Christmas Eve Secret

Just a short little smut story for the holiday fever. Note that while it’s on Incest tag, there’s only the daughter watching her parents go at it while masturbating and not participating. Enjoy.


The shouting of “Papa’s home!” was the first alert Mina had to her father’s arrival.

Standing in the kitchen with her mother the young elf had been helping the woman set out dinner for the family. Usually they didn’t have it this late, but her father had an evening inspection before shutting down for the holidays. This had left the youngest of the household more spirited than normal from the hunger.

“Go make sure she isn’t mauling him Mina.” Mina’s mother winked at her. She was wearing a sweater and jeans, with her blond hair draping over the front in a scrunchie. Her eyes shined with the same mischief she could find in her little sister, but Mina knew her mother could keep herself in control. Sometimes.

Mina smiled at the older elf’s request. “Yes mom.” Setting the bowl of salad in her hands on the table, Mina walked towards the hall leading to the door while rubbing her hands off on her little pink apron.

“Papa, we’ve been waiting to eat~.”

“Lucy, you need to let dad have some space.”

A man dressed in a business suit made his way down the hall. More dragged, really, as Lucy had real strength over their father. Perks of being a monster. As Lucy tried to pull him down the hall the older sister had swung her hand down with practice ease to flick the little girls nose.

“Ow!” She reached up to hold her nose.

“You’ll pull his arm off like that.” She tsk’d and wiggled her finger disappointingly in front of the little girl.

“…Mama! Sissy flicked me!” Lucy ran out yelling about the abuse she experienced, not willing to listen to a thing Mina said. She turned to watch the little fireball blaze her way down into the kitchen, then turned back to the man with a smile.

“Hi dad.”

“Hello Mina. Your mother didn’t let her eat?”

“Mom let her decide. Lucy said she wanted to wait to eat with you. That lasted for about ten minutes.” Mina held out her hand. “Case please.”

He handed over the case to his oldest and started loosening his tie. “Let’s go ahead and eat then.”

“Mmkay.” Mina turned on her heel and lead them down the hall. The room was a mix of kitchen, dining room and living room. The apartment they lived was reasonable large, but it still had a limited space. All around the living room part where Christmas streamers and a tree they had put up a week ago while her dad was home. The lights were off at the moment.

“-ught this on yourself Lucy.”

Lucy was frowning and looked at the two who walked in. Then returned to her mother. “B-but.”

“No buts except this butts.” A towel lightly patted tapped the girls back half. “Now wash up. We’re eating.”

That was enough to get her running for the sink. Her mother watched with wonder and amusement as the girl went.

“Evening Charlotte.” Her father moved passed to steal a kiss from her mother.

“Mm. Good evening sweetheart. Busy day?”

“Ha, haha, just a little.”

“Just a little?” Charlotte moved to give him a kiss on the cheek. Her eyes narrowed. “Shouldn’t leave you too tired for tonight then, hmm?”

“…No mercy in this household, huh?”

Mina had moved away to set the bag aside in the living room while her parents talked. Flirted? Probably flirting. Mina glanced over her shoulder to see her mother had gotten her pretty little fingers around her father’s tie while they were talking. Definitely flirting. Her mother caught the young woman glancing at them and smiled.

 “Mina sweetie. Can you turn on the tree?” She asked nicely.

“Okay mom.” Mina sighed. No chance for sleep tonight huh? Well, it was like that every year. Mine prodded around the foot of the tree for the connection. She knew it was in the surge protector somewhere…

One of the lamps next to the tree clicked off. “Whoops.” She had hit the wrong button. Pressing down again to get the surge protector back on, she nudged her toe around carefully till she found the power box. She jammed her toe down on the button and the tree sparkled to ornament life. “There.”

She left to go join the others sitting down by the table. Her father sat his suit coat down on the back of his chair, then reached over to pull the chair next to him out for his daughter. Mina smiled and thanked her father, then sat down for the Christmas eve meal.

