Cut and Run Chapter 2 (Allen Belushi Cycle 2)

Cut and Run, Ch. 2


With the wind whistling in my hair I see that I just cleared the top of a Ponderosa Pine when I’m grabbed painfully on the shoulders by a set of claws, then I’m arcing AWAY from the ground, and up towards the tree line! I look up and what do I see? Ranger Rhodan! The same ranger that was giving me grief about spreading my family’s ashes! WTF?

She had to have gotten up a good head of steam to catch up with me, so it takes me a couple of seconds to compensate for the g-forces of the arc. First thing I do?

I yell, “LET GO!” While I’m hitting her.

Distracted, she turns her head down to see what the fuss is about. Problem is, she forgot that we we’re BOTH below tree tops! The next thing I know I’m looking at a rapidly approaching set of trees. ‘Cra…’ is all I can think when we start smacking into them.

Suddenly my world is filled with pine needles, bark chips, tree limbs, then dirt, as I tumble through each and every thing on the way down to a rolling stop on the ground. ‘Fuck! Shit! Piss! Crap!’, I’m either saying out loud or thinking on the way down. Now I know what a pachinko ball bearing feels like.

Somehow, some-fucking how, I manage to emerge without a broken bone. But still I’m banged up rather bad. All I could think about then? Think? What the fuck is that? I don’t think: I exist. I exist in a slowly settling cloud of dust with trees above, ground below, and a fuck-ton of pain in between. Somewhere nearby, I can hear a ground squirrel cussing.

Eventually, the world stops spinning enough for me to try and get my bearings. As I’m SLOWLY getting upright, I see a curious Stellar’s Jay drop down from a nearby tree, hop over to me, and then the little twat gives out a single sharp rasping squawk. It then flies off, as if that settled the matter.

What’s a Stellar’s Jay?  Think Blue Jay with a Mohawk, dressed like a Goth, and the attitude of an Emo; proof positive that the Chief God was drunk when she created the world. Good thing she hasn’t gotten around to making Stellar Jay Harpies, yet.

“Same to you pal.” I mutter under my breath.

THAT, was not the landing I expected. No, not by a long shot. It seems like the local Wile E. Coyotes will have to find something else to nibble on tonight.

So, I try to take a step at random and what happens? The Ground takes a flying leap at me, and knocks me over.

‘WTF?’ I think as I see a patch of dirt in my face, so I push myself up again and take another step, and a different patch of ground does me a roundhouse. Well I’m not gonna take that lying down, no sirree! So I try for a third time, and I’m slapped in the face by a tree root.

‘Goddamned Tree-Huggers!’ I moan. ‘Ok, I’m batting a thousand.’ Me: Zero, Ground: 3. I decide I’m gonna lie down and chill instead.

Finally, after a looooonnnggg while later, I manage to get myself to a standing position and look around. I can hear the gurgle of a nearby stream and the wind whispering through the valley, ‘How Poetic’.
Then there is the sound of something big stomping around ….’Ah shit. It’s coming this way.’ Is all I can think, before Godzilla’s kid sister bursts out from behind a tree and she’s headed straight towards me with murder in her eyes.

‘Looks like someone found the Pissy-Tree, and hit every branch on her way down!’

You know what? I realize I’m pissed too. So, instead of waiting for her to come to me, I wobble over and meet her halfway.

“WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO THAT FOR!!!”  We both scream at each other in unison.

Neither of us expected that from the other, so we’re both speechless and surprised as hell and just down to glaring at each other; Each of us panting with stress.

This time I get a better look at her Scaliness, sans hat. Her shirt and short pants are in shreds. Glancing down, I notice I was in pretty much the same condition. Looking back up, I see a pine cone stuck on the end of one of her horns. ‘Nice touch.’ I think to myself.

 She was looking at me with her hand claws twitching, as if she was restraining herself from tearing me apart. I tried to see if I could push her over the edge, (since she took me away from mine).

Catching my breath, “The Fuck were you thinking, Gojira?” I yelled.

“I just saved your life, you Ungrateful Monkey!”, she snarled back.

“I didn’t want your help, Tinker Toad!” I return.

“Hairless Ape!” She volleyed back.

“Egg Sucker!”

“Flat Foot!”

“Bacon Breath!”

“Gibbon Goon!”

“Drama Bat!”

“Ground Hog!”

“Tree Hatched Shell Slime!”

“Fruit Eating Mud Monkey!”

Yeah, this shit went on for a couple more minutes; She, snarling down at me, me snarling back up at her. Both of our hands/talons clenched at our sides, until we ran out of insults. (I guess the well had run dry. Or maybe we both fatigued our respective Insult-Muses into insensibility.)

At that point we were nose to nose, just standing there facing each other glaring our eyes out. After a couple of seconds my eyes wandered and I noticed then that every one of her shirt buttons were gone and left her ‘assets’ (probably the only set she had) free and open to the wind- no bra. I just happened to notice that her nipples were pierced with a cross over bar, and she had brown areola, ‘Popped at least one kid out’, I noted.

In between the half-zeppelins, hung a clear vial necklace pendant which had a pink viscous liquid glowing inside of it. Probably Forest-Ranger-Attitude-Juice, you know, if she ever needed a refill.

Finally she breaks the silence, “Base Jumping is illegal in the park!”

“I wasn’t Base Jumping, you over blown Puff-Ball! I wa…”

“Don’t call me that!”, she yells, her nostrils flaring.

(That’s where your goat is?!)

“What’s the matter Puffball? Are you gonna …ack!” I start, but I’m cut off when she grabs me by the throat, then LIFTS me up one handed, (taloned?).

“Stop calling me that, or I WILL BREAK YOUR FUCKING NECK!” She yelled. That time of the month?

While holding on to her wrist (?), I (hoarsely) yelled back, “YOU DON’T HAVE THE BALLS!” which made her already pissed off mug even more furious.

After a second, I added, (for no good gods damned reason I can remember), “Shenzon!”

Her face froze, then, she blinked. Then she closed her eyes and stopped breathing. The next thing I know, she starts quivering. I was wondering what the hell was going on until I heard her break out a snort!

That was a repressed laugh! Dragon-face was laughing!

Oh so naturally I let that shit go.


“What do you say Piccolo? Shall we go and get wasted, now that we fucked up the planet?” THAT made her bust out loud, as she dropped me down to the ground.

Taking in a deep breath, I continued like a mad man, “I like the sound of what you’re ‘Saiyan’ Vegeta! Let’s ‘Gohan’ do that!”

“Ah stop man! You’re Krillin me!”

I spewed off a few other Dragon Ball Z puns and the next I know, she’s on the ground snorting and laughing her tail off.

‘What an easy crowd, I guess I missed my calling.’ It’s kinda hard to stay pissed off at someone when they’re laughing their ass, uh, tail off. Just my luck she was a Dragon Ball Z fan. I decided to get my ass out of Dodge before we started having Manga flashbacks.

