Cut and Run Chapter 5 (Allen Belushi Cycle 5)

Cut and Run, Chapter 5

‘When the Gods wish to punish us, they answer our prayers.’ -Oscar Wilde

‘I Incubus’

 “Oh, Gor Blimey, aren’t YOU going to be popular with the Dragon ladies then!” Doctor Mitzi gushed with a wicked grin. I felt unnerved by the amount of glee in her voice when she made that prediction.

Me? I just wanted to be Frazziss’ Incubus. I wanted to burn for her, yes,but just her! No one else. I don’t want to be a ‘Dragon Ladies-Man’…errr, Ladies-Dragon?

What the fuck happened? Gods-damnit! *sigh*

Talking it over with Mitzi, my Shoggoth Doctor, she explained that a Succubus Nostrum, is supposed to speed up the natural (?) process of a dude becoming an Incubus. According to her, the change from Human to Demon, occurs in stages, instead of all at once.

Stage 1, is where the dude changes in ways that prevents him from getting hurt, if his woman is, well, dangerous.
For example, if a dude is banging a Yuki-Onna, he doesn’t get frostbite on his balls, or if a dude is breeding a Mershark, well, I think you get the idea.

Stage 2, is the change every dude wants: a Bigger Dick. Most folks will never see that stage. That’s because it’s usually only noticeable in a Men’s Room.
Now, the normal way a dude takes a piss, is to stand real close to the urinal. Like he owns a Vampire-Dick that’s gonna get burned to a crisp if light touches it.
Now the Incubus? He’s the one who can be seen standing a couple of feet away from the urinal, like he’s holding a fire-hose. Which, from what I’ve seen, ain’t that far off the mark.

Stage 3, is where the dude changes even more. He physically becomes the kind of guy his Mamono wife likes best. If she prefers a Shota for a husband, that’s what he’ll come to look like, even if he’s an old timer. If she’s into Older dudes, same thing, even if he’s barely legal. If you didn’t know the guy from before, you wouldn’t know he’s a Stage 3 Incubus.

But NOWHERE on file (according to Mitzi) was there ever a case of an Incubus becoming a Male Mamono, with or without a Succubus Nostrum. That, is the clincher. Stage 3 is as far as it has always gone.

Until now.
I became the first instance of a Stage 4 Incubus. Thinking back after my appointment, it started to all add up: Apples suddenly tasting like shit, my overpowering a pissed-off Dragon girl, and losing nearly all of my body hair. Frazziss and I, had chalked all of that up to the side effects of my being turned into an Incubus.

According to the Doc, I was turning into an Incubus-Dragon instead. My bumps on my head, shoulder blades, and above my butt? Horns, Wings, and Tail, respectively. Then there was that hard to argue with: Fireball-Belch.

Dr. Mitzi said I could expect more changes. Ya think?


‘A chat with the boss’

At first, I wanted to go back to work. But, Dr. Mitzi recommended that I should take things easy for a few days. After all, my being unconscious for nearly two days was not a good sign. So, she went and wrote me a Medical-Leave note before I left.
Hey, I was going through some physical changes, and it sure as hell wasn’t Menopause. (What could it be called? Dragon-Paws? Mamono-Start? Hell, if I’m the first to go through it, I should get to name it, right?)

I thought about giving Frazziss a call, but then I remembered what she said about disturbing her at work: ‘Don’t contact me when I’m working, unless it’s a life or death situation.’ She takes her job seriously. And this didn’t qualify.

So, I get the note and went over to my Boss.
Cria was my Boss’ name, she’s a Lamia in charge of my work division, (Masonry/Carpentry). She was a tough old snake, but she was fair, and she had a thing for Llamas. I don’t know why, but she loved them. Her office was decorated with the things. She had little plushy llamas sitting on the office bookshelves, porcelain ones perched on her computer case, and llama stickies all over the place. Jamal told me she liked to put up a new Llama calendar every year on her wall. She even had a Llama-like hairdo.

I had to admit though, between her brown hair, her slight overbite, and her long-pointed ears that pointed up (instead of out), her hairdo made her look a lot like a llama.

So, I waltz into the office, and she was the only one there. It being just after noon, naturally everyone else is off taking care of assignments, and she was there taking care of paperwork. When she noticed me coming inside, she rolled her head around to look at me, and heaved a big sigh.

“Why Good Afternoon, Allen.” She said, smiling sweetly at me. “It’s awfully nice of you to finally show up for work, today.”

‘Ah shit! She must be pissed if she’s not cussing.’ I thought. I decided to cut loose a smile in return, while secretly I’m sweating bullets.

“Uhhh. Good morning Boss. Is everything OK?” I asked her timidly. I think she gives me an eye roll, (but it’s hard to tell with that hairdo), and a frown.

“So, what’s your excuse for being late, this time Allen? Did you get tired of playing Saint George with Frazziss?” she asked sarcastically, folding her hands together.

Instead of replying in a way that would have gotten me fired, I chose to hand her my Doctor’s note. After she glared at me for a second, she slowly reached for it, took it, and read it.

I think I saw her eyebrows scrunch up, and after a few seconds I could hear the tip of her tail start thumping around on the floor behind her. (THAT was a good sign, she always does that when she’s fighting back a laugh.) Finally, she spoke.

“Well, that’s a new one by me, Allen.” She smirked. “In all my years working, I’ve never had anyone get a Doctor to write such an original excuse before. She continued to stare at the note for a second before looking up at me before continuing.  

“Ok, Mr. ‘Turning-into-a-Smoking-Hot-Dragon’, I’ll give you a few days off, It has been a slow week.” She sighed, “But, once you’re done turning into a Dragon, I want a clutch of your babies, understood?” she said, all sarcastically. I just smiled in relief then.

“You got it boss! I promise!” I replied without thinking.

And yeah, that whole “turning into a smoking hot dragon” stuff? Doctor Mitzi actually wrote that shit. (Sheesh!)


