Caracal’s Surprise

Blindfolded in a car and headed who knew where.

It was a birthday present – one I’d been told would best anything before and everything to come. I was dubious of the claim, but curious all the same. So, I went along.  

After a brief ride, we slowed to a crawl and pulled in… somewhere. I tried to take off my blindfold, but my friends weren’t having any of it. All part of the show and mystique. Supposedly.

As they guided me along, I figured we were on a sidewalk or path considering there was a narrow strip of firm ground flanked by grass. Nearly stumbled a few times.

“Watch your step,” said one of my friends, tugging upwards on my arm.

A single step; so we were probably on someone’s stoop or patio.

My ears strained in effort, but no one said a word, not even a whisper. They’d planned this well. The sound of knocking broke the silence, reaffirming we were at someone’s house. In my mind a cobbled-together map had been sketched out, detailing the turns we took and lights we waited at. I may not have been able to see much, but dead reckoning told me I was someplace I’d never been before.

My heart beat a bit faster.

We waited for a short while on the stoop, until the clicking of a lock broke the tension.  

“Hey, you made it!”

A woman’s voice, light and bubbly – like one welcoming an old friend. And also one I’d never heard before.


“Oh, right, sorry!” The woman’s voice said in a harsh whisper.

One or two more murmurs passed, I was lead forward and into a strange place inhabited by a strange woman. Not even three steps inside and the scent of jasmine, or something trying to be jasmine, filled my nostrils. Probably due to some cheap candles or diffusers, but it served as a foundation for my impression of the woman that was likely the owner of the house.  

“Take your shoes off!” The voice hissed, and we obliged.

Or rather, I stood around and played helpless, making one of my friends undo the laces on my boots.

“Can’t see anything,” I said, grinning like an idiot underneath the strip of black cloth wrapped around my head.

“Yeah yeah…” I could practically hear his eyes roll. “Well, see you later – let us know how it goes!”

Haha, yeah – wait. “What?”

“Take good care of him,” said another friend.

“Oh, I will,” said the whispering woman.

I turned about in place, following the sounds of my departing friends, but a hand – no, hands weren’t that squishy – or rather, paw, stopped me from attempting to follow. “No no, you’re coming with me, cutie.”

Compared to my friends, who had pushed and tugged me around like I was a convict being lead to his cell, the pawed woman was gentle in directing me. From the hard surface of what was probably linoleum in a hallway to comfy carpet, down some stairs, and then back to some kind of firm surface.

Most striking of all, however, was the change in scents. The flowery bouquet that’d filled the house was absent in the latest room. I swallowed, wondering just what kind of slavery I’d been sold into, and wondering again why I was so obediently following along.

They wouldn’t give me away to someone who’d… do something to me, after all. Right?

“You have a seat right here,” the woman said, backing me against what I assumed to be a piece of furniture. I plopped on the soft, padded surface and my hands spread out in search of information.

In short order I realized I was on a bed. Those dogs! They bought me a prostitute! All the talk of a ‘good time’ suddenly made sense. What I couldn’t figure out was how they kept insisting it’d be the best thing ever; a quick fuck was fine, but hardly memorable. Was there something special about her? What did she even look like?

“No peeking!” She swat away my hand just before I could reach the blindfold.

“Why not? I just wanna see what my friends bought me,” I said playfully, teetering between following her commands and treating her like a present.  

“Bought?” She said, speaking like it was the silliest thing she’d heard all day – I could hear her smiling. A paw graced the bottom of my chin, and I knew she was leaning in because a new fragrance filled me; the scent of a woman. “I’m not that kind of girl, you silly boy. Shame on you for suspecting an innocent lass like me would be a lady of the night!”

“Then who are you? You don’t sound like anyone I know…”

She stepped away and giggled. “That’s because we’ve never met, but I know all about you. Friend of a friend, that sort of thing.”

Following the sound of her voice, I figured she was walking across the room. Seizing upon the opportunity I tried to sneak a peek, only to have some kind of cloth wap me across the face.

“Curiosity killed the cat.” Her voice may have still been bubbly, but there was just enough of a threat in there to make me drop my attempt.