I had no idea where I was going, I just wanted to be AWAY from Snicker-doodles. I decided that I was gonna head over to that stream. At least THAT was something I could handle. If anything else, the sound of the stream gurgling helped to cover the sound of…, ‘Oh fuck, is she STILL laughing? Did I fart nitrous oxide on my way down?

Finding a moss-covered boulder, I sit down on it, then put my head into my hands and start shaking.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. “I was gonna kill myself and failed,” I got a right to be a little out of sorts. ‘I never would have guessed Lady Death was a cock tease!’

It seemed to take forever to get my heart rate and breathing down to a manageable level. I had to admit though, it was rare to see a Forest Ranger actually cut loose verbally. Normally, they walk around with a Sequoia Tree stuck up their butts, being all prim and proper. No wonder she gravitated towards this job, Peter Principle indeed.

I don’t know how long I was sitting there, but eventually I noticed that it was getting dark, and I had no place to go. Standing up, I walked around and couldn’t see hide nor hair of Chuckles.

‘Must’ve bugged out in search of a refill of Attitude Juice.’ I thought. Well no matter. There I was at the base of El Capitan, the largest block of granite in the world (supposedly), I’m all banged up, dog tired, and feeling just a little lost coming down from my Suicide Rush.

I could’ve hoofed over to Yosemite Lodge to see if they had a room for the night. Oh wait!

“Shit!” I said out loud as I realized I left my wallet in my pack, which was currently sitting on the edge of a cliff about three thousand feet above me. “Double Shit!”  As I also realized that even if I did have my wallet, it was empty. I used the last of my fundage getting some supplies to get me to Yosemite and the entrance fee to same.

OK, all banged up (and not in the good way), bruised, dazed, hungry, thirsty, and facing a night out in the autumn cold without so much as a sleeping bag or a jacket to keep me warm. ‘Maybe I could snuggle up to a Coyote or a Brown Bear?’ I thought to myself sarcastically, but considering the state of Monster Girls of late, one or the other would probably be a Mamono, and thus not too terribly inclined to let me go traipsing away in the morning.

Fuck! Life sure does have a nasty sense of humor!

It took me a while, but I found me an oak tree patch in the dark, and made a bed of its fallen leaves. (OH PLEASE not a Ratatoskr!) Not the best accommodations, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. Eventually I drifted off to sleep with the sounds of: ‘Awwwooo!’ that I heard somewhere in the valley.

I thought about awwwoooing back at them, but then I recalled that whole Coyote/Mamono thingy. There were some Fluffy Tails that didn’t need to be touched by me.

Suddenly, I get woken up by something fairly heavy getting thrown onto my face. There’s just enough light for me to see what it is: My back pack. Before I can grab it, it’s yanked away from me. I sit up and look around, and I see that Ms. Congeniality is standing off to one side, glaring down at me with my pack in one of her mitts.

“What’s your name, Idiot?” she said civilly. (Civil for a Dragon that is.) I’m annoyed at the wake-up call, but I really could use some of what my pack has got inside of it, so I keep my voice fairly reasonable.

“What the fuck is it to you, Ghidra?” I said, keeping my eyes on my pack.

“I could just haul your monkey butt in front of the Magistrate right now. She’d be all too happy to adjudicate you after having her dinner interrupted.” She said, smiling her sharp toothed grin. Somehow, in the darkness it seemed like her teeth were glowing. “So, what’s your name?” She demanded again.

“I’ll tell you mine, once you tell me yours.” I reply, still defiant. She gets an annoyed look on her face and rolled her eyes. She just keeps glaring, until finally, “Frazziss.” I just keep silent, staring back at her sullenly.

After a few seconds, she growls at me. I felt it more than I heard it. I relent, “Allen, my fucking name is Allen,” I replied peevishly, “What’s it to..aaak!” That was when she tossed my pack into my face so hard, it knocked me over.

I stand up even more pissed, and get into her face, “What’s the big whoop, Scales? I know you Rangers are always bitching about your pay, you feel the need to go rifling through my wallet for a, retirement contribution?” That earned me a side order of pissy, on top of her main serving of murderous glare. But she doesn’t say shit then.

Aaaah, fuck it!’ Instead, I crouched down and set about loosening the straps of my sleeping bag, at least I’d not freeze my ass off tonight.

“When I found your pack on the cliff’s edge, there was a were-cat sobbing: “Allen”. You know of any were-cats with an underwear fetish?” she hissed at me.

I froze. ‘Oh shit,’ I thought to myself, ’Angelique Chatongarou? I had no idea she would track me this far.’ “Uhhhhh. Maybe.” I whisper sheepishly. For some reason, my reply pissed her off even more. She then stepped over to me and loomed, her wings curling around us both.

WHY, was she crying your name, ALLEN?” She said quietly. “Be very careful how you answer.” I sensed time standing still for a second. I gulped.

“I don’t know why she’s all hot and bothered about me, I did everything I could to dissuade her while I was…” I stopped, suddenly remembering my circumstances.  Ranger Pufnstuf crouched herself down even closer to me, her snout inches from my face.

“While you were,… what?”, she said menacingly. I decided to go for broke.

“While I was in that Mamono/Man Prison,” I replied, locking my eyes with hers through my eyebrows, “She was one of the guards there. She treated me with the same indifference all of the other guards did for a couple of weeks and then suddenly my bunk was her favorite napping spot.” I sighed, “I’ll be damned if I know why.”

“Then why is she following you now? Did you and she…?” she began, one of her claw/fingers jerking back and forth.

“NO!”, I yelled, bumping noses with her (eeew!). “I didn’t take advantage of her like that! In fact I did just about everything I could to get her to lay off! But she would NEVER, take, the GODS-BE-DAMNED, HINT!”

“Then why is she so obsessed with your underwear?”, she demanded. I didn’t know why I was answering her questions, but I do so anyways, it just felt important to talk to someone, anyone, honestly, for a change.

“PROBABLY, because I figured out, that when she nearly caught up with me back in Grand Junction, she was doing so by scent! I plopped a dozen of them in various spots where I knew she’d arrive at, in an effort to throw her off!” I yelled, then added quietly, “For all the good it did, apparently.”

“She’s still up there on El Cap, crying her eyes out. I had a hard time getting that pack away from her.”  Frazziss said, folding her wings against her back.  “She thinks you’re dead.” She added quietly.

I keep silent, while unrolling my bag.

“Well?” she asks.

“Well what?” I reply. “She thinks I’m dead? Good! Now maybe, she’ll go home and find herself a real man!” Frazziss blinked and tilted her head at me, frowning.

I finished with the bag, took off my boots, and slid into the-oh so warm and comfy bag. I’d lost my pad some time ago, but the leaves would do for now. Her nibs just kept silent, watching me the whole while.