‘Long conversations/short arm inspections’

After that, I go home. When I’m there, I decide I’m hungry. Ah hell, I’m fucking starving by then! What’s the first thing I do? I grab an apple. It didn’t take long for me to realize, that that wasn’t a good idea.

Chomp! “Bleh!” Spit!

As I’m cleaning that shit up, it occurs to me that it may not be just apples that I can’t eat. I take a quick look inside the cabinets, and that’s when I realize that most of the food there, I probably couldn’t eat anymore. I did a quick taste test of what we had and yep, I was right.

‘Ah Fuck! I’m gonna miss this!’ I whined to myself, as I looked down forlornly at half a leftover blueberry pie.

I was still hungry as fuck, so I went ahead and made myself an omelette. I made it the same way Frazziss preferred hers: big and fluffy, with lots of cheese and extra bacon.  (Yay! I can still eat dairy!)

Previously, I could eat only a third of what she could.  This time, I scarfed it ALL down! But, I was STILL hungry after. So, I made another….

I ended up making and eating six omelettes. After that, I noticed that there was some sunshine streaming through the window onto our bed. That, was just the ticket for a GREAT place to nap!

When I wake up, I open my eyes and I see that it’s hours later. I then notice that Frazziss was lying next to me with her head propped up on one arm, watching me sleep. When I saw her, I smiled wide.

“Allen, are you alright? You don’t normally take naps.” She asked me, all worriedly. “What did Doctor Mitzi have to say?”

“Well Babe, she said that I’m definitely turning into an Incubus, but that’s not all.” She frowns down at me for a second, then reaches for me with a confused look.

“What’s wrong, Allen!?” she sounded scared.

“Well, she says I’m also becoming something else. She says I’m turning into a Dragon.” Frazziss, gives me an exasperated look then and swats me playfully.

“Allen! Enough with the jokes! Come on, tell me the truth!” she gave a little growl then.

“Uhh, Frazziss,…” I said to her in complete seriousness. “I’m not kidding, I really am turning into a Dragon.”

ALLEN! That’s not funny!” she snarled, rolling out of bed and stomping away from me.

‘Oh great, she’s pissed now.’ I groused.

 I got up and went to the kitchen. I looked around and grabbed a long-handled wooden spoon, then I went back. When I do, she’s standing in the middle of her bedroom with her arms folded, her wings all tight against her back, glaring at me.

“So, what are you supposed to do with that?” she sneered, looking at the spoon. I just stayed silent, and lifted a finger to ask for a moment. After making sure she could see it all, I opened my mouth and did my long-handled spoon Deep Throat rendition.

She, just rolled her eyes at me at first, and then said, “Oh! Gag you with a spoon huh? Har-de-Har-de….” then she stops, with her eyes going wide in disbelief. She stops, because by that point, I managed to belch up another small ball of flame.  

“Bleh!” I said. “Ouch Damnit!” I yank out the spoon and I have to blow it out, because I left it in too long. And yeah, I managed to give myself blisters too.

 “Uhm, ahm, errr…” was the best she could manage then. I just went over as I reached out to her, and gently took her hands. I then put them up to my head bumps. After a second, she started feeling them.

“Eek, Ouch, Ow.” I go, as she ran roughshod inspecting them. (Dragons don’t normally have a delicate touch.)

“Allen!” she said cheerfully. “I can feel the horns growing inside! Oh Maou! I think you’re going to have double horns!” she almost giggled.

“Do you still think I’m joking?” I asked her. She looked bewildered for a second, then got serious.

“Some Incubi have horns. Where are your wings?” I didn’t say anything, instead I undid my shirt and turned around. She didn’t need any prompting.

“Ouch! AH! Damn it Frazziss!” I raised my voice then. She was even more thorough checking those swollen spots on my back. Finally, after a bit, she spoke.

“Well, they’re not in the usual spot for a Demon’s Wings. But, yes I can feel your wing buds forming.” She paused. “Tail!” she said suddenly, grabbing my ass. I jumped at that, which made her giggle. ‘Saucy Minx!’ I thought. I took my blue jeans off, to let her do a proper inspection. Man, that felt good to get that belt off! Then she grabbed my tail bud- hard.

“OW! GODSDAMNIT FRAZZISS! Will you take it easy?” I shouted at her. I guess she was satisfied then, because she stopped and wrapped her arms around me from behind, and rested her head on my shoulder.

“I’m sorry for being so cruel.” She apologized insincerely. “But you have to admit this isn’t something that happens every…” I heard her breathe into my ear, then I felt her tense up.

“Babe?” I asked her, when she stiffened up. She then reached down and made a grab for my dick. I shrugged her off as I turned around. Then instinctively cupped my hands over my Best Bud. Then she tried to bat my hand away.

“Allen! Let me take a look!” she growled with frustration.

“No way Frazziss!” I replied, thinking how rough she was just a few seconds ago. She got a rueful look on her face. Then she carefully kneeled down in front of me and reached out all gentle like, and looked at me with her head tilted.

“Uh,” I said. “Just be a bit more careful this time, ok?” She grinned at me mischievously, and I tensed up. After a second, her look goes away and she nods at me. I relax and let her at it, but I stand ready ‘just in case’.

“Oh, Thank Maou!” she said with a sigh of relief, as her face relaxed. Then she leaned in to take a closer look.

By that time, the groove had gotten deeper, way deeper. It reminded me of one of those videos of watching a cell divide into two, only in really slow motion. She gave it a rather thorough inspection.

“Well, at least THAT’s still there!” she said cheerfully. To that, I give her a raised eyebrow. She mouthed the word: “Alp.”

We both giggled nervously then. 

“Yeah, I guess I can understand your being nervous about that.”

“I was worried about ending up like my Aunt Pusa.”

“I take it her dude ended up as an Alp?” She nodded sadly.

