Concrete Jungle

Everything was in place. The moment of truth was upon them.

Theo stood behind his boss, watching over his shoulder. His boss was a half-human, though what the other half was he couldn’t quite identify. If he had to guess, he’d say something vaguely lupine. With horns. Goatwolf?

 Not that it mattered to Theo, but he still felt a bit strange being a minority in the office as one of the few full-fledged humans, as well as one of the few men. At least his short, clean-cut beard gave him a little bit of facial hair to blend in with the fuzzy non-humans. Kind of.

After a deep breath and with a swish of a fluffy tail, his boss pressed the enter key on the PC in front of them. A small progress bar ticked up from 0 to 100%, one percentage point at a time.  

Their breaths held still. 3, 4, 5%…




Theo quivered; his boss remained as stone.  


And there it held, just as it had before. But it’d only been a few seconds. Then a few more.

C’mon, work! Theo thought, too afraid to say anything lest some god of software and hardware take offense.

His boss twitched.

…100%. A small prompt appeared, confirming the operation had completed successfully.

They both let out such an enormous breath that they threatened to deflate into piles of limp skin.

“Finally, I was about to throw the fucking monitor,” his boss said, standing up and stretching out his arms and back, “That took way too damn long.”

“No kidding. We started at what, ten this morning? Some half hour job that was.”

“Sometimes that’s how shit happens,” laughed his boss, adding: “At least it means we don’t have to come in tomorrow. Having to come in on a Saturday is always the worst.”

“Hah, yeah. I mean, not to sound lazy, but I’d rather not have to put in a bunch of overtime so soon.”

“No one does, but yeah, having to come in on a Saturday during what, your second week? That’d be rough. Anyways, thanks for your help.”

“Oh no, I didn’t do much,” Theo said, holding up his hands, “I just followed along with whatever you did.”

“So you’re saying that’s why it took us so long? Calling me incompetent?” His boss said, features clouding over.

“What? Er, no, no! I just meant—“

His boss burst out laughing, giving Theo a slap on the back. “Hah! You’re so easy to mess with, you know that? Don’t be so serious all the time. Anyways, we should probably head out. We’re the last ones here.”

Theo could feel his cheeks warm. Despite how long he’d been working at the office, he still had difficulty wrapping his mind around the reality that everyone was so… informal. Hell, when he’d shown up for the interview, he couldn’t believe everyone working there were wearing jeans and t-shirts. The VP of his department was the best dressed, and that’s only because she had a long-sleeved, button-up shirt tucked into her jeans.

“Yeah, ha-ha,” he forced himself to chuckle, “I’ll see you Monday then?”

“Yup. Have a good weekend, Theo,” said his boss, but as he moved to put the PC to sleep, he remembered something.

“Oh, and don’t worry about Katherine. HR has informed me she’ll be… dealt with. I’m so sorry you had to deal with that your first week here.”

“Ah,” Theo mumbled, suddenly paying attention to the wrinkles on his slacks, “I’ll be fine. I read that sort of thing was kind of common in the city, so I guess I was as prepared as I could be.”

“Still, no one should have to go through that. If you ever want to talk about it you can come to me, or HR if that’d make you feel more comfortable.”

“Sure,” Theo said quietly, then sucked in a breath and said with gusto: “Have a great weekend yourself!”

His boss smirked and gave him a pat on the shoulder, then set about packing his things.

Theo meandered over to his cubical and stuffed his backpack with a few items and grabbed his jacket. He glanced at the time; it was going on 8:00pm and it’d gone dark an hour ago. He kind of wished he could get overtime pay, but that was one of the consequences of being salaried. The word tumbled in his mind. He was the first person in his family who earned a salary, rather than hourly pay. It was a source of pride, and not just for him.

As he made his way through the cool autumn air to his car in the parking garage, he considered abandoning his usual routine and going straight home. He was tired and it’d be another 15 minutes until he got home, then he’d have to cook dinner…

But, he shook his head. His gym plan was a week old. A week! He couldn’t skip his third day. If he did, he knew it’d make it that much easier to justify not going some other time, and so on and so on.

He poked himself in the belly.

It wasn’t a gut — yet — just a thin layer of softness. Growing up he’d been lean and fit, thanks to early mornings and late evenings on the farm, but whatever physical fitness he’d had vanished during college. Couldn’t work out or exercise then, because he was too busy. Or too tired. Having to dedicate time to exercise instead of having it just sort of happen felt so alien. And like such a waste.

Right. Gotta do this. I’ll feel great afterwards! If I don’t go, I’ll just feel lazy. Right? Right.

He drove down out of the parking structure and reached the main street. To the left was home with its comforts and warmth. To the right, the gym and all that work.

His right blinker flashed a few times. Then the left. Then the right again, and before he could change his mind again he zipped out and sped down the road to the right.

Well, since I’m already heading this way…

It wasn’t much of a drive to the gym, and, in many respects, it wasn’t much of a gym. One of those places that popped up in a strip mall, with a candle store to one side of it and a hair salon to the other.

It had all the usual pieces, or most of them. Enough for what he needed, anyways. Plus, it had good rates though, and the people he’d met so far when he went after work and when he’d signed up had been nice enough. Difference between now and then, however, was quite apparent when he pulled into the parking lot.

Normally it was so full that finding any kind of empty spot in the lot was a challenge, but he was able to pull right in and nab a spot in front of the entrance. Through the big, floor-to-ceiling windows he could see there were only three others in the place. Maybe coming later in the evening was something he could get used to. Not having to wait to use a machine would be nice.  

He grabbed his gym bag and key card and went on in.

Walking towards the changing room, his eyes lingered on the trio of women. One, a tigress by the look of it, was doing bench presses with the other two flanking her, a lizard-type and maybe… A bear. Yes, she had the thick-set build of a bear, and the short tail was a give away, but her thick, brown fur made it difficult to pick out certain details.

The bright orange sportsbra and shorts she wore, however, made it much easier to pick out other details. They were tight around her massive breasts and expansive ass, with the cuff of the shorts so tight around her thighs they noticeably dug in, even from a distance.

 Her hair had been dyed an almost identical orange, but it wasn’t dyed all over, rather an errant lock of hair that fell across one side of her face and some other strands where there were parts, with the bulk of her chestnut-colored hair pulled back into a pony tail.

A bar heaving with weight was just about touching the Tigress’ chest, or rather, her protrusive breasts. They weren’t nearly as bulky as the bear’s, but they were still quite large.

She was clad in a black two-piece set of sports bra and shorts similar to the bear’s, while the lizard’s dusty brown and green scales were concealed by a small, white t-shirt and stretchy black leggings.

“Hah!” The tigress shouted, following it up with such a grunt of exertion it managed to startle Theo even though he was watching her. The weights shook and clattered and the bar began to rise.

“You got this!” the spotters encouraged, or rather the bear did at any rate – the lizardess was content to watch with her arms crossed, though her eyes darted up and focused in on Theo. She cocked her head as if studying him. Without thinking, he looked away.

“You can do it, Zii!”

“Fucking, fuck, gods damn fuck Hnnnh Fuck!” Rumbled the tigress.

Theo shook his head and decided to continue on; people in the city used such foul language. His boss had sworn like the most vulgar person alive on his first day, but thankfully he’d toned it down. Some.

 Yet another aspect he’d have to get used to. He hoped he wouldn’t start talking like that one day. Though, if he did, his parents would be sure to remind him of how polite people speak. Even at his age.

Just as he pushed open the door to the men’s lockerroom, he heard the bar clang down into its rest, followed by a cheer. “You did it! That’s a new record!”

As he changed, he wondered what that record was, along with what his record would be. Since he never had a dedicated spotter he didn’t push himself too hard, but he felt like he was challenging himself.

He squeezed one of his sad biceps, then poked at the subtle arm flab hanging down.

Glad I didn’t skip tonight, after all…

With his baggy gym shirt and shorts on, he left the changing room and head towards one of the treadmills for his pre-workout warmup. He hated running on treadmills more than anything, but also knew running on concrete and asphalt was a sure-fire way to ruin his knees.

What I wouldn’t give to be able to run in the fields again, he mused to himself.

He turned on his favorite workout playlist on his phone, plugged in the earbuds, and nestled it in the cupholder on the treadmill. Running in place may be the most boring thing imaginable, but it was a little more bearable with some good tunes. Set the machine to a 15 minute warmup pace, and off he went.

The treadmill’s whine could scarcely be heard over his music. His heart quickened, his breaths went deep, and his lungs burned. Always the worst part. He clamped his eyes shut and focused on keeping the legs moving. Gotta keep moving… Head up, don’t slouch!

Feet slammed down on the treadmill.

The song changed.

One third down, two more to go!

On he went until finally the third song ended, heralding his victory. Sucking in deep breaths he turned off the machine, turned around—

—And all three of them were watching from a scant few feet away. The lizardess was the closest, close enough for Theo to make out that she didn’t wear a bra of any sort under her shirt. Not only that, the material was so thin it may as well have been sheer.

 Despite being covered head to toe in scales and with ridges and plates along her spine, she still sported certain mammalian features. Her tannish-green eyes blinked.  

He froze, transfixed, before he had the presence of mind to avert his eyes.

She should know better than to wear white without a bra…

“He’s blushing! He’s totally blushing!” Said the bear, clapping her paws together.

“Haven’t seen you before,” said the lizardess in a sort of whispery, stereotypical-lizard way — at least to Theo’s ears, “You new here?”

Theo was already having a flashback to the office incident. Only this time there was no one to save him; he was going to have to save himself.


“Er, yeah,” he said, then corrected himself with a puff of his chest, “Yeah I am.”

They gave him a look. He attempted to return the look, but ultimately failed because it was a look reserved by predators. Prey couldn’t hope to match it no matter how hard they tried. While he wasn’t one to ever really consider himself as prey, it was more of a natural inclination to feel that way with three carnivores looming over him. The lizardess was the shortest of the group, but she still had at least two or three inches on him. And the bear and tiger? If he stood toe to toe with them, he’d get an eyeful of their chin. 

The lizardess slipped in closer, her scaled lips curling into what he suspected was a smirk. She didn’t have hair, or fur like the tigress and bear, but some sort of… Hair-like something or other sprouting from her head, tied up like a ponytail behind her. If he had to guess, it’d be the scale version of whatever made up hair, only in thicker strands like dreadlocks.

“That’s good, we always need more new guys here,” she said in with a like blowing sand, approaching even closer.

Her nose felt like it was inches away from him. It took all his willpower to avoid leaning away from her.

“Be nice!” The bear said, putting a paw to a hip. “Look at him, he’s terrified.”

The lizardess’ forked tongue darted from between her lips and grazed his cheek, confirming that she really was that close. That was the final straw; not that he had many straws to begin with.

“Hey! You’re too close, and that makes me uncomfortable,” he said, attempting to leverage what he’d learned in the supplementary course HR had given him after the incident.

She blinked one eye at a time, her jaw moving like she was savoring the flavor, or maybe it was the scent. Maybe both.

 “Nice flavor,” she said, “But then I do love it when they’re all sweaty and panting, begging for it to stop…” Her tongue darted out again, but this time he managed to snap away and avoid it.  

“That’s… great,” Theo said, sidling between them and the treadmill to get at the weights and racks, “But I have a workout to finish.”

The Tigress who’d been uttering a stream of curses while lifting had been silent, but it wasn’t owing to any disinterest — her keen, icy-blue eyes had been locked onto him the entire time. He had to get closest to her to slip away, and in so doing noticed she had ladder-style piercings on the outer edge of both rounded ears atop her head, and even two small piercings on her nose. Even with what he took for her resting face, her cat-like face meant it looked like she was always smiling.

As he shuffled away, they followed. They hadn’t quite encircled him, but it was a noose round his neck all the same. Theo picked a machine at random, even though he had no idea what its purpose was at first glance, just so he could have something to focus on that wasn’t them. He picked one out that looked vaguely like something for his chest, moved the pin to a weight he figured he could handle, and sat down.

