By Candlelight

David fiddled with the bouquet in his hands, straightening the petals to make the roses look as presentable as possible. Satisfied with his fixing, he took a deep breath and knocked on the wooden door, taking a step back as he waited.


Elinvynia had insisted that instead of going out for a date, that they should instead “stay-in” and spend the night at her place. He wasn’t against it at all, since it meant he didn’t have to worry about arranging everything, and even less so thanks to the fact that she had mentioned it the last time they spoke on the phone, her voice adding a hint of “suggestion” to her suggestion. And so, he found himself standing on her front porch, sporting his best suit and a bushel of roses, a tad cliché but still appropriate for the day.


A shadow moved behind the closed shutter of the front door, David perking up as it was opened. Deep red eyes peered back at him as more and more of the Succubus behind the door was revealed, Elinvynia smiling back at him, tossing her hair seductively over her shoulder with a hand and placing the other on a jutted-out hip.


“Hello, David.”


Her seductive drawl sent a shiver down David’s back, unable to respond as he took her in. Long, black spade tail flicking behind her, her pale skin was contrasted starkly by the black and red lace she wore, little being left to David’s imagination.


She took a step forward, her high heels clacking on the hardwood, and a hand reaching out to pluck a rose from the bouquet in his hands. Taking a quick sniff from the flower, she reached out to cup David’s slack jaw. “Happy Valentine’s day to you too, dear.”


The Succubus leaned in for a kiss, her thin tail moving to wrap around David’s ankle. He craned his chin down to meet her, eyes closing as he anticipated the embrace.


But the embrace never came, Elinvynia instead breaking out into a fit of giggles, causing David to open his eyes. The Succubus giggled into her hand, face as red as the rose she held, her tail still wrapped around David’s leg. “D-Dav-“ She struggled to say his name, wings flapping spastically as David stepped into the house, closing the door behind him.


“Ellie…” He chided her as he reached out towards the Succubus, brushing part of her sleek black hair behind her ear. She continued to giggle as she lunged into his chest, David wrapping his free arm around her to both embrace her, and to keep her from flying away with her flapping. “Way to ruin the moment…”


“S-Sorry…” She struggled between her laughs, gazing up towards David from behind her hand, cheeks red and sore from laughing. “I just… The look on your face! I couldn’t help it!”


Elinvynia broke into another giggle fit, diving back into David’s embrace. He sighed, patting the Succubus’ back, pulling away to kiss her forehead. “Are you done?” He asked in jest, untangling himself from her grasp and tail, the Succubus stumbling backwards, her giggle fit finally dying off.


“I am…” Elinvynia began, switching in an instant to a more serious tone, twirling around on her heel to allow David a fuller view of her backside as she walked off towards the kitchen. “So that means our ‘date’ has started, then…”


David sighed, craning his neck and shuffling forward to let his eyes follow Elinvynia’s ass, a grin on his lips. “What exactly are you planning?”


The red-eyed Succubus was busy tying her apron as David entered the kitchen, the very same apron that she had worn when he had spent his first of many mornings at her place. “Food, first of all.” Her spade tail flicked towards the stove as if to gesture towards it, her hands moving to her hair to tie it into a tight bun, mindful of her horns. “Then after… Well, I don’t think I need to say…”


Once again, Elinvynia grabbed David’s attention by giving her garter framed hips a small shake, her attention now turned towards the stove. “For now, you can just relax, and maybe put my roses into a vase? Oh, and enjoy the view of course…~”


Now more familiar with the layout of the house thanks to his near-nightly visits, David moved towards where he thought the vases would be, taking the chance to leave a kiss on Elinvynia’s cheek as he passed. The Succubus froze up momentarily at the gesture, her stirring of the pasta in the pot ceasing for a second. Blush now on her cheeks, she smiled and swatted at David with her tail as he passed again, causing him to cry out a little as it hit his butt.


Roses now placed as the dining room centerpiece, David pulled out a chair, slinging his jacket over the back, making sure to double check that his second gift was still in its rightful place.


“Do you need a hand at all, Ellie?” He asked before he sat down, rapping his knuckles on the table in slight nervousness.


The Succubus hummed, glancing into the dining room from the corner of her eye. “Well, yes, but not with the cooking…” She used her tail to pull her lingerie slightly askew, David’s heartbeat picking up as she wiggled her hips.


“Ellie, I’m being serious.” He said with a cheeky smile. “Is there anything I can do?”


She thought seriously for a moment, pale lips pursed as she fixed her underwear. “Well… You see those candles?” She pointed with her tail to behind David, a small assortment sitting on the top of a nearby cupboard. “Maybe light a few, set the mood…”


After another shake of the hips and a sly look from the Succubus, David stood up as Elinvynia turned back towards preparing the meal. Taking a moment to dim the lights, David quickly retrieved the candles and lit them, placing a few around the dining and adjacent living room, leaving the two largest and brightest ones to flank the rose bouquet centerpiece.


