Cut and Run Ch. 18 (Allen Belushi Cycle 18)

 Empty Crib, by Cory Marchand

Cut and Run Chapter 18


You know, I never thought I’d say that living with Mamono can be a right royal pain in the tail.  Particularly since I’m a Mamono myself now.

Take the word, Mamono for instance. That one little word, covers quite the plethora of Demons and other kind of Monsters. In terms of size, Mamono range from a ‘stand-in-the-palm-of-your-hand’ Leanann Sidhe, to a Fifteen-foot tall Giantess.

Or in the case of Attractiveness, you can start off with one of the ‘Cute-as-a-button’ Alice(s), then continue all the way down to one of the centipede-like Oomukade.

Yet, despite for all of that variety, they’ve all got one thing in common. They all want to find themselves a dude that they can show a really, really, good time.

For life.

Now, there are a LOT of things a guy needs to know ahead of time before taking the plunge and choosing to live with one, or more, of them. That’s assuming that the guy in question is getting a choice in the matter.

He needs to know ahead of time, what kind of potential living condition he’s facing in his matrimony. Take the ‘living’ needs of a Vampire for example. Those needs, are significantly different than the living needs of an Alraune. Obviously, a dude isn’t going to be able to work much on his tan lines as a Vampire’s thrall.

Here’s a bit of advice for you dudes are into using that Mamono Dating App, Meandr I think it’s called. Be sure you know what the correct spelling is, of each Mamono species you’re interested in, prior to using it. Failing that, turn off all of the ‘auto-correct’ spelling functions on your computer and/or phone.

I say this, because I know of one dude who regrets the fact that he got a pair of Zipangese Mamono names mixed up on his computer. He, was all hot and bothered to hook up with an Umi-Osho. Alas, he misspelled it in his ‘Searching For’ box.
It turns out, that his computer ‘auto-corrected’ Umi-Osho into Ushi-Oni. Talk about fucked. (Har!)

One thing I find to be a little too convenient though, is the fact that we guys don’t get told what Mamono want in return, for us being shown that really, really, good time.

Don’t kid yourself, they’re not doing it because of altruism. You’ve read the stories online and in the books: Mamono want sex because they feed off of it. It energizes them. Or, because it feeds their inner Demon. Or, some other cockamamy excuse. Still, it’s all true.

BUT, what gets carefully glossed over in all of those accounts, is the REAL motivation for their catching, and boinking a guy halfway to death.


All of the Mamono want to have Babies. They’re just like human women in that regard, in that they can’t have themselves that much desired baby, without some dude’s help.

Ain’t that just like a woman, huh? She’s gotta turn something that’s fun, into a chore. Which brings me to Angelique, my Were-cat/Mamono-wife #2.

Kittens. Angelique wants herself some,…No, strike that!

Were-Kittens. Angelique just recently told me that she wants herself some Were-Kittens.

Sheesh! I should’ve seen that one coming. But to be honest, I hadn’t.

I’d been so focused on making Frazziss the Cave that she deserved for her and her,… Ok, there I go again. Damnation, I’m more tired than I thought. Let me try again here.

I’d been so focused on making Frazzis the Cave that she deserved for her, and OUR children, that I clean forgot the sad simple fact that I’ve got two Mamono women in my life now. Three, if you count Pirin.

Which, I may have to; count her in that is. Now? I don’t know. It sounds like something I’ll have to check into later. Much later.

Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just trying to blow off some steam here! It’s been a real difficult last day for me.

The night before last, I woke up from a scary/wet dream. Then I segue into a long ass bout of insomnia! Later that night Frazziss finally lays her eggs, and we fall asleep in each other’s arms. Great!

Then the next thing I’m aware of, it’s morning/afternoon. Guess what!? It’s Moving Day. Yippee Hurray. Meh. I’m still out of it.

But I managed to muddle my way through all that and a few other problems, successfully. Then at the end of that long hard day, I’m all set to hit the sack and catch some overdue shut eye. After, of course, I take care of the usual night time necessities: brush my teeth, make sure the cave entrance wards are up, bang the wives, etc. You know, the usual clap-trap.

Then wife #2 throws me a curveball. She tells me that she wants to reproduce. With whom I ask? With me of course, duh. Who else is she gonna ask?

But, when she made the pitch, she made sure to say ‘Were-kittens‘. As opposed to the simpler Kittens. This may have something to do with the fact that the last time she talked about kittens, I made a crack about my picking her up some from the local animal shelter. As I recall, she didn’t laugh then either.

What was my answer? ‘I’ll think about it.’

Apparently, that was not answer she wanted to hear. If that hissy-fit she had afterwards, be any indication.

In retrospect, I guess I should’ve went ahead and said “Yes”. If I had done that, I’d be snoozing away on a nice warm slab of sandstone. Instead of talking to myself while sitting up here on top of Kolana Rock, griping about Mamono and their need for babies in the middle of the fucking night.

Now would I?

You know what? I’ve noticed that it gets really fucking cold up here at night!


So yeah, there I was all huddled with my wings wrapped around me. I’m trying to keep warm in that high-altitude breeze.

I mean shit, what’s the Dragon name equivalent of being in ‘The Dog House’ anyway?

Being there, is why I’m sitting on top of Kolana and not going someplace else instead. Even in my pissiest mood, I prefer to stick around so that I can keep an eye on the Cave.

Which is rather hard to do right now, as I can’t see it. The reason for that, is because I made it so it would blend into the background landscape. Unfortunately, I did the blending part so well, that I can’t see any of its lights from up here.

Yet, I know where my Cave is, that’s because I put a portion of my soul into it. Even from here, two thousand feet up above my home, I can feel it.

I can feel the folks within, stomping and/or padding around inside. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I made it for Frazziss. But damnit! It’s MY HOME! It’s got MY KIDS in it, I’m not gonna bug out and abandon my duty just because,…

“Hey!” sounds a voice, interrupting me from my self-pity. I look up, and that’s when I just barely notice Frazziss flapping away up there in the dark of the night. She’s probably been gliding her way all over the place, looking for me.

“Hey!” I yell back, catching her attention. I see her head shoot around and focus on where I’m at.

“BEACON!” she yells then. She demands that, because its unsafe to fly at night if you can’t see. There are damned few Dragons who can fly by IFR.

So, naturally I oblige her demand and cough up a small fireball. But, to her eyes it’s like I set off a flare. With a flap of her leathery wings, she lands beside me a few seconds later.

