Aviators Chapter 8.5

“I recall something you said earlier,” I muttered into Stella’s lips. I could see us in the bathroom mirror as I groped her through her tank top. Her sweater was already on the floor, as was mine. With a thumb teasing one of her breasts, I could see her nips growing harder through the fabric of her clothing.

“What’s that?” She sidled one of her legs between mine and pressed her hip against my groin. Using my belt buckle, she caught the lip of her elastic snow pants on it and pulled them down her legs a little. Suggestive. I helped her the rest of the way to reveal her pitch black short shorts, which were already sliding down as well. Back to kisses.

“Something about ‘marking your territory?’ What does that entail, exactly?”

Stella laughed and took a step back. “Nothing special. Just want to try something new. Now take off your clothes and we can get started.”

The sly look in her eyes as she slid her wings out of the loops in her top almost made me worry. Was she thinking of trying something weird on me? Then I saw her beautiful bare chest and come-hither smile and decided to forget about thinking for the time being. As per her instructions, I pulled my shirt over my head and unbuckled my belt.

Before I could pull my pants off, I saw her leaning back against the wall by the shower and bath tub. Her legs were spread, one talon up on the edge of the tub, and that come-hither look was all the more tantalizing.

“You do it to me first.” As I approached like a zombie, she added, “I want you to… use your mouth on me.”

So that was what she meant by “something new.”

Still with my pants half off, I knelt down in front of her. With her bare back pressed against the wall, she looked away sheepishly as I gazed upon her nethers. Kneeling down, my head was roughly at stomach level with her. It was my first time trying it, so it took little maneuvering to get in position. The closer I got, the more heat I felt radiating from her body as I put my hands on her bare thighs. Thin sheets of salt coated her skin and I remembered that she was vigorously working out just a short while ago.

A certain womanly musk teased my nostrils with a scent of fertility as I leaned in to have my first taste. My lips and tongue pressed against her. She tensed up in response. I didn’t blame her; the mere thought of her giving me a similar treatment made me harder than ever. Right now she felt dirty— unwashed— and it only made me want to please her more. I licked her lower lips and nibbled on her clit before reaching up to tease at her breasts, too.

Stella mumbled something that might have been my name. It only served to spur me on as her knees buckled under her and she brought a wing to her mouth to keep her voice down.

She still managed to say something, though. “Mm, that’s good.”

With renewed vigor, I pressed my tongue into her and used my fingers to tease her clit again. Soon her hips started cycling back and forth against my mouth while I wrapped one arm around her leg to keep her stable. Stella’s voice grew higher and higher in pitch while I worked on her harder and harder with my tongue.

Before I could finish, I felt her grasp my shoulder with one of her wing claws and push me away. A thin band of saliva strung from my lips before quickly breaking. Looking up at her, she was panting and sweating. With her eyes averted I couldn’t make out what she was thinking.

“You okay?” I asked, wiping my lips of her with the back of my arm.

As she released her grip from my shoulder, her she swayed back and forth as if dizzy or drunk. “Yeah, so good— I mean, yeah.  Hoo, oh wow.” I couldn’t tell if she climaxed or not, but it definitely looked like she enjoyed it. After a moment she turned to look at me as a few beads of sweat dripped down her forehead and reddened cheeks. Before I knew it, I stood up and headed for the shower.

“Want to do this together now?” I asked as I turned on the hot water. My dick was already tight against what remainder of my pants I still wore, which I quickly tore off my legs and tossed to the floor before turning back to her.

She only had one thing to say to me as she sauntered over to the tub. “Yes.”

When the running water started to cloud the ceiling with its heat, we both got in. I aided her tall step into the tub, as any gentleman would, with a helping hand.

“What about your talon cast?”

“The Doctor said it’s water-tight so I can wash myself and stuff. I’ll be fine.”

“Ah, good. Wouldn’t want medical problems to get in the way.”

“’Course not.”