“Couldn’t they just, you know, get a divorce?” I asked. She shook her head then. “Why not?”

“Pusa had already bonded with him, I mean her.” She added. “It was too late for that.” She noted sadly.

“Oh. Ooooh!” I said, suddenly understanding. “Uh babe. I take it that you’re, uhhh, ‘bonded’ now?” She gave me a small smile and nodded happily.

“Oh cool.” I smiled back. “I guess that makes us…official?” She rolled her eyes then.

“If you mean that we’re ‘married’? Then, NO!” She said, standing up and looking at me just underneath her eyebrow scales. “I still expect a proper Dragon-Wedding.”

“But that can wait, for now.” She added. Then I notice her face get all nervous looking.

“Babe? What’s Wrong?” I asked, all concerned.

“Allen, just after I got off work, I went ahead and called my Mother to give her the news about the Family Nostrum.” She said with her eyes darting about, her head and wings bowed.

“I take it she wasn’t happy?” She just shook her head, and gave out a small huff.

“I think I can guess.” Or not, I never met the ‘Lady’, but from what Frazziss told me, she could be a real Battle-Axe.

“Do you have any tail left?” she gave me a worried smile then, but didn’t answer. She then gave me one of her: I’ve got some bad news smiles.

‘Ut-Oh!’ I thought. I beat her to the punch.

“She’s coming over?” Her smile widened into a fearful one, and she nodded. ‘Oh-CRAP!’ I thought, and whistled.

“When?” Her face froze.

“Now?” She gave a half bob of her head.

“How soon?”

“Tomorrow noon, at the earliest.”

“So, how well do you think she’ll take the news that I’m turning into a Dragon?” Frazziss smiled then.

“She’ll probably be spitting Greek-Fire after we tell her.” She giggled.

“Ok, why would that be funny, Frazziss?” She goes on to explain.

“Well Allen, every Dragon family has its Matriarch My best friend Harumi’s family: the Saitos of the Ryugu-Jo Prefecture, has Toyotama hime. For my family, the D’Aragons, my mother is the Matriarch.”

“Ok….” I said, waiting for the punchline. She grinned and went on.

“According to Dragon custom, the Matriarch is the one in charge of the clan. BUT, it’s not the Eldest Dragon who is Matriarch.”

“Who then?”

It’s the one with the most valuable treasure under her control.” She chuckled.

“Wait! I take it that the family Succubus Nostrum is considered to be the ‘most valuable’?” Frazziss nodded eagerly.

“Yes! Particularly, since it was created by the Great Maou herself, ages ago!”

“No shit?” I said. “Oh wait, that means she’s not in charge anymore.”

“Not after everyone else in the family finds out, no.” She smiled.
“I would imagine she’s coming here to make sure I didn’t just throw the Nostrum away.”

“Why would she think that? I asked, all perplexed.

“Because that’s something a Dragon would do, Allen.” She wilted for a second.
“I know you Humans…” she stopped with the realization of what she just said, then grinned at me. Our eyes met and I understood why she stopped that thought. (Because, “I” wasn’t technically human anymore, therefore…) She started again.

“I know that your Human relatives, like to think they know politics.” She smirked.
“But in reality, it can’t hold a candle to Dragon Politics.”  She stopped grinning and got a serious look on her face.

“We’re going to have to be very careful now Allen.” She said with a grave look on her face.
“Because you’re going to be popular with every Dragon…excuse me, every other FEMALE Dragon out there.” She emphasized.

“Yeah so, what’s the Big whoop, Frazziss? You know I’m not going to mess around on you. In fact…” I was about to say more, but that’s when she stepped up close to me, and put a paw on my mouth to shut me up. I did.

She then moved even closer, and leaned her head on my shoulder.

“Oh Allen, even now it still surprises me just how naïve you can be.” She whispered. She then stepped back, and took my head in her paws, and looked at me sadly. Then she sighed wistfully, shaking her head.

“When it gets out that you’ve become a Dragon, Allen, more than likely the Dragon Council will declare you a “National Treasure”.

“Yeah so? I’ll be YOUR treasure!” I said, not getting the point. She sighed deeply then, hanging her head. Then looked back up at me.

“Allen, think back about every story you’ve read about Dragons. Yes?” She nodded. “How do Dragons treat Treasure?” I look back at her eyes, and suddenly I got the chills up my spine.

“Do you remember reading about Fafnir’s Ring in college?”

“Uh-huh.” I grunted softly.

“That wasn’t just a made-up story Allen. Much of that story was for real, and that was just about a silly magic Ring.” She bit her lip.
“Now imagine how things would be for the ‘Only-Male-Dragon’ in existence?”

“Oh Fuck!” was all I could say by way of reply. She smiled an un-humorous smile.

“Crudely put, but you hit the nail on the head. You WILL be popular with every single Dragon, and Dragon variant out there, Allen.” She got a scared look on her face.
“But not all of them will be nice about it.”

“What do you mean, Frazziss?”

“Dragons aren’t known for being ‘proactive’ when it comes to dating, right?”

“Well, there are Wyverns and Jabberwocks…” I started, but trailed off after seeing her look.

“REAL Dragons, Allen.” She chuffed at me then. I shook my head, agreeing with her.

“I’d be willing to bet the Family Hoard, that will change with you. JUST for you.” She finished, I gulped.

I didn’t get much sleep that night.


‘Morning Delights’

Well, the next morning, after the usual ‘wake-up-and-make-love’ routine, Frazziss was getting ready to take a quick shower to get ready for her day. Me? One of the reasons I didn’t get much sleep was the lumps on my back and head. They were getting bigger and more painful.

“Allen, stop being such a whiner!” she smiled.

“Grm, *mumble mumble* grm!?” I said grumpily, as I was getting out of bed.

“You’re worse than a Dragon-Baby!”

“(grumble grumble)”, I replied, rubbing my worn out eyes.