So, she just stomps her way over to me with her claws making a light scratching sound at the granite underneath her feet. She then plops herself down and wraps one of her wings around me. Which is nice thing to feel, right then.

The best part? She doesn’t say a word to me all during this. So, its just her and me, sitting in companionable silence together for the longest while, on top of Kolana Rock as Mamono-wife and Mamono-husband.

After a while, I speak.

“Hey.” I say, all debonair.

“Hey.” She says back, with a quick sidelong look.

“Who’s minding the Eggs?” I asked, not facing her.

“Pirin.” She replies. I grunt noncommittally in response. After a moment’s pause, Frazziss grunts back. Which I find rather odd. Taking a quick look at her, I see that she’s got her arms crossed in the same position that I do.

I turn to her more fully to get a better look at her. She mirrors my action and faces me. I frown at her and she frowns at me right back.

“What are you doing?” I ask in an annoyed tone, staring at her.

“What are you doing?” she replies in an annoyed tone, staring back. I sigh, she sighs too.

“Frazziss.” I not quite growl at her.

“Loknarr.” She not quite growls in return.

‘Oh, for Maou’s Sake!’ I think to myself, screwing up my face. I can see her screwing up her face too! So, I just clam up for a few minutes. Thankfully she does as well.

After those few minutes of putting up with this shit, I take a peek out of the corner of my eye. What do I see? She’s still matching me action for action with one exception: she sticking her tongue out like a house cat. You know- blepping.

“I don’t blep when I’m grumpy.” I said all snidely out of the corner of my mouth. She doesn’t react, at first. Instead she waited a couple of minutes before doing anything, and then she rolls her head around to face me with a droll look.

‘Two can play that game.’ So, I match her head roll and droll look. We make eye contact, and then the next thing I know she shoots a paw out right quick and pokes me with a claw.

Right in the end of my tongue.

“Ack!” I reply all surprised. “Hey! Tha hurthh!” I lisped, while holding the end of my now sore tongue. Frazziss doesn’t say anything then, she just gives me a smug grin.

“Ok,” I reply, once my tongue stops hurting. “Maybe I do blep when I’m grumpy.” I growl, defeated. Finally, Frazziss stops teasing me and leans her head on my shoulder, but carefully so as to avoid poking me with her head horns.

“Yes, you do.” She replied, suppressing a giggle. “It’s one of your more endearing traits.” I could feel her smiling then. It’s a married couple kinda thing. You’ve been with someone long enough, you know when they’re smiling, or whatever, when they speak.

“So,” I begin, “have you come up here to chew me out on Angelique’s behalf?” I asked as evenly as I could.

“No.” she replied, simply. “It’s not my place.”

“What?!” I ask, surprised. “How do you figure that?” Frazziss lifted her head to peer at me with an exasperated look.

“It’s your home,…” I began, but that was when Frazziss raised a paw up to my face and covered my mouth with a pair of claws. I shut up. Frazziss didn’t say anything at first, she just kept giving me one of those ‘Are You For Real?’-looks. Finally, she speaks.

“Allen. Whatever problem you and Angelique are having, it’s something that the two of you need to work out. I will NOT take sides!” she half-growled at me, giving me a serious stare to let her words sink in. They did.

“You do know what she’s asking, right?” 

“Yes, I am quite well aware of it.” Frazziss nodded.

“Then how can you not take sides Frazziss?!” I whined, half hoping that she’d have backed up my choice in this. Instead, she puts her paws on her hips in the way she does, when she has to ‘explain’ things to me. I sigh.

‘Here it comes.’ I think to myself, grumping. Then I stop when I realize that the end of my tongue is sticking out, again. Immediately, I reel it in with a huff. I can hear Frazziss giving me a giggle-snort just before she speaks.

“I’m not going to take ‘sides’ Loknarr, because I’m not a disinterested third party.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t have to be a woman, to know what Angelique wants.”

“And what’s that?” I ask, honestly curious. Frazziss looks at me all weird.

“Pirin is right, you really can be an idiot. Can’t you?” she takes in deep breath and speaks before I could snark back.

“Mamono want Babies.”

“I KNOW that!” I reply, exasperated.

“Then what’s the problem, Allen?!” she shrugged.

“I thought,” I began, then trailed off. She waited for me to finish. When I didn’t, she piped up.

“You thought what?” she demanded archly.

“I thought that,….you know,…you might not,….” She turned my head over to look at me full in the face.

“Go on.” She ordered me in a long stern tone.

“It takes resources to raise kids, and if I sired anymore,…” I replied quietly, ending with a sigh and not meeting her eyes.

“Allen.” She said firmly. “That reason you’ve giving me is Bullshit! And you know it!” Her cussing like that, made me gape in response.

 “You’re quite capable of providing for your children Allen! We both know that!” she continued, with just a hint of red tinging her eyes. “If you sired a dozen children with a dozen different Mamono, we both know you’d ‘bust your tail’ finding a way to provide for them all.”

“Now Allen. I want you to tell me the REAL reason why you’re refusing to fulfill Angelique’s desire.”

It took the longest while of patient prodding on her part, but eventually I admitted to the truth.

“I’m afraid.” I whispered.

“Afraid of what?” she asked.

“I’m afraid of another Serilda.” I replied, grimacing.

“Another Serilda?” she asked, perplexed. “you mean your first daughter?” I nodded.

“Why are you afraid of that? You’re a full Dragon now! Your bloods not diluted anymore! You’ve got two children who are doing well!”

“I know all that!”

“Then why,…?!” she began. I held up a paw. She shut up.

“Because if I did get Angelique pregnant, I’d be diluting my Dragon-blood, with her,” I hesitated, then plowed ahead, “Were-cat blood.” I finished. Frazzis stopped talking then, with her mouth hanging open in realization.

“What’s to say that her and I’s kids wouldn’t turn out,…” I trailed off. I couldn’t bring myself to say it. Just the thought of it was enough to frighten me.

“Oh!” She said, shutting her mouth with a snap, then sitting back with a thoughtful look on her face. “I didn’t think of that!” she replied abashedly, pursing her lips. She was silent for the longest while, until finally.

“Allen.” She said while standing up and extending her wings. “Thank you for being honest with me. I can see where you’re coming from on this.”

“So, you’ll be backing me in my refusal to get Angelique pregnant?” I asked hopefully.

“No.” she replied, shaking her head.