Which elicited an immediate giggle from the bear and two wry grins from the others.

“You’re backwards,” she said, swooping in to correct him.

Before the sentence had finished in his mind about how he could fix it himself, she picked him up like he was a sack of potatoes, spun him round, and set him back down.


Theo gawked at her; sure she was big and sturdy and her two-piece outfit let an appreciable stomach hang out. Someone that strong had to have some kind of definition! But, she was covered head to toe in thick fur alongside any fat. As he looked her over, he realized her chubbiness didn’t… hang like he’d expect, but everything was firm and in place. The sort of physique that only happened when there was considerable muscle hidden away. Awe sublimated to unease with the realization that if it came down to it, he’d be powerless to stop them.

He gingerly slipped his arms around the bars of the machine and set about his first rep, while doing his best to stare straight ahead into the machine. The weight was just a little too much, probably, making him strain more than he should have complete one motion. With a clang of metal he let out a breath he’d been holding in.

“No, no! Your back is bent, you’ll hurt yourself like that,” said the bear, pushing his lower back towards the machine and at the same time pulling his shoulders back. She handled him like he was taffy. “There, do it again like this.”

“Uhm,” was all he could manage, staring into her big brown eyes. She nodded at him.

He obeyed, seeing as how he had little choice, and did another rep.

This time, it was easier. And he didn’t feel an odd twinge in his back.

“See? Form is important!”

“Er, thanks.”

“No problem!”

They were… aggressive, but maybe not all that bad. Hells, he could’ve wound up hurting himself. Then again, didn’t he rush in because he wanted to get away from them? Ah, but he could also just be paranoid, on edge because of that little incident. It wasn’t exactly isolated, but it had been the most extreme during his short time in the city so far. That’s just how city folk did. Right?

“Sorry if I’m a little… I’m new to the city,” said Theo, “Things are kinda different ‘round here.”

“Don’t sweat it,” said the bear, waving a paw at him, then stuck it out towards him, “I’m Japhit, though everyone just calls me Japhi!”

“Theo,” he said, reaching out to shake her paw.

The furry hand-paw engulfed his, and then she pulled hard, nearly dragging him off the seat and into her. Her nose snuffled at his hair and his face was planted deep in her bosom; there wasn’t any scent of sweat, but she was warm. Hot, even.

“Hey, you smell good! Oh yeah, this is Amy,” said Japhi, indicated towards the lizard.

The lizard’s lips tightened at the corner before she hissed out “Amylioa.”

Japhit rolled her eyes. “Who wants to say your whole name? And that’s Zinaya, though we just call her Zii.”

It was the tigress’ turn to roll her eyes. “You call us that,” she said, in a voice like thunder yet undeniably feminine. Compared to her earlier profanity, it had a definite quality to it Theo found appealing. Reminded him of the family that owned the neighboring farm, or rather the mother, who happened to be a minotaur a whole head taller than Theo even after he’d stopped growing.

“As for you, newbie, what brings someone like you in at this hour?” Zinaya said, leaning forward. Her piercings jangled and her nostrils flared, snorting up the air around him. “You aren’t marked? You should know better than to… Unless that’s why you’re here?” She cocked a brow and her fangs poked out from her upper lip.

Theo began to sweat again, this time for a different reason. 

“No, no I’m not looking for anyone, really,” Theo said, speaking as fast his lips could keep up, “I’m usually here earlier. Much earlier. But I had to stay at work late, you know how it is, right? Right, can’t get in the habit of skipping out on working out before it’s even a habit! You know, ha ha haha…”

“They always act so coy,” said Amylioa, shaking her head, “Why don’t they just drop the act? You want a good fuck, we want a good fuck…” She moved in on him, grazing his arm with the tip of a claw. The one weaving its way across his skin was painted bright blue, but some were painted black as well. They alternated.

Unlike the other two with their fur, Amylioa’s scales were apparently suited to dyes or tattoos as evidenced by the patterns and motifs on the insides of her arms. There even appeared to be a few lyrics to some song or other near her wrist.

“No, no no no, no fu— s-sex here. Just working out. Really! But actually wow it’s getting late, so I should probably get going. It’s been great meeting you three. Bye!”

Theo’s flight was halted by two walls of fur after he’d managed two steps. Zinaya reached out, placing a paw on the machine to arrest any attempt at sidling away this time. She leaned in close. “No one here but us, and so happens, there are locking stalls if you’re shy.”

He didn’t know if he was about to cry or scream for help. “Yes, very shy. Please, I just want to go.”

“Best way to get over being shy is to have an audience,” Amylioa whispered, indicating with a nod of her head towards the floor-to-ceiling windows at the storefront, “It’s so much more fun when people watch…”

“Aw, don’t be that way,” Japhit whined, grabbing his arm in hers and hugging it tight between her ample cleavage, “We just want to have a good time! We don’t bite… Well I usually don’t,” she giggled.

Theo’s heart hammered faster than it had when he was on the treadmill, and even harder than before at work. There was no one to save him this time.

Oh no, where’d I put the whistle the HR guy gave me?! Of all the times! It must be in my gym bag!

“Whatever your idea of a good time ain’t mine! Just let me go!”

The lizard snicker-hissed and moved in from behind, wrapping her arms around his chest and pulled him against her. He let out a short yelp, and again when the forked tongue flicked at his cheek. He hadn’t noticed it until that moment, but her tongue had a stud piercing right where it forked.

Zinaya laid a paw on Amylioa’s shoulder and shook her head. “Maybe he’s not some coy little fox,” she said, fixing Theo with a piercing look.

Both Amylioa and Japhit went silent and made faces at Zinaya. Japhit, however, had some sort of revelation and marked it with a moment of clarity and an “Ohhhh.”

The wink she gave was more like she’d gotten sand in her eyes than a subtle agreement. Unfortunately for Amylioa, she remained in the dark and unhappy with the turn of the events. “If you two don’t want him, more for me,” she said, holding him all the tighter. As she held him tighter, so too did the paw on her shoulder squeeze.

Lizard and tiger scowled at one another, the weight of tension pressing down on Theo harder than the breasts on the back of his head. He could feel two firmer tips pressing against him; the realization brought a furious redness to his cheeks that left him more wanting to slink away in embarrassment than flee in terror.

Finally, Amylioa let him go, even pushed him forward a bit, which sent him stumbling into the bear. Like something out of a comedy he landed face-first in her breasts, but unlike a comedy she crooned instead of trying to shove him away or yelling at him. “Starting off with motorboating? Well, can’t say I blame you,” Japhit said, using her arms to squeeze her breasts together around his head, “I have some awesome tits if I do so say myself!”

With all the flesh and fur around his face, Theo’s mind filled with horrors of suffocation, and he recoiled, trying to push away. Which meant he wound up grabbing and groping Japhit’s enormous, pillowy mounds of hot flesh.

She just hummed happily as Theo’s hands shot off like he’d touched a hot stove top and held them at his chest.

Please, gods, if you have any mercy, just let me die right here, right now, he thought as he stared towards the ceiling.

(Un)fortunately, no divine action occurred, leaving him to deal with the typhoon of fear and embarrassment.

“Touch all you like,” Japhit said, going so far as to slip her top up, setting her pendulous breasts free. They were so heavy and full they bounced at the zenith of their plummet, then twice more before settling in place. Covered in short fur as they were, there wasn’t much to make out, though her thick nipples were able to peek out. Theo turned away, lest his face melt off from the forbidden spectacle.


“So cute! I just wanna eat him up!”

Even Zinaya laughed, or he at least he assumed the deep chuffs emanating from her was laughter.

“Hey, give us your number,” said Japhit.

“Huh? Why? No!”

“Well, it’s obvious you don’t know shit about working out. You’ll hurt yourself at worst, build off a shitty foundation at best,” she said, crossing her arms, “We could help you out. If you got personal training here, they’d charge you a hundred to watch you fuck up everything you possibly could and they’d just nod along.”


The offer was yet another blindside. He stared at her, his eyebrows and mouth performing a dance of sorts, but no words came out. The longer it went on without his thoughts able to marshal themselves into a passable coherent thought, the worse it got until he forced himself to drop the record needle and let whatever it happened to pick up play.


“Hey, great,” Japhit said, all smiles — which also meant all fangs — “Go grab your phone. I’ll get mine.”

Theo sort of tottered along into the locker room and did as he was told with scarcely a thought in his head. When he came back out there was Japhit, phone in paw. It was a rather larger device than his, probably to accommodate her meaty paws. He gave his number, she entered it, and then sent him a message. When his phone buzzed, she smiled again. More teeth than before showed up.

“What time do you usually work out?”

“Like 5:30 or 6,” Theo said, running on autopilot while his greater thoughts sorted themselves.

“A bit early… But hey, it’ll be fine,” Japhit said, slipping her phone into her gym bag.

“Yeah, I’m sure… Well okay, I’ll be going now,” Theo said robotically as he marched down the corridor towards the exit.

“See ya!” said Japhit, and then muttered something under her breath he couldn’t make out.

Amylioa was content to glare at him as he walked out, not saying anything, but Zinaya gave him a swat on the rear that sent him jumping like a seahorse. She flexed her paw a few times, as if testing the squishiness. “Not bad, but you need some glute training,” she said with another carnivorous smile.

“Ha ha ha, yeah,” said Theo, accelerating his departure.

He made it out, then into his car, started it, and drove off. Once at his apartment he made his way inside, set his bag down neatly in the corner with other laundry, and took a seat on his bed.

After a few moments of staring at the wall, all his thoughts clicked into place and dread realization took over.

“Why did I gave them my number?! Why did… I do anything I did instead of what I was supposed to!” He shouted, holding his head in his hands and writhing about on the bed. “I’m such an idiot!”

A fake number, or just simply running for it, or calling the police, or anything else would have been better. The harassment, oh no, the harassment… Well, he could always just block their numbers, right? Wait, his phone.

He turned his gaze towards the bag, he forgot to get it out. On quiet steps like he was approaching a sleeping beast, he carefully undid the zipper and plucked his phone out. He held it between a finger and thumb like some cursed object, expecting to see a flurry of messages and missed calls.

But, all there was, was the message Japhit had sent when she asked for his number. A simple “Hiya!”

Theo placed his phone upon the nightstand and plugged it in, observing it like a cobra that could strike at any moment. He watched and waited and watched and waited some more.

I CAN just block them, right? If they harass me? But maybe… No, they were terrible people. Probably. I mean, who acts like that to complete strangers? And Japhit just showed me her, her breasts just like that! They were big, weren’t they? Zinaya’s were almost as big… but Amylioa had… Wait, no! No no, that’s not how I should be thinking of people. That’s not nice to think of them like that. But they weren’t nice, were they? Harassed me right out of the gym, those, those bitches!

Theo crossed his arms and huffed. It wasn’t nice to call or think of someone like that, but some people just were.

Japhit was kind of nice, though. Amylioa was the real bitch. Not sure about Zinaya…

Hmph. If I hadn’t gotten away when I did, who knows what they’d have done to me. Why are all the women in this damn city like that?

He watched his phone some more, and when it didn’t blow up with messages or calls, Theo decided that maybe they didn’t want him that much after all. For some reason, he wasn’t sure how to feel about that. Maybe he’d misjudged them… Or, no, there was no misjudging that. Or maybe there was and that’s just how they were friendly. A creepy, sexual kind of friendly but friendly still. They could even be friends. It’d be nice to have some, seeing as how he was in a new place all by himself.  

Seeing as how no messages were coming along, he decided, with some reluctance, to cap off the evening with a movie.



Saturday afternoon. His second since starting his new job and third since moving. Hadn’t even been in his tiny studio apartment a full month yet and already he was tired of its four too-close walls. He gazed out the one window he could, as the other had been stuffed with an air-conditioning unit.

