besides, I did get what I paid you for. Your job is to leave your customers satisfied. And I’m satisfied.” Reaching for my purse, I pull out a twenty-dollar bill, a sheet of paper, and a pen. “Here’s a tip for hearing me out. And…here’s my number since we’re such kindred spirits. Feel free to reject my phone number.” Admittedly, I was on the edge, wondering if he’d take my number.


“Sure. I’ll text you when I can so you can save me in your contacts.” Oh wow. He actually took it…

“Got it. See you tomorrow, stud…” I have to hurry back. I’m already late coming back from my lunch break. “…” Well, I hadn’t felt my heart beat this much in a long time.


“I’m sorry, mam. But Wesley’s currently occupied with another patron.”

“Oh…uh…well, in that case, I’ll just have the drink and Barometz crepe.” Damn. I shouldn’t be surprised.

“Alright, one Ghastly White chocolate chai latte and a Barometz Crepe. That comes to fourteen fifty.” Getting seated once I paid for my order, I sat down at an empty booth next to the glass wall near the entrance.

A little over an hour after my lunch break from yesterday, Wesley texted me like he said he would. I got to know him more during our text conversations. At twenty-two years old, he’s working here to earn enough money to buy a car.

I also learned a bit more about his ex. They met when he was fresh out of high school. Apparently, his first love was human. Their relationship progressed slowly, like mine. And just like me, he persevered since he genuinely loved her. But, things never got far between the two. When he confronted her about what was more important to her between him and her belief in abstinence, he was heartbroken to find out she chose the latter. She called him weak for lacking faith and self-control. So he broke things off with her. We both had our hearts crushed by our exes. I was hoping we’d bond a bit more today.

“Ah…oh well. I guess I’ll have to wait for my chance tomorrow…”

Or so I thought.

The next day, he was again busy with another customer. The same thing happened the day after that. And the day after that. I thought about texting him. But I didn’t want to seem needy, so I waited for him to text me first. However, he never texted back after the first day we exchanged contacts.

I shouldn’t be distracted like this. With Valentine’s only a day away, my store Bare and Brash got hit hard with last-minute shoppers.

“Boss, are you alright?” Xiameign and Vixy were getting overwhelmed. Shit, I’m their boss. I can’t have them worrying about me.

“I’m fine. Sorry for making you worry, Xiameign. Let’s help as many customers as we can!” As one would imagine, it was a busy day for us. Typically, we have between nine to twelve customers in our shop an hour. This time, we had between seventeen to twenty-four customers an hour. Thankfully, with how busy it got, time flew by. It was closing time before I knew it.

“Hey boss, you must really like that Warm Delights place if you go there every day, huh?” After I shared my scones with Xiameign and Vixy on my first visit to Warm Delights, they went there on their breaks to see what it was all about. Xiameign liked the desserts they have there. And Vixy…she was a BIG fan of the drinks.

“They do serve delicious drinks and snacks there. But, I was mainly going there for the services they’re famously known for.”

“The choice to ‘top’ off your drink with fresh mana, right? Why would you go there for that? You’re a Nurarihyon, boss.”

“Well, I met a guy working there.” Huh, why do I suddenly find myself so tongue-tied? “We have a lot in common, so…”

“OOHH!!! Boss! You got yourself a boyfriend, didn’t you?!”

“Boyfriend? Our relationship isn’t like that…” That’s right. I met him a little less than a week ago.

“Aww, you’re blushing! I don’t think I’ve ever seen you blush before!” Blushing? I turned around to face one of the mirrors at the store. Xiameign was right. I was blushing. When was the last time I blushed like this?

“Geez. That’s enough, you two. We only exchanged contacts. It’s not like we’re dating or anything. Anyways. Let’s close things up so you girls can rest for your dates tomorrow.”

“Yes, boss!” It took a little longer to close up since we had to clean and refold some of the clothes the customers were trying on.

“Alrighty! Boss, you better tell us what happens on your Valentine’s Day date, yeah?”

“Shut up, Vixy. Wesley’s working that day.”

“In that case, you can call for him when you order Fresh Mana!” I swear. These two…

“Just get out of here already…”

“Hehe. See yah!”