Finally she said, “You could, maybe, say: Thank You, for my retrieving you your bag, Allen.”

I heaved a heavy sigh, (Just go away Stitch!} “Thank. You. Mommy!”, I said in as a sarcastic voice as I could manage. “Are you gonna tuck me in and read me a bed time story too?” I thought for sure that’d set her off, Nope. She just got a funny look on her face instead, and kept staring. I looked away for a few seconds, and when I look back, she’s gone. I never heard her move off.

 It didn’t take long for me to fall asleep.

I dreamt of my old lady again. I can’t remember what it was she said, but I do remember that I had never seen her so pissed before, even when she was alive. She just stood there behind that fence that separated us. She seemed like she wanted to either reach out and hug me close, or reach out and rip me a new one.

I’m awoken in the morning by the sound of something rustling around in my back pack. I jerk around, and I guess it alerted whoever it was. Out of my pack, pops a ground squirrel with a half chewed-opened packet of trail bar in his mouth, he’s off and running at a mile a minute.

You can always tell how close you are to a camping ground by how fat those little shits are. If they’re waddling, you’re close. That little bastard? Slim-Tim.

‘There went breakfast.’ I think to myself. I peer up and around and I see it’s a false dawn. I decide to go ahead and get up anyways. It’s hard, as I’m still full of aches and pains after yesterday entertainment.

But after a bit, I’m up and dressed in my raggedy clothes, all packed, while I’m hoofing it on the access road towards the Village, chewing on one of my last trail bars. It’s better than nothing.

While I’m walking along doing a mental evaluation, I settle on going up to Glacier Point, where there used to be the Fire-Fall. It’s still high enough for me to jump and get what I wanted, and besides I could easily be there before the end of the day.

I was so lost in thought I never heard the Drama Bat land nearby. All of a sudden I hear the sound of claws clacking on the road behind me. Turning, yep, it was her! She’s got a smug look on her face. I stop and she catches up to me. I notice she’s found her hat and her clothes look nice again. That made one of us. ‘Probably even took a shower, too. Asshole’.

She’s got a shit-eating grin plastered on her face. ‘Oh, this can’t be good.’ I resume walking and she keeps up with me, silently smiling all the while. Unfortunately, she couldn’t keep quiet for long.

Slowly and carefully, she elucidates every syllable loud enough for me to hear, “Mr. Allen Belushi: Fugitive from the Monster Girl City Mamono Male Holding Facility. Expected at, and overdue for, arrival at their sister facility in the Great Lakes region, yet here you are in Yosemite Valley, thousands of miles in the WRONG direction.” I just keep quiet.

She continued, “So tell me, Mr. Belushi, why the sudden urge for some Base Jumping when you could h…”

I stopped her with, “I WASN’T BASE JUMPING, YOU GALLIORDERITE!” I screamed. She doesn’t seem to understand what it meant. So I let it slide, I’m not gonna waste my breath with a half hour of explanations.

“Yes you were!”, she hesitated for a second, “I remember you now, from earlier,… yesterday, you were the idiot who polluted Mirror Lake with his …his…” she stopped, her eyes widening.

“Yeah, they were my family’s ashes.” I finished for her. “The ‘polluting’ ashes of both my beloved wife, and my one sole daughter, those ashes?” She just kept blinking at me, confusedly, not quite getting the point.

Finally, in an effort to get her brain onto track I asked, “Ever find my parachute?” She shook her head, ‘no’.

“Gee, imagine that.” I said quietly facing her. It took her a bit longer to put two and two together. I hear gasp as she steps back a couple of steps, her jaw just hanging open.

After a few seconds, “I…I..” she mutters.

“Can it.” I said, resuming my walking. “So whatcha gonna do Ranger Moon Bat? Fine me, for my attempt at feeding the Coyotes?” I turned and gave her a half smile. That shook her out of her daze. She hurried up to keep pace with me.

After a few seconds she whispered, “I could arrest you. I have that authority.”

“That you do.” I reply, still walking. “But what would that accomplish? I wonder?”

I walked a few more steps, pretending to be in thought, she just kept silent.

“Oh yeah, I’d probably get sent back to another ‘not’-prison. Where undoubtedly, some poor lonely Mamono female will snatch me up to share her love nest so that we can make us some…oh wait never mind! That’s right!” I said snapping my fingers. ”I can’t make any more babies.”

“But you could still,…”she started.

“Do what?” I said stopping and looking at her in the eyes. “I’ll tell you right now Puffy-Purse.” I said turning my eyes back to the road.  “Arresting me will just delay me. Not prevent me. BUT, all you will have accomplished is to create another heartsick Mamono, another…Angelique.”

She kept silent.

“Is that what you want Puffball?” I sneered back at her, she’d fallen back a couple of paces, then she stopped, I start walking.

From behind me, “WHY?!” is all she said.

“None of your Fucking Business!” I yelled, and kept walking. A couple minutes later I look over my shoulder, she’s gone. I keep hoofing.

There was the occasional vehicle that slowed down to see if I needed a ride. I politely declined them all. Though there was that one red-head Manticore driving a convertible, she just wouldn’t get the hint. She passed me three times, twice ahead, once more on the way back. The third time I see her stopped, I could see a bumper sticker on her car (Ass, Gas, Or Grass, No One Rides for Free), I got a bit closer and I noticed someone had scraped off the ‘Gas, Or Grass’ parts. When she opened her door and stepped out, I did the Manly Man Thing.

I ran and hid in the woods.

Damnation! It took her a half hour to give up the chase. Not my intention to be a pin cushion, in between making man-milkshakes.

A few hours later I’m at my desired destination, Glacier Point.
It’s another nice day, but I see clouds forming near Cloud’s Rest. It might rain later, maybe even a thunder boomer. With luck, I’d not be in any condition to enjoy it, or anything else for that matter. I’d rather just be digesting inside of some scavenger instead.

I did notice a shit ton of odd stares from the other hikers. All undoubtedly wondering where my waifu was, and why she was letting me run around unsupervised.

I also noticed a few ranger vehicles now and then, but they paid me no mind, especially after I used my stealth mode spell. It was getting hard to do that, now that I was so hungry and tired. I could only keep it up for a minute or two at a time.

There were a couple of single monster girls on the trails. They were friendly, and I got the notion that they suspected I was single. Both of them offered to share their lunch they’d settle down to enjoy. I was tempted to, but I also remembered that Mamono were in the habit of ‘inserting parts of themselves’ into food. If I ate it, I’d be theirs.

Hungry = Freedom.

I soldiered on. Both of them pouted when I turned them down.

Finally, I was at my destination. There were a few other tourists there, so I moved off away from them. No need to photo-bomb them, after all.
So, there I was, all set for a second try. This time I kept my back pack on. Thus, if I got grabbed, there’d be a good chance it’d be my pack that Ms. Tooth-N-Claws would latch onto instead. I could easily slip that off. Problem solved.

