Cowgirl (Homobos taurusapiens)

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Common Name: Cowgirl, Holstaur

Species: Homobos taurusapiens

Gender: Female

Physical Characteristics: A cowgirl is a humanoid cross-species, with obvious bovine physiological traits. These traits include ivory horns of varying length, thickness, and coloration as well as large cow-like ears capable of changing direction in response sound and emotional reactions. Cowgirls also lack canines, possessing an additional set of molars in their place as well as an elongated tongue to aid in grazing. Cowgirls have Holstein patterned and fur pigmentation, soft fur covering the arms, legs, back, and buttocks, but notably absent from the face, neck, chest, abdominal and groin region.

Cowgirl’s arms are mostly humanoid, with the exception of the thick, hoof-like nails, black skin covering the fingers, and tough, durable pads of the fingertips and palms. Cowgirls legs by contrast become digitigrade below the knees, with cloven hooves in place of humanoid toed feet. The combination of digitigrade legs, strong arms and tough hands allow cowgirls to stand and walk on all fours for long stretches of time. While cowgirls are capable of walking upright, most spend the majority of their time as quadrupeds. Cowgirls also possess wider hips and larger pelvic bones than human women to facilitate easy birthing, as well as a long cow-like tail, which is capable of precise movement, as well as involuntary movements in response to emotional states.

The most remarkable and highly valued features of a cowgirl’s anatomy is her four unusually large breasts, colloquially referred to as udders. The average cowgirl possesses udders roughly the size of a volleyball, with the lower pair typically being slightly smaller than the upper pair. Once they are fully developed, it is not uncommon for a cowgirl’s udders to account for up to one quarter of her overall body mass. In addition, the skin of the entire udder will stretch and shrink as the udder becomes engorged and emptied. The overall size of the udder will change dramatically between milking, swelling dramatically when engorged to capacity and shrinking considerably after a thorough milking.

The veins in a cowgirl’s udder may be significantly darker and more visible than those of a breast, and may stand out from the skin when the udder is engorged, forming a blue web-like pattern that runs from the outside of the udder towards the center, terminating at or just shy of the base of the nipple, typically referred to as the teat. Teats are significantly longer than nipples, averaging between two to three inches long and just under an inch in diameter. Despite its apparent ruggedness, a cowgirl’s teat is extremely sensitive and sexually responsive.

A cowgirl’s vagina is nearly identical to a human vagina. The only major difference is the increased ability of the vagina to stretch, allowing it to comfortably accommodate the dramatically large penis of a cowboy, as well as give birth to their atypically large young with little if any discomfort. Cowgirl vaginas lubricate extremely quickly and copiously, and remain partially lubricated at all times, allowing a cowgirl to be mounted at any time.

Behavior: Cowgirls are gentle, caring, compassionate, and loving by nature. They are slow to anger, eager to forgive, and deeply value their emotional connection with their mates, fellow cowgirls, and children. They do have a slightly elevated fear response due to their bovine psychology, but this often fades during adolescence. Cowgirls do not typically experience sexual jealousy, and are accustomed to sharing a single cowboy among several cowgirls. Cowgirls often engage in lesbian sexual encounters in addition to heterosexual mating, often preferring to form permanent romantic relationships with other cowgirls.

Cowgirls are often stereotyped as slow-witted and lazy, but this is largely due to the physical demands of her anatomy, as well as the admittedly hedonistic aspects of their biology and culture. Cowgirls spend the majority of their time grazing, being milked, and engaged in sexual activity. However, cowgirls can be remarkable intelligent, and are often involved in the management of the dairies they produce for. Indeed, many cowgirls pursue higher education and hold advanced degrees.

Cowgirls typically live in large groups known as herds. While cowgirls can and often do integrate into human society, they tend to prefer the emotional solidarity and physical security of the herd lifestyle. Herds vary dramatically in size, from less than a dozen to over a hundred. Most herds have very few cowboys, due to an average male birth rate of one in ten.

