Cut and Run, Chapter 7 (Allen Belushi Cycle 7)

Cut and Run, Chapter 7

Sheesh! She rode me for the better part of an hour in the cowgirl position. Then, she decided that she had enough of a ‘down payment’. (I guess Dragon-Librarians get lonely too.) She then began teaching me the rudiments of Dragon-Tongue. By the time Frazziss showed up, I was well past baby talk.

As it turned out, I was a quick study that evening. I guess you could say I was almost a natural. Personally, I’d say I had motivation, because I needed to know how to make a Nest for my woman and OUR baby!

After all, Molding-Stone was in my blood.


Well, Lessa turned out to be an excellent teacher when it came to teaching me Dragon-Tongue. At first, she artfully guided me through a parchment edition of a Whelp’s First Book of Letters. But, she was lacking when it came to maintaining class discipline. The problem with that, was that she kept egging on the Class Clown. Since I was the only one in the class…

At first, Lessa wanted to tutor me Dragon-Tongue by sitting on my lap with her paws on my shoulders. I decided that this wasn’t conducive to my learning anything of value.

Well, anything other than where her erogenous zones were, that is.

Eventually I ended up having to INSIST that she sit herself alongside me at the desk. But, even that turned out to be a struggle.

So, I’m trying to concentrate on enunciating the Draco-scratch work that’s in front of me, and I feel someone’s paw starting to stray into my lap.

“Uh Lessa, do you mind?” I said, pointedly looking down at her paw that had managed to wander its way over to my crotch, AGAIN.

“No, I don’t mind.” She replied cheerily with a saucy smile, locking eyes with me. Her paw not moving so much as an inch away. In fact, she starts leaning on me, and won’t stop. Until, finally, I realize that she’s trying to push me over. This is so that she can ‘accidentally’ fall into my arms, AGAIN.

‘NOT happening.’ I think to myself, as I start to lean back. Which just encourages her more. I see that she gets a sultry look on her face, tilts her head and moves her face closer to mine, sensually opening her mouth to initiate another soul kiss…AGAIN.

I decide that drastic measures are required.

“Lessa, are you trying to break your promise to teach me Dragon-Tongue?” I ask firmly. This causes her to freeze up, and she jerks her head away, giving me a dirty look and a pout. After about a half minute she sighs and relaxes, then turns professional.

That professionalism lasts all of ten minutes. Then, I can feel that wandering paw of hers, start inching its way over to my crotch.

*heavy sigh*

So, I’m surprised at how far I managed to get in learning Dragon language. What with the constant interruptions. It didn’t help that there was also an almost constant susurrus of noise in the library. That, and there was a stream of other library patrons who just ‘happened’ to keep clomping by where Lessa and I were sitting.

Damned Tourists.

I never noticed before just how noisy a horde of Dragons can be, when they’re attempting to be covert. Dragons, as a rule, are not inherently stealthy. It’s not bloody likely there will ever be a Kunoichi-Dragon.

Well, I was reciting a phrase to Lessa, when I notice out of the corner of my eye some familiar movement. When I turn to take a full on look…and there’s the light of my life with a relieved smile on her face.

“Frazziss!” I yell delightedly, and a little nervously. I mean after all, I’m way too close to another Dragon who isn’t my woman. Yeah, sure I’ve got ‘permission’ and all, but I still get nervous about it.

Right then, I feel the urge to put my new Dragon language skills to the test and I say hello to my beloved.

“Good Evening Frazziss!” I say in what I thought was fluent Dragon. Suddenly, the smile on her face evaporates, to be replaced with a bug-eyed look of surprise.

“Allen? What did you just say?” she asks trying not to laugh, and failing.

“Uuuuh, I thought I was saying ‘Good Evening Frazziss’. I take it that it didn’t come out that way?” I reply. Looking back over at Lessa, I see that she’s suddenly interested in a nearby bookshelf instead.

“What did I say?” I ask dejected.

“Well, to be honest it did sound like Good Evening, a little.” She soothed, “But it sounded more like you were wishing me a Rectal Hedgehog.” She snickered, covering her mouth with a paw. When she does that I hear Lessa guffawing behind me.
When I hear Lessa, I’m all set to get huffy on her, but that’s when Frazziss pipes up.

“Lessa? It’s been awhile. I take it that your Educational-Magic is getting tepid?” That, got my attention!

“Wait, what? Educational-magic?!” I demanded, looking between Frazziss and Lessa. Lessa for her part, isn’t looking the least bit embarrassed. In fact, she’s smirking.

“WHAT Educational-magic?” I demanded with a growl. Which had the nice effect of wiping that smirk off of her face.
She then looked over at Frazziss for help. I then step over to Lessa, raising my fists, as I’m all set to give Lessa a lesson of my own.

That’s when I feel a restraining paw on my tail. It’s Frazziss, and she’s shaking her head at me. She’s looking at me like I’M the one at fault.

“FRAZZISS! What the hell?!” I start up when I turn to look at her.

“Allen! Settle down, please. Lessa was just being Dragon.” When I give her a questioning look, she continued, shaking her head.
“You still have so much to learn Allen.” She said, getting up close to me and not quite hugging. But she did wrap her wings around me, just enough for us to not quite be touching. It takes a few seconds, but I simmer down.

Looking closely at her, I see that shiner on her again. It’s looking better than it had a couple hours ago. So, I still want to find out about it. But, first things first, Frazziss takes my paws in hers and starts to explain to me in soothing tones.

A Long story short: Educational-Magic, which Librarian Dragons have got in spades, would’ve allowed me to learn Dragon Tongue in something akin to an hour.

“An Hour!” I shouted in anger.

When I learned THAT, I was rather pissed about being taken advantage of by Lessa! So pissed, that Frazziss had to calm me down again.