“The wings and horns of babies don’t pop out for a few days until after they’ve hatched, Allen. But they don’t whine about ‘painful it all is’.” She teased. I definitely growled then.

“Yeah yeah yeah! I’ll bet Dragon babies don’t whine about how their dicks are splitt…, Oh Never Mind!” I said, picking up and throwing a towel at her. She caught it, and laughed as her toe claws clacked on the floor on her way to the bathroom.

Fuck.’ I groused. ‘Some mornings…’

Well anyways, while Frazziss was in the shower, I noticed that some idiot had eaten all of the eggs, and that he ‘forgot’ to go and purchase more. So, I decided to go and take a quick trip to the Village Store to get some. Frazziss did like my breakfast omelettes after all.

I popped my head in the shower to let her know where I was going, and I ended up having to dodge her trying to pull me in.

As I was leaving, I was chuckling over the sound of her frustrated growls coming out from within the shower. So, I wasn’t paying any attention when I opened the front door to the hallway, and nearly ran into another Dragon who was standing in the way.
I stop all surprised, and took a quick look. I noticed then in that moment, that she looked a hell of a lot like Frazziss, only she looked older and her face didn’t have any laugh lines. She just had that perpetual Dragon frown etched on her face.

“Oh Hel..ERk!” was all I could say, as she reached out quick like, and grabbed me by the jaw. I grabbed her by the arm, but before I could do any more Aikido moves, she lifted me up by that one arm of hers, and pulled me in close to her.
 She forced my jaw open and sniffed disdainfully at my breath. After she did that, she grimaced and pushed/threw me into back into the apartment. When I fell to the ground, I knocked a few things to the floor, and had the wind knocked out of me.

‘Damn! WTF?’ I thought.

I was about to get up and give this handbag some-what for, but instead of attacking, she just stood there with a sneer. After a couple more seconds Frazziss came running out of the shower, dripping wet. She looks at me, sees the stranger, then shouts.

“MOTHER!” she yelled, with rage in her eyes. “What do you think you’re doing? Why are you here this early?” Frazziss said in shock, then she got a peeved look on her face, and finally sighed.

“Is there anything you’ll say, that isn’t a lie?” Frazziss asked with disappointment in her voice. Ignoring Frazziss, her mother instead looked at me while I was getting up, and spoke.

“So, you’re the one who drank it.” She said flatly, looking me over in disgust. She then snorted.

“Why haven’t you turned into a Dragon yet!?” she demanded, her tail lashing left and right.

Frazziss and I were both shocked into silence then. Finally, her mother spoke, while looking down her nose at her daughter.

“Well Frazziss, where are your manners? Introduce us.” She said coldly. Frazziss had to take a couple of breaths to get her composure.

“Allen, this other Dragon standing before you.” Frazziss said, equally coldly. “This one who attacked you, is also the one who personally made sure I was disowned. Her name is: Herrassiss.”

“I am MATRIARCH, Daughter! Address me correctly!” she snapped, her eyes blazing.

“Not anymore, Mother.” Frazziss whispered with a smile. “Not since the Nostrum went away.” Herrassiss then growled, deeply. I could feel it more than I could hear it.

Then she raised her paw as if she was going to strike her. That’s when I grabbed her arm before she could connect. She tried to shrug me off, but I held on. That seemed to surprise the shit out of her.

“Stand down, Whelp!” she hissed angrily, with her wings flaring. I just twisted her arm away from my woman and shouted back.

‘BACK OFF COLD-DRAKE! No one hits my woman!” That just pissed her off even more. She got angry enough to start blowing smoke.

Even though my throat and mouth were still sore, I started working up my own fireball, damn the consequences! I guess Frazziss noticed.

“MOTHER! ALLEN! Stand down, both of you!” Frazziss shouted then, stepping between her mother and I.  

“Impudent Fledgling!” Herrassiss began. Then Frazziss cut her off.

“MY HOUSE!” Frazziss yelled. “MY Rules! Stand Down Mother!”
Wow! It was good to see Frazziss standing up for herself!

After a few seconds of silently glaring at Frazziss, her mother stopped puffing smoke out of her nose and backed off.  They both looked ready to rip each other’s throat out, then. So I decided to divert both of their attention.

“What did you mean, ‘Why haven’t I turned into a Dragon yet’?” I demanded.  Herrassiss then looked over at me with a calculating smile. Frazziss looked shocked and looked at me, then her mother.

“You knew?” She asked incredulously.

“Yes, I knew Frazziss.” She said smarmily. “That knowledge has been handed down from Matriarch to Matriarch, ever since the Great Maou gifted it to us.”

“But why keep that hidden?” Frazziss asked, her mother gave her a pitying look.

“If it was generally known that a human male would become a Dragon instead of a Sex-crazed Incubus, it would’ve been swallowed a long time ago.” She said. “Someone would’ve let it slip.”

“Then you would’ve had some unworthy dude, siring the next generation of Dragons.” I finished. Herrassiss looked at me then, with just a smallest bit of respect in her eyes. (Or it could have been a trick of light.) She continued.

“You’re not as stupid as you look, Allen.” She (tiger) smiled at me. I almost got the willies from that.

“Why are you really here, Mother?” Frazziss asked suddenly. Herrassis looked over at her calmly.

“Because you will need someone to guide you.” She purred.

“Why would we need you to guide us?” I asked suspiciously.

“I know what else you’ll be facing in the days ahead. What pitfalls you’ll want to avoid. What dire mistakes you could very well make!” She said with an intense look. I noticed, that Frazziss didn’t look so cocksure anymore.

“What do you want, Mother?” she asked resignedly, almost as if she’d given up. I looked at Herrassiss, who smiled triumphantly.

“Come home with me, you two! The days ahead will be dangerous ones, especially once word gets out about the ‘ONLY’ male dragon in existence! Surely, you’ve figured that part out already? You will need MY protection!”

