Big Bad Wolf 2

“Go on, what’re you waiting for?” Tina whispered into my ear.

The hulking dire wolf then gave me a gentle shove through the doorway and out onto the warehouse floor. I stumbled on the raised sill and nearly fell, but a quick, powerful paw latched onto my shoulder to steady me.

“Careful pups, don’t want you getting hurt now.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” I responded, still very unsure of what was going on. Rather than walk forward I just looked back at her, waiting for her to take the lead.

Tina simply sighed at my reluctance and walked past me, brushing against me with her bushy tail. I immediately trailed behind her, not wanting the leash she held to tug on my collar. Normally I trusted the Mistress, but this was all so unfamiliar, and she was being more than a little secretive.

A short distance away, set up in a clearing, were two large mattresses pushed together and raised up off the floor with wooden crates. Gathered all around the make-shift giant bed were at least a dozen women, all seemingly of the canine type. My worry deepened further when I only recognized a single face in the motley crowd.

“Something the matter?” Tina inquired, looking over her shoulder as she led me towards the group.

“I – who are they all?”

She turned about and quickly, but delicately, took my chin in her paw and leveled her gaze at me. “Do you doubt me?”

I hesitated over my response; I did have my doubts, but I also trusted her. Thing was she’d usually tell me what she had planned whenever we did these sorts of events, or there would be a familiar routine – down at the club, for example. But tonight she’d kept me entirely in the dark.

Sighing, Mistress traced one of her furry digits across the simple leather collar around my neck. “You’re mine,” she began in her typical firm-yet-gentle tone. “I expect you to listen and obey. In exchange, I keep you safe.”

My eyes wandered over the congregation. They were already getting excited, no doubt due to my dress – or lack thereof. Like the mistress, most of them were larger and stronger than the typical monstergirl. From my experiences, many of that larger sort had difficulty holding themselves back during these kinds of events.

“But they might-“

Mistress narrowed her eyes to thin slits. “What did I just say?”

Her tone more than hinted she wasn’t going to tolerate further questioning. With no choice, I simply hung my head in defeat. “Yes, mistress.”

In an instant her hooded expression brightened and her tail swished a few times. “Good.”

I had to admit, she may be firm but she’s very forgiving. And she was right – since I’d been with her I’d never been hurt. Or, at least, she’d never let anyone who went a bit too far go unpunished. Thinking about what happened to the one werecat who dug her claws in a little too deep made me wince.

The rest of the short walk towards the bed was silent, save for the chatter of the other women. They constantly looked me up and down, smiling their approval and making comments with each other as they drank me in, letting their eyes linger on my crotch. I had little doubt it was due to the drug mistress had been giving me nightly – one of the ‘side effects’ of long-term use is a general swelling of the testicles as the body tries to accommodate the forced increase in production. Mine’d almost doubled in size since I was introduced to it the first time.

Standing off by herself was the one woman I knew, aside from mistress. Well, she was sort of my mistress as well. Whenever Tina wasn’t around, Rachel held my leash. Sometimes literally, but mostly figuratively. Compared to the wolf, the kitsune was more interested in using me to get herself off than anything else.

The tiny, multi-tailed fox looked out of place amongst the giants surrounding her, but along with Tina she held the most commanding presence. Due to her sharp eyes, her bundle of tails larger than herself, or just the way she held herself – I couldn’t say.

She turned up to look at us, smiling as she blew out a nearly perfect ‘O’ smoke ring after taking a drag. Rachel was almost a head shorter than I was, and Tina nearly a foot taller than I was, so seeing them together made for an interesting dynamic. One always had to look up, the other down.

“Tina! What took ya so long? The girls here were getting anxious,” Rachel said, not entirely able to keep her gaze off me.

“I was nearly out of Wonderland. Had to make a pickup,” the dire wolf replied. She kept walking as she talked, forcing me closer to the bed – and crowd – with a few tugs on the leash as she went..

The kitsune flashed a toothy grin, then turned to the throng with outstretched arms. “ Alright ladies, it’s show time!”

I would’ve expected a sort of cheer or something to accompany her energetic announcement, but all that came forth was silence. The only reaction they’d had to hearing the kitsune was to lock their greedy, hungry stares onto me – even more so than they’d just done.

At the bedside Tina picked me up and plopped me onto it, directly under one of the overhead floodlights. Usually we were in a dim club or bar or someone’s play room, places where I’d managed to feel comfortable. They were safe, familiar. But here, under with harsh light that illuminated every little detail, I felt naked and bare. I tried to cover myself with my hands, but that only elicited a throaty laugh from my lupine mistress.

“Still have a bit of modesty? How cute!”

She then crawled up after me after quickly removing what little clothing she’d bothered to wear and leaned in close behind me, holding my shoulders in her paws. “But a slut doesn’t need modesty, hmm?”

In a flash her paws grabbed my hands and pulled them behind my back, ending my futile attempt to hide myself in front of all those gleaming eyes. She gently pulled be backwards, bending me at the waist and forcing my crotch out towards the leering masses. Some whistled catcalls as my junk was put on display, others simply began drooling or shed their clothing in anticipation.

Holding both my hands in one of her paws, Tina then sat down behind me and pulled me into her lap. Her massive breasts pressed heavily into my back, smooshing out and spreading a soft warmth across my skin. For the briefest of moments I forgot the audience, held close and safe in my Mistress’ grasp.

But, the warm, fuzzy feeling faded in an instant when she hooked her legs along the inside of mine and spread herself – along with me. I struggled against her, but her legs were far stronger than mine. Against my will she opened me wide, putting me on display for the horny pack.

“Look how badly they want you,” Tina cooed in my ear, slipping her paws over my shoulders and down my chest. “They want to use you, pump you in and out of them like a dildo until you top off their cunts with your seed and then just dump you. But that’s exactly what a slut like you wants, isn’t it?”