“Then what,…!?” I began to demand. She interrupted me as she gave off a good flap to gain altitude.

“Tell this to Angelique! She needs to know!” she replied, as she began gliding her way back to the Cave.

“But!” I began, then stopped as I realized the truth in her words.

‘She’s right you know.’ Said an unbidden thought.

‘Who the hell are you?’ I thought back.

‘Your brain, or what’s left of it. Frazziss is right. Go and tell Angelique.’ The better part of me said chidingly.

“Shit!” I replied then, realizing that my brain was right.


Later, after I flapped back down to the Cave, I sought Angelique out. It didn’t take long, as she was still sitting on the same spot of her bed from when I had left her last.

When I came into her room, I noticed two things. One, that she’d been staring at the floor of the entranceway, and two, that she’d been crying. So much so, that her whisker ends had tear droplets hanging from them.

As soon as she saw me waltz in, she whirled herself around so as to avoid looking at me. I looked at her back and sighed remorsefully.

“Angelique,” I began hesitantly, “I’m sorry.” Ah hell, that’s the only thing I could think of to say as a beginning. She replied, with some Were-Cat body language.

She turned her head around and licked her shoulder at me, twice.

‘Oh crap.’ I thought. When a Were-cat licks her shoulder at you, it means she’s pissed. If she does it twice, that means she’s royally pissed. She won’t bother with three licks, because at that point she’ll swipe at you instead. Claws at full extent pissed.

“Angelique.” I tried again, “to be perfectly honest; I would like to give you some Were-Kittens.” Her body shot around, as she lowered her shoulders to her bed.

“LIAR!” she hissed with her ears laid back. Looking up over her shoulders, I could see her tail lashing left and right. She looked like she was ready to pounce on me, and not in the good way. I raised my paws in surrender.

‘Ah crap, in for a penny, in for a pound.’ I realized.

“To be perfectly honest, Angelique. I’m afraid to.” I replied quickly. That, got her attention!  She got a perplexed look on her face as her ears relaxed forwards. Yet, I noticed that her tail was still lashing, just a bit less though.

“Why, are you afraid?” she asked me in a suspicious tone, squinting.

“You are aware of the events involving my first daughter?” I asked. She nodded guardedly. Emboldened, I then went on with my spiel. I started off with a synopsis of what I had learned about my own blood line, and what had happened as a result of my Dragon ancestors ‘diluting’ their blood with humans.

“OH!” she replied when I got done, her eyes going wide. “I had no idea!” she replied a bit mollified. After a second, she squinted again at me.

“What has THAT got to do with your being afraid of my wanting Were-Kittens?” she asked plaintively. I sighed.

“Because I’m afraid that I’ll end up siring more kids with no-brains.” I replied quietly. “I don’t want to hurt you like that.” She relaxed at that bit of news, then she sat back on her haunches.

After a second or three of thinking about it, she patted the slab’s surface next to her with a paw. Indicating that she wanted me to sit next to her. I did. Once I was there, she put her arms around me and gave me a big furry hug. A nice WARM furry hug.

“Oh, you’re cold!” she snuffled. “Thank you for telling me. I think I understand where you’re coming from now.” She said, nuzzling me on one of my scaly ears. It tickled.

“So, are you willing to give up on wanting to have any of my kids?” I asked, not quite pleading. She turned my head around and made me look at her in the eyes.

“No.” she replied, shaking her head. “In fact, it makes me want them even more.”

“But why?” I asked, exasperated.

“Allen, listen to me now.” She ordered. I clammed up as she held her arms before me, pads up.

“Do you see these arms, Allen?” I looked down at them, and I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. They were just the usual, a pair of too-skinny arms that were lightly coated with fur, capped on one end with a pair of oversized fluffy cat paws.

“Ummm, yeah.” I nodded, while looking back at her in the eyes.

“They’re empty.” She said simply, as if this explained everything.

“Huh?” I asked, all intelligent like. She screwed up her face.

“My arms need to hold babies.” She replied, looking at me desperately.

“But we’ve got some babies on the way,…” I began. She sighed in agitation and looked away, frowning. I shut up. She thought for a second then extended her arms/paws out again. Only this time her claws were extended.

“They NEED to hold MY Babies!” she half-cried, leaning over in emphasis, as she clutched her paws to her chest.

“I don’t understand.” I replied. “Frazziss,…”. Then she cut me off.

“Frazziss has her babies! Yes! I understand that!” she chuffed in frustration, while reaching up and holding my face with her paws. “But they’re not MY Babies!” she whined in a falsetto.

“Allen, how do you feel when you’ve not had sex in a while?” she asked, changing her tactic. I thought about it, while scratching the back of my head in thought.

“I get distracted.” I replied, thinking back on the few times I’ve gone overdue an hour or two.

“That whole ‘want-to-have-sex’, quickly becomes a NEED to?” she asked, looking intensely at me in the eye. I nodded.

“Have you ever been without sex for longer than a couple of days?” She asked me then, which made me all suspicious.

“Uhhhmmm, yeah.” I replied, “I’ve gone without any sex for as long as a week.” I continued guardedly.

“And how were you feeling then?” she demanded.

“By that point, it was all that I could think of.” I replied, lowering my voice. “Why do you ask, are you saying that you’ll deny me sex if I don’t,…” I began but was interrupted by a paw on my mouth. She shook her head in negation.

“As an Incubus you have a need for sex, yes?” she asked. I nodded.

“Now imagine how much more powerful that need for sex would become, if you were denied it for years.” She stated with a slight frown.

‘Years!’ I blanched at the thought. ‘That would be torture!’ I then stopped for a second. ‘Holy Shit!’ I thought, as I finally began to realize what she’d been getting at.

 “I’ve been denied having babies for years. That level of Need for Sex that you have Allen, is about the same level of Need I have for Babies!” she cried. “I can’t explain it better than that!” My eyes just about bugged out at the realization at the enormity of her need.

“Yes, I know that Frazziss has her babies, and I’m happy for her! I really am.” She said as her face screwed up painfully. “But it hurt me, it physically hurt me, when I saw everyone else ‘Oooh’ and ‘Aaaah’ over her eggs!” It was then that I noticed that Angelique was starting to cry.

“I admit I’m jealous, Allen! I want someone to do the same for me. I want others to ‘Oooh and ‘Aaaah’ over my babies. My kittens!” she half yelled as she began to sob in earnest.