Cowgirls are almost exclusively nudists, wearing clothing only when social convention absolutely requires it, including, but limited to interaction with humans and other cross-species uncomfortable with nudity. It is not unusual for a cowgirl to spend her entire life without wearing clothes, and most cowgirls will only tolerate skimpy articles of clothing for short periods of time.

Cowgirls tend to be extremely blasé about bodily functions. They will urinate and defecate at will, although they will take care to avoid contaminating clean environment and respecting the cultural sensitivities of humans and other cross-species. Despite their cavalier attitude toward elimination, cowgirls are meticulous groomers, bathing and rushing their hair and fur regularly.

Cowgirls are eager to form social and romantic relationships with humans and other humanoids as well. Cowgirls will often recruit humans of both genders into their herds through sexual and emotional seduction, coupled with administration of the bovine mutagen. While the majority of cowgirls are born cowgirls, approximately twenty percent of cowgirls began life as humans.

Cowgirls are not known for subtlety. They will express emotional and sexual interest openly and unapologetically, communicating their feelings and romantic desires through human language as well as bovine vocalizations. A cowgirl with romantic inclination will flirt, kiss, and nuzzle the object of their affection. Cowgirls will also offer to nurse potential mates, seeking to bond with them emotionally as well as provide them with sustenance.

Cowgirls are intensely loyal to their herds, going to great lengths to maintain solidarity and establish socially recognized bonds. This includes the widely-misunderstood practice known as branding. Contrary to popular myth, the buttocks are numbed prior to administration of the brand in order to minimize discomfort. Special care is taken at the site of the injury in order to ensure that it scars properly, leaving a distinct pattern in the cowgirl’s fur that signifies her connection to the herd. While the brand is largely ceremonial, on larger farms, RFID ear tags and subdermal implants are used on cowgirls for accountability and record keeping.

Nutrition: Cowgirls are exclusive herbivores. They will happily graze on grass, but prefer a varied diet, including a wide array of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains. Cowgirls must maintain an extremely high caloric and liquid intake in order to meet their milk production demands, so it is not unusual for a cowgirl to spend up to six hours per day eating.

Cowgirls are capable of observing human table etiquette, including, with some difficulty, the use of utensils, and will do so in social engagements. However, they prefer to graze, using their long tongues to catch blades of grass or pockets of grain, eating an average of six pounds, or about four percent of their body mass, per day.

Due to their high roughage intake, cowgirls producing large quantities of manure. Cowgirl droppings do not have a strong odor, but there are rich in nutrients. Cowgirls will often compost their droppings in order to fertilize crops, saving on dairy feed costs.

Reproductive Cycle: Puberty occurs in two stages for cowgirls. During the first stage, between twelve to fourteen years old, cowgirls will develop secondary sexual characteristics, including breast tissue, widened hips, and pubic hair. However, this first stage does not result in the start of the cowgirl’s reproductive cycle, and she will not be capable of becoming pregnant or lactating for several more years.

During the second stage, between eighteen and nineteen years old, a cowgirl will experience her first heat. Unlike human women, whose fertility is marked by the first menstrual flow, cowgirls experience an indescribably intense, overriding, unyielding, week-long period of sexual arousal known as heat.

Cowgirls in heat are insatiable, their minds so overwhelmed with unbridled lust that they are nearly incapable of human speech, often only able to utter plaintive moos and other bovine vocalizations. While masturbation, cunnilingus, and intercourse with other species will ease the symptoms, the only true cure for heat is insemination by a cowboy. Cowboy semen contains an enzyme not present in other species. When this enzyme comes into contact with the uterine wall, it triggers an endorphin release in the cowgirl’s brain, triggering a sated, euphoric state. The conception rate among healthy cowgirls is approximately ninety-eight percent.