If this had been a scant few months ago when he was still in college, he’d be hanging out with friends — usually, anyways. Or back at home, getting into trouble on this farm or that with the other boys. And sometimes girls. Cruising around on ATVs or dirt bikes, heading over into town to catch a show…

Theo let out a long sigh. He enjoyed a day in as much as anyone, but it was different when it wasn’t by choice, but rather by circumstance. Maybe there was something he could strike out and find; the city had to have a lot of events going on during mid-summer on a weekend.

His ears pricked from the telltale buzzing of his phone. Not rushing but not taking his time, he scooped the device off his PC desk. A new message.


Hey, it’s Japhi! From the gym last night. You free today? Let’s hang out!


It was what he’d hoped for, somewhere deep in his heart. But not at the same time. Could’ve been he just didn’t want to admit he was hoping for it, but it was from the nice one, so that was good. He was sure he could get along with her, and it wasn’t just because she had that soft, farm girl figure. No, not at all.

 He was hesitant to agree, but…


Sure, I don’t have any plans. 


His phone buzzed again a few moments later.


Great! Wanna meet up at a place called Jeff’s Burg Bar?


Theo looked up where it was. As luck would have it, is was only half a mile away — well within walking distance. Driving anywhere in the city was a nightmare; he really did need to get a transit pass for the buses and trains at some point. Plus, he hadn’t had lunch yet. While burgers were part of the reason his stomach was no longer flat, it’d been a good month since he’d had one. Besides, no one liked someone who was finicky about food when trying to get to know people.


Sounds good, what time?


How about in like an hour, so 2:30?


            Okay, see you there


            Yay! 🙂


Well, she was energetic and nice. He remembered last night and how she’d so brazenly showed off her breasts, bringing a tinge of pink to his cheeks. They’d be in public, so he wouldn’t have to worry about that again.

Probably. He paused to have a scowl at himself; that “probably” word was coming up far too often in his thoughts.

His face bent into an even more worried shape. Perhaps meeting up wasn’t such a wise idea. Then again, while he didn’t have much experience yet, none of the women in the city seemed to fit his… tempo.

Is romance dead?

But, he didn’t have much time to lament if he was going to get over there in time. Still had to shower and clean up. Wasn’t like he had to make himself proper considering they’d already met last night when he was in a ratty t-shirt and shorts, but still. There was a proper way to do things.


Theo came up on Jeff’s, discovering it had a small patio section with umbrella tables. The massive floor-length windows were all opened up, allowing people to come and go from inside to outside as they pleased. Japhit was there in the outdoor section, and, unfortunately so was the lizard. They hadn’t seen him yet.

Maybe I should just go back… he thought, hiding but not hiding around a corner. Or no, I should… But I don’t want to deal with her… but… Agh!

He made his feet move towards them. If he was going to live here, he had to learn how to deal with aggressive women.

No matter how terrifying it could be.

When he got close enough they spotted him and Japhit waved, he waved back and moved in to sit down. Amylioa didn’t look happy, but it could be because of her being a lizard and all. He couldn’t recall when any of their species ever looked happy.

He hadn’t noticed until he pulled out a chair and took a seat, but they were a little… different from last night. Japhit had a few piercings she didn’t have before in her ears and one on her bottom lip, leather bands around wrists with small studs in them, and some tattered jean shorts to complement her bandname t-shirt. Amylioa was done up in all black; black jeans, black shirt, and had fishnet glove-things that came up to her elbows. The biggest wonder there was how she’d managed to get them on over her claws.

Compared to them, he was feeling self-conscious with his khakis and knit short-sleeved shirt.

“Hey, you just get outta the office or somethin’?” Japhit quipped, all smiles.

“Ahh, no… Just felt like dressing up a little I guess,” Theo said in an attempt to play it cool. The work attire idea had seemed good at the time.

Japhit’s earnest smile went a few shades to something not quite sinister, but it something vicinity. “Or were you trying to impress us?”

“Er, well, I…” Theo stammered on.

“Just sit already,” Amylioa snapped, putting him out of his misery.

Japhit giggled as he collapsed into the chair, gazing at him intently with her head cradled in her hands, elbows on the table. “Nothing wrong with wanting to impress, you know.”

“Well, you know… But hey, you look… interesting. You didn’t have the lip ring last night,” he said, giving himself a mental pat on the back for the topic change.

“Oh this?” She said, using her finger to tap the ring hanging from her lip, “I take all this stuff out when I workout. I’m afraid it’ll get caught on something.”

“Makes sense,” Theo nodded, then added “I didn’t know Amy…lioa was going to be here too.”

The lizard narrowed her eyes.

“Just after you agreed she messaged me and asked what I was up to, and so she decided to tag along. I think she likes you!” Japhit gave Amylioa a little jab to the ribs with her elbow, eliciting a hiss of a response.

Japhit then leaned forward and in a conspiratorial whisper said: “I think her other guy for the afternoon flaked.”

“Yes, he did,” Amylioa said dryly, “He’s been slippery lately. I think the next time we meet I’ll have to correct that behavior.”

Theo wasn’t quite sure what she meant by correct his behavior; he wanted to say it was how she said “Talk about the problem,” but at the same time he had an inkling it was something… else. Either way, relief washed over him, taking with it all kinds of worries. Amylioa-related worries.

“That’s a shame,” he said, “though I may as well ask, where’s Zinaya?”

Japhit opened her mouth to speak, but at the same moment the server arrived and dropped off two tall mugs of beer. She took note of Theo and asked if he’d like to order anything.

Theo grabbed up one of the simple paper menus that’d been nestled in a caddy and read it over while the waitress readied her notepad and pencil. “I guess I’ll go with Jeff’s Special,” he said after a few lingering seconds, then added “I’ll have a water, oh, and a whiskey on the rocks if you have Habbit’s or Lensee. Otherwise, bourbon, please.”

“Certainly, I’m pretty sure we have Lensee,” the waitress said with a smile, “I’ll be back shortly with your drinks.”

“Ho oh, whiskey drinker, huh?” Japhit said after draining a quarter of her mug in a single swig.

“Well, you know…”

Amylioa opened her jaw and upended the mug. In seconds the frothy, amber liquid disappeared in great, throat-distending gulps.

Japhit’s eyes went wide. “First time I’ve seen you do that!”

The lizardess wiped the back of her hand across her lips to remove stray bits of foam. Her eyes were locked onto Theo’s.

“Didn’t want it to sit,” she said, “No one likes warm beer.”

“True… Oh! To answer your question from before, Zii is working today. She didn’t really want to, but overtime is hard to turn down. More money and all that! Wish I got overtime,” Japhit said, ending on a somewhat sulky note.

“Oh yeah? What’s she do?”

“Welder,” Amylioa said.

“Huh,” is all Theo managed to for a response.

Hadn’t expected someone like her to be a welder. He sort of figured anyone who worked in the city had either an office job or a service job, like their waitress — and so happened as he thought of that, she returned with his drink order.

She noticed Amylioa’s empty mug and asked if the lizard wanted a refill, but she instead asked for whiskey. A double shot, and two orders.

From there the conversation went on about their jobs. Japhit was a waitress herself, and Amylioa held another surprising job – she was a sanitation worker, that is, a garbagewoman. Apparently the pay was pretty damn good, though Zinaya brought home the most cash. Theo had to explain a little what his job as a tech analyst was, though he wasn’t sure if they understood. Truthfully, his job description was a little vague and he hadn’t done the same thing at all in his two weeks there.

The three of them lived together in an apartment, and as it turned out, Friday nights were one of the few times they all had off at the same time, usually, anyways, and so made it a sort of weekly work-out session between the three of them. Saturdays were for recovery and fun, assuming Zinaya wasn’t working, anyways.

When Theo finished his whiskey, Amylioa pushed her second, untouched glass over towards him.

“Drink,” she commanded.

It’d actually been a while since he had his last drink, so long in fact a single glass was enough to bring a hint of warmth to his face. “Oh, I don’t really like—“

Her lips curled into a sneer. “What’s the matter? You still a little boy?”

If he had hackles they’d have bristled, but as he didn’t, his beard did the bristling instead. He knew he shouldn’t rise to her taunt, but… He scooped up the glass and took a sip. Wasn’t the brand he liked, had odd notes to it and the aftertaste was obscene, but it was still whiskey. The sip continued until nearly half the glass was gone.

“I just didn’t want to embarrass you,” he said through a smirk.

Japhit clapped her paws together, looking from him to Amylioa and back again. “How exciting, she has a new drinking partner!”

Amylioa cocked her head, “How about we make this a bet, freshie?”

His head warned him wherever this was going wouldn’t be good, because remember that time, no wait, times in college and where they led.

The fire in his gut disagreed, spurring him onwards because damn it, she was a bitch and he was going to one-up her.

She really was a bitch, his head conceded.

“Fine, what’s the bet?”

“Loser has to obey the winner.”

What a childish bet! And here he was expecting something like he’d have to cough up some money or pay for their drinks and meal.

“Sure, works for me. Though you’re going to regret it.”

Amylioa laughed, the first time he’d heard it from her. It wasn’t the sort of laugh that made him think of good times and merriment, but more like he’d made some dark pact that would assuredly end against his favor.

“Good. I like ‘em feisty. Makes it that much sweeter.”

More drinks came, followed by their food, and yet more drinks. It wasn’t quite a race in the sense they were pounding them back as fast as they could, but rather a marathon to see who’d tap out first.

An hour went by, then another and another until it’d turned to dusk. He’d learned they’d been friends since highschool, along with all sorts of useless information. Like how they were “bad girls” and had a few run-ins and did a few things. They’d learned some about him, too, like where he’d come from and possibly a few of his life’s ambitions. Also way more about farming than anyone who didn’t farm would care about.

By a certain point, though, the details became… muzzy. Japhit got a message from Zinaya asking what they were up to, she told her and invited her, but the tigress declined. Long day, going to get some sleep, and so on.

He understood that feeling well, though maybe it was just the alcohol weighing down on his mind.

Thoughts were fuzzy. Theo’d had, six, or, no, seven drinks. Rather, he was working on his seventh. That was a lot, even for him. Or especially because it was him. He teetered in his seat and blinked at Amylioa, who may as well have been fuckin’ drinking water the entire time.

She finished off another glass and set it neatly on the table alongside a few others. “Nine,” she commented.

Ah, shit, when did she get so far ahead? That’s… impossible!

“Nine?” he repeated to Japhit with a look of despair and anguish.

She nodded solemnly. “Nine.”

His forehead touched the table and he groaned. He could maybe endure an eighth, but no way in hell he was making it through a ninth. At best, he’d throw up at some point between here and home, at worst he’d pass out in an alley somewhere.

“Fiiine, I give up,” he said, shoving the whiskey away and instead taking a long drink of water. He was going to have such a hangover tomorrow.

“No farm boy is going to beat me,” Amylioa gloated, “Now to claim my reward. Let’s start with this,” she added, digging a credit card out of her wallet and extending it towards him.

“What’s this for?”

“We’re done here, so go up and pay for us,” she said.

Huh. Easy enough, didn’t even make him pay. Without complaint he accepted her card and ambled off towards the bar. Walking in a straight line was a challenge. Such a hangover.

On his return the duo stood. Amylioa wasn’t exactly on steady footing herself, much as she tried to hide the fact. Theo’s ego was assuaged, just a little bit.

“So what now?” Theo asked.

“We’re going to your place,” Amylioa whispered, running a scaled claw under his chin; he recoiled like he’d been shocked.  

A sense of dread took hold in the corner of his mind. “Why mine?”

“Because she doesn’t want to bother Zii,” Japhit interrupted, which earned her a withering stare.

He rubbed at the back of his neck. “But uh, why do you two want to come over? I mean there’s not much to do, it’s small…”

“Don’t worry about me, I’m sitting this one out,” Japhit said with a shrug, “Don’t want to force the victor to share her spoils, after all. Maybe next time,” she winked.

“But I’d really rather not…”

Amylioa slithered in close, running a claw across across his chest. “Backing out already? Have you no shame, no pride?”

“Hey! I have plenty o’pride, just… Y’know.”