“My arms are empty Allen! They NEED to hold onto babies, to hold them close to my breasts and have them feed from me! Babies made of my flesh and blood!” she yelled fully then. I drew her into my arms and held her close as she became incoherent. She fought me at first, then she stopped and melted into my arms. She continued with her sobbing for what seemed for the longest time. Eventually she stopped, and just lay her head on my shoulder.

After a bit, I spoke.

“I think I comprehend now where you’re coming from Angelique. But I’m still scared. I’m afraid of giving you ‘those’ kind of babies that I gave my first wife. Ah hell! I don’t know what I would do, if I had to face that situation again.” I replied, as I whispered into one of her ears, trying desperately to not cry myself. I could feel her stiffen under my arms, the longer I spoke.

“Allen, I know I’m asking a lot of you to do that.” She sniffled, as she pulled away and matched gazes with me. Looking back, I could see that she had her pupils dilated forlornly. She held her paws out, pads up again, and looked down at them, then back up to me.

“Please.” She begged me so quietly that I almost couldn’t hear her. I closed my eyes and sighed deeply. Heavily.

‘Damn.’ I thought in resignation.

“All right.” I huffed slightly, opening my eyes. Her eyes lit up.

“Really?” she whispered hopefully. I nodded.

“ACK!” I replied, when she hugged me fiercely enough around my neck, to cut off my breathing.

“Angelique. Please! I can’t breathe!” I tried to say, but instead it came out as, “Ang-Ack! Gasp-choke!” I ended up having to pound her on the back with a fist to get my plight across to her.

She was apologetic, after she realized what was going on and let go. It took me a bit to catch up with my breathing. But she only had one thing in mind, once I did.

“Now?” she asked me eagerly, her eyes burning with a fierce desire. After a second of watching that raging forest fire, I answered.

“Yes.” I replied timorously.

At that point we didn’t waste any more time. Angelique pounced and just about ripped my loincloth off of me then, she was that ready. As to her clothing, which consisted of a tank top and bikini bottom, those practically evaporated off of her.

“Just lie back Allen!” she said, drooling just a bit as she pressed me on my chest with a paw, until I was lying on her bed with my wings spread out underneath.

“Hold still.” She said then as she started licking me all over, starting near my head horns.

She moaned and purred cheerfully, as she elicited a few pleasurable gasps from me, with her enthusiastic licking. Eventually, she took the scenic route on the way south, with the occasional side trip-lick to my ears, mouth, and chest nipples.

From there on, she playfully nipped at my tummy a couple of times before she tantalizingly circled her tongue around my groin. Never quite touching my dicks.

Finally, she held her head poised over my now erect pair of genitals. I’ll say one thing about my ‘Dynamic-Duo’, they always come to attention when they’re needed. Triply so, when they’re getting the ‘rough-tongue’ attention of a Were-cat.

As she was doing all of this, I tried to admire her bod. All things considered, it was kinda a nice one.  I had always considered Angelique to be a bit on the skinny side, even when I first met her at the Mamono-Man prison. But, the time she’d spent romping around the Yosemite high-country hadn’t been kind to her, weight wise.

Even now, a couple of months after she and I finally hooked up, she hadn’t regained much in the way of mass. I sighed when I had a good look at her.

“What’s wrong?” she asked when she heard me, freezing in place.

“Truthfully, I’m concerned.” I replied. She looked back at me, with her eyes going wide.

“About what?” she frowned as she held one of my dicks in her paw. Her tongue was blepping out at that moment, teasing my fore-dick with its proximity.

“Are you sure you’ve got enough weight to carry kittens to term?” I asked in all honesty. She fixed with a patient stare for a second, and then replied with a huff.

“My family has always been skinny. I’ll be fine.” She glared at me with a frown.

“If you say so.” I replied, hoping she’d get back to her raspy tongue action. “Still I’d feel a lot better if you made a bit more effort to put on some weight, please.” I asked. She gave me a long suffering sigh then.

“All right, I promise I’ll eat a bit more often. Honestly Allen! You’re starting to sound like Papa.” She huffed as she resumed licking.

‘Your father and I are NOTHING alike!’ I thought to myself as I let that quip slide. I didn’t feel like distracting her then.

Thankfully, Angelique quickly forgot her pique, as she returned her attention to my dicks. She made sure to lubricate both of them end to end with her tongue, before crawling forward and positioning herself to straddle me.

“No sixty-nine tonight?” I asked politely, curious as to her change in behavior. She shook her head as she crouched herself in such a way that she had her pelvis hovering over mine.

“Nyah!” she replied with a sultry look, as she began grasping both my dicks in one paw, and rubbing her vulva with the other. After a few seconds of simultaneous stroking me and herself, she pulled her pussy-paw up to inspect it. Satisfied with what she sniffed, she then grasped my dicks with both paws to position them near the opening of her vagina.

“Ah! Oooh!” she gasped, as she used my dick-ends to stimulate her vulva a bit. She circled them around her inner and outer lips for a short while. It was a rather enjoyable sensation for me, I had to admit. I enjoyed the feel of the warmness and the wetness of her genitals oozing themselves over my glans-skin. It made for an effective level of moistened lubrication.

She then surprised me, when she fit both of my dicks to the entrance of her vagina, and then started to press herself down on them. Her vagina resisted it at first.

“Angelique, are you sure about this?” I asked concernedly, when I realized what she was doing, “Normally, you have trouble fitting just one of my dicks into you.” I mentioned. Usually, she has difficultly squeezing one or the other, of my dicks into her. Thankfully, she has no problem fitting the other one into her back door.

“I’m sure.” She gasped, then panted a couple of times, quivering with delight. She halted her lowering momentarily, and continued replying. “I don’t want to waste a single drop.” She finished, as she resumed her downward advance.

“AAAH!” she yelped, as both my dicks suddenly managed to squeeze themselves into her perpetually tight vagina.

“Oooh!” I said matching her moans. It was a wonderful tightness for me too! After a moment of us both enjoying the mutual pleasure, she began to lower herself once again. This time she reached out with her paws, towards mine. Instinctively, I took ahold of them, to support her weight so as to give her more control.

Slowly, she squeezed her vagina around both my dicks. It was like I was ten pounds of dirt being shoved into a five-pound bag, she was so tight then. A quarter of the way, a third, then half! Her vagina could cut off my blood flow to them, and I wouldn’t have given a damn!

Finally, with a strangled moan she managed to hilt me within her.