“Allen. ALLEN!” she had to yell, latching onto my hands/paws to keep from me turning around and…well, right then I wanted to bite Lessa, and NOT on the back of the neck either!

I nearly got away from her, as I could see Lessa had decided to get herself a short distance away. She looked back at me ready to fight, her wings on full display. Then, Frazziss reached around and hugged me from the back, and dipped a paw into my loincloth.

Ok, her doing that managed to distract me long enough to calm me down!
Sneaky woman!

Never mind that her ‘hand’ is an over-sized collection of scales and claws, it sure felt nice down yonder. After a few seconds. Ok, more than a few seconds, I sighed and spoke.

“All right. You can stop now. What is it you wanted to say?” I said, peevishly.

“Allen you’re the only male Dragon in existence. This means you’re going to have to expect every other female Dragon to do everything she can to spend time with you, just so they can manipulate you into sex.” She whispered into my ear, still slowly stroking.

“Well she could’ve just asked.” I replied, still peeved but in a somewhat better mood.

“Asking isn’t in a Dragon’s nature Allen. If there’s something we want, we try to take it. Failing that, we’ll connive to obtain it.” That kinda caught me off guard.

But, then I started to remember what life was like with Frazziss. She seldom asked me for anything, instead she was more of a sneaky manipulator. After a bit of thinking, and enjoying the feeling, I replied.

“I guess Dragons are a lot like Danuki then.” Frazziss’ hand stopped stroking and gripped one of my dicks, HARD. I yelped.

“We’re NOTHING like Danuki!” she hissed into my ear. “We keep our word!” It was my turn to calm her down.

“All right! All right! Sorry!” she relaxed. I continued.

“What do you recommend?” I asked (un-dragon-like).

“Let me negotiate for you.” So, I let her.

She and Lessa, then started haggling in full Dragon speech. Which to my scaly ears, sounded like a whole smattering of growling, hissing, chuffing, enunciating of vowels and consonants that I just couldn’t put a claw onto. To me it all sounded a lot like a pair of house cats fighting in a trash can, that was half-filled with gravel.

 After a few minutes they stopped. Frazziss turned to me and smiled. I noticed then that Lessa was smiling too.

‘Ah crap.’ I thought to myself.

“All right, shoot. What do I have to do?” I ask all suspicious.

“Not much.” Frazziss said all sweetly.

‘Ah, double-crap!’ I thought to myself again. Frazziss went on to explain that I’d be ‘taught’ the entirety of Dragon-Tongue in a Magic induced trance. I’d learn how to speak it, write it, and read it. In all of its variations of language and dialects. Quite a lot actually.

“Nice,” I said dolefully, “What’s the catch?”

“Another ‘down payment’ of sex, and then…” she started.

“ANOTHER!?” I interrupted. “What about the amount that she already had with me?!” I demanded. Frazziss sighed patiently, crossing her arms, and explained.

“THAT, was for her teaching you the slow way, the same way it’s normally done with Whelps. Her doing it that way, would’ve taken you years to learn. Years we don’t have.” She said, then blew out her breath. Looking over her shoulder, I could see Lessa smiling at me. ‘Grrrr’. I mentally growled at her.

“So, you’ve already settled up accounts for that. For the fast learning, you’ll have to give her another hour of sex, now.”

“Ok, I can live with that.” I replied quickly.

‘Jeez, I can’t believe I’m griping about getting laid.’ I thought to myself. Then I noticed that Frazziss still had her mouth open. I looked at her.

“Then, she’ll take the other payments…” she began.

“WHAT?! What other pay..!” I interrupted.

“ALLEN!” she shouted, interrupting my interrupting her. We had a minor staring contest for a second. She won. I motioned for her to continue.

“Your other six payments, she’ll accept later.”

“SIX!?” I glared at both Frazziss and Lessa.

“Allen,” Frazziss said as patiently as she could manage. “The other six payments are for her giving up her slow tutoring claim. Which you had agreed to!” She emphasized with a frown, looking at me just under her eyebrows. I blew out a Major-Sigh. After a while I replied.

“All right. One payment now, and the,” I glared over at Lessa, who had a shit eating grin on her face. “rest of the other six payments later.” I agreed- grousing every step of the way.

“In Proxy!” Lessa piped up then. I met Frazziss’ eyes, she shrugged. I closed my eyes.

“FINE. I agree.” I conceded. After that, it was fairly quick. Lessa had me lie down on one of the libraries couches with her.

It took a while, but we settled the second down payment. Well, I had to paw it to her. She finally got what she’d been demanding from me, and then some, in the last few hours.

 Frazziss watched and played interception. Apparently, a number of other library patrons felt the need to try and ‘participate’.

Afterwards, Lessa had been so vigorous, that I needed a nap. Which was just as well, as I was told that this Fast-learning would need to take place during sleep.   

So, I stretched out on the ‘payment bench’ and I close my eyes. Lessa did her Mumbo-Jumbo, and then, just under an hour later I knew Dragon-Speech. I could understand what Dragons were speaking finally, and I discover a whole new world.

The first thing I noticed, was that susurrus I thought was background noise? It was actually all of the other Dragons in the library chattering away. I think you can guess what the main subject being talked about was, and what they all wanted to do. Damn! I thought guy’s locker room talk got nasty. But it couldn’t hold a candle to what was being said there! It made my ears burn.

“Ooh, the Male is awake now!” said one.

“Oh Maou! You’re right, damn it!” said another. “So much for trying for a distraction and taking advantage of him while he was asleep.”

“Well, he’s certainly a looker isn’t he?” said yet another. “I wonder what he’d look like in my gold-pile?” She mused.

“Who cares what he looks like!” said the first. “I just want to get my claws on him! You saw that he’s got two dicks!”

There was more, much more spoken, but these were the only ones fit to print.

