Cut and Run, Chapter 4 (Allen Belushi Cycle 4)

  Doctor Mitzi

Cut and Run, Chapter 4



It surrounds me in an endless void. I think my eyes are open, yet all I see is the blackness that envelops me. I’m floating on the still surface of a sea of nothing.

I’m alone with my thoughts for company. I find that I can feel neither the beat of my heart, nor hear the sound of my breath. I find myself trying to resist this indomitable void as it slowly overwhelms me with its lack. Suddenly, I realize in this vast emptiness, that I am bereft of my woman and it makes me squirm with anguish.

“FRAZZISS!” I scream out from the depths of my solitude. But I don’t hear so much as an echo in response.  It’s frightening that she doesn’t answer. Why won’t she answer? I ache for her so.
This titanic loneliness makes me want to weep, yet I cannot. My immense torment cannot be assuaged by mere tears.

‘Is this the Death that I had desired for so long?’ I think to myself.
‘LIAR! This is not a balm to my pain! It’s a Torture!’

For the longest while, this is all I am. Or was. Or will be. I can’t decide which. There was something that occurred a moment ago, or was it an eternity? It felt important then, whatever it was. But It doesn’t now, not anymore, now that I find myself diffusing into the abyss.


It is important! But I can’t remember what it was, Gods Damn It! All that I can think of now, is how much I miss my woman. She’s the only thing that keeps me going!

“Frazziss…” I whisper in despair.

Then, something catches my eye. Oh, what’s that over there? I turn to see.

Is that? Yes, I think so! It’s spark of light, way off in the distance (?).

 Hold on! It’s getting bigger. Or, perhaps I’m moving closer? No, that’s not a spark, it’s a someone I think, and I can see them walking. Yes, it’s definitely a person! This person must be carrying a torch in this darkness.

This someone is walking towards me! Please! Let it be my Frazziss!

This person…no, this Woman! She doesn’t have a torch, she’s glowing! Yet, she’s not glowing too. Frazziss? Damn! It’s not my Dragon. This stranger is a woman yes, and quite a nice looking one at that. Still, disappointment washes over me.

That outfit of hers, it does remind me of a combination of battle armor and lingerie. It accentuates her curves and horns and…


She isn’t a normal human woman, she’s a Succubus! But MAN! She’s the best looking Succubus I’ve ever seen! I see that she’s quite tall too, as she’s walki….Holy Shit! She’s STILL walking towards me and I’m looking WAY up at her!

Finally, she stops and towers over me. I’m like a kid’s action figure toy in comparison to her!

She’s like a spire rising over me here in this nowhere land. WOW! She is REGAL! I see that she’s surrounded by a nimbus of what looks to be an un-light that surrounds her like a spotlight. It makes the darkness around me seem somehow less in comparison.
 But the weird thing is, on the outside of that not-light, a bright white light is surrounding it like a halo. Coal inside a snowball.

She’s standing there front and over me, not paying me any mind.

Taking advantage, I try to sneak a peek up her skirt.
Hey, I may be…what…dead? But, I’m still a guy.

I get the sense that she’s amused by my doing that. So, I look at the rest of her, and I’m forced to conclude that out of all the women I’ve seen in my life, she’s the second best looking.

 She hears that thought. The next thing I know, she frowns, crosses her arms and starts tapping one foot- looking directly down at me with one eyebrow raised. I get the notion that she’s not pleased by my assessment. I look back up at her and reply.

‘Well, yeah, you’re quite the looker all right. But you’re still not as beautiful as my Frazziss. No offense.’

Instead of being offended, she just laughs silently, and loudly. Then she gets a stern look on her mug and catches my eyes with hers, which I notice now, are raging scarlet ones. I’m trapped in a staring contest with a gigantic Succubus, and she’s winning!

She’s winning because, it’s like she’s reviewing my life. She and I see everything I ever did. From my birth, through my first wife, and up to those moments before I pass out from drinking that Succubus Nostrum. She reviews my memory of that last part several times.

She’s smiling at me. Not a tiger’s smile, an indulgent one, full of fondness.

Then, she does something weird. She raises one of her taloned fingers to her mouth, kisses it, and then she reaches down and touches it on the top my head. When she does, I feel something pass from her into me. I have no idea what.



I feel myself waking up.

At first, all I’m aware of is my breathing. It’s a nice feeling! Then, I can hear my heartbeat: ‘ka-thud, ka-thud’. That too, is a nice sound! I can feel a bit of a chill in the air, yet I feel all warm and safe. After a while more, I begin to realize my situation. I’m being rocked gently, almost like a baby would be in the arms of its mother.

