Big Bad Wolf

I shouldn’t have come here. I really, really shouldn’t have. Especially not alone – what was I thinking?

From my vantage in the corner, nestled safe against two walls – or as safe as one could feel here – I tried to make myself as small and insignificant as possible. Unfortunately it seemed that the more I tried to hide, the bigger the target it made me for lecherous stares and leers. Being the only guy in here sure put one hell of a target on me.

Women of every sort undressed me with their eyes, taking me in from top to bottom. A minotaur with all kinds of chains on her horns. An ushi-oni wearing studded leather. A kitsune with probably at least a dozen piercings in each ear, one in her nose, one on her lip. Oh, I caught her eye again, though before I can look away she reveals that yes, her tongue is pierced as well.

There’s no safety with the staff. The bartender, some kind of werecat with more tattoos than bare skin, is relentless. More than once she’s suggested I go into the back with her for ‘protection’ from the patrons.

Yeah, right.

I needed to get out of here; the sooner the better. Didn’t even care that I’d only taken a few sips from this overpriced drink. So much for adventuring from the usual, comfortable spots in town. Comfortable and familiar was exactly what I needed right now, not this – whatever this could be called. Some kind of trashy-dive-metal bar with a live band that is playing way the fuck too loud.

But way the fuck too loud is exactly what I need right now to make my escape. Almost everyone was focused on the music, thrashing and carrying about like a bunch of hooligans. Gods was this a bad idea. At any rate, time to make a move before this song is over.

Plotting my course carefully, I slip across the back wall and manage to make it to the exit with nary an eye on me, save for the bouncer. The burly manticore with an eye patch sizes me up and grunts as I approach, but says nothing as I slip outside. I was expecting her to be a challenge to my escape, so how fortuitous that I didn’t have to resort to any drastic measures.

Outside, I let out a deep sigh of relief. I’m mostly safe now, I think. The neighborhood is rough, but it’s not too far until I get back into the decent parts of the city. It’s not even eleven yet, so I can probably hit up some bars or clubs in a less aggressive area.

After just a few steps, I hear the door open behind me and freeze. Don’t know why I froze instead of just walking even faster. So much for not being followed, I guess. Glancing quickly behind me, the pierced kitsune is lighting up a cigarette. She meets my stare for a minute, but simply leans up against the wall and takes a drag. False alarm. The breath I’d been holding slips out and my feet resume their steps, albeit at a faster pace.

Maybe I was wrong about them. They all looked tough, scary, but no one actually did anything. Shit, I’d been molested more than a few times in the more upscale establishments. By now I’d expect it to happen nightly, if not several times a night. All these women did was stare at me. Raped me with their eyes, but I’d take that over actual rape.

My intuition is still telling me that I need to keep up a fast pace, so I keep on walking. The more distance I put between me and that bar, the better I feel. I guess I do feel a bit of a jerk for assuming those women were rape machines. Stereotypes and all.

Though the more I walk, the stranger things feel. This is the heart of the city, isn’t it? Why are the streets so empty? Then the hairs on my neck stand on end, some instinct in my body telling me I needed to move, and fast. So why are the hairs on my neck suddenly standing on end?

Whirling around, I see nothing. Just the bar down the way, the kitsune still smoking. She seems to be focused on me, however. Was it because I suddenly spun around? No, she’s looking at something else. Then I feel a presence. Behind me. Every muscle in my body tenses. The kitsune casually flicks her smoke to the ground, shrugs, and walks back inside.

Kind of like she gave up to whatever is behind me.

A breath washes over the back of my neck.

Turning about like a ratchet, I lay eyes on her. How did she get there? I remember seeing her inside the bar just minutes ago. In fact, I marked her as one of the less threatening ones. How wrong I was.

The hulking dire wolf, standing well over a foot over me, pulls her lips back. It’s a smile of sorts, though it’s anything but friendly. She’s sporting extremely short-cut jean shorts, little more than jean panties that accentuate her athletic thighs. Her shirt struggles to contain her bust, and she’s completely forgone a bra.

“H-hi,” I stammer out, trying to look around the woman. Her bushy, grey tail swishes back and forth a few times, obstructing any view beyond her.

“Dangerous to be alone in these parts, dontcha think?” she says, laying an emphasis on the last syllable of her words.

Reaching down slowly as to avoid alarming her, I try for the tazer I keep in a holster at my back. I hate to use it, but I’m left with no choice. “I, I don’t know what you mean,” I say just as slowly.

She leans down so she’s nearly eye-level, holding a paw to her hip. “There’s all kinds of people about at this hour. People who see a tasty little rabbit like you and might not be able to help themselves.”

As if making herself clear, she leans in even closer and sniffs me a few times. Her deep red eyes drink me in from head to toe. Then she licks her chops. There’s no doubt about her intentions.

