Blood and Boned: Chapter 3- When Bats Attack

     You exited the room and turned down toward the main hallway. The first step in preparing for a dinner is to inform the cook. Your mind is abuzz with what will have to be done to prepare for the next day. Sure, the other servants would see that the dishes were cleaned and the head chef would make the ultimate decision on how many courses and what they’ll entail, but there were so many other things to take into account. The good tablecloths would have to be brought out and ironed of any creases they’d developed during their storage, the extra chairs would have to be brought out, dusted, and repaired of any minor nicks or scratches. Of course, you wouldn’t have to do all of this yourself, but it would be up to you to ensure it got done. If it didn’t, then the blame would surely fall right onto your shoulders as the Head Butler.


“You’re mine, insect!”
        Your musings are interrupted as the proverbial weight on your shoulders becomes a literal one. Two pairs black-furred claws impact your shoulder blades, and your still-wobbly knees buckle under the unexpected assault. You crash forward to the ground with a loud thud as the weight comes to rest on your back. You lay there, dazed for a brief moment before clarity returns to you. There is only one person in the mansion who would do such a thing…“Hello, Cassandra…”
        A sadistically gleeful laugh erupts from behind you, and you knew the sound well enough that you could almost see your assailant grin with a set of fangs that would have rivaled your mistress’. A three-clawed paw grabs the side of your head, and presses your cheek into the floor. It doesn’t hurt, considering the batgirl doesn’t intend to crush your skull. It was merely one of Cassandra’s usual displays of dominance. You could see lower parts of her large, leathery wings jutting out into the corners of your vision.“Hello, bug.” she answers back. You felt her weight shift as she leaned in close.“You didn’t think you were getting away without giving me MY breakfast, did you?” she says predatorily as her breath plays across the back of your neck and ear.
        Cassandra was the Head Maid, and rumored to be a relative of the Mistress. Whether there was truth to this or not, Cassandra was a werebat, and a peculiar specimen of which that was often a curiosity. Cassandra was a vampire bat, her black fur and hair as well as her more than prominent fangs were evidence of that. Not to mention her own sadistic brand of pride was almost vampiric, but that was speculated to just be her admiration for Mistress Delacroix. Whether by emulation, by nature, or perhaps just merely by a competitive drive as Head Maid to your Head Butler, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Cassandra loved to exert her status as the stronger being between you two. “I wouldn’t dream of it, Cassandra.” you answer briefly and concisely. “Aww, no squirming? No attempt at getting away?” she said teasingly, and with no little amount of sarcasm. “No, Cassandra.” you answer plainly.
        As the Head Maid, Cassandra had almost as much power over the staff as you did. Technically, your position was higher, having the final call on certain matters of the Mansion. Unfortunately, Cassandra felt that the tiny differential in power between the two of you was a dire insult, often lamenting about playing second fiddle to the “lowly human insect” almost echoing the words of Mistress Delacroix. So it was with no small amount of pride that the bat girl often made public displays of physical dominance to compensate for the difference in domestic power, as if to prove to everyone in the Mansion who was truly in charge. She sat upon your back grinning wide, a spectacle for everyone passing through the main hallway to witness.
        Cassandra’s favorite tactic was hiding in the rafters of the Mansion along your usual routes as you go about your daily duties. It was often times shortly after the Mistress had her fill of breakfast that the batgirl decided to pounce, but not always. She did love to be unpredictable. You never knew exactly when, but you’d come to accept that at some point during the day, you’d hear the flap of wings before you were knocked down.
        “How boring…” Cassandra said in a huff, “You never fight back. Maybe you like being treated this way… or maybe you just understand how weak you are. Just as well, insects should know their place.” she said sultrily. You knew struggling against Cassandra was useless, pinned as you were. Fighting her treatment would only make it that much worse, fueling her sadistic thrill of dominating you with so many eyes watching. Fortunately, Cassandra’s daily routine was exactly that, routine. The other servants of the Mansion either sidestepped you or took a different route with no more than a passing glance. Maybe it was the thrill wearing off now that her spectacle was commonplace, or maybe she was just steadily getting more into it, but you noticed that her attacks were increasingly violent.