“No, I don’t know,” Amylioa said, shifting from his right side to his left. Her long, forked tongue flicked out, grazing his ear, “Are you really such a little boy?”

He shifted away from her, hand to his ear. It was a strange sensation, but not wholly unenjoyable. “Would you stop calling me that!”

She grinned. “Little misbehaving boys need a spanking to remind them how to obey,” she said, rearing back her hand and delivering a swat to his ass. He jumped forward and nearly fell over, were it not for her catching him. Secure in her grip, she gave the other cheek a swat for good measure; the loud crack brought a few curious gazes upon them.

“S-stop that! People are looking!”

“So? Let them look. Remember what I said last night?” she hissed, pinning him with his back against her chest. Again her forked tongue flicked across his ear, but this time it slithered along the entire outer edge before ending on his lobe, where it flicked a few times for good measure. “Now are you going to behave, or do they need to see how much punishment you need?”

“Fine!” Theo barked, unable to tell where the flush of drunkenness ended and embarrassment began, “Let’s just go,” he ended with a whine.

Japhit waved at them, “Have fun you two!”

With that, she departed going the opposite direction. Which left him alone with the bitch and a forced march home. The entire way she kept to him like glue, giving him swats to his behind if he slowed down.

By the time he managed to fumble the lock to his apartment open, his ass stung. She’d been ruthless, and damn it he was mad — the nerve to treat him like that!

“Okay we’re here, what now,” he grumbled, “And you’ve got some nerve treating me like that!”

“I treat boys as they deserve to be treated,” she teased, striding into his room. She glanced around, taking in all his tiny place had to offer, “A suitable place for you.”

“What’s that mean?”

She smirked. “Whatever you want it to mean. You’re fiery and so… eager to defend yourself, aren’t you?”

Amylioa let out a low, rolling laughter, or he assumed it was laughter, that sounded like a loop of hisses. “Boys like you need women like me.”

Theo was about to ask the same exact question again. Through the fogginess of liquor, he managed to come up with something better: “I don’t need anyone,” he said with a snort, even crossing his arms. Some part of him knew he was just being petulant, but he’d never encountered someone who acted like her. It was like she had no clue at all about manners. If she’d acted like that back at home…

“Oh, but you do, freshie boy. Come here,” she commanded from near his bed, which also doubled as the couch for the television.

He rolled his eyes, but did so.

“Good. Now kneel.”


“Kneel,” she commanded, voice dropping to a low growl.


She leaned in close. “Seems we need to work on your obedience, don’t we?”

Her tail curled around the both of them, scything at the back of Theo’s knees as he opened his mouth for a response. A startled yelp came from between his lips, rather than whatever words he’d intended. He fell sideways, about to hit his head on the floor when Amylioa caught him.

Her limbs may have lacked the definition and bulk of the other two, but she was capable of arresting his fall and setting him upright with ease. Right on his knees, leaving him with a good view of her stomach.

“See, was that so hard?”

“That hurt! What the hells is wrong with you?”

She wagged a clawed finger at him. “Tsk tsk, sometimes a little pain is required. And sometimes… a little pain is a lot of fun.”

Theo attempted to stand up, but her hand came down atop his head and held him firm. “Why the rush? You look good on your knees. I gotta admit, I never get tired of this view.”

Not just his cheeks, but his ears were burning red. Theo fumed and made a second attempt to stand, but it ended about as well as the first did. For a brief moment he considered punching her right there, between the legs, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to win any kind of fight. Not to mention the damage and mess it’d cause to his room. Even if it ended up with her being hauled away by the police, it wouldn’t undo the damage to his place.  

 Whatever, he’d play her little game and get her out as soon as he could.

“What do you want from me?”

She hummed at him, cocking her head. “Normally when a boy like you asks that, they aren’t quite so defiant.” A grin blossomed. “I think I like it better this way.”

“Yeah, that doesn’t answer my question.”

“Be a dear and undo my pants,” she said, pressing a claw to his lips to seal his inevitable question, “Just do it.”

His gaze traveled from her face to her crotch. He should have figured this is what she wanted, but why was she so… she didn’t need to be such a bitch about it. It wasn’t like he’d never seen one up close, though he didn’t get much farther than that.

Just get her out of here, he told himself.

And he complied, reaching out to unzip her jeans and tug them around her hips and down to her calves. Just like her jeans, she wore black underwear. Lacy and semi-transparent.

“Good boy,” she said softly, stepping out of the crumpled pants, “Don’t forget my panties.”

Theo sucked in a deep breath and hooked a finger around each side of the band and shimmied them off, revealing her sex one wiggle at a time.

It looked different than the one he’d seen, but then she’d been a human. The slit started a little further down, and as far as he could tell, it went further back, too. No pubic hair at all, not even stubble. Just smooth, soft-looking scales.

The scent, however, was much the same as he remembered. Musky. Primal. And so close.

His cock stiffened, despite his best attempts to keep it under control.

“Goooood,” she said, running her claws through his hair, grazing his scalp with the tips, “Now get to work.”

Theo glanced from her sex to her face, repeating the gesture a few times. Get to work. Reaching out like he was being made to touch a venomous snake, he pressed a fingertop to the top of her slit and dragged it across the brim. A bit of sticky moisture clung to his skin.

“…Go on,” she commanded.

He tried again, this time probing deeper. Compared to her cool scales, she was surprisingly hot inside. The folds of her sex squeezed round his finger. His finger delved deeper eliciting a quiet gasp from Amylioa. The tip of her meaty tail swished about.

He slid in another finger, surprised at how tight she was; it was like his fingers were being squeezed in someone’s fist. Again, his cock bobbed and engorged to the point it was beginning to press against his pants.

And there he sat for a short while finger fucking the lizard, one hand pumping in and out of her at a steady pace while his other hand clung to her lithe thigh for support.  

After a minute or two, Amylioa grumbled. “I should’ve known you’d be shit at this. Well, let’s move on to the main course, shall we? Hope you’re hungry, boy.”

“Hey, well—“

She grabbed his arms and threw him backwards, sending him half-sprawled onto the bed with his legs hanging off the edge. In an instant she was on top of him, sitting on his chest.

“Hey! I did what you wanted, didn’t I?”

“Yeah and it fuckin’ sucked dick. We’ll have to work on your skills, freshie. Let’s see if you’re any better with your tongue. Probably not, but whatever, that’s not what gets my rocks off.”

With her hands holding his arms down to either side, she leveraged herself forward and planted her crotch on his face. She didn’t let all of her weight rest on him; she supported herself on her knees and hands, leaving him with a mouthful of lizard cunt.  

“Eat up!”

Theo thrashed, but it only served to make her laugh and grind herself against him, smearing his lips and cheeks with her love.

Her smell slathered him, and her taste snuck through to his tongue. Earthy, hot, and with a hint of sweetness. Back on the farm he’d wanted to try oral on the girl he’d been crushing on, but she was too shy, didn’t want him to even look at it. And now here he was, being smothered in cunt.

His cock throbbed against his pants.

To hells with it, fine!

“Ah! Thaaaat’s it,” she whispered in her hissy voice as she felt her slit part.

Theo’s tongue darted in to the same tight confines, lapping and probing without skill or reason, just a feral instinct to taste everything he could.

She let go of his arms and leaned back to better grind herself against him; her hand grazed the stiff tent of his jeans.

“You’re awfully fuckin’ hard for someone who was struggling so much. See, you put on a show about not wantin’ to be a cheap fuck, but here you are with a damned bar of iron in your pants.”

Amylioa bore down harder on him, even getting his nose in her cleft. Wetness dripped from her now, egged on by the tongue inside her and the thrill of conquest.

Theo settled in a sort of rhythm, tonguing at her in a pattern, exploring and parting her channel. There was a hard little bump inside her, just a short distance in, and whenever his tongue lanced out at it the lizard atop him would shiver just so.

Huh, must feel great… Can I make her cum?

Would she do the same to him?

Dampness spread from the tip of his cock, smearing around the inside of his boxers as he lapped at Amylioa. She started bouncing and rolling her hips in a fervor, using a free hand to grab his hair.

“Yeah, yeah! That’s right, you’re mine! Ah! I’m gonna—“

Her whole body went tight and she let out a blissful cry, her tunnel clamping around hard around his tongue. She shuddered once, twice, three times as the orgasm rocked her body.

I did it, she came — I made her cum!

His cock ached.

When the aftershocks wore off, Amylioa rolled off him.

“You’re shit at this, you know that? But fuck, it’s so easy to get off when you defiant little shits finally give in.”

“Yeah, whatever,” Theo grumbled, then added “What about me?”

“What about you? Oh, you mean that?” She said, smirking as her eyes fell to the strained tent, “Don’t be so shit next time. Now, where did my panties go…”

Theo glared daggers at the lizard, hard as he could muster, but it did nothing to wipe the cocky, shit-eating grin off her smug face. He got up, attempting to keep some measure of pride and decency all while his erection raged in his pants and made his way to the bathroom where he could wash his face and neck. Where it was still damp it was sticky, and where it’d dried it just felt… unpleasant. His boxers too were smeared with dampness, every step and movement spreading it across his skin.

Amylioa slipped her underwear and pants back on, adjusting the deep V-cut on the back to keep it comfortable against her tail. “That was pretty sad,” she said, “You’ve got a lot to learn. Fortunately for you, I just love breaking ‘em in.”

“Whatever, bitch,” Theo grunted as he splashed water across his face and squirt some soap into his palm, “Just get out.”

The cold water felt good, calmed his mind and body alike. Didn’t take long before his pants were no longer quite so tight.

“Hahaha, yeah, that’s the shit. It’s no fun if you don’t fight back. Mmm, if you keep it up I might want to go for round two right now.”

Knowing her, it was no idle threat, so Theo kept quiet. Aside from a bit of under-breath muttering, anyways.

“Aw, nothing else to say? Well whatever, catch you later, freshie.”

He didn’t see her leave, but heard the door open and close. A few seconds passed by before he poked his head out of the bathroom, just in case it was some kind of stupid ruse. Then again, why would she do that?

Still, seeing she was gone gave him some measure of relief. He flopped down on his bed, only to put his hand right in a wet spot. Theo recoiled like he’d been electrocuted, then grit his teeth. He tore the comforter off and threw it to the ground, then checked the sheets — fortunately the top layer had born the brunt of her exhilaration and none of it had soaked through. The comforter lay there, evidence. He kicked at it.

“Guess I gotta wash it now,” he sighed as he fished out a bottle of detergent from a closet.

Scooping up the comforter along with the soap, he head for the laundry room in his apartment complex.

It was warm in the tiny laundry room and the gentle thrum of the machines had an odd, soothing quality to it. His finger and eyes skimmed through the pages of an e-book on his phone while he waited. No one else had elected to do laundry on a Saturday night, so he was left to himself. A little alone time was just the thing he needed after… that.  

Can’t believe she did that. Who does she think she is? … I mean, that was rape, wasn’t it? Yeah, it totally was! I should report her.

His thoughts veered back towards the book for a short time, but he couldn’t focus, keep his mind off what’d just happened.  

So why aren’t I more upset?

I mean, I should be furious, livid! And who knows what else! It’s more like…

Theo struggled to finish the thought. No matter how much he tried, he couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t more distraught. After all, whenever there were rape cases the victims were distraught, terrified. Sometimes little more than shaking wrecks with endless tears. Maybe it was the fog of alcohol that lingered yet in his mind.

But, out of the fog, a solution to his problem presented itself:  A small voice from a corner. It sounded reasonable enough, had a logical argument, but, No. He ignored it.

That couldn’t be it.

No, the real answer was hidden in the shadows just out of reach.

Unless he really did like it when he was… instructed. He shook his head to clear away the thought. Only those weird deviants liked that kind of stuff. Right?


Not too long after he’d gotten back to his apartment with the fresh, clean comforter, his phone buzzed. A message from Japhi.


Hey, Amy just told me what happened.


Yeah. And?


Ah, so you really didn’t like it!