I opened my mouth to protest, but her words gave me pause. I met the stares of those in front of me, those stares full of burning lust and hunger. If Mistress allowed it, they’d ravage me, use me to their heart’s content. I wondered how they’d use me, how they’d abuse me. What would all their steaming, tight holes feel like? Would they fight over me, like I was nothing but a cum-dispenser to be won like a prize?

I gulped, finding myself not entirely at odds with the idea of being used to satiate the carnal urges of a random pack of wolves. A chew toy for them to let their stress out on.

“So why don’t we give them a little warm up show…” Tina says, dropping her tone to a sultry growl.

At the same time her soft, furry paws found their way down my chest and over my inner thighs. One paw sank down to take my swollen sack in its soft, padded grasp and the other began to caress my semi-rigid shaft. The pillowy, warm touch of her paws drew a quiet gasp from me, which only made the dire wolf giggle throatily.

“Such a cute reaction,” she said as she began to lick and nibble at my earlobe.

I let out another quiet noise, serving only to spur the dire wolf on. She squeezed and tugged on my sack in a slow, purposeful rhythm as the other traces up and down my rapidly growing erection. It took but seconds for me to reach full staff, my cock already throbbing in anticipation.


“How does it feel to be in the spotlight, getting jerked off by me as all these women watch?” Tina whispered into my ear between playful bites.

I mumbled a response, to which the Mistress only hummed. “What was that? I couldn’t hear you. How does it feel to be controlled? To be pleasured whenever and however I wish?”

“…good,” I say, just a little louder.

“Tsk tsk, I can’t hear you. Why, they’re all staring at your big, hard cock as I play with it. After I’m done with you, they’ll all have their turn. Now tell me, pet, how does it feel?”


Tina laughed to herself again, but she wasn’t finished. “Now I wonder, are you so hard because of me, or because of all those eyes on you? Hmm?”

“Y-you, mistress,” I say, then quickly add in a whisper “…and them.”

“Good answer,” Tina said, nodding to herself. “You like it all, don’t you? You fucking slut – of course you do. Well, I’m sure you’ll like what’s to come…”

Suddenly her paw clamped around me, gripping tightly at first but she quickly relaxed. Each one of her digits started pumping and stroking a little differently, varying how tightly it gripped and caressed. The softness of her pads made her touch unrivaled, even when compared to my own hand or Rachel’s. Each pad squished and spread out, as if filled with warm gel. Nothing could compare to Mistress’ paws when it came to paw – or hand – jobs.

She flicked with her wrist and rubbed the tip of my glans with her thumb, taking great delight as I shuddered and gasped. The paw on my balls tumbled and played, gently massaging the delicate orbs within like they were the most fragile of eggs. She tugged and squeezed in a rhythm with her other paw that was stroking my cock. Her paw on my balls would relax as the one on my dick reached the tip, and then clamp down firmly to send shocks of pleasure through me as her stroke reached my base.

Her pace built and built until my back arched and my hips lifted up, but just as she felt my body tense she all but stopped.

“Not so soon~” She taunted, waiting precious seconds as if she could gauge the pressure within me.

When she started up again she switched her grip, running my cock between two of her splayed digits to tickle and caress my shift with the soft fur that covered each. Her paw on my balls never stopped, and she even began to reach further and further down to tease my asshole with the tip of her digit.

What shame I had quickly faded as I lost myself in pleasure, even going so far to watch my audience’s reactions. I wanted them to enjoy the show, to watch me writhe in bliss – to make them want me.

Rachel had already stripped naked and began to finger herself, staring at me open-mouthed and panting with both of her hands locked firmly on her crotch, probing both her holes with her fingers. She wasn’t the only one; several other were openly masturbating, some standing, others on the floor. They were all fixated on my throbbing cock and pulsing balls, just waiting for me to cum. They wanted to watch me spray out from just a pawjob, just from those strong, soft digits touching every bit of skin covering my cock and sack and taint. My heart began to beat even more heavily as that notion dwelled in my mind – and even more so when I thought about all the possibilities the night would hold.

But the Mistress was not so quick to give me, or the audience, what they wanted. My balls were already aching from the denial and edging, and then doubly so as the overpowering musky and rank scents of arousal from a dozen canine species wafted into my nose and seared my mind further.

Twice, thrice, and four times I’d nearly cum, but her paws refused to grant me release. Her pads and my skin glistened with the copious pre-cum oozing from my tip. The sticky liquid further heightened my bliss as the pre-lube allowed her pads to glide effortlessly across my rigid shaft.

When I’d just about cum from one her touch on one place of my cock, she would shift up her technique and stimulate somewhere else after letting me down. My glans, my cum slit, my base, my taint, my asshole – she left no part untouched by her meaty paws.

“My, so sensitive tonight,” Tina said, sliding me down to nestle my head squarely between her breasts. “You are such a good little slut. So eager to cum! But not yet…”

“Why…?” I pleaded in a half-groan.

Tina slowed to a near stop, pulling me back from release a fifth time. “How badly do you want to cum?” She asked, her words dripping with obvious intent.

There was purpose to her question, but I didn’t care. I just wanted release. It’d only been minutes in her grasp, not even half an hour, and I was already begging. But I didn’t care.

“So badly! Please, mistress, just let me cum!”

“Would you be willing to do anything? Oh, of course I won’t let you be hurt,” she said, looking down at me rather matronly.

“Yes, anything!”

The very instant I saw her twisted smile I knew I’ve just agreed to something no sane person ever would have. But I didn’t care. My body craved to let off the pressure, my balls desperately needed to release all the pent-up seed.

“You heard him! Now, I want to make sure his first shot tonight is recorded,” Tina said, looking off towards the crowd.

“R-recorded?” I stammered.