        As if in testament to that thought, you feel a large pressure at your neck as you start to be choked with the collar of your own shirt. “This is in my way…” Cassandra says. “Maybe I’ll talk with the Mistress about forbidding you from wearing clothes. They’re always in my way. An insect like you should be ready to be eaten by those higher on the food chain.” With the one claw still holding your head against the floor, she pulls with her free claw dug into your shirt. “Gck!” Is all you can manage to choke out. Right about the time your airway starts to close, the threads of your shirt and jacket start to give way to her sharp nails. Air flows back into your lungs the moment you hear a loud ripping sound. You give a brief shiver as you suddenly feel the cool air of the Mansion kiss the bare skin of your right shoulder. Cassandra had completely ripped through your jacket and shirt, exposing the soft flesh beneath. “Excellent.” she coos, gently running a claw down the exposed skin, causing your back to twitch and arc from the ticklish sensation. She laughs at your writhing, mistaking it for an attempt at resistance.
        You feel the soft fur of her bat claws trace along your skin as she rips your shirt and jacket even further open. A dull, warm sensation spreads out from your shoulder to most of your back, a telltale sign that she was saturating you with her own brand of demonic energy, marking the third time that morning you felt your blood rush hot. You feel a stiffening in your pants, almost unwanted in it’s uncomfortable position, pinned a bit painfully against the floor. You try to shift, attempting to get comfortable, but you almost immediately feel twin needles sink into the flesh of your shoulder. Luckily for you, Cassandra’s fangs are mercifully sharp, and it only feels just above a hard scratch.
        Cassandra was a vampire bat, but it seemed more bat than vampire. She never opened veins, preferring to bite the muscles on your shoulder and then gently lick the resulting droplets that formed. It wasn’t the rush of sudden ecstasy that feeding your mistress was, but it wasn’t entirely entirely unpleasant. After the initial discomfort, it felt rather good, feeling her warm tongue dragging across your shoulders. Occasionally, it ventured far enough to be a bit ticklish when the spare drop of blood threatened to slide down your side, arm, or back, and Cassandra would lick the blood trail back to the pinpricks in your skin.
        “What a taste…” she coos before running her tongue along your back once more. “…an insect has no right tasting this good.” You felt a weight on your other shoulder, still covered in tattered remains of your uniform, and realized that she placed a free claw there. She gave gentle little squeezes to your other shoulder as she fed, her claws titillatingly poking through the fabric to tease your bare skin. Your shoulders seemed to relax of their own accord from the bat girl’s impromptu massage, and you feel your indigence of such treatment melt away as her demonic energy causes you to become extra sensitive to her touches. “I suppose it’s no wonder you don’t fight back.” she whispers into your ear before she gently nips at the top of it. “Your body gives in so easily~”
        Her warm tongue traces the contours in your shoulders and back, and you feel her warm breath play against the trails she left on your skin. You feel the tickling brushes of her claws through the tatters of your uniform, and your mind is all too aware of the gentle rubbing of her fur on your back. You almost forget about the uncomfortable tightness currently trapped between your weight and the mercifully carpeted floor. “Why are you squirming, insect? Don’t tell me you’re actually hard from this kind of treatment.” she says with a tone so smug you can almost feel her grinning down at you. “Tsk tsk tsk tsk… what an excitable little bug~”
        You feel her claws grab hold of your shoulders, and you feel yourself turn over harshly. She pins you back against the ground, and you look up at her for the first time since she pounced on you. She wore her usual black maid’s uniform, trimmed with red lace. Red ribbon was woven through her hair and around her tall, black-furred ears, a makeshift headband to keep her hair out of her eyes since normal headbands were made awkward to wear by her large ears. If you truly wanted to antagonize Cassandra, you would have made a jab about her ears. They were not so out of place considering the monstrous nature of the Mansion, but given that Cassandra’s were large even for a bat’s, she was known to be sensitive about them. Still, she was not unattractive at all, she looked every bit the sexual predator she was as she grinned deviously down at you, lust in her blood-red eyes.
        “So you were hard after all!” she said with a giggle after seeing the tent pitched in your slacks, “How depraved! Here you are, pinned down, helpless as I drink you, and you can’t help but be turned on! Pathetic insect. All that primp and pomp in an attempt to be proper, and you show your true colors after a bit of rough handling.” She shakes her head dismissively. “You really are hopeless.”
        She looked down at your prone form, and smiled. “Your pants are in my way.” she said. Knowing full well what was coming, you scrambled to unfasten your belt, which proved to be a difficult task given how your shoulders were pinned back. “Too late, insect~” she said sultrily before bringing a claw down to your groin. She hooked her claws into the fabric of your slacks, and gave a long, slow pull downward, tearing deep gouges and shredding the front of your pants. Her nails even caught the fabric of your boxers, revealing the cum-slick, sticky mess that lay beneath your clothes.