Outside of getting to spend time with her family, and most importantly her father, Mina wouldn’t say it was anything special. She rarely got to see him some times of the year. It was a little depressing. A few years ago, she’d have denied if anyone told her she was a daddies girl. Now Mina kinda wished she still was.

Would be better than having to put up with Lucy’s antics alone at least.

Hadn’t stopped her from grumbling about the squeaking coming from her parent’s room.

On Christmas Eve night, her parents liked to celebrate the holidays in the way only parents could. All night. Sometimes very loudly. An indulgence that she only allowed because it was apparently how Mina was conceived. But then again, it was also how they made Lucy.

The brief wonder of if she was getting a third sibling soon crossed her mind. Just before the moaning started and Mina placed the headphones on with volume set to max. She’d probably have to get the gifts out again this year for them.  And get breakfast done too.

A beautiful sound of waves brushing in and pulling out filled her ears. She loved the ocean. It was just so calming when they visited the beach. It wasn’t in the spirit of Christmas, but she needed sleep if she was going to get anything done. Practiced ease and background noise helped push out thoughts of what her parents were getting up to in the other room. How her little sister could sleep through the noise without something was beyond Mina. She’d swear Lucy could sleep through an earthquake and the apartment coming down on top of her.

Then sometime during the night, she woke up to cries of love and a fizzing headset.

Mina groaned tiredly. She yanked the headphones off and patted down her nightstand for her phone. Flicking it on she used it as a makeshift flashlight to check her mp3. Two clicks and she could see it was out of juice. Frowning, she leaned over and reached for the second mp on the nightstand. This had happened before, so Mina knew she needed to prepare.

She clicked on the mp3 and checked the charge…to find she had forgotten to plug it up earlier. The realization came with pitched cry and harder squeaking.

Mina tossed both to the floor in frustration. She dug a hand behind her pillow and brought it around her head hoping to mute the noise. It worked for a time. Then they picked up the pace again.

The pillow joined her mps on the floor. Fine. She’d wait them out. They couldn’t really go all night, could they?

Her mistake in that assumption was two-fold. One, assuming they couldn’t. Two, checking the clock repeatedly. She’d probably gone for two hours before she woke up. Now it’d been half past another and they were still going strong.

Her mother was getting louder too. She was hearing the pants and moans clearly when they picked up the pace. Her face flushed from having listen to it.

“-ound me harder!”

She heard a quick garbled cry after that. Mina thought her father might have shoved his wife’s head into the mattress or pillow in fear of being heard by his children. Too late.

Eventually he let go, because Mina could hear her mother again. Mina bit her lip. Her legs rubbed against one another. Before she knew it, her hand had slipped down to rub herself through her pajamas.

No! Mina jerked her hand away in frustration. She wasn’t going to, she wouldn’t. mrrr!

That did it. She usually just let them get it out of their system. But this was too much! If they couldn’t stop it, the least they could do was keep it quiet for the rest of the household! Mina threw her legs over the side of the bed and stood up. She’d go complain to them! Maybe the sight of their daughter storming in would cool their passion a little!

Leaving her room and slamming the door behind her (though she didn’t think anyone actually cared but her now), Mina marched her way something fierce to her parent’s door. The hallway was dark and light peaked its way out of their room. They’d left the door cracked open. It wouldn’t stay that way for long!

As she grabbed the door knob to let herself in, Mina had caught a glimpse of what was going on in the bed room and stopped.

“Oh, god Mason.” Her mother gasped. “D-don’t stop.”

Because of the angle of the crack, Mina couldn’t see everything that was happening. She could only see the tone bottom of her father slapping into her mother’s lower half, and a little above. She was wearing something red. Boots? They went up to her thigh and ended off in a white trim. She may not have been more than a teen, but Mina knew a pair of ‘fuck me’ boots when she saw them. and her mother had them wrapped tightly around her husband as he worked her.

Mina swallowed. She couldn’t hear more than the bed creaking and her mother’s cries from her room. But now, she could hear the very audible clap of her father’s balls slapping into her mother’s rear every time he pounded her. He grunted and shook over her, and didn’t stop slamming his cock into her mother. She could see roaming red slide down his back to cup his cheeks. Red arm length gloves that carried the same white trim as her boots. She clenched her fingers down on the side of the bed and cried out.