“That’s right. Wonderland is expensive, you know? Now smile for the camera!”

I tried to sit up in a panic, but Tina held me wedged against her tight. Her legs were locked around me and her arms were pinning me in place, even as her paws renewed their ministrations. Then I saw a glint, and then a brown werewolf of some sort holding a camera appeared at the forefront of the crowd. The lens was pointed straight at me, taking all of me in. Recording everything Tina was doing to me.

“Please, no!” I begged. But it was useless.

“No? Why, you’re going to be a star! A filthy, fucking slut of a star, but that’s exactly why they’ll love you. That’s exactly why I love you, you know. You’re not just any slut – you’re my slut.”

Suddenly everything about that night made sense. The location, the new women. Tina wanted to shoot porn.

“Just think of it,” Mistress said, gripping my shaft tightly in her paw while stroking faster and faster. “All those monstergirls at home, watching. They’re imaging riding you, fucking you. They all want your cock in all their hot, wet, tight holes. They want you to cum in their womb, up their ass, down their throat.”

Against my will, my cock began to throb and buck in her grip. I wanted to cum in all their holes, to feel that glorious release and sensation of stuffing them full of my spunk.

“Hundreds of them, all wanting your cock,” she whispers into my ear. “All wanting to use you to their heart’s content. Like all of them here, but hundreds! How many men can say they have so many women pining for their cock, thirsty for all their delicious cum?”

Her words, more than her paws, took me to the edge yet again, but instead of halting yet again her paws wicked into a frenzy, stroking me for all I was worth. All I could do was let out a low groan as a burning warmth coursed through me and my cock began to twitch and jump in anticipation. All the semen that’d backed up in my balls shot out in a pearly geyser, reaching a height I never thought possible. Every thick rope that pumped through me brought with it a wave of pleasure and relief, even as they fell in splatters on Tina’s paws and everywhere else.

“Mmmm, you slut you, letting out so much,” Tina said, pleased with the generous coating I’d given her paws. “Your first cum shot on camera, right all over my paws. I bet you love it.”

“…Yeah,” I mumbled, still basking in the afterglow. That was the hardest I’d ever cum without any of the drugs in a long time. And it was just a pawjob. I couldn’t believe myself, but all I could think of were all those eyes on me, all those who’d be watching later. What would they imagine doing to me while fucking themselves?

“Hoh! Still lively as ever,” Tina teased, watching my cock jump while licking her paws clean. “And I must say, you’re especially thick and creamy. Keeping you on edge for a week has certainly paid off.”

“Yes, thank you Mistress,” I muttered, then closed my eyes for a moment to relax.

Then I feel the familiar prick of the needle. The sensation of the needle itself was nearly enough to trigger a Pavlovian response, but it was nothing compared to the heat that pounded through my veins and loins. In only seconds my softening erection was flying high with renewed vigor and my balls swelled even further with a new bounty of seed – a quantity that couldn’t hope to be vented in a single orgasm.

As always, Rachel was next in line. The short kitsune was already sopping wet, moisture slicking her inner thighs. From the look of things she must’ve fingered herself to an orgasm or two while watching me, desiring me. Practically in a fluffy blur she climbed up onto the bed and her long tongue coiled around my cock to pull me into her mouth.

She moaned and hummed in pleasure, sending vibrations throughout my dick. “So tasty,” she said luridly, letting me pop free from her lips for just a second before pulling me back in. Her tongue raced around every part of me, slurping up every trace of my jizz she could find.

Satisified that Rachel would keep me from escaping, Tina release me from her hold and wiggled out from under me. Without the support of her massive H-cups, I fell flat on my back. The kitsune was fast to take advantage of my prone position; Rachel released me from her mouth and grinned, then slid up to pin my cock against my stomach with her reddened, love-soaked vulva.

“My turn, lover boy,” Rachel said as she began to rock her hips back and forth. “But don’t worry, I won’t tease you like that wolf does.”

Her puffy lips hugged and molded around the bottom of my shaft, slipping back and forth effortlessly on copious quantities of her dripping desire. She propped herself up with her hands on my chest, but she didn’t miss a chance to pinch and play with my nipples.

After only a few motions, Tina reappeared to loom over me, camera in paw.

“How does it feel, to be on camera?” Rachel asked in a giggle, all while giving me that smug face always wore.

I grimaced and tried to look away from the camera, but Tina was quick to place one of her foot-paws against my cheek and force me to look into the camera. “Answer her,” Mistress commanded. “And don’t look away. Sluts don’t have shame, remember?”

“Yes, mistress,” I said with a groan as Rachel continued to grind against me, increasing the pressure and weight on my dick. “It, it feels…good.”

“I’ll bet! Sluts love to be filmed, you know?” Rachel said, cocking her head to a side – causing her piercings to jingle. “Oh, and put your hands to work.”

Obediently I listened, cupping her smallish breasts in my palms and began to massage the soft mounds. Her nipples were already hard, standing proud like pink erasers on a pencil.

“That’s my kit,” Rachel said lovingly as she hiked her hips into the air. “Ya know I’d usually toy with you just a little more, but…” she said, cutting herself short as she dropped her hips.

At the last moment on her downswing she rolled her pelvis, impaling her backdoor on me. The tight, fleshy bud held fast for a precious few moments, but quickly yielded and expanded to take my inches inside. Rachel gasped and groaned, closing her eyes and letting her long tongue roll out of her mouth just as her plump ass cheeks slapped onto my thighs. She wiggled her wide hips side to side a few times, letting her head roll from shoulder to shoulder.

Her ass constantly wrung my entire length, pulsating and clamping while she wiggled, and even when she held still. The scorching depths of her guts were nearly enough to make me climax right then and there, but somehow I found the power to hold back.

“…But it’s been too long since I’ve had a nice, thick cock in my ass,” she moaned in pleasure, cracking one eye open and smirking at me.

