An Ushi Makes Her Move

Elena had been watching him for awhile now. A few months. This was longer than the vast majority of her ilk could stand to wait. By a few orders of magnitude.
Elena was an Ushi Oni. One of the most sexually aggressive and powerful monsters out there. Even without the vast bulky spider that grew from her womanhood down, her torso was a little more than 1 and half times bigger in every dimension than the average man’s, let alone woman’s.
Even for an Ushi Oni, Elena was big. She was broad too. “Thicc” as the kids today called it. She measured more than 30 inches at the shoulder, and had a bust measurement of over 5 feet. Her mounds were each several times the volume of her head, and no less perky for it. Together her furry lovelies weighed almost 50 pounds. Her belly was soft, squishy, and covered in a fine coat of soft downy fur. Not particulary big, at least compared to the rest of her.
Her hair was black, wild and long enough to reach her spider half. The only thing not covered in at least a thin veneer of fine hair was her face, which she certainly thought looked pretty enough. It was also just about the only thing on her that was unambiguously human.

Of course he found her arousing. Her first worry instantly assuaged. A whole lot more than assuaged really. She could smell the arousal on him whenever he looked her way so strongly she could taste it. He would almost immediately look away when he saw she had noticed his gaze, and would have to sit down for a few moments, waiting for a hard on to pass him by. He didn’t have anything even remotely similar happen when he looked at the other mamono. It made her heart sing…

Her only exposure to him was the gym, and they had rarely talked, though they had exchanged names. She initiated first contact. Something he seemed to find strange. He clearly wasn’t used to being approached by women. Elena pretended to need a spot in that first interaction. She giggled at the thought. She could rip the cage off its hinges and rep the cage itself until she got bored. Even if the cage had been fully loaded with thousands of pounds worth of plates it would make scant difference.
In their exchanges he potrayed a gentleness and warmth in sharp contrast to what a human woman would think him capable of from looking at him.

His name was Lance. He was a very large man. Standing the tiniest bit over 6’2, and weighing around 280lbs of mostly muscle. He was even stronger than his looks would imply. On his best day he could squat around 500 pounds with great depth.
He edged out many monsters in terms of raw physical power, but Elena? Nope. At least an order of magnitude difference. Maybe two. The second consideration of her plan was the “rape” itself, although she was sure it would end up being concensual pretty quickly. Could she overpower him? Easily.
He was also handsome in a masculine sense of the word. At least to Elena. His eyes small and expressive, and his jaw strong and further accentuated by short but thick beard.
Oh and the smell of his mana made Elena unbelievably wet. The custom made spats she wore would be soaked by the time she left. It was clear by his scent he was a virgin even at 21 but he lacked the bitterness to his smell many men of that description had. Like there was no real anger at his situation. Or at anything for that matter. The smell was sweeter than any confection to Elena.
Elena was older than him by a number of years. Of course being a particularly powerful mamono she certainly didn’t look it. Mother always said she’d know when she’d met the one. It took awhile but she was sure of it when she first saw him, and took in all his scents, and even surer of it now. This was the man for her. He would be hers, and no-one else’s. None of that sharing shit.

Today she made her move. While he was still in the gym, Elena found his car, and with her powerful and articulate hands tore out the lock on one of the rear doors and placed it back behind her. It was still noticeable. Not at this time of day however, with the night already beginning. He drove a suburban, and there was plenty of room for Elena to hide in the back seats. She didn’t have to wait for long. Even through the car she could smell him leaving the building and approaching the car…

Lance sighed. Today had been an average day for him. He didn’t break any personal records as he had fully intended to. However today was saturday, so he would be off tommorrow. He would try again the following day.
Opening the door he was struck by a fairly powerful …odor…no, a scent. Odor was a word that generally described something unpleasant, but he rather liked this one. It was strong. Musky, rather sweet and…feminine? It couldn’t be him. He smelled terrible.
Lance was a fairly heavy user of stimulants for athletic endeavors, and by the time he was done with his workout, the adrenaline low was already hitting him like a Mack truck.
He didnt think much of the strange, but altogether pleasant aroma in his car because of this.
Shrugging he browsed through his playlist and decided on Yes, “Heart of the Sunrise”, and started the short drive home.

It took almost all of Elena’s considerable willpower not to jump him then and there. It’s what any other Ushi would’ve done. Hell, most of her ilk would’ve just started raping him in the middle of the gym floor. But she felt he deserved better than that.
She kept her wits about her by humming along to the song. She knew it fairly well. God they even had similar tastes..