Why would I? She forced herself on me!

There was a pause, a gulf that felt like minutes piling on top of each other, before she responded to him. For some reason, he had the same sort of quiet, nagging feeling in his gut he always got when he lied.


Haha, I think I know what the problem is here. Anyways, you didn’t get off, did you? She said your cock was so hard it was ready to burst out of your pants!


What the hells kind of question is that?


Aww, well she is a super-selfish fuck. If it were me, I would’ve at least let you fuck me. A handy at the least!


Theo’s fingers paused. He had a response, but didn’t at the same time. There was so much wrong with them. Love and intimacy were supposed to be things you built up towards, not demand of someone after making them kneel. If he didn’t get that across to them, he feared for the worst.  


Yeah that flat lizard is a bitch. Not my type at all.


Flat lizard, huh? What’s your type?


Maybe that wasn’t the right direction. Though Theo did recall he’d been asked that once or twice before back on the farm by his older brother when they were talking about girls. Gods, that was how many years ago?


I dunno, someone who likes to have fun and isn’t so pushy and anal about everything, and someone who wants to fucking take the time to fall in love.


He had it typed out, but didn’t send it. He paused to read it over; it was the same answer he’d given back then. Mostly. It was sappy and kind of dumb, but it’d probably work on these fast women. Could be the alcohol aiding in that line of reasoning, but it was as good of one as any.

But, as fate so happened, the nature of his phone’s keypad meant the delete button and the send button were perilously close. It also had a feature where if one’s finger swiped across text in a field, it’d highlight it all.

Theo was also the sort to type on his keypad with both fingers.

Theo sneezed. He was also the sort to sneeze in triples.

His phone made the “Message sent” chime.

The response came instantaneously.


I dunno, someone who likes anal and wants to fuck


Wooow! That’s some turn around! You know, it so happens I love it up the ass, and guess what? I haven’t had a good fuck in like a week, and you’re pretty cute. 😉


He couldn’t be mad, he just couldn’t. Not aghast, or even surprised. This was his life now and the will of the universe made sure of it.  He blinked a few uneven blinks. Would the truth work? While he gathered his options, another message came through.


Ever have a tit fuck? Just imagine these babies squeezing your cock


Below the message was a photo of Japhi’s breasts, hanging out in all their heavy, soft glory. The short, brown fur fluffed up between them, looking like he could sink his hand up to the wrist in the valley of her cleavage. Dull pink nipples the size of a small coin peeked out from beneath her fur, inviting anyone to grab hold of them, squeeze them, whatever that person wanted. Magnificent… tits.

He mused over that word, tits.

Yeah, they’re tits, he thought to himself, not breasts. When they’re that big, they’re tits. They’re big ole’ titties. Titties titties titties!

And then, for some reason, he laughed.  I could go for some titties. I mean, I did just tell her I wanted someone who wanted to… fuck.

But, before he could get too far down that road, guilt burst from the surface of his mind, with its companion shame close behind. The lizard was a bitch, but it’d made him hard. Harder than he’d ever been. She’d never come close to touching him down there, it was all on him.

Someone, deep down and inside under all the denial, maybe he liked it. The more he looked at the image of those tits, the more he liked those, too. Blood surged to his crotch.


They’re huge


I know, right? If you like anal, then you’ll like this, one sec


Theo figured out what she was going to send. The shame was still there, along with the nagging feeling this isn’t what he should be doing. Love was about… friendship first, or maybe a casual smile the first time meeting someone. It took time to nurture and grow, and as long as you kept it along at a nice, measured pace, it’d become stronger than any oak.

All those city flings and quick fucks, no wonder people had new partners all the time. No one took any time for nurturing!

He flopped on his back and sighed. He thought about Japhi’s ass, how plush and thick it’d be. Something he could really sink his fingers into.

His cock pressed up against his khakis. Farm living had probably been responsible for that… Most of the women had more meat on them than these city girls. At least, more than Amylioa and Zinaya.

Another message arrived, a lone photo, albeit a high-resolution photo.

Rather than the brown-furred ass he’d been expecting, this one was covered in bright orange fur and accented with black stripes. Had to be Zinaya… And it was taken from behind, with her bent over slightly. One massive paw had reached around to spread one of her thick, muscular cheeks to expose her cunt and asshole. Her lips were parted slightly, revealing delicate pink folders within.


Zii’s at my place! And we’re both a little drunk, when I was taking my pants off she asked why and I told her and she wanted to show you instead


She says she’ll come over right now and let you cum in her ass if you call her mistress

And wear this while she rides you


Attached was a generic photo of a black leather collar.

A tempting offer, but… Shame loomed large. And his own pride. After what he’d just gone through? The nerve!

His dick, however, was not mired in any morale debate. It was getting uncomfortable; he’d had enough, and slipped his pants and boxers off. Finally, some comfort.


No way! I mean, I hardly know her.


So you would if you knew her better? 🙂


            He clenched his jaw and sighed.


I dunno, okay


A minute went by, then two and three. He scrolled up to Zinaya’s ass and juicy cunt, and Japhi’s tits. His free hand went to his cock. Theo imagined how hot they were, how soft and inviting…


lol you’re such a tease! Maybe this will tempt you?


As if he needed anymore temptation, Japhi sent another image. She was bent over, face down on the floor with her butt in the air. It was taken from behind, by Zinaya no doubt, and the bear had a toy lodged in her ass and two thick fingers deep in her cunt.

Theo began to stroke his cock. This wasn’t sex, this was just… porn. Of people he knew. He could imagine Japhi was fucking herself at the same time as him.          

Then, he got a message from a number he didn’t know.


Send me a picture of your dick, Theodore.


Whatever, he was busy. He went faster, started adding a twist.


You’re jerking off right now, aren’t you? Why not let one of us help you instead? It’ll feel so much better. She might have the bigger ass, but mine is way tighter, I assure you.


He figured it was Zinaya, but at least there was the proof.


Tell you what, Theo. I’ll leave you alone and let you blow your load if you send me a picture.


Agh, they could be so annoying! But then again, he was using her ass and cunt as masturbation fuel. Just as he was getting close he peeled away and snapped the photo, then sent it along.

True to her word, neither of them sent him another message that night — and Theo was able to find blissful release while imagining them fucking him in turn, riding him until he filled each of their holes with seed. As he fell asleep, he wondered if they’d gotten off to imagining him.

He wasn’t sure if he wanted them to or not.


A few weeks passed.


Theo had been more careful about how he handled the trio. Never again did he make the mistake of letting one of them come back to his place, nor did he go over to theirs. Public places only. No matter how much he wanted them to come back to his place, sometimes.

The gym had wound up being where he talked to them the most — in-person, anyways.

Japhit and Zinaya knew their stuff when it came to exercise, while Amylioa mostly just did whatever they said was good. A bit like him, in that regard. Even developed a routine for him that’d been successful in giving him more tone after just over a month.

He’d wanted to avoid Amylioa ever since the little incident, but they were always together. Her forceful approach had also sparked something within him he never knew was there. Led to the exchange of images not just on that night, but on a few others as well. Well, a lot of others. He had dozens of pictures of them, their holes, various toys jammed in their holes. Japhi owned a staggeringly-sized dildo of a horse’s penis that she could fit all the way inside her ass. Part of him felt like he should be horrified, but it was disconcertingly arousing.

The first time she sent him a video clip of stuffing herself with it, he sent her back a video of him blowing the biggest load he’d managed in months.

The weird thing about it — the sexting, rather than any specific image — was how they acted like nothing was different or had changed.  Since they didn’t act difference, neither did he. Which left him feeling awkward.

Maybe he was the weird one.

The longer he spent in the city, the more be began to consider that line of thought.


Another week passed, with Theo and Japhi being the only two out of the four of them to be at the gym one Wednesday evening.

Theo struggled under the barbell, growling and straining and flushed red as a barn. One side began to droop. He began to panic, but couldn’t right the tip-over.

A massive set of brown paws took hold of the bar and set it in its cradle with such ease, there may as well not have been any plates on it.


“Damn it,” Theo panted out. He melted across the bench, letting his arms droop like burning, wet noodles while sucking down mouthfuls of air, “That’s like 15lb under what I did last time.”

Japhit pat his chest and smiled. “Don’t worry about it so much. It’s pretty normal to have swings, and besides, it’s almost 10pm and you worked what, like 12 hours today?”

“Still,” he muttered, “Just like them to spring that last-minute shit on me. I was supposed to have the rest of the week to get that shit fixed, but then all of a sudden the board is coming through on a tour and it HAS to be ready for tomorrow!”

He received more pats, and even some hair ruffling. “There, there. They only put those things on you because they trust you.”

“I’m not so sure,” he said, sitting up.

But, he hadn’t considered his position. The plates clattered when his forehead smacked into the bar. Theo let loose a string of curses, and Japhit just laughed.

“Ah. Er. I shouldn’t have said those things,” he said as he rubbed at the mark on his head.

I never would have before moving here, either…

“Haha! You’re too cute sometimes.”

“Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?”

Japhit poked at the mark on his head with a squishy paw pad. “Whatever you want it to mean,” she said with a smirk.

“Uh-huh. Well, whatever, maybe I should call it a night if it’s going to be like this.”

“Nope! Just because you’re not having your A-game tonight doesn’t mean you get to give up,” she said, wagging the same finger at him. She hopped back a step and struck a stereotypical strongwoman pose, even flexing her biceps and making what could best be described as a “Grr” face, which really just meant she showed off the rows of sharp teeth.

“You don’t get like THIS by taking a day off!”

If Theo was being honest, it was difficult to see any particular muscles flexing under the layers of fur and fat. Not that she was fat in the classic sense of some landwhale who labored to climb a short staircase, much like several of his co-workers, but more that Japhit ate like someone who had a lot of muscle to feed.

“You’re telling me you’ve never skipped a day?”


He gave her a poke in her squishy side, a place he’d discovered she was ticklish. She squirmed and swat his hand away. “Hey! None of that!”

Theo grinned and leapt forward, his hands assailing her from both sides at once. Fingers tip-tapped at her sides, sending her into writhing ball of fur and half-muted shrieks.

“S-s-stop! Ahaha-S-stop! I-I’m w-w-warn-hahaha!-ing you!”

“Oh yeah? What’re you gonna do?” He threatened playfully, keeping the pressure on.

Japhit had been backed, giggling and shouting and shivering all the while, into the corner by the squat racks. The mirrored walls reflected her from both sides, and even reflected a few reflections.

“Or else this!”

Her arms shot out and wrapped him up in a tight squeeze, even lifting him off his feet, and brought a swift halt to his onslaught.


Theo put up a struggle for a few seconds, then went limp. “Okay okay, you win. Can you put me down now?”

“I win, do I?”

He sighed. “I won’t tickle you again, I promise. For at least a week.”

“I don’t mind,” she said, coyly, “If it makes you get this close to me… And since I’m the winner, as you say, I think I’ll claim my prize!”

Still holding him, she leaned in and planted a kiss on his lips before he could lean away.

“Hey! We’re, we’re in public,” he protested.

She responded with another surprise kiss.

“People kiss in public all the time!”

“I… guess…”

“You’re adorable,” she said with a giggle.

“So, you going to let me go?”



“Still nope!”

When Theo opened his mouth to protest, she seized upon the chance and gave him another kiss — this time she didn’t pull away immediately.

He made a noise, a groan, a moan, or perhaps something that was supposed to be a “No,” but it didn’t matter. Her lips pressed to his and her broad tongue pushed its way into his mouth. She didn’t conquer him, but she wasn’t taking “no” for an answer, either.

Theo made an effort to resist, but every part of her was so much stronger than he was. Flashbacks of Amylioa played in his head, but this was… different.

Japhit held the kiss for what felt like minutes, slipping her tongue across his, the roof of his mouth, and even some ways down his throat. His head swam and his body burned, enveloped in her as he was, nestled in her appreciable bosom.