After a few more moments, I start to hear Frazziss’ voice. She’s whispering the same-something over and over.
“please wake up, please wake up, please wake up! Pleasepleaseplease WAKEUP!” she ends with a forceful sobbing that’s just on the edge of hysterical.

Finally, I get my eyes to open.

Oh my poor Dragon! She looks awful. She’s got dark circles under her scrunched-up eyes, and tears all down her face. Her wings are all droopy too. I couldn’t have been out THAT long. Could I?

Despite my exhaustion. I manage to move my head over, and look up to her. 

“frazzis.” I mumble through a dry mouth. Her eyes spring open and focus on me. She’s quivering with her mouth open just so.

“allen?”, she whispers quietly, hopefully.

“hey babe.” I manage to say, barely. She doesn’t say anything, she just slowly leans her head close to mine until our foreheads touch, and she closes her eyes and starts to slowly sob with relief. I can feel her clutching me close to her, and she just cries for what seems like the longest time. After a while, she pulls back and speaks.

“Allen.” She opens her eyes again, and whispers some more. “I thought I’d lost you.” Oh man, there go her waterworks again, dripping her tears on my face. Which reminded me.

“Wah….wah…” is all I can manage.

“Water?” she asks. At which point she lets go of me and I drop to the floor of the tent with a ‘thud’. Then, she’s all freaked out about that, and apologizes for it while she’s fumbling around the tent looking for a canteen.

A long story short, she gets me the much-needed water into my mouth, and only spills about half of the canteen on me in the process. Shortly after, she manages to coax some water-soaked jerky into me and I start to feel a helluva lot better. A half hour later, I’ve got enough strength to get up and walk around.

Frazziss’ nerves on the other paw, (dare I say it?) are frazzled. Why?

Apparently, she’d been keeping vigil over me for almost two days. Yeah, I was out for nearly forty-two hours, and she forced herself to stay awake the entire time keeping watch over me.

“Why didn’t you go for help Frazziss?” I ask her. She looks all weird at me and replies.

“And leave you? I wouldn’t do that! I…I…’couldn’t’ do that.” She says quietly, and starts to sniffle again. I wrap my arms around her and eventually she starts talking in earnest, staring at her feet.

“At first I thought you’d wake up the next morning. But you didn’t. Then I thought that you’d wake up by noon, but you STILL didn’t.” At this point she turned her head into my chest and nuzzled there a bit. She starts talking again, her voice shaking.

“I just kept telling myself, that you were going to wake up soon. I didn’t want you to wake up and think,” she paused, and finished all in a rush,” that I’d abandoned you!” she grabbed me then and started sobbing, talking into my chest.

“I just wanted to be there for you, like I wasn’t for..for…”, I just clutched her a little tighter then. I knew who she was talking about. All these years later, she still beats herself up about her kid. But hey, whom am I to talk?

“It’s OK babe!” I whisper to her. “We made it through this together, and now I know I’ve got the most loyal Dragon ever with me!” It takes a bit, but she eventually calms down. Looking over at her, I can tell she’s exhausted, both physically and mentally. She needs to rest.

“Get some sleep babe, I’ll still be here when you wake up, I promise.” But, she refuses to go to sleep unless I’m in her arms, so I let her use me a body pillow. It doesn’t take her long to fall asleep, since she’s been awake for over two days. So, after being drooled on for about a half hour, I gently wiggle my way out of her arms and step outside the tent.

I guess I’m just not very tired after a forty-two hours nap. Yeah, go figure.

It’s not too terribly bright outside, because of the clouds. But, it’s a good spot to see the Valley and I’ve got a good view of Kolana Rock from where I’m at. Off in the distance, I can hear the sound of Wapama falls shushing down into the reservoir. I look around the immediate rocky area, and I can see my backpack a few feet away from the tent.

It’s never a good idea to eat where you sleep, when you’re out hiking. That’s because you don’t want to attract bears into your tent, Mamono or otherwise.  Frazziss and I hadn’t planned on staying here, oh, more than the one night, yet here we were the second day after, and it’s obvious that she’s tired enough to sleep until the next morning.

Checking the supplies, I figure that she must have eaten the food we did have, to keep up her strength. But, I knew her well enough to know that she’d never eat any of the apples I brought along. Not even if she were starving, would she touch them.

That’s because of that whole, ‘fruit-eating-mud-monkey’ insult she threw at me when we first met. I learned shortly after, that calling a Dragon a fruit eater, is one of the worst insults you can throw at one. Checking my pack’s pockets- yep! They’re still there. So, I go and pull out two of the four that I brought.  