A drawer slid open on the other side of the room, followed by the rustling of clothing.

“That’s better! Anticipation and mystery makes things so much more… interesting, don’t you think?”

“I guess,” I said, not wanting to sound like I wholly agreed with her. Which friend talked to her, and how much had they spilled? “But can’t I at least see who you are, or you name? I mean, so far the only thing I know is you have paws.”

Jingling, like the kind a bell on a cat’s collar would make, chimed – and grew closer. I fidgeted with the bit of cloth in my hand, and in doing so discovered what’d been thrown at me was a shirt.

“Oh, your friends didn’t tell you? My name’s Cecilia.” The cat bells quieted and I felt her presence in front of me. Sure enough, her paws took hold of my hands and guided them up. Right onto a pair of exquisite breasts; the kind so plump and full my fingers sank right into the warm flesh. “And I think you’ll find I’m exactly the kinda girl you like.”

Just like that, all the concerns and doubts I had were blown away. Cecilia leaned into my groping, allowing my hands to squish and fondle every inch of her massive tits. My fingers glanced across some kind of cap where her nipples should’ve been, sounding off a familiar noise. Cat-bell pasties. And she wasn’t a working woman?

Her paws roamed from my shoulders, down my sides, and onto my legs. One paw in particular glided straight for my crotch. “Hard already?” She teased, pressing down on my shaft straining against its cotton and denim prison.

Thankfully the blindfold on my face was large enough to cover my cheeks. Teasing was one of my weak points; I needed to counter with some aggressiveness of my own. “I’d like to see the kind of man who wouldn’t be with these in his hands,” I said, giving each of her breasts a squeeze for effect.

Sweet, muffled laughter rolled from her throat. “You’re so cute!”

Shit, did she see through me?

She wrapped her arms around my head and pulled me into her boobs, smothering me in her cleavage. Given the situation, there was only one thing to do – motorboat the hell out her tits! Gentle jingling sounded out as she squished her tits against my face and giggled all the while I acted out one of my many fantasies. Never before had I been with a woman with such rich assets. Heaven, pure heaven.

Searching for more to satiate my avarice, my hands slid down slim waist – with breasts like that I’d had expected her to be on the pudgy side. Oh how I wished to drink in her body with my eyes!

Exploring and seeing with my touch, one hand roamed up the small of her back and the other down to her firm butt. Not quite as soft as the flesh my head was wedged into, but that only meant it’d have a nice shape, rather than being a saggy pile of despair.

However, just as I hooked a thumb into her panties and began to tug, she pushed herself clear. “Getting ahead of yourself a little there, sweetie,” she said, keeping her voice light and airy but still letting a hint of sternness slip in.

“But I wanna see,” I said in a mock pout, moving to uncovering my eyes.

“We’ll have none of that, mister!” Cecilia leapt on me, throwing my hands to the bed and pinning me down. The little bells dangled against my chest and her hot breath blew against my neck.

“Aw, c’mon…” I was doing my best to play it cool, but I was about ready to burst out of my pants. “Can’t I at least see the pretty girl who’s about to ravage me?”

“Ravage you? Oh ho, that’s not a bad idea…” Cecilia said, shifting her weight around and leaning in close.

“You mean you weren’t going to?”

“Welllll, here you are, not even resisting me. Makes me just want to eat you up!” Cecilia’s lips brushed against mine – not quite as full or soft as expected, but I guess all her softness had simply gone to other places. Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of any snappy comebacks; I really was at her mercy.

One of her paws danced down my stomach to my erection. She gripped me through my pants and gave a good squeeze. “You’re even harder! Ah, you really like being on the bottom, don’t you?”

I think just as much blood was flowing across my cheeks as through my dick. “Something wrong with that?”

“Not at all! Just means that we’ll get along that much better, you and I. Now you just lay back and relax…”

Her paws went straight to work on my belt, undoing the buckle and tugging my pants down to my feet in one fell swoop. My cock sprung free and proud, no longer constrained. A bit of finagling later to get them off my feet, she tossed my pants and underwear… somewhere. That just left my shirt and the blindfold.