Two points on her breasts had firmed and pressed into his skin like stones. Despite attempts to keep himself under control, his cock responded in kind. His gym shorts were hopeless in concealing or controlling his hard-on and it pressed deep into her flesh. The more he squirmed to get out of the kiss or her hold, the more the contact between them rubbed at him, made it harder.

Finally, she let him down. Her brown eyes blazed with passion.

“I’m sick of all the sexting. Let’s do it for real.”

Theo fidgeted, turning to a side to try and hide his arousal. “We’re in public! And besides, I… You know, I’d rather…”

“Rather what?” Japhit said, shifting behind him.

One paw fell across his chest and the other snuck in lower, slipping between the band of his shorts and skin. Cushiony, soft pawpads wrapped around his cock.

“You sure feel ready to go to me,” she breathed into his ear, then licked and nibbed around the edge of it, ending at the lobe.

Theo shivered and tried to push away her arm, which served to have the effect of stroking him — and redoubled his shivers. His arms went slack. “C’mon,” he pleaded.

“No one is gonna come here, and no one can see us from outside. I want you, Theo. Don’t you want me?”

Her tits mashed into his back, pillowing out like great big marshmallows. She began to pump her paw in slow, languid strokes, while the other worked his shorts all the way down. When he sprung free he let out a short gasp partly from the rush of cool air, partly because now anyone could see his hard cock.

The images she’d sent flashed in his mind. Her pink, wet pussy, spread wide and waiting. Luscious, soft thighs, and an ass made to be groped and handled. Even her puffy, stretchy-looking asshole was tantalizing.

“I do,” he admitted, like a man giving a confessional. He left out the ‘but,’ and another name of the mysterious member of the group who he’d talked to the least. Just getting out those two words was difficult enough.

“I’m glad,” she whispered, nibbling on his ear some more.

He all but melted against her. Japhit let him slide down her until he was flat on his backs on the mats. She eyed him hungrily while standing over him. As she pulled her shorts off, a bead of clear, sticky fluid trailed from her crotch to theirs. She worked them down one wiggle at a time, putting on a tantalizing, wiggling show.

Her breasts rose along with her sports bra, then swung down and bounced a few times once they’d slipped free of their restraints. They settled heavy and soft against her chest. Two bright pink nipples poked out of the fluff.

Japhit licked her chops and knelt down. “Here, let’s get this off…” she said, helping Theo out of his gym shirt.

There they were, nude on the gym mats. Theo alternated glances between Japhit and the entrance, until Japhit took hold of his hands and planted them on her tits. His hands squeezed automatically, and he no longer looked anywhere else. Her big, stiff nipples peeked through the gaps in his fingers, giving him something to squeeze and play with.

“Mmm, you sure like big tits, don’t you?”

“They’re great,” he said with the same sort of quiet embarrassment as before.

“You’re so shy! I love it!” She squeaked, leaning down for another kiss while he kneaded her tits.

Her flesh engulfed his hands, spilling around them to his wrist. She was so hot, so soft, and though her fur was a touch on the coarse side, it wasn’t unpleasant.

She broke the kiss and shifted above him, swinging one knee across him so that she was straddling him. She lowered herself, glancing the underside of her cock with her sopping sex, coming to a rest on top of him, trapping him between her fuzzy, pliable thighs.

“You know what the greatest part of shy guys like you is?”

Theo didn’t say anything, just looked at her expectantly — all the while never stopping his fingers from roving and squeezing and tweaking.  She let out a coo of delight when he got one of her nipples between his thumb and finger and rolled it.

“You’re supposed to ask “what?”, you know…”

“What,” he mumbled.

“Getting you to ask for it…”

“Ask for—“

Words caught in his throat when she rolled her hips, gliding her sex across his, leaving a trail of arousal. She didn’t pause after one time, or ten, but kept going. Her clit, engorged and needy as he was, poked out enough to catch him with every motion of her hips.

“You want to put it in, don’t you? Stick your cock in my tight, aching hole? It feels great, you know…”

Her hips paused, but only so she could lift off slightly and spread herself open. She leaned back, giving him a full view of what until then he’d only seen in pictures. The real thing looked hotter, wetter, even more inviting. Theo swallowed hard. He had a little secret he hadn’t told them, nor was he sure he should. He wasn’t even sure he could speak at the moment.

“Er, I, well,” he stuttered and stammered. He was so hard it damn near hurt.

“Or do you not like me?” She said, putting on a mock pout.

Theo tried to lift his hips, to touch his crown to her cunt, but she pushed him down with a paw.

“Bad Theo!” She said playfully, “What did I say? You need to ask first.”

“I… want to…”


“…Have sex with you,” he said in a voice so quiet he could scarcely hear himself.

“What was that?”

“I want to have sex with you,” he said, slightly louder.

“Oh, I can’t hear you… I guess you don’t want to fuck after all,” she said with a shrug of her shoulders and started to stand.

Theo’s hands left her tits and sank into her hips, desperate to pull her back down. “I want to fuck you!”

She clapped her paws together. “Much better! You’re a good boy, and good boys deserve a reward.” She tapped his nose with a paw pad.

Her ass hovered above him and her paw sought out his cock. She aimed it just so and dropped down. He was expecting her cunt to gobble down his cock, but instead her felt himself press against a tight ring of flesh, one that began to yield after considerable weight had bore down to spear his cock through. As soon as his head spread her, the rest of his shaft disappeared inside her, gripping and hugging him so tight as if to never let go.

Gods! Her ass, I’m inside her asshole! Theo shuddered.

It was everything he could have dreamed of. Warm, soft, squishy, tight, silken, fantastic.

“Oh my, you must really like my ass,” she giggled, leaning forward, “And I already know you like my big fat tits, so, since you’ve been such a good boy…”

Her tits smothered his head from either side, and she used her arms to squeeze them tight around him. With all her weight on him and so much titflesh on his face, he suddenly found it difficult to breath, but just as suddenly found he didn’t care — especially when she began to rock her hips.

Tight, coiled walls clung and milked at him as he withdrew, only to part and accept him readily back in on the down-stroke until her lips smacked wetly on his crotch.

Japhit worked herself in a steady pace, rolling her hips, gyrating them, swiveling about in place so his cock could reach and touch every sensitive spot in her just as she touched all of his.  

Theo moaned into the massive breasts smothering him; he even managed to find a nipple and sucked it into his mouth and nibbled on it, flicked it with his tongue while she rode him. He had no idea why he’d avoided this for so long when it felt so good, like he was melting into her.

Did he love her? Did she love him? Who the fuck cared! It was amazing!

More, he needed more — his hands roamed up her thighs to her malleable ass and he squeezed, mashing down at the same time his hips lurched up.

“Oh! Someone wants a hard fuck, do they?”

He could barely hear her, but it didn’t matter. His life, at that moment, was tits and ass.

The steady motion of her hips lurched into a gallop, her thighs clapping down against him in a ripple of flesh. She began to moan and gasp; her asshole was squeezed and clenched to match.

Theo couldn’t take it any longer, no matter how much he yeared for it to never end. The boiling heat within him demanded release — and release it did. His body went stiff as thick ropes of jism bubbled up from within and lanced into her waiting and eager guts.  

“Ah! Coming already? You must really like me!”

He shot load after load into her, and she drank them all down, never once slowing her pace. Spent and dry, she continued to milk him, ride him for all he was worth. He twitched and shivered and cried out into her bosom, but she didn’t relent. Japhit leaned back, never once breaking her rhythm of slamming down onto him.

“H-hold on, a-almost there…!”

 A free paw shot to her clit and she furiously stroked herself off; in seconds she grit her teeth and went taut.

A load of her orgasm spurt out from her unused cunt, drenching his crotch in her ardour. She twitched and her eyes fluttered closed, then collapsed atop him.

“That was great,” she said, words slurred by post-orgasmic bliss.

“I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard before,” he gasped out, sucking in deep breaths of cool air.

She scratched at his scalp and smiled dreamily. “That makes me so happy to hear… But as much as I want to fall asleep like this, we should get cleaned up. Though if you want, I could crash at your place if you don’t mind.”

As the cold air cooled his lungs, so too did it cool his mind. His softening cock slipped out of her with a wet plop, followed by a fresh torrent of seed that pooled on the mat.

“Sure, if you want,” he said,


I kind of don’t want you to.

That line of thought made him feel awful, and he didn’t know why.

“Great! That can count as finishing your exercise for the day,” she said with a wink, then stood and helped him up. They hit the showers, together, and then cleaned up the mess on the mats, together. Once done, Japhit followed Theo to his place — and, as expected, followed up with round 2 and another fresh load in her ass.

She was nice enough, and he liked her, but as he drifted off to sleep in the bear woman’s arms, something about it all still felt wrong. He’d gotten what he wanted, right? She got what she wanted. Everyone should be happy.

So why do I feel guilty?




Zinaya flipped her flash visor up to check her weld, then back down to continue. She was just about done with the joint on the turbine housing, which meant she’d be free to leave in a scant few minutes. And, if everything passed inspection, she’d have the experience needed to get more of these jobs in the future, along with the pay they commanded. Soon, she’d be an inspector, making insane cash for almost no work.

Soon, she’d be able to afford her own place. She let out a wistful, dreamy sigh from behind the cumbersome visor.

It wasn’t that she didn’t like rooming with her friends, but she’d reached a point where she wanted her space, her own way of doing things. Some quiet.

She flipped the visor up and down again.

They could be so panicky sometimes, especially Japhi. She’d boasted about winning over Theo and fucking him at the gym and then again at his place, but then got all down and out when he ghosted them for two weeks, not responding to anyone’s messages or showing up at the gym.

And then, like nothing had happened, he showed up one night for their routine, said sorry he’d been busy, and that was that. She’d caught him eying Japhit’s tits and ass, not to mention her own, but the wall that’d supposedly been broken was back in place.

Japhit, the poor thing, acted like she’d done something wrong. Even accused Amylioa, who denied any wrongdoing, and so on. They were all the same age, yet it was always Zinaya who somehow got the “Big Sister” role. Probably because the other two were, not to be unkind to her friends, not the sharpest knives in the drawer at times.

She let out a snort, then a muffled cry as a welding spark managed to work its way down her apron and into her bust — she cursed and writhed while patting her chest. The scent of charred fur filled her nostrils. Great.

Immediate danger over, her thoughts rewound.

She hadn’t given much thought to Theo, outside of a few image exchanges and demands, as she already had two regular guys and a third for emergencies.

Had, she glowered.

In a single week the one moved and the other decided to get serious with some other girl, some rabbit or other.

Seriously? A rabbit? Him? Can’t imagine him ever wanting to be a top. Then again, maybe it was a bunny with a penchant for whips and leather.

So, as it was, she had some time and reason to think about the man. He was decent enough looking, a tad on the tall side for her, but that was fine. The more pressing issue was how… spotty he was. The other two had no idea, but that’s because they were accustomed to prey just wandering into their maw with scarcely a fight.

Men were just like women. They wanted to fuck just as much, but sometimes things got in the way. Silly things that had nothing to do with what they really wanted.

Country boys often had a lot of these silly things getting in the way.

She flipped her visor one last time and inspected her work. A perfect stack of coins, if she did say so herself. Excellent!

Zinaya hopped off the housing and put away all her equipment for the day, stuffed her heavy gloves and mask and apron in her bag and made the long walk from the job site to her truck.

It’d been an age since she got off at 4pm on a Friday.

Perfect, she thought with a toothy smile.

A nice, long Friday evening was just the thing she needed to remove certain restrictions that were impeding a certain country boy.


Zinaya observed Theo as he struggled to complete the last set of his squats. It wasn’t so much the weight that was the struggle — in fact that was the easy part — but no matter how much she or Japhi tried, his form refused to improve.

“You’re arching your back again.”

Theo grunted and straightened himself out, which limited how far down he could manage even more. To compensate, his knees began a slow pivot outward.

“Your knees aren’t forward.”

He reined them in, grunted, struggled for a few more moments, then gave up and racked the weight.