I wander away from the tent a short distance, and plop myself at the top of a short cliff that’s overlooking the reservoir. I find myself feeling introspective then.

While I’m sitting there trying to appreciate the view, I get the notion that this journey I’ve been on, has been a fucking ordeal. I also get the feeling that this shit show called my-life-thus-far, has been the opening act prepping for the main performance. Or maybe I’m blowing off some mental steam.

It was then, I found myself idly looking down at the water and I decide that I’m not high up enough to kill myself.

‘Maou Damn it! I’m STILL getting the fucking urge to jump.’ I think sourly to myself. I try to take an assessment of how I’m feeling right now, and I’m forced to conclude: I don’t feel any different.

Well shit.

After all that crap, all that buildup, all that level of drama with that D’Aragon family ‘Succubus Nostrum’, I still feel the same as I did before. The only difference being, that I feel like shit now because I’ve not had anything to eat for nearly two days.

What a fucking downer.

A thought occurred to me then, so I follow up on it. I stand up, unzip my pants and pull out my dick.

‘Well Fuck! It’s still the same length!’ I grouse to myself. ‘So much for being turned into an Incubus overnight!’

The scuttlebutt was, that every guy who gets himself turned into an Incubus, also gets the ‘Holy Grail’ that every dude has ever wanted: A Bigger Dick. Or would that be an ‘Un-holy’? Ah, never mind.

‘Well, at least I didn’t get turned into an Alp!’ I tell myself as a consolation. ‘That would’ve have been awkward, huh!’  But, still, after all that shit two days ago, after all that pain, I should’ve been able to come up with SOMETHING out of the ordinary to show for it all.

I then raise one of my apples to my mouth and take a bite. I stop for a second, and notice something weird. This apple tastes….OFF. I chew it once, and then immediately spit it all out!  WTF man?! This goddamned fucking apple tastes like a turd!

After wiping my mouth with one hand, I hold that bitten into apple up and inspect it closely. I sniff it, and it smells fine. I look it over, there’s no sign of rot anywhere I can see. I lick it and grimace. It’s like tasting a fresh piece of shit. Fuck man! What gives?

I sigh with frustration and pick up the other apple. Guess what? Yeah! It tastes like shit too.
But, near as I can tell, there’s nothing wrong with it other than it’s fucking taste. I get up and inspect the two remaining apples in my pack. They too look good, but they too taste like horse-apples. Well fucking Ay!

I then go back over to the cliff’s edge and chuck one of them out into the reservoir in frustration. I then sit down in a pissy mood. Odd. I get the sense there’s something I’m missing, but I could….

WTF? That was the sound of an apple hitting the water- a long ways away!

Now that I think about it, I don’t recall hearing that apple hit the water in the first place.  So, I decide to do a little experiment. I pick up the remaining three apples, and I throw the first one out, then I wait a couple seconds, then I rapidly throw out the remaining two.

So, I wait for what seems the longest time, and I assume that I must have missed the water some…oh fuck! There it is again. A quick ker-plunk! Followed by two more back to back.

All three of them sounded like they came from a long-ways away, too.

‘Ok, this is starting to freak my ass out now!’ I think to myself. I go and look around for a baseball sized rock, locate one, and then I heft it. I decide that I’m gonna aim for the far cliff wall of the valley.

Hey why not? If I’m gonna be the “Indelible Hulk” I may as well go for the gusto, right? So, I do just that, and I throw that rock with all of my might! I wait for several seconds for the sound of it hitting the water. But it never came at the appropriate time.

Instead, after a few seconds longer than it should have, I hear the sound of a rock hitting the far side cliff wall. THEN, after a couple more seconds I hear the distinct sound of a rock plunging into the water. What’s the big whoop you say? The other valley cliff wall is almost a mile away.

‘Ok, maybe that Nostrum stuff really did do me some good, after all!’ I think, but then I frown. ‘So, what’s the big stiff about throwing rocks like some superhero baseball player?

I feel that I had enough of that shit, so I decide to just get up and try and catch some dinner for Frazziss and I. There was a stream nearby, there just might be some fish in there.  
I’m  right, there is. I’m able to snatch out about a half-dozen of those little bastards in as many minutes. Also, I recall never having such a sweet time getting a fire started. It was like I was a natural at it.

What easy-peasy, lazy ass fish! I’d never had such a fun time of grabbing them before!  They were easy to kill too. I just twist their heads off like a beer bottle cap.

Suddenly, I hear Frazziss crying out.