“Right. Have fun on your date, girls…” Waving them goodbye, I waited until they were out of sight before pulling out my phone. He’s off work at this point. Wesley wouldn’t mind if I text him, would he?

No. I shouldn’t. I’ll confess to Wesley at his work tomorrow.

“Hmm?” God, when was the last time I saw myself like this? I can’t blame Vixy and Xiameign for teasing me earlier. I look as giddy as a high school girl. A thirty-two-year-old high school girl. Ehehe…


“I’m sorry, mam. Wesley called today off. It’s rather unusual for him to call off so short in advance. And even more so considering he was initially looking forward to the bonus pay he’d get working on Valentine’s Day.” That’s odd. Wesley told me he’d be working on Valentine’s Day. I don’t peg him as a liar. Did something come up?

“Oh…I see. I’ll take my latte and pie to go then.” Even on Valentine’s Day, Warm Delights is as busy as always.

“Understood mam.” It’d be pathetic to eat and drink here all by myself, so I’ll take my order to go and eat at home.


“Hmm, who’s calling me?” When I saw it was Wesley who was calling me, I nearly dropped my coffee from shock. He hadn’t texted me in five days, and now he’s suddenly calling. “Hello?”

“Hey, M-*Ahem* Eiko.”

“Wesley…” I want to be mad at him for being quiet for so long. But, since it’s half my fault for not texting him to avoid looking needy or desperate, I couldn’t bring myself to scold him. “It’s been a while. How have you been?”

“I’ve been fine. Well, okay. Not entirely…” Huh? Was something wrong with him after all?

“What’s wrong?”

“I’d rather not talk about it over the phone. Instead, why don’t we meet at Correlia Park? You know where it is, don’t you?” Correlia Park, huh? That’s where Trisha had her wedding.

“Sure. I know the place. I’ll see you there.”

“Great.” So, he has a problem he’d rather talk about in person, huh? I’m getting stressed out just thinking about what it could be.

Leaving Magicia Mall, I got into my car and drove to Correlia Park. On my way there, the anticipation of meeting him again and the stress from guessing what’s been bothering him built up inside me. As soon as I got there, I took my vape pen out of my purse and took a hit to calm my nerves.

“Even on Valentine’s Day, the Park’s packed with people…” It’s a little past one in the afternoon, so I’m sure things will liven up even more later. I wonder if Vinny and Lenore’s burger stop is open? If they aren’t, I always have the Ratatoskr Nut Pie from Warm Delights to eat.

“Hey, there you are.” Wesley spotted me first after a bit of wandering around the park. He came wearing a red shirt with an anime character on it. Heh, he did mention he likes anime and video games.

“Oh, why hello there, Wesley…”

“I see you went to Warm Delights earlier. Sorry that I wasn’t there.”

“I’d say you should be.”

“Ehehe…well. Let’s find a place to sit down first.” Spotting a bench nearby, Wesley starts to stare intently at my vape pen. “I’m surprised you’d smoke with a Vape pen. I thought you’d be using a Kiseru?”

“My Kiseru’s pretty expensive, so I only use it when I’m at home where I know it’s safe to smoke at my leisure. Does it bother you that I’m smoke?” I had two exes who weren’t fans of smoking of any kind, so I felt tense, wondering if Wesley was the same way.

“Nope. I’m just as guilty.” Wesley pulls a vape pen from his pocket to prove his point before taking a hit. “I’ve been trying to quit, but old habits die hard. Especially when you get stressed.”

“Stressed? You? I figured you would’ve fucked all your stress away at your job?” It was a light jab for staying quiet this whole week. A snarky retort meant to make him laugh.

“Actually, it’s my job that’s been causing me stress. That’s part of why I asked for Valentine’s Day off.” That was a surprise. I never expected the source of his stress to come from work. It’s normal for people to stress out over most jobs, but I wonder what part of Wesley’s job has him stressed out.

I wanted to know what it was, but past experience tells me I should sit back and relax with him until he tells me on his own.

