Nabbed a financial report on the departments that are bleeding funds. Take a look. Most are from poor management except for one I'm close to. Research Division 1.
There's something called Code Green sucking down 45 Million a year. Only caught glimpses of references to it. Always labeled as CG-D1 in division external documents. You made a few things for D1, did a few interviews right? Did you ever hear anything about CG?


What is this? I only worked with a sop story from Division 2 after his team died.

False. Marcus P worked with a Division 1 asset. Mercenary, Clarabelle.


You didn't answer my question. And as for her story, yeah she was a merc for D2, not D1. I'm not sure where you got that, when I checked her profile, all I saw was red tape and official documents linking her to D2.

There was one last use I had for you. Do you know anyone working in the Gorian Valley in Frankasia? Your profile says you ran an interview with a Frankasian Ranger out in that area.

So are you going to ignore me or keep pushing?

This is uncovering the truth about your former employer. D1 is hiding something beyond advanced technology and government contracts.

Keep me in on this... I can do legwork. As for the ranger, his name was Cedrick but everyone called him Sid.

Thank you for your cooperation. Our arrangement has been formalized in a wire transfer soon to hit your account. Consider yourself hired. -Z

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