“Oh Allen!” she moaned as she closed her eyes and tilted her head back to revel in the sensation.

“Oh Angelique!” I replied, as I already began to feel the waves of semen building up into a tsunami like explosion of release. How could I not? Her vagina had a death-grip on my dicks then!

But, I held my breath then, to hold off on my own ejaculation. I wanted to try and extend the moment. Angelique must’ve noticed my attempt, because at that point, she opened her eyes and glared at me.

“No.” she said menacingly, locking her eyes with mine. She then did something out of the ordinary. She clenched her pussy muscles even tighter!

“AAAH!” I cried out then at the sensation, utterly surprised. “You’ve never done that before!” I complained. Angelique just grinned wickedly at me by way of reply.

Somehow, I still managed to resist cumming then, but only barely.

‘Minx!’ I thought, ‘Two can play that game!’ I mentally challenged her, as I held off. She pouted at me when she realized what was going on. She then got a truly evil look on her face.

‘What the Fuck?’ I thought as she tilted her head back once more, and seemingly began to concentrate. What about, I had no idea right then. But I found out rather quickly.

“Oh GREAT MAOU!” I shouted, as she began to clench and unclench her pussy muscles in sequence! It was like she was jacking me off, only with her vagina! I’d heard tell of the proverbial ‘Snapper-Clam’ vagina before, but this was the first time I’d ever encountered one!

‘Sneak!’ I complained as I rapidly approached the peak of my pleasure. When I finally came, in what seemed like an endless fountain of semen. I must’ve roared loud enough to wake the dead. Because by the time I was done, I could hear my roars still echoing in the Cave’s hallways.

That’s when I took control, and flipped both of us over carefully, so as to allow my semen to coat the insides of her vagina to its depth, to insure maximum soak effect. But that was more for show.

What do I mean by that? Well, when I became a Dragon-Incubus all those months ago, one of the talents I’d gained was the ability to decide who could, and could not, become pregnant with my semen. Angelique got her wish, when immediately afterward my ‘talent’ asked if I wanted her to be pregnant, and naturally I said “Yes”.

We slept, still-attached together on her bed that night. During that mutual slumber, not once did she ever stop purring, she was so happy.


It’s often been rumored that Mamono aren’t too terribly into doing anal sex. From experience, I say that’s Hogwash. And no, I’m not talking about Orcs. The main reason for that, is prior to the ‘Great Change’, the one that was caused by the Maou’s ascension, many Avian and Reptilian Mamono had something called a Cloaca. Which itself is a sort of combination of Vagina and Anus.

But, after the ‘Change’, they became more Mammalian-like in their biology. Which is to say that their Cloaca, became separated into Vaginas and Anuses. Thus, due to their ancestral memories, I’ve been informed that many Mamono don’t feel there’s a difference between the two orifices-sex wise.

It’s been said that the best kind of Change is the one that comes from within. I’d have to agree, so long as I get to come inside that Change. (Har!)


I had a decent night’s sleep that night. Despite the fact that I had some weird ass dreams. None of which I could remember in the morning.

Thankfully, Angelique didn’t drool on me like Frazziss always does. Nope, instead she left a nice layer of her were-cat fur all over me. She was so tired from the night before, that I was able to unwind her from me without too much trouble.

‘I guess I’m gonna have to buy her a set of hair brushes.’ I decided, as I stomped my way over to the main bathroom for a shower. ‘If anything else, to try and get rid of her excess fur.’ I mused, as I tried to ball up some of that fur off of my arm, and failed.

After that shower, I realized that I had to figure out a way of unclogging hair balls from the drain. That’s not the kind of thing you have to worry about, when it comes to Dragons and their shed scales.

After my morning constitutional of a nice long Flap, I was in the kitchen cooking up a breakfast of blood pudding and sausages, when Pirin waltzed in. She seemed surprised to see me.

“Loknarr!” she exclaimed, surprised. “What are you doing up this early?”

“I managed to catch up on my sleep, despite all of the goings on.” I replied, not looking at her, as I kept my attention solely on the frying of the sausages.

“So have you and Angelique patched things up?” she asked all worriedly.

‘Well, someone’s a sound sleeper.’ I thought to myself, amused.

“Yeah, we’re both good to go.” I nodded without looking at her. But I did notice in my peripheral vision, that Pirin was getting….’jumpy’.

“So, ummmm, what did you two decide?” Pirin asked, in what seemed a hopeful tone. Paranoid, I began to get a bit suspicious with this line of inquiry.

“She managed to convey to me the urgency of her need for babies.” I replied, still not looking at her. Glancing at her out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Pirin was getting downright fidgety! I smiled secretly.

“Aaaannnnnndddd?!” Pirin almost-wailed, quivering while holding her paws together. I rolled my eyes before I replied.

“We decided that,…” I began, and left it hanging. After a few seconds, Pirin prompted me.

“Yes?” she asked, trying not to be too obvious with her interest.

“It would probably be best if,…” I continued, then left it hanging, again, as I pretended to be interested more in flipping my sausages over. After a few more seconds, Pirin injected again.

“AND?” she asked in a wheedling tone, I could see that she was just about vibrating in her excitement.

“If, I went ahead and got her pregnant. Which we did.” I added.

“YES!” Pirin squeaked excitedly, turning my head I could see that she was fist pumping then. After a couple of seconds, she noticed me looking at her with a raised eyebrow, and stopped fist pumping. Instead, she started looking around the room embarrassedly. I chose to let her off of the hook. She seemed to appreciate that.

“Uh Loknarr, there was something I wanted to talk to you about.” She began then.

‘Bingo!’ I thought to myself fearfully. ‘She wants kids too now, without a doubt!’ I decided then to go ahead and “Take the Minotauros by the Horns” so to speak. I set the frying pan off to one side, and then turned to her to speak.

“Pirin.” I said firmly. “I’m happy that you’re excited about Angelique’s pregnancy, but I’m not really interested in getting you pregnant right now.” She stopped and gawked at me in surprise, and then she did something that caught me totally off guard.  She started laughing.

After a few seconds of listening to her, I got a bit upset.

“What are you laughing about!?” I demanded, as she was doubled over from her mirth. “Oh give it a rest!” I huffed as I retrieved the frying pan. After a couple more minutes I felt one of her paws grasping at a wing tip. Looking over, I could see that she was shaking her head, and still laughing, that chucklehead.