“Mhm. Mhm! That’s right baby! Harder!” She whinned.

Mina watched in fascination as her father stopped pounding downwards to grind his hips into his wife. Mina’s mother was loving it. Mina had to admit, as she watched her father thrust, she did too. Her hands had slithered their way down to rubbing herself through her pajamas, and she didn’t stop herself this time.

Another minute of pounding went before “I’m gonna cum, Charlotte.”

“W-wait!” She grounded out. “Pull out!”

The grounding of cock came to a slow, teasing halt. She could hear the smacking of lips and see her mother’s legs let go of the man.

“Got something planned?” Her father asked between kisses.

“Heh, just get off me for a sec.”

One last kiss before they separated and changed positions. Mina got a good look of her mother’s outfit now. She was wearing a halter top and short skirt rimmed with white, and a Santa hat on her head. It was only then that Mina realize her mother had dressed up as a sexy Santa girl for the evening.

Her mother leaned forward on all fours in front of him. She reached a hand back to grab her cheek and pry it open. “Cum in me like this.” She demanded.

“Ha…should have known.” Her father pulled up behind her mother and took hold of her rear. She couldn’t really see more than the occasional upper body and hand. He was almost completely hidden by the door. “You can’t go a session without getting your ass pounded huh?”

‘Ass’ was something she’d never heard her father say before. He was saying it so casually now to her mother.

Her mother’s reply was to playfully stick her tongue out at him. “No way baby.” She cooed. “You know I love it.”

Then he brought himself to hilt and made her cry.

Mina’s hands had worked their way into her pajama’s while she watched. One hand was teasing around the edges of her slit, trying to get herself going. The other played with her breast. She may not have been as hefty as her mother was, but she had more than a handful.

Through the crack, she could see her mother had been laid over the bed ass over tits and was getting absolutely hammered. Her face was half buried in a pillow while her husband worked her. All she could see of her father was the way his hands moved up and down her back, never stopping his assault.

“Aha! Nhnn! Don’t stop darling.”

“You like that baby?” He gave a firm slap to her rear.

Her mother let out a sweet cry. “Mm! Uh huh! Uh huh!”

She could see her father a little better after he picked up the pace to the point where her mother’s bum was jiggling forward into view from the impact. Her mother’s head was lolling back and forth, her fingers gripping the sheets hard.

Her father was grunting hard. “Shit. I have to fight you for every inch!”

“I-I can’t help it.” He gave her another slap on the ass. “Ah!”

“I don’t want excuses! I want you to take it bitch!”


Mina’s fingers had slipped in. She was working herself furiously, unsure if it was because of what her parents were doing and the way they were acting, or the sheer thrill of voyeurism that she was experiencing. Either way, she was working her way up fast. Mina bit into her other hands finger to keep from crying out.

Her father had brought her mother’s long blond hair together in a single pony tail and gave it a tug up. Her mother’s face was lifted out of the pillow into view while her back arches. Her eyelids were drooping, almost twitching, and her eyes were starting to roll back a bit. Her mouth twisted between grinding her teeth and giving an ‘O’ every time her husband was particularly rough with her.

“Just like that!” Charlotte ground out her words. “Fuck me just like that!”

Mina’s fingers reached and wiggled and did everything they could to get her at her mother’s level of ecstasy. She tried to imagine it. Getting bent over a bed. Getting taken that hard. To the point where her head is just full of white from a cock plunging so deep inside of her that all she could think about was how harder could her lover go!

Mina let out of a soft moan. More of a hiccup, as she caught herself halfway, but the noise was made. She’d been snapped out of her haze in that moment and desperate searched for any signs that her parents had heard her. Surely, they were too busy to even pay her a moment’s attention, right?

Then Mina locked eyes with her mother, staring right at her. Or as much at her as she could with how aggressive her father was getting.

She froze in fear. She was caught in the act. How was she going to explain this off to her mother? That she had come to complain only to stop to watch them…watch them fuck? Could she make up something in time? She looked down at the drizzle of a puddle that was on the floor. Nothing she could think of could explain that.