After hours of learning, and a couple of hours-worth of banging a Dragon, I decided I was hungry. So Frazziss led me off to get something to eat.

Normally, during a visit to the Dragon Realm, you’d go and stay at your family’s cave holdings for food, and/or a place to sleep.

She and I didn’t have that option. She’d been disowned, and I didn’t have a family myself, and I was technically still under arrest. So for the food we ended up having to go to the Council’s Cafeteria. Which wasn’t technically a cafeteria, but it’d take a lot more to describe it properly.

The place was noisy when we waltzed in, there being about fifty or so folks there: Wyverns, Dragons, Wurms, and other Dragon-kin. But, the place went all quiet, after someone gasped when they saw me. Within a few seconds after entering the place, I’m the center of attention. Oh, I tried to be nonchalant about it. But it was hard. Damn hard.

Have you ever gotten that weird ass sensation, when you just KNOW when someone is looking at you? Pretty unnerving, right?

Now imagine how I felt, when I look up after entering, and I see over half a hundred apex Predators all silently staring at me, hungrily. I thought I saw a couple of them licking their chops.


“Uh, Frazziss, I don’t suppose my jail cell has room service?” I ask, all nervous. What does she do? She laughs, shaking her head, as she led us both to a table surrounded by some cloth covered boulders.

“No, Allen! Don’t worry about it! Just wait here, and I’ll get us something to eat.” She replied and moved off. I wanted to shout at her to tell to stop. But I ‘remembered’ that it wasn’t a good idea to show fear in front of Predators. So many Predators…so many HUNGRY Predators!

After a second, or two of remaining where I was, the conversations in the joint started up again. I could overhear most of what was being said, and it seemed that all everyone wanted to talk about, was the weather.

‘You’re not fooling anyone.’ I thought to myself. After a few minutes of looking around, and making sure I didn’t make eye contact with anyone, Frazziss came back carrying a large wooden tray.

After she set it down on the table, she sat down and clapped her paws together twice. The next thing I know the whole place went quiet. Looking around, I could see that folks were still talking. I cocked an eyebrow at Frazziss.

“Privacy Barrier spell, Allen.” she explained. “Sometimes it’s a necessary option in the Council Feeding Area.” 

“Oh, cool! Then that means that we can talk about delicate things?”

“Yes.” She smiled.

“Good, I’ve been meaning to ask about that shiner of yours.” I said pointing a finger at it. She grimaced then.

“Babe? What’s wrong?”

“The explanation for it, will take a while Allen. I’m hungry now.” She replied, and I got the point. So, the first thing I do is stand up, reach for the tray cover and lift it off. Looking down at the big bowl full of smaller bowls of food. There was quite the menu there. I then put my hands together and bowed. I then froze, and blinked.

‘What did I just do, and why did I do that?’ I think to myself.

“Wait, what?” I said stiffly, out loud, then looked over at Frazziss. She’s suppressing a giggle.

“Ok, give.” I demanded. “What’s up with all this?” I said, waving my paws around.

“Etiquette, Allen. That’s one of the things I negotiated with Lessa for. It looks like it took.” She grinned. “Just follow the flow, and allow yourself to do what feels right.”

I was quiet for a moment, and decided, ‘What the heck? When in the Dragon Realm,…’ I thought.

So, once more, I stood in front of the…I guess I could call it a bento box. As before, I put my paws together, bowed, and spoke.

“I receive.” I don’t know why, but it just felt…right. I looked over at Frazziss and she smiled happily.

There were a couple of empty bowls inside the tray, so I placed one in front of Frazziss and one for me. Then, I noticed that there were two sets of what looked like oversized chopsticks. I picked one set up, and they just naturally fit into my hand/paw.

I then picked up a piece of some white meat, pork I think. I then unthinkingly put it into the bowl in front of Frazziss.

“Allen! No!” she whispered, shaking her head. “Just put the food you want into your own bowl!” I was surprised when she said that, but I didn’t make a fuss.

I did as she said, and when I was done, she served herself. So, we started eating. Damn, that food was good! Even if most of it wasn’t cooked. Ah well, it was all fresh. Then, during the meal she started offering me food off of her chopsticks. I ate it off of hers, and I reciprocated. Damn it was fun!
The weird thing? Before Frazziss and I started doing that, I could tell that I was the center of attention. But afterwards, I still was a bit, but nowhere near as much.

We didn’t say anything to each other, until we took care of the worst of our hunger. That’s one thing you’ll need to know if you’re ever gonna dine with a Dragon. They’re not too big on dinner conversation.

The Dragon way: It’s eat first, then talk.

Well, when we did start talking, it was quite the surprise for me, at the amount of information I wasn’t aware that I knew. That whole ‘serve the female first’ thingy?  It’s an old Dragon custom to let the pregnant females have first pick of food, and that she should only accept food from her mate. She didn’t want me doing that then, because she didn’t want anyone to know that she was gravid.

I ask her why, she felt it would be a good idea to keep quiet about it for now. So I kept my trap shut.

But that whole, feeding each other food thing? Lovers do that. It’s a way of letting anyone and everyone around you know, that you two are an item. Not that that seemed to end the speculative looks sent my way from the crowd.

“Frazziss? What was all about the ‘Proxy’ thing that Lessa demanded there at the last?”  When I asked that, she got a rueful look on her face and replied.

“Allen, before I answer that. I want you to promise me something.” She said flatly.

“Uh, Ok. What do you want?”

“From here on, if you’re going to do any negotiating with anyone for…whatever, that you do not agree to anything without consulting with me first.” At first, I’m all set to gripe about that, but after thinking about it I had to admit: She did maybe have a good point, kind of.

 “Ok, I promise to never agree to anything with someone, without consulting with you first.” I said, solemnly. She smiled and relaxed.

