Bloodlust Passion



(This RP is a one of a kind for me in this regard, extremely hot and strange. This will be one chapter unless for some reason I can continue it with the one who started it or someone else. My co author insisted on the RP so enjoy)

“Ugh the fuck where am I?” Sukiru said noticing he wasn’t in his bedroom he was chained to a wall in what appeared to be a dungeon in a castle. “Ah let me go who ever the fuck you are!” Sukiru screamed pulling at his arm and leg chains. “He is awake time to pay him a visit.” a voice said from upstairs. Sukiru looked around around and saw a blood stained wooden chair and table with arm and leg restraints surrounded but candles. “What in the world is this?” Sukiru said to himself. “Welcome young one to my castle.” a voice said walking into the room. “Who the hell are you, why am I here, answer me this instant!?” Sukiru yelled at the voice as he listened to the clicking of the high heels getting closer to him. “The name is Shizuka and you have been brought here for me to feed upon unless you wish to provide me with other services.” She said as she walked into the light for him to see. Shizuka was beautiful, she was Japanese, thin figure, small breasts, long black hair, red eyes, and her body was covered by a robe. “Feed? What the hell do you mean by that what are you a Vampire?” Sukiru asked pulling roughly at his restraints. “Why yes of course and a Vampire with a blood fetish, so either I can drain you dry or you can be my blood sex slave.” She said walking over close to him.

“How about fuck you and let me out of here and take me home.” Sukiru said. “You are in no position to tell me what to do, look at you a naked gross human chained to my wall waiting to be slaughtered.” she said walking up him before reaching her hand out touching his face a bit. “S-S-Stop it don’t touch me.” Sukiru said trying to pull away from her. “I think not, we should have some fun before I kill you.” Shizuka said as she sliced a line across he chest causing him to bleed. “Fuck ahhhhh!” Sukiru screamed at the top of his lungs. “Keep screaming it turns me on as well.” she said licking the cut lapping up the blood. “Mmm fuck off.” Sukiru said quietly watching her lick the wound. “Oh you want to be quiet now let me change that.” she said as she slipped her fingernail inside of the wound on his chest before running it across causing more blood to pour out of the cut. “Goddamnit fuck you bitch stop!” he screamed even louder than before. “Mmm that warm fresh sweet blood.” Shizuka said now removing her robe exposing her bare nude body. “What the fuck is wrong with you freak?!” Sukiru yelled at her as he watched his blood drip on the floor. “You are a cutie, I like when they struggle most just want to fuck me but you don’t want a bit of it, I think I am going to keep you alive as long as possible.” She said running her hand over his wound stopping the bleeding a bit. “Just fucking kill me you blood sucking freak!” he said.

“No I don’t want to right now I want to cum so you are going to make me.” she said licking the blood off his chest while rubbing her clit moaning “Mmmm god you like huh you want me to ride you don’t you?” she said in a very seductive voice. “N-N-N-No I don’t want a Vampire in bed.” Sukiru said trying not to get aroused. Shizuka moved back and sat down on the blood covered chair and started to finger herself moaning deeply while licking the blood off of her other hand. “You are sick.” Sukiru said trying to break free but it caused his wound to bleed faster. “Mmm god your blood is turning me on so much keep fighting so I can cum.” She said fingering herself much rougher. “No fuck off I am not for you to enjoy yourself.” he said turning his head away from her stopping the struggling. “Oh really then how about some help?” she said stopping fingering herself then standing and approaching him. “No stop go fuck yourself!” Sukiru yelled at her still with his head turned. “Oh why finger myself and have a able man here?” She said as she grabbed his cock and started to stroke it. “N-N-N-No fuck off get off of me!” he screamed turning to look at her. “You shut up and let me touch you or I cut it off is that clear?” she said wiping blood from his chest on to his cock before leaning down and starting to suck him off.

“Mmm n-n-no stop it you slut.” he said turning back away from her. “You like it huh my slave, you are getting hard and I am getting wetter and much more horny for you.” she said sucking more and more grazing her fangs against him. “G-G-Get the fuck off me Shizuka!” He yelled once more at her. “Say one more word and I bite down understood?” she said as she continued to suck him and wipe blood on his thighs. “Mmm I am gonna cum” Sukiru moaned. Shizuka stopped sucking on him before grabbing a blood stained cup beside Sukiru that he didn’t notice and placed it under his cock. “Go on cum in here my slave.” she said now stroking his cock over the glass. “Ugh mmm god.” Sukiru moaned as he sprayed a warm load of cum in the glass filling it a quarter of the way. “Ah perfect now for the next mixture.” Shizuka said as she opened the wound on his chest more letting blood fill the cup the rest of the way. “Fuck!” Sukiru screamed again even louder. “Don’t lose your voice my slave we have much more to do.” Shizuka said as she sipped the blood and cum mixture out of the glass.