Rachel’s fluffy tails fell across me, one coiling around each of my limbs and another around my neck. Though she meant to use them like straps, I’d never had the heart to tell her the fluffy appendages had the opposite effect when their softness and warmth graced my skin. Rather than feeling like I was being held against my will, I simply enjoyed the soft fluff.

With her tongue still hanging out of her mouth and eyes fixated on me, Rachel began to pump me in and out of her ass. She lifted up slowly, hissing and biting her lip as I pulled her tender hole out, but then moaned happily as my length disappeared into her depths.

Watching with more than a little lust, Tina padded over behind Rachel and bent over, holding the camera close to the action.

“Fuck you’ve got a tight ass,” the wolf said with a note of envy in her voice. “Looks like he’s turning you inside-out with how hard you’re clinging to his cock.”

The kitsune simply laughed and winked at me. “I do have a tight little body, especially compared to a brute like you, Tina.”

Mistress simply snorted and continued moving about for the best shot, all while Rachel gradually built up her pace. I couldn’t see the others behind her, due to her remaining tails acting like a curtain, but I could feel those eyes. I could picture them watching the kitsune impaling herself on my cock over and over, stretching her ass wide and moaning non-stop.

By now her juices were running out in thick streams, coating my thighs and hers, turning the slaps of flesh into wet, sticky-sounding paps. With every full, deep thrust that buried me entirely inside her I could feel my cock head push through or against something forcibly, making the kitsune gasp in pure mirth.

Her seemingly bottomless and slicked backdoor swallowed me up with ease, clinging tightly to every part of my dick. I felt like I was stretching her to the limit, but apparently she wanted more. Much more. She was hot, breathtakingly hot in her ass. I could feel her asshole pull out and then push in just as Tina commented, and the pace of her stride and the gentle tightness of her walls brought me over with a grunt.

Switching my hands quickly from her tits to her full ass cheeks I thrusted up to meet her, drawing a yelp from the kitsune just as I exploded. I groaned in time with Rachel as I poured what felt like an endless stream of cum into her ass, plastering her insides in creamy alabaster. Four, five, and then six thick wads exploded out of me, each one forcing my eyes to roll up farther and farther as total bliss held me.

A sudden burst of wet warmth down my balls heralded Rachel’s climax, doubtless spurred on by the sensation of semen flooding into her ass. The horny kitsune fell onto my chest and gripped me tightly as she continued to slam her hips down onto me over and over, riding herself ragged through electrifying anal orgasm after orgasm.

I couldn’t do anything but gasp and twitch as my limbs were held fast by her tails. The extreme sensitivity granted by my out-pouring was like heaven and hell combined as she continued to piston me in and out of her spasming ass. She began to squeal as orgasm built on orgasm and she became impossibly tight, her ass fighting my intrusion at every opportunity but then sucking and pulling as if desperate to keep me inside when her hips lifted. My body went completely slack and nearly numb as all my senses focused on the kitsune going wild on me and another boiling wave readied itself.

“Shit girl, you’re making a hell of a mess!”

The voice of the wolf barely registered, but served as a reminder that I’d just been recorded pumping Rachel’s ass full. A tide of guilt and shame rose and surged, but it was nothing to the pure instinct and desire I felt to pump Rachel so full she’d be sloshing. I dug my fingers deeper still into her full hips and asscheeks and thrust up wildly in time with the ecstatic fox and blew another massive after one final thundercrack of wet flesh.

“You slut! Cumming again so soon? Here, let me help squeeeeeze it all out!” Tina shouted, utterly delighted.

Suddenly I felt her familiar paws on my swollen, seed-laden sack and clamp down – just shy of painfully so. I could feel my balls throb in her grasp as they unloaded their cargo and my cock pumped every drop into the hot, wet asshole wrapped around me. Rachel came yet again with rolling moan, her tongue hanging out of her mouth and drooling across my chest.

“Damn! Look at it spurt out of her ass– aw shit, some got on the lens,” Tina said, going from elation to grumbling in a hurry. “Alright, break while I clean this up.”

Rachel collapsed onto me, huffing and panting for a long while before managing to roll herself off and pull my cock out of her asshole. With a wet ‘pop’ noise I sprung free from her now-gaping hole, allowing a considerable amount of semen to spill out and pool around her ass and thigh.

“Haven’t cum like that in ages,” Rachel said between stuttering breaths.

Her eyes twinkled as she looked over me, her usual smug countenance replaced by something more amiable. She pushed aside the long bangs that’d stuck to her sweat-slicked forehead and took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Seems our training has paid off, eh?” She said with a measure of pride.

“You, you did train me well,” I said weakly, thankful for the bit of downtime. I stumbled over my last word, nearly adding ‘mistress’ to the end, but I caught it just in time. Tina did not take kindly to me calling anyone but her that, as I had the misfortune of discovering back when they first began my training.

As I glanced around me, I took in all the women that had been my audience. Some of them were actively fingering or toying themselves, others were panting and staggering, and a few had ever begun to eat each other out. With only one cock to go around it was inevitable when it was otherwise a clamparty, I suppose. I let myself have a little smirk of satisfaction, but it wasn’t to last.

Mistress re-appeared over me, holding something other than the camera. “I was gonna save this for later, but watching you pack Rachel’s ass in – I couldn’t resist!”

“P-please, Mistress…” I protested as horror took hold, shaking my head side to side. I’m sure my eyes were wide with fear, which only deepened her lust.

It wasn’t that she hadn’t used it on me before, but on camera was something else. Especially when she loved it specifically to reverse our sexual roles. Having Rachel fuck me stupid with her ass on camera was one thing, but this was another. I enjoyed it when it was just Mistress and me, but this was…

“Please? Why, you don’t have to beg, my pet! Now hike your ass in the air,” the mighty wolf demanded, dropping to an almost-threatening growl as she cinched the toy to her crotch.