Sitting back down, David patiently waited for Elinvynia to finish her work, the smell of the food being prepared wafting out of the kitchen and throughout the rest of the home. He couldn’t help but smile and stare dumbly at the scantily clad Succubus, who was more than putting on a show for him. If she went to grab something from a lower cupboard, she would make sure that David had a perfect view of her ass as she bent over, or, much to her blushing and tail-thrashing after, she would occasionally test the sauce she was cooking for the pasta, her tongue seductively lapping it up.


Soon enough, the food was ready and Elinvynia promptly dished out their portions, turning off the lights in the kitchen before striding out to meet her Valentine’s date. David, who up until then had been too preoccupied with eyeing her figure, straightened his back as she set the spaghetti down on the table.


His eyes jumped to hers, an expression of confusion and suspicion on David’s face. “There’s only one plate…”


“Are you protesting?”


He sighed as the three-fourths nude woman wiggled her eyebrows at him, chin perched in a palm. “No,” he said with a small chuckle, picking up a fork and spinning some spaghetti onto it. “I just have the suspicion you might be calling me a tramp, and if you are, that also means you’re a lady.”


Elinvynia giggled and blushed into her hand, taking a moment to brush some fallen bangs from her eyes, using her upward-curving horns to hold them in place. “I guess you’ve seen through my plan, then.” She said smiling, scooting her chair closer so that she was sitting right next to him, a hand coming to rest on his thigh.


Holding the fork out to allow the pale Succubus to take a bite, David replied. “It wasn’t an objection, I just would like to get through dinner before you jump me.”


Elinvynia kissed his cheek and then rested her head on David’s shoulder as he took a bite himself, fingers still tracing the inside of his leg. “I guess you’re right…” she hummed, hand stealthily moving to lightly pat his crotch, eliciting a small jump from him. “But that also means I’ll be having a dessert after.”


“We both will if the night goes right.”


Again, David held out some spaghetti for his date, the couple sharing the fork, a fact which had not gone unnoticed by the blushing Succubus. “David?” She spoke up as he chewed on a meatball, giving his arm a small shake to grab his attention.



“I just want to say before we get busy tonight that, um… Dammit I’m so bad at this stuff…” She murmured under her breath, her pointed ears drooping slightly.


Placing the fork down, David turned towards her, brushing some hair out from in front of her face. “What’s the matter?”


“I just… I’m really… Dammit…”


“Take your time Ellie, it’s alright.”


Elinvynia glanced at him from the corner of her eye, smiling slightly. “I-I’m just really, really happy about this. All of this.”


“You mean our date? It’s been reall-“


“Not our date, just, our everything.” She interrupted, turning towards David, a newfound confidence surging within her. “This past month and a bit has been utterly amazing, and I’ve don’t think I’ve ever been this happy.”


David stayed quiet as she searched for more words, the Succubus biting her lower lip in thought. “I told you I’m bad at this…”


“Hey now, maybe…” He thought for a moment, taking both of her hands into his, rubbing his thumbs over her knuckles. “Maybe instead of saying it, show it?”


Her red eyes widened at his suggestion, Elinvynia unable to hold back a smile. Without a word, she looked away briefly to the side, as if to psych herself up, before turning back towards David and leaning in to kiss him, her wings flapping happily again.


David gladly returned the kiss, the couple lingering in the embrace for a few more moments before he had to pull away for breath, the Succubus struggling to keep her lips pressed against his.


“I think I get what you mean now.” He said, giving her hands a squeeze. Elinvynia just giggled, breaking one of her hands free and reaching out and rubbing her thumb over the corner of his mouth.


“You had a bit of my lipstick on you.”


In response, David leaned back in for a kiss. “Good.” He said as he pulled away, reaching into his suit jacket pocket, pulling a folded piece of paper out from it. “I think it’s a good time for this as well.”


Elinvynia’s eyes widened as she took the card from David, fingers tracing over the “For Elinvynia” carefully written across the front. Opening it, the Succubus’ eyes darted across the lines of the card David had written for the occasion, blush growing and mouth slowly falling open as she read on. “I’m so lucky to have found you…” She whispered to herself as she read, repeating the proclamations and confessions David had written. “…never been happier than I am with you…”


“…I love you…” Elinvynia froze momentarily as she read the final line, before suddenly jumping forward and wrapping David in a hug, her jet-black wings wrapping around the both of them to complete the embrace. “Daviiiiiiiiiiiiiiid~!” She squealed into his chest, tail thrashing madly behind her in pure joy. “I-I… I love you, too!” The Succubus, so overcome with emotion, was unable to speak anymore, David planting a loving kiss on her cheek.


“Happy Valentine’s Day, Elinvynia, I love you.”


Her response was another kiss, the couple unable to hold back their smiles as they did.


Finally pushing the clingy Succubus away, David picked the fork back up and held another bit of spaghetti out towards her. “More, my love?”