“Frazziss, is she right about that?” I asked, Frazziss who seemed to be wilting.

“I…I don’t know Allen! This is too sudden!” she said. But then she looked at her Mother and I could see some of her fire flare up again.

“No Mother! We will not go home with you! You’re not here to protect anyone. Anyone other than yourself!” she said with steel in her voice.

“What do you mean, Frazziss?” I asked. She looked at me with a solid smile.

“She’s not Matriarch anymore Allen, she doesn’t have any authority now.” She then turned to her Mother and spoke quietly, “But she would, if she could demonstrate that she had some control over you.”

Herrassiss growled at Frazziss then. That cinched it for me.

“Leave, now.” I said quietly to her. She turned her head and glared at me.

“Why would you trust HER,” she said nodding at Frazziss. “When she couldn’t even be bothered to take care of her daughter properly?!”

I heard Frazziss gasp, whimper guiltily, then start to cry.

The next thing I knew, I had her mother by the throat. I saw her eyes go wide as I lifted her up off of the ground, one-handed. She started hitting me on the arms and kicking me with her feet. It became just me and her then, and I was all set to halve that number. (She made my woman cry!)

Then, Frazziss intervened. I don’t know how, but she got me to let her go.

Suddenly, I could hear the world again. I heard her mother coughing and gasping for breath, all the while looking at me with fear in her eyes. Me? I had the Adrenaline shakes. Frazziss kept herself between me and her mother. Just as well she did too.

 “Get out.” I whispered. “She, didn’t disown her daughter. You did. Get out, NOW!” I said, punching the wall next to her head. It hurt like hell when I did that, but I didn’t let it show.

Herrassiss let out a squeak and ducked away. I was all set to hit her anyways, but that was when I noticed that I had punched THROUGH the wall panel.

She went, but not before making a parting shot.

“Mark my words! You’ll need me! I won’t be quite so forgiving the next time!” she threatened as she hurried off, slamming the door behind her. I didn’t make a smart-ass remark when she left. I couldn’t. I was too busy being tough guy. (I had to be, it was a lot of work to keep from crying, my hand hurt so bad.)

“Oh Allen!” Frazziss said, all lovingly.

“Frazziss!” I whispered hoarsely.

“Yes Allen?”  her voice changing to one of concern.

“Help! I can’t pull my hand out!”

“ooh!” she cooed sympathetically, as she reached for the oak panel.


Frazziss was rattled, but she calmed down after a meal of chicken-fried steak. So, she went to work anyways since she was needed. This was because she and her fellow Rangers had been concentrating on finding some dude who had been stealing food and clothing from tourists.

 Here’s the weird thing: only male hikers or campers got stolen from, and it was only in the High Country, north of the Valley. It was a helluva mystery. Try as they might, they could never catch the thief.

Me? After getting checked out by Mitzi (my hand!) I went and stocked up on eggs. After all, that still needed doing, I figured I’d be needing them, what with my new carnivorous appetite.

Later that day, Frazziss and I had a heart to heart talk after she got back from work. She was impressed (again) by my loyalty. But she was also afraid.

“But what if she’s right Allen?” she asked.

“Right? Right about what?” I asked back.

“Maybe she DOES know what else could come up? What problems will come along?” She said, working herself into a frenzy.

“Well maybe she does, and maybe she doesn’t. I don’t care.” I stated.

“But,” she started up again. I interrupted her.

“Frazziss! If your mother really cared about you or us, then she wouldn’t have mentioned your daughter!” I huffed.

“Do you really think so?”

“I know so! Instead of pulling this ‘head-game’ crap, she’d have tossed us a bone or two, something concrete. She didn’t, because she doesn’t have anything to offer.”

“But still….” She whinged. I put my hands on her shoulders and looked her straight in her eyes until she quieted down, then I spoke.

“She brought up Nocturnimpetu to drive a wedge in between us, Frazziss! That backfired! Do you know why?” She shook her head.

“Because she thinks I’m afraid to lose my life.” I smiled. “But I’m not. I’d rather die than be without you. Yeah, sure, I may still be suicidal at times, but you’re what keeps me going here, now.” She smiled for me then.


‘Earning my wings’

Well, after that, it took a few more days, but eventually my head horns were the first to pop out. They were only a few inches long at that time, but they kept growing. (Yes, they were double). It was so nice to not have them hurting anymore. The next morning, my wings popped out and later that day, my tail did too.

At first, I still had problems sleeping at night. Why? It’s kinda hard to get a decent night’s sleep, when your woman keeps playing with your wings.

“Dammit Frazziss! Will you stop that!?” I half growled/half yelled at her after getting woken up for the UMPTEENTH time!

“I can’t help it Allen, they’re just so adorable! I’ve not seen wings this tiny since Goldara hatched.” she said, chuckling behind me.

“GRRRRR!” I growled.


Thankfully, my wings and tail grew pretty rapidly. By week’s end I could sleep on my back again, and Frazziss got back to drooling on my chest. (Sheesh!)

The morning after I could sleep on my back again, was the day she became a harsh taskmistress.

“Allen, Love?” She asked, as we were eating breakfast together. (Canadian bacon with scrambled eggs.)

“Yeah, babe?” I replied through a mouthful. She made a moue at me, then continued.

“Now that you’ve got wings, do you want to learn how to fly?” I stopped chewing and swallowed.

“Yeah Babe, I think I’d like that.” I smiled at the thought. She smiled back. “I guess that means, that eventually we could go flying together, huh?” I said all enthusiastically. She grinned big then.

“Uh-huh!” She then got a mischievous look. I noticed, and raised a questioning eyebrow.

“We could also make love the way Dragons did, before the Great Maou came along.” She suggested.

“How’s that?” I asked, all curious.

“Like those airplanes; We could fly ‘UNITED’.” She giggled as she lay one of her paws atop mine.