“ALLEN! ALLEN! WHERE ARE YOU!?” she screams. I hurry back into the tent, she grabs me hard and starts crying all over again.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” I ask, all worried about her outburst. It takes her a while to answer because she’s crying and shaking like a leaf in the wind. I just hold her close. She’s so clingy then that she wraps me with everything she’s got, including her tail. I think we probably resemble a big scaly jelly bean.

Apparently, she had a nightmare in which her sister Dragons were trying to take me away from her. She wakes up, and I’m not there next to her. End result- freak out! The way that she was holding onto to me then, I’m surprised I could manage to breathe. It took me a long while to calm her down enough to get her to let me go.

 But, it was a good thing I was cooking some fish. Otherwise, we’d probably still be there now, she was that scared. Thankfully, there’s nothing quite like freshly burned animal flesh to divert a Dragon’s attention.

She was cheered up immensely to see some dinner cooking, and even happier to see me doing well enough to do all that, just for her! Once she decided that they were cooked enough for her and me to eat. We sat down next to each other and munched.

It did me good to see her doing better. Soon, she caught me watching her eat and we just had a little fun playing with each other and our food. I pick up one of my apples and I start munching on it.  After a few minutes, I notice that she had stopped eating and was staring at me.

‘Uh, Frazziss, is there something wrong?” She doesn’t say anything at first, just keeps looking at me as if I’d grown wings or something.

“Allen, you do realize what it is you’re eating don’t you?” she asks me quietly. I notice a piece of fish drop from her mouth then.

“Yeah, babe, I’m eating an apple! What’s the big whoop?” I say, taking another delicious bite, and shaking the apple in my hand at her.

“Allen.” She says patiently, with a bit of worry in her voice. “You’re not eating an apple. You’re eating a roly-poly fish head!” I stop chewing and look down at my hand.

 Sure enough, what I thought was an apple was instead half a fish head. I stare at it, and it stares back. I swallow the portion in my mouth, and look at her.

“Yum?” I smile.

Then I take another bite. Yummy it is indeed! It’s then that I start to get the notion that maybe that Nostrum did make some changes in me, after all.

After a bit, she has me eat one of the remaining fish. It was only after I do so, that she points out that I had eaten ALL of the fish: The meat, the skin, the bones, even the fins.

Yep, something weird was going on all right.

After that, she decides that she and I need to get back home, PRONTO! So much so, that she INSISTS on flying me back first! I try to argue with her about the tent and all, but she’s not having any of it!  But, in the end I get the last word in that argument (Yes, Dear).

It was just as well too. Because on the flight back, I start getting this really nasty set of aches and pains all over me. Not, nasty in level of pain, just nasty as in they felt, I dunno, strange. I get a headache over each of my ears. My shoulder blades feel like someone had kicked them hard, along with the sacrum part of my pelvis.

Once I get back home, I’m hungrier than a son of a buck! So I just dive into what was available. I find a couple pounds of some leftover chevaline meat-loaf and I just scarf that bad boy down lickety split. It was so good I felt like going for a trot. But, after a bit I feel the need for a nap. When I wake up, it’s hours later and Frazziss is there all snuggled up to me, drooling away. Despite all of my aches and pains, I decide to shake her awake.

“Mmmm?” she blinks tiredly at me. “Ummm yes, Allen? Is there something I can do for you?” she asks. I grin back at her.

“About that whole bonding thing you mentioned a few days ago.” I begin. But instead of the enthusiasm I expect, she rolls over, sits up and hugs herself. I find this reaction of hers confusing.

‘Frazziss, what’s wrong?” I try to put my arms around her, but she puts her wings in between her and me.

“Frazziss! C’mon! What’s up?” She won’t meet my gaze. I decide to get difficult. (Well more than usual).

“Frazziss! If you don’t talk to me, I’ll get out the Tickle Monster!” I threaten. Hey, I’d been with her long enough to know where all of her tickle spots are. (Don’t bother asking where, pal!) she just growls at me in response.

Then, I growl back at her. Apparently, I do it so well, that her head shoots around and she’s staring at me in shock.

“Allen? Did you just growl at me?” she asks all confused. I nod.

“Do it again!” she demands. I do, all perplexed. She flinches for a second and then her mouth falls open as she stares at me.

“Allen! “That wasn’t your usual squeaky human ‘growl’.” she says all stunned. “I’ve not heard a growl that deep since Mother disowned me!” Ok, this shit is definitely getting fucking weird.

“Babe, I think it’s time we had a talk about what we’re supposed to expect out of that ‘Nostrum’ of yours.”

“That’s the problem Allen! I already told you! You were supposed to become MY INCUBUS! To become my perfect mate!”