“It was in a park like this one here…”


“My first love, I mean. We had our first date at a park. It was one of those stereotypical picnic types where we brought a basket filled with sandwiches, drinks, and desserts. It’s pretty cheesy thinking back, but those were the few times I was outdoors. Seeing it again like this after four years sounds trivial, but it feels so long ago to me.”

“I wasn’t much of an outside person either. I much prefer the night when there are less people around.”

“I had a hunch you’d be like that. I’m surprised you’re not wearing sunglasses with how bright it is.”

“Didn’t cross my mind at the time.” We shared a few laughs after that and talked a bit more. I’m sure we feel the same way for each other, but neither one of us could muster the courage to speak up. It’s not just our feelings that are mutual. Our fear of rejection was the same.

“Hey, what flavor are you smoking, Eiko? It smells great.”

“It’s called ‘Midnight Temptation.’ It’s grape with a hint of vanilla. What about yours?”

“Mine’s ‘Summertime Watermelon.’ Watermelon with a splash of Peach.” We stared at each other, knowing what we wanted to do next.

“Wanna trade for a bit?”

“Sure!” Hmm. It’s a lot lighter than I thought it’d be. I definitely taste the watermelon, but I really have to focus on tasting the peach.

“Oh, wow! This cartridge has a deep flavor. You need to tell me where you get your flavor cartridges.”

“I have a friend who makes custom flavors. I’ll introduce you to her if you want?”

“That’d…oh…wait. I’ve been trying to quit vaping. Geez…old habits die hard.” Staring at my latte, Wesley took a deep puff before letting it out slowly. “I couldn’t believe how lucky I was when I got accepted as a waiter in Warm Delights. Not only did I get a job where I could smell and drink fresh coffee, but I got to relieve myself sexually whenever someone requested Fresh Mana. It wasn’t an everyday occurrence, but there were also days when it occurred more than once a day. Pent up as I was from my failed relationship, this job was perfect for relieving my pent-up sexual frustration.” Standing up, Wesley turns around and holds his hand out.


“I want to make it up to you for the days I wasn’t able to serve you. So…I can give you a…private session at my place. If you want it…” Wow. He pulled the trigger first.

“How bold of you. Asking a customer you met a week ago to go to your place?”

“Hey! You’re not one for formalities, right? Besides…” Even with Wesley’s face as red as tomatoes. Even with all these people looking our way. He speaks up. “We both know what we want. We can’t do what we want to do here.”

“Good point. Alright.” Taking his hand, Wesley pulls me up before I lean forward to kiss him.

“Hmpf?!” I wanted to make sure HE was sure of his decision. If Wesley pulls away, then he’s not ready. If he reci-

“Mmm…” Oh…he reciprocated. He didn’t hesitate to wrap his other arm around my back to keep me close to him. Not only that, I felt his tongue snake past my lips and into my mouth.

Wesley, I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into…

“Puwah. Let’s go. Just give me directions, and I’ll drive us there.” Taking him to my car, we saved the conversation for when we got to his apartment. When we got there, the first thing I noticed when entering was the smell. It reminded me of when I walked into Warm Delights for the first time.

“It’s so aromatic in here.”

“It doesn’t smell bad, does it?”

“No. I love the smell of coffee, so I feel right at home.”

“That’s good. While it’s on your mind, would you like a cup of coffee?”

“I just finished my latte from Warm Delights back at the park. But heck, why not?” Wesley got excited all of a sudden. He slammed his right fist onto his hand to show how pumped he was.

“Great! It’s a bit of a wait, but I promise it’ll be worth it!”

“It better be. You got me all excited back at the park with that pull-in. Now you’re telling me to dial it back for coffee? You’re such a tease.”

“Trust me. I have a good reason for it. In the meantime, feel free to watch TV and relax.”

“Alright. I think I will…” His living room was about what I expected. Videogame consoles lined the TV stand under his fifty-inch flat screen. In front of his TV was a small round table covered with opened bags of chips and a few game controllers. “Do you have people over to play games with?”

“Sometimes. Most of the people I bring home with me were one-time hookups, so they were mostly interested in sex. I did exchange contacts with a handful who did play video games with me.” So he’s not just popular at work.