“Ooooooh! I like the sound of that!” I replied. That’s my Frazziss! She knows how to get me motivated.

“I’ll teach you the way I was taught.” She said. “First, Allen, you’ll need to learn how to glide.” She said, patiently. “That’ll be the tricky part.”

“Oh, why’s that?”

“You’ll need to climb some boulders and jump off of them. I recommend the ones near the base of Yosemite Falls. The tricky part is aiming yourself to avoid landing on tourists or any of the hotel rooms.” She frowned with a serious expression. “So, start off with smaller boulders and work your way up.”

“Yeah, that makes sense.”

“Second, you’ll need to build up your wing strength. You do that by flapping, often.”

“Ok, I can do all that.” She then grabbed both of my paws with hers and leaned in close locking her eyes with mine.

“Allen, promise me one thing.” She said intensely. “Don’t try to fly, until I’ve got a chance to be there to flap you through, OK?” she almost begged. When she asked me that, I got one word that ran through my mind: Nocturnimpetu. (Her baby). I looked back, tightened my paws back and replied.

“Yes, I promise.” That reassured her.

It didn’t take me long to figure out, WHY she wanted me to stay away from tourists.  Have you ever seen a fledging-anything, learn how to fly?
Ass over elbows. That’s where my childhood Aikido training, in forward rolls, REALLY came in handy. A lot!

Me? I could’ve made a Gooney Bird, look graceful in comparison.

As to the ‘building up strength by flapping’ part? I also had to stay WELL away from tourists, buildings, people, when I did that. That was because I could kick up a debris storm. Which the Squirrels and Stellar Jays did NOT appreciate. (They always cussed me out every time after.)


Also, since my wings had grown out, I decided to get off my tail and get back to work. (I’d been working my way through a stack of Frazziss’ Mamono-Human Integration League newsletters. They’ve got great articles, and I loved the glossies, but that advice columnist they’ve got is a ditz.)
That first morning, I reported back in to work and my Boss, just about shit some bricks when she saw me.

“Good Morning Boss!” I said pleasantly as I stomped in. The place went quiet, and every pair of eyes (those who had a pair) were fixed on me.

“Hey what’s up, Jamal?” I said to Jamal. He could’ve caught flies the way his mouth was open then. Still no one spoke. Well I had to admit, I did strike an interesting picture. Just imagine how you’d react, if a male coworker showed up at work as a Dragon.

“Allen?” Said Cria disbelievingly, as she glided out from behind her desk and curled her tail next to me.

“Yep, it’s me Boss!” I said cheerfully. She reached out a hand and touched me on the chest to make sure I was there. (I was). Then she reached out with her other hand and did the same. (Yeah, still there). Then she started stroking me all over my chest and wings, with a shit eating grin on her face.

“Uh, yeah boss. This is me, OK?” I said, as I started to get nervous. I looked over at Jamal for help, but all he did then, was hide a laugh behind one of his fists.

Soon, Cria had started using her tail tip to ‘inspect’ me as well as her hands, and I noticed that she was now blepping with her tongue, also she had curled her tail around my feet, and that she was now standing REAL close to me.

“Uh Boss, I’m starting to feel a little uncomfortable here. Could you back off a bit please?” She just looked at me in my eyes, and shook her head ‘No’.

By that time Jamal was openly laughing his ass off, and the other two carpenters: Una the Cyclops and Lateef the Anubis, were avidly watching the show, both of them with their heads resting on their hands/paws.

Finally, Cria backed off after a couple of minutes. (Sheesh). But, before I could get back to work, she said.

“Allen, let me remind you that we still have to do that quarterly performance review of yours,” Cria said, as she traced the rim of her coffee cup with a finger, “why don’t we take care of that, before you clock out of work for the day?”

“Uuuuh, sure thing Boss.” I said quietly. “C’mon Jamal! What needs doing?” I asked him desperately, I just wanted to get out of the office real-quick like. He didn’t say anything when we left, he just kept up his standard shit-eating-grin.

“So, Allen, I guess this means you’re ‘tight with the boss’?”

“Shut up, Jamal!”

“Oh, don’t be so sensitive, Allen! Looks like I’ll be calling you, ‘Supervisor’, soon.”

“What makes you say that?”

“The position is open, and Cria looks like she’s inclined to ‘squeeze you in’…” Jamal laughed.

“Will you shut the fuck up, already!?” Shit.

That ‘performance review’, she and I had? I’d rather not talk about that, if you don’t mind.


‘The Paws that refreshes’

Of course, during that first work day, I encountered a few problems.

My first, and biggest problem? I couldn’t get my hands into my work gloves. Long story short, I was getting Dragon Hands/Arms. Well, kind of. A week later I had the standard skin/scales on me, from my fingertips all the way up to my elbows, the same way that other Dragons do.
The twist? I didn’t lose a finger. I got to keep my full set of fingers AND, I didn’t get major time claws in place of fingernails, just some minor ones that allowed me to climb rock or trees with. Thus, I could still touch type if I was careful.

I did get a set of claws in between my knuckles. Three of them on the back of each paw, like a certain comic-book character. Unlike his, mine don’t retract. (But they looked SO COOL!) What should I call them? Knuckle-Claws? Kluckles?

My second problem? My tail. Oh, yeah. That was a load of fun. I had to relearn how to do, well, just about everything again. This time I had to do it with my fucking tail getting in the way. But, Frazziss had a ton of helpful hints.

“Dragons don’t let their tails drag on the ground!” or, “You leave your tail on the right side of the stool when you’re sitting down!” or, “Keep your tail behind you, when you walk. It’s impolite to knock others over!” A million fucking details to remember. Then there was the biggest one: “Don’t bite someone’s face off, if they accidentally step on your tail!” Grrr. (So, if they do it deliberately…?)