“What? You mean I wasn’t before?” I demand with a grin. She punches me then. Normally when she punches me like that, my arm will hurt for hours. This time I barely feel it, she must’ve pulled her punch.

“No, Allen! That’s not what I mean, and that’s not funny!” she grumps.

“So,” I ask, “All you knew, was that I was supposed to become your ‘perfect mate’, and that’s it? No details other than that?” she shakes her head. I was about to ask her another question when someone starts banging on the front door, hard!

I walk over to it while talking to her, but it’s hard to do so because the knocker wouldn’t let up with the banging.

“OK! OK! I’m coming! Hold your horses!” I yell out as I unlock the door. No sooner do I get it unlatched, than it’s flung open out of my hands and I’m brushed aside by another Dragon storming into the place!

“FRAZZISS!” this new Dragon yells, stomping up to and standing in front of my woman. “Why haven’t you been answering my phone calls you idiot!” Frazziss doesn’t say a thing, she just seems to melt into herself and bows her head as if she’s a kid who just got caught doing something naughty.

“HEY!” I yell, “Who the fuck, are you?!” This new Dragon doesn’t even look over at me. She just keeps chewing out my woman.

“Frazziss, you’re such a disappointment! I borrowed the Nostrum just like you demanded, but Momma noticed it’s gone and she’s on a rampage! I NEED it back NOW!” she yells down at my woman. Frazziss doesn’t say or do anything, it’s like she shut herself down in shame.

“HEY HANDBAG!!” I yell at her as I step over to this snooty ass lizard. “Who the fuck, are you!?” She just glances over at me for a second with a sneer. I could see then, a physical similarity between her and my woman. Frazziss had green scales and purple hair. This one had greenish-brown scales and yellow hair. She keeps yelling at my woman, instead of paying me any mind.

“Why are you acting like this Frazziss, this is important! Why are you always such a LOSER?” she yells. That’s when I see Frazziss starting to cry and it sets me off.

“Hey You Fucking Piece of Shit! BACK THE FUCK OFF!” I scream, as I try to get in between her and my woman. (Yeah I know, ‘never get between a Dragon and her prey’. Yada yada. But that’s my WOMAN!) What does she do? She just flicks a wing and slaps me in the face.

“Mind your betters Monkey-Boy!” she says with a growl. That’s when I lose my shit, because that’s when I take a swing at her.
She ducks underneath my fist all easy like, then she stands up and tries to give me a backhand across my face. Suddenly, I remember my childhood Aikido training.

I knock her fist aside with my left hand open palm, and get into her face! I was ready to bite her nose off at that point, I kid you not. My move surprises the shit out of her, but not for long.
She then does a quick cross hand grab with her left hand/paw onto my left wrist. Well, I turn my hips to the left, which throws her off balance. I then twist my left hand around till I’m able to grab her wrist, then I push my right hand onto her left elbow. Stepping forward I’m able to push her off balance, then I reverse and pull her to the left causing her to fall to the ground and…

That’s when the shit really got fucking weird.

I’m able to pin her so that she’s stretched out onto the ground with a wrist grab/pull by me. She can’t get up nor can she pull away. I’m kneeling down next to her, under her wing, twisting her handpaw around, with my knee in her ribs.

So, what’s the big whoop you ask?

Martial arts are good when you’re the same size or same strength as your opponent. Any significant size or strength mismatch, can upset that balance. My point? Dragons are VERY much stronger than humans. By rights, there should’ve been NO freaking WAY for me to keep her pinned down.  Yet, there we were.

At that point, Frazziss is screaming at me and the obnoxious lounge lizard to stop fighting. But Miss Hoity-Toity Handbag keeps trying to struggle out of my grip, bopping me on my head with her wing, and slapping me with her tail.

“Get off of me you Gorilla Goon!” she screams. “I’ll rip you a new one!” As if that’s gonna make me let her go! NOT when I’ve got the advantage over this douche-sickle.

Finally, that tail of her knocks me alongside my head hard enough to make me see stars, and that’s when I lose what little cool I’ve got left. According to Frazziss, I then growl deeply enough to make both of them do a double take.

Then, I turn around and bite the obnoxious one on the nape of her neck. Don’t ask me why I decided to do that. It just seemed like the thing to do at the time.

She freezes, lets out a major gasp, and then she just sort of… melts. I can’t think of a better word for it than that. She just …melted. She stops struggling, her wings bunch up, and her tail cocks to one side of her butt. I notice what’s going on, and I let go of her with my mouth and stand up and step away all quick like. Why? Because it freaks me out.