“And, I might add, you’ve got a nice piece of meat here,” Cecilia said, wrapping one of her paws around my penis. Her pillowy pawpads squished tight and the fine hairs between the pads tickled me in all the right ways. She gave me a few slow pumps as her other paw tugged my shirt up towards my face. “Arms up, please!”

Taking my shirt off required both her paws, much to my dismay, but there was also another small bonus. I assumed she would’ve attempted to keep my blindfold on, but she made no effort to keep it on.

“There we go!”

I blinked away the blindness, shaking my head a few times for good measure. Wasn’t exactly bright, but having a blindfold on for that long would’ve made nearly any light harsh.

Once my eyes adjusted themselves, I got a good look at the woman in front of me. Truthfully I’d been expecting someone taller, even after running up and down her with my hands.

Even though I needed to look down a little more than anticipated, Cecilia was no less striking.

“Like what you see?” She said, unable to suppress her silly grin, shifting her stance to ensure no detail was left hidden.

Her brown-furred triangular ear swiveled back and forth, making the long, black tufts atop each one dance about and the tip of her tawny tail twitched – same color as the rest of her fur. But that wasn’t all.

“I can’t help it, it’s not every day a woman with tattoos like yours comes along,” I said, tracing the intricate body art with my eyes. From shoulder to thigh the pattern flowed, hugging her body from either side. She’d turned her hip towards me, giving me a good view of how every detail was designed to accentuate her curves.

“And it’s just the tattoos?” She said, almost a bit disappointed as her paws squished out her boobs.

“Well, the rest of you is pretty great as well.”

She gave me a sideways glance and smirked. “And you haven’t even seen the best part.”

To answer my question before I’d even asked it, she turned to face me completely. My eyes lingered on her ample bust before traveling down.

And there it was. I blinked a slow blink. When did I ever tell anyone that particular… fantasy of mine? Embarrassment and regret flooded my mind. Must’ve been when we got drunk as shit a month ago – I vaguely recalled talking about what I wanted for my birthday…

I had no idea what to say, but she was definitely expecting something. “I, uh…”

No matter how much I tried to look away, I couldn’t. Nestled between her legs and peeking out of her panties was a sizeable dick, and based on the bulge, her balls were to most men as her breasts were to most women. My cock throbbed in excitement as I stared at hers.

“Your first time with someone like me?” Cecilia said, coming to my aid.

I swallowed. “…Yeah.”

Her tail swished excitedly and her violet-hued eyes narrowed. The once bubbly, cordial smile on her face took on a more predatory visage. “You’ll love it,” she said, stepping in close and tilting my chin up with a padded digit. “And I get to be the one to take your cherry.”

“Hey, it’s not like I haven’t ever had sex,” I said, looking away sheepishly.

“But you’ve never had a cock before…” Cecilia crept backwards and hooked her thumbs into her panties. Bit by bit she wiggled them off, freeing her package. She was big. Even though she was only half-hard, she certainly gave me room for envy. And her balls – her sac was the size of a full, ripe orange and pulled the skin taut, giving fair indication to their weight. I didn’t notice at first, but she’d tied something around her package, a red ribbon, complete with a bell on it like her nipple pasties.

“Considering how much you’re staring, I think you’re more than a little curious,” she said, her grin more Cheshire than caracal.

It wasn’t that I had nothing to say, I just couldn’t find the words.

“What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?”

She left her panties in a crumple on the floor and slid into the bed, pushing me down onto my back. Planting one light, almost chaste kiss on my lips, she moved down my neck and body, dropping a sweet kiss as she went until she got to her prize. “Well, I have an idea on how to break your silence…”

Without wasting any time she took my cock into her mouth. Her raspy tongue slithered along the underside, drawing a short gasp from me. Cecilia kept going even after I’d poked the back of her throat, all the way down her tight neck until her lips were snug around my base. To top it off, she began to purr while smiling at me with her eyes.

The rush of vibration up and down my shaft had me breathing quick and shallow, and then moaning softly when her paws began to gently squeeze and knead my balls. Her head bobbed up and down and she sucked and slurped. Her purrs faded in and out, along with her tempo – ensuring I never got too close to the edge.  