I gave Rachel a pleading look, but she seemed content to watch me with that smug look as her fingers began to roam down and push into her loosened asshole, using my cum as lube.

“I, not in front of-“ I began, desperate.

That look. She wasn’t going to brook any further argument, and made her point by hauling me up and rolling me over. “On your knees.”

There wasn’t any other option for me. I had to obey. This was her punishment for me; maybe I looked like I enjoyed myself too much with Rachel, but that was hardly my fault. Or maybe she just wanted to assert her dominance over me, or show everyone how much I loved it up the ass.

Looking over my shoulder on my hands and knees, I watched Mistress run a paw through the wet mess on the sheets left by Rachel and use it to lube her strap-on – at least it wasn’t the large one. She’d spared me that, at the very least. Chewing on my lip, I glanced from her to the camera, now held by one of the spectators. A woman nearly as tall as Tina, but with brown, spotted fur and a long, black mohawk that rose up from her hair and ran to just below her shoulders.

“Don’t act like you don’t love it, you slut,” Tina said accusingly, swatting my ass in time with ‘slut.’

I jumped forward with a gasp, quickly forgetting all about the woman in the crowd. My attention focused solely on Mistress and her massive grin. One of her paws stroked the black rubber cock jutting out from her groin, the other reared back to deliver another crack on my ass.

Her open-pawed spanking went on for slap after slap, each feeling better than the last. She was careful to keep her claws away and her strength in check, striking with just enough force to leave a pleasant sting that dwelled until her paw returned. In no time at all I was gasping and moaning with every smack, rocking backwards into her slaps.

“Look at you, getting off on this – you’re stiff as a pole!”

Just as suddenly as it began, she ceased smacking my ass with those firm, luxurious paws of hers. I looked back her pleadingly, having all but forgotten those watching – until Mistress spoke.

“Use his mouth however you want!”

There was a rush and before I knew what was going on, two paws gripped my head and a cunt was mashed into my face.

Whoever it was had very thick and silky bush, completely slicked and sticky with arousal. She smelled feral – bestial, utterly enraptured. Without thought I immediately began to lap at her, pushing through her thatch and into her hot, juicy folds with my tongue. The paws holding my head shuddered and shoved my mouth deeper onto her dripping snatch. Another crack sounded on my ass, followed by Tina’s lewd whisper in my ear.

“That’s very good of you, diving in like that – deserves a reward, dontcha think?”

I mumbled, mouth full of tangy pussy, making whoever my captor was shiver in delight from the vibrations. Still leaning over my back, her breasts pressed against me, Tina brought her hips forward. A pleasant pressure built on my asshole, forcing me to spread open. The fake cock, lubed up with Rachel’s nectar, began to slide in inch by inch.

My ass fought against the intruder at first, gripping and releasing as I got grunted and groaned while acclimating to the sensation. Mistress knew I wasn’t very experienced yet, and made sure not to press in too fast or too deep – not until she felt I was ready.

I moaned happily as the tip found my prostate, then again as the whole length glided along the spot. I was open mouthed and making random vocalizations, stimulating the sopping, hairy pussy that was pouring a steady stream of tart honey into my mouth. So much was pouring out that I was forced to drink noisily, making audible gulps with every swallow of pussy juice.

Two paws wrapped themselves around my chest and pulled tight, smooshing the breasts on my back flat and digging her nipples into my skin. Just as slowly as she entered, Mistress began backing out, leaving me with a feeling of both bliss as the stimulation on my prostate made me quiver and emptiness as the strap-on inched out.

With a grunt of her own she then slid home, filling and stretching and stimulating all the right parts. Though my asshole felt a burn from the forceful intrusion, my cock still jumped, harder than I ever felt it – even on previous sessions. Mistress wasn’t just fucking me, she was fucking me in front of all these women, women that were making me eat them to orgasm and who knows what else. I was getting fucked up the ass and loving every second of it, reveling in the disgrace.

Her thighs clapped against my ass, thrusting me forward into the woman in front of me. This time she didn’t wait and immediately slid out, then back to the hilt in one fluid motion. I moaned like the slut I was, both from the pleasure of my Mistress showing everyone how she was my master and from sensation of my cock drooling a constant stream of pre-cum.

Again and again she reared back and slammed home using only her hips, growling happily in my ear and licking my neck. No doubt it was a double-ended model, letting her feel every thrust she made into me. She’d kept herself to a languid pace, but I wanted more. I began to work with her motions, rocking back to meet her thrusts and pulling away to split us apart.

“Hah!” Tina barked out in my ear. “You slut! Fine, you want it harder?”

Her paws unwound from my waist and sought out my arms, pulling them out from underneath me – and then pulled them backwards. I was hauled up and freed from the cunt I’d been lapping and suckling at, much to the woman’s – an Anubis’s – dismay.

Completely exposed, on my knees and forced upright as my ass was battered, I almost missed the hyena woman climb onto the bed. She held the camera low, focused solely on my bucking erection and the strap on that was pounding into my ass, making me the dire wolf’s bitch. Everyone would watch her dominance of me, see my asshole stretched.

“How about we give them a show, pet?” Mistress said, gasping into my ear.

Before I even had the chance to beg her to fuck me hard, she pinned my arms back and began to thrust faster, harsher, filling the room with the sounds of clapping flesh. Pre-cum spurt out in thick gobs with every thrust, each one milking the gland for all its worth. Long tendrils drooled off, pooling onto the sheets below – a treat the Anubis did not want to miss when she laid eyes on my diamond-hard cock and twitching balls.