Taser in hand, I draw it in a flash and snap it in line with my would-be assailant. But she’s fast. Faster than I could have ever anticipated. Her paw snaps out and strikes my arm, sending my aim wide just as I pull the trigger.

She laughs cruelly, mercilessly. “Aw, your little pop gun trick didn’t work on me, did it?”

I can only stare at the dire wolf as fear grips my heart. Each cartridge for the Taser is single use. I have more, but there’s no way I can reload. Then, while frozen in fear, she simply plucks the gun from my hand and then throws it to the ground. With a loud crunch she grinds it into shards under one of her massive, furry feet.

Laughing to herself, she begins to stalk around me. I can’t do anything except follow her with my eyes. Everything tells me that any movement I made will just result in her pouncing on me, but if I stay still she’ll do it eventually anyways. Every few steps she pauses to sniff somewhere else and even licks my cheek.

“Everything about you is cute. Your looks, your smell, your taste. But I wonder what the rest of you tastes like?” She whispers from behind me, placing her paws on my shoulders.

I swallow hard and try to say something, but she cuts me off with an amused whisper. “Who do you think runs faster? You when scared, or me when I’m horny?”

A silent scream fills my throat as her claws dig slightly into my shoulders. Then she gives me a push forward. “Let’s find out!”

It’s exactly what she wants. But she’s given me a path out. Instinct and fear take over rational thought and I run. Run as hard as I can, as fast as I can, like a wild, blind animal.

A blood-chilling howl pierces the night air, echoing through the sheets. I run even harder, willing my body forward as fast as it can go and then some.

Blood pounds in my ears, my legs burn like fire. My vision narrows until I can only see immediately ahead of me. How far, how long have I run? I don’t know. I want to look behind me, but I know better. Hope fills me as I run and run and there’s no sign of the wolf woman. Maybe I am faster; I was on the track team back in highs—

Something massive and heavy blindsides me, sending me crashing into a wall and spilling out onto the sidewalk. Stars and darkness alternate in bursts and fades, robbing me of sight. Scrambling madly on all fours, I struggle in desperation to get back on my feet but my head won’t stop spinning and I tumble fruitlessly back onto the ground.

Then the world becomes weightless. No, not weightless. I’m being held in the air by something; someone. Slowly my senses return, and I find myself eye-to-eye with a familiar, grinning face. In contrast to my labored breathing, my lungs filled with burning air, the woman looks no more winded than someone on a leisurely stroll through the park. No, that’s not quite right.

“You’re quick, I’ll give you that,” she said, snorting through her nose.

She was breathing rapid and shallow, but it wasn’t from running. I shake my head to try and clear the webs, taking in the situation. She’s holding me with both paws under my arms and close to her chest. One of my legs aches, but I can’t see beyond her… sizeable chest.

“Hah!” She laughs, or maybe more like barks, then hooks a corner of her lip up further. “I knew you were a slut, looking down my shirt like that.”

Before I can protest or even think to tell her she’s wrong, I’m thrust against the wall that I just crashed against. Her paws move fast, slipping around so one is pressing hard against my chest, pinning me against the wall. The other paw slides down to my pants and takes a firm grip on my junk.

Massaging and squeezing through my pants, she brings herself so very close. Leaning down she licks all over my cheek and neck, breathing heavily through her nose. Her musky aroma wafts into my nose, triggering parts of my mind. It was a familiar scent, one of a bitch in heat. Despite the pain, the fear, that scent and her warmth and her paw grasping and massaging through my pants awoke ancient parts of my brain.

My rational thoughts protested. I protested. I was winning my mental battle, keeping myself in control.

Her breathing quickens, becomes harsher. She bites my neck and shoulder lightly, holding me in her teeth as her hot breath washes across my skin.

I didn’t notice she quit rubbing and stroking at my crotch until I felt my belt come undone. Releasing my neck from her mouth she stared at me hungrily, like the predator she was. Then, with a sharp tug, my pants crumpled to the cement, followed by my boxers. In a flash her paw was back on me, but she kept staring at me.

No, no. No! I tried and tried to resist, but she smelled… good. She felt hot and soft. Her pawpads were surprisingly supple and silky, and she moved her digits in just the right way to stroke my flaccid shaft and tumble my balls at the same time.

“Please, stop, don’t do this,” I begged, feeling myself losing control. That only seemed to make her happier. Hungrier.

Her lips met mine in a flash before I even saw her dart in, and just as quickly her tongue forced its way into my mouth. Inches and inches of her tongue spilled in, coiling around my tongue and pressing against the roof of my mouth. Her hot, long wolf-like tongue probed and violated everything in my mouth as she gripped and squeezed my cock with her paw. I couldn’t help it. Shame burned hot within me, but so did primal, carnal lust.

It stirred and twitched. Suddenly she pulled back, drawing out several long tendrils of spit from my lips to her tongue. She held her tongue out, wagging it. She was absolutely delighted. “If you weren’t a slut, you wouldn’t be getting hard from getting tongue-raped and molested out on the streets,” she said with callous mirth. I looked away, face flushed.