She went on for several long minutes, pausing on occasion to slip me from her mouth and caress it with a few plaintive licks. “Feel nice and relaxed now?”

All I could do was nod and sigh in appreciation.

“Then how about returning the favor?” She said, sliding away from me and standing up. A slight red flush tinted her skin, but that wasn’t the only indicator of her arousal – her cock, though still semi-flaccid, drooled pre-cum.

She had gone first, and I was… curious. It was only fair. “Sure,” I said, sitting up. “I’ve never tried it before, but I guess I could try.”

“That’s the spirit! Here, get on your knees,” she said, indicating towards the floor.

I was kind of expecting to suck her off on the bed, but she probably knew best how to handle someone with my inexperience. So I hopped off and dropped down in front of her. She smiled all the while, more like she was pleased than happy. And there it was, right in front of me. Completely clean shaven – and so close, I noticed she had small nubs covering the glans and on the top half of her shaft.

“Go on, it doesn’t bite,” she said, running her paws through my hair, “…much.”

Gulping, I took hold of her. My fingers wrapped around her hot shaft and I gave her a few tentative pumps. In seconds her half-stalk surged and grew so hard it jumped in time with her heartbeat. I was able to easily fit both my hands on her, leaving me both impressed and jealous.

As I held her I couldn’t help but feel like what I was doing was wrong, but I couldn’t shake the welling desire. Glancing between her cock and her face, half-obscured by her mammoth breasts, I just couldn’t force myself, no matter how much the thought thrilled me.

Out of nowhere a paw pinched my nose, cutting off my breath. Without thinking I opened my mouth. Along with air, I got a mouth full of caracal cock. My yelp of surprised was muted into a muffled grunt and she grabbed my head between her paws. “Thought you needed the encouragement,” she said, licking her lips. “Remember, no teeth. Hurts like hell!”

Cecilia’s hips shoved in another inch or two of her girthy penis, straining my jaw to its limits. Was all I could do to keep my teeth off her, her threat and personal experience at the forefront. More of her disappeared into my mouth until she hit my throat. I struggled to control my gag reflex, and she kept on going. I tried to protest, to cry out, but she didn’t falter, and I dared not try to move in my precarious position.

“You’ve got such a tight little throat,” she said, moaning softly just before she buried herself completely. Another inch later and her heavy balls tapped against my chin. “How’s it feel to have a cock stuffing your face? I know you love it!”

Her hips lurched back, pulling her free – or almost free – before they surged forward and buried her dick. I had no time to lick or suck; she’d taken complete control and was throat-fucking me with her bristly catdick. I was actually being face-fucked by someone I didn’t know.

And I found myself not disliking it.

Again and again she rocked, her balls slapping my chin in accompaniment.

My once idle hands took hold of her legs, at first in search of something to simply hold onto. As she hammered away I went nearly slack, unable to see anything other than her pumping hips or swaying breasts. Three bells jingled in a discordant rhythm, her claws just barely stuck out to hold me firm.

“Such a good little sucker! I bet you love this, don’t you?”

Shame and desire burned together – and finally, one won out. I grabbed her ass and pulled tight, slurping down as much of her rigid shaft as I could. My mind raced; what did her cum taste like? How much? The pre flowing freely from her made me think of a salty, tangy treat before the main course.

I wanted her cum! The thought shook me to the core, or rather, it just made my painfully hard erection tremble. I could feel my own pre streaming down my shaft and balls; I’d never oozed so much in my life.

Prisoner to lust, I gobbled down as much as I could manage. My head swam, from lack of air due to her ceaseless fucking or from the heady musk, I couldn’t tell.

She angled her hips and shifted her grip on my head just so to make her penetration and filling of my throat all the easier. This wasn’t me sucking her off, this was nothing more than her having her way with my face as I held onto her butt for the ride to the sounds of my gurgling around her thick shaft , the slapping of her taut sack, and her happy caterwauls of exertion.

“Fuck! I can’t… gonna…!”