“Thank You Allen.” She began. “The reason for that, and to answer your question, is that I was able to haggle Lessa down to just seven sessions of sex, is because, technically, you’re still a child.”

“Hold on!” I began, she held up a paw. I quieted down after a bit.

‘Man, I’m getting tired of being told ‘I’m still a child.’ I think to myself. ‘What should I do? Throw a temper tantrum?’

“Still a child,” she continued. “In the eyes of Dragon Law. Meaning that, if we wanted to push it, she could’ve been condemned for taking advantage of a child.” She paused to let that sink in. Then she continued.

“But that, would’ve ended up making her an enemy. Because, after all, you are a fully functional adult, and you gave your word. It wouldn’t do your reputation any good, or mine for that matter, if you started off your life as an Oath-Breaker.” After a few seconds on thinking of it, I had to admit…

“Well, yeah. I can see where you’re coming from.” I nodded. She went on.

“What the ‘proxy’ means. Is that she now has the option of: giving someone else, one of the opportunities that you promised her.”

“Wait a second…Are you saying that I may have to face someone else, tag-teaming me?” I said, my voice rising an octave. Frazziss nodded sadly.

“Yes, you may have to. In fact, she may be up to auctioning off those Proxies, perhaps even as we speak.”

“Auction? Can she…” I start to ask, weakly. She nods.

“Oh crap!” is all I could say, while I looked back over at the assembled Dragons in the hallway. I think I saw Ramoth out there in that crowd then, she was looking at me hungrily too. A little too hungrily in my humble opinion.

“From here on out, I will consult with you FIRST!” I said sharply. Frazziss turned to look at where I was looking, then turned back to me and gripped my hand tightly.

“We’ll get through this together, Allen.” The thought of Ramoth the Wurm getting her mitts on me for some sex, set a shiver up my tail.

Well, now that we had some privacy, I was all set to ask her another question. But then, out of the corner of my eye, I notice another Dragon standing next to our table.

I look and see that it’s Qirri, she’s standing with her head bowed and her paws crossed in front of her. Instinctively, I ‘knew’ that what she’s doing: waiting politely to be noticed.
Without turning away, I nudge Frazziss. Who then follows my sight and jerks in surprise. She invites her to sit with us, after turning off the Privacy Barrier.

“Hail and well met, Envoy-Qirri.” I spoke politely to her, as she sat down with us. She looked surprised when I did that.

“Allen-Belushi? Oh, my Maou, you’ve changed in just a few hours. Not only are you speaking almost flawless Dragon, your manners have improved nicely as well.” She said, with just a teensy bit of delight creeping into her voice as she smiled, then after a moment she frowned.

“I’m here to let you know that the High Council wants to take depositions from both of you.” Qirri continued, with a regretful look.

“Depositions?” I asked.

“Yes, the Dragon High Council are the ones in charge of investigations of matters like yours, and Frazziss.” She replied. “They want to find out all of the facts, including testimony, before they present their findings to the Full Council.” She explained. “Who will then make their own judgments, and what to do afterwards.”

I had to admit, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. On one…paw, I never had much use for bureaucrats and their endless codes. To me, a lot of bureaucrats just did what they could to prevent people from getting what they needed, all in the name of: ‘The Rules.’

But, on the other paw, I was wanting to go along to get along. I was a Dragon now, and I wanted to know all about it. Particularly since I was going be a Daddy! 

So, I looked over at Frazziss, and saw that she felt pretty much the same. I reached out a paw and held hers with mine.

“What do we have to do?” I asked Qirri. She looked relieved, as if she expected a fight. Darn that Etiquette! Changing me like that.


What happened, was that Qirri led us off to another hall. It was during that trip, that I realized doors seemed to be rather lacking in this realm. I asked about it along the way.

“Doors are a human invention, Allen-Belushi.“ Qirri replied. “Do you really think Dragons are going to adopt something like that?”

“Well yeah, doors do come in handy.” I replied. Qirri just looked over at Frazziss and spoke to her as if I wasn’t there.

“I take it he hasn’t gotten his tail caught yet?”

“Only a couple of times, clearly not enough.” Frazziss smiled back. They both giggled when I harrumphed.

One other thing I noted about Dragon-architecture: Every ‘door’-way there, had a long hollow post on the right side (facing), set into the frame. Despite my masonry skills, I had no idea what it may have been for.

I discovered what it was, when Qirri stepped up to the entrance of one chamber, and scratched her claws down it three times, end to end. The hollow post gave out a bit of a screech, reminiscent of a chalk board. Frazziss noticed my wincing, and spoke into my ear.

“It’s the equivalent of a human door-knocker.”

‘Oh? I’ll be darned.’ I thought to myself, impressed. ‘Makes sense.’ I decided. Then we heard an invitation for us to all enter. We did.

The Deposition Chamber, as it was called, was decorated with all kinds of nets hanging from the ceiling and walls. Why? I never found out.

There, Qirri introduced us to a cobalt-scaled Dragon with blue tinted hair in a crew cut. I more than half expected her blue-ness to hit on me. Instead, she pretty much ignored me. I had to admit, it was a nice change of pace for a Dragon to look at me dispassionately.

Qirri then stepped outside, saying she had to excuse herself for a second. Probably off to powder her wings or something.

The cerulean Dragon introduced herself as Joaefrydi, and showed us a medium sized crystal that sat atop a shoulder high pedestal. She told us that it was a ‘Deposition Crystal’. She then made a few adjustments on its controls while humming a familiar tune: ‘dum-a-dum-dum, dummm’. Once she was satisfied with its operation, she went on to explain what would happen. She would ask us a number of questions that we needed to answer.

“So, what do I need to say?” Frazziss asked, as she went first.

“I just need the facts ma’am. Just tell me what you did, when it came to your uuhhhmmm,” she said, checking her notes, “breaking your promise. Your reply will be recorded into the Deposition Crystal. What justifications you had, if any, can wait until the Council asks you for them.”