Lance swore he could hear a feminine voice humming in tune with the song. Again he didn’t think much of it. Lance wasn’t a terribly paranoid person, and he was rather drowsy. He heard all kinds of things when he was dead tired. Saw all kinds of things too. Not that he would tell anyone…
The drive was short as it always was. He lived maybe 5 minutes from his gym. He pulled into the garage and stepped out of the car. He swore he could see something BIG moving in the back of the car, but again Lance chocked it up to his drowsiness. Such was his way as should be obvious by this point.

They had arrived, and Elena was as of yet undiscovered. When he saw that he was gone, Elena almost squealed. This was all going so well.
She waited around an hour, at which point she was fairly sure he’d be unconsious, then got out of the car and entered the house.
He lived alone in a modest 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house. Perfect!!! Doors would have to be remodeled though. Elena had taken parts of the hinges off when she came in. Whoops.
She set about making preparations, from items she had brought with her in the car. She wanted him to enjoy this every bit as much as her, were it even possible. She let him sleep and gather his strength for a few more hours…

Lance woke up suddenly. He swear he could hear music playing in the front room. Was that…”Stand by Me”? This time Lance knew something was up. He lived in a relatively nice area, so it was rather unlikely any robbers broke in. Maybe it was one of his friends? Robbers sounded more likely honestly.
Still he steeled himself and made his way towards the living room, where the sound was emanating from. He was greeted with sights that made him…confused. More confused than anything else at least.
A spare mattress he kept in one of the guest bedrooms was placed in the middle of the living room, and all of his electrical lights were off. Instead the room was lit with a number of lavender scented candles. The smell did little to hide a familiar scent that stirred his loins.
The aroma from the car permeated the living room. But it was even stronger now, and the musk was sweeter smelling.
Lance felt something drip onto his hair. Quite a bit of something. The better part of an ounce. It happened again, but this time the large droplet landed on his arm. It smelled strongly of the aroma. Lance looked up towards the ceiling, and recoiled…

Elena’s furry, meaty peach was practically drooling. Alerting him to her presence with her honey like love juices was also part of the plan. To signal her intent from the onset.  An Ushi Oni capable of forming plans, especially one of Elena’s considerable might was formidable in every undertaking, not least of them love.
He looked up at her and recoiled. She was hanging upside down, stark naked on a portion of the ceiling that was maybe 50 square feet in area. She took up almost all of it. Elena was desceneded from predators. She could tell her love didn’t recoil out of fear but out of surprise. There was no flight response immediately following the burst of movement. Not that she’d let him flee…
And like that she dropped on him. landing on her back four legs first so as to avoid crushing him. Even so a man of normal might would’ve at least had the wind knocked out of him. Lance didn’t make a sound. He was standing on the mattress just as she planned, and when her torso collided with his it knocked him back first into the matress. Elena wasted no time and pressed her enormous fluffy bosom against him, her human half having a bit more visual weight than his entire body. She started to speak strained as her voice was by the sheer depth of her arousal…
“Hnnngg…you h-have no idea h-how patient I w-was with thisss. You’re MINE now, and I-I’m yourssss.”
Lance’s head was spinning, not by the impact, but by what was happening. However he was brought back to some sense by the musky sweetnes of Elena’s arousal. He knew fighting back was pointless. Not only was his opponent endowed with strength similar to a bull elephant, but she likely meant him no harm. The scent really only served to relax any sort of trepidation he might have had. The lack of trepidation served to give way to sheer confusion however.
He started to speak “M-Me? Why-“… At that moment Elena forced her plump lips against his to shut him up. She was slow to get her tongue into his mouth. Gentle even. But he rather quickly let her, and soon reciprocated the kiss entirely, his tongue entering her mouth, and mingling with hers.
Elena broke the kiss first when she saw her love was starting to have a little trouble breathing. He looked away from her utterly embarassed. Elena had expected this to be a hill she would have to climb, but she would make her intentions even clearer.
She rose up, so their bodies made a ninety degree angle together, and in one smooth motion from her right arm tore off his clothes from his shoulders to just below his upper thigh exposing his manhood to the room. Elena wasted no time and in a flash of movement practically jumped on her lover’s rather sizeable meatstick, landing sopping, plump snatch first.
Immediately a burst of warmth shot through her entire body, and she let loose a new tide of juices. This did little to stop her and in the same instant she was already bouncing up and down on his erection, her fluffy milkers lashing wildly at the surrouding air.
A lesser man’s pelvis would’ve likely just about fractured in the first few moments but Lance only perceived raw pleasure. He slowly started to smile, his enjoyment evident. Several minutes later he leaned up, pulled Elena into an embrace, and started to pump his penis into her almost as forcefully as she was bouncing on him.
Elena had never been happier in her entire life than in the moment he embraced her. Scratch that. She was certain she’d never been half as happy. The lovers continued like this for around 10 more minutes, until both were close to climax. With one final pump from Lance, and one last bounce from Elena they came together. Thick rope after rope of seed was pumped into the deepest reaches of Elena, her absurdly powerful contractions practically milking Lance.