“Is that right? When was the last time you brought a lady here then?”

“About a month and a half ago. A Kobold. Sweet gal, but I didn’t feel a connection between us.”

“You know, most guys avoid talking about their past achievements when it comes to sex.”

“You’re the one who asked. As a Nurarihyon, I figured you’d whistle at my impressive track record.” My god, Wesley. You really are a match for me…

“Good point.” I know he told me to sit back and relax, so I laid back on the couch next to the round table, but when I saw the kind of pot he was using to brew the coffee, I couldn’t help but pry. “Hey…what kind of pot is that? I’ve never seen it before. The handle on it is pretty long. And it’s pretty small. It has enough for what, two servings?”

“It’s a Turkish coffee pot called a Kanaka.” Aside from the Kanaka pot, there was another odd tool I saw. But, the oddity didn’t come from it being obscure.

“A hand grinder?” Why would he use a hand grinder when an electric one grinds coffee beans much faster?

“Yup. I know electric ones are more convenient. But with a hand grinder, I can get a feel for how finely I’m grinding the coffee beans.” Speaking of coffee beans. They came in a paper bag with the Warm Delights Logo on it. Though, rather than green, it was gold in color. The bottom corner of the bag has a stamp of authenticity with a picture of Djamila on it. “My store manager Callia got three bags of these from her trip to a training center where they teach managers how to run their stores efficiently. She gave me a bag as a gift for doing well on my job. These are special coffee beans. It’ll be my first time using them. Also, from your taste in coffee and desserts, you like things sweet, right?”

“Yeah. Just sweet enough to cut through the bitterness.”

“Alright. I’ll add a bit of sugar then…” Watching him closely, Wesley pours the dark beige coffee beans into the hand grinder. I’ve never seen coffee beans with that color before. When he ground the beans to his liking, he gently shakes them onto a coffee filter paper before moving it to a scale. He kept going until it reached a certain weight. “There…” There’s also another set of finely ground ingredients he had set aside, but I don’t know what they were.

Pouring three and a half ounces of water into the coffee pot, he shakes the coffee ground onto the coffee pot along with half a teaspoon of sugar and mixes it into the pot before turning on his gas stove.

“I’m so lucky. Most apartments opt for electric stoves. I prefer gas stoves myself.”

“Eh. I have an electric one at my apartment. Personally, I don’t see the difference.”

“That difference is in the level of control. I can’t let the coffee boil over.” Not once did Wesley take his attention away from the coffee once he started brewing it. Pulling away once the surface bubbles, he adds the other ingredients I saw earlier.

“What else are you adding in there?”

“Cardamom, nutmeg, and cloves. They’ll add to the flavor of the coffee.” Putting the pot back on the stove, he’d carefully adjust the heat for three minutes before he turned the stove off. Pouring the coffee gently into the same coffee cup he used to pour water into the pot earlier, he took a deep breath and marveled at his success. “Phew. That went pretty well. Now, to let it settle for a bit.” Setting the coffee pot down on the sink, he presents the coffee to me with a smile.

“Oh, and I wanted to wait until now to say this. Happy Valentine’s Day, Eiko. I know this isn’t chocolate, but I hope you’ll accept it.” So, this is what he gives me for Valentine’s Day, huh?

“Wow. You’re as smooth as this coffee’s going to be…” Taking it, I took a sip of his carefully prepped brew. The flavor was something out of this world. It was incredibly smooth with a hint of nuttiness. The sweet aftertaste must be from the sugars infused perfectly with the coffee grounds. “I’ve never had coffee like this. It’s stupendous.”

“I’m glad. My legs were shaking the whole time watching you drink it.”

“Relax. I’m not some prude who’d insult you for the slightest imperfections. Not that there was any in this coffee that I could taste. Though, it’s making me crave something sweet.”

“Why not eat the Ratatoskr Pie you brought from Warm Delights?”

“Good idea! But. I’ll only eat it if you eat half of it with me. Unlike you, I didn’t plan for a Valentine’s gift, so giving you half of the pie’s the best I could come up with on the spot.”

That, and I thought we’d jump straight to sex after getting comfortable.