Another quick glance around, and I start hoofing it, but then I stop before I get to the edge. I see a familiar form fly by in front of me. It’s HER. She’s been stalking me the whole time, AND she’s carrying a net with her! We make eye contact, and I give her the finger. She ignores it and flies on, but stays nearby.

Her message is clear. She’s gonna be ‘my savior’. Fucking do-gooder!

I take note of which direction she’s flying, and I go the opposite way. Oops! Too late! She’s there already. It’s like that for the next half an hour until I give up.

Finally, I go back into the woods and set up camp. I need time to come with a plan for my Final Exit. A couple of hours later, I have it! Looking up I see that she’s still been flying around keeping an eye on me.

‘You’ll be awfully tired from all that flying tomorrow morning.’ I think to myself. Digging into my pack I’m able to find a couple of extra trail bars, leaving me with five for my plans. I eat half a one in an attempt to keep my stomach from complaining too much during the night. I’m gonna eat the rest in the morning. I’ll need them for the Mojo juice for what I have in mind then. I thought about jumping in the middle of the night, but I discarded that idea fairly quick. The main problem with that: Tree. I wanted to clock out toot sweet. Not in agonizing pain for hours after I’m impaled by a tree limb in the dark.


The next morning I’m feeling a bit better, so I eat the rest of the bars. I feel quite a bit better after that. So I begin my plan. I use the ‘Scanners on Full” spell and detect her nearby. She’s on the ground, and close. I rather figured she would. Even birds gotta sit shit out, occasionally.

So, next step. I pull out my one remaining shirt. I concentrate my mojo on it, so that it smells like me. It’s my one shaky part of the plan. I don’t know if she’s scented me by now. But, I’ve got no choice but to try. Then I use a huge amount of the rest of my mojo and go into stealth mode. I sneak out of my tent and walk about a couple hundred feet. I give her another scan check. She’s awake but unmoving. She hasn’t detected my deception yet!

I move as carefully as I can in the early morning light, avoiding overhead branches and sticks on the ground as much as possible. After about a mile in, I ‘scan’ one last time: she still hasn’t moved. I’m good.

 I start off at a trot towards the nearest cliff to the East. Those cliffs are further away and not quite so steep. But they’re still better than the obvious choice of the cliffs to the North. Even if she does notice I’m gone, she’s got a whole lot of cliff edge to search.

I take my time anyways, there’s no need for a bum’s rush to let her know I’m out and about, even if it’s by chance. I’m nearly a half mile to my intended cliff face when I hear a loud roaring screech from somewhere behind me. I think I can guess.

I make a mental SCORE point in my head it’s not every day a Dragon gets outsmarted by a mere human.

Finally, I’m at the cliff’s edge without incident. I take a quick look around, and I see the sun just peeking over the mountains to the east. This meant that any fool of a dragon approaching from the west will get the sun in her eyes.

 ‘Gotcha Dragon!  Who’s the smart one no….’,“Ooomph!”  

Ooomph was all I could manage, because that was when she snatched me from my standing position, there on the edge of the cliff. Instead of grabbing me with her foot paws like she did last, this time she had me in a bear hug. I was a bit dazed at the sudden change of velocity and scenery. But I was able to quickly recover, despite the pair of Dragon boobies blocking the view. 

She, apparently, had not taken into account the oblique angle in which she had dive bombed me, grabbed, and then made an arcing turn back into the valley. The end result of which- a tree clipped one of her wings and the next thing I know, we’re both tumbling down the steep cliff face.

Somehow, I don’t know how, I manage to jerk myself to a shoulder popping stop, by grabbing onto a stray tree. Instinct I guess. Instinct or not, it hurts like hell. ‘Ah, great! More aches and pains! Goddamn Lizard!’ is all I can think, until I can manage to get my feet underneath me and find a safe hold in the cliff face to let go of the tree. Looking around, I see that I’m in a crevasse which rapidly narrows down about a hundred feet below me. Down to a crack about three feet wide that continues on down, to who knows where. I can’t see hide nor hair of the Green Gecko.

Then I hear, faintly, “help”.

Looking around, I couldn’t see anyone nearby.  I slowly managed to free climb my way down to the crack. Straddling it, I tentatively called down, “Hello?”  A few seconds later I hear it again louder, “Help!” It was her. “Please!” she whinged.

“What’s wrong with you?” I called down into the darkness. She replied, “I’m stuck! I can’t move.” Sighing and sitting down on the edge of crack I considered my options.

 It was either: A) Leave her There. Or B) Help her. No contest. A lady is in distress, I gotta help. Even, if it is the big scaly royal flying pain in the ass.

‘Not to mention you’ll get to rub her nose in this.’ I reasoned to myself. (SOLD!)

“OK,” I said, “I’m coming down. Don’t go anywhere.” (I couldn’t resist.) All I got for my pains was a growl and a tortured moan.

Carefully, I began the climb down to wherever she was. It took me a couple of seconds for my dark vision to kick in. But, I was able to see what her problem was: She’d gotten caught up in a bunch of root vines in an awkward position, upside down. Her own body weight pinned her wings up alongside the crack and she had no leverage from where she was positioned. I could guess that she was about a hundred feet above the bottom of the crack, the bottom of which appeared to be a large pool of, probably freezing cold water. ‘It’d serve her right to fall into THAT’, I thought to myself, making a plan.

“C’mon hurry up will ya?” She said, “This is really painful.” I could believe her, from the sight of things.

Checking my pockets, yep! I still had it, my Leatherman. (Never sneak out of incarceration without it!) I climbed as carefully as I could over to one of the supporting vines, and then positioned myself. Getting the Leatherman out, I flipped out the saw portion and got to work on sawing one of the roots in half.

After a few seconds, she complained, “Hey! Stop that!”

“Stop what?” I asked all innocent like.

“What you’re doing, it’s making sawdust!”

“Yeah, that’s what saws do, imagine that.” I said, looking down I noticed that I had gauged things correctly- the sawdust was trickling down directly onto her face. (Oh Shucky Darns!)

“You’re doing that, deliberately!” she challenged. (No shit sherlock). Then she blew some air in a futile attempt to get some of the dust out of her face. It only made it worse. (Har!)

Suppressing a giggle, I continued sawing. Finally she said, “Good job.”

“On what, sawing?” I asked sweetly.

“No, I don’t how you did it, but you fooled me completely with that decoy shirt of yours.”  ‘Was that a note of admiration I heard in there? Must be my imagination’, I thought, shaking my head.

“Not completely enough it seems.” She was silent then. Almost there! Finally I managed to get through one root. She and the root system jerked, she let out a squeak.

“Can you move yet?” I asked.

“A little. Not enough.” I sighed.

