Code Wight: Second Opinion

“Jesus kid, these medical records suck.”

Josh looked up from the endocrine textbook he was reading and frowned. “What are you talking about?”

Morticia sighed, rolling her eyes before taking another drag of her cigarette and slapping a stack of papers onto the necropsy table. They flew out in every direction from the force of it and slid around the floor in an unorganized rabble. She looked down at the mess she made, shrugged, and then looked back to Josh.

He sighed as well, pinched the bridge of his nose, and set about picking them up off the ground.

“What’s wrong with these?” He asked, reaching under the table to pick up an errant page. “It’s got a full history, all the diagnostics, medical diagnosis, everything!”

“Yeah, but it’s boring.”

Josh blinked a few times before looking up and frowning even deeper. “Morticia, they’re medical records, they’re SUPPOSED to be boring.”

“Sure, that’s what they teach you interns, but for the people who actually have to read these reports, we like a little spice every now and then.” She bent down and blew a cloud of smoke into Josh’s face as soon as he rose, causing him to cough and stagger backward.

“Gah! Damnit Morticia, you know I hate when you do that!”

She chuckled before pulling Josh to her by his lab coat for a deep kiss. The mixture of the smoke’s hot residue and the cold flesh of her lips sent shivers down his spine like it always did. It wasn’t unpleasant, far from it, and he stopped resisting after only a moment before she pushed him back and tapped his chest.

“But I know you love that.”

Josh coughed again, blushing this time. “You’re going to give me lung cancer from second hand smoking.”

“I’d say you’re getting a good bargain then.”

He couldn’t help but smile at that. After their first encounter a few months back, he’d spent more and more time in the Morgue, initially because it was still a quiet place to reflect and (certainly not) cry, but soon enough he ended up there solely to speak with Morticia. Eventually he gained the courage to ask her out, or well, she’d finally gotten tired of his feet dragging and basically baited him into it. Not that he particularly minded, although it did ruin a completely good shirt with a colostomy bag.

Morticia was crass, belligerent, and a little high and mighty, but she was also beautiful, intelligent, and he knew that she had feelings for him. Their little relationship was what managed to keep him going through the hell that was a medical internship. To tell the truth, he really liked her as well, and because of it, he had decided to take things slow with her. She didn’t seem to mind it, as far as he could tell. Hell, despite her being undead and all, maybe she could be…

“Hey, lover boy, you’re doing that thing again.”

Josh shook his head, blinking in confusion before jumping backward, Morticia less than an inch away from his face. “Woah! Ha! What?”

Morticia put an hand on her waist, her lab coat hanging open to show the tight fitting purple sweater underneath. She snickered before her fit of giggles became rolling laughter, “Pffff hahah! That never gets old! Seriously, you and your introspection kid! If you’re not careful, you’re going to end up sending me more corpses because of your daydreaming!”

Josh huffed and readjusted his own lab coat, which was buttoned up over his black collared shirt, both free from excrement thankfully. “That’s not funny.”

“Sure it is, you just have to learn to live a little.”

“Says the walking corpse.”

“Goes to show you how much of a drag you can be.”

Josh sighed, rubbing at his head. “Alright, alright, I get it.”

“Aww, don’t look so glum.” Morticia sauntered up to him, putting an arm around his waist before kissing him on the cheek. “At least you’re cute.”

“Sometimes, I wonder why I put up with you.”

“These luscious lips, full breasts, and amazing ass?”

Josh coughed as Morticia made a show of her grave cold hotness. Yes, she was very attractive, and she made damn sure he knew it, but he’d never dated a monster before, let alone a senior clinician, so of course it made him nervous to dwell on such… “lewd” thoughts. Morticia raised an eyebrow as he unconsciously followed her motions, a coy smile appearing across her white face. Josh looked away, clearing his throat, which was quickly becoming a rather annoying habit for him.

“A…anyway, did you have a chance to do that autopsy yet?”

 Morticia pursed her lips before sighing and patting his chest. “For someone so sharp, you can be quite dull.”


 “Never mind.” She put out her cigarette in her little canister before walking over to one of the large drawers lining the walls of the Mortuary and pulling it out, revealing a form covered by a thin white sheet. She gently rolled it back, revealing the corpse of a woman, perhaps no older than her late thirties.