“Sure.” Taking slow sips to enjoy the coffee Wesley made for me, we ate and watched random videos for a bit. While we relaxed, my mind wanders back to what Wesley said about the other women he’d slept with.

”So, how do I compare?”


“You know. How do I compare to the other women you brought here?” Crossing his arms and legs, Wesley closed his eyes and hummed in thought. Wow. He must have a lot of women to sift through. “Compared to other Monster Girls, I’m pretty much human in appearance. I must be boring compared to them.”

“You don’t. You’re unlike any woman I’ve met before.” Well. I can’t say I expected that answer. “I haven’t been able to focus on work recently because I couldn’t stop thinking about you. The first day I met you, you came at me so…predaciously.” Okay, now this is getting embarrassing. “It was…thrilling. I’ve slept with other girls who were just as predacious, if not more. But, with you. I can’t explain it. It just feels…right somehow. And I know you feel the same way, right?” Finishing the coffee he made for me, I set it down on the round table.

“…yes. Words alone aren’t enough to describe how we feel.” That’s right. There’s no need for us to beat around the bush. Rather than tell him what came next, I just got up and walked toward him. Beneath Wesley’s glazed stare was desire in its purest form.

I’m sure he sees the same look in my eyes.

“No, it certainly can’t…” Sitting on top of him, I rub my crotch against his left thigh while sandwiching his left arm between my chest. “Eiko…”

“Wesley…” Like in the park, he pulls my face toward his before planting a deep kiss. Right away, our tongues tangoed in rhythm as we rubbed our free hands on each other’s bodies. I went for his crotch while he went for my right tit. It didn’t take long for him to slip his hand beneath my top and bra to grope it directly. “Aahh…” I’m not his first rodeo. He knows what he’s doing.

That said.

“Ah!” Reeling back, I pinned Wesley on the couch and sat on him. Unfastening his belt, I pulled his pants and boxers down just enough to expose his rigid cock before stroking with my hand while we sucked on each other’s tongues. “Ah…I can taste a bit of the coffee on your tongue…”

“Oh yeah? Does that make it taste better?”

“Doesn’t matter. Taste good to me either way.” With a generous tug, Wesley pulled my top down enough to expose my breasts. “I always wondered what kind of tatt you had under your top. So, rose thorns with red petals, huh?”

“Yeah. Thought it fit my personality a bit more.”

“Heh. It suits you. And these breasts of yours, they’re gorgeous.” Making his point by pinching my left nipple, his other hand crept between my thighs before his fingers rested on top of my crotch.

“Quite the smooth talker, Wesley. How many women did you say that to?”

“I’ve complimented several women and their shapely busts. But I’ve always called them sexy or voluptuous. Yours are truly gorgeous to me. Both in feel and appearance.” That got a blush out of me. That’s when I felt him curl his fingers on my crotch.

“You’re sweet, Wesley. But, I won’t let you distract me that easily…” Sitting up, I took my top and jeans off. Getting them out of the way, I straddled Wesley like a horse with his dick pinned under my pussy, “You feel that? You got me nice and wet. Tell me, how does this feel, hmm?” It’s been so long since I rubbed up against someone like this. I was moaning before I knew it. Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one. If anything, Wesley’s feeling better than I am from how much he’s scrunching his face. “What’s the matter? Getting close already?”

“You were stroking it pretty hard and quick earlier.”

“Are you sure that’s the only reason why?” Putting more weight on it, I focused on rubbing my clit against the back neck of his dick. It’s one thing to use a dildo or my hands to get off, but nothing will ever beat the sensation of rubbing against a hot, throbbing cock. It’d be real embarrassing if I were to cum first after pinning him like this. Thankfully, Wesley caved in before I did. “Ah! There it is…” While he was cumming, I buried the tip with my pussy lips. I grind slowly back and forth to milk him dry until nothing was left.

“Ah…damn…you cheater…”

“What? I came too, you know?” An idea suddenly popped into my head while I was taking deep breaths. “Hey…wanna see something neat, Wesley?”

“Hmm? Uh, sure?” Okay. Show time.