        The pleasure from Mistress Carmen’s feeding had caused you to release another load, but thanks to fine tailoring as a result of the Mansion’s resident Arachne, your silken boxers served to wick and trap the moisture without letting unsightly wet spots be seen on the outside of your uniform. Shredded as they were currently, the pieces of sodden cloth clung to the erection now freed of it’s silken bonds. “What a mess…” she cooed in a mock display of disapproving disdain. “And you call yourself a proper servant. Tsk tsk tsk…”
        Cassandra takes one of her claws off of your shoulders, and reaches down to peel the tatters of clothing off of your fleshy protrusion with her nails. She works with perfect precision, the claws that so cleanly eviscerated your uniform now the barest of lengths away from your most sensitive skin, you feel only the lightest brush as the smooth, black talons pull the cloth away. She laughs sultrily at the little strands of cum that stretch out as she clears the debris.  “Such an unsightly insect… Really, if I weren’t here, you’d really have no direction, would you?”
        She doesn’t wait for an answer. Discarding the last scrap of cloth to the side, she puts her free claw onto your chest, and you feel her lower body stir. She straddles you, pinned as you are to the ground. She hikes up her skirt and sinks her hips down. She kisses your member with her lower lips, and you notice that either her teasing, her feeding, or a combination of the two has apparently caused her blood to rush as hot as yours. Cassandra never wore underwear underneath her clothing, few monsters did. Most of them say that it gets in the way of fun, but you’ve never brought it up as a point to the bat girl. You were almost certain that it would end in beratement for paying so close attention to her undergarment choices.
        Your mind is brought back to the present as her dripping sex impales itself on your cum-slick cock, and you feel yourself sliding in cleanly despite her petite frame. You gasp out in pleasure as your manhood is engulfed in what feels to be a silken vice, the warm folds of the bat girl greedily squeezing you from all sides.
        Your gasp turns into a moan as Cassandra sinks her hips down against yours, taking you fully to your base. Cassandra smiles a wide, open mouthed grin, accentuating her fangs. She gives a sharp intake of air, and lets out a deep sigh as she settles to rest with your member fully inside of her. “What a taste indeed…” her claw on her shoulder goes up to run a claw down your cheek. “You really have no right to taste this good, insect.” she says, sultrily gazing into your eyes. “So you’ve sai-” you start to say, but are immediately cut off by a claw covering your mouth. “Shh. Insects don’t get to talk when they’re being eaten… you can scream if you wish~”
        You couldn’t move, you couldn’t speak. All you could was lie back on the red carpet and watch the black silken ruffles of Cassandra’s own uniform as she leaned forward to raise her hips off of you, only to sink back down, plunging your cock back into her warm, waiting depths. She rocks her hips back and forth slowly, both teasing you and savoring the taste of the residual spirit energy that coated your member. Your breath heaves while she sighs with each rock of her hips. To a monster like her, it must have tasted like an appetizer before the main course. “Haaah~” she sighed, her eyes fluttering closed. She continues her steady pace, rocking her hips back and forth. You feel her silken walls sliding up and down your cock with a slippery tightness that causes your spine to tingle.
        You instinctively reach up to place your hands on her hips, but as soon as you do, they are immediately grabbed by her furry claws and slammed back into the ground. “What do you think you’re doing!?” she growls, her eyes full of fury. Her face is the picture of indignation as she glowers down at you. “Putting your hands there like we’re lovers… tch. You grow too bold, bug!” Her words are harsh and her tone is condescending, yet she doesn’t break her rocking. Your sense of repentance is eclipsed by the growing pleasure surging through your core. Cassandra grins sadistically as she uses her claws to push herself up, raising her hips until you almost slip out of her. The cool air of the mansion rushes to send chills along your member, chasing off your orgasm.
        Cassandra laughs gleefully at the panic in your face as the chilling air overtakes the warm pleasure her body previously lavished on your flayed nerves. “Now you’ll not get to cum until I do, insect.” she says, slowly slipping her hips back down. A surge of warmth courses through your nerves again as your sensitive cock slides back into her waiting sex. The bat girl continues her cruel game of edging you. You squirm under her grasp but her monstrous strength keep you held down. She works her hips tirelessly, though eventually you see her willpower grinding down.
        Having absorbed most of the residual spirit energy, it seems her own hunger was starting to overtake her sadistic glee in torturing you. Her face goes flushed and her breath comes in quick pants. Her face goes from domineering, to strained and frantic. Her pace quickens, much to your delight. Your own breath comes short from the agonizing game, and it doesn’t take long before you’re right back at the edge. Only this time, Cassandra is merciful. She doesn’t pull back and instead increases the pace into a desperate bid to milk you of all you’re worth.