She leaned heavily against me, pinning me with her massive breasts in place of her paw. One paw focused solely on my sack, tumbling and squeezing the orbs within as her second paw concentrated on stroking my increasing length.

“You’re getting fucking rock-hard! I can’t believe it!”

I refuse to look at her. “Please, just let me go,” I murmur quietly.

“Look at me,” she commanded. I refused. The pleasurable tumbling went to intense pain in a hurry. Her paw squeezed hard, pulling down at the same time. I yelped, and again she repeated that I look at her.

This time I complied. “See, was that so hard?” she said haughtily. “Now open wide~”

Fearing for my testicles, I obeyed her command and opened my mouth. Just as before her plump, moist lips locked against mine. But her tongue. It didn’t search or tease my own. All its length plunged straight down my throat, trigging my gag reflex, but she didn’t stop. Even while tongue-fucking my throat she laughs, the vibrations travelling along and dispersing into my mouth and throat.

Her paws resume their tender ministrations, stroking and tugging and teasing and playing. I was utterly powerless. She was raping my throat with her thick tongue and laughing about it. Her paws, that should have been horrifying things that maimed and killed, felt so good – so soft. The little tufts of fur that grew between each pad tickled and caressed, overloading me with sensation.

Nearing the brink, she must’ve felt the twitching. She broke off her violation of my mouth, again pulling back just enough for her wide, cruel smile and ruby-red eyes to fill the entirety of my vision. “Are you gonna cuuum?” she taunts.

“No!” I protest, but my body betrays me with a jolt.

“Oh, is that so? I think you should, it’ll make you feel all better,” she says, again nibbling at my neck.

Gods, her paws won’t stop, not even for a second. Her movements are always changing, finding new ways to stimulate. It’s too late. I can’t hold back.

“That’s right, cum for me you dirty slut,” she growls.

Then, just as my boiling climax arrives, she bites down onto my neck. Only instead of the wince of pain from before, it felt different. It felt good. And only heightened my explosion of mirth.

Groaning and falling completely limp, my cock twitches and jumps as thick strings jet out. I can feel my balls emptying of seed with every pulse, with every sticky alabaster rope of shame that covers her paws. But it feels so good, far better than it should. All I can do is close my eyes and groan in pleasure.

The weight and pressure on my chest falls back, letting me slide down onto the cement into a heap. My face is covered in saliva, mostly hers, and my crotch is soaked in my own release.

Lording above me the dire wolf looks at her freshly glazed paws, then at me. “My, my, you sure let out a lot,” she says happily, then licks a thick strand off her paw. “And so tasty.” She flashes me another fang-filled smile.

I feel so ashamed at having let myself succumb. And she’s just standing there, licking herself clean and wagging her tail. All I can think is how I look, lying in a heap like this. Half naked, covered in fluids and sex in the middle of the city. Just like a slut. Why did I come here? Maybe she’s right. Maybe this is really what I wanted.

She finishes licking herself clean, then fumbles around in her pocket and pulls something out, but I can’t quite make out what it is. She reaches for my arm and takes it in her paw, but I don’t realize what she’s doing until it’s too late.

“I got just the thing for a manslut like you,” she says, immediately followed by a prick. My eyes go wide as I feel something burn like fire spread into my veins. I try to pull away but she just laughs and holds me fast as her other paw empties the syringe into me.

“W-what the fuck did you shoot me up with?!” I stammer as the burning spreads everywhere in my body. Like fire it grows, fanning flames and heating everything it touches.

“Wonderland,” she says matter-of-factly and tosses the syringe aside. “You didn’t think I was going to let you go with just a paw-job, did you?”

Wonderland. No no no no. I began to tremble. From knowing what it was or the effects of the drug, I don’t know. It was a nightmarish mix of Manticore, Oomukade, and Apophis venoms. I knew that much. What else did I know?

I know that something smells good. Smells like sex, like lust. My hazy eyes wander over her body, taking her in. There’s a stain on her pants. Dark, large. Wet. That’s where this delicious aroma is coming from. No, no, this is… the drug. I don’t want her, I really don’t. No, not at all.

“Like what you see, boy?” The dire wolf coos, hooking her large, furry thumbs into the sides of her pants. Then, just ever so slightly she pulls them down, revealing tan lines on her thighs and hips. The tight fabric and her thumbs sink into her flesh and she wiggles her hips side to side.

Ever so slowly they drop lower and lower, stopping just as the beginning of her slit appears. Even in the dark, I can see it. She’s swollen and red and glistening. Those meaty lips must be so hot and soft and slick. No! No, I don’t want it. No. How hot are her depths?

Noo… no… yes. Yes, they must be so very hot and wet and tight and slippery.

She looks so happy, so victorious. I can’t even look away anymore. My eyes are locked to her drooling cunt, utterly soaking her flimsy excuse for clothing.