 Josh rubbed at his forehead as he looked down at the corpse. Morticia plucked the papers from his hands, and began to recite in a cold, professional tone:

 “The patient was Margaret Hearne, thirty-six year old female who presented three months ago for abdominal pain. No history of significant GI disease in the past, no reports of cancer or any other serious diseases. All diagnostic blood work was fairly unremarkable, abdominal ultrasound detected abnormal small intestinal wall thickening and…”

 Morticia scrunched up her nose and looked at Josh. “Come on, do I really have to do this? We all know it’s lymphoma.”

 Josh stared at her blankly. “For a moment there, I thought you were going to be serious about something for once.”

 “I am serious, I didn’t even have to cut her open to figure that out.”

 “You did cut her open, right?”

 Morticia rolled her eyes and pulled back the rest of the cloth, revealing incisions made during her work. Each one was precise and neatly done, the work of a trained mortician. Josh was a little crestfallen that they were already there though.

 “Something wrong? You couldn’t have saved her, I’m certain the path reports are going to say what the biopsies did, that was it was too far gone for chemotherapy.”

 “Huh? Oh, no, it’s not that. I just sort of… had hoped I’d get to see you in action is all.”

 Morticia blinked in surprise before a warm smile spread over her lips. “That’s just the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.”

 “That I want to watch you cut up a cadaver?”

 “Well of course! No one ever seems to care about my job, always demanding the results they decided on before requesting me, never bothering to wonder about the process.” She pulled him in for a hug, which happened to pull him right over the corpse on the table. “Ohh, if I could still blush, I would!”

 “Uh… uh, Morticia, we’re uhm, uh…”

 The Wight looked down at the corpse and then rolled her eyes again. “Oh come now, she won’t mind, I mean, not unless I made her a zombie or something. Then she might mind, although not too much I’m sure.”

 “Y…you can do that? I thought that was just a myth!”

 She pulled back from him and seemed to be lost in concentration for a moment before looking at him, then down to the corpse. Josh wasn’t quite certain what they look was, something a mix between apprehension and determination. He was about to ask what she was doing, when she suddenly spread her fingers wide over the corpse.

 She waved her hands over the body, and a strange energy began to permeate about her, her eyes suddenly focusing on the corpse with an intensity Josh hadn’t seen before. Her voice began to grow deep, words taking on a strange, deep accent that he’d never heard before.

 “Oh yes, by mine own resurrection from the cold embrace of the grave, I have been chosen as the nobility of the undead. By mine own will, I may grant a breath of thine unholy power to this sleeping corpse, that they may open their eyes anew and drink forth the blood of the living!”

 As she spoke, her hands began to glow faintly, tendrils of green, eldritch energy swirling about them in a manner that made the well-lit morgue seem darker than a dungeon, focusing all the attention upon her as if a limelight had been cast down upon a one woman stage.

 Josh took in a sharp breath and stepped back as she looked up at him, her ice-blue eyes glowing with an unnatural fervor that made then captivating, alluring, and terrifying all at once. She slowly licked her lips, cold tongue sliding across purple lips, a faint crackle of energy trailing the motion of her tongue.

 “Wouldst thou wish to witness the birth of a new minion of the dark?”

 “M…Morticia, stop! Don’t do this!” Josh was sweating now, his whole body shaking at the intensity of her power. Despite her appearance, he had never truly thought of her as a monster, something fundamentally inhuman, yet now he could not deny it as he gazed upon her. No one knew what exactly made the dead walk again in this world, but whatever had brought Morticia back, it clearly was present in this room now.

 “But thou asked! Thou unleashed this power upon this world, yet thy would deny responsibility?”

“Morticia, I never meant for anything like this to happen! I just wanted to know more about you, but…but  not this.” Josh’s voice was choked as he held his hands out in a pleading gesture.

Morticia’s eyes narrowed, the intense blue light flaring, energy around her arms seeming to coalesce into some form of physical claw around her. Josh cried out as she extended the claw forward, latching around him and dragging him back over to the table.

“Art thou afraid of me?” She growled through gritted teeth. “Does mine show of power scare thou?”