“I can’t I am going to die from loss of blood.” he said leaning his head down and closing his eyes. “Not if I can help it.” Shizuka said running her hand across the wound stopping the bleeding. “How in the world, just kill me Shizuka please I am begging you.” he said now starting to cry a bit. “No I am not going to kill you, you could say I have taken a liking to you so now I am going to keep you for good.” she said removing the restraints from him allowing him to fall to the cold hard ground. “Here come on let’s get you cleaned up.” Shizuka said picking him up in her blood soaked arms after she swallowed the rest of what is left in the glass. “Just kill me Shizuka now get it over with.” Sukiru said sighing. “Nope we are going to have fun alright.” she said carrying him out of the dungeon and through her home to a bathroom where she washed off his body making him perfectly clean. “Now your turn wash your master.” She said stepping into the warm shower. “Don’t try to run you have no where to go now get in.” she said. “I-I-I guess.” he said stepping back into the warm water. “Good now get to work on me.” she said handing him a soapy cloth. Sukiru started to wash her body gently getting her small breasts out the way first. “I actually want to kiss you but let me clean out my mouth first.” she said reaching for her toothbrush and toothpaste. “I don’t want to kiss you Shizuka.” he said washing down her stomach and near her pussy.

“You should be honored to kiss me boy, I never have let a human I kidnapped out of that dungeon.” she said brushing her teeth rather hard and making sure they were clean. “I don’t care you should have killed me.” he said doing a quick cleaning of her pussy while he was down there. “Sometimes you just need to change for the better, I have always wanted a pet, I live alone you’d make a perfect one.” she said petting him as he washed off her legs. “Whatever you say Shizuka.” Sukiru said leaning all the way down in the shower to wash her feet off. “I’ll treat you well if you take care of me.” she said putting her toothbrush away. “I have no choice but to unless you kill me.” he said standing back up feeling the warm water fall on him. “Come here kiss me my pet.” she said wrapping her arms around his neck. “F-F-F-Fine.” Sukiru said leaning his face to hers. Sukiru locked lips with his now Vampire owner. Shizuka ran her fingers through his hair. “Mmm” Sukiru gently moaned getting a bit aroused from her. Shizuka broke the kiss and said “Someones hard from just a kiss might as well show me what you got boy”. “N-N-No not here.” Sukiru said quietly. “Oh really well come on I have a bedroom too which is where you are sleeping regardless so lets go.” she said turning the water off. “I-I-I can’t believe I am giving you myself.” he said sighing. “Don’t worry I am nice and tight.” she said leading them into her bedroom. A massive bedroom fit for a king and queen.

“Shouldn’t we dry off first before we get in bed?” Sukiru asked. “Yeah we should even though I am very eagar to jump right in there with you.” she said reaching into her closet throwing him a towel. “Thanks Shizuka.” Sukiru said drying his body off. “Your welcome boy.” she said drying her own body off. “Here I am done.” he said holding the towel out for her to grab. Shizuka took the towel from him before throwing both of them to the floor and pouncing on him making both of them land on the bed. “Finally I get this.” she said kissing and sucking on his lips and tongue without wasting anytime. “Mmm just do what you want to me Shizuka.” he said kissing her back. “I don’t think so boy you are going to fuck me and you are going to do what I say understand?” she said breaking the kiss before leaning up and pulling his face to her small breasts.

“Yeah I understand.” he said sighing gently. “Go on boy suck my tits they need some attention.” she demanded pushing his mouth to her nipples. “Yes ma’am.” he said deeply sucking on her nipples. “God good boy no one pays attention to my breasts because they are small so you are going to be servicing them a lot.” she said holding his head to her tits. “Mmm good.” he said moaning sucking on her tits passionately. “Lay down boy I want my main course now.” she said shoving him to the pillows behind him. “F-F-Fine just do it now.” he said sighing. “Mmm god you are rock hard for me and quite nice as well.” she said rubbing his cock against her clit. “Just do it already please Shizuka.” he said blushing.

“Boy you have no idea how lucky you are to be in my bedroom.” she said slipping him inside of her dripping wet pussy. “Mmm fuck god it feels so good.” he moaned feeling up her body. “Mmm good boy I am going to enjoy you for a very long time.” she said moaning bouncing up and down grabbing his hand and biting into it drinking his blood. “No please don’t bite me while we do this.” Sukiru said closing his eyes in pain. “Im not going to drink a whole lot boy I want you conscious.” she said riding him harder. “Cum inside me this instant boy.” she said pulling up above his cock then slamming down all the way having his length hit her womb causing Sukiru to explode another warm load deep inside her. “Mmm fuck I am cumming.” he moaned as his eyes rolled back into his head. Shizuka leaned down and kissed him passionately and said “Good boy there will be much more to enjoy and lust for”…

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4 thoughts on “Bloodlust Passion

  1. This stories erotic pleasures are buried in its sea of text.

    Spacing for Dialogue and paragraph breaks are needed. The bad grammar litters the story like trash on the street and the constant abuse of the F bomb goes from passionate to a nuisance.
    But aside from all those flaws I found the story a very hot read, but not enough for me to stop reading I like Shizuka and would love to see a picture of this feisty domineering beauty someday.

    1. Yeah this story is pretty old actually. It was one of the first Monster Girl like Roleplays I turned into a story. Shizuka was my RP partner. Oh and she is feisty trust me 😉 The thing is we did more hot things like this together a full bondage relationship one but it isn’t as a Vampire she is human in that one.

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