“Ok, give me a second.” I moved onto another root and started the whole thing again. I continued on in silence. ‘Damnation! This isn’t the best position in the world!’
Grunting with the effort, I shifted the Leatherman to my other hand. My right arm was getting too painful to keep it up. It was still awkward, but it was getting the job done, just a bit more slowly.

“Why are you so determined to die.” She demanded suddenly.

“None of your gods be damned business.”

“C’mon, tell me! We’d not be here if you’d told me before.”

“If you had left me alone in the first place, you’d not be here!” I countered.

“It’s my job!”

“What being a pain in the ass? Oh wait, that’s right! You’re a Forest Ranger, never mind!” I snarked. She growled back up at me.

“Don’t look at me in that tone of voice!” I smiled. She stopped growling. Then I heard something else. It took me a second, then I figured it out, she was chuckling.

“What the fuck, you laughing at?” I demanded.

“I …I …I can’t help it!” she snickered.

“Ah c’mon, I’m not funny!” She stopped.

“…yes, you are. To me. At least.”

“Flattery will get you nowhere. OK, I’m nearly through this one, Brace yourself!”  With a snap I managed to get through the second root. With another squeak, she fell a couple of feet then stopped again.

“Anything?” I asked.

“Almost there, I can move my legs. But I still haven’t any leverage.” I hear her wings moving.

‘That’s something at least. That’s a Drake for ya! Can’t make anything easy!’

Pushing up against the wall I take a gander around. I decided upon the one largest remaining root. It was a doozy in size. But what choice did I have? Once again, I moved into position and continued on after giving my arms a rest.

She starts up again, “Well?”

“Well, what?” I demand.

“Are you gonna tell me why you want to die?”

“NO! I am NOT going to tell you why I want to die! Can it!”

She’s silent for a few more seconds.

She starts in again, “But I want to know!”


“Look, I’ll make you a deal.” I countered.

“What?” she calls back from below.

“I’ll tell you everything, on one condition.”

“What?” she asks again.

“You stop trying to ‘save me’.”

That shut her trap. I kept sawing for a while. Taking a break, I swore (big surprise) at my progress, or lack thereof. I barely made a dent in the last root. What the hell is that thing made of? Iron?

As I’m resting again, I hear her move and say something. “grumble”.

“What’s that? I didn’t hear you.”

“I said, OK!” she half growls up at me.

“Ok what? I want to hear you say it on your word of honor as a Dragon!” She’s quiet for a while longer. Dragons NEVER break their word.

“OkIpromisetonottryandsaveyouanymore!” she said quickly.

‘Well shit! I really didn’t expect THAT to happen.’ I thought to myself in a somewhat more positive mood. Well, time to keep my end of the bargain.

“Allrighty then Ranger Frazziss,” I began, “Have you ever woken up and think that there is something ‘wrong’ with the world?”


By a most welcome miracle, Ranger Fucks It Up, kept her trap shut for the entire spiel. I was almost all of the way through that (GODSDAMNEDFUCKINGPIECEOFSHITROOT!) root when…

“I DID NOT ‘FUCK IT ALL UP’!” she yelled in protest.

“Yes You Did! If you had left me alone we’d not be having this pissing contest.” Fucking Ghidra clones, always rationalizing their shit, “And you would not be hanging upside down in this here farking cave!” ‘What the fuck, did I just “mildly” cuss? I must be more tired than I thought.’

She quieted down for a bit. (Saints Preserve Us!).

Finally, “Was that Green Oni REALLY doing that?” she asked.

“Doing what?”

“Jilling off to Hulk Movies in her room?” she tittered.

“Well I can’t say for sure absolutely, but every time someone walked by her room and the door was closed, they could hear a vibrator buzzing and the Hulk growling.” I replied. That made her guffaw.

“Though in complete fairness, there were a few times some of us thought that she was using a jackhammer in place of that vibrator.” ‘That jackhammer would explain all of the power outages during her off duty time’, now that I thought about it.

“Stop doing that!” she half yells/half laughs, up at me.

“Doing what?” I yell back down.

“Making me laugh! You’re so funny!”

The poor dear, she’s delirious.’ I couldn’t help but think.

 Well I’m almost through the root, just a few more sawings. Goddamned root, my arms and legs are killing me in this position. Well, if Lizzard Borden keeps her word, it’ll all be worth it.

“Ok, hold on, I’m almost through the last root.” It’s starting to crackle.

“Ok….” With a snap the root breaks and the last supporting vine breaks free. Her and everything else falls down. She starts screaming. I can’t blame her after all, she’s been upside down in a bad position for nearly an hour. I of course, was smart enough to chimney climb brace first.

Within a couple seconds, I hear her screaming cut off with an overly loud splash. A few seconds later I hear her coughing and spluttering. Naturally I preserved her dignity by not laughing my ass off at her and her predicament. (And if you believe THAT…)

I put my Leatherman away, and started climbing up, still chuckling. I’m nearly out of the crack, when what I thought was a firm hand hold, break off. Guess what?

I bang my head and knees on the surrounding walls on my way down to that fucking freezing ass cold pool where El Extremo Fumar had landed a couple minutes earlier.

Of course Chuckles the Dragon had to laugh her tail off at me in retaliation. Luckily it wasn’t too far to slog out of that crevasse pool. It was full daylight then, and starting to warm up by that point. We’re both soaked, so we found a sunny spot and stripped. I stayed WELL away from her at that point, as I spread my clothes out to dry. I ‘accidentally’ noticed her stripping too and she did the same with her clothing. I also took note that she still had that Attitude Jar between her boobs. What the fuck was that stuff?

Looking at me with her head tilted she asked, “Why are you drying your clothes, I thought you wanted to die?”

“I do, but not by freezing my ass off. I want a quickie! Not this extended foreplay crap!” I replied, sneering at her.

She just looked at me with a half-smile all amused as she sat down to sun herself. I couldn’t help but notice how nice she looked then. Just for a second I thought, … and then I snapped my head away.

I decided that that waterfall, over there, looked a whole lot better than some rock tight she-dragon with huge gazongas.

After a bit she broke the silence. “I think I know why Angelique followed you.” I rolled my eyes, and kept silent.

After an expectant pause, she continued, “I think it’s because she found out what kind of guy you are.” I couldn’t keep quiet to THAT bullshit.

“If that’s true, then why did she come after me?” I said, not facing her.

“You’re too hard on yourself, you seem to be a nice guy.”

“Hey, hey, hey! That’s getting awfully close to ‘saving me’, so back off!” I said all pissed.

“Look at me when you say that!” she said quietly, “Besides it’s just my opinion.”

“Opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one.” I shot back not looking. She sighed loud enough to be heard over the sound of the waterfall nearby.


“I am NOT a coward!” I said indignantly.

“Then turn around and LOOK at me!” she demanded.