The water from the shower head sprayed off our skin in steaming splashes. Instead of going for the soap or shampoo, we ignored it all and kissed. Again and again our lips came together as the water streamed down our bodies in torrents. Our gasps for air among the sound of flowing water punctuated each meeting and parting. A part of me wanted to get the show on the road, but the rest of me wanted to savor her for a little long. With every kiss, just a little longer.

The moment she started pushing me back with her lips was the moment her patience ran out before mine. Though she was stronger than me, I weighed more. Using that to my advantage I leaned against her and pushed back. She let out a defeated “No!” for faux drama when her bare back touched the linoleum wall behind her.

Stella sighed. “No fair!”

With a raised eyebrow, I lifted her up by the waist and stepped in. “Are you complaining?” I was just inches away from penetrating her. “We could stop if you want.”

A smirk. “I know you’d never just stop like that.”

I touched my forehead to hers. “If that’s a challenge, I don’t think you want me to take it up right now. Because I’d totally win.”

“Oh~ scary!” We looked each other right in the eyes, the water beating against my back. Her eyes soon faltered and looked down at the space between us. “B-but you could, you know, not stop this time.”

I pressed the head of my erection against her entrance. “Oh, ‘this time?’”

She tensed up and squeezed her eyes shut. Then a smile. “You heard me. Next time, the first one to start fucking loses!”

I smiled. I could live with that. We could work out the details later.

With a confident thrust forward, I entered her. Both of us shuddered and pulled each other closer. Her wings, even when folded, brushed against the shower curtain and splashed some water into the rest of the bathroom. With my legs holding both of us up, she wrapped her legs around my waist. One of my hands grabbed at her cute backside from underneath to hold her up. She was light as a feather.

Another chill ran up my back. “So what happens to the loser?”

Instead of answering, she pulled me into her with her legs, up to the base, making both of us grunt with pleasure. “Plan that later. Now quit being a smartass and fuck me.”

Couldn’t argue with that. I steadily pulled out and thrust back into her, the smile on her face growing. She was so wet and tight around me, pulsating with her very heartbeat every time I stopped to kiss her. The thought of doing this with her so often was itself a massive turn-on. Such a long time had passed since the last time I could share my body with someone so freely. Actually, I don’t think I ever had this much fleshly fun with anyone else. The thought urged me to kiss her lips, her neck, her ears, her breasts. Everything about the woman before me, from the way she fucked me to the way she loved me, I was thankful for it all.

Along with the kisses, I thrust into her hard enough to raise her up and down against the smooth shower wall. Her talons jostled behind me with every thrust and her wings frantically searched around for something to grab onto for stability in our fervor. Last time we were so into it was during the last full moon earlier in December. Our current vigor had me thoroughly looking forward to the next one. The curtains took a hell of a beating from errant arms, talons, and wings. Thankfully the bathtub had a slip-proof floor and was quite large. It made me wonder if it was built with two people in mind.

With a quick exchange, I got her to stand on her good leg with the other lifted as high as she could make it. With her flexibility, she could rest it on my shoulder as I penetrated her from the side. Without her legs to block mine at all, I poked and prodded deeper inside her steaming entrance than ever. For her, I was touching her more to the side, while for me she squeezed me along my length in ways I never imagined. At times I felt like I couldn’t pull out of her, instead staying inside her to stir her up all over again and make love with her drooling, begging, open lips. Every whine of joy and giggle of pleasure engulfed my member in the hot liquid walls inside her.

During a lull, in which we had to lower our panting selves to our knees on the tub floor, she brought a wing to my cheek and stroked it. It felt like the claw at the tip of her finger could sink into my skin with the slightest pressure. It steadily scraped across my skin, leaving naught a scratch behind. I remembered what Janet suggested and lifted a hand to grasp her claw.


She closed her eyes to let a shudder of pleasure pass. “Yeah?” My member swelled insider her; I loved it when she enjoyed it.