Her twitched and trembled and her hips quaked, no  longer capable of pushing and pulling her inches through my neck. Here it was – the main course! I could just imagine her balls churning and all her muscles contracting to blow her load. My dick bucked once or twice, depositing a thick whitish blob on the floor.


With one final herculean effort she shoved me onto her as deep as possible and let out a growl of triumph and pleasure. Her prick fattened with its load and then I felt it – the first rich, creamy jet pour straight down into my stomach. She held me firm against her crotch as she bucked in time with her eruptions. My hands fell slack from her ass, leaving me limp on my knees as she filled me with liquid lust.

Hot, thick, and feral, faint traces of her cum wicked onto the back of my tongue. I wanted her to spurt forever, to fill me completely – and so did she. I lost track of how much she came, but very quickly I felt like I’d eaten a full meal. And she kept cumming, piping all she was worth into me.

My stomach bulged and my consciousness began to fade. Mercifully, her orgasm came to an end and she pulled herself out with an audible pop. I sucked in a deep breath and fell over backwards, my gut heaving with air and caracal cum.

Another rope of jizz plopped from her slicked tool. After that magnificent load I couldn’t imagine she could be anything but satisfied, but the look on her face – and her still-hard cock – meant the day wasn’t through.

“That was amazing!” Cecilia beamed, squatting down next to me. “Pretty rare for a virgin like you to be able to take that kind of punishment. You’re a born cock-sucker!”

“I didn’t exactly suck much,” I said breathlessly, coughing up some of her salty spunk.

“Sorry, I got carried away a little,” she said, patting me affectionately, “I also probably should’ve mentioned how much I cum, huh? Sorry… Do you forgive me?”

“…Yeah, sure.”

She gave me a sweet little peck on the cheek. “You’re the best! In fact, I think you deserve a little reward!”

Her eyes and paws roamed down my body to my penis and the partial mess I’d made. “Oh? You got turned on that much?”

I couldn’t – didn’t – want to say anything. Still couldn’t quite believe it myself. “Well, I won’t leave you half-finished; poor guy…” She planted the same sweet kiss on the head of my cock and kneeled along side me. Cecilia then guided my hand to the puddle of her semen and in the same motion, presented her big, shapely ass to me.

Taking the hint, I scooped up her cooling mess on my fingers and slathered it between her cheeks and across her bud. There was no startle or jump from her, just a soft purr followed by her hips rocking back into me. I slipped one semen-slicked finger into her backdoor, then another. Her fleshy folds welcomed my fingers and her tight entrance spread easily for a third finger. It took only a few seconds to slather most of her jizz around inside her, and satisfied the job was done, I pulled my hand free.

The bell tied around her sack chimed as she swung herself and a knee around, taking her position atop me. Cecilia’s giant cock rested against mine; the difference in size got me feeling self-conscious, but she didn’t seem to notice or care. Instead, she took hold of me and guided herself down, grinning wolfishly at me the entire time.

My crown pressed against her and she paused, but only for a moment. Pressure built until her star yielded, gripping me in her tightness and heat. In one smooth gulp her ass devoured me to the base. “Mmmm yeah,” she cooed, rolling her hips in a lazy circle, “Nothin’ beats a cock in my ass…”

She leaned forward and I instinctively reached out for her massive tits hanging down, kneading and squeezing like a babe. Giggling through her nose, Cecilia put a pause on her grinding to reach up and strip the pasties off. Her proud and stiff nipples sprang free, each one as thick as a thumb. Immediately I pinched and squeezed them, and to my surprise a little drop of milk appeared at each.

“How about it? Want a drink?”


“Silly boy,” Cecillia said, booping my nose with a black-padded digit. “What am I going to do with you?”

I glanced down at her ass resting on my crotch, her cock drooling what cum was left inside on my rounded stomach. Normally I wouldn’t say much given the circumstances, but I figured I could get away with it. “Let me suck your tits while I fuck your ass?”

“…Well, that was the plan,” she said as she leaned over again.

As I took the first of her nipples into my mouth, she started rocking her hips back and forth, dragging and pushing me through her hot asshole.

