Anon’s Nude Beach Debauchery

>decide to go on vacation
>hear about a famous beach not too far away
>well that sounds relaxing
>always loved the ocean breeze on your skin
>a car drive later, the white sands of the beach can be seen in the distance
>find a small hut in a secluded valley
>seems to be an entrance to the beach
>walk in to find a reception desk with an older woman
>”Welcome! It’s a bit early, so seems you’re the first to come to the beach for today.”
>good, for a moment you worried it was going to be crowded
>”But I do have to warn you…it’s a nude beach.”
>Nude beach?
>well, when in Rome
>not like anyone was going to know who you were here anyway
>rent out a locker and store all your valuables, carrying only a towel, a good book, and a beach umbrella
>the cool ocean breeze is surprisingly refreshing, not to mention the sun warming your back
>who knew being nude could feel so relaxing and free?
>and the old woman was right; the beach was indeed deserted
>lay out your towel and set up the umbrella, and proceed to read your book
>who knew such a pristine place could exist here?
>one could just take a nap and forget all their worries

>wake up sometime later to the sound of various voices in the distance
>sounds like the beach got a bit crowded
>rub your bleary eyes to find several breathtaking beautiful women everywhere
>those tits, that asses, those…tails?
>several women had tails sprouting from behind them
>some had fur or were entirely different colors
>naked wolf monster girls were busy playing fetch with each other, a Frisbee flying between them
>several topless lamia were currently sunbathing all out in a row, gossiping under the sun
>a nude dragon monster girl was currently acting as lifeguard, who kept staring daggers at the shark girls in the water that kept fake-drowning for their own amusement
>a dark skinned sphinx was building a sand pyramid not too far away from you, while her Anubis friend helped
>not another man was in sight
>oh god no
>this was a nude beach
>for monster girls
>begin to wonder how the hell your pelvis was still intact
>notice a presence behind you, a rather large presence
>massive centaura was stood at attention, watching over you
>massive as in G-cups; Soccer balls at least
>and nipples that were the color of caramel
>quickly hide your growing phallus behind your book, as your ask her what she was doing
>she tried to act resolute, but you could easily see the blush on her face
>”I’ve stood guard over you to protect your chasteness from any unwanted advances, as any righteous person would, of course.”
>she wiped the drool from her chin as you felt her eyes gloss over your body
>errr thanks?
>time to get out of here
>she suddenly put a hand on your shoulder, her breasts swaying just inches from your face
>”Wait, were are you going? Sh-shouldn’t I get a reward for my selfless service?”
>she clenched your shoulder hard, a wild look in her eyes
>this was getting bad
>you just wanted to go home
>”But-but we didn’t even build sand castles, or walk hand in hand along the beach, or share a kiss underneath the setting sun yet!”

>wait what?
>you didn’t even know her
>seriously coming here was just a huge misunderstanding
>”Hey! What do you think you’re doing?!”
>An older looking kitsune stood behind you with her hands on her hips, seven golden tails sprouting behind her
>she had no carpet to match the drapes
>her three kids peered out from behind her, peeking through her tails as they watched the scene unfold
>the youngest looked about twelve, while the oldest was almost a spitting image of her mother, albeit shorter and missing a few tails
>thank god, maybe she could help
>”You said that he was your husband! Now he’s saying he doesn’t know you!?”
>Then centaur began to fidget, releasing you from her grasp as she tried to form an explanation
>”I mean, we don’t know each quite yet, but…we will! I saw him first anyway!”
>you could see the rage build up upon the kitsune as her tails bristled out in anger
>”Straight from the horse’s mouth, I see! But if you haven’t claimed him yet then move aside, I trying to teach my kids how to rape here.”
>wait what?
>”Did…did you just call me a horse?!”
>The centaur pushed you aside, trotting over your towel as she stared down at the kitsune and her kids
>while they began to argue, you began to make your escape
>would have to abandon your towel and umbrella but at least you’d leave with an intact pelvis
>but somebody was blocking your way
>it was one of the kitsune’s kids, with only two tails behind her
>still completely nude
>so that’s why they called it washboard
>she tilted her head side to side as she looked at you
>you wondered what she wanted
>she just stood there, watching you
>very creepy

>you then noticed something
>the sound of crashing waves
>only the sound of the crashing waves
>the beach was silent
>eerily, you could feel the pressure of a thousand eyes starting at you
>you turned your head slowly
>everyone was staring at you
>the wolf girls, the lamias, the dragon lifeguard, even the shark girls bobbing in the water
>somewhere, a seagull girl screeched in the distance
>its hard to remember what happened next
>the sudden stampede of monster girls caught you completely by surprise
>as did the sudden impact of bodies tackling into you
>scraping and shoving, you tried to fight for air in the huge dog pile as various monster girls pulled at you
>fists flew, kicks collided, someone tore away the book you were protecting yourself with
>the monster girls eventually turned to fighting each other as they began to realize there could only be one to claim you
>in the commotion, a sand wurm suddenly erupted, narrowly engulfing you and sending the other monster girls flying
>so this is how it would end