Josh’s heart beat fast in his chest as he stared into her cold eyes, the claw sending tingling waves of power through his clothing and into his skin, making him breath heavier despite himself. The corpse beneath him was bathed in the green glow of her power, making it seem sickly, yet invigorated, as if it would stand up at any moment and add him to the ranks to the dead. He was afraid, very afraid, but…

“Yes… I am afraid of your power.”

Morticia looked into his eyes for a moment longer before looking down, releasing him. “Of course thou wouldst be.” She narrowed her eyes, and an Josh could swear the emotion smoldering in her eyes was something akin to shame.

Josh closed his eyes before taking a shuddering breath and then reaching forth to take Morticia’s hand in his own, her flesh feeling less cold than it normally would against his now clammy skin. She looked up at him sharply, shocked by the gesture, and he squeezed tight as he said, “I am afraid of your power, but not of you.”

Like a bubble popping, the power surrounding her suddenly vanished, green energy dissipating along with the intense blue glow in her eyes. The lights became brighter and the corpse beneath her was now just that, a corpse. She merely stood there, mouth agape at Josh as the world suddenly shifted back into reality.

“W…what did you say?” She whispered, all traces of her strange speech gone.

“You aren’t human… not anymore, and you can do things that I’ll probably never be comfortable with.” Josh took a deep breath and put his other hand on her shoulder. “But that doesn’t mean I don’t care about you.”

Morticia blinked a few times before looking at Josh’s hand on her shoulder and then gently nuzzling her cheek against it. He took the cue and pulled her in close to him, the two embracing for a long while before she exhaled, breath still smelling faintly of tobacco.

“It’s not easy being undead you know. Watching everyone look at you like you’re some kind of freak, even your superiors only associating with you by necessity. That’s why when you came down here and weren’t scared off, even after I was so well, rude, to you, I was just so…so happy.”


She sniffed, “Maybe it’s stupid of me, but even after we started dating, I still wondered if you were afraid of me I mean, I did have to fill a colostomy bag with-“

“You don’t have to remind me.”

She smiled, then rested her head against him again. “I guess I just went overboard when you mentioned the whole ‘zombie thing.’ Maybe I just wanted to prove that we really couldn’t be together or something because of… well…”

“You can’t… actually make zombies, can you?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah, I probably can, haven’t actually tried it or anything. This whole magical resurrection thing is kind of weird.”

“Oh. Uhm. Well look, I’ve never felt that way about you, why would you think that?”

She bit her lip, looking aside in a rare moment of vulnerability. “Well, despite us being together for a few months, you’ve never seemed to want to get… you know, ‘intimate.'” She looked up at him with a hurt expression “Am I not good enough?”

Josh was taken aback. “What? No, why would you say that? You’re smart, beautiful… far too good for a guy like me.”

“What is it then?”

“I just…” He scratched his cheek, thinking. “I just didn’t want to mess things up, you know? Didn’t want to go to fast with you, because, ah I don’t know, I feel like there’s something there?”

Morticia closed her eyes before slumping her head against his chest and chuckling. “To think, I got all flustered over something like that. Oh, I’m so embarrassed I could just die again.”

Josh couldn’t help but chuckle either, holding her close to him. “I guess we’re both just idiots about each other, huh?”

“Yeah, haha.” Morticia took in a deep breath before looking up at him, smiling. “So, you wanna fuck?”

Josh blinked a few times, wondering if he’d heard that right. “Huh?”

Morticia patted his chest a few times before moving to unbutton his lab coat. “Oh come now, I know you WANT to, and I’m horny as a damn Ushi-oni on sabbatical after that light show.” She batted her eyelashes at him and stuck out her lower lip. “Or… don’t you want me?”

“That’s not fair.” He complained, but she just giggled and proceeded to take off his coat, then his shirt before resting a cold hand against the hair on his bare chest.

“Oh my, you are rugged, aren’t you?” She leaned in an kissed him lightly on the lips as she ran her hand through his chest hair. Her fingers were cold against his skin, but the way she played through his curling hairs sent tiny shivers through him, making his heart beat faster while his breath rate increased.

