Bump in the Night

Once more night falls upon this land, and with it goes the security of those who claim to rule it. They look nervously across the darkness, shuffling close to the light where it can be found, thinking that it will save them. It’s a facade however, because they know it won’t, for they lived in a world where things that go bump in the night might choose to reach out and touch them. Sometimes it is a bad touch, sometimes it is a good touch, and sometimes… well, it is a very, very good touch.

She chuckled, thinking that thought over in her head as she stood, looking out the window of her office building. Night had come early, as it always did this time of year, and it signified at once the end of the simple, boring work day and the start of the glorious night. She giggled slightly, licking her lips before turning about on the spot and sauntering off, her pantsuit suddenly feeling much more stifling than it had but moments before.

She did not live in a very large city, but one large enough where she was just another face, gorgeous as it was, living amongst all the others. Certainly, she had some… exotic features that might draw eyes in some parts of the world, but here? No, she blended in, for there were many others who shared the same traits as she did. Again lost in thought, slowed down as she walked by the reflective glass of an office building, and she could not help but stop and admire herself.

Not particularly tall, she was well built in the most feminine sense possible. Her curves fit well into her office wear, and the way it was tailored most certainly showed them off as far as could be allowed by modesty. Her skin, soft and delicate, was the perfect shade of pale as not to be pasty, and she took great pleasure drawing her long fingernails across her cheeks to her red lips. Yes, she was gorgeous, but this was not what set her apart from the others here, not at all. No, it was the thin, spaded tail that flitted about her backside, the two bat-like wings protruding from the tailored cut of her suit near her pelvis, and the long, curving black horns that protruded from her temples.

She smiled, gently tracing her finger against her horns, her red, vertically slit eyes twinkling. From the corner of her eye she noticed a man in a business suit watching her, one hand on his tie while he hovered his briefcase before his crotch, obviously hiding a bulge he was forming. She turned her head slowly to him, a look of feigned confusion on her face, and he jumped, looking about in fear before turning tail. She chuckled at him, and her predatory instincts urged her to chase him down, to push him to the ground and feast upon him. It was tempting, but she was an adult now, and could school her baser instincts.

No, as an adult Succubus, she had more… refined tastes in her prey.

Giggling softly, she turned and began walking down the sidewalk, her hand going to her collar, and she slowly undid the buttons there, revealing her cleavage to the world. It both allowed her poor girls to breathe, while also offering these sad humans a show. Yes, they might be delicious and rather… pleasing, but at the same time it was pathetic how they watched her, their hungry eyes lusting after her perfect form. Not that she minded, not horribly, because the thought made her heat up even further, and she almost wanted to burst out of her clothes right then and there and unleash a wave of lust upon them, forming an orgy that would sweep away the entire block. But she didn’t… though she truly wished to.

Instead, she strode purposefully toward the part of town that smelled a little of sulfur and vomit, the area where people visit for the food and the drugs, but they don’t stay long unless they must. On any corner you could find a man selling anything, or perhaps a woman, selling just one thing. Both turned their gaze away from the Succubus as she passed by, knowing the look of another predator and unwilling to challenge her superiority. Dogs, she thought. They will eat the scraps and be content.

It wasn’t until she reached an intersection of streets, the lights on the corners flickering and shaking, that she knew she had found her destination. The smell of desperation and fear was pungent here, and she could feel her thin, silken panties growing moist as her legs wobbled slightly. Oh the prey she could find here would be so juicy and filled with emotion, she could hardly keep herself contained. She faded into a shadow nearby and looked about, eyes glowing softly in the night.

Some people passed by, mostly vagrants and dingy folk who didn’t know better, their minds addled out on drugs or whatever else they consume to get through the day. No, they’d never do, they were too unfocused for her to have fun. She watched other Monsters pass, Hellhounds to be sure, their fur mangy and dirty, eyes desperate for a night’s comfort. They stopped, sniffing the air, their burning eyes looking at her before growling and running past, unwilling to bother with a Succubus when there was easy prey to be had. This suited her well, as she had no intention of trifling with such pitiful mongrels over what was beneath her.