With a sigh, I gave up and did so. “Ok, I’ve turned…..” I stop, I’m just speechless (for once) by what I saw. (GULP!) She had shifted her position so that she was lying on her side, her head propped up on one claw paw. The other claw paw was perched on her hip in profile, between her rather shapely green feet, I could see her tail tip idly twitching. Instead of the haughty attitude every dragon has permanently etched on their face. She has a rather alluring smile with just a hint of the ‘Slither-Hither’ look that only a reptile Mamono can pull off.

I find myself mesmerized by everything between her tail tip and her purple hair, which was blowing gently in the breeze. ‘Hey, are those her pubes?’ I speculated. The longer I gape, the wider her smile gets. ‘Holy crap, are her boobies filled with hydrogen?’

Yosemite? What’s that? Wait, don’t tell me. Is it….an inviting crevice situated amongst an undulating rock-solid plain topped with a pair of massive domes?

“Like what you see?” she purred/growled. I just swallowed and nodded. I had to admit, I’ve only seen such in magazines like Play Mamono. No evidence of airbrushing I could see here. Though, for a second I was tempted to make a closer inspection, just to make sure.

“Got anything you’d like to ask me?” she continued. I close my eyes and sigh. ‘It’s gonna be a while before my clothes are dry enough to walk in,’ I thought to myself, ‘humor her ass.

“I see that the carpets match the drapes. I didn’t know Dragons had pubes.” What can I say, it’s the only thing I could think of. My mind is wandering off to Naughty-Naughty Land.

“We don’t.” she giggled.

“Then what is that?’ I said, pointing.

“It’s a Merkin. They’re a sort of…”

I interrupt, “I know what they are. But why would you…, OH NEVER MIND!” she just gets a shit eating grin.

“What’s that bottle?” I ask in an effort to change the subject. For some reason this annoys her. She sits up and crosses her arms facing mostly away from me.

“Well?” I demand. She looks at me over her shoulder, frowning, arms still crossed, glaring at me.

“I don’t get you.” She began, “You’re not like other men.”

“Yeah, no shit!” I replied, “Other men are better.”

“Stop it!” she half yelled, turning to face me. “That’s what I’m talking about! You’re too hard on yourself!”

“Other guys,” I began, but she cuts me off.

“That’s what I’m talking about. Every other guy in this kind of circumstance would be trying to take what I’m showing right now.” She continued, using her claw paws to lift her boobs up, (not that she needed to) for me to see.

I had to admit they did look a bit on the yummy side, but STILL.

“But you don’t.” she continued, “Why?”

“Because I’m not a Clit Teaser.”

“I don’t get it.”

“Yeah, and you’re not gonna, not from me.” I grinned. She looked insulted for a second, blinked, and then smiled.

“That’s another thing. You’re funny.” I raise my hands in frustration.

“No really you are. You’re still not like other guys. Every other guy I’ve come across would’ve been trying to have sex with me. They’d be making lewd jokes and laughing at all of mine, even if I made unfunny ones.”

“When haven’t you?”

“See, right there! That’s what I’m talking about.” I clam up.

She continued, “You’re not out for just sex. You try to be honorable, even if you can be a bit nasty about it.”

I opened my mouth, “SHUT UP!” she barked “I’m not finished!” I shut it.

“You’re still devoted to your wife and kid, even if they’re dead. You still want them, you want nothing more than to be there for them. You would probably move heaven and earth for them if they could ask.”

I turn away. I try to say something in return, but I can’t. I just suck the tears back in.

“Is it really that difficult for you to understand why Angelique would be intrigued by that kind of devotion?” She said softly. She’s close, I could feel it. There are rocks everywhere, I never heard so much as a clink.

“That maybe, just maybe, she wanted a guy like that….for herself?”
She placed her paws on my shoulders from behind, gently. “I know I would.” I just stand there for once keeping my mouth shut. She doesn’t do anything else, just stands there, resting her paws on my shoulders. I had to admit, I was tempted. She was easy on the eyes. Then I thought about going through all that shit again.

I turn around, and grab her wrists, I look into her eyes (Purple!) and ask, “Are you gonna keep your word, or NOT?” I said coldly. Her eyes go all sad on me, and she deflates, stepping back and pulling her paws from my hands, then putting them behind her back.

“Well?” I demanded, still looking in her eyes.  After a few seconds she meets my gaze full on and nods once.

Something’s wrong’ I think to myself. “Let me see you agree to that where I can see your Paws. After a furtive glance at me, she raises them up where I can see them, and nods again.

I frown and squint my eyes, there’s still something I’m missing. Then it hits me, I can’t see her tail. “Are you crossing your tail?” Her surprised look told me all I needed.

I just keep staring at her while she glared at me in return. Finally, she keeps them all where I can see them and gives me a nod. If there is anything else she’s got crossed, it’s probably not anything I wanna know about.

“All right, good.” I continued, “I know I can’t expect you to stop following me.” She just continues to glare at me in silently.

“I’m going to snooze for the rest of the day. Tomorrow, I’m going to Half-Dome. When I’m there, I’m going to wave my hand at you like this,” *waves* “That will be your signal to clear out for a few minutes.”

I step up to her nose to nose, “Do you understand all that, or should I write it in monosyllables so that you can comprehend?” She just stares back at me. I can tell she’s got the waterworks all primed and ready to go, because her eyes were starting to get all watery. After a bit of staring, she closes her eyes and nods her head one last time, which causes her tears to fall. I ignore them.

I grab my stuff and put them on. Ah fuck’em if they’re still damp! I just gotta get the fuck out of there! A while later I look back at her from up the trail, she’s still down there, staring up at me.


24 hours later, I’m on top of Half Dome.

The last day wasn’t easy. I managed to get a blister from my still damp socks. Add another annoyance to that list. Finding some privacy, I spread my clothes out alongside a pool in the stream, to let things fully dry. While waiting, I noticed that there were some sizable fish in that pool. It took me a while, but I managed to hand catch one.

I was all set to bash that wriggling bastard, so I could eat it, then I realized: I had no way of cooking the damned thing. CRAP! I could never stomach the taste of raw fish! So I let the little bastard go and join his buddies. Maybe the fates will get that as a sign and let me complete my task tomorrow.

No sooner that I’m back at my tent, than a fish plops down next to me. Looking up, I see that Gods-Be-Damned Dragon again. Well at least she’s clothed this time.

She landed and came over to me. “Well, are you going to cook it? I assume that’s why you let the other one go.” She inquired, coldly, not meeting my eyes. She’s definitely stalking me now, great.

‘What, and start a forest fire? It’s still dry season here.” I replied.

She gave me a look, then picked up the still wiggling fish, and blasted it with her fire breath. She continued holding it out for a few seconds, till it cooled down.

It was good. It could’ve used some salt, but what the hey. Remembering my manners, I offered her half. She accepted.

“Thank you.” I said quietly. She was startled when I said that. But she didn’t reply. She just kept looking at me oddly all through the meal, like she wanted to say something but didn’t know how to do it.