Picking up my vape pen sitting on the round table earlier, I took a slow, deep puff of it. When I got as much of it in as possible, I used magic to infuse the vapor inside my lungs with magic. Then, slowly letting it out, the vapor that came out was black rather than white water vapor. “Whoa…what’re you doing?” Telling him to wait by pointing my right finger up, I had the vapor surround us in an illusionary mist, changing the scenery around us. As the dark mist thickens, his apartment walls turned into an engawa hall you’d see in a Minka-style house. I had the exterior portion show a brightly lit night sky decorated with stars with the crescent moon at its center.

The first time I used this little parlor trick was with my first. I wanted to show the beauty of my home country. Instead, I scared him away. Remembering my ex made me see him through Wesley. That made me freeze up. Should I continue and cut loose? What if it ends up like last time? Would I be able to handle ano-

“Whoa…this is amazing. It’s like we’re in an entirely different place! The smell of the grape-flavored vapor gives it away, but the scenery looks so life-like! Well, everything but the table and the couch we’re on anyway.”

“Heh…it’s just a bit of illusion magic. You’ve never seen it before?”

“No! This magic. It’s hard to put it into words. Man, I’m getting excited. But I’m also getting embarrassed…”

“Embarrassed? Why’s that?” Behind the glare reflecting from his glasses, a red blush formed around his cheeks and where his freckles were.

“It’s just. Man, you really are amazing, Eiko.” Just then, he raised his hips upward. Rubbing the length of his shaft against my pussy, I felt Wesley’s cock getting harder and harder. “My first ex had left me feeling empty. And while it felt good to sleep with various women, deep down, I knew it proved Lilac’s point. Not once have I felt a connection with any of them.” Lilac. So that’s her name…

“So, what about me?” Putting more weight on his hips, I stopped Wesley from moving his hips. If he wants to prove his point to me, he has to do better than that. “What makes me so different?” Show me how badly you want me, Wesley. I have to be sure. Otherwise, I won’t be able to hold back any longer.

“Your allure, Eiko. As I said, it’s not something I can explain through words. To me, you feel just right.” Well, I guess that settles it. “Hmm?” Lifting my waist up, I grab his cock and rub the tip against my pussy lips before pushing the tip inside.

“We both feel the same way for each other then. Wesley, I won’t hold back.” Rather than wince in fear, I saw fire behind Wesley’s eyes. He wasn’t just smiling. He was grinning with his pride as a man on the line.

“Bring it! I have confidence in my stamina. So go ahead and let loose!” With a hard slap, I felt Wesley grab both of my asscheeks. He gave them a firm squeeze before he thrust his hip upwards.

“Gah!” Holy shit! I’ve never felt someone hit me this far down before! My legs gave out before I even realized it.

“Hey, what’s the matter? I didn’t hurt you, did I?” Bastard. It’s hard to take him seriously when he asks me in such a condescending tone. He’s really done it now…

“D-Don’t get cocky. You just caught me off-guard. I’ll have you singing a different tune soon enough.” Lifting my hips, I went full throttle and slammed my hips back and forth against him quickly to get him to cum first. But as expected, Wesley didn’t budge and slammed his hips in rhythm with mine. It didn’t matter who between us took the lead. But, our pride wouldn’t have it.

Wesley would use the grip he has on my asscheeks to pull my waist down hard. In retaliation, I’d grind my hips forward each time I swallowed his cock and twisted it deep inside me. But that’s not all I have.

“Hey, you’re leaving these wide open!” Going for his chest, I twist and flick Wesley’s erect nipples, causing him to jolt upward.

“Ah-AAHH!!!” Stopping him in his tracks, I gyrate my hips and tighten my pussy at the same time. This tactic wasn’t without its setbacks since it felt good having his rigid cock rubbing against my insides.

“Wh-what’s the matter? Don’t tell me this is enough to get you off?”

“D-don’t kid yourself! I’m only getting started. Changing tactics, Wesley went for my chest again.

“You went for those earlier.”

“Yeah, but not like this!” Pulling himself up, Wesley kissed my right nipple before sucking it into his mouth while he had his right hand pinch my left.