“Mmmhmm, I know I like what I see,” she says, bringing up one of her feet to my crotch. “That’s some powerful shit, ain’t it?”

Without even realizing it I’d become fully engorged again. Gingerly she strokes up and down with my length between her soft, cushy toes, but it’s agonizingly short. Yet it felt so fantastic. Suddenly little sparks of electricity travel up and down my skin all over and I’m now keenly aware of a weight in my sack. A heavy, liquid weight that yearns to be set free.

“Tell me, you slut, what do you want?”

I mumble something.

She speaks more commandingly. “Tell me what the fuck you want, you filthy whore!”

“Y-you,” I mewl, feeling as if I’m in a distant, pleasure-drunk haze.

“Well, you can’t have me,” she says, leaning down and taking my chin in her paw. “But I think I’ll have you. You want that, don’t you?”

I try to resist, but the heat is… overwhelming, intoxicating. I’m throbbing so hard it hurts. I need to release it. Ignoring her words I reach for myself but the wolf grabs my hands and pins them to the wall.

“Look at you, trying to masturbate on the street. You’re the biggest fucking slut I’ve ever seen,” she says, alternating between a mocking whisper and what sounds nearly like disgust.

“Fuck, I bet you’d get off on me raping you,” she begins, her tone harsh. “You want me to straddle you and ride you ragged, don’t you?”

It’s over, it’s all over. I can’t take it. It’s been only minutes, if that, since she injected me. I think, I don’t know. Everything is so hot and everything about her makes me want to submit to her, let her violate me to her heart’s content. Why am I resisting? If I bend to her will I can unload over and over and lose myself in bliss.

“Y-yes!” I say more forcefully, though not without regret. “Whatever you want, just let me cum,” I plead weakly.

“Hah! Look at you, begging,” the dire wolf says, bringing her face close to mine. Her breath washes across my face, and I find myself mesmerized by her lips, her mouth, and that amazingly long and thick tongue of hers. “Fine, I’ll let you cum all you want, but first you have to tell me what a dirty little boy you are.”

I whimper. She squeezes my hands tighter and starts to rub her leg against my trembling erection. Her soft, warm skin feels so good wherever it touches. I want more. I need more.

“Please,” I begin through a gasp, “I’m just a dirty slut. Just fuck me and use me however you want!”

She’s won, and she knows it. She licks my cheek and laughs. “Good boy.”

Relief sweeps through my mind as I think she’ll take me right there. Visions of stuffing her wolfcunt full of my cock and filling her with endless streams of seed dance through my mind, making every passing second more torturous than the last. But she has other plans.

Picking me up without any effort at all, she carries me back towards the bar. Fear and frustration and… anticipation all mingle together. “We’re going to have some fun with you,” she says, holding my arms tight to prevent me from trying to jerk off.


I don’t even care anymore. I just want her. Her ass, her breasts, her tongue, her pussy, her paws, her skin. In my heated delirium I’m only barely aware that we’ve entered the back entrance to the bar I just left. That must be why I didn’t see her come after me. If only I would’ve checked she wouldn’t have… wouldn’t have ambushed me. She wouldn’t have jerked me off with those paws of hers, wouldn’t have slid her tongue down my throat. Wouldn’t have injected me with that drug that made me churn and tremble and feel like I could ejaculate endlessly in her cunt and ass and whatever holes she wants and why isn’t she fucking me gods I just want her to fuck me already!

All of a sudden the loud, familiar music goes dead. No, what’s she doing? “Where, why here? N-no, please…” I plead as dozens of pairs of eyes lock onto us.

“Shut up, slut. You know you want to be fucked with everyone watching,” she says, unceremoniously dropping me onto the stage where the band had been playing. They all clear out, moving their instruments and equipment against the wall.

My pants are still around my ankles, my erection soaring. And all these women are staring. I can feel their gaze on my crotch. Their desire, their hunger. I, I should feel so ashamed, but I can’t. It’s just so, appealing. They all want me, to watch me get fucked.

The dire wolf pads around me, slowly taking off her clothing. Peeling her shirt over her head, her massive breasts swing down and jostle. Thick, suckable nipples cap each one, and they’re already standing erect. My eyes refuse to budge from her chest, until she hooks her thumbs into the strip of fabric that covers her vulva.

Just as before she slowly peels down the covering, revealing the top of her slit and swollen lips. Only this time, she drops them off entirely. Her clit is standing proud from its hood and thick tendrils of lubricant drip from her reddened and puffy labia. The smell hit me like a tsunami, her estrus slamming and inundating every part of my consciousness. A sweet, musky, feral odor stokes the flames of my already-conflagrating desire.

Holding her arms up in the air, the dire wolf paces back and forth on the stage, now entirely nude. “It’s time for the main event!” She bellows, receiving raucous cheers from the crowd. “I know it was looking like we’d have to cancel tonight, but good thing for us this guy showed up!”