It didn’t take long for Frazziss to do hers. Joaefrydi asked her a number of questions, in a monotone.

“State your full name for the Record.” Frazziss looked nervous suddenly and after a few seconds, steeled herself. She took a deep breath, glanced at me once pleadingly, and spoke.


I gave a start and stared at her with a quizzical look. I had no idea that that was her full name!
Frazziss looked back at me, frowning severely and shaking her head. Her body language said: ‘Please don’t pursue it!’

‘Well, this trip is turning out to be a real eye opener.’ I thought gleefully to myself. I thought I saw Joaefrydi fighting back a smile. She continued, after waiting for Frazziss’ and I’s silent interchange to finish.

“Do you know what you are accused of?”

“Yes, I am accused of breaking my word.”

“Did you break your word?


“When did you break your word?”

“Several months ago.”

“Why did you break your word?”

“I did it to save someone’s life.” Joaefrydi seemed startled by that.

“Whose life?”

“The one who is now my mate.”

“Where did this occur? Try to be as precise as you can.” Joaefrydi instructed.

“On the human world, North American Continent, Demon Realm of California, Yosemite Valley, in the vicinity of Half-Dome.”

And that, was all that was required from Frazziss. My deposition was slightly different.

“State your name for the record.”

“Allen Belushi.”

“Do you understand the nature of the inquiry against you?”

“Yes, I’m accused of impersonating a Male-Dragon.” That was when Joaefrydi stopped talking, and looked at me intensely. It was like she saw me for the first time. She blinked at me a couple of times, before she regained her composure.

“Are you, impersonating a Male-Dragon?” she asked, shakily. I then decided to rattle her cage. So instead of answering, I pulled down my loincloth and pulled out ‘Dynamic-Duo’. Then, I spoke.

“Well, you tell me Joaefrydi. If I am impersonating a Male Dragon, I’m probably doing a class act!” I replied, as I grinned wolfishly. Then I leaned over and stared at her right in the eyes.

She locked her eyes with me for a second, then glanced down. I saw her eyes flare open for a couple of seconds as she froze. She just stared down at my dicks for several long seconds. Then she swallowed, and slowly turned her head back to face me. After a couple more seconds she spoke.

“The…the…the crystal has no way… of recording that (*gulp*) physical response.” She replied hoarsely.

“Please respond with…verbal answers only…please.” She spoke hollowly. I’m not sure, but I think I saw a bead of sweat forming on her brow, just underneath her left head horn.

“No, I am NOT impersonating a Male Dragon.” I said flatly, putting my dicks away. It took her a few seconds to reply.

“Are you making the claim that you are, in fact, a Male Dragon?” Joaefrydi asked, quivering.

“I am.”

“Thank you for time, I have no further questions for now.” Joaefrydi said all in a rush, clearly dismissing me, then she walked away hurriedly.

I’m not sure, but I think she needed some private time for herself. Goodness knows why, though. Har!

Qirri was waiting in the hallway outside, hugging herself and quivering so hard her tail was shaking. I think she was trying desperately to not laugh out loud. 

“Bad Male-Dragon!” she wagged a finger at me, after she regained her composure. Apparently she’d been eavesdropping.

“Allen-Belushi, Frazziss D’Aragon,…” she began, but I interrupted her.

“I think you mean, Frazziss-Prote…Oof!” I was interrupted by Frazziss elbowing me in the gut, hard.

“Don’t. You. Dare!” she hissed at me then. I was speechless due to the combination of my surprise, and the sheer venom that Frazziss was sending my way. Qirri raised a scaly eyebrow at the exchange.

“My apologies, do carry on Qirri.” I spoke, when I could.

“Allen-Belushi, Frazziss D’Aragon,…” Qirri began again, and continued after I didn’t interrupt her.

“What happens next, is that your depositions will be reviewed by the High Council. More than likely both of you will be called to stand before them, tomorrow morning.”

“What will happen then?” I asked.

“They will hear the depositions again, with you in attendance. Then they may ask you more questions, and call in witnesses. You will have a chance to defend yourselves then.” Qirri answered, then she asked.

“Do either of you have an Advocate yet?” We both shook our heads. She sighed.

“Then may I offer my own services?” she asked, with a rising lilt in her voice.

“I take it that you’re also an Advocate?” Frazziss asked. Qirri nodded.

“It’s a necessity, if I’m going to be interpreting Dragon Law in the field as an Envoy.” She smiled.

“Well, I have to admit to feeling a bit out of my league with Dragon-Law, I’d like to have someone on my side in all this.” I replied. For some reason that put Qirri in a better mood. I soon found out why.

“I’d be happy to represent you.” She replied, sidling up to me with a smile. Qirri looked like she was about to say something else when Frazziss growled. Qirri stopped and looked at Frazziss, then spoke.

“Excuse me, represent BOTH of you,” She giggled, “for a slight fee.”

“I’m sorry, but we don’t have much in the way of money…” I began. Qirri held up a paw, and placed it on my chest. She then leaned forward and put her face close to mine.

“Oh, I’m not looking for …money…Allen-Belushi.” She said in a sultry tone, leaving it hanging. I blinked my eyes, and was about to say something. Then I remembered what I promised Frazziss earlier. I turned to her.

“Uuuh, Frazziss?” I asked. After a second, she got the point, and started haggling with Qirri. This time, I could understand what was being said. My watching how Dragons haggle, turned out to be quite the education for me.

 Qirri started off with a demand for her services, that left my jaw hanging open.

“I demand that he be handed over to me as a Stud-Slave! You obviously cannot provide for any male within arms’ reach, Limp-Wing!”

“Bah! You should be grateful that you were even allowed to be in his presence, Cold-Drake!” Frazziss countered.