The Anubis dropped down and wrapped her lips and tongue around my cock, slurping noisily and bobbing her head in time with the thrusts from Mistress. A hot mouth around my cock, Tina slamming into me at a pace just below my limit, stretching me wide and making me feel so comfortably full – I let myself go, entrusting myself completely to my owner. I fell limp, letting them use me as they wished, entirely consumed by pleasure.

Suddenly the Anubis was pushed aside by a different wolf girl, this one without paws. She was just as eager to drink from the bubbling fountain of pre-cum that was now tinged through with white and wrapped her lips around me.

Mistress was slamming into me hard and fast, pushing me into the wolf woman’s mouth and throat without her having to move an inch. And somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew it was all being filmed. Recorded. People were watching me get fucked up the ass by a fake cock. They were watching me spew endlessly into the throats of these random women.

And I loved every second of it.

My ass clamped down hard around the rubber dick and with one final, overpowering thrust Tina howled in triumph and speared my prostate with a well-placed thrust. I gasped, yelled, groaned, and moaned all at once as my balls pulled taut to discharge their virile cargo. Mistress bit lightly on my neck, just above my collar, and held me in her teeth as she continued to take short, fast thrusts, each one slamming into my most sensitive spot.

Hot cum shot out in heavy loads, gagging the wolf that’d attempted to swallow everything. She immediately pulled back, freeing me from her throat. No longer nestled in a warm hole, my cock shot futility into the air, sending streamers arcing and splattering across the bed and the faces of the Anubis and werewolf. I came and came, my mind blanked white and overloaded, all the while Mistress was growling and howling through her teeth and bucking her hips like a frenzied beast.

When I felt I couldn’t cum any more, every wild thrust forced out another gooey trickle that three women were now competing to lap from my semen-soaked crotch. Pleasure soon gave to pain as her assault on my ass and prostate continued, forcing me to ejaculate endlessly in pitiful streams.

“S-stop,” I begged, but my pleas only made her buck harder and pull my arms backwards, holding me taut against her chest.

But she continued, shoving me back down and forcing my face into the pool of semen I’d left on the sheets. She hauled my hips into the air and thrust again and again, my body and legs twitching and spasming while I came over and over. Even through all of it she kept her teeth locked on my neck, even as I felt her body shudder with rolling orgasms.

The barrage of sensations on my most delicate places was overwhelming me, and finally, just as I felt I was going to black out, Mistress slowed to a halt and released my neck from her teeth. She sank from her knees backwards onto her ass, pulling the strap out of my battered asshole. I was left panting for breath, still face down and ass in the air as she reached over and pulled me backwards, placing me into her lap just like the night first began.

“You’re the best damn fuck I’ve ever had,” Mistress said, glowing with warmth.

I nearly feared her touch, left so dry and empty that I couldn’t even muster the energy to speak. I flinched when a paw touched my chest, but rather than search down to my cock she simply hooked her paws together across my chest and held me delicately.

“I got a bit carried away, I’ll admit,” she said with reluctance – the first I’d ever heard her use that tone.

Mistress gave me a few affectionate kisses and licks on my neck, and even tilted my head around so she could kiss me on the lips. To my surprise she avoided her typical deep, hungry kiss, though she did hold it for a long while.

“I think you deserve a rest,” she said after breaking the kiss, almost looking pained herself after studying my face for a moment.

Held in her arms, I felt safe – secure. The other women wanted at me, but she was protecting me from them. Rachel too, to an extent – she used her tails to usher away the women that’d climbed up onto the bed with us.

After filming the touching scene for a minute or two, the camera finally blinked off and was set aside. The hyena that was holding it had a sinister grin on her face, and the rest of her matched her predatory expression. Her rounded ears were pierced like Rachel’s, though only with a few barbells instead of along their entire length like the kitsune’s. Her eyebrow, nose, and lips were pierced as well, and her bare upper body had several tattoos. The most interesting of which was one along her flank that depicted a hyena-woman lording over a Manticore, forcing the part-lioness’ face into the ground with a foot-paw.

But there was something else about her. Unlike the others, she’d kept her pants on, but there was a noticeable bulge in them – complete with a very damp spot. And the bulge swayed as she approached Mistress and me.

“Went a bit overboard, huh?” The woman said with a tone much softer than I would’ve expected.

Mistress hugged me a little tighter and sighed. “Stupid of me to make a mistake like that,” she said as if giving a confession.

“Well – I’m still gonna get my turn tonight, right?”

My heart began to stir from its slow pace. What exactly was in her pants?

“Of course, Janine. Pups here just needs some R&R.”

“Alright, good,” the one called Janine said with a nod. Her eyes then flicked to me. “I can’t wait – he’s a real cutie!”

Nearly an hour had passed as I rested and even napped – despite the restless wolves – in Tina’s arms. I wasn’t used to her being so doting or tender, but it felt great. It was like she could tear me apart without a thought or throw me away and get someone else, but she wanted to keep me safe and near instead. It was strange, but I felt a certain amount of pride or satisfaction when I thought that maybe she did actually love me, in a way.

“Time for the main event,” Mistress said, pulling me from my reverie.

I blinked at her a few times. “You mean fucking me wasn’t…?”

Mistress smirked and tussled my hair. “You were just too irresistible! But no, Janine there is the feature attraction.”

Hearing her name, the athletic hyena woman turned from her conversation with a few of the others. “Talking about me? Does that mean you’re ready now?” She asked excitedly.

Tina freed me from her warm embrace and shifted off the bed, leaving me alone and a little cold. “Yes, we are – but first,” she said, digging through a small bag next to her clothes to produce a needle. “A little bit of juice.”

By now just seeing that damned thing was enough to get my cock to rise. It was the dinner bell, and my body began to hunger upon hearing its tune. A quick stab, and again the familiar heat burned within me. Janine climbed up onto the bed from the other side and was crawling over on her knees, her face a pure lecherous smile.