Is that why they all stared at me earlier? They’d all planned this, this show? I know I should feel anger, or outrage or hurt or shame. So why is it I can only feel so needy? Will they all take their turn with me? Am I going to be fucked by all these women? I swallow loudly and listen to the pounding of my heart, and my eyes trail down to my cock. What is this feeling? Pure, unadulterated anticipation. So much precum is pouring out. They all want me. I want them.

The dire wolf’s shadow looms over me, and she looks down. I didn’t even notice when she finished her little speech. Then, in one swift motion she drops down onto me. Quickly at first, but then so painfully slow. My cock just brushes against her puffy entrance, coating itself in her lube. It’s hot. Sticky. Inviting. The massively swollen and pillowy cunt-lips serving to guide my cock into her. Then she grins. “Say it, slut.”

There’s no hesitation in my response. “Please, fuck me!” How much was I going to have to beg? However much it took.

The audience cheers. She drops down the rest of the way, splitting herself apart on my turgid lance.

Tight. Hot. Despite her size, she’s so tight. Tighter than any other woman I’ve ever been with. Inch by slow inch she drops her hips, forcing me deep inside her. She’s licking her lips, staring at me all the while.

The fleshy folds and ripples and bumps caress and stroke everything, sliding and squirming over every part of me. Already I’m losing myself, and I’m not even all the way inside her. Something even tighter twists and grips my cock just a few inches into her pussy, like there’s a bend inside. Then it contracts around me, almost painfully, stopping her descent.

My face contorts in pleasure and the wolf woman hums in satisfaction. A moment passes, and the contraction eases and another inch slides into her. She’s so hot, so exquisitely hot. Finally, her puffy vulva settles against my crotch, squishing out and forming a tight seal between us. Another strong contraction, this time at the base of my cock. And then it travels upward, squeezing along my length like a tight, fleshy ring in her pussy.

But she’s not moving at all, just resting against me and panting. Just as the squeezing reaches the tip of my crown, it lets go. Then the squeezing starts over again at the base of my shaft and works its way up, milking my entire shaft. Gods, she’s so hot, and tight, and the milking is getting stronger and faster, every part of my cock is gripped in her depths. My dick is twitching and shuddering, and already I’m about to burst. Seconds, just seconds, and already I can feel a heat equal to her cunt welling with me.

“So soon? How shameful,” the wolf says patronizingly, looking pouty for a moment before her usual domineering smirk returns. “Good thing there’s plenty to go around,” she adds, reaching down to give my swollen balls a few squeezes.

One more pass on my cock is all it took. My mind goes blank and my hips lurch up off the floor as my body succumbs to instinct. The first hot, white load distends my cum vein, making her even tighter, and then jets out into her womb. I groan, completely pleasure drunk. Closing my eyes, I totally give up and let myself fall into bliss. A second, third, and fourth rope lance out into her while her cunt milks the entire time, greedily slurping up every drop.

I twitch and gasp from the constant, unending stimulation and roll my head side to side, unable to think of anything except the torment of pleasure. A fifth weak spurt fires out into her, and then I collapse onto the floor. But my erection is hard as ever, and her sodden honeypot never ceases. Faster and harder it milks, turning me into a quivering mess on the floor, trapped underneath the direwolf. I try to tell her to stop, but the words are never able to form in my throat.

The dire wolf rests a paw on her stomach and rubs, “That was pretty good for an appetizer,” she say languidly before her feral smile returns. “And now for the main course!”

Her hips heft up, and then slam down onto me. And again, and again, and again, in time with the undulations of her pussy. She’s so fucking tight her inner lips pull out and drag across me, never truly letting go, almost as if they were sucking my cock. Every time she drops down her vulva slaps noisily against my crotch, sending little splatters of her juices everywhere.

All the strength drains from my limbs, leaving me a limp, twitching rag on the ground. Time stretches out, or compresses, I don’t know. She’s panting now, eyes closed and biting her lip, grinding her hips against me like a wild beast. Her massive breasts are squished tight between her arms just above my face, her nipples dragging against my cheeks.

More, I need more. Through chance I manage to get one of her nipples in my mouth. Thick, tasty, I suck on the hardened nub, bringing a little moan from the wolf herself. “You fucking slut,” she says, each word punctuated by gasps and pants.

Something switches inside her and she rolls and thrusts her hips even faster, forcing a long, low moan from my throat that never escapes my mouth due to her nipple. Soon, too soon, my balls begin to churn and contract, but there’s no build up.

My cock just begins to spurt like a fountain in erratic streams during the longest orgasm of my life. Huge, thick loads, tiny watery loads. Even blanks, everything happens and doesn’t stop as contraction after contraction triggered by a primal impulse to release something, anything, into her hole completely dominates my body. Eight or ten or fifteen ropes, I don’t know.