Watching the Monsters run by, she almost didn’t notice the lone man shuffling through the dingy streets. She turned to him as he walked past, his steps slow and without purpose, and her eyes widened as her heart began to beat. Oh yes, she could feel it! This was her prey, this was to be her victim for the evening! She licked her lips and walked forth from the shadows, her heels clicking against the sidewalk as she followed him, wings folded behind her, pace matching his.

He walked differently than most people did, and while slow he was not distracted by the images on his phone, nor the sounds of bluetooth in his ear. Instead he merely shuffled on by, barely avoiding obstacles, like drunken hobos, at the last second, slipping past with the grace of a Lamia. She watched curious as the man, dressed in a simple gray jacket and slacks walked on, stopping only once to look up and survey the street at an intersection.

His hair, short cut and black, stood out against a youthful face of perhaps early to mid twenties, though it was shaded by the dim light, and she could not see his eyes, even with her Monstrous vision. She smiled as he walked on however, as she knew it would soon be time to strike. Increasing her pace, she came closer to him, enough that he had to slow down and look over his shoulder, blinking in confusion as she changed her pace to saunter up to him, her shining teeth smiling wickedly in the darkness. She could feel his confusion as he picked up his pace, at once concerned and yet confused, and she delighted in the way he changed his steps, trying to throw her off. Did he think she was twelve and fresh from her communion of unholy blood? Ha, ah well, at least he tried.

Soon, soon he would start looking over his shoulder, begin to sweat, and then either break out into a run, cry for help, or perhaps try to hide. All three would end the same way to her, and she flexed her wings, ready to make for a propelled dash toward him, to drag him off into a corner and have her way with him. Yet he didn’t do any of those things. Instead he stopped before an alleyway, glanced her way, and then walked into the darkness of his own volition with calm, measured steps.

She stopped, staring in shock at the scene. What…what just happened? She’d never had prey do something like this before, never seen someone play her for a fool like this. And yet there she stood, dumbfounded, and it took her a moment to shake out of it with the realization that this might be a ploy to buy time to run!

She snarled and leapt forth, wings giving her an extra burst of speed, and she landed gracefully upon the sidewalk before the alleyway, her heels perfectly in check. She turned to the alley, wings spreading full out before her as she stalked into the abyss. A small, flickering light near a dumpster was all the illumination to be had, and with this scant light she could see that it was a dead end of an alleyway, the kind she’d often force prey into. If this man had lived here and knew what he was walking into, then…then why did he do it?

The light flickered on again and she saw him, sitting with his back to the far wall, looking up at her, and only then did she see his face in full. As she had thought, he was handsome, very much so, but his blue eyes seemed tired, his expression resigned. She slowed her steps, putting her hands on her waist as she walked forward, coming to stand before the man as the light cast her shadow long over him. She grit her teeth and leaned forward, her exceptional cleavage presented before the man’s face.

“What the hell is this, are you mocking me?”

He looked into her eyes, not even appreciating her wonderful breasts, and shrugged, sighing out, “You’re going to rape me, might as well just get it over with.”

She pulled back, blinking in shock. “You…you aren’t even a little turned on by this? Or at least even afraid?” She walked up and flicked him on the forehead. “Are you even feeling anything at all?”

He didn’t respond, and she cupped her breasts, waggling them back and forth before pouting. “What is your problem?”

He shrugged again, looking off to the side. “I don’t know. Everything I guess.”

She put her hand to her forehead, sighing out in exasperation. This was not going as she had intended, but she’d be thrice damned if she was going to leave without getting some kind of rise out of the man. She knelt down and began shrugging out of her suit top, revealing the white blouse underneath, which she slowly unbuttoned, speaking her most seductive voice. “Oh… why don’t you tell me all about it. I’m quite willing to help you feel… better.”

He sighed and shook his head. “I suppose. I guess it’s just that I’m having trouble finding the joys in life. I thought maybe once I moved out on my own I’d feel a sense of contentment I hadn’t before, but here I am, wandering the streets while feeling sorry for myself.”

“Mhm… is that so? Why aren’t you feeling that joy?” She said, slipping the blouse off, revealing her black, lacy bra that she picked purposefully because it was a little too small, her breasts screaming to be freed from their prison. She held her chest proudly before him, but all he did was glance at her and then sigh again.