Off to the side, Rachel had already sprang into action and produced the camera, then turned its unblinking eye on me. Mistress laid down on the bed a few feet away, running her paws across her body – whatever was about to happen was something she wanted to see. And then Janine was upon me, forcing me flat on my back.

Holding a large paw to my chest she swung her leg across me so she was straddling me while kneeling, and then scooted up until her crotch was almost at my face. She still had her short-shorts on, and from my vantage I got a close up view of her rapidly swelling bulge.

I cast a pleading look at Mistress – was Janine a shemale or something? A strap-on was one thing, but a real cock was another. All I got from her was a motion with her paw that indicated I should turn around.

With a gulp I turned to face the hyena, my eyes darting from her package to the camera and back again.

“I’ve always wanted to do this!” She said with a yip, and then pulled apart the fly on her pants in a flash.

Something black, thick, long, and heavy flopped against my face. I could feel her pulse through it, I could smell her feral musk from it. I opened my mouth, but no words came out.

“How do ya like it, kid? Huge, ain’t it?”

“A cock! Why do you have a dick?!” I screamed, finally finding my voice as I tried to scramble away from her.

But there was nothing I could do. She held me firm between her legs, little tufts of fur near her knees tickling my flanks. Suddenly she burst out in a yipping, snickering laugh and shook her hips, dragging her cock all across my face. Something oozed from the tip of it and smeared my cheek.

“Haven’t ya ever been with a Gnoll before?”

“G-gnoll?” I asked, terrified of the cock that was obstructing my vision by resting heavily over one of my eyes.

“Hah! You’re such a cherry!” She yipped, then glanced up at Tina. “You need to get him s’more experience!”

Tina didn’t reply, or say anything at the least. Janine smirked and looked back down at me, licking her chops. “But newbies like you are always fun.”

“Don’t tease him too much,” Rachel quipped, moving in close with the camera. She brushed me lightly with her tails, giving me a little bit of reassurance.

“What’s the fun in that?” Janine pouted, then rolled her eyes. “Fine – it ain’t a dick, see?”

Taking the massive, thick organ in paw she pointed the tip right at my face. Instead of the usual opening, there was a small, tight-looking hole at the tip. A bit more liquid drooled from the end onto my lips and without thinking I flicked my tongue across the lips. Instantly I recognized the flavor – she was right, it wasn’t a cock at all.

“See?” She said with smug satisfaction. “Somethin’ unique to us. Instead of a cunt like you’re used to seein’, we got this. Go on, stick a finger inside.”

I hesitantly looked over at Mistress, who simply nodded as one of her paw digits disappeared into her snatch. Carefully I rose my hand and did as instructed. When I pressed my finger to the tip it squished, but then let my finger pass and immediately clamped around it.

“It’s tight!”

Janine’s smile was practically spreading off her face. “Just imagine it around your cock, cutie. I want to see your cute little face as cum from your first fuck with a Gnoll.”

I was beginning to get an idea of what exactly it was. When she lifted off a bit to scoot down I could see the bumps of her labia, but they were sort of fused together. The thick, pulsing tube extended out from where her clit ought to be. It was the strangest thing I’d ever seen, but it was also very, very alluring. The thing had clamped around my finger tighter than anything I had felt in the past – even Rachel’s ass.

Sliding down towards my crotch – and my already sprung erection, due to the drug and fingering her pseudo-penis – Janine lifted one leg at a time to slip off her tattered shorts and sent them across the room with a kick. Her pulsing member was stiff enough to support itself, yet as it dragged down my chest and stomach it flopped and folding, revealing just how soft and supple it actually was.

She propped herself up in a sort of missionary position with one arm, using her other to position her organ over my painfully hard erection. I licked my lips in anticipation – and I wasn’t the only one looking forward to this. Behind me I could hear Tina beginning to gasp and the sounds of a dildo shlicking noisily, along with Rachel fingering herself while she filmed. I suspected the audience were all doing the same.

“Stick your fingers in there and spread it open,” Janine ordered.

Used to taking commands, I moved to do as she asked. Using both hands I stuck both my index fingers inside the impossibly tight hole and pulled it open. Janine let out a moan and a healthy amount of lube spilled out from within. Further and further I stretched it, like it was a rubber-band until it looked large enough.

Slowly she dropped herself down on my cock, and as soon as my head disappeared into the sloppy wet hole I took my fingers out. And just like a rubber band it snapped around me, taking my breath away with how constricting it was.

Janine let out a quiet yip and let go of the long, thick thing to hold herself up with both arms. Her shortish tail was beating furiously and her tongue had lolled out of her mouth. Her hips dropped down further and further, forcing me deep inside her wet tunnel. It folded and bunched up on itself before jamming down in bursts. The inside was wonderfully soft and plush, making it feel like the tightest pussy I’d ever had. Not even the virgin sphinx was as tight.

She was longer than I was, and soon the tip of her organ was pressed against my base. But she kept lowering herself, pushing me further and deeper. I could see her fat thing swell further with every inch that slid in, and with every inch Janine let out some sort of a noise that sounded like a wolf trying to moo – only in a much higher pitch.

Her pseudocock began to crumple like an accordion the deeper I went, the lower she dropped her hips. Its wet flesh flexed and twisted around me, pushing and contracting in all new places, gripped and slipped. Through it all it pumped in time with her heart, becoming that much tighter as the bulging veins that encircled the dark fleshy thing throbbed.

Finally my glans slipped past the near-agonizing tightness and pushed into a familiar, hot, not-as-tight hole – I’d finally entered her vagina, but only just the tip. With a happy shudder Janine lowered her head to lick my cheek.

“Feels fuckin’ great, doesn’t it?” She said, looking between us at her tight fuckhole engorged on my cock.

Even without her moving, the constant pulsing around me was enough to slowly bring me to new height, but I still had this lingering shame. It still felt like I was penetrating a cock, rather than a woman’s hole. It shouldn’t have felt so good, but it did.