“I want to touch your feathers.”

Stella’s eyes shot open, taking a moment to focus on me. “Y-you, you what?” Her cheeks were already red, but she grew an even darker shade at the idea. “No no no, that’ll feel weird and, uh, I don’t think it’ll be a real turn-on or anything and—”

I touched my forehead to hers and looked her in the eye. “I want to see if you like it.”

“Uh… I can— you don’t have to— that means…” Her panting became quicker as she averted her gaze, as if looking for something else of interest in the shower. I knew it was no use; the only object of interest was me, and I blocked her view from the rest of the shower regardless. Then, she sheepishly put a wing over her lips and mumbled, “Okay…”

Steadily I pulled out of her, with a low gasp from us both. Not wanting to get cold from all the water, we let the shower continue to rain down from above. Stella sat down with her legs crossed and extended one of her wings down the length of the tub. As water bounced off of the fathers, I sat down and reached for the top of the wing. I didn’t know it at the time that the various layers of feathers were called coverts. Stella jumped a little the moment I touched them.

The feathers were wet, but the water cascaded off them in crystal drops without even leaving trails. It was as if they were waterproof. Though the limb was firm and strong, the feathers were surprisingly soft as I stroked them toward the end of the wing. The feathers seemed to be quite clean, but I thought to run my fingers across the longer feathers that made up the bulk of it. She shivered as I let my fingers dip between them and slide all the way down to the ends.

Next I worked my way up to the “elbow” joint, which was around where her skin ended and the feathers began. Never before had I gotten such a close look at her. The skin gradually grew rougher until a small puff of soft downy feathers encircled her arm. Then the feathers quickly shot out in uniform direction to create the numerous layers that made up the rest of the wing. Large, strong, majestic, but fragile at the same time with her hollow bones and tiny body.

“This is, uh,” Stella started, still looking away from me with her face covered by her other wing. “This is a bit embarrassing.”

I scooted over to her with a chuckle. “I made out with your vag earlier, but you think this is embarrassing?” I gave her a reassuring kiss to her shoulder she seemed to calm down. With an arm around her stomach and she finally pulled her other wing from her face.

She was still beet red. “Do you not know what doing this means?”

Uh oh. “I… don’t think I do.” Just how much did I fuck up, I wondered.

Stella’s lips pulled back in anxiety and twiddled her claws together. “Usually only, uh, pairs groom each other like this.”

My eyes grew wide. “Pair” as in, “Married?” That was basically what it meant, right? Janet said harpies only let their most intimate partners touch their wings, but I didn’t know she meant that kind intimate.

“Oh. Oh, Jeez, Stella, I-I’m sorry, that was really overstepping, wasn’t it? I—”

Before I could finish my babbling she took both of her folded wings and shoved me down onto the floor of the tub. Water streamed from her hair and skin as the shower sprayed upon her back. A joyous smile was all I saw before she lowered herself onto me. A jolt of ecstasy surged through my groin as she rubbed herself against the underside my dick.

“If you knew before,” she said, “would you still have done it if I said it was okay?”

What a loaded question that was. Goddamn. “I don’t know. I mean, we’ve barely been together for a few months. I might be too soon to think abou—”

She shut me up with a kiss, her wet hair dangling all around my head. “That’s okay. I’m not sure if I’m ready for that, either.” With one wing she dexterously positioned me underneath her. “But right now, I’m ready for you.”

Gravity did fine work as she let herself engulf me up to the hilt. A rush of red filled my head and for a moment my eyes couldn’t focus. At once she leaned forward and started bouncing up and down on my groin. Every smack echoed between the walls and sent tremors through her thighs. She started doing all the work as she pressed her breasts against my chest and pinned me down with kisses, completely lost in the moment. With very liberal use of tongue, she moaned aloud as her thrusts grew in ferocity. I couldn’t help but grab her by the hips and push myself into her ever deeper.