“This is impossible!”

“Then how am I able to do it?” Zinaya said.

“I don’t know, some kind of tiger magic?”

“Tiger magic. And Japhit?”

“Bear magic,” Theo said without a shred of hesitation.

“And Amylioa?”

The lizard, having heard her name, perked up and looked over at them from the free weight section. “Yesss?”

“Theo thinks humans are incapable of squats,” Zinaya said, waving a paw in the air.

Amylioa set down her weights and slithered over, insomuch as someone could slither on legs. “All this time and he still can’t? Hahaha!”

Theo looked away with a touch of red on his cheeks.

“He hasn’t been doing his stretches, has he?” Zinaya asked, needling Theo with a piercing gaze.

He rubbed at the back of his neck. “Well…”

Zinaya suddenly dropped down into a perfect resting squat, with her wrists atop her knees. While she was now shorter than Theo, it wasn’t by all that much. “You’re not going to improve at all unless you increase your mobility. Especially seeing as how you have an office job — sitting all day is hell for your legs. Fuck, I wasn’t much different than you not all that long ago.”

“Oh come on, there are people here that are so…” Theo gestured with his arms, holding them out to the sides like he couldn’t let them hang, “…Bulky.”

“Yeah, and do you notice how they’re always taking pain meds?”

Theo’s face squished up in the way it always did when she’d proved him wrong, but he didn’t want to admit it. She couldn’t show it, not now, but Zinaya smiled inwardly all the same. It was cute.

Not wanting to be left out, Amylioa showed off by doing a bridge. Backwards. Which then turned into a handstand, complete with a few push-ups with her legs and tail waving about in the air to keep balance before she rolled neatly back to her feet.

“Show off…” Theo grumbled.

Amylioa prodded at his ribs, making him recoil.

“Hey! Don’t touch me,” he glared.

“Awww, are you still all sensitive about when I rode your face like a cheap whore?”

“As a matter of fact, I am.”

“Please. You loved it. I know you want me to give you another go, make you tongue-fuck me again,” she hissed out, winding around him.  

No fuckin’ tact, Zinaya thought. Though that had been the break water moment. Amylioa was due some credit for that.

“Japhit was way better than you,” he said, batting away her scaled claws.

“Yeah, ‘cause she fucked you. Any guy is gonna like someone more when they blow a load in ‘em,” she said with a sniff, “Tell you what, be a good boy and make me cum and I’ll let you stick it in.”


Amylioa shrugged. “You’re such a fuckin’ stiff.”

“Whatever,” Theo scoffed.

Zinaya could only shake her head. “Well as great as it is listening to you two carry on, I think we’re done here. How about we stop at Jeff’s for a drink… Oh, wait,” she said, eyes wide open in almost-surprise, staring straight at Amylioa, “You already have plans tonight, don’t you?”

“Huh? What are you—“

A more focused, withering Look drove home the point.

“I mean, I didn’t realize how late it’d gotten,” Amylioa said, fumbling for her phone, not really bothering to look at the time on the screen, “I gotta get going. Later.”

In a remarkable display of urgency, she’d gathered her things and left.

“Well, then it’s just us two,” Zinaya said, “Shame Japhit had to work tonight.”

“Yeah,” Theo said with just a hint of sadness, “Working from 5 to 1am sure is a shit shift.”

Aw, look at that. He wants to fuck. Good.


At Jeff’s Bar and Grill, the pair had a few drinks and even split an order of fried cheese curds. Outside of the gym and work, Zinaya dressed suspiciously plain. A clean, white t-shirt and low-rise jean shorts. Her piercings were the only thing that gave any hint at who she really was — in the summer, anyways. During the winter she’d go all out with the leather. She loved the smell of it, loved wearing it, loved tying up tiny, bite-sized men with it… Only another two or three months until the weather was cool enough. As it was for now, she appeared a good match for the equally casual Theodore.



Unfortunately, the cheese fries weren’t enough for either of them. The pair gave in to the scents and sounds of sizzling meat and ordered burgers. The baked chicken could wait until tomorrow. While Zinaya preferred to have a taut, firm stomach, it wasn’t something that showed through the long, soft fluff on her belly. Besides, spoiling herself a little bit now and then wasn’t going to hurt. She did love juicy, delicious, red meat. She wiped a bit of drool off her chin.

“It’s rare for it to be just the two of us,” Theo said as he munched away on his food.

She did make one concession: Only the bottom bun. She left the top part at the side of her plate, which meant she had to eat her burger by sort of holding it in one paw and taking nibbles off it.

“Yeah, I have to work a lot, but in a few more weeks here I’ll probably be able to get easier jobs.”

“Really? Nice. I kind of like it like this. Those two can be so noisy sometimes.”

Zinaya scowled at him, adding teeth for effect: “Are you saying you think I’m the silent type?”

Theo blanked like a deer in the headlights. “N-no, I mean— Ah.”

Before he shook himself to nervous pieces, Zinaya let out an amused chuff. “You would be right, I think. Those two can be boisterous at times.”

All the adrenaline that’d stiffened him up flowed out and he went slack in his seat.

Japhi’s right when she calls him adorable. I wanna eat him up!

He took another bite. “Hah… Yeah. But you know, there’s something I’ve been wondering…”


“You kinda talk differently from them. And they always seem to like, defer to you. Are you like an older sister to them or something?”

“I suppose so, yes, though we’re all the same age,” she said, pointing at him with what remained of the burger in her paw, “Same year throughout middle and high-school. I was always watching out for those two.” She tried not to, but her eyes rolled, just a little.

“Haha, like some kind of gang leader or something?” Theo joked.

Zinaya’s expression went flat. “Yes. Like.”

He blinked. “For real?”

“For real, though nothing what I suspect what you imagine. Just normal — as normal as it can be, I suppose — delinquent behavior. Picked fights, a little petty theft,” she sighed the kind of sigh directed at one’s self, “Little did we know how much having a record fucks you over later on. Well, live and learn.”

“You were a bad girl, huh? I remember I talked about this a little with the other two and they said something similar.”

“Hah! Maybe I am,” she said, letting her fangs poke out, “Or maybe we just did what we had to do to get by in the only way we knew how. I imagine you had similar experiences. Growing up on a farm, I’m sure you missed more than one day of classes to help out.”

He dabbed at a puddle of sauce that’d dripped off his burger with a French fry, then popped it into his mouth. “Yeah, I did. Makes sense. Kind of.”

“As for why I talk differently… Well, I’ll let you figure that one out on your own.”

He thought for a bit. “You sound smart.”

“That could be it,” she said through a mouthful of meat.

He poked at his plate. A conversational lull nestled its way between them.

Good. It’ll get him off balance even more.

When they finished eating and paid, Zinaya sprang her trap.

“How about we go back to your place?”

Just like before, Theo froze up. He wasn’t dense or dumb, but very… indecisive.

“Well, I mean, me and Japhi kind of, well…”

For these matters, there was what she wanted to say, and what she needed to say to keep things moving along. That was something Amylioa never seemed to grasp.

“What, you think I just want to have sex with you?”

There. He’d gone full red and fumbled for a response. Zinaya continued on to ease his pain.

“Can’t I want to hang out with a friend? Besides, if we go back to my place, Amylioa would be there. I’m just looking out for you, since I know you two didn’t get along so well.”

“Well… Okay.”

Zinaya smiled. When his back was turned to go to his car, she licked her lips. Though she did feel a little bad about tricking him, especially since she was about to pull what the lizard had done. Only, she had the grace to do it proper.  


Back at Theo’s place, Zinaya glanced around.

“Cozy place you have here.”

“Please, I know it’s tiny,” he said dismissively, “Want some water or something?”


She took a seat on the bed, setup in the middle of the studio apartment to be sort of the main point of… everything. Theo came back with glasses of water and sat down next to her. They chat a little about this and that for a short while, mostly workout routine stuff, when Zinaya decided to go for it.

“You know, speaking of muscle: Do you prefer your women soft like Japhit, or more firm, like me?”

Theo unconsciously roved her body up and down with his eyes. “I, uh…”

“Oh, I guess it’s hard to see, so…”

To help him reach a conclusion, she took her shirt off, jangling her earrings and nose piercings, to reveal her black sports bra and bare midriff. She grabbed his hand and sank it through her belly fluff, planting it on the flesh below. “Firm, yes?”

His fingers flexed, rubbing against her skin and tussling her fur. He wasn’t in a hurry to pull away.

“So which do you like more?”

After some internal deliberation, Theo answered “Both.”

“Both? Come on now, give me a real answer, Theo.”

“It’s true! I mean, I like Japhit’s big… big everything, it’s soft. I kind of like how lithe Amylioa is,” he said, as if the acknowledgement was a curse,” and your stomach is nice. And fluffy! Really fluffy…”

His eyes leveled off with her breasts for a few lingering seconds before he tore them away.

“Sure mine not be as big as Japhit’s,” Zinaya said, bringing her paws to the edge of her sports bra, “But they’re still pretty great, if I do say so myself!”

In one smooth motion she tore the bra off, letting her orange-and-black striped tits sway free. What they lacked in pure size, they made up for in shapeliness. They were still each more than a handful, yet had the perkiness of breasts half their size. Theo dearly wanted to look away considering how agonized he looked, but couldn’t.

“Stare all you want. In fact, touch them.”

Instead, he scoot away.

“Theo,” she said firmly.

He reached out gingerly, stroking the fine, downy fur on her chest and making his way across her breast. Her soft flesh molded around his finger, and just as he was about to reach her nipple, he pulled away.

“I can’t, no,” he said, shaking his head, “I don’t know why I agreed…”

This boy.

Zinaya stood in such a rush, Theo shot back in a start. She marched in front of him, staring at him with her paws planted on her hips. Leaning forward, her face came within inches of his. Theo wanted to avert his gaze, but she held him transfixed. There was no escape from her sapphire eyes that seemed to glow.

“Because you want to fuck, and you want to be told how to fuck. You want it so bad, but you can’t be honest with yourself.”

“I don’t! I mean, I…”

“Fortunately, I’m good at helping boys learn honesty.”

“But I don’t!”

“You do. You’ve just been told you don’t want a quick and dirty fuck. You think it’s not proper. Don’t give me that look. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have let Japhit ride you in the gym of all places, you horny little thing, you.”

“I’m not!”

“If you weren’t, we wouldn’t be here. I’ll tell you a secret: I like horny little boys. I like it when they whimper and moan. I really like it when they’re so horny they can blow their load two, three times before going soft. So, what’s there to be ashamed about when you’re exactly what your mistress wants?”

Theo fidgeted with his pants, failing to conceal the half-pitched tent.  

So quick to respond!


“Yes, Theo?”

“No! I mean, since when are you… that?”

“Since now,” she said, running a padded digit under his chin, lifting his head up.


“No buts, Theo. What kind of guy trades pics with girls right after he’s practically raped? Then has sex in a public gym? Just. Be. Honest.”

He squirmed and shifted, but her single furred finger kept his head still and his eyes locked to hers. Her nose flared with an exhale, tussling his short bangs.

“Is it wrong I just want to have… one person to love, and, um, fuck?”

“Not at all, my sweet,” she said softly as she pulled back to stand upright, “But you’ll never find love if you don’t seize the opportunity and have some fun along the way.”

“I guess,” he conceded.

“Good. Now take off your clothes. Slowly.”

Theo nodded and began disrobing, just as he was instructed. He was hesitant when it came to his boxers and his half-tent, but a little bit of prodding from Zinaya got the job done.

“You’re quite handsome, you know,” she said, earning a different sort of blush from her prey, “Now help me get the rest of these off.”

He shuffled towards her, then she commanded: “I’d much prefer if you were on your knees.”

There was reluctance, but a reassuring smile brought him eye-level with her crotch. His hands undid her belt, then the zipper, and began working her jeans down around her wide hips. One tug at a time on each side until they cleared the mid-way point and crumpled to the ground. Rather than kicking them away, she picked them up and pulled a slip of black cloth from one of the pockets before tossing them to the floor.