“Maybe I spend too much time on the internet, I don’t know. Maybe looking at images of all the happy things I’ll never have finally got to me, or perhaps it’s my job. I started working now, and while I’m doing my dream job, I feel like it’s not what I thought it was.”

“Oh? Is your boss getting you down? Your co-workers not making you feel… appreciated?” She gently ran her silky-smooth fingers across his cheek, gently cupping his chin with her nails. She licked her lips slowly and ran her other hand down the curves of her body, but again, he ignored her.

“He’s fine and they’re alright, but I don’t really seem to fit in. I go to work, do my job, and then go home to my quiet little apartment and then… what? Nothing, apparently.”

“Oh, you surely must have some hobbies.” She said, trailing her finger down his chest, pulsing a little seductive magic through, annoyed at the lack of response. Seriously, was this man gay? No, she’d fucked a gay man straight before… maybe he’s a robot? They have those, right?  “Perhaps you like to draw, or write or… work on something else.” She licked her lips and chuckled as she said this, hoping he got the intention. For emphasis she looked up and down at his penis.

“Sure, I write sometimes, I even have friends I see often, but what does it all mean, what’s it all about?” He chuckled darkly, looking at her hand with a sense of disdain before shrugging. “I don’t know, maybe getting fucked in an alley by a succubus would be what I need, a distraction from all this pointless shit in my head.”

At that, she pulled her hand back as if bitten, gasping sharply. She shied away from him, holding her arm protectively, and he closed his eyes, resting  his head on the stones as he smiled ruefully. “Hah, look at that. I’m so pathetic not even a lust demon would go after me. How pitiful must I seem.”

She clutched her fingers into a fist, blood starting to run hot. This man was vexing her in ways she’d never been tried before, not even when she plied her wiles upon that priest. She’d never, EVER been snubbed before, and even her most unwilling quarry eventually fell into lust and depravity as she fed upon their spirits. This man, however… even as he basically consented, she could feel the apathy in the words, and it was almost physically painful to a creature like her, one that fed on the powerful emotions of others.

She hissed out, “What is your damn problem. You have the sexiest Monster in town with her shirt off, breasts hanging before you,  hands all over your body, and you don’t feel anything?” She grabbed his dick through his pants, feeling the mildly turgid chub underneath and she growled, “This is pathetic!”

“Sorry if I just don’t feel up to random sex in an alley!” He said, showing emotion for once before rolling his eyes before looking away. “But whatever, I’m sure you’ll use some magic on me to get me up and spraying jizz everywhere like some kind of fire hose, right? Better get to it then.” He snapped his fingers and she nearly roared in frustration.

“Listen here you little shit.” She said, grabbing him by the collar. “That’s not how it works, and I’m frankly a little tired of your bullshit attitude. The world didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to? Oh boo hoo, get real. I never thought I’d work a 9-5 to live in my shitty little home, but I’m not moping about like a little bitch, am I?”

“Nah.” He said, smirking. “You’re just fucking them.”

She dropped him, narrowing her eyes. “Did you just make a joke about my sexual preferences?”

“Did you want me to?” He shook his head. “I mean, if you’re into that sort of thing, I’m not going to say anything, though I mean…”

She blushed, crossing her arms under her breasts. “Look, I might have had a little bit of a thing once in college and maybe I find myself in three-ways with a Demon sometimes, but that’s per a contract and…” She trailed off as she saw the man smiling, and she felt her cheeks heat up before she growled, “What the fuck is so funny.”

“You, honestly. Watching a Succubus get all flustered it’s just…” He shook his shoulders. “It’s just so strange, you know? What am I supposed to do but laugh?”

She blinked a few times, feeling her cheeks grow heated. “Hey, we’re not all just lusty predators who think only about sex all the time, though uh… I guess most of us… are.” She looked away, feeling more embarrassed than before. “You can’t just assume anyone is what they appear to be. Life isn’t about fitting into some preconceived notions, it’s about finding what works for you.”