Using all my strength, I sat up, still connected both above and below, and managed to turn us so I could sit up against the wall of the tub. The steaming-hot water drenched us to the core as I pushed her down onto my member with both hands on her backside. I wanted to push myself deeper inside her— even if it was impossible physically, I wanted to love her more ferociously, thoroughly, and lovingly. And though it was unfortunate, I felt our current love-making was coming to an end.

“Stella,” I moaned between her breasts, taking the opportunity to push a cheek into one and suckle on the nipple of the other. To me they were perfect, too. Just so perfect. Everything about her.

“Mm, Jeff!” She held my head to her chest, grinding her hips into me faster and harder. Her every pound against me let out a smack with the impact of our wet watery skin.

That familiar rising feeling surged forth from deep inside me. We reached a peak tempo together and she let out a cry. She stifled hers with a bite to my shoulder. I was far beyond being numb to pain as Stella constricted around my member, pulling and sucking me in until it spurred in me an animalistic grunt of a climax.

We held onto each other tight, as if for dear life, and finally our release arrived. My seed sprayed inside her and her wings shivered with pleasurable delight. Her teeth still latched onto me as I let loose inside her over and over. Her vagina tightened, tugged on the skin of my penis, and milked every last drop out of me until finally I felt the pain on my shoulder ease. Although the deed was done, it was the loveliest feeling to stay inside her and hold her close. Her hair matted against her skin, water continuing to drizzle off of us. Our breaths showed no sign of slowing while we sat there for what felt like minutes.

A bolt of pain drove through my groin as I pulled myself out of her and slumped back against the wall. A pale cord of myself flowed out of Stella, who leaned back against the wall opposite me. I let the warm water from the shower hit my face, thinking myself able to take my time to recuperate.

Boy was I wrong.

At once, I felt Stella press herself against my chest, kissing my collarbones and licking my nips. A pathetic gasp escaped my lungs as her lips became more and more intimate with my skin. My hands, as if free of my will, grabbed at her as well. One groped at one of her tear-shaped breasts while the other clutched an ample portion of her ass. Her kisses trailed up my neck until she inserted her tongue into my mouth with a moan.

Through the lewd wet smacks of our lips and tongues I barely managed to speak. “Hey, hey.” Stella pulled back for a second, smiled, and dove right back in with glee. “Mnah. C-could you give me a few minutes?”

Her eyes narrowed, and she grinned. “I guess I can wash you for a bit, ‘til you’re ready for round two.”

She stood up and looked around for the bar of hotel soap in the corner. Though she fumbled a little with it between her wings, she soon returned and crouched next to me. For a moment she looked over the bar of soap and wondered how she could apply it to me. After a moment she impaled it on a claw and went to work.

Slick as oil, the bar glided across my chest, leaving soapy trails in its wake. The bubbles quickly washed away with the water raining down overhead. To say the least, it was a new experience. Nobody had washed me since I was a toddler. I never had the notion to ask after I claimed the bathroom in my parents’ house as my domain so long ago.

The moment I thought to close my eyes and enjoy the sensation, I heard Stella shuffle around next to me. Seconds later soft pin-pricks swept across my chest and down the rest of my front. Opening my eyes again to watery warmth, I saw Stella using the feathers of a wing to scrub my skin.

“Wha— didn’t you say only pairs—”

“Hey, it’s okay.” She paused for a second to put her wing under the shower to wash off the soap. “You got to clean me a bit, so now I’ll clean you a bit.”

“You’re… not mad?”

She shook her head, then flipped her hair out of her face so she could see. “Nah. You didn’t know about it, so yeah, it’s okay.”

“I still feel bad about that, though.”

Stella leaned in, and I closed my eye as she kissed the lid. Feeling her soft lips press against it was strangely relaxing.

“I’m okay. As long as you ask me properly and take responsibility next time.”

Those words were all the incentive I needed to jump on her and begin round two.

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