Balthazar System Backdoor

Marcus was furious from the form that had greeted him at his desk as he mentally prepared himself for another long day of marketing material preparation for Balthazar. His approach to his desk had been normal as he thought of methods to shine light on a recent PR nightmare of someone hacking in to corporate's database. The form that brazenly invaded his cubicle clearly said 'Termination of Employment" in bold big letters that spanned the top of the page.


"Oh hey Marcus, what's the plan for today?" Asked the tan-speckled lizard girl, Cieste. Her military-tan scales peeked out from under the plain white button-up and boldly showed along her arms thanks to her rolled up sleeves. She was extremely slim but it wasn't off-putting to Marcus. "Nothing apparently!" He said in a louder voice. He picked up the form to ensure that he wasn't about to make a scene for nothing and confirmed that in fact, he had just been fired, effective time three minutes ago.


"That's a shame Marcus, I'm really going to miss you!" Cooed Cieste as she placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. "Thanks Cieste, you've always been the best. I hope I'll see you again some time." Marcus said as he grabbed his lone succulent he had named Geoff from his desk. "I'll see the rest of you leeches in hell!" Marcus called as he kicked open the door to the staircase.


It had been a week since Marcus had been fired. Most of his time was spent on social media to stalk the Balthazar promotional pages and send detailed critiques about how poor their designs were. It was a petty thing, but Marcus didn't have any way to get back at the sudden and impersonal dismissal after he had spent five long years shilling the corporate slop of Balthazar.


Marcus lied on the couch of his dark apartment surrounded in the refuse of chip bags, empty soda bottles, fast food containers and his own stench. He concentrated on a long drawl about the color choice of the corporate account's latest post promoting a charitable organization for the Frankasian Rangers only to have his efforts halted by a message.


'You have a lot of hate for Balthazar. Most former employees take the hush money. -Z'


With the held back rage of a weeklong simmer, Marcus angrily typed out a response. 'Who do you think you are to threaten me asshole, I'll fucking find you!'


A reply came back hastily.


'No threat friend. I just thought I'd make you privy to some details about those campaigns they had you making. Maybe you could return the favor with some of their internal projects?'


A link appeared in Marcus's inbox. Against his better judgement he clicked it. It brought him to a remote login page for a Balthazar corporate computer on a blank white screen. As he stared at the login, tempted to use his old credentials to test Balthazar's security, a small line of text appeared below the login.



  And so he did.

Balthazar External Login

Click Here to bypass, -Z
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