        “Dammit, insect, ahhh… You’re just- hngh! You’re just lucky I’m hungry enough to spare you now!” she says, her composure breaking as she gives out audible moans and gasps. She lets out a small scream before covering her own mouth with her spare claw, attempting to hold back. It is, however, to no avail as you feel her entire body tense up. Her other claw grasps frantically at your clothes, shredding them even more, and you feel her squeeze your member even tighter before spasming out of control. Cassandra does her best to contain her ecstasy as her convulsions only serve to drive you right over the edge.
        You gasp out as your spine surges with electricity, your cock erupting in thick ropes of pent up cum. You cum deep inside the small frame of the bat maid, as she rocks her hips some more in short little circles to make sure you give her every last drop. She seems to tighten up again, making sure to keep every bit of spirit energy you gave her deep within her core. Cassandra sways a bit, somewhat drunk on the taste of your soul and lost in her own afterglow. You lay there, completely spent from your treatment, attempting to catch your breath.
        It is only when Cassandra leans a bit too far forward, and starts to fall toward you. Your instincts tell you to reach up and catch her in a hug. You’re confident she would feel warm and quite comfortable pressed against your chest, but you know such a display of affection would only likely cause her to increase her torment later. So you settle for just catching her to try and right her position, but she indignantly swats your hand away. “Don’t touch me, insect.” she declares before unceremoniously rising from her position.
        She stands up over you, straightening out the creases in her uniform. “Now go clean yourself up. I’ve got work to do.” she says, attempting to sound domineering, but given she was still coming down off of an orgasm, her tone almost sounded gentle. Still, you knew better than to comment. Cassandra walked off, leaving you lying there on the floor, Covered in sexual fluids and your own ruined uniform. Just another typical day.
        “Psst!” you hear from above. You crane your neck backward and look to see another familiar face. Emily, an Alice-type succubus holding out a towel toward you. She looked rather comical, considering the towel as the size of a blanket. Emily worked as one of the maids, and she was particularly adept at her job considering her nature allowed her to concentrate on cleaning. Of course, sometimes her subtle charms would entice one of the other helpers to take her, her usual innocent nature prevented her from shirking her chores in favor of flirting with the other help. Indeed, one of the reasons the mansion had so many helpers is because of the notorious nature of monsters being preoccupied with activities that weren’t their job.
        Alice-types were rare, and Emily’s presence was the same as yours: Proof that Mistress Carmen was among the highest of nobility to have one in her employ. She was pleasant to be around, even if you sometimes felt her charm working its way into your psyche. You get up, taking the towel from the little succubus and throwing it around your shredded clothes. “Thanks, Emily.”
“I really wish she wouldn’t do that right in the middle of the hallway. Now I gotta clean the floor…” she said with a huff.
“Well, you know Cas. She’s gotta show everyone that she’s in charge.” you say off-handedly as you pull the towel around you. “I can clean up the mess if you give me a bit. I still gotta tell Sally about the dinner preparations. Not to mention change my clothes and get these rags down to Alicia for repairs.”
        The little loli waves you off, shaking her head. “It’s all right. Cas would just get all mad and yell about the spot on the floor before you did it. I know you got stuff to do, so I’ll just get it.”
“Heh,” you give a laugh, reaching out to pat the little Emily on the head, which softens her expression as she smiles up at you. “Thanks again, Em. Cas would enjoy the sight of me cleaning up our mess, but you’re probably right. She’d get uppity about the spot on the floor before I got around to it.”
        “Just make sure you pay the favor back!” Emily declared as she pointed up at you. You notice the way the light played off of her hair, accentuating her bright smile. You imagine those smiling lips wrapped around your cock as you fucked her throat. She’s just about the right height to just jam your length right into her mouth. All you had to do was take a step forward and grab her head-
        You shake your head frantically, trying to chase off the effects of the Alice charms. “Definitely.” you say before patting her head again and turning heel to walk away. “I appreciate the help, Emily!” you call back, putting distance between you and the Alice-type before you succumb to another demon’s charms.

        You catch your breath around the next corner, calming your self down. You take a deep breath before catching your bearings again. You would have gone straight to change and to Alicia to repair your uniform, but Chef Salvatore had to be informed of the dinner plans soon. Emily’s towel allowed you to cover yourself so that your naked body didn’t cause any of the other help to force themselves on you at your passing, so you resolve to visit Sally first. You start down the hallway, the temperature rising a few degrees with every few feet as you get closer and closer to the kitchens.

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