When she didn’t hear an immediate reply, she looked slowly over to see him in concentration, a thoughtful frown on his face. She cocked her head before reaching out and poking his nose, and he blinked, looking up at her in confusion. She raised an eyebrow and said, “Don’t tell me you’re getting all mopey again, it’s quite boring you know.”

“Oh… no, I just… that statement of yours got me thinking, wondering if I was just thinking about life in some kind package deal. Like my life needed to fit in with the preconceived notions of what… things I see on facebook?”

“Yeesh, you use facebook? Who uses that anymore?” She said, chuckling. He smiled at that before rubbing at his forehead.

“Well,  I mean, I’ve had the account forever, and there’s some pages I follow relating to my model car hobby and…” He trailed off before coughing into his hand. “Sorry, you probably don’t care.”

“Oh no, no.” She said, leaning in close to him, her face mere inches from his. “You looked happy when you said that, it’s a much nicer look than that melancholy earlier.”

“Yeah, but I mean, you can’t possibly care about this.”

“So what? I bet you wouldn’t care if I talked about my lust for crocheting.”

“…You’re right, I wouldn’t.” He looks abashed then. “I guess I feel like a jackass then.”

She placed both of her hands against his cheeks, forcing him to look into her red eyes. “Stop saying that. Be who you are and don’t care what other people think. Find worth in what you do and enjoy. Feel the happiness. Even if everything in life isn’t as good as you expected, find at least one thing that is.”

She snickers, “Even if it’s ‘model cars,’ lame as that is.”

He blinked, eyes searching her eyes before they too glittered with joy. “Oh, it’s far more entertaining than crocheting I’d bet. Knit one, pearl two? How tedious” He said smugly. She frowned in response, eyes going hard as she gripped his shirt again.

“Don’t push your luck, I could still rape you any time I wished.”

“Then why haven’t you?”

She paused, cocking her head and thinking it over as her tail swished behind her. She had gotten so worked up with all of this that she’d forgotten entirely to fulfill the lust within her, and now it’s was just… gone. She felt so ready to perform unspeakable acts, to degrade this man and leech off his spirit, but now she just felt… well, nothing. Like an itch that just went away, denying you the satisfaction of scratching it. Sighing, she folded her wings in and shrugged.

“Ah, I don’t know, I guess I’m not feeling it anymore.”

“Oh, alright then.” He said, rubbing at the back of his head and looking about awkwardly, trying not to view her chest. Well, at least she’d gotten SOME kind of reaction to her breasts, so she didn’t feel like some hag. He coughed into his hand before saying, “So… what are you going to do now?”

“Oh, I don’t know.” She said, picking up her blouse and putting it back on. “Probably go home and microwave something, maybe watch some Sexflix and masturbate before falling asleep.”

“Ah well, that sounds comfy I guess.” He looked down, trying to find the right words for a moment before speaking again. “Sorry I couldn’t provide you with your ah… fountain of jizz or whatever you wanted, but hey, how about I buy you dinner?”

She looked at him, her clothing half falling off her shoulders, eyes wide in surprise. He blinked a few times himself before chuckling and raising a hand, “Ah, well, if you don’t want to then…”

She smirked and put a finger on his lips before shaking her head.  “Well, you do owe me, so I suppose this will do, for now.” She finished putting her suit on before extending a hand to help him up, asking, “What’s your name anyway?”

He took the hand, pulling himself up with her help, and he smiled before replying,  “Taylor. Yours?”

She turned about, wings fluttering slighty as she sauntered back out of the alleyway. She waggled her tail in slow, sinuous motions before raising a hand, looking over her shoulder, and giving a “come hither” gesture. Wicked smile on her face, she said, “It’s Esmeralda. Now come along then car boy, I’m terribly hungry.”

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  1. Liked the story i think ur my fav auther here but ive been waithin TWO WHOLE DAYS for the next illusionistquest and- *breakes down in to laughter* just good story m8.

  2. I love it. I think it gives the Succubus Mamono a whole other dimension. I’d bet they end up getting hitched.

    Oh and by the way- Crocheting doesn’t knit/pearl.

    1. Clearly, he didn’t understand it anymore than I do, so at least it’s in character. Whoops.

      Also, thank you. I like doing things from a different perspective.

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