The dire wolf lets out a long howl just as my balls empty. During her howl she’s completely stiff, but twitches for several long seconds. Her face is completely flushed red – no, her whole body flushes. She actually came from raping me, despite my shamefully fast ejaculations. “Delicious,” she says as she relaxes. I mostly expect her to keep going, but instead she lifts off me.

With a wet pop my cock frees itself from her pussy, quickly followed by a cascade of semen and her honey. Only then do I realize that the audience has been very quiet, save for a few of them who are masturbating and moaning loudly. They’re masturbating to me getting fucked on stage. My still-throbbing erection trembles at the thought. And, despite blowing so much, my balls still ache and feel stuffy.

My mind is still hazy, depleted, and all I can do is lay there. More, I need more. I try to get up, but the wolf pushes me back down and growls. “We ain’t done with you yet.”

I think I smile at the prospect.

She then turns to the audience. “Step right up,” she says. “Sloppy seconds, thirds, fourths, for everyone who wants ‘em!”

A familiar kitsune approaches – the one with all the piercings. Except she’s entirely naked, and only now do I realize she’s rather tiny. The baggy clothing she was wearing had hidden her lithe, taut body. Not only that, but her ring and middle finger are buried completely her cunt while she massages her clit with her palm. She’s moaning and gasping, walking with a staggered gait, taking a zig-zag path.

“Looks like we got our second,” the wolf says with an air of showmanship. “You want the usual?”

The kitsune nods, never once looking at my face. For a moment I take it to mean she’s shy, but then the wolf spins me around so my crotch is facing the audience. In one smooth motion, the kitsune drops down onto me reverse cow-girl style. I can’t see shit with her tails in my face as they sway and swish, stroking my face and chest.

A dainty, warm hand grips tightly around my shaft, aiming me at her entrance. Slowly she lowers herself, and my crown presses against something tight and unyielding. My eyes open in shock and I squirm, but the wolf holds me firm. “Her ass is good enough for you,” she says in a low growl. “Sluts don’t get a say.”

The pressure on her asshole builds and builds and then finally she begins to open, granting me entrance to the soft, hot confines within. She lets out a happy moan and all her tails wrap around my arms and body, holding me in their fluffy embrace. The soft fur is warm and almost silken, finer than any blanket or jacket or anything else I’ve experienced.

Her ass squeezes and folds around me, and quickly I’m buried entirely within her. She leans back against me on a bed of her tails, propping herself up with her arms. Starting in a slow roll she begins to bounce up and down on me, taking her time and hissing with pleasure on every stroke. Probing deep into her ass there’s nothing for my cockhead to bottom out against, leaving only the feeling of her scorching walls pressing against me and her tight entrance clamping around me.

She doesn’t wait long at her casual pain, cranking up the intensity until she’s moaning and gasping. In this position the audience is getting a full view of my cock impaling her ass, turning her asshole inside out every time she lifts up and then pushing it deep inside her when she rides down. That’s what I imagine is happening, my mind’s eye working overtime to paint a picture of what the tiny kitsune looks like from the front.

“How’s my ass, slut?” the kitsune asks sarcastically between the slaps of her ass cheeks against me, her words accented with gasps. She’s looking at me out of the corner of an eye, smirking malevolently

When I don’t answer, she repeats her question, this time more forcefully. The dire wolf leans in close and gives a short growl. “Better answer her.”

“G-good,” I say.

“What? I can’t hear you!”

I hesitate again. “Fuckin’ slut,” the kitsune says while pumping me in and out of her tight, sweet ass. “Say it!”

“Good!” I nearly shout.

“Do ya like my ass?!”

“Y-yes, I love fucking your ass!”

“Damn straight you do,” she says, curling her tails even more tightly around me. “I don’t let sluts fuck my pussy, just my filthy ass.”

The dire wolf is laughing, calling me a dirty ass-loving slut, along with several women in the audience. The kitsune loves every moment, the waves of attention seemingly driving her to new heights of pleasure.

“Hey!” the dire wolf says, “I got an idea!”

The kitsune keeps bouncing away, stretching herself out on my cock and loving every second of it, probably getting more enjoyment from forcing me to fuck her ass rather than getting cock in her ass. “Oh?” The kitsune says, quirking an eyebrow. The two of them then share a whisper, and then she looks back at me again. “Oh ho, that is a good idea!”

The wolf disappears completely from sight, leaving only the kitsune to fill my vision. Her white skin and smooth back, and long, pert ears jingling with the piercings. With my arms no longer pinned by the wolf, I snake my hands up to her chest, straight towards her tiny breasts. Surprisingly her nipples are almost achingly stiff – far firmer than the wolf’s. Flicking them between my fingers makes her gasp and sends her tails into a fluffy frenzy, writhing all around my body.