She just stays there. She stops mouthing off, and instead of getting to her feet, she pushes herself up onto her handpaws and knees with her ass up in the air, and her tail is still cocked off to one side. I notice then, that she’s panting …huskily. It takes me a couple of seconds to realize what her condition is: she was so turned on then, that she was ready to mate!

Frazziss and I traded looks and I couldn’t have told who was the most surprised. Talk about awkward!

It’s particularly awkward, when you consider that Dragons refuse to have sex in that position. They consider that to be ‘mating like an animal’. Yet, here she was all receptive for IT right then.

Finally, Frazziss gets her shit together and waves me off, then tells me to wait outside. I was OK with that! I decide to go to the Dormitory common room and just chill. A few of the other dorm residents were engrossed in some movie there but when I waltz in, they all look at me and nod with a shit eating grin plastered on each of their faces. I ignore them and face the screen.

I wish I hadn’t.

Remember that Centaur BDSM movie I mentioned earlier: Fifty Grades of Hay? Guess what? They made a sequel. Fifty Grades Barker, only this one involves Kobolds too. Sheesh!

I decide to go for a walk after the umpteenth time one of the Mamono there kept trying to catch my eye and smile at me. It didn’t help that the one who was doing it, was Catarina the Kobold.

In the end, I just go to the communal rest room, and sit on one of the crappers until I hear Frazziss’ distinctive claw-clacking on the floor outside.

“Hey, Babe, is it safe for…’you know’?” I ask, waving a finger between her and me. She then comes up to me silently, and gives me a great big wing and arm hug. She just stands there for a second, leaning her head on my shoulder. After a bit, she looks up at me and says.

“Thank you Allen,” she smiles, “for coming to my defense. That was brave of you. How did you know you’d be able to overpower my sister Goldara like that?” she asks.

I get all ‘aw shucks’ for a second before I answer.

“I didn’t.” I answer, which left her with her mouth open. “All I saw, was that someone made my woman cry. That’s all I needed.” I said softly. She covers her mouth with a paw.

“Oh Allen!” she says, before she gives me a major tongue kiss. After a rather long and enjoyable bout of tongue hockey she stops and whispers in my ear.

“We’ll bond after Goldara leaves.” She smiles at me. Ah man, I got such a shit eating grin then. We then go into her room to confront Miss Prissy.

“Well,” Goldara smirks when we come in. “Frazziss, you certainly picked a strong one this time.” She says, with just a hint of respect in her voice. (OH Be still my heart!) Unfortunately, she remembered her attitude right quick then.

“Frazziss!” She starts yelling, at which point I growl at her. She gives out a small ‘yelp!’ when I do that, and looks at me. After a moment of meeting my stare and then looking away, she starts talking again. Only this time she remembers her manners.

“Frazziss.” She said reasonably, with a quick glance at me. After I don’t growl, she continues.

“I NEED that vial back! Where is it? Why haven’t you been returning my calls? What’s going on?” Etc, etc, etc.

It took her a while to ask all that, because I had to growl a few more times to remind the bratty sister about her manners.  In the end it was most satisfying to see her fall down to the floor all speechless, once she got the news about the Nostrum.

“What do you mean, he DRANK IT?! That’s NEVER happened!” (Well, DUH!) she says, staring up at me and Frazziss. She’s looking a bit lost, too.

To make a long story, short. Apparently, even though Frazziss was disowned from the family, she still had the right to access it. But Momma was the keeper and refused to let it out. Big problem. Apparently, Goldara ‘borrowed’ the family heirloom at Frazziss’ request. Their Mom didn’t find out about it until the morning after we’d left on our hike to Hetch Hetchy. It seems that Goldara went out onto a limb by sneaking the keys to the Vial’s Vault, away from their Momma’s key ring. 

Finally, after getting over her shock, she stands up and approaches me.

“I need to look into your eyes…what’s your name again?” she says all stuffily.

“Allen.” I reply stiffly.

“Ok Allen, I need to see if you’re telling the truth. I can only do that by looking into your eyes.” She says, raising her hand/paws. Then I look over at Frazziss, and she nods. I let Goldara do what she asked.

It only takes a second, but she holds my head (surprisingly gently) and locks her eyes with mine. She lets out a gasp and drops her hands while stepping away from me.

“OH Great Maou! You did! You really did drink the Nostrum!” she says, all amazed. She then reaches out a paw to my hand and says with a smile.

“Put it there, pal! You’re definitely a first all right!” I, like an idiot, took ahold of her paw all ready to shake. She grabs me painfully tight, and tries to do an over the head twist and throw. Even though I’m caught off guard, I’m still able to stymie that by walking around her. I then manage to throw her instead.