Mina looked back up in fear and despair, and understanding that nothing was truly going to explain this away.

“I’m nearly there, Charlotte.”

“Give it to me.” Her mother’s voice was low and husky, full of want. “Fuck me full of cum baby. Do it.” She purred with lust.

But instead of growing mad or confused, or even stopping, her mother’s expression just changed into something lewder and more flushed. What was even happening?

Her father had pull her mother’s hair further up and her mother got the message. They had gone from all fours to her mother up on her legs, taking it from behind. She reached around to hold his head while he reached down to play with her clit. Right now, Mina could clearly see how thick the cock was that was delivering her mother to ecstasy. She rocked back into him while he picked up the pace for his last few thrusts.

Then wrapped his arm tightly around her and brought himself to hilt. Her mother cried out and scrunched her eyes shut. Their bodies moved together as her father jerked them up through his orgasm, with her mother riding out her pleasure. By the end of it her father had moved his hands to forcing her as far down on his cock as she could while letting out inside of her.

Mina had lost herself watching them. She wasn’t even sure what was happening anymore, but her mother hadn’t said anything and Mina had already been worked up into a frenzy. Her muffled cries of pleasure squeaked past her hand.



Her parents had reverted to gentle rocking and kissing one another. Her mother was all smiles.

“How was that Charlotte?”

“Gods Mason, I don’t think I’ve ever cummed that hard.” She sighed, content. “You’re really working hard for that third kid huh?”

Mason laughed. “We’ve all gotta do our part, right?”

Smooch. “Mm. That’s right.” She wiggled her butt in his lap. “You up for another round?”

“I think I’ve got one or two more left in me.” The man looked over at the clock. “We might want to head to bed soon. Gotta be up before the kids tomorrow.”

Kiss. Smooch. “Mm. I don’t think we need to worry too much about being up early.”


“Yeah baby.” Her mother pushed back into him again. “More. Fuck me on the side of the bed this time. Make me scream.”

“You wanna scream huh?” Her father was getting back into the mood.

Charlotte looked over to where her daughter had peeked through the door, and winked. Mina swallowed. “Uh huh. Don’t stop till my ass hurts from the pounding. Treat me like your personal fuck toy tonight.

Mason pushed her back on the bed. “As you wish, slut.” And it began anew.

It wouldn’t be for another half hour before Mina pulled herself from her parent’s door. Another half hour afterwards for them to sleep. And another hour after that to finally let sleep embrace her. Part of this was because she had trouble sleeping after what she had just seen. And part of it was because she’d gone a solo round with herself after everyone else had settled down.

She didn’t know if it was fear, curiosity, or just sheer thrill at what happened. Mina tried her best not to think too hard about it.

The next day her mother had come to get her out of bed like nothing happened. The kids walked into the living room, presents out and breakfast served. Everything seemed abnormal after last night. Mina was almost willing to write it off as a wet dream. Then her father pulled her aside into the hall while Lucy was unwrapping gifts.

Mina fidgeted under the gaze of her father. Did her mother rat her out?

“Are you okay Mina? You’ve been in a daze this whole morning.”

“I-I’m fine. I just,” Mina bit her lip. “I just didn’t get enough sleep last night.”

“Last night? Oh.” He was wearing a pull over shirt and pajama bottoms. They did little to hide the muscle she saw last night. “I’m sorry sweetheart. Didn’t mean to…wake.”

“No no! It’s fine.” Mina waved her hands. “I’m just tired.”

Her father smiled at her. “When we’re done with gifts go back to bed and get some sleep, okay? I’ll get you back up for lunch.”

Mina managed a tired smile for dad. “Okay.”

Her father opened his arms for a mute ask for a hug. Mina granted it. “Merry Christmas, Mina.”

“Merry Christmas, Dad.”

Hugging her father, Mina caught a look from her mother. The woman raised a finger up to her lips in a ‘shh’ motion. A secret between the two of them. Mina was fine with that.

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