“What’s that for?”

“You’ll see,” she said with a grin, then indicated he should continue with her panties. 

Just like with her jeans, he slid her panties off bit by bit, going especially slow when her mound was revealed, semi-concealed by her short, fine fur.

“Now why don’t you show your mistress how honest you can be,” she said, shifting to spread her legs slightly once they were completely off.

Theo bit a lip and looked up at her.

“Go on, I don’t bite — and neither will it,” she winked, “And I might add, I reward boys who are honest.”

After that bit of reassurance, Theo leaned forward, placing his hands against her firm, fluffy thighs for support. She spread her legs further, inviting him onward.

His tongue met her slit, sending a shiver up her spine. Theo’s lips met hers, his tongue parted her folds and slithered in, lapping at her, mixing saliva with her lust. A paw fell to his head and pressed him deeper.

“Mmm, that’s it,” she cooed, using her claws to massage his scalp while he tongue-fucked her.

Rivulets of her arousal drooled out, coating his lips and chin. Her other paw reached up to a breast to squeeze and tease the supple, yielding flesh, to pinch the cherry-red nipples peaking out from her orange fur.

Warmth flowed through her, and had she wanted, she could’ve kept going all night just like that, her standing there with him deep in her pussy and tongue flicking all her sensitive spots. But, she had other plans.

“Such a good boy,” she said, pulling away from him. A tendril of spit and lust trailed between them for a moment, then snapped off and fell against his chin. She sat down on the bed. “This way,” she commanded. Theo turned to face her, still on his knees.

“Yes?” He asked meekly, “I mean, I know I’m not very good at it yet, but…”

“Oh, no no no, you were fine. I just want to give you a little treat.”

With that, she lifted a foot and touched the head of his cock with a soft, squishy pawpad. She could feel the slipperiness on her flesh; Zinaya grinned. Such a rare thing for a guy to get so turned on from eating her out that he’d start to pre.

This one was going to be a keeper for sure.  

Theo gasped as her pawpad streaked down his length, slathering his precum as it went. Up and down she stroked, spreading it around — and then took his length between two of her meaty toes. She bobbed her foot up and down, drawing another muted gasp from Theo.

When she got into a good rhythm, spreading his sticky pre across his whole shaft, matting the fur of her toes with it, she brought her other foot into play by gently teasing his sac across the top of her toes.

She always loved using her footpaws, and they always loved being used by them in turn. Taking care to keep them soft was such a chore for someone always on her feet, but the reward was so worthwhile.

Theo’s face alternated bunching up and going slack, and his eyes fluttered closed. He leaned back onto his hands from his kneeling position, throwing his hips up and out to make it easier for the paws to work their magic.

When his hips began to jerk in time with her motions, Zinaya shifted and clamped his shaft between her feet, smothering it with bountiful, silky pawpad. His whole body shuddered, and then doubly so when she began to pump him in a frenzy. She flexed her toes and pressed her paws together tighter and tighter. Theo gasped and moaned and he leaned back further, thrust his hips out more to expose as much of his length as possible to her touch.

Zinaya chewed on her lip, gazing down at the man enraptured by her feet.

Gods, when was the last time someone liked my paws that much?

Unable to control herself, she reached down to her cunt and started finger-fucking herself in time to her ministrations, eyes locked to the face twisted in pleasure.

She began to pant and Theo squirmed.

“I’m, I’m gonna—“ Theo cried out.

“Do it! Cum, cum all over my paws!”

His cock twitched and lurched between her paws, and a groan of bliss heralded his imminent arrival: A long, thick jet of cum boiled out of him, splattered across her foot all the way to her ankle. Then a second and a third streamer erupted forth, utterly drenching her paws in hot spunk.

Zinaya was right behind him.

She clenched her teeth and growled, her body going stiff as an orgasm surged through her, blanking her mind in pleasure until the waves faded and reality snapped back into focus. An amused chuckle escaped her lips; she hadn’t intended to beat herself off there.

Looking over her toes and the panting Theo, she gave them a flex. He’d cum so much! The first wad was easily a foot-long tendril stretching from her ankle down the top of her paw.

Normally I’d make him clean me off, but… Well, he’s not quite at that level yet, is he?

She brought her foot up, and in a display of flexibility, used her sandpapery tongue to lick up his semen. Theo watched with one eye closed.

“Mmm. Salty, thick. Delicious,” she said, her tongue gliding across the length of her footpaw. “You taste good.”

“I, uh. I liked the way you tasted, too.”

She chuckled, “Aren’t you sweet? But sometimes just accept a compliment without giving one back.”

“Oh. Right.”

“Right?” Zinaya said with an expectant look.

Theo gave her one of confusion in return.

“Tut tut,” she said, waving a finger at him, “Have we forgotten titles so soon?”

“Sorry. Mistress,” he added quickly.

A smile was his reward, and one that seemed to please him.

“Come up here, and lay down. We’re not done yet.”

He climbed up as he was told and Zinaya moved to his side. She retrieved the blindfold and placed it across his eyes.

“I’m not so sure about this,” Theo said, lifting up one corner of the fabric to peer out at her.

“Trust me, you’ll enjoy it. If not, then, well… Say “Appleboot,” okay?”


“Safe word, in case, you know, you want me to stop. I doubt we’ll need it, but…”

“Safe word, huh,” Theo repeated, letting the blindfold drop back over his eyes. He seemed a bit more at ease now. Zinaya finished up by tying it behind his head.

“Now you just lay there…”

She brought her head close to his chest and stuck out her tongue, running it in wide circles across his pecs and nipples. Theo shivered from the sandpapery organ, but didn’t move to push her off or flee. His head tried to track her, but the blindfold did its job — he could feel her, not just her tongue, but the fur of her arms, the warmth of her body. The softness of her breasts pressing down on his flesh.

I wonder how soon he’ll take to some handcuffs and rope…

She chuffed with anticipation, sending a ripple of vibration across her tongue. Theo responded with a muted gasp.

Oh ho, I didn’t think about that…

And so she made herself chuff continuously, almost into a purr, slathering him all over. She worked down his chest to his stomach, circled his navel, and danced to his cock. A wash of breath from her nose across his cock made it twitch and swell, even before her tongue got there.

And once it did…

Within seconds of her broad tongue wrapping around his cock he was hard and ready to go again. She licked him clean, slurping up every remaining drop of sticky cum that’d clung to his skin. When she got to his crown, the instant the soft spines on her tongue grazed the ridge his hips lurched and he let out a cry.

“Still sensitive, hmmm?” She said as she pushed him back down with a paw to the stomach.

“Y-yeah, but your tongue, it’s like, wow,” he breathed out.

“I’m glad you enjoy it, and you’re being so good, keeping nice and still…”

She took up his length in a handpaw and squeezed, then gave him a few test pumps while her tongue went lower to his sac. Her tongue was large enough to completely engulf his balls, to tumble and tease them on the saliva-coated muscle. As gently as she could she took them into her mouth and chuffed and hummed while jerking him off.

His chorus of gasps and moans were just too cute, even if she did have to press down on him with her other paw the entire time to keep his hips in place.

The longer she went, the more her snatch dripped and ached to be filled. She may have been in control, but she had her own needs.

When she was confident she’d teased him enough, and when she couldn’t take her own unfulfilled lust anymore, she pulled away, giving him a few seconds of merciful, cool air.

Without a word she stood up on the bed and hiked up Theo by his ankles, dragging his waist off the bed and bringing his crotch to knee height.

“H-hey! What are you doing?” Theo said as he reached for the blindfold.

“Don’t touch it,” Zinaya barked.

His hand trembled, but stopped.

“Good boy. And not knowing is half the fun.”

He let out a whimper of agreement.

She spread his legs and stepped over him so her sopping cunt was lined up with his crotch. Guiding herself down, she had to release one of his legs to angle his cock just right.

Theo gasped when his crown touched her slit. Her mound bunched up before it yielded and spread around him like a wet glove. Confident he was nice and secure and wouldn’t be going anywhere, she grabbed his flailing leg and held him tight.

“This is the best way to fuck a boy,” she grunted, letting herself drop down.

The tigress’s cunt swallowed up his length in a flash and her lips slammed against his crotch, driving him into the mattress.

“Yeah, that’s the shit!”

She hiked up, standing to her full height and dragged Theo along with her, ensuring he never slipped free from the crushing embrace of her sweltering chuffbox.

Over and over she pounded him, sometimes letting her full weight fall upon him and others she bounced him off the mattress. His cock throbbed within her and he moaned and gasped all the while.

He is a vocal one, isn’t he? It’s so nice to know I’m appreciated, she chuffed to herself.

Her breasts jounced along with the rest of her, her tail swayed and swished and coiled about his leg. Drool pooled from her tongue, lolling out as she panted to keep herself cool through the brutal workout she was inflicting not just on Theo, but herself.

“You like it when I’m on top? Hmm?” She grunted out between labored breaths


“Yes what?”

“Yes, m-mistress!” Theo cried out.

She rewarded him with a slap to the ass, making his whole body pull taut like a drawn bow. Even made his cock lurch within her, the head finding the perfect place to scrape against inside her.

Zinaya nearly lost her footing and fell over, but managed to recover.

“You like that, huh? Good, because I love it even more!”

She let loose a flurry of smacks on his ass — just hard enough to leave a bit of redness, but not enough to sting or leave welts. That’d come later, once he was experienced. Probably.

With each blow his crown pressed against her just so, sending her to a climatic rush in a scant minute. She growled and even roared through the tidal wave of her orgasm. Her grip on his one leg tightened and she hammered against him even harder, treating him like little more than a toy for her use.

Her convulsing cunt brought Theo to the same heady rush; he let out a happy, blissful moan and went stiff with each load of cum that thundered from his balls and into her needy quim. Hot seed poured into her, filling her up one jet at a time. When he was spent and fell slack, she let him go and fell atop him, covering his body with hers. He was sweaty with exertion, yet he still felt cool to her skin. No doubt she was like an electric blanket on his.

At least it meant they had no need of blankets or covers.

“That was just what I needed,” she said into his ear, running a pawpad across his cheek and then hooked it under the blindfold and tore it off.

“Hah,” Theo panted, “That was… good.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, because I intend to keep you around for a while.”

Theo peered back into the deep blue sapphire of her eyes; there was a note of fear there, not of her, but of the unknown. Something told her he’d never been in a regular relationship before. She wasn’t terribly surprised.

“Like a couple?”

“Something like that… I’m a greedy woman, Theo,” she said, shifting so she laid on her side. She pulled him into her, back to her stomach. Warm seed had begun to flow out of her, running down her leg and into the sheets. She shivered; the sensation of conquest.

“I uh, see…” If he’d tried to keep the disappointment from his voice, he’d done a shit job of it.

“But that doesn’t preclude any… advancements, should they occur. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to satisfy my hunger,” she chuffed, blowing directly onto the back of his ear, melting some of his tension, “If you want, we can keep this to something that’s just happened once. Can’t speak for the other two, though.”

Theo went quiet for a while, giving Zinaya some time to close her eyes and relax, to let her boiling ears and paw pads vent all the heat she’d built up. She had no doubt how he’d respond. Just by giving him the option out, she’d ensured he wouldn’t take it. His type was always like that.

She squeezed him a little tighter.

Finally, he came to his conclusion.

“So this would just be what they call “Casual?””

“For now, anyways.”

“I… think I’d like to try it again sometime. I didn’t know it could feel like that.”

Zinaya hummed in approval.

“There are many things you don’t know, Theo, and I think we’d be delighted to show you.”

“…How about tomorrow?”

“See, that’s the spirit. You have a lot to learn, Theo…” 

Their idle chatter continued on, until at some point it didn’t. Their eyes fluttered shut and they drifted off to sleep, Theo nestled against her warm, fluffy body.


Maybe the city isn’t such a bad place, he thought just as the realm of dreams claimed him.

Maybe I like him a little more than I think, she thought, following close behind.

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