Josh was not the most socially adept man in the world, he would freely admit this, however he wasn’t an idiot. As soon as she began to pull her lips back, he pulled her in close to him, pressing her for a deeper, more passionate kiss. She started momentarily before relenting to him, making a pleased sound, and gripping tightly against his chest, pulling hard enough on his hairs to make him wince. Of course, he didn’t stop kissing her, the acrid taste of smoke and the cool sensation of her undead tongue mixing together in her mouth to form a potent cocktail of flavors for his tongue. Perhaps there was something wrong with him to find such a thing enjoyable, but he didn’t really care.

Josh pulled back, after a minute or two trying to get some breath. The bad part about having the undead as your girlfriend was that they didn’t need to breath, and as such could be quite… pushy. She lingered upon him for a few seconds before realizing that he needed to perform basic human functions, and she chuckled, pulling back to shrug out of her own lab coat, which she shucked to the floor without a moment’s hesitation, leaving her purple sweater underneath.

“Are you sure about this?” Josh asked as she made to remove her sweater. “What if someone comes down here?”

“Oh please. It’s like, 11pm and you’re not even on call, no one’s coming down here.” Morticia said, lifting her sweater over her head, revealing a delicately sculpted body of skin that was white as marble, her orange sized breasts held in by a lacy black bra. She dropped the sweater unceremoniously before unbuttoning her bra.

Josh’s eyes immediately drifted down, the last of her upper garments dropping to the floor, her breasts freed from their confinements. Despite her ‘condition’, they looked just as any living woman’s would, except they were color of fresh fallen snow, her nipples hard and purple. Morticia took his right hand and placed it upon her left breast before smiling wickedly at him. “Still having second thoughts?”

“No ma’am.” Josh said before moving back to kiss her, his other hand latching onto her bare breast, her cold skin making his palms tingle as he began to massage her chest. There was some stiffness, as he figured there might be, but instead of being off-putting, it gave her a certain sense of charm, and she gasped at the sensation, breaking from their kiss to look away. Again, if she could blush she certainly would have.

“Something wrong?” He asked, not relenting from his massage.

“N… no, I just haven’t been with anyone since my transformation and ah…!” He pinched her nipples and she closed her eyes before shivering, “I didn’t know I could still feel this good. Almost better than when I was alive. even. Your hands are just… so warm.”

“Is that so? Well, let me know how warm this feels.” He moved his face down to her chest, taking one of her nipples in his mouth, his warm saliva coating the cold protrusion.

“Mmmnnnn!” Morticia moaned, despite herself. “Oh Jesus, that feels great!”

Josh would have made a remark about invoking Jesus’ name in the act of foreplay between the undead and the living, but he was a little too preoccupied to take the effort. Instead he moved to her other mound, applying the same treatment. He was a doctor after all, and this was her prescribed medicine.

She squirmed under his ministrations before hesitantly pushing him away, small rivulets of his saliva trailing down her chest. She shivered before smiling at him, eyes sparkling. “That’d make any girl lose her breath.”

“What breath?” He said raising an eyebrow.

“Don’t be a smart-ass.” She huffed before snapping her fingers. “Drop em.”


“Your pants, drop em, or don’t you want a blow-job?”

He considered this for a moment. Her mouth was like ice and his little friend was quite sensitive. On the other hand, she was horny, smoking hot, and he really, really liked blowjobs. So he dropped his pants, revealing his already erect member.

“Hehe, I didn’t even have to use my crazy undead magic on you.”

“You can uh…?”

She looked up at him, eyes flaring ice blue.

“Never mind.”

She made a remarkably smug face and sunk to her knees before reaching out to take hold of his manhood. As soon as her fingers brushed the tip, Josh’s breath caught in his throat. Her fingers were cold, so, so very cold that he was locked rigid in place, eyes wide at the shock.

His cock however, which was now firmly in her hand, was harder than it had ever been in his life.

Morticia eyed him, cocking her head slightly. “Something wrong?”

“C…cold.” He said through chattering teeth.

“Oh?” She shrugged and then began to rub her hand over his shaft in slow, stroking motions. “Do you want me to stop then?”

He was about to say yes, when he realized that the bone-chilling cold was beginning to lessen. In fact, as she stroked him, heedless of whatever he’d say, it began to become a tingling sensation that was… pleasant?