Elinvynia’s blush almost became as red as her eyes at that moment. “Please…”


The two continued to eat, staying as close as they possibly could, with Elinvynia’s tail wrapping around David’s leg like usual, a few times David having to pry her hands from out of his pants. Soon enough, though, the plate was near empty, the couple both full and satisfied at their meal.


“I’ll go put this in the sink.” Elinvynia said, leaving a peck on David’s cheek as she stood. “Just stay right there, dear.”


He smiled as she sauntered off, again eyeing her lace-framed ass until she had momentarily left his view, leaving him alone. Staring off through the window to his right, David watched a pair of cardinals sitting on the leafless, snow-covered branch outside, nestled together for warmth as the sun set. He smiled, content with how the night had gone so far. Elinvynia was right, this past while had been the best of his life.  He wasn’t sure if it was just the fabled “honeymoon phase” that had yet to wear off, but the fact that his heart always sped up around her, the feeling of warmth and contentedness, the butterflies in his stomach, all of it pointed towards the love between them. A love that he had confessed in the letter he had wrote her.


The feeling of two hands grabbing his knees and spreading apart his legs grabbed David’s attention, looking down to see a pair of red eyes staring back at him, accompanied by a mischievous smile. “I did say I would get a dessert after, did I not?” Elinvynia said with a snicker, leaning in to kiss David’s soon to be un-clothed crotch.


David began to reach down to undo his pants for her, eager to oblige her thanks to the teasing that had gone on throughout the date, but was swatted away by her tail. “I know what I’m doing, dear~”


Another kiss on his growing bulge, and Elinvynia slowly undid the zipper to his pants, popping the button off so that she could shimmy off his pants. Now only his underwear in her way, she planted yet another kiss on him, reaching up to grab the hem of his underwear and pull it down swiftly.


Her hands jumped to his growing length almost instinctively, beginning to stroke his shaft. “Ohhhh~” She mused, wiggling her hips in anticipation with her eyes focused solely on his cock. “I can’t believe this is all for me…” She planted a kiss on his head after pulling back the foreskin, leaving a trail of dark red lipstick along his shaft as she traveled downwards.


David sighed heavily as her lips reached his balls, the Succubus taking one into her mouth to suck on as she stroked his length with both hands. His own hands reached out to grab her head, lifting her away as he scooted out the chair to give her more space beneath the table, the Succubus, whose eyes had begun to glaze over in lust, struggling to keep her face in his crotch.


Before going back to suckle on his balls, Elinvynia’s black spade tail came around to her mouth, the Succubus sucking on it seductively to cover it with her spit. “Now let’s see how long you’ll last with this~”


Both hands grabbing his cock, she pulled back David’s foreskin as she took one of his testicles into her mouth again, her spade tail moving to rub on his throbbing head. Timing her motions, Elinvynia would flick her tail on his sensitive head each time she stroked downward, David’s hips already beginning to buck under her expert ministrations.


Sensing this, the Succubus quickly switched tactics, her warm mouth moving to his head, diving on without a second thought. David almost had to back away from the action, a shock running up his spine as she easily took his full length into her throat, leaving a red ring of lipstick around his base after pulling off.


“Tastes as amazing as always…” She said with a smirk, kissing his head again and giggling.


David’s head was thrown back over the top of the chair, the man gasping for air and gazing at the ceiling. “Good… To hear…”


Elinvynia set back to her work, both of her slender hands grasped firmly around his base, eagerly bobbing on the first third of David’s cock. “Ellie…” He moaned after a gasp, her tongue dancing across the underside of his head.


She responded with a sultry wink, continuing to tease and play with David’s sensitive head, her lipstick being smeared across it, black makeup running slightly from her watering eyes.


“Ellie!” David suddenly grabbed onto the Succubus horns, pulling her down further onto his cock as a jolt of pleasure ran through his body, Elinvynia’s magic already having brought him to orgasm. She gagged slightly on his cock as he came, struggling to breath, but not fighting against her lover’s pleasure. With her nose firmly pressed against David’s abdomen, she made a few swallowing motions to both swallow his cum, and help David through his climax, one of the Succubus’ hands traveling down beneath her lingerie to her own nethers.


Even after he had run his course and let go of Elinvynia’s horns, she kept herself firmly planted on his cock, running a thumb along the underside of it to get every last drop of cum out of him, David gasping when she finally pulled off, a string of spit connecting her mouth to his cock. “Ah…” She mused, licking his head one more time to swallow up the last drops, continuing to kiss his length and play with herself, gazing back up at David.


“Care to… Move up to the bedroom?” David asked between gasps, the Succubus standing up from beneath the table, a hand still firmly grasping his still-erect cock.


“Of course, our date is far from over, dear~”


With a kiss on the cheek and a small giggle, the couple began their way upstairs, a thin spade tail wrapped around a leg.

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