Though the humiliation of being forced to ass fuck her holds in my mind, I can’t help it. I’m hot as ever, and my body doesn’t care about who watches or what hole I’m in. She starts to contract her ass around me in a rhythm, letting me slip free from her ass and then almost fights me as I’m plunged back in. Without thought I start bucking my hips up into her, losing myself in the base pleasure of flesh.

“Hah! Knew you couldn’t resist,” the kitsune says victoriously. “Cum in my ass you slut!”

Again and again she repeats her command, and while my mind fights my body obeys. Closer and closer to the edge I get, until I give up, no longer willing or able to fight my base desires.

Then, without any warning, my legs are hauled up into the air by furry paws. The dire wolf. I panic, forcing my impeding orgasm aside.

“You’re gonna love this!” The kitsune says, slowing down her pace to a crawl.

Something hot blows against my balls. A breath. Then a long, hot, wet muscle slathers my sack and begins to work downwards. The kitsune riding me is staring down at whatever’s going on at my crotch, tensing all her tails around me. I try to shake the kitsune off but her tails hold me tight in their fluffy bondage.

A tongue circles my asshole. It has to be the dire wolf’s. I start to yell for her to stop, but no sooner do I utter a single word than a fluffy tail stuffs itself in my mouth to gag me. I wince and gasp as the tongue makes a forceful entrance, spearing me on its slippery length. Every noise my throat makes comes out as a muffled moan and I desperately try to free myself but the wolf is powerful, holding me perfectly still. Even through all of it, the kitsune continues to ride me slowly, drawing me in and out of her ass.

In seconds all of the wolf’s tongue impales me, granting me a sensation of being stretched and one of fullness. Inadvertently I clamp down around her tongue, which only makes it feel… good. Every time I try to force her out the contraction sends a ripple of pleasure through me.

And then the kitsune begins riding me in earnest, stuffing her ass full of my cock while the dire wolf’s tongue slithers and darts in and out of mine. Every time the tongue dips in, it presses against something – something that feels incredible and makes my cock jump to full attention and become so painfully erect.

Her tongue’s only been in me for scant seconds, thrusting in and out and forcing me open. Only seconds and I’m the hardest I’ve ever been in my life, and in only seconds my mind goes completely empty. The biggest orgasm of my life rolls through me and I blow load after steaming load into the kitsune’s guts, babbling incoherently with her tail still in my mouth. My body shudders and quakes with every searing jet of semen spilling into her colon, my balls tremble and pulse and contract in as they struggle to unload their contents.

“Yeah fuckin’ cum in my ass,” The kitsune commands, no longer bouncing on me but instead rolling her hips. “Fill me up you slut!”

Every time I feel that I can’t possibly spray any more, the tongue in my ass presses hard against that certain spot and forces another eruption. Every muscle in my body contracts and my hips bounce up and my cock thrashes about in the kitsune’s ass. My balls hurt and tingle, but they continue to pump out load after load of virile seed

Pleasure begins to turn into pain as I’m forced to ejaculate over and over, forced by the drug and the dire wolf pressuring of my prostate. Finally, mercifully, it ends. The tongue withdraws and the kitsune dismounts. Her tight ass clamps shut as soon I’m completely withdrawn, letting none of the bountiful seed escape.

“I can practically feel it sloshing inside me,” she says, shaking her ass. “You’re the best slut we’ve had in a while,” she adds while stroking my face with one of her tails.

I can’t manage any response, save to breathe weakly. After all that, my cock is beginning to go limp. Must’ve managed to blow out all of the drug by now. Hope bubbles up in my mind that maybe they’ll let me go.

That hope is dashed as once again the dire wolf straddles me and pins me down. “Looks like you’re goin’ all soft on us. Can’t have that,” she says with mock concern.

Then something pierces the inside of my thigh. I try to fight off the dire wolf and beg and plead, finding new strength in my limbs. “Please! Not again! I just want to go home!”

She laughs. “The night is still so young! What’s a slut if they can’t go all night?!”

The same heat washes through me, and against all thoughts I’m hard again.

“They all need their turn too, you know,” the dire wolf says, moving so I can see everyone in the audience. “But I’m not quite satisfied yet.”

I expect her to mount me, but instead of she pivots so her ass is above my face. And then she drops down, grinding her vulva into my mouth.

Her snatch is still full of my spunk, the saltiness mixing with her own fluids. Even without opening my mouth the liquid pools onto my lips and seeps into my mouth. I recoil, but there’s nowhere to go. I’m trapped, pinned. She rocks back and forth, pressing her lips deeply and heavily against mine.

“You there, first time, right? Come on and try it!” The wolf bellows, bouncing up and down on my face.

I struggle futility against her weight, but give up once I feel pawpads press against my thighs. Then someone then mounts me, but I have no idea who or what.

Hot, sticky flesh envelopes me. So tight, so hot, I melt in pleasure. Then I feel my cock press against something and pierce through. Something in my mind tells me I’ve just taken someone’s virginity; or rather they gave it up. Whoever it is must be tiny as my cock batters its way through the supple flesh and my glans kiss another barrier – her cervix. Deeper still she pushes, soft, furry thighs and legs resting against mine.