They basked in the afterglow for several minutes. It was Lance who broke the pleasant silence. “Why th…”, Lance was once again interupted. This time by a big, dusky nipple being plopped on his face from a soft, fur covered breast well several times over the size of his head. The plump darkly colored nipple was the better part of an inch long. There was a mysterious wetness to it…
“I love you sooooo muuuch.”, Elena said sultrily, the blush around her face growing deeper, and her smile wider. “I’ve watched you, and I’ve come to adore just about everything I’ve seen.” The nipple on Lance’s face was getting wetter…
“Now if you would be a dear, and suc…oooohhhnnn” Lance didn’t need to be told twice. He started sucking the dusky nozzle. Almost immediately he was rewarded with a veritable flood of milk. The taste was sweet and creamy. It was closer to melted gelato than milk in taste and consistency.
There was so much of it, Lance had to swallow every pull to avoid choking. Elena took a hand that could’ve enclosed Lance’s entire head in a fist, and started to stroke his hair. Her entire face was flushed, and every breath she took was a purr of sheer contentment. Every now and then Lance would come up for air to be greeted with a kiss from Elena. This time there was no hesitance and he instantly reciprocated. Elena was overtaken by even greater joy than she felt when he embraced her…

This lasted for some time, until Lance noticed her clitoris, which she had been lightly grinding against his leg. It was…just…enormous. Fat and and a beautiful shade of pink, it was almost as girthy as Lance’s own second head. It looked maybe 3 and a half inches long. Lance reached for it in between pulls of Elena’s milk, and brushed his fingertips against it. Instantly, Elena shuddered and covered a good portion of his thigh in a thick layer of juices.
Lance went to tickle it again, but this time Elena stopped him. Grabbing his hand, and pulling him a few feet up to be eye to eye with her with a flick of her wrist. Her breathing was heavy and powerful as she looked at him with heavily lidded eyes. “That’s….hnn…off limits lover.””It’s just too…sensitive”. Elena adjusted herself, and assumed the same position she was in before. This time placing Lance so he was resting on her pedipalps like they were a lap. She motioned back to the nipple. Lance didn’t have to be told twice…

The lovers continued like this for a number of hours, Lance making damn sure to avoid her clitoris. Eventually Lance fell asleep while they were simply embracing. Elena gently picked him up, nuzzled him close to her, and went to the bed he’d been sleeping on before. She collapsed onto it back first, Lance on her stomach. Sleep would come easy to her. She’d claimed him, and her instincts had already made his scent relaxing to her. The room was coated in it. Moments later she was dozing herself.

Lance was the first to wake. Of course he was. Ushi Onis, even ones as particularly powerful as Elena, needed copious amounts of sleep. Among copious amounts of other things…
He made his way to the living room, and was greeted to the light of high noon shining through the glass door leading to the back yard.
He set about making breakfast for the two of them. A simple affair of diced steak and eggs. He shared vaguely the same carnivorous diet as an Ushi. Hmm. Regardless he started to prepare the questions he had for Elena. He didn’t want to wake her. Waking an Ushi prematurely typically put them in a foul mood. Even Lance knew that.
He didn’t have to wait for long. As he was setting the table he nearly had to cover his ears when he heard a powerful snarl. “WWWWHHHHEEERRREEE…!!!” Before she was even done with the utterance Elena was already in the living room.
“Oh there you are. Don’t scare me like that lover.” The hallway from Lance’s bedroom to the living room was over 20 feet long and had a 90 degree turn halfway through. Elena had gotten to her feet, and traversed it in a fraction of a second. didn’t phase Lance. He still had questions but if he knew one thing it was that this remarkably lovely creature would never intentionally harm him.
“So I have questions” Lance began. “And I have answers.” giggled Elena. “Alright, why me? I’ve never been popular with women let alone ones as singularly stunning as you..wh..”
“let me stop you right there dear. I know just about everything about you as a person. Not any kind of specifics, but in the way that I can predict what action you’ll take in just about any circumstance. And I love you for it.”
“And it’s really no fault of human women. They can’t literally look at a person’s soul. And they lack the confidence and power to initiate first contact. I assume…well I basically know that was something you had trouble with. I’m sure plenty of women had interest. You just never capitalized. None of them close to half as pretty, or half as interested as me of course”
Lance was a person readily capable of self reflection. It was something that came easily to him. This reasoning struck several chords. It should have hurt to admit, but with it now being a problem that was basically solved, he just didn’t care.
Lance opened his mouth to speak, but in a flash Elena was on him. A claw over his mouth.
“I’m moving in today. Let’s go get my things.”
“…Okay.” was all Lance could squeak out. He wasn’t opposed to this series of events…

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