After she took off I lay down to rest. I REALLY needed it then. But just before I fell asleep, I suddenly realized something. That fish was a Yosemite Salmon! Where the Fuck did she get a Yosemite Salmon? There haven’t been any available for years! Damn.

The next morning I’m awoken by the sound of another fish falling next to my head. It’s cooked. ‘That’s thoughtful’. I think, looking up there’s no sign of her. I packed my tent and stuff, then I headed for the trail before full sunrise, munching on that fish along the way.

Along the way to, and up, the steep-ass climb to Half Dome’s top, I meet an older human couple. They were nice. They shared some of their carbs with me and I shared my leftover fish with them. I really needed something other than fish for a last meal.

They were chatty, and I was polite, never actually gave them or their inquiries any concrete answers about me or my long term plans. What the fuck am I gonna tell them? ‘Sorry if I can’t accompany you on the way back down, I’ve got an express route. It’s strictly a private affair.”

So, while I’m up at the top ‘admiring the view’, I excuse myself for some ‘me time’ from the nice couple. They barely noticed. Good.

I find the good spot, away from where the freaky assed Free Climbers would be on the way up. I don’t want to knock any off of the wall, on my way down after all. I look around in the air, and sure enough, there she is!

I just stand there a few minutes wondering. Wondering about, coulda, shoulda, woulda’s. I had to admit, she seemed like a nice lady…but nah. She too, deserved something better this old piece of shit.

Finally, I look back up at her and give her ‘The Wave’. She stays hovering for second too long, then she moves off and away. Good. ‘It’s good to see someone can keep their word.’ I thought to myself one last time.

A quick sprint, and I’m over the edge. All’s clear. This time I just close my eyes and try not to think. Just be there in that moment, right now.














She and I land in a meadow near Cloud’s Rest.

She doesn’t say a thing, and neither do I. What’s the point? She broke her word. No more need be said.

I find a boulder and sit down on it. “Nice view’ I think to myself, and it is. ‘I don’t think I’ve ever been in this part of the park before. It’s got a nice view of Half Dome from an angle I’ve never seen before either’. It definitely looked weird seeing it this way. I wondered why I never saw a photo of it that way before. ‘I guess that maybe Ansel Ad….’  

“Allen. Talk to me.” She pleaded.

“Why? What’s the point?” I whispered. She’s crying.

 “You broke your word.” I said cruelly. What the fuck man? Life was cruel to me, why shouldn’t I return the favor for once? She’s on her knees next to me now. Tears were flowing down her face. She doesn’t say anything.

“Frazziss,” I said softly, turning and looking at her.

 “Let me Go.” I whispered. “Let me Die, please?”

“I can’t.” she said quietly, looking at me.

“Yes you can. You just look away. Just like everyone else can and does, every day.”

“I CAN’T!” she half yells, sobbing.

I allow myself to slide off of the boulder onto the ground. I pound the back of my head against it.

“Why can’t you?”

“Because of my baby.”


“What baby?” I ask, all confused.

“My little girl,” she paused for a second, “she died.” I sigh, I get the notion that this is gonna take a while. I pull her over next to me and had her sit side by side. She doesn’t resist.

“All right, talk to me.” I said patiently.

She began.

“When I first got out on my own, I finally met a nice guy. He was my first.” She began, looking at me. I nodded to let her know that I was paying attention. She continued.

“I got pregnant from the first time.” Oh wow! That’s a rarity amongst Mamono! Hell, even for some humans. I smiled. Then I noticed that she wasn’t smiling. I wiped mine away.

She sighed, “He claimed that it wasn’t his.” WHAT!

“That, SONAVABITCH!!!” I said out loud. She looked at me with a smile finally. It was a sad smile, but still.

“But it was, there wasn’t anyone else.” OK, I could see why she’d want a dude that could be trusted to stick around, now. ‘Someone is WAY PAST DUE for a wall to wall counseling.’

“It was hard raising a baby, while working my way through college.”

Oh Maou!” I thought to myself in admiration. But there was something about her words that just didn’t sit well with me. There was something missing.

“But I had help from Saito Harumi. She’s a Ryu from Zipangu, and my best friend EVER!” she continued.

”Even, though she didn’t have to, she stayed with me every step of the way, from the laying, to the hatching, and for the first couple of years, until I was able to get us out on our own. She never once complained, even though she had every right to.” Frazziss looked at me then.

“A damned fine friend you’ve got! I like her already.” That made her smile with a sniffle, though her eyes were still teary.

“What was your little girl’s name?” I asked. She looked up at me and gave me a big smile, appreciative.


“Nocturnimpetu? I think that means: Night-Fury? Cool name. I bet she lived up to it when it came to getting feedings in the middle of the night.” Frazziss gave me a small laugh to that, and then sniffled some more. I waited for her to continue. There was still something off here.

“Her wings.” She continued, “Her wings wouldn’t grow past a certain size.”

I looked at her quizzically. She noticed.

“It meant that she could never fly properly.” She explained. “At best she would only ever be able to glide. Then only if there was a strong wind.” She sniffled.

“But she tried to, she was always practicing, trying to build up her strength.” She stopped for a bit, blinking away some tears.

“She was always begging me to take her on a Flap, to let her ride on my back.” She said miserably.

“Let me guess, not only did you indulge her, she was always begging to go higher and higher?” she looked at me with wide eyes and nodded.

“It was when I got the Forest Ranger job here in Yosemite.” Her voice got some steel to it. “It was my job to patrol for folks who needed help in the out of the way places.” I nodded, no wonder she was so good at tracking me.

“And I was supposed to keep an eye out for Base Jumpers. Intercept them and arrest them after.”

“It was on my day off, I had her on my back and we were just flying around the Valley here.” Her voice went cold. “There was a military plane.”

“Ah shit.” I knew what she was gonna say next. Goddamned Military Hot-Shots, always flying through the valley, disturbing the peace and quiet. Occasionally the sound of their passage would cause a rockslide.

 “Turbulence,” I finished for her. She nodded with her eyes closed.

“We both tumbled, and the last I saw of her alive, was her looking up at me to save her. But I couldn’t, I was trying to come out my tumble too. But I was too late.” She was sobbing now, I pulled her close and hugged her to me. She didn’t resist. I couldn’t help it, I was crying too.

She pulled away and sat up, looking at me and my tears.

“That’s why I can’t ‘look away’. Every time I see you falling, I see my baby. I see my baby that needs saving.” She was silent for a long time.

After a bit more, “I forgive you.”  She just looked over at me and nodded.

Then it hit me. What was nagging me.

“Your mother? You have a mother, right?” She nods.

“What about her? Didn’t she do anything to help you out?” She shook her head. WHAT?!

“She disowned me.”


‘Because of the way I supported myself and my baby, through college.”

“So what was so awful that she wanted to treat her own flesh and blood like that?”