“Craven Cur! I insist on a minimum of ten nights with him!” Qirri demanded.

“Centaur-Feathers! I will allow him to hold your paw for an hour, with a chaperone attending!” Frazziss replied, huffing.

“Do you desire exile? Eight nights!” Qirri shot back, extending her wings up and out.

“Your hoard-gold is turning green! One night!” Frazziss snarled, raising a paw as if to strike.

“Your claws are dull! Seven nights!” Qirri replied, baring her teeth.

“Oni vomit on your cave floor! Two nights!” Frazziss replied, extending her wings. Ok, I was starting to get nervous about this show.

“Your tail is knotted! Six nights!” Qirri replied, her eyes flaring red.

“Uuuh, Ladies?” I tried to interject. They ignored me.

“A Baphomet has bigger tits than you! Three nights!” Frazziss shot back, as she started to circle around Qirri. I was starting to get worried.

“Your Breath wouldn’t boil water! Five nights!” Qirri growled fiercely.

“Shell-Slime! Four nights!” Frazziss roared, nose to nose with Qirri.

‘Oh shit! I’m gonna have to break up a fight!’ I thought to myself, unsure about how to proceed. Then they both backed off, and pulled in their wings, standing up straight.

“Four nights.” Qirri said simply, holding up a paw, and smiling.

“Four nights.” Frazziss said, smacking the back of her paw with Qirri’s, as she smiled back.

“See you both tomorrow morning, after breakfast.” Qirri replied, as she sauntered off happily. I was left speechless.

“Careful Allen, you’ll catch dragonflies if you leave your mouth open like that long enough.” Frazziss giggled at me.

“What the hell just happened? I thought for a second, that you two were going to rip into each other!”

“That’s how Dragons work out deals, Allen. It’s better than real combat, less messy.” She explained, with a shit-eating grin. I thought about it for a second, then spoke.

“Wait a second.” I began, “You didn’t do that kind of haggling with Lessa.”

“Oh that?” Frazziss asked. “You already made a deal with her. She and I just worked out the details amicably.”

“Ok, I guess I still have a lot to learn then.”

“Well, some things can’t be taught via Library-Magic Allen. They have to be learned the hard way.” She explained. She then turned to me and put her paws on my shoulders, and gave me a kiss.

“Speaking of hard ways…” she purred, rubbing her pelvis into mine. “I think we’re both overdue for some.”  So, we went back to my ‘jail cell’ and discovered the superiority of that Sandstone bed for Dragon-Loving.


Qirri showed up the next morning after breakfast, in that semi-cafeteria.

“Good morning you two, I trust that you slept well?” Qirri asked Frazziss and I. “Assuming you did sleep eventually.” She added with a smirk. I blew her a raspberry. She snickered, as she sat down next to me and placed a paw on my leg. Her boldness surprised me.

“You’ll need your sleep Allen-Belushi, because I don’t intend to do much of it on any of MY four nights with you.” She said huskily, looking me straight in the eyes.

I looked to Frazziss to see how she felt about Qirri acting like this. She didn’t seem fazed in the least.

“Uh Frazziss? Aren’t you going to say something?” I asked, tilting my head in Qirri’s direction. She shook her head.

“Why not?”

“For whichever four nights Qirri chooses to claim, you’ll be her property during.”

‘Property?’ I thought to myself.

“Wait, what? Property?” I asked incredulous. “Since when am I anyone’s property?” Frazziss got an indulgent look on her face, and replied matter of factly.

“You’ve been my property ever since I claimed you Allen.” She said with a satisfied smile.
“All Dragons put claims of ownership on the men in their lives. You’re no exception.” I felt Qirri’s paw on my leg tighten. Looking over at her, she just smiled a smile that held a promise of…well, something vigorous.

“Ummm, is there anything you can tell me about the Council, Qirri? Seeing as I don’t really know much.” I asked, desperate to change the subject. Qirri held onto my leg for several moments more, then reluctantly let go.

As it turned out, there was a lot for me to learn about the Council. What we were supposed to be standing in front of, was called the High Council.

They, are a quorum of the seven kinds of Dragon and Dragon-kin. They are always on paw in the Dragon Realm, because the Full Council isn’t always needed for mundane matters, like Frazziss’ word breaking. Generally, whatever the High Council decides, the Full Council tends to go along with.

“But,” Qirri continued, “A real male Dragon, isn’t mundane.” She said, licking her lower lip at me, then smiling.

‘Well aren’t you all bright eyed, and bushy-tailed today.’ I thought, getting a bit annoyed with her.

“So, will I have to wait until the Full Council shows up?” I asked, Qirri shook her head.

“No, the High Council will make their decision and the Full Council will have to vote on it. Assuming that they show up in time.”

“In time? Is there a problem?”

“Unfortunately, there is.” Qirri said sadly. “Just after I gave my report that I had taken into custody the so-called ‘Dragon Impersonator’, you.” She nodded at me.
“The Eighth Passage, the one designated for Council members, became near impossible to access.” She shook her head worriedly.

“That is odd, very odd.” Frazziss replied.

“So, what’s the big whoop?” I asked. “What about the other ways, what where they called again?”

“The Seven Paths of Adulthood? There’s a problem with those too.” Qirri replied.
“They’ve become extremely difficult to get through. As Frazziss herself could attest.” I looked over to her. She nodded.

“Allen, you remember what condition I showed up in yesterday?” Frazziss said to me. I remembered- all cut up, with a shiner over one eye. I nodded.

“I’ve never been that badly beaten up getting through before, even when I earned my Adult-status. It was like all of the passage guardians were determined to keep me from getting through.”

“Passage Guardians?” Qirri and Frazziss then took turns to explain to me what those were. The Seven Paths of accessing the Dragon Realm, are called the Gullet. They’re a form of Trial-by-Ordeal, that all Dragons and Dragon-kin, have get through to prove their worthiness to be granted Adult-status.