“That’s it? You’re gonna have to do a lot more than-aah!“ Suddenly, I felt him bite my nipple. It wasn’t hard enough to hurt, but I didn’t expect him to bite down at it.

“Oh? That was an adorable scream just now.”

“Tch! Cheeky asshole. So you’re into biting foreplay, huh?” Smiling rather than answering, Wesley changed tactics again and went for my neck. He’s going to leave bite marks all over my body by the end of this.

Well, two can play that game.

“Eiko?” Biting onto his right earlobe, I moan and gently blow into his ear. That made Wesley shiver as his body froze in place.

“Well, that was an interesting reaction. Do you like this? Having someone whisper into your ear?” Wesley’s body stiffens and relaxes in waves with every whisper. “You feel that? Deep inside, your cock’s kissing my cervix. I can’t remember when someone was this deep inside me…” It was just a bit of dirty talk, so it’s not like his dick went deep enough to hit my cervix, but it certainly felt like it with how big his dick is. I took this as my chance to regain initiative while he was frozen stiff. Pounding up and down on his waist, Wesley was the first to cum. ”Ah! Here it is!” It’s been too long since I got a proper creampie. Wrapping my arms around his back, I kept grinding my hips until the last of his cum shoots out.

“D-dammit! I lost the first round!”

“First? Don’t you mean second? Don’t forget I made you cum earlier when I was rubbing your cock.”

“Ah…dammit. Fine. I’ll have to make up for my two losses!”

“That’s the spirit!” Things went by like a blur after. We fucked in all sorts of positions. Wesley managed to make me cum first after doing it doggy style while he was slapping my ass. Then, it was my win when I squeezed his cock under my right knee and rubbed his exposed tip with my hand while kissing him.

Then, he made me cum again after pinning me against the wall while holding my right leg up. And making me cum yet again after pinning my back against the wall while biting my neck.

Letting our desires take over, we egged each other on again and again with half-ass insults while clinging onto one another’s bodies. Whenever I felt like I was going too far, Wesley would stare right at me.

More, give me more, he’d say. He’d prod, lick, bite, slap, and kiss me again and again, just begging for retaliation.

“Hey…” It was our sixth round at this point. I always had this thing I wanted to try. But I was never gutsy enough to ask anyone to do it. “Wesley…what’s your experience with BDSM play?”

“BDSM? I have a bit of experience with it. A mother-and-daughter pair of Dark Elves taught me. Why do you ask?” It’s risky, but I wanted to experience it at least once. The question now is whether Wesley’s willing to play along or not.

“Choke me. Until my body’s twitching for air, I want you to choke me…” Laying on the couch, I waited to see how Wesley would respond. Rather than question or outright deny me, he wrapped his hands around my neck. “Heh, no hesitation? I like it…” He was being gentle at first, giving my neck a light squeeze. “Come on, you’ll need to do it harder than that!” With him sitting on top of me, he lowers his waist somewhat to restrict my ability to expand my chest. Then, as his fingers started to dig into my skin, I started to feel light-headed, and my vision began to warp.

“Hmm?” I couldn’t see very well, but the illusion I had made to change the scenery faded away. With my mind essentially turning to mush from oxygen deprivation, I couldn’t keep the illusion intact anymore.

“G-Hnnng…” Before things got out of hand, I tapped Wesley on his right arm three times. In response, Wesley loosened his grip on my neck.

“*GASP!* Ahaaaahh…ahhhh…” Taking deep breaths, the rush of oxygenated blood hits me all at once. At that moment, I felt a euphoric sense of relief. And, even more than that, I felt something penetrating me from below. That’s when I noticed Wesley pounding away at me on top missionary style. Adding to my excitement, Wesley cuts my mouth off with a kiss. He gave me just enough time to take short breaths between kissing each other. The desperation to get my breathing in check was making my head spin as the only thing I could focus on was the pleasure I felt from his cock repeatedly slamming into me.

“Puwah! W-WESLEY I-I’m cumming!” Whether it was from above or below, my body convulses with pleasure from both ends. My body stiffened uncontrollably before cumming. “Aahh…aaaghh…Wesley…” Repeatedly calling out his name, my ejaculation soon ended before my body went limp.