And, I’m forever knocking shit over with it! Now, I understand why Frazziss wasn’t much for keeping her place straightened. I mean, what’s the point of piling stuff up on shelves, if you just end up knocking them off within a day or two?

My third problem? My wings. I kept forgetting to pull them in before walking through a doorway. You think stubbing a toe, smarts? Try a pair of wings.

You’d think, that after the Kazillionth time I crashed my wings onto a door frame, I would have learned. BUT NO! Time after time: A double ‘Kwa-Thump’, and I’m cussing because, once again, I forgot to pull in my fucking wings! It didn’t help that every time I do, Frazziss or Jamal laughed their tail/ass off at me.

And yeah, I did get my Dragon feet. Standard ones, big claws, and scales up to just above my knees. I donated my hiking boots, I didn’t need them anymore.



A couple days after my tail pops out, my dick finished splitting into two. But it left them feeling sore for a few days. Too sore for sex. Which made Frazziss just a wee bit grumpy. After the first day of no sex, it seemed like every couple of hours, Frazziss would start to ‘accidentally’ bump into me, or press her body into mine.

It would go something like this:

“Oh Allen!” She’d say sweetly into my ear, while putting a paw on my shoulder.

“No, Frazziss! They STILL hurt too much.” I’d reply, trying to be patient with her.

“Could I at least take a look at them?” She’d whine. “I just want a quick look. I can’t get over the fact that you’ve got two now!”

“What? Have you lost count? They’re still there I can assure you!”

“AL-Len!” she’d pout, shaking my shoulder with her paw.

“GRRRR!” I’d sigh. “Just don’t grab them this time! Ok?”

“Ok.” She’d smile.

(Uncover) *GRAB*

“OW! GODSDAMINT FRAZZISS!” She’d back off, apologize, and then a couple of hours later, it’d start all over again. 

In the end, I can’t blame her for being frustrated. After all, Mamono are almost always horny due to their Demonic Energy. And Frazziss? She’d been getting a steady fix, every day, several times a day, for months. It’s not easy for anyone to go cold turkey. And here I was, ‘dangling’ a 100% bonus in front of her.

Naturally, I wanted to find out any info on this. Historically, there wasn’t any mention of Dragons having two dicks. But, I’m guessing that any historian who was close enough, wasn’t of a mind to check.

According to Mitzi, some reptiles have something called: Hemipenes. That is to say, they too, have got two (he he!) dicks. BUT, for them, they’ve got their junk side by side. Me? I had mine top and bottom.

After they finished healing up, I discovered that I got some nifty options with them! At will, I could make them bumpy, or I could make them smooth. I could also retract them: One, or the other, or both. I could retract them partly, or I could retract them all the way. (Yes, they got bigger/longer).

Frazziss? She ♥♥♥’s those options!

But there was a downside to having two dicks. I had to learn how to use both hands/paws if I wanted to take a whiz. Meh!

Now imagine how much fun it became, having to take a whiz in the middle of the night.
Forget about ‘wiping the seatie’. I had to keep a mop nearby!

And of course, when Frazziss found out about it, she couldn’t keep her big trap shut.  
“Don’t forget Allen! If you’re shaking more than twice, you’re playing with yourself! Yuck Yuck Yuck!”



As I mentioned before, I got the standard set of Dragon scales, pretty much in the same spots as every other Dragon does, including the ears, just ‘thicker’.

But I ended up with an unusual set anyways. At first my scales came in the same color as my human skin. But that changed, they didn’t turn green or brown, or even silver. Nope. I became multicolored. I think Frazziss called them: Prismatic. At first, what color they were, depended upon the light. But after a while, they’d change colors depending upon my mood.

Yeah, that’s right. I was like a big Scylla. They’d change colors depending my mood. That sure sucked when I was playing poker with our friends.


‘Mojo Jojo’

My Mojo improved something fierce too. Remember my talking about being able to flatten rocks? Well, I was doing a lot of climbing on one set of boulders and I noticed that after a while of using my Dragon-Magic to glide, I was also leaving big paw/gouges in the rock.

So, taking a breather I experimented, and discovered that I could treat rock like it was wet clay! No effort at all! As soon as I let go of it, it’d stay in the form that I left it. I wasn’t sure what to do with it then, but I figured that I could do something useful, eventually.

Of course, my first thought was to start leaving ‘Dinosaur’ Prints all over the place. Then it occurred to me, that it wouldn’t take a Spell-Researcher to make the connection between a Dragon who could shape rocks…, and yeah.  The Park Service would NOT be pleased, and what’s worse, Frazziss would be disappointed with me. So, nope.


‘Dress Sense’

Now granted, being a Dragon meant that ‘technically’ I didn’t really need clothing anymore. But, I still needed something to wear if I wanted to stay employed…

Oh sure, there were lots of clothes available for winged Mamono. The problem was, that they’re all geared for girls: Torrid, Paladin’s Secret, Arachne’s Loom, you name it. I had to admit, they all did have nice outfits that would look great on Frazziss. Me? Not so much.

At first, I thought I was Ess-Oh-Ell, then a Griffin Ranger (Amanda) from Sequoia National Park, introduced me to an outfit called: Utilikilts.

Maou! That turned out to be a Gods-send! They’re a bit expensive, yes. BUT, they’re durable, and they could be tailored for those of us who have tails. (And they had pockets! YES!)

Naturally, there was a downside to my wearing a kilt.  At least once a day, every day, I’d get the same question.

Random Mamono: “Excuse me, Mr. Dragon! I couldn’t help but notice that you’re wearing a kilt. Could you tell me what’s worn underneath a kilt?” *giggles*

Me with my best fake Scottish Accent: “Nay Lassie, there’s nothing ‘worn’! Everything be in perfect working order!”

Or: “What’s underneath me kilt? Why the REAL Loch Ness Monster!”

I ended up having to wear a loin cloth, anyways. That’s because I got tired of some chick who had been running around the Valley with a battery powered leaf blower. For some reason she became obsessed with checking to see if I was regimental.