“Hehe, your little friend down here seems to want me to keep going.” She leaned forward and kissed the tip, a thin string of pre-cum sticking to her lips as she pulled back. She licked her lips clean before her eyes flashed with delight. “Oh my, this tastes far better than when I was alive!”

Josh wanted to ask exactly what she meant by that statement, but his words caught in his throat as she took his manhood into her mouth.

Instead of the sensation of cold he was used to, his already acclimated head radiated with pleasure. He had never felt something like this before, and his hips bucked unconsciously, thrusting himself further into her mouth and colliding with the back of her throat, causing her to sputter and spit him out.

“The fuck was that for?”

“Sorry! It felt too good!”

“Jesus Christ…” She sighed and gripped his shaft hard before glaring up at him. “Stay.”

“Ok…aaaaaayyyyy.” His words were stretched out as she suddenly took his entirety into her mouth, his fingers splaying out in reaction as he tried desperately not to slam his hips against her face. It was… difficult not to do, because it felt so damn good. The tingling he felt before had turned into full blown waves of ecstasy and he felt himself pressed to his limit in mere moments.

Unable to stop himself, a torrent of semen sprayed forth, directly into Morticia’s mouth, the force of it shocking him as undulating waves of orgasm sent fresh volleys down her throat, so powerful he feared he might be hurting her. She did not seem to mind however. As soon as he had begun his release, her right hand, cold and rigid as steel, latched upon his shaft, keeping him firmly in her mouth as her left hand squeezed his sack, trying to drain him of his seed.

It seemed to last for some sort of blissful eternity until, with dying spurts of white, his orgasm ended, leaving him breathing a little heavy. Morticia, still firmly locked around his shaft, slowy slid her mouth off him, making a rather lewd slurping noise as she did so, until all that remained in her mouth was the head. She rolled her tongue around the sensitive tip before making a pleased noise and releasing him with a “pop.”

Josh staggered, resting his hand against something as the sensation that permeated his body slowly left him, leaving him mostly naked and cold once again. He took a shuddering breath and watched as Morticia licked her lips, savoring the flavor of his sperm before swallowing, a look of pure ecstasy on her face.

“Holy hell, that was… well that was something uh…” He looked down to find that his hand was resting on the corpse they had left out in the drawer, and he quickly pulled away before wiping his hand on his leg and coughing. “Yeah, just… wow.”

Morticia had her eyes closed as she shuddered with pleasure, but they slowly fluttered open as she sighed out, “Wow….”

“That good huh?”

“You ever had like, filet mignon paired with a really good wine?”


“Well, it’s like that except kind of ten times better.”

Josh paused, furrowing his brow. “I can’t tell if I should be disgusted or pleased by that statement.”

“Oh, you should be proud.” She said, standing up and placing her hands on her hips before beaming at him. Josh realized her eyes were glowing again with that fierce blue light, although she apparently didn’t seem to notice. In fact, all she could look at was his penis, which was slowly wilting away from the cold of the Morgue. She made a tsking sound before kneeling down again and stroking his cock, using her tongue to quickly make it hard once more.

“There we go, right as rain and ready to go.” She stood up and began to pull down her pants, exposing a black lace g-string. She would wear something so scandalous, wouldn’t she?

Josh could feel his blood begin to pump hotter through his veins in anticipation. If her mouth pussy felt that good, how would her actual pussy feel? The thought made him shiver in anticipation, but he somehow kept himself calm. No need to spoil it!

“Need help with that?” He asked, just a little antsy to get to the prize. Maybe that was tactless, but God damn whatever she’d done to get him hard again made him want to bone her bad. Alright, now that was certainly a tactless thought.

She paused, then looked at him with a coy smile. “Oh, someone’s a little feisty hmm?” She began to lower her pants slower then, accentuating the motions of her hips as she did so, making the process agonizingly slow.

Josh groaned, at once pained and turned on by the display before him. Damn her and her sexiness! He felt a great urge to just throw her to the ground and rip those damn pants off, but before he could do so much as take a step toward her, the piercing sound of a cell phone cut into the room. The ring tone was the theme song to Beetlejuice, of course.