“Are you alright, Eiko? Sorry, but I couldn’t bring myself to cum before you. I know you just came, but I want to…” That’s right. I didn’t feel him cum inside me. I can’t have that. “Eiko?” Using what strength I had left, I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his back.

“G-go on then. Don’t let me stop you. Keep going…” He’s hesitating. I can tell from the way he’s looking at me. “Westley. Didn’t you say I’m unlike any woman you’ve seen before? A bit of choking isn’t enough to put me out of the count. I want you to keep going. Until your hips give out, I want you to fuck me with everything you got!” Gritting his teeth, I knew he just needed one more push.

“Do it, you pussy…” Grabbing onto my shoulders, Wesley pounds away at me for the last time. “YES! THAT’S IT!!!” Having cummed earlier, I couldn’t stop moaning with my mouth slack in ecstasy. Is this what it felt like when I fucked my first, Erick, without restraint? I want to hold his hand…I want to hold Wesley’s hand! I yearn for his touch. But I’m too worn out from earlier to do so. “W-Wesley! Your hands…give me your hands.” The best I could do was curl my fingers and tell him what I wanted.

“Sure, no problem.” It feels nice. Even through all this pleasure coursing through my body, I can clearly feel his warm, loving hands lace around mine. My back stiffened while my breasts swayed back and forth from the sheer intensity of his hip thrusts. I’m pretty sure my mouth was wide open and spilling drool everywhere. Without missing a beat, Wesley kissed me again before cumming. After a few spurts, his body went limp from exhaustion before falling on top of me.

“Mlaahh…” Pushing his face away, I lick his lips playfully before smiling at him. “Now that was a great fuck.”

“Yeah, no kidding. I’ve never fucked this hard for this long before.” For a minute, we lay there in silence while we took deep, slow breaths.

“That’s right. I forgot to say this while you were fucking my brains out. I love you, Wesley…”

“Yeah…I love you too, Eiko…”

“Looks like I’ll have to work somewhere else.”

“Why’s that?”

“Why? Isn’t that obvious? You’re my girlfriend now. It wouldn’t feel right for me to get fucked by other women besides you.”

“Heh. Wesley, I know I look human, but I’m a Nurarihyon. I couldn’t care less if you sleep with other women.”

“You really don’t mind?” Flashing Wesley with a devious smile, I flipped us over so I’d be on top.

“Wesley, I will groom you into the most desired waiter in your job. Every woman lucky or cursed enough to be graced by your mana will never be satisfied with anyone else’s but yours…”

“Ehehe…*gulp*…you’re serious. Most people don’t like the idea of their lovers sleeping with other people, you know?”

“You already know I’m not most people, Wesley. Besides, no matter how many women you sleep with, I’m the only one who can truly get your rocks off. Those women you give your mana to have only thirty minutes with you. But with me, I have you for the whole night after.” Kissing him, I bite his lower lip while pulling away. “So work hard, Wesley. From now on, you and I are lovers for life…”


“Wesley! You got another customer asking for yah!” Three months had passed since then.

“Got it! Just let me finish making this mocha!” Wesley still has two months left on his apartment’s lease before he can move out. He’s gonna be moving in with me afterward.

“Here you go. A decadent dark mocha with two shots of espresso. That’ll be seven eighty.” After going out on more conventional dates, like watching movies or eating out, I found how stubborn Wesley can be. Apart from work, he refuses to sleep with anyone else but me.

“Oh! It’s finally my turn! I’ve heard so much about you from my gal friends, Mister Wesley!” Wesley’s already the talk of the Warm Delights cafe in Magicia Mall. He hardly has time on the station since he’s called to provide fresh mana to old and new customers alike. I should pat myself on the back for a job well done.

“You did? Ehehe…I’m flattered…” Because he’s in such high demand, I hardly see him on my break when I go to Warm Delights for a drink.

Still, it doesn’t matter…

“Mister Wesley?” Waving him good luck, I blew a kiss before walking away.

“S-sorry about that, mam. Right this way.” He can fuck with as many women as he can handle. I’m the only person who can satisfy his urges. And that’s enough for me…

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