>suddenly you felt something grab onto your wrist
>”Follow me if you want to live.”
>The unknown force began to tug you away as the monster girls became preoccupied fighting each other
>You had no idea what was going on now, but whatever this force was, it was leading you away from the ruckus
>you soon found yourself hidden in an outcropping of rocks not too far from the main beach
>out of sight of the mob of monster girls, you tried to catch your breath
>”There we go. Were lucky the sea water hides your scent as well.” The mysterious voice stated
>err thanks?
>”Hm? Oh right, sorry about that.”
>you nearly jumped back in fright as a disembodied head suddenly materialized in front of you
>along with the rest of her body
>her black and purple hair was tied back in a short pony tail
>and like the rest of the beach goers, she was completely nude, save for a small tattoo of a koi on the side of her pelvis
>her breasts were full as well, probably C cups by your estimation
>she held out a furry black and purple paw
>”My name’s Kaycee.” the Cheshire cat said introducing herself
>you didn’t know whether to look at her eyes or her body as you awkwardly took her hand and shook it
>her paw was soft to the touch
>you introduced yourself as well
>satisfied, she grinned wildly as she crossed her arms
>”Nice to meet you anon, but you’re really an idiot coming here. Didn’t anyone tell you this was a nude beach for monster girls?”
>you were about to explain to her how you ended up in this ridiculous situation, but noticed her eyes staring southward
>following her gaze, you realized that you were standing at full attention

>no doubt she was culprit
>you quickly hunched over and covered yourself remembering basic decency, profusely apologizing, stating that you couldn’t help it
>to your surprise, she laughed
>”Its fine, its fine! I’m a little…uh…excited myself actually.” She said pointing downwards with one of her furry digits
>you noticed she was wet; a thin trail of silvery liquid slowly began to descend down her inner thigh
>you uttered a small ‘oh’ before straightening up and uncovering yourself, allowing yourself to fly at full mast, much to her delight
>”There ya go! Isn’t it a relief to just be naked out in the sun? It’s like all your earthly troubles just wash away.”
>well, your first ten minutes on the beach felt like that you admitted
>but then the whole attempted pelvis shattering gang rape thing happened
>in fact, you were quite puzzled as to why she didn’t push you down and rape you herself now that she got you alone
>she laughed again
>”Those guys are just tourists wanting some adventure. I’ve lived on this beach most of my life, so seeing a random dick here and there is nothing for me…mostly.”
>Oh well that’s relief
>its not that you’d minded spontaneous sex any more than the next guy, but with so many people you didn’t know and so aggressively was just…overwhelming
>”Oh yeah sure, that’s understandable…in fact, lets fix that.”

>fix what now?
>she cleared her throat before addressing you
>”Hi, my name is Kaycee and I’m a Cheshire. My hobbies are being nude and surfing, sometimes both. And I got my koi tattoo after Mr. Fishy died after a neglectful summer break when I was younger.” She said pointing out the tattoo on her pelvis
>to your astonishment, she began to spin around slowly, her tail lazily following around behind her
>her breasts were one thing but her ass was a completely different level; rounded to perfection and toned from years of surfing
>”…and this is me.” She said finishing twirling around for you
>”So what about you?” she said placing her hands on her hips
>realizing that this was some sort of introduction game, you followed her example, stating your name and hobbies, and a random fact about yourself, before also turning around for her
>you could feel her eyes explore your body before coming you came to a stop
>judging the glazed over look in her eyes, you could tell she approved
>but she quickly snapped back to reality
>”And now were no longer strangers!” she exclaimed happily
>the two of you proceeded to stand there for several awkward minutes unsure of what to do next
>your eyes began to wander over her body, watching her glisten even more the longer she stood there
>several times you noticed her eyes flash towards your shaft, as she began biting her paws absentmindedly
>when she noticed you staring she stopped and laughed nervously
>”Sorry sorry…theres just a lot of sexual tension between us isn’t there?” she laughed
>yeah, you had to agree there
>”So…we should probably…take care of that right?” her voice was full of hopeful intention
>you involuntarily twitched at her double meaning suggestion
>Well, that would seem like a logical solution, especially since you were no longer strangers
>her ears immediately perked up
>”Seriously!? Thank god, I mean- I’m just standing here watching you drip pre-cum and I’m struggling with all my might not to touch myself.” She breathed a sigh of relief
>you could feel your adrenaline start to rise as she began to walk forward to you
>”So like…you want me on top? Or would you rather fuck me into the sand, cause personally, I’d prefer the later.” She said flashing the trademark Cheshire grin
>you gulped