I sucked and nibbled lightly on her nippled, swirled my tongue around and utterly relished having such fat tits pressed against me. All while she pumped up and down, squeezing my cock like she never wanted to let it go then going loose to suck me back in.

Ceciilia’s breaths turned to pants in a hurry and her languid pace filled with rushed need. While my hands and mouth tended to her breasts, extracting her cloyingly sweet milk, her hungry ass squeezed in a steady rhythm, as if trying to milk me in turn.

Her depths were hotter than I’d ever experienced, much like her skin. It was the kind of thing to get me all wound up and relax me at the same time, to just lay back and let her ride me to fulfillment.

Under my ministrations her nipples stood out even more, begging me to never stop. Even her areola puffed up, losing its pebbly texture and becoming as soft as the rest of her. If only she was pregnant I could really get a helping of her milk, but I had to settle for the few precious drops and faint squirts.

“So…good…” She panted out, slamming down hard and taking me as deep as possible.

Not that I could talk, occupied as I was, but I responded by lurching upwards in time to meet her descent, mashing her ass flat and bouncing her up. My glans deflected off something noticeably firmer than the rest of her pliable guts, causing Cecilia’s body to shiver.

 “Yes! Just like that!”

Warmth flowed across my belly – I must’ve nailed her prostate. Not wanting to disappoint I bucked up to strike that same spot time and again, savoring the sensation of her ass going wild around me every time I hammered her sensitive spot.

She sat bolt upright, tearing her breasts away from me – much to my regret, but as soon as I saw her face twisted into carnal delight I nearly forgot about her tits. Or I would have, if not for how they swayed and bounced about, almost hypnotically thanks to her tattoos.

My hands searched for something to hold onto and found her hips. Locking on I did what I could to leverage myself even more to really home in on her p-spot.

“Fuck! Fuck your cock is so perfect!” She howled, tongue lolling from her mouth. Every time I hilted her, another wave of pre flowed from her cock, forming a veritable lake on my stomach – or it would have, had it not been oozing off.

Her lone bell, no longer pinned between our bodies, jangled in earnest just like the rest of her. Cecilia’s tail thrashed wildly behind her and her ass refused to let me go. Over and over she bounced up until my head pulled nearly pulled free, only to spear herself completely.

The entire show of breasts and balls and her cock swaying, the heat of her depths, stole away my last shred of control. Greed and instinct took over – clamping down on her hips I fucked her for all I was worth, lurching upwards like a man possessed, battering her poor asshole without heed.

Her entire body went taut and hard; I was expecting her cock to hose me down in a flood of caracal cum again, but she seemed to be holding herself back. She bit her lip and hissed and her claws dug furrows into the floor on either side.

A boiling rush took hold of me; a desperate, primal need. I wanted to savor her ass, to keep hammering away, but I just couldn’t hold back. In one last shaky thrust I finally submitted and came. The first pearly streamer felt like a geyser, filling my cock and distending my cumvein in the moment before painting her guts in my color. I couldn’t help but groan and hold utterly still to focus everything I had on unloading into her ass.

“Fuck yeah, cum in my ass! Fill me up! Gods it’s good!”

Stars blanked my vision; I lost track of how many white-hot jets I blew into her. Finally my senses returned, only to be overloaded again when Cecilia humped weakly against me. “Hey, you can’t quit on me now!”

I tried to keep going, to finish her off, but every fiber of my being protested against it. Just her bouncing on me was enough to morph pleasure into twitching pain. But, before I could tell her to stop and give me a breather, she lifted off me in a frantic rush.

In a flash she took each of my legs in a paw and spread me open. With my back on the floor and my legs in the air, she shimmied forward and lined herself up. Still in haze, I couldn’t shout for her to stop, that I hadn’t taken something her size before.

She tried to bury in, but my hole refused her access.

“Just fucking get in! Relax or something!”

The bubbly girlishness was totally gone, leaving only a rutting beast. I did what I could, deep breaths and calming myself – and she at least came to her senses enough to smear some of her pre from my stomach onto her shaft, but there was none of the care from before. Her menacing cock rummaged between my cheeks and when she found her mark, speared forward again.