She ends up on her back, lying on the floor. But, she then manages to knock my feet out from under me with her tail. The next thing I know, I’m lying on top of her, face to face.

“Hello Sweetie!” she whispers with a grin. Frazziss is NOT amused by that I can tell you! She ends up almost throwing her sister out of the room then. But, she relents long enough to promise to call their Mom, and back up Goldara’s testimony. After shutting the door behind her, she speaks.

“Oh Momma is going to be SOOO Angry!” Frazziss says with a shit eating grin. “Jealous Angry! Napalm-Spitting Angry!” she starts giggling. I have to admit I was laughing then too. It was good to see her in a good mood, it had been too long. She then grew somber.

“Allen, I want you to go to the Doctor tomorrow. I talked it over with Goldara, and there’s NEVER been a case of a Nostrum acting like yours did. I’ve already called and made an appointment with Mitzi.” She says firmly.

“Mitzi? Isn’t that the Shoggoth Doc? The one that’s hits on all her patients?” I ask, all worried.

“Don’t worry about it Allen, she does that with EVERYBODY! If you’re not interested, just let her know. If you are, just leave enough for me!” she teased me with a smile. I give her a half growl and roll my eyes. She giggles then.

“Now,” she grins “About that whole, ‘bonding’ thing I mentioned earlier.” She says while reaching for me.


Well, things definitely got interesting there. I’d been building up my stamina with her, but at best I could only go about three, maybe 4 rounds before the Nostrum. We ‘bonded’ to the tune of a dozen times that night. Yowza!


At first, I’m not too keen about going to the Doc, even with Frazziss’ urging. I never did like them since my daughter…I know, it’s not fair to them. But still.

But, the next morning, I’m not feeling too good. Overnight, for some reason all my aches became a double intensity pain as I get a couple lumps on my head, shoulders, and butt that kept me from sleeping on my back, plus there was some other crap that started up too. But, even with all that shit, I’m still tempted to put it off, and I argue with Frazziss about going.

After breakfast, I change my mind. Why? With the exception of my head hair, every single other hair on my bod falls out during my morning shower. That was fun cleaning it all out of the drain, I can tell you! NOT!

Frazziss was all curious about it, and wanted to feel my skin just for the pleasure of it. Then, after a while, it became apparent that she was concentrating all of her attention on stroking one particular spot, and I nearly ended up being late for the appointment. The Vixen!

I go to the Yosemite Medical Clinic, and end up being late for my appointment anyways. It seems that there’s always someone else with a higher priority problem coming in: a broken leg of a tourist who thought he could climb a rock, some fool who tried to feed a bear because he watched too many cartoons, or a Mamono lover’s accident.

I feel sorry for that Ushi-oni’s boyfriend. Apparently, he didn’t secure her Ofuda properly before they started making love.

Well, eventually I get in to see the Doc, and the first thing she asks is why I’m there. For such a busy medico, she’s patient in working with me. And yeah, she flirts with me something fierce.

“Hello Love! You should be flattered!” she says all coy, in some weird British accent.

“Why is that?” I ask.

“Despite my being as busy as I am, I can still manage to squeeze you in!” she says with a black-eyed leer.  

‘Oh crap!’ I think to myself. ‘This is going to be a pain.’ I don’t have anything against the Mamono who have black eyes. It’s just that every time I catch one of them looking at me, it creeps me out.

“Well, why don’t you go ahead and disrobe, and tell me all about what’s eating you.” She says huskily. “Maybe, I could take its place.” She whispers. I hesitate then, with my shirt over my head.

“Oh, don’t stop on account of me, Love. I’m just admiring the view!”

“Uh, I’m not too keen on someone watching me while I undress, would you mind?” I ask all nervous suddenly. She just smiles and turns around. That made me relax. It’s not until I’m down to my skivvies that I realize that she did that a little too easily. I glance over at her quick like, and I swear that I see one of those Shoggoth alternate-eyes blink shut on her back. My suspicions are confirmed, when I sit on the exam couch.

“Oh no need to stop there, Love! I may need to inspect you down under!” she said, before turning completely around. I notice that she’s biting her lower lip and looking all hungrily at me then. I also notice then, that she’s standing between me and the door.

I ignore her remarks and tell her about the last few days. She, to her credit, listens to me carefully and doesn’t make any flirty remarks until after I get done.

“That is odd, Mr. Belushi.” She says, all business like. “Normally the Great Maou’s Nostrums work overnight. I wonder why you didn’t get changed into an Incubus.” She says, as she held up one slightly translucent arm to her mouth in thought.