It was inevitable.

Eventually, word got out about my ‘Dynamic-Duo’, if you catch my drift.

It got started, when Tallia the Minotaur walked up to where I was taking a nap on the Dormitory tennis court. I woke up when she sat a case of beer next to me, then handed me a bottle. I smiled back as I took it, and she handed me another, then another.

At first, I’m laughing because I remember that one run-in with her. But then I noticed that she wasn’t laughing back. She just kept smiling, and kept handing me another bottle.

“Oh c’mon!” I said then. “Are you serious, Tallia?” She just grinned. 
*Heavy Sigh*
Yes, she was serious. I learned that she’d been holding back when I was still human. She’d been demanding ‘just enough’ to keep the edge of her lust off.

Now that I had become a full bore Mamono, she didn’t feel the need to do that anymore. After that night, I could see where that Wandering Scholar dude got that notion about them (MInotauros) wanting to do nothing but eat, sleep, and fuck.

Afterwards, Frazziss was a bit peeved about my not having enough for her, but she forgave Tallia. Me? I got to walk funny for a couple of days.

After that, it was like I became the Yosemite Valley Doorknob. (Everyone wanted a turn.)


‘A can of Wyrm’

February 14, 20XX, at approximately 6 in the evening, I drank the Succubus Nostrum that Frazziss demanded I do, and my transformation from (mildly Incubus) Human to Mamono began.

March 13, 20XX, roughly noon, I fell asleep for a nap, and I had another dream of that giant Succubus from the first go around. This time I recognize her: I think it’s the Great Maou. She’d not been seen in the flesh since her: Triumph over the Chief God, but I read enough descriptions to make an educated guess.

This dream was short and sweet.

We seemed to have some sort of conversation going on. But not in words. I think she was telling me that my transformation was complete, and that I was now a Full-Bore Mamono.

She (Great Maou) then looked down on me and gave me a quizzical look, as she raised a hand, holding up two fingers. Instantly, I get what she’s driving at.

‘Yes.’ I dream-thought at her. ‘You’re still second best. You will NEVER match my woman!’ I stood there, looking up at her with my arms crossed.

She didn’t seem to be pissed, but I could tell that she was annoyed. What did she do?  Since I refused to give in on that one thing (Most beautiful), she wasn’t going to give me the full details on what my changes were.

Those, I had to find out the hard way. Just before she turned and went away, she blew me a kiss. I felt that blown kiss impact me like a blast of water. It was a weird sensation, but I felt it all through me.

The last I saw of her, she was walking away from me into the Dark. But, she wasn’t alone. This time around, she had someone with her who was crawling on all fours with a dog collar/chain combo held by the Great Maou.

I’m not sure, but, I think she looked like the Chief God. I could tell that she was humiliated having to heel to the Overlord, but that didn’t mean that she wasn’t also enjoying it. In fact, I think I saw those two start to do something else, so I tried to get a closer look…

Aaaaaannnnd, I wake up. Damn it!

Yeah that kiss? It turned out to be an interesting parting gift from the Overlord. But I didn’t find out what that gift was for a while. It’s kinda hard to explain, so bear with me, would ya?

A weird thing started to happen. Every time I got laid, I’d get a ‘question’ in the back of my mind. It would be in the same part of my mind that dealt with my Mojo.
I didn’t know what the question was, other than it required a Yes/No answer. So, every time I got it, I answered with a “No”. Then it would go away, until the next time I got laid.

Finally, I was curious to see what would happen if I didn’t say ‘No’. The next time it came up, I had been with Frazziss. So, I do just that: “Yes”.  

Nothing out of the ordinary seemed to occur. So, I shrugged it off. Then, a couple of weeks later, I got an idea of what that “The Question” might have been.

“Uh, Allen?” Frazziss said, as we snuggled after our evening roll in the hay.

“Yes, Babe?” I said all drowsily, while I was starting to drift off.

“Uhhhmmm, we need to talk.” She mentioned quietly. Which made my eyes go wide at the implications of what she just said. Suddenly, I wasn’t sleepy anymore.

“Yeah, Babe?” I asked, my heart pounding. “What do we need to talk about?”

“On nothing much, Allen.” She tried to say it nonchalantly. But I noticed that her voice was quavering. I took her into my arms then, and she melted into my arms.

“It’s just that…” she continued, whispering into my ear.

“I think….” She hesitated.

“It’s ok.” I murmured. She started up again.

“that I’mmmmm…” She bit her lip for a second. I nodded my head.

“just a little bit….” Her voice went quiet.

“Gravid.” She whispered, as if this explained everything. I blinked a couple of times.

‘Gravid, gravid, what does gravid mean….? Oh wait! Yeah, she’s uh,” it finally hits me “…she’s saying she’s…PREGNANT!’ I thought to myself. I hugged her real tight then.

“Uh, Wow Babe!” I said, trying to keep my cool. “That’s….that’s…wonderful! But, I just want to let you know, that I’ll treat her like she’s my own!” I said, trying to reassure her.

Frazziss then struggled out of my arms with a MAJOR growl! Oh she was PISSED! Then she hit me on the arm, HARD!

“ALLEN!” She yelled, blowing smoke. “I haven’t been with anyone else!”

“wait, WHAT?!”


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  1. > flying United
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    > Allen playing with himself
    So if he can retract them individually, how come he can’t just pee out of one at a time? In the worst case he could retract them both and cop a squat

    > dragon-baby
    Back in chapter 3 Frazziss says her family only ever offered the nostrum “to every male who has ever gotten them Gravid”, so was she already pregnant at the time she offered it to him or did she decide to skip ahead? If the former, how did she get that way?

    1. My thoughts were united:

      REAL (Dragon) Men don’t squat like a girl.

      And I guess you don’t have a Prince Albert piercing.

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