Pain rolled through me and I winced as her spiny crown overpowered me, just as the rest of her had.

“So… tight!”

My cry of agony caught in my throat as I dilated more than I could have thought possible, like she was trying to stuff a fist up there – and then she sailed forward, burying every bit of meat deep inside. Her hot cat cock had gone so far, I could see a faint bulge, just above my crotch.

Wasting no time she began to thrust into me, utterly losing herself. Somehow, the pain sublimated to pleasure – it still hurt, but hurt good. With every bell-jingled impact a little bump appeared, only to disappear half a second later.

Her soft barbs and thick cock scraped and touched every part of me, even squashing my prostate flat. A steady stream of cum flowed out; every time she hilted me I gave a little cry. It was embarrassing and thrilling all the same, watching her dick plunge in and out of my hole. So big, so filling! There was only one thing left, one thing I pined for before I would become hers. 

I didn’t have to wait long.

Throwing herself forward, rolling the two of us up so I was almost completely upside-down with my head on the floor and her hammering down into me, she came with a roar of conquest. My already stretched ass strained further around her cum-thickened cock, and I bit my lip in anticipation. Her trembled, bucking cock released a torrent of creamy spunk deep in my guts. She’d already filled my stomach, and now she was packing me full from the other end. The little bit of a rotund belly I had swelled further with every powerful spurt. Even though she’d fired off a good ten thick loads in me, Cecilia bore down harder, like she was trying to ensure every drop would be blasted in as far as possible.

Finally, she collapsed on me in a sweaty mess. Her cock slid free with an audible gush and a river of her semen flowed out.

“Sorry,” she said like she was fully expecting me to yell at her, “Guess I kinda got carried away when you got me right to the edge.”

“It’s fine,” I said, brushing a lock of hair off her forehead. “Just, give me a little more warning next time.”

She quirked a brow. “After that you want more?”

“…Or are you saying this is one-time only?”

Cecillia sighed and slumped, pressing nearly all her weight against me. “I think we can work something out…”

With that, she gave me a familiar affection peck on the cheek and closed her eyes for a rest. Stroking her hair, I followed suit, despite the cold floor. She was plenty warm enough to drift off to sleep. 


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    Alas, those heady days of buttslutty anubi, manticore pussy, etc.
    (Kinda shocked you haven’t finally gone around in a kinda circle and created a big cocked manticore who gives out reach arounds with her tail pussy.)
    Claire really was a slippery slope, who knew?

    Still, it wouldn’t hurt to give her a few more physical characteristics, like facial features or what-not.

    1. You and your excessive details. Also, in this case I just wrote what I was told to write. Just so happened to be another something I’m known for. One day when I’m not so busy with Laska and Vagabonds, I may do some more short stories.

      1. Having a face is not excessive detail you hack hahahaha.
        Plus I had to google what a fucking caracal is.

        Your career’s being dominated by loli cat girls (inspired by a short story about a manticore and her ded father), and super erotic stories about dickgirls with various fluffy appendages. Not terrible?
        Hurry up and vanity publish on Amazon or something and make some cash on your thousands of views.

        1. Eyepop please stop shitposting for a moment. Its difficult due to your Australian blood but just listen.

          I commanded bob to create this work, and you can expect more to come. If you put on your ancestors detective hat you’ll notice a lot of stuff in here is fetishes I’m known for.

          I apologize for nothing.

  4. Typos:
    > She swat away
    > cloth wap me
    > nippled
    > Ceciilia

    > “They wouldn’t give me away to someone who’d… do something to me, after all. Right?”
    > Tags: Anal, Futa-on-male, Cumflation
    Magic 8-ball says: outlook not so good

    > They bought me a prostitute
    It’s really more like renting

    I’d say I’m surprised that a cat could be selfish enough to try to fuck a virgin asshole dry, but I’m not. I still find it hard to believe that he could feel pleasure through getting essentially shish-kebabed on a fat dick with no prep

    Props to him on not yelling at her though, my patience would’ve escaped my body through my gaping, battered bunghole likely along with a small amount of blood

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