They both stared at each other in surprise for a long moment before both trained their eyes on her pants where a bulge in a pocket suggested a phone. Morticia looked up at Josh who nodded his head slowly. She pulled the phone out of her pocket and brought it to her ear with hesitation before answering.

“Dr. Ortega speaking. Uh huh, yeah, what about it? Wait, what? You’re coming now?! No, no don’t just,… ah God damnit!”

She looked down at the phone, disgusted, before her gaze shot up to Josh, voice frantic. “You can’t be here.”

“Wait, what? The hell was that about?” Josh asked as Morticia hurriedly began pulling her pants up.

“That piece of shit Dr. Howard is coming down here to talk with me about a rather sensitive case, and you CANNOT be here.”

“I don’t see why…” She shoved his clothes into his hands, and he awkwardly shuffled about, pants still around his ankles. “Woah, Morticia, what the hell am I supposed to do?”

The sound of a door opening filled the room and both of their eyes grew wide. Morticia looked about frantically and then cursed, pulling out an empty drawer.

“Get on and don’t so much as move.” Her eyes flashed intensely as she hissed that, filling him with a primal sort of dread. Hell hath no fury like an undead woman they say.

He hesitated for only an instant before doing as she said, leaping onto the table and shoving his clothes into another drawer she opened beside him, this one occupied by a rather large woman, which Morticia promptly closed shut. She threw a sheet over him, casting his vision into darkness, leaving him only the sound of her rustling clothes, likely her putting the sweater back on as footsteps sounded from the stairs above.

“Dr. Ortega? What is all that racket?”

Josh’s breath caught in his throat. Oh hell, the Dr. Howard she was talking about was Dr. Richard Howard, his supervising doctor. Morticia was right, he could NOT be found here, even if he was fully dressed. The man was a pure nightmare to interns, and being caught here would have implications be disastrous for his career and wellbeing, although he doubted the old doctor would figure out that he and the Queen of the Dead were lovers or anything.

Only then did it occur to Josh that essentially he and Morticia were lovers now. Sure, they hadn’t formalized it, but without Dr. Howard’s intrusion…

His mind wandered to the possibilities of Morticia finally freeing herself of her lower garments, exposing her lascivious hips and alabaster thighs. He imagined her spreading those legs wide, exposing her muff to him in an invitation to ram his stiff rod which- Oh shit.

“I’m quite annoyed that you’ve come down here at this time of night doctor.” Morticia said, her tone cold as ice. “You could have just sent me mail, I’m quite busy as you can see.”

The older gentleman sniffed and Josh felt him thump the table he was on, causing the poor intern’s breath to catch in his throat. “Hmph, is that so? Well, no matter, I merely needed to confirm something with you about an autopsy you performed a few days back. The Gregorovich case, if you recall.”

“Of course I recall it, we gave you a diagnosis of heroin overdose and…”

Josh wasn’t paying much attention to the conversation as his concentration was fixed directly upon his renegade manhood, which was reacting to his lewd thoughts. Try as he might, the more he denied thinking about her, the more he did, and the faster his erection grew. At this rate, he’d be discovered for certain and…

His eyes went wide as a force slammed down his cock, pressing his firmness against his abdomen, forcing it parallel to his body. He suppressed a cry of pain at the sudden motion, doing his best not to call attention to himself. Still, that really hurt and… wait, was something stroking him?

“So as you see, I don’t know why you’re deciding to come down here and harass me over what is clearly supported by the pathological evidence.” Morticia growled, her voice more than a little annoyed.

“Yes well, the insurance company is rather insistent about this, and considering the fact that this man was rather politically connected with the hospital, I wanted to be certain that it couldn’t have been something else.”

Josh bit his lip, trying to keep himself from crying out. There was no doubt about it, Morticia, for he could feel her caress through the thin sheet, was jacking him off right in front of a damn senior clinician. That took some serious balls, although she seemed quite willing to empty his for him. She squeezed on him tightly as her voice increased in tone, and he had to hold his eyes shut and grip at the table to keep from rocking back.

“You want me to change results of an autopsy to fill some political agenda?”

“No, I merely want you to double check your work. People say you’ve been slipping, have uninvited guests in the Morgue. No one wants to have to pay careful scrutiny to your work my dear, but if you cost this hospital precious funding….”