Apparently, each passage has its set of guardians. They’re there, to make sure that the passage is sufficiently difficult to get through. If you want in, you have to be determined to make it. 

“Normally, the first time is the most difficult. Afterwards, your passage through your original, is still difficult but not as bad.” Frazziss explained.

“Don’t they have some sort of safeguards or controls for that?”

“Yes, but only the Council has the power to access that.” Qirri answered.

“And since they can’t get in …” I began.

“The only option left is for the High Council, to do something about it.”

“So, we wait.” Both Frazziss and Qirri nodded.


We waited for a while. Frazziss and Qirri bantered back and forth. I asked a few questions, and got some answers.

Until it was the time to leave, Qirri was all paws when it came to me. She never actually said when she was going to claim a night, and I didn’t want to get our Advocate annoyed with me. So, I put up with it. Frazziss? She seemed amused by it all. Grrrr.

Finally, our foot claws were clacking on the floor of the High Council chamber. It, was an immense hemispherical dome set in a bone like substance, with seven lights near the apex shining down. Along the center was a dais of that had seven seats.  Each one was for a designated member of the Dragon Kind, Qirri told me.

“Qirri?” I asked. She looked over at me with a smile.

“Yes, Allen-Belushi?”

“I’m getting some weird vibes off of this place, it doesn’t ‘feel’ like stone. Do you know what it is?” I asked, feeling offset about the joint. She gave me an approving look.

“The reason it looks like bone, Allen-Belushi, is because it is bone.”  

“Huh?!” I grunted, hunching over.

“The High Council chamber here, is within what is assumed to be the skull of the First-Dragon.” She explained. I gaped at her, then looked up and around at the place. I’ve been in smaller coliseums, but THIS!

“Amazing!” was all I could say, as I continued staring around like a tourist. I looked down, as I felt her paw on one of mine.

“Yes Allen, I get it too. It’s hard to believe that we’re all descended from someone so gargantuan, isn’t it?” She replied, looking around too. As did Frazziss.  The place was awesome, in the old sense of the word. After a bit, we went on.

An emerald-green Wurm/Bailiff met us near the Council seating area. After she made sure we were supposed to be there, she showed us where to stand: off to one side near the Council-seats. I wanted to ask more questions, as I was filled with them. But, a fierce look from Qirri, nipped that idea in the bud. Both she, and Frazziss, stood in place on either side of me, keeping quiet.

‘What is this place supposed to be, a church?’ I groused. ‘Nah, more like an Ossuary. Still, it is kinda creepy. In an awesome kind of way.’

Since we had time enough to cool our heels, I took to looking around, observing the audience. Glancing back at my ladies, I noted that this, at least, seemed to be allowed.

Slowly the place filled up. All around us showed up a whole bunch of Dragons, many I’d not seen before, others I never suspected. Big ones, fat ones, skinny ones. I think I saw one or two of them, that had more than one head. THAT surprised the hell out of me!

‘GHIDORAH?’ I wanted to ask, but an elbow from Qirri told me that it was time for me to stop fidgeting. Then, we waited still more. Plenty of time to think. I’ve found that when you’ve got too much time on your hands/paws, it invariably leads to too much thinking.

Something’s not adding up.’ I thought to myself. ‘Frazziss getting called in to answer charges for breaking her word, suddenly.’ I looked over at her.

‘The council wants to check into rumors of someone impersonating a male-dragon, at the same time Frazziss gets called in, suddenly.’ I looked down at myself.

‘Then, once I’m in custody, all access to the Dragon Realm gets difficult, suddenly.’ I glanced over at Qirri, with a thoughtful look. She ignored it.

‘This is an awful lot of ‘Suddenly’.’ I concluded, with a bit of fear trickling up my tail. I decided that I was going to turn and ask Qirri an important question, damn the consequences.

But that, was when a mighty roar resounded through the hall. Looking around, I noted that one of the side doors was opening, and every other Dragon in the joint bowed their heads, and lowered their wings, if they had any.

I copied my ladies.  Stealing a glance, I saw why. The High Council members were arriving.

Putting my head back down, I listened as they all quietly, clacked or slithered their way across the stone floor and made their way to their respective seats.

They all sat down, and one of the Bailiff-Wurms announced.

“All rise!” she began. “The High Council is set to begin its session.” Everyone raised their head and paid attention, as the Bailiff continued speaking.

“Due to unfortunate circumstances, only the High Council is available today. In attendance are: Councilor Gerond, representing the Wurm line of Dragon.” All heads turned, as a beautiful blonde Wurm with shiny gold scales, raised herself and bowed. Then she retook her seat, coiling her tail around her chair.

“Councilor Sekoh, representing the Dragonewt line of Dragon.” What looked like a pint-sized dragon with muddy grey scales and dishwater colored hair, raised herself from her seat, bowed, and sat down.

“Councilor Longzumu, representing the Lung line of Dragon.” What looked like a Zipangese Ryu with deep brunette hair with an artful pinned hairdo, uncoiled herself from her chair and bowed gracefully. When she coiled herself back down, I noted that she had bat-like wings, and five fingers. Which were definitely NOT Ryu traits.

“Councilor Huashen, representing the Sea-Serpent line of Dragon.” What appeared to be a gray scaled, extra-long Wurm with short green hair stood up, bowed, then coiled. I could see gill slits along the sides of her chest.

“Councilor Tatsuo, representing the Ryu line of Dragon.” She did as all the others did before. She had four fingers, and purplish hair touched with grey.

“Councilor Kaqqin, representing the Wyvern line of Dragon.” A bouncy wyvern with maroon colored hair, jumped to her feet. She smiled saucily as she bowed, then sat back down- winking at someone in the audience. A few folks laughed at her display. Which was silently disapproved of, by one of the Bailiffs.