“Ok love, it’s time for Show and Tell!” she starts up again. “Show me where you’re hurting and tell me what’s happening!” So, I tell her about my headaches and everything else. She then reaches up to examine the spots on my head and after a bit, says something.

“Well love, the achy spots. Are they HERE!” she says, pressing down real hard.  I yelp.

“YEAH! That’s the spot Doc.” I say with a wince. She got them both but good. She frowns a bit then, and she moves around to my back.

“Lie down on your tummy, Mr. Allen.” I do. She inspects the spots between my shoulder blades. She asks again about the ‘achy spots’ and sure enough, when she presses down on them I get a jolt of pain. She’s still curious, as she moves down to my lower back, just below my waist. She does the same thing, only in that one place. I’m starting to smart something fierce then. But she wouldn’t tell me what she was thinking.

“Is that everything that’s been bugging you, Allen?” She says all saucily. (Actually it’s not in fact. There was ONE thing I notice this morning that I’m suddenly afraid to mention.)

“Well yes, but do you promise not to laugh?” I say fearfully. She reassures me that she won’t, and to her credit, she keeps her promise. But I could tell that she was quivering afterwards.

My problem? My dick has started to hurt. No, it had NOTHING to do with my sudden surge in using it. That would’ve hurt all over. Instead, it started hurting in a…uhh…’special’ way.

“What special way is that, Mr. Belushi?” she asks, rolling her black eyes at me with a cheeky smile. I saw her then, twitching her fingers with her hands close to her chest. (Oh CRAP!)

“It hurts, almost like it’s starting to, to, uuuhhhh…” She just tilts her lavender skinned head at me. I sigh.

“Split.” I say finally. She gets a thoughtful look on her face.

“Well then, Love.” She grins at me. “I guess I’m going to have to get a closer look then.” She says with a giggle. After a while, she manages to get me to drop my tighty whitey. I see her bend down and take a closer look, and then I see her face fall and suddenly she’s got a serious look instead.

“Well, Allen, this is certainly out of the ordinary.” She says, looking closer. She then looks up at me with an unspoken question, and I nod. She then starts handling my penis in a professional manner.

“My Goodness, Mr. Allen. You’re saying this happened recently?” I nod.

“To be honest, I’ve never come across one that looked like that before.” She smiles and winks at me. “And I’ve come across a few of them in my time.” I just sigh at her.

“Patient appears to have developed a lateral depression all along the sides of his penis.” She looks at me and explains. “I’m just forming the words in my mind so I can write it down properly later in your record.” She continues talking and examining.

“Lateral depression, hmmmm, begins from the base of the shaft and extends….Oh My! It extends over the glans and connects on to the far side of the penis with the other depression there. Depth of groove appears to be approximately two millimeters.  Depth is consistent all along the its entire length, including traversing the urethral opening. I am forced to conclude that it appears that the patient’s penis is quite literally splitting in two!” She stops and stands in thought for a minute with her hands (?) on her hips (?), looking at me all over.

She then turns, and gets out a tongue depressor. I get nervous and cover up my dick then. She sees me doing that and giggles.

“No, Love, I’m not going after that with this.” She says as she reaches for a laryngoscope. “I’ve got one more question for you. How’s your throat feeling? Is it sore?” THAT got my attention!

“Uh, Yeah Doc, it has as a matter of fact. How’d you guess?”

“I’m about to find out for sure, Love! Say Aaaaah!” I do as she orders and she shines that scope into my mouth then pushes that wooden tongue depressor deep into my mouth.

She was rooting in there for what seemed the longest time. I was trying not to gag, but it was getting more and more difficult as it kept going on and on.

“Almost there Love, just a little….bit…..more….!” she says peering in. She starts poking at the back of my throat with that damned thing and the next thing I know I belch.

I didn’t throw up, I didn’t gag. I fucking belched! That was weird enough as it was. But WHAT I belch up, surprises the shit out of me!

It’s a small ball of fire.

I belch a ball of fucking fire! The Shoggoth Doc had quick reflexes, because if she hadn’t, she would’ve been scorched!  I was in shock then, and I turn to her as she speaks.

“Well Love.” She says, as she blows out the fire that’s burning on the end of the tongue depressor.

“I think I can safely say, that you’re definitely not turning into an Incubus!” She gets a major smirk then.

“No Love, I’d say you’re turning into a Dragon! And by the looks of things,” she says with a saucy glance down at my junk. “You’re turning into a MALE Dragon.” She starts giggling.

“Oh, Gor Blimey, aren’t YOU going to be popular with the Dragon ladies then!” She says with a wicked grin.


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