“Precious fund-?! You listen right here you piece of…”

Oh boy, here it comes. Josh could feel his release rising within him, and he had to fight harder than ever to keep from moving. God, the way this orgasm felt like it was going to be, he was probably going to give himself away from the sound of his raw semen shooting the sheet off him.

“Dr. Ortega! Know your place here! You maybe the token monster of this facility, but that does not give you the right to… what are you doing to that corpse?”

Morticia’s hand motions stopped abruptly, denying Josh his release. He almost cried as his urge to yank back the cloth and finish himself overwhelmed him. Just a few moments longer and he would have…

“Don’t try to change the subject on me, you know damn well that you have no authority to force anything like that on me, so you might as well get out of here and maybe, MAYBE, I won’t take this up with the hospital attorney.”

There was a heavy pause in the room before Dr. Howard growled, “You’ll regret this you damn wench. I’ll see your unnatural ass removed from this hospital one way or another.”

“Bite me, asshole.”

A muted curse came before footsteps sounded across the floor and then ascended the staircase. The door opened and then slammed shut, casting the Morgue back into its customary silence. Nothing happened for a long while before the sheet was suddenly ripped off from atop Josh, bathing him in harsh fluorescent lights.

“What was that all about?” He asked, shielding his face while blinking a few times to adjust to the light.

“Nothing new, just politics at work.” Morticia glared at the stares, her whole body shaking as she spoke, “Kid, promise me you’ll never be like that piece of shit.”

“Yeah, sure, that guy’s an asshole, but…”

“Please? People like him… they don’t want someone like me here and I just… I just want to hear that someone good still works in this place.”

Josh nodded his head. “I promise you that I’ll never be like that piece of shit.”

Morticia sighed, shaking her head before smiling. “Good, because I could really, really use a good fucking right now.” said, stripping her clothing off without a care, until she stood before him, completely nude beyond her black socks, which stood in stark contrast to her white skin. “You ready for this?”

Josh pushed himself up on the table to appreciate her beauty a little more, but she pushed him back down, shaking the drawer he lay upon.

“Uhhh, Morticia, you aren’t seriously going to…” He trailed off as she lifted herself atop the drawer, which he was afraid would break, before straddling him, pressing his once more perpendicular penis against her crotch. He could feel a wetness against his balls and shaft, a cool, tingling liquid that hardened him as she ground her hips against him.

“Not seriously going to what?” She asked, eyes glowing blue as she looked down upon him with a feral hunger. She licked her lips as Josh winced.

“Never mind.”

“Good boy. Now then…” With one hand, she grasped his shaft, the other balancing herself as she lowered her body onto his cock.

He jolted as her wetness enveloped him, pulling him deep within her. He expected a shock of cold like before, but he wasn’t prepared to feel the almost numbing sensation within her. He could still appreciate the folds of her walls, pressing against him, their tightness wringing him for all he was worth, but he couldn’t feel a temperature associated with it. It wasn’t hot, or cold, it was just… something. And that something was wonderful.

She lowered herself fully onto him until her pelvis contacted his and she let out a soft gasp, relishing in the pleasure of being so connected. Her face scrunched up and her body shivered and she looked to him, eyes still flaring that unearthly blue, her arms beginning to glow a faint green.

“H-how is it?” She asked, voice trembling.

“It…it’s amazing! I can’t describe it.”

“Good.” Morticia said, smiling as she placed her hands on his chest, gripping his chest hair once again. “Then let’s get this started.” Without further ado, she began to shake her hips, sliding herself up and down his rod, causing both of them to moan in pleasure.

Josh couldn’t believe what he was feeling, the waves of sensation with every motion of her body, her tight snatch holding firm to him. It didn’t help that he was sensitized before by her blowjob and the near release of the hand job, so he felt everything keenly as she moved, grinding her hips against his before shaking up and down, her using his cock to scratch the itch within her. He didn’t mind, hell, he even began to follow her motions, causing her to gasp before chuckling wildly.

“Oh, the kid thinks he can play with the big girl huh?”

“Hush.” Josh said, reaching his arms around to grab her by the ass, the stiff flesh of her buttocks giving in to his fingers. She blinked, startled at the sudden movement, and he used the leverage to increase the power of his own thrusts, taking the wind from her sails and putting him at the advantage.