It took her a few more tries, but eventually she got herself under some bit of control.

“I’m not interested in getting pregnant with you, not now!” she said in between bouts of giggling.

“Then what’s so funny?” I replied crossly.

“I’m not laughing at you!” she replied, grinning. “I’m laughing at what someone bet on how you’d react.”

It turns out that there had been a betting pool going on with the Valley Mamono. In it, the bet was about how many days it would take after Frazziss laid her clutch, before Angelique managed to convince me to get her pregnant. AND how long it would take, before I started talking about getting Pirin pregnant.

Why was she laughing? Because she had managed to win both sets, paws down. As to what it was that she was interested in talking with me about? She wanted to know if it was ok by Frazziss and I, if she were to take a few days off in a couple of weeks. Apparently, one of her crèche-sisters’ eggs were due to shell, or something like that.

“Besides Loknarr!” She began again, as she took over cooking breakfast. “I’m not at the right age to get pregnant.”

“WHAT!?” I roared. “Are you telling me that you’re underaged!?” I exclaimed, horrified.

“What?!” she demanded back, all huffy. “I AM NOT UNDERAGED!” she shouted back at me angrily. “Where did you get that stupid notion!?”

We then got involved in an interesting conversation.


It turns out that there was something about Dragonewt biology that I hadn’t been aware of.  Apparently, a long time ago Pirin’s Dragon ancestors, were confined to an island chain that was large enough to accommodate a colony of Dragons. But, the islands were small enough to affect their physiology in a way similar to how Pygmy Mammoths developed.

Due to the size of that place, her antecedents sort of ‘shrunk’ in size in order for them to stay fertile enough to keep reproducing. All without being too much of a burden on the islands’ resources.

But in addition to those conditions, they also voluntarily altered themselves in such a way that they went into, and out of, fertility at distinct ages.

“OH!” I exclaimed, utterly surprised. “You mean you’ve been able to get pregnant before?” I exclaimed with my mouth agape. I found myself utterly fascinated with this bit of natural history.

“Stop drooling at me, you pervo!” she replied with her arms crossed and her wings clenched tight, frowning at me through her scaly eyebrows.

“I’m not drooling Pirin!” I protested, “Ok maybe I am, just a little.”

“What’s the big deal, anyway?!” she demanded while flinging her paws up. “A while ago you didn’t even want to lay a claw on me! You said, and I quote: ‘I reminded you of a kid sister’, end quote!” she huffed, not looking at me.

I then had to explain to her my interest in the evolutionary sciences, and biology. The reason being, is that in college I almost majored in Biology. Yeah, in both of the worlds that I remember from, growing up.

“Why didn’t you?” she asked, surprised enough to forget her anger in that moment.

“I just couldn’t impress that Haku-Taku Biology professor enough. Unfortunately, she only had eyes for one of her graduate students.” I explained, embarrassed. Pirin started laughing her tail off, again.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah! Go ahead and laugh! But at the time, she was my world! Or so I thought!” I complained, smirking along with her.

“Well, all right!” she said after she got finished with her laugh. “Is there anything else you wanted to know about my breed of Dragon?” she asked me with an amused tilt to her head.

“Well yeah, since we’re on the subject,…” I mentioned, while waving a finger at my head.

“My lack of head horns?” she asked with an exasperated voice. I nodded. She blew out her breath as she turned around, and pushed me out of her way.

“That’s one of the key Dragon traits we bred out of existence, in order for us to survive that dank chain of islands.” She began, but I tried to interrupt.  “Let me finish!” she waved a paw at me to forestall any further interruption. “I know what you’re going to ask next. WHY do some Dragonewts have head horns?” she asked me, looking over her shoulder. I nodded.

“That’s because even though Dragonewts are considered a separate breed of Dragon, we’re still close enough to Western Dragons, your ancestors, that we’re able to breed with them.” She stopped flipping sausages over momentarily.

“Sometimes.” She added quietly, looking at nothing.

“Oh.” I replied, my curiosity satisfied. Then another thought occurred to me. Pirin must’ve caught the look in my eyes.

“What!?” she demanded before I could finish enunciating my thoughts.

“You said that your ancestors were on some islands, right?” She nodded. “Yet you have wings, couldn’t your people have simply flown away off of them?” She shook her head.

“They weren’t there by choice.” She replied. I couldn’t think of anything to say by way of reply after that. So, I didn’t. Pirin seemed to appreciate my letting the matter drop.


Once everyone else had gotten up and found their way to the kitchen, we all sat down for breakfast. Naturally, Frazziss refused to eat any of her food until I inspected it first.

Then, Pirin and I shared a look as Angelique insisted on sitting herself between Frazziss and I, for some unknowable reason. At first, Frazziss got a bit upset about it. But, after a few moments, she became nonchalant about it. In the end we all had a nice conversation.

“So what are everyone else’s plans for the day?” I asked, near the end. “I’d like to know, so that I can plan my day around everyone else’s.”

“I’m not inclined to wander too far from my Eggs.” Frazziss replied, acting almost guilty about it. I reassured her that that would probably be for the best. “Besides, we’ve got a ton of rearranging to do!” she added, rubbing her paws together. I sighed, as I remembered how much extra shit our Cave now had.

“I’m inclined to laze away the day.” Angelique chirruped. “But, I still have to go to my job at the Majestic.” She sighed, as she lay her head on my shoulder momentarily.

“I’ll be flapping over to help your father finish cleaning up the old place.” Pirin piped up. That made me frown.

“That’s true, I’d forgotten about him. Has he called lately? He probably should have done so by now.” I asked with just a hint of worry. Pirin shook her head.

“Don’t be too worried about it Loknarr. How much trouble could he get in anyways?” I gave her a droll look.

“Well let’s see. An unclaimed human male, who hasn’t gotten laid in Maou knows how long, working unattended in a dormitory full of Mamono?” I blew out my breath. “Ooooh, I’d say that he should be ‘Just-Fine’.” I finished sarcastically, with a roll of my eyes.

“I’d better take a quick flap and go check up on him.” I decided firmly, standing up. But then I hesitated, as I felt something in the Aether. I looked up sharply and turned my head in the direction of the Cave’s entrance.

“What’s wrong?” everyone asked me then, simultaneously.

“Or not!” I exclaimed, and then sighed. “I just felt a Wyrm-hole open up, just outside the Cave’s entrance. Which means only one thing- we’ve got company.”