Cowgirl pregnancies are similar to human pregnancies in most respects. Cowgirl pregnancies are significantly longer than human pregnancies, lasting an average of one calendar year, ending with the live birth of a single calve. Calves are much larger than human infants, so twins are extremely rare, and triplets are more are astronomically unlikely. Cowgirls rarely suffer the detrimental effects of pregnancy, such as morning sickness, but they do experience the increased arousal, adding to their already prolific libidos.

In the fourth trimester of pregnancy, a cowgirl’s mobility and stamina are significantly impacted. Calves are much larger and more mobile than human infants, and it is not unusual for a cowgirl’s belly to drag along the ground during late stages of pregnancy.

Despite carrying a fetus nearly the size of a human toddler, childbirth is faster and easier for cowgirls than for human women, rarely requiring medical intervention of any kind. Most cowgirls report birth as a euphoric, infinitely fulfilling experience. Over seventy percent of cowgirls experience sexual arousal during labor and more than half orgasm while delivering their babies.

Milk Production: Cowgirl milk is not only delicious and nutritious, it has a variety of other health and medical benefits. It also extremely valuable, so dairy personnel take special care to ensure it is collected efficiently and comfortably, ensuring that milking is a rewarding experience for the cowgirl.

Cowgirls can be milked by hand or by machine. On small dairies, cowgirls will often take turns milking each other, taking a seat on a milking stool while her partner stands on all fours, allowing her udders to hang freely below. Inducing milk flow is as simple as massaging the cowgirl’s udders to trigger letdown, then pinching and rolling her teats. This will draw out powerful sprays of milk into whatever collection receptacle is used, typically a stainless-steel bucket. Proficient milkers will milk two udders at one time, typically the upper and lower udder of one side.

Machine milking is similar, although manual stimulation to induce easy milk flow is highly recommended. Machine milking is more efficient, though less thorough than hand milking. Machine milking also allows a single handler to service multiple cowgirls simultaneously. It also frees up the hands and other body parts to service the cowgirl in other ways. Many cowgirls enjoy having their ears stroked and other shows of affection during milking. Most cowgirls enjoy sexual stimulation, up to and including penetration during milking.

Cowgirls usually need to be milked three times per day. Cowgirls produce the most milk immediately following pregnancy. As their milk production starts to diminish, it signifies the approach of their next heat. Cowgirls in heat will have a very difficult time tolerating milking, so breeding prior to milking is common practice. A bred cowgirl will be far more relaxed and docile than a cowgirl that is buckwild with sexual frustration.

Handlers should take special care while milking cowgirls in advanced stages of pregnancy. While they still produce copious quantities of milk, gravid cowgirls need to lie on their sides to avoid straining themselves. Her lower udders will be forced outward to accommodate the growth of her belly as well, making mechanical milking extremely difficult. Milking by hand is highly recommended. It is not unusual for milking to trigger contractions and induce labor.

Cowgirls nurse their calves throughout childhood, producing far more than their young are capable of consuming. It is not uncommon for a cowgirl to take on the role of herd mother, nursing up to four infants simultaneously, freeing up other cowgirls for milking and other activities. Childrearing is considered a communal activity in most cowgirl herds.

Legal Status: The legal status of cowgirls varies on nationality. In some countries, cowgirls, like other humanoid cross-species, are considered full legal citizens with all the rights and responsibilities thereof. Cowgirls may marry each other, cowboys, humans, and members of any other humanoid cross-species they choose. While cowgirls do not often marry, let alone outside of their species, it is not unheard of to see cowgirl/human, cowgirl/catgirl, and cowgirl/wolfman couples.

In other countries, cowgirls are relegated to second-class citizenship, with varying degrees of diminished autonomy. In some countries, cowgirls essentially carry the same legal status as non-humanoid livestock, to be bought, sold, and traded at will. However, this is relatively rare, and cross-species rights advocates are working tirelessly to elevate the legal status of cowgirls in repressive nation-states.

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