“H…hey, wait you’re not.. ah…ahn!” Her protests her cut off as he thrust into her, his cock pressing against her dead womb, the force of the motion causing her breasts to jump in time with his piston-like actions.

To see her like this filled him with a vigor he hadn’t known before, and he lifted himself up at the waist, their nethers still locked together. He took a deep breath before swinging off the table and lifting her up, her legs and arms instinctively wrapping around him as he held her.

The motion was awkward to complete, and it had jarred both of them, prompting both to take mild rest, although her walls seemed to tighten even further as he held her. They both looked into each other’s eyes, and he found that he wasn’t afraid of her unearthly blue orbs, in fact, he found them the most beautiful things he’d ever seen. With that thought in mind, he brought his mouth to hers before beginning to thrust himself within her once more.

She trembled as he did so, moving with a untapped power, his body moving on its own accord as it sought to drive deeper within her, to fill her with his passion, his love for this woman. She may have died once before, but he didn’t care. She was here now, with him, and he wasn’t going to let her go, not for anything.

Their kiss escalated into one of pure passion, and he moved her against the row of drawers, pressing her back against the cold metal, using it as leverage to plunge within her, her body shuddering with every pounding motion of his hips. He had to break off the kiss at one point, for lack of oxygen, and in that moment she pressed her head against his chest, crying out,

“I love you, I love you, oh Jesus kid, I love you!”

“I love you too!” Josh said, slowing his pace to catch his breath. She looked up at him, her eyes a little wild, but still lucid enough to search his for the truth.

“You mean that, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I really do.”

She hugged him tightly as he said it before she once more rested her head against his chest. “Show me then.”

He smiled and pulled out of her, with some reluctance, then moved her back to the table, laying her gently on her back to place her sculpturesque body underneath him. He took her right hand with his left before guiding himself inside her with his right, pressing in until his girth was buried to the hilt. They both stayed there, locked in place like two statues, before Josh started moving his hips.

Her body rocked back and forth, the drawer creaking as Josh pushed into her, causing the once stoic and cold Wight to moan in pleasure, her hips rocking in time with his. Josh increased the frequency and intensity of his thrusts, and he could feel that his release was near, her cunt’s pressure too strong for his cock to resist.

“Morticia, I’m sorry, I’m…I’m going to cum.”

“Hah, don’t worry abou-ahn! It kid, you..ah ah hah, mhm.. I got what I needed, now sh-shoot your damn load!”

Josh didn’t need telling twice, and with a mighty trust, he gripped tight to her hand and exploded within her, painting her womb white with his cum, as his body seemed to summon every last drop he could possibly have within him to fill her to the brim, shooting shot after shot of orgasmic pleasure through him and into her.

When it was over, he slowly pulled himself out of her, trails of hot semen trickling out from her snatch, which was now a shade closer to that of human flesh. It seemed even the undead could become warmed by the living, and Morticia sighed out in pleasure as she lay there, utterly heedless of the indignity of her position.

“You know what, maybe being a monster is pretty great.” She said, sighing again before rubbing her belly. “I’ve never felt this warm before…”

“That good huh?”

“You ever had a filet mignon and good wine shoved up your pussy and rubbed around everywhere…”

“I think I get the picture.”

She smiled and took his hand in hers, her cool flesh gently caressing his fingers.

“Did you mean what you said? That you loved me?”

“Yeah. Did you?”

She smiled, closing her eyes. “Yeah. Now take your cute ass and get me a cigarette before we go another round.”

“I’m not sure I can go another…”

“Less talking, more lighting.”

Josh shook his head, smiled, and went to do his lover’s bidding.








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8 thoughts on “Code Wight: Second Opinion

    1. Thanks! While I had honestly never intended for a sequel, people asked for it so I figured might as well revisit these guys. I was hesitant about the lewds, but eh.

      1. Well, that’s the kicker about a good story- it ends up steering the author as much as vice-versa.

        Just means you gave it enough life to strike out on its own.

        I think anyone who pulls that initial injection of life into their topic of choice deserves a little self-pride, so go ahead, boy.

        You earned the right to be happy with what you’ve done thus far.

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