“You can feel those?” Frazziss asked, looking at me perplexed.

“Well yeah, it’s one of those abilities I gained from walking the Seventh Path.” I explained. Angelique looked at me with confusion then.

“I’ll explain later.” I told her. As soon as I did we all heard a scratching sound resonating from within the hallways.

“What the hell is that!?” Angelique yelped, her hackles raising.

“It’s a Scratcher!” Frazziss explained with a smile. Angelique’s face screwed up in confusion.

“It’s the Dragon-equivalent of a door knocker.” I said as I started walking to the dining room entrance. “I installed it as part of the Cave’s buildup.” I added as I started stomping my way to the front entrance, Angelique padded after me, following.

“So what’s a Scratcher?” she inquired with her paws kneading air.

“Well, a ‘Scratcher’ is what Dragons use to announce their arrival at another Dragon’s home.” I explained, as I pointed out the Scratcher’s waveguide, that I’d installed on the hallway ceiling.

“Oh! I’ve been wondering what that was!” she exclaimed, looking up and following it with her eyes.

“It’s used as one of those ‘social lubricants’ that extends the life of a petitioner. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fellow Dragon, or some asinine treasure hunter. Dragons get mighty cranky when they’re woken up from a nap.” Angelique grinned knowingly when I said that.

“Now, if you ever have the opportunity to approach another Dragon’s Lair, keep an eye out for either a hollow pole, or a flat rock, near the entrance.” I smiled when I noticed that she was listening attentively.

“If it looks like it’s been scratched by a Dragon’s claws a lot, chances are it’s a Scratcher. So, if you wish to avoid getting flambéed, I’d recommend that you announce your presence by scratching at that rock with your own claws.”.

“The Dragon in question, will probably be already aware that you’re there, but if you’re polite enough to use one, it’ll improve your survival chances dramatically.” I finished.

When we got to the front entrance, I observed two Dragons and a human male, standing just outside the entrance together.

The first Dragon to catch my eye, was a matronly looking one with a general air of nobility about her. She, was a Western-style Dragon with corn-silk blonde hair that was tied back into a bun, her scales were a gleaming mix of scarlet and azure.
Unlike many other Dragons with their insufferable attitude, this one turned out to be a rarity in that she actually had a sense of humor, and as such she smiled often. She introduced herself to Angelique and I, as Dame Nizzyl, the Chief Archivist of the Dragon Realm.

Assisting her, was Qirri of all people! She was looking a lot better from when I’d seen her last, what with her regrown brunette locks that were braided rather fetchingly. As before, she had a set of black and gold scales, along with her conch style set of horns. She seemed rather happy today. I soon found out the reason why.

“And who’s this?” Angelique asked, looking at the sole human male. He raised a hand to Angelique, who was about to shake it but stopped. This was because Qirri interposed herself between them, and latched onto that hand of his with one of her paws. The new dude seemed rather annoyed with her doing that, then opened his mouth to speak.

“His name is Alexander.” Qirri cheerfully interrupted, while smiling possessively at him. Alexander closed his mouth, and then looked at Qirri with a peeved expression on his face. I tried to ask ‘Alexander’ a few other questions, but every time I did, Qirri answered for him. I soon gave up trying.

“Where are my manners?” I asked suddenly. I then invited them all into my Cave, along with the appropriate offer of hospitality. Which they accepted graciously.

I gave them a quick tour of the place, which Alexander seemed to appreciate, particularly the main bathroom. Eventually, we found our way to the kitchen where everyone else was still sitting at. Naturally, another round of introductions had to be made.

After that, we got to learn of who our guests were, and why they’d shown up.

“We’re here from the Ministry of Records.” Dame Nizzyl explained, as she pulled out a shuffle of parchment from a handy (pawy?) satchel, and spread them out onto the dining room table. I raised an eyebrow at them wonderingly. She then produced a fountain pen, and a pair of Granny-glasses, which she then put on. Wisely, I chose to not comment about them.

‘Dragon Glasses, sheesh!’ I snarked silently.

“We; Qirri and I, are here to interview you two, and to record the laying of your Eggs.” Nizzyl stated pleasantly. “This is all to insure that your children are properly registered, and that your House is officially recognized.” She explained. That caught me off guard, but in a way, it made sense.

One of the first things I’d learned about Dragon-life a few months back, was that they registered all of their children’s births, for many reasons.

Since I hadn’t been born a Dragon, my conversion into one caused quite a shake-up for the Archivists, much to their annoyance. Bureaucracy being one of the few ‘gifts’ that Dragons gave to humanity, that we/they seldom appreciated.

Dame Nizzyl made double-sure what our names were, and our House’s name, before writing them down. She then proceeded to the Children’s registry paperwork.

“First off, may I ask what names you’ve chosen for your children?” Nizzyl asked Frazziss and I, while holding up a fountain pen over her parchment.

‘Boo-yah!’ I thought to myself in my glee.

“Well, I was thinking of naming the boy, Sma-Aauugghkkkk!” I began, but was rudely interrupted by Frazziss’ sinking her claws into my shoulder, hard. VERY hard!
Nizzyl stopped writing, and gave Frazziss and I an amused look and kept quiet.

“Aaaahh! Eeeeek! Uh-uh-uh!” I went, sticking my tongue out in agony, as Frazziss leaned over and began to whisper into my scaly ear, still gripping me hard.

“Don’t even THINK about THAT name!” she warned me quietly. “NOTHING from Tolkien!” she hissed aloud.

“Yes Dear.” I whimpered quietly, defeated. She let go, and I inhaled with a gasp at the sudden and blessed relief from the pain.

“We’re undecided about what names to bestow our children with, at this time.” I explained in a rush, wincing while rubbing my shoulders with my hand/paws. Nizzyl smiled at me for a moment longer and then replied.

“Well no hurries on that then. The names only become official after your children are shelled, after all.” She smirked as she replaced the cap onto her fountain pen, and put it away into her satchel along with the partially filled out parchments.

“Well that being that,” she replied, as she clenched her paws together, “May Qirri and I pleased be allowed to inspect your Eggs Frazziss?” Nizzyl asked politely then. Surprisingly, Frazziss seemed almost eager to show them off to the pair.

I, got volunteered to entertain Alexander, while Qirri and Nizzyl went on with their official duties. This was due to the fact that no strange male would ever be allowed to get near Frazziss’ eggs. Not if he wanted to keep breathing, that is.