Even though I didn’t say anything, the Gnoll held that look in her eye, that knowing look. She knew damn well it was amazing.

Reversing her stride she began to lift off from me, pulling me from her pussy and through her organ – only now that I was being pulled it, it stuck to me like a Chinese finger trap. The flesh went taut and began to stretch, only serving to add to the tightness as it let me free centimeter by slow centimeter. Sex with her wasn’t going to be fast, but it didn’t matter.

She’d closed her eyes and begun to yip and howl quietly and buck her hips as I slid out. If I was right, the thing around my cock was her entire clit, blown up and hollowed out for some bizarre purpose.

Back and forth she went at a slow yet breathtaking pace, mashing her organ against me, pushing me into her snatch a little deeper every time, and then pulling back and hissing and yelping as her clit was stretched out, full of my cock.

Being wrung so tightly and having a fresh dose of the drug, it didn’t take long for my mirth to come to a sticky head. I grit my teeth as my hips lurched upwards, desperate to plant deep in her womb – but it was not to be. Instead I blew load after load halfway inside her wet and muscular organ.

She began to make quick, fast motions and yipped and mooed in a happy titter, effectively causing her pseudocock to suck and milk my cock. Rachel dipped in close to the action, covering my face with her body as she zoomed in close as she could manage. Even without looking, I could feel the thing throb and suck around me. I knew it’d be expanding and contracting as if drinking in my hot seed, topping off her exotic pussy and maybe even filling her so completely it’d be pushed inside her cunt.

“Gods that’s good,” she said quietly, panting heavily after her body ceased shaking.

But she wasn’t letting me go that easily. With a toothy smirk she pushed Rachel away – much to the kitsune’s annoyance – and wrapped her paws around my shoulders. She rocked herself backwards while I was still embedded in her and pulled me up as she fell onto her back.

She spread her legs wide and gripped her meaty hole, squeezing me even more tightly through it. “I want you to go deep as you can – now fuck me!”

Mistress and Rachel sometimes had me do the work, but it still felt odd. Still, based on Mistress’ contorted face as she pleasured herself, she had no qualms.

Still riding high on the drug I began to pump into her, sliding through her cum-slicked passage with a bit more ease than before. It wrung me as if threatening to squeeze out every little creamy drop, and her whole length expanded lewdly as I pressed in towards her womb. On top I was able to thrust in deeply, collapsing her fuckhole and pancaking it out with every stroke.

Her paws scrambled madly, finding purchase on whatever they could find – the sheets, her breasts, and my chest. Tongue lolled out, her head rocked up and down in time with my thrusts and she moaned and yipped non-stop, gurgling incoherently. Just as before it’d stretch out with every reverse motion and suck me back in, drawing a shudder from my loins. Her fucktube slid across the flare on my glans more tightly than anywhere else, stimulating the most tender spot on my cock – and rapidly bringing me to another orgasm in just over a minute.

Just as I attempted to slow myself down, her legs wrapped themselves around my waist and pulled me in. “Why the fuck are ya slowin’ down? I’m almost fuckin’ there,” she growled, glaring at me.

But, I had no say in the matter – using her arms to push me away and her legs to pump me back in, she worked me like an over-sized meat dildo. Quickly her look of absolute bliss returned and she closed her eyes and arched her back, twitching each time my cock entered her actual pussy.

Rachel was ever-present, looking from between my legs with the camera – and squeezing my balls with her free hand.

“Fuck, fuck yes!” Janine howled and gripped me deep, burying me deep into her womb and smashing her massive pseudocock flat.

Claws raked against my back, the kitsune squeezed my balls hard, and the Gnoll’s cunt clamped hard. I couldn’t hold it anymore, and with a groan to match Janine’s I began to unload in her yet again. So full was she from my previous eruption that little spurts worked their way out from between our union in pressurized streams, splattering the kitsune in the face. She yelped in surprise and backed off, leaving me to focus on pumping the Gnoll full.

Unknown to me, Tina had slipped off the bed and ushered the others onto the bed – they quickly closed around me, standing and looming over me as I was trapped in the Gnoll’s grasp, unable to do anything but pump load after pump into her rapidly bloating psuedocock.

They were all masturbating furiously, some five or six of them – including the Mistress, who was still pumping her dildo in and out of her drooling snatch.

“Here ya go, you sluts!” She said with a maniacal smile that rapidly twisted to an O-face of mirth. Lurching forward she let loose a stream of girl cum on my face and on the Gnoll, splashing and covering me with her sticky love. One by one the other wolves, including the Anubis from earlier, shuddered and twitched as they doused us in their liquid delight.

Long spent in her intolerably lewd sex, I tried to get away but Janine held me tight, even laughing her yipping laugh as we were entirely drenched in femcum. Only after we were thoroughly soaked by all the women capable of squirting did she finally let me free, but not without stealing a kiss. And through the girl-bukkake the camera rolled on.

“I’ll have to borrow you more often,” she said with a wink, then blew a kiss to Tina. “He’s great! Why couldn’t I have picked him up?”

With a loud pop I freed myself from her stretched fuckhole and fell backwards onto my ass, but as I did she was quick to shift to a kneeling position above me. Jerking herself off furiously, the violent whipping sent all the semen I’d blown in her out in pearly whips, splattering across my face. I’d been snowballed before by Mistress, but this was a new level of humiliation – covered in my own jizz.

“See? I can do it too!” Janine cackled – even Mistress was snickering at the display.

But, she bent down and wrapped me in her paws and licked a tendril of semen off my cheek. “Great show. We’ll have to do it again sometime, don’t you think?”

I looked from the camera, to Mistress, and all around. How many girls got off to me? How many would? How many could?

“…Definitely,” I responded, placing my hands atop her paws.


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