After a few seconds, she pulled further away from me, and said quietly, “I was a stripper.” I waited for her to continue. And waited, and waited some more.

Finally, “Aaaaannnnndddd?” I asked. She looked back at me all funny.

“I was a stripper.” She said with finality, as if this somehow explained everything. “She said my doing that was beneath my station as a Dragon. If that I was going to act like a ground pounder, I should stay as one.”

I jumped up, royally pissed (pardon the pun). “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!” She looked all hurt and disgusted with herself.

“I was young and foolish, I didn’t know what else to do!”

 “What? Huh? What are you going off about?” I began, all confused.

She looked at me weirdly. “I was a stripper,” she began, quietly.

“I got that part!”, I replied, “So why are you all acting like it was something bad?” Her mouth dropped open then, staring at me, I noticed her jaw was quivering then. Then it hit me.

“I’m not disgusted with your having been a stripper. I’m disgusted with your own Mom, disowning you for it.” She kept staring at me, as her tears started to flow. I knelt down with her and took her head in my hands, so that we were face to face.

“You did nothing wrong, Frazziss.” I whispered, “In fact, you did wonderful!” I could see just a bit of hope rising up in her face, all tremulous she was. Her whole body was shaking then.

“You don’t deserve to be condemned for that. You did what you had to do, to provide for your child. I cannot condemn you for that. I will not. In fact, I say you deserve a medal.” Oh she was positively quivering now, her eyes locked with mine.

“Would that everyone had such a devoted Mommy, like your little girl did.” I said, in all honesty.

 “This world would be such a better place.” I finished.

At that, she gave a small cry and crushed me in her arms. I gave out a large ‘bleh’ when the air was forced from my lungs, she was clinging so hard. I put my own arms around her and under her wings. She just started sobbing into my shirt and cried for what seemed like the longest time.

‘Damn.’ I thought to myself, “This kid has had such a bad time. She deserved better.’ After a long while, I noticed that she had stopped crying. Looking down I saw that she’d fallen asleep in my arms. It was kinda comfortable there, and I was still a bit tired. So I fell asleep too.

Sometime later, I’ve no idea how long, I woke. She was in pretty much in the same position. I did notice that she had been drooling something fierce. ‘Hmph. Dragon Drool huh?’ I thought, “That’s bound to leave a stain.’ But, for some reason I had an uneasy feeling, like I was missing something. Something important, I couldn’t quit…..’ Then it hit me.

‘Oh SHIT!’   

Nearly ten years ago, in a field only a few miles away from here. The woman who was soon to become my wife, had also fallen asleep in my arms. Back then, like now, I had comforted her after she’d confessed to me what she thought was a deal breaking evil past. It wasn’t. (And now I’m not saying shit, about what it was!)

And that, months later, she confessed to me that that when she ‘realized’ that she was in love with me, and that there was no way she’d willingly let us be parted again, ever.

I swallowed against a dry throat right then, looking down at Frazziss in a new light. I began to realize that I’d been trapped, well and good.

‘Ok, don’t panic!’ I said to myself, panicking.

‘Don’t make any sudden moves,’ I thought, making a sudden move.

I froze and stopped breathing for a second when she murmured something and shifted her head. She then held me just a teensy bit tighter, then she settled down.

I resumed my breathing. I tried to calm myself by looking around to take stock of my situation. It was then I noticed that sometime during my nap, she’d sneakily wrapped us up both in her wings.


My breathing was NOT going to calm down at that point. I tried to shift again without waking her up. OK, I got a little bit of progress there. So I tentatively reached out a hand to try and get her right wing to unfurl from around us.

Gently, pinching a bit of membrane between my thumb and finger, I managed to get about half of her wing off of me. Then she murmured again and held me even tighter! And of course, that sneaky wing of hers, ripped itself free of my hand and wrapped us up again.

I closed my eyes, in an effort to calm my breathing yet again. That was when I heard her giggle. Opening my eyes, I noticed she was still in the same position as before, just with a smile on her face. She’d been toying with me!

She then opened her eyes and LOOKED at me. I knew that look. I’d seen it before on my wife, nearly ten years ago.
 ‘OHMYGODDESS she’s so beautiful!’ I thought to myself then. But even then I couldn’t just accept it.

“Frazziss, I don’t want this.” I began, or I tried to. She shifted one of her paws over down to just below my tummy and grabbed ahold of something.

“Don’t you?” she said, “I think someone else has a different opinion.” She purred.

It was then I noticed what it was she had been holding- My Dick! It was at full attention!

“Where the fuck have you been for the last three years,….TRAITOR!” I growled at him. Frazziss just giggled again, not letting go in the slightest.

Looking back up at her, her lips were inches from mine. I noticed that her eyes were dilated.

‘I do want this!’ I realized. But I was scared.

“Please don’t do this.” I whispered.

“Do what?” she asked, “Make you fall in love with me?”

“No.” I replied, “I’ve already done that.”

“Don’t make me fall in love with life again. It’s too painful.” I said, shedding a tear. A tear of hope and fear.

“I’m tired of being in pain.”

“Life is pain, Allen.” She whispered back to me, “But I won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to. If you accept me, then perhaps we can find something to alleviate the pain we both have, together.” She closed her eyes and left her lips open, inviting.

I stared at her beauty. I loved everything about her then. From her purple hair, and purple eyes, her horns atop her head, her pointed nose, the lizard scales on her face that joined with her ear wings, and most importantly I loved those lips that just sat there, slightly parted, awaiting mine.

I knew that if I kissed her it would be more than just a kiss. It would be a commitment. A kiss of Death- to my Deathwish. I felt my lips drawing closer to hers…


‘Won’t force me to do anything…’

Yeah right.

After she’d said that, not once did she let go of my dick.

Not even in the slightest.

She had a Death Grip so hard, that not one drop of my blood, could flee my dick to feed my blood starved brain. Well, the bigger one at least.

Sneaky Little Minx.


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  1. Ok, this chapter was much better paced. The first, felt rushed and you were ranting alot with unnecessary info in you attempt to ‘fluff up’ story. I was actually getting a little bored to be frank. But, as I said before, this is alot better! Worth a 5/5.

    1. Thank you. It’s good to get some honest feedback.
      Now even though I write for myself to express my pain. I do want to be able to tell a story that folks appreciate, and enjoy.

      I learn, I adapt, I apply. (I hope).

  2. As always the power of love wins. Serious talk now. This chapter improved a lot on the previous one, from characterization to pacing. But in the end if i have to say something is about how emotional it was. Once again i got the proof that i’m still the softy that after almost fifteen years still cry each time he sees “The Bicentenary Man”. Good work, really good work.

  3. I’m learning as I go. I’m trying to recapture what I lost, slow and steady. Thanks.
    I’m gonna have to check out, ‘The Bicentenary Man’ soon.

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