Then I saw the last of the Council Dragons, and my world fell out from underneath me.

“Due to the absence of the Council’s leader, her Vice will be directing the High Council today. I announce: Councilor Herrassis D’Aragon!” She stood up, bowed, and was about to sit down when I spoke.

“Oh SHIT!” I said, loud enough for everyone in the hall to hear, all eyes there turned to me. Qirri looked at me in shock, then she elbowed me something fierce. She stopped when she saw how afraid I was.

Instead of Herrassiss getting upset, she turned and took note of me. Then, she Smiled. A smile of Triumph.

I heard Frazziss whimpering then. The Bailiff glowered at my interruption, and moved towards me as if to chastise me. She stopped when Herrassiss spoke.

“Leave it be, Bailiff! We cannot expect decorum from misbehaving children!” She commanded, her teeth showing as she grinned her predator’s grin.

 ‘She.’ I thought to myself. ‘She must’ve been the one who directed that Frazziss face charges of breaking her word. She knew that the ‘impersonator’ would be easy for Qirri to find!’

Frazziss’ mother, the one person cold-hearted enough to disown her own daughter for spurious reasons. She was now in charge of the High Council. I had a sneaking suspicion that she was behind the difficulty, that the rest of the Council had in gaining access to the Dragon Realm. The last I’d seen her, I had threatened her.

I began to pant fearfully, as Frazziss’ mother began to speak.

“I declare the High Council to now be in session!” She crowed excitedly.


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12 thoughts on “Cut and Run, Chapter 7 (Allen Belushi Cycle 7)

  1. Typos:
    > just being Dragon
    > Ah Hour

    > Finding out one dragon’s been unnecessarily molesting him gets Allen all aggro
    > Another dragon unnecessarily molesting him calms him down

    I’d say people are strange, but he’s not a person anymore

    “We keep our word”

    It wouldn’t have been useful for him to state the whole reason they’re there is because she couldn’t, but I would’ve enjoyed watching the fallout

    “I was technically still under arrest”

    So what was that whole thing with Urmat? I thought once she finished her “investigation” the matter would be settled?

    “Her doing it that way, would’ve taken you years to learn. Years we don’t have”

    Why was it necessary to learn dragontongue so quickly? Will the dragon council only accept testimony in such?

    > Frazziss negotiating seven additional sessions with Lessa
    > Frazziss negotiating four nights with Qirri

    She’s not that great a negotiator, is she? She has the single rarest treasure among all of dragondom, she could tell Qirri “I offer you one night, and your BATNA is to never know what a male dragon feels like inside you” and mean it, and she’s just giving it away.

    1. I forgot to add this in my original comment – Allen may have given Lessa a tutoring claim but he didn’t give her an exclusive one, he could have easily said “I release you from your tutoring claim” and find another librarian dragon to teach him without his previous claim fucking up the negotiations.

      I think Frazziss likes pimping out Allen, showing off a piece of treasure shinier than anything in anyone else’s horde sounds like it could be a fun time for a dragon.

    2. Just being Dragon/Just being Human. There could be an ‘a’ there, but I feel it’s better left as is.
      Ah edited to An. Thank you.

      One Dragon angering him, another Dragon calming him. Lessa took advantage of him. She could’ve mentioned that she had the Educational Magic, instead she was being Dragon/Conniving to her best advantage- thus Allen’s Dragon/Danuki comparison.

      Technically yes, he’s under arrest. Dragon’s have a rather lenient incarceration. If one is Dragon enough to ‘own-up’ to the action, then the amount of supervision is minimal. If not, then the Wurms get called in.

      Urmat/Investigation. Dragon Law. Spoilers again, I’m afraid. But until something is ‘officially’ recognized…
      Necessary now, Dragons are like French-Canadians when it comes to language. (and just about everything else now that I think about it).
      Yes he could’ve released her from it, but he also needed her to relinquish her claim to that which he had already agreed to. It’s a two way street. She wasn’t willing to give up her claim, just so he could stiff her…well not like that I mean…

      Technically yes, Seven- one hour sessions, versus Four-12 hour nights.
      Giving it away? Are you familiar with the term: “The First Dose is Always Free?”
      Once he’s declared officially male. And eventually if he turns out to be officially FERTILE Male…Qirri understood the lucrativeness of a Stud-Slave.

      1. I suppose I misunderstood Allen and Lessa’s agreement to be an ongoing arrangement like “you continue to give me dragontongue and I’ll continue to give you dragon dick”; thus if he relinquished his claim to dragontongue she would have no grounds for continuing to receive dragon dick.

        He may be virile but Qirri must know it’s unlikely he would be able to impregnate someone in one 12-hour period even if she was in heat, his ability to control for impregnation notwithstanding. Plus with only four nights and an unlikely chance of receiving more the profitability of such a scheme is extremely limited.

        1. Yeah, he wanted to learn the language quick, because he needed/wanted to know how to read the Mold-Stone manuals that the Old-Male Dragons had left behind. And he was picking it up at a fairly rapid pace, despite the constant groping from Lessa. Unfortunately, TFT’s nuances limit me to a certain amount of pages to get my story details across. Perhaps over time I will learn to make my prose understandable, and still somewhat enjoyable.
          I agree, the Dragons know it is unlikely that they’ll get pregnant/gravid from one encounter. But women being women, Damn It! They’re gonna try!
          Of course, eventually his ability to pick and choose who gets pregnant, will come out. And there will be hell to pay for his hiding it.

  2. For those of you who enjoy what I’ve been typing up:
    Unfortunately, my next Cut and Run episode will be a bit delayed. I just got done with my Real Life Father’s Deathbed vigil.

    I write about Pain, Depression, Misery, and Gallows Humor, I now have more to write about such.

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