“Frazziss?” I overheard Dame Nizzyl ask, as they retreated in the direction of the Brooding chambers. “Is it really true? I’ve heard that you’re the mother of a Dragon-male.” I could ‘feel’ Frazziss smiling wickedly then.

“OH yes!” Frazziss replied with pride. “I am indeed the mother of the first ‘birthed’ male Dragon in many centuries!”

“Pardon my skepticism, Frazziss. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard such. But if it is, your name will go down in History!” Dame Nizzyl replied skeptically, carefully. After that, the trio retreated far enough, that I couldn’t overhear them.

After that, Angelique excused herself in order to get ready to go to work. She and I kissed a long and passionate kiss before we parted though.

“Thank you again, for last night!” she breathed/purred into an ear while we embraced. Then she let go of me with a radiant grin.

 After she left, Pirin piped up and volunteered to go and check up on the whereabouts of my Old Man. I thanked her too, with a hug and a tongue kiss then sent her on her way.

When I was done with all that, I noticed then that Alexander was just sitting there at the kitchen table, shaking his head with a shit-eating grin plastered on his face.

“What?” I asked, smiling. He sighed by way of response before replying.

“So many Mamono man! Oops, I mean Dragon.” I waved it off.

“Don’t worry about it Alex, may I call you Alex?” I asked.

“Yeah I’m cool dude. Just don’t do it within earshot of Qirri though. She doesn’t like it when folks shorten my name.”

“She sounds like my Frazziss.” I replied with a smirk. He laughed.

“Hey, do you want a longer tour of the place? I get the feeling you need some time away from Qirri for a bit.” Alex gave me such a smile then, nodding enthusiastically.

“Please!” he almost begged. “I don’t suppose you’ve got any brews?” he asked me with desperation in his voice, after he looked over his shoulder.

“A shit ton, come along.” I instructed as I waved at him to follow me. Eventually we made our way over to my workshop. Naturally, as a guy I kept a small fridge there well stocked with plenty of brew. He got such a look of relief on his mug, once he had his first swallow.

“Damn dude, that’s the best shit I’ve had in a month!” he complimented me as he leaned back on my workbench.

“Thanks.” I replied, “I’ve got a connection with a Satyros microbrewer over by Tahoe. She owes me a few flavors.” We then shot the shit for a little while, and I began to get the notion that there was something familiar about him. What, I wasn’t exactly sure. So I decided to ask him a few personal questions.

“So Alex, how long have you and Qirri been together?” I asked. He blew his breath out in exasperation. I scrunched up my eyebrows at him then.

“That’s the thing dude! We were supposed to hook up for just a night! Not any of this long term shit!” He shrugged his shoulders and took a couple more swallows, then he continued.

“I was doing some project work down at the Ranch when she showed up.”

“Ranch?” I asked, puzzled.

“Phantom Ranch, I mean, sorry. I work at Grand Canyon National Park as a Mason.” He explained.

‘Hmmmm.’ I thought, mentally frowning.

“I guess I must’ve performed our pillow pounding to her satisfaction, because the next morning she didn’t leave like she said would. Instead, she started bossing me around. Well, nicely at first.” He explained, waving his hand in dismissal.

“I went along with it, ‘cause it meant I’d probably get myself some more of that hot Dragon-Action.” He smiled dreamily, then his face lit up in alarm. “Uhhh, No offense dude.” He apologized nervously.

‘I guess he doesn’t know that I was human too.’ I thought as I waved it off. I knew exactly what he meant by ‘hot Dragon-Action’. The more he talked about himself and Qirri, the more I listened, along with the more questions I asked.

What I learned about him was this. That he was about my age, and that he was a Mason who, like me worked in a National Park. He’d been widowed a few years earlier, and that he’d also sired a child who died after birth, a son in his case. After that he’d been despondent for a long time, and had been giving serious thought about offing himself.

‘Oh geez,’ I thought, ‘where on earth have I encountered someone like that before?’ I wondered. Looking at him I finally realized what it was that had been bugging me about him.

The way he looked right now, was the way I looked back when I was still human. Oh there were differences between him/now and me/then. But, they weren’t all that many I decided, as he continued to talk about himself.

“It was great at first man.” He continued, “But now it’s gotten to be a pain in the ass! It’s like she’s treating me like I’m her personal property, or something! Always telling me what to do, when to do it!” He groused.

“What I can and can’t eat. Who I can and can’t talk to. She’s even been hinting more often about having me move in with her permanently, dude!”

“So whatta you think man?” he asked me suddenly then, startling me from my reverie. “Do you think I might still have a chance of getting away from her?” he asked me hopefully.

“That depends, Alex. How long have the two of you been hooking up?”

“About a month now.” He answered levelly. His eyes widened slightly when he saw me lean back as I screwed up my face in thought.

“Have you two have been screwing every night?” He nodded.

“Yeah, several times! And a few times during the day as well.” He interjected.

“Hoo-boy!” I replied unconsciously. His face fell. I sighed dramatically before replying, and laying a hand/paw on his shoulder.

“I hate to say it Alex, but it’s starting to sound like she considers you to be her ‘treasure’.” I replied. ‘You poor bastard!’ I thought, forcing down a chuckle. ‘You’re done for!’

“Ah SHIT, man!” he complained. “I so didn’t expect this from what was supposed to be a one-nighter!” he huffed, while clenching his fists. I guess I should’ve softened the blow a bit, because at that point he seemed ready to cry.

“Sorry Alex! But that’s something you’ve got to take into consideration, when it comes to banging Mamono.”

“Thanks for the warning dude. It really helps.” He replied sarcastically before finishing off his bottle. He chugged it, I couldn’t blame him.

It was just then that I got a phone call from my Old Man! Picking up my cell out of my loincloth’s pocket, I answered it quickly.

“Hey Dad!” I greeted. “Wait, what? Pirin!? What are you doing, calling from my Dad’s cell?” I demanded. I guess my expression showed on my face, because that’s when Alex asked me a question.

“What’s wrong dude? You look like I must do right now.”

“It involves my Old Man.” I replied, not looking at him as I continued to listen to Pirin.

“Oh? You’re on speaking terms with yours? That’s cool.” He replied. I ignored it.

“He’s gone missing,” I said aloud after Pirin hung up, “and according to that pile of clothing he left behind, it’s starting to sound like I’ve got myself a Step-Mom, now.” I said, making eye contact with him.

“A Mamono one.”


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