Caramel Sweet

It was a sunny August afternoon, birds were singing, kids were playing outside, and portals opened, connecting our world with another. Otherworldly monsters began to come out of these portals, bringing with them chaos, fear and mostly, rape. These monsters were in fact, just our regular monster girls.
But who wouldn’t panic upon seeing them? I surely would. At any rate, reports of portals opening all around the world began to appear, and the population freaked out.
Though, soon enough, the waters calmed down, and coexistence was made possible, with the help of a lot of tranquilizer and interrogations. And the desperation of single people, that helped too. Missionary sex for the sole purpose of procreation while holding hands with fingers interlocked aswell. Who knew they were weak to that.

That was almost two decades ago. Nowadays, coexistence was a normal thing, and MGs were already integrated into society, with little problems, most were caused by spring and full moons though. At any rate, as they became a part of society, so did their products became a part of the market. They were quite popular in fact, with Alraune Nectar, Holstaur Milk and Slime Jelly being the most sought products. The Slime Jelly having quite the demand for it, with some people even suggesting flavored versions of it.
And so our story starts, with one such suggestion being made…

“Oh, I know! How about a Weresheep blanket!” Bob said.

“No Bob, you already suggested that last Tuesday, besides, RapeTopic got the rights to that already.” the CEO sighed. Bob.

“How about a syrup made out of Alraune Nectar!” Bob wasted air, yet again.

“What do we pay him for again?” the CEO asked his secretary. He just shrugged.

“How about a brand of slime jelly that tastes like caramel?” The new guy said.

“No Bo-oh wait, that’s actually a good idea new guy. And how do you plan to do that?” The CEO looked surprised, this was the first time in weeks that someone had a good idea. Maybe the company won’t stagnate anymore.

“It’s actually George. We can improve on the base material of the jelly, we have the technology necessary, we can make it stronger, faster, tastier, a new brand of cybernetic humans-I mean flavoured jelly… the guys from the development team have the details on how it exactly works, it’s fairly complicated, but do-able.” George said, full of newfound confidence. He believed his idea could work, that it could stop the company from stagnating, and maybe even bringing him a promotion.

“And how long, would this actually take?”

“A few months at least…maybe a year?”

“Good enough, start on the project immediately.”

And that’s what we did, as soon as we got the permission, we started working on it. Soon enough, and by that I mean a few months, we were ready to test the first sample. It was…

“Horrible. Joey, what do we do now? Every prototype was completely inedible!” George began to panic, the last few months were awful, any attempt they tried would make anyone turn their noses away in disgust.

“Calm down George, we’ll figure it out. We just need to do a few more tests.” Said Joey, trying to calm his friend down. He was the head of the research team after all.

“Tests, what is there left to test?! It’s not like a caramel slime is gonna fall out of the sky and make all of these testes useless! We’re running out of time.” George said, beginning to go into hysterics.

“Wait…what did you say?” “That we’re running out of time?” “NO, before that.” “That a caramel slime won’t fall out of the sk-” “Evrika!”

And so, Joey began to run around the room, adding chemicals to different mixtures, writing numbers that appeared random on equations and throwing up papers all around.

“… What are you doing with the research?” “Oh, just throwing out the failed experiments mostly, it gives this sequence of the story a comedic aspect, seeing as this dialogue would be considered boring by most readers.”

“Are you feeling fine? You seem to be spewing…nonsense.” “It doesn’t really matter, what matters right now is moving the team into another direction, towards finding a way to modify a sentient slime!”
“Isn’t that slightly, ridiculous? And against ethics?” “Not if they volunteered for it, like the subjects waiting in the next room. How did you think we got the samples from? Charlie’s been sitting there for a while, procreation with them, hell, maybe he managed to make them multiply too.”

Joey was surely not wrong, seeing as in the other room, Charlie was indulging himself in the gooey goodness yet again, having been milked dry and rejuvenated multiple times this week. He wasn’t complaining at all. In fact, he was quite glad when one of the girls divided, raising the population of the room by one, and also raising the amount of rounds he had to go by a few. Again, not that he was complaining…

And just like that, after picking Charlie’s spawn, they began their experiments on her. They were hardly different from the ones they did on the jelly, and so, her color slowly changed to a brownish-yellow, and her jelly tasted just like caramel.
They did it, they created the first flavored slime. And it only took them about 9 months. Soon they’ll be able to release it to the publ-

“She ain’t producing anymore jelly Joey.” Said George, “Looks like we celebrated too soon.”

“This doesn’t make sense, she gets her usual intake of nutrients and spirit energy like any other slime. This shouldn’t be happening.” Joey said, rubbing his forehead, what went wrong.

“That’s not all.” “What do you mean that’s not all?” “She ain’t responding to any stimuli either, hell, she didn’t even try to rape Thom when he moved her to the holding room. She’s like a damn empty husk Joey.”

Joey stood there, deep in his own thoughts, what did they do wrong, did something go wrong during the conversion or is it something else…
That’s when it hit him, there wasn’t anything wrong with her on the physical level…
“Bring Charlie to her, he’s the lover of slime, he knows how to deal with them.” He said with determination. “But Charli-” “It doesn’t matter, just bring him to her, they’ll work it out by themselves.”

And so, they brought Charlie over into the room where the Caramel Goo was held. He was expecting to be jumped and raped on the spot, but instead, only saw his former daughter…spawn…clone? whatever it was. She just…sat in a corner, eyes glazed over, if slimes had eyes, a mere empty husk of her former, rapy self.
Charlie was disgusted by this sight, it was just so… perverted, corrupt and not even in the good way either. He knew how to fix this, and so, he dropped his pants and undergarments, and went to town on those sweet slimy buttocks. Maybe a bit of fatherly rape was all she needed to come back to her senses.
After a bit of rough love, our slimy treat came back to her senses and began to produce the much sought after caramel jelly. At that moment, the scientist figured it out “Oh, she just needed it straight out of the tap.”

And so, after gaining enough jelly from rough sessions of snu-snu between the two of them, they released the treat to the public, and god darn they did they not love it. After only a few days, their reserves ran dry and they were forced to come up with a plan.

“The gentle Ushi-oni snu-snu do we do now Joey?!”

“Calm down George, we have a plan for this remember? We just need to leave the two of them alone for a while, to see if the new slime can actually reproduce.”

“Oh yeah, that would help a lot with the production, we then just need to find willing subjects to turn into Semenpumps breeders.”

“Pretty much, anyways, why don’t we take a look at their progress?” Joey said, turning on a screen, only to find the whole room populated with… brown colored slimes. “Looks like Charlie has been busy. That’s good, note to self, caramel slimes reproduce rapidly, this should make the harvesting of the jelly much, much easier.”

And so, caramel slime jelly became the most sought-after product in the market, and the company began to cash in the money, making the production more efficient and enjoyable too. Thus, our story ends, with dear old George getting a promotion.

The En-

“Oh, I know! How about different flavors for the slime jelly, like vanilla and chocolate and whatnot!” Said Bob.

God damnit Bob, why must you say this at the end.


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