With a gasp of pleasure from the girl, she forces me to impale her womb, stretching it out around my cock. The voice is young and now she’s moaning non-stop, mixed up with incomprehensible vocalizations of pleasure and meows. Her cunt feels like it has ribs, and each one catches and snags on my glans, pleasuring me in ways I never thought possible.

The fresh dose of drug flowing through my veins or balls or wherever forces me to come after only a few thrusts, and I cum so much. A huge amount of thick, sticky semen blasts out into her tiny womb, stretching and distending it further as I thrust up to meet her. Load after voluminous load spills out, a truly inhuman amount. But like the wolf, she doesn’t stop.

“Lucky you, taking the virginity and cumming inside a pre-teen sphinx,” the wolf says with a whistle, shaking her hips side to side on my face.

What is such a young girl doing here? And no, so young. My mind reels in disgust, but everything else… everything else wants to keep going, to keep fucking the sphinx. Some hidden appeasement works its way into the forefront of my mind as she slams herself onto my cock over and over. I can just imagine her belly bloating out from all the jizz I pump her full of. It makes me even harder.

“You better get to lickin,’ slut. Maybe if you do a good job I’ll let you go home early,” the dire wolf says, at first commanding but then almost motherly.

With nothing left and utterly broken, I obey. My tongue laps at her folds and I suck and hum on her engorged clit, sending a shiver through the wolf’s loins. Endless rivulets of her tangy nectar flow out, flushing my slutty seed free and forcing me to drink and smell it all.

My cock is spurting almost at random, firing off loads with every other pump by the tiny ribbed pussy, and then another dose of the drug hits me but I hardly feel it, save for the increased swelling of my testicles and heat that sears my mind. Instantly I fire off a massive load into the pussy, no doubt bloating it out her womb and giving her a bit of a belly. Just as I imagined. Am I imaging it? Or is it really happening?

I can’t stop lapping at the wolf’s cunt, her taste is so good. My tongue searches far as possible, collecting the sweetest of her nectar that’s deep inside. Every so often she cinches my head tightly between her thighs as she climaxes and pours a cascade of girlcum into my mouth, but I savor it all.

The tight, ribbed cunt dismounts, leaving my cock standing proud in the cold air. It only takes seconds until I’m in the hot, wet, safe confines of someone else. This one is a little looser, but it doesn’t matter, it all feels so good.

Time blurs, I can’t make sense of what’s going on. I cum and I cum and I think they hit me with the drug again. Amazing. So many pussies and assholes around my cock. I’ve come in so many, topped off so many with my spunk. I can’t believe I never came here before. What was I ever afraid of?

At some point the dire wolf stands up, granting me a breath of fresh air, but I don’t want it. I just want her soppy hot mess. She stands off to the side, and motions for other women to gather around me. They’re all masturbating, using dildos or dipping their fingers inside themselves or rubbing their clits. They’re all doing this for me, granting me all this pleasure.

Some begin to moan loudly, splashing me with their orgasmic release. It all tastes so good. One girl is sweet, another sour. The kitsune takes her fourth ride, and again I pump her ass full of yet more cum; I can feel the pooling seed in her ass with every thrust. Another girl squirts on me, meowing happily and calling me her slutty bitch. I don’t even remember being fucked by her.

I wake up on the stage, naked and utterly drenched. The place is empty, save for the dire wolf. She’s wearing a robe, and watching me from one of the bar stools. When she sees that I’m conscious, she hops off and walks over. I expect another hit of the drug, or her to face ride me, or fuck me, or beat me, I don’t care anymore. There’s only one thing I want.

“Good work, slut,” she says, throwing a few towels on me. “You’ll be here tomorrow, won’t you?”

I nod.

She flashes a wolfish smile and produces another syringe.

I can’t wait.


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10 thoughts on “Big Bad Wolf

  1. Lacks the charm of Monster Girl Encyclopedia rape, even if it has the raping monsters. Too cruel, not enough underlying instinct-fueled affection.

    1. Rape isn’t supposed to be charming, and sadism is the whole point. Instinct-fueled affection? Well, I guess it’s too late to say about the only thing I lifted from MGE were a couple of the designs, like Cheshires and Manticores in some stories. Other than stealing some designs, which I usually do because hey art of them already exists so I don’t have to bother with tricky things like descriptions, everything is my own setting. Bad things happen, you can’t fuck away your problems, and fuck spirit energy

  2. Beautifully written. Obviously, rape is wrong and happens anyway IRL. Crying about it isn’t a solution.

    Either way, extreme fandom without any injuries or real hatred towards guys is a big turn-on to me. Including humiliation and other stuff. Name-calling, bootlicking, foot sniffing, you name it.

    Dear Ilias, I should write one of those with a dark elf.

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