>the later works
>”Alrighty then, but first, I have to do this.”
>she grabbed your hips and slowly pulled you into her, her wet crotch just riding atop your shaft
>its then that she softly grabbed your face and drove her tongue into your mouth
>the first few seconds you tried to resist but you soon let her rough tongue explore your mouth freely as your own tongue caressed hers
>your hands roamed across her back before finally settling on her firm ass, grabbing them and squeezing the flesh tightly
>you could feel her shudder as she giggled into your mouth, all the while she gently rubbed herself along your shaft
>after several minutes of intense tongue play, she finally broke off, licking her lips as she gasped for breath
>”Oh god, I needed that” she said out of breath
>the next thing you knew she was on all fours on the sand, her back arched perfectly with her ass raised high in the air for you
>”C’mon, fuck me….” She practically begged as her tail flicked the top of your dick, drawing a thin sliver of pre-cum along with it
>you wasted no time positioning yourself behind her, guiding yourself into her before thrusting forcefully inside
>her cry of pleasure was cut short as you thrust into her again, grabbing her haunches and essentially pulling her onto yourself
>her already hot, wet walls convulsed as she conformed around your shaft
>you didn’t give her any chance to rest as you proceeded to fuck her over and over
>the sound of your flesh smacking into hers began to drown out the sound of the breaking waves
>she half grunted, half gasped for breath with every one of your thrusts
>she reached back with one of her arms and placed a paw atop of your hand, a pleading euphoric look in her eyes
>you grabbed her arm and held on as you continued to rail into her
>soon with every thrust, her head began to drop lower and lower yo the sand, until eventually, her one arm gave out and she collapsed flat atop the sand
>that didn’t stop you though
>propping yourself up with your arms, you continued to thrust yourself into her over and over again as she laid sprawled out on the sand

>you couldn’t help but lean down and take one of her ears into your mouth
>feeling her squirm beneath you only emboldened you as began to take long slow thrusts into her, feeling yourself getting close
>you could hear her trying to say something through her heavy breathing
>following her request, you regretfully pulled out of her and helped flip her over
>your dick was covered in her juices while her body was coated with fine beach sand
>she only smiled at phallic object between her legs as you began to softly brush the sand off her face
>”Let me know when you cum.” She breathed softly as your face hovered just above hers
>”I’ve got a special treat for you.” She winked
>you barely nodded as your guided yourself back into her, enjoying her writhing and moaning as you entered her
>her legs splayed apart for you, you went slowly before picking up speed again as your grabbed her breasts and knocking off the sand
>her eyes were in a daze as you played with her breasts, rolling them around and tweaking her nipples ever so slightly
>her flinching and mewling got you even harder as you watched her various facial expressions as she began to bite her bottom lip
>you leaned down, licking her lips before intruding into her mouth, your own tongue battling hers
>she moaned openly into your mouth with every thrust and you could feel her arms wrap around you, holding on for dear life
>you were getting close now, only breaking away from your kiss to visually ask for permission
>she only nodded once before pulling you in again, locking lips once more
>it wasn’t long before you exploded inside her, your hot seed coating her insides
>her walls clamped down hard as she also reached her climax, stymying your orgasm briefly before you quick filled her up
>she had a look of pure satisfaction on her face as she looked up at you, before smirking once more
>”Wanna see…that trick?” she asked out of breath
>you wondered what she was talking about, but before you could ask she suddenly disappeared beneath you
>for moment you panicked that something had happened and reared back, but you soon noticed something peculiar
>your still harden shaft was inside her, a thick globule of your cum and her juices mixed together floating just a few inches above the ground, floating in midair, perfectly filling her insides
>”Pretty cool huh?” she remarked as she phased back to visibility
>she reached up and pulled your head to her bosom, cradling your head softly in her fuzzy arms and soft breasts
>”Only problem is…I can’t go back home now cause now they’ll be a floating mass of cum walking down the streets.”
>puzzled, you asked her why she just couldn’t put on some clothes
>”Cause I’m a Cheshire dummy. I just leave my house naked, go invisible, and come here.” she said playfully as she began to softly pet you, burying her face into your hair
>you asked her if she was an exhibitionist
>surprisingly, it took her awhile to answer
>”I guess I am…I never thought about that before.” She said in revelation
>”But either way, looks like were stuck here for a while…. until the fighting stops and I can absorb all your sperm.”
>you looked up at her as you noticed the intonation of her voice
>she had the trademark Cheshire grin again
>”And I’ve got about two more holes to fill…if you’re up for it?” she asked hopefully again
>whelp, since you had nothing better to do, it wouldn’t hurt at all actually
>she smiled again as she pulled you in for a kiss

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