An Egg-cellent time

Myrsi slithered up through the branches, picking her way carefully to a nice, sturdy branch with a good vantage of the nature trail below. The tall oak’s leaves would camouflage her emerald scales quite well, and besides, not many people thought to look up when they walked or jogged by.

Old as she was, somewhere over 200 years – though she’d stopped counting at that point because 200 was a nice, round number – she didn’t move or look it. Well, for the most part, anyways, a few cricks had developed in her lengthy spine, but she attributed that to her new-found fascination with modern entertainment. Didn’t get out quite as much as she used to.

No, to most she was odd for other reasons. Her four arms were one; her size another. If Myrsi had legs instead of 14 feet of snake attached at the waist, she’d stand a good seven feet tall. One of the many gifts of being a direct, if distant, ancestor to the divine of old.

There was something else that set her apart, and that was the reason for her waiting in the tree tops on a warm evening in late summer. Even someone like Myrsi was subject to certain biological imperatives. Sure they could be inconvenient, but she did so enjoy it – the parts that didn’t involve skulking about, that is.

During the day, the woods on the outskirts of the city were a popular destination for outings of all sorts, but it was too popular. When twilight hit, however, the large groups left and were replaced by people who liked to keep fit after work with a nice jog. The best part was they were almost always alone.

She watched a few humans pass through, then a large tiger woman. Tempting, but she could do better. Someone warmer.

A kitsune went by, using a small orb of foxfire to supplement the moon’s light. Another tempting target, but motherly instincts demanded only the best.

One of Myrsi’s hands drifted to the phone in her pocket. Another hand swat it away and she sighed. Having the world at one’s fingertips on a small screen meant she didn’t have to be bored out of her mind, but even on the dimmest setting she’d be broadcasting a giant ‘Hey, look up here!’ signal. She twirled a bit of her long black hair in a finger idly.

Damned instincts. Most of the time she never even saw them afterwards, so what did it matter who it was? Anything with fluffy ears and a tail was bound to be plenty warm, oh so very warm… Well, she did have nothing but time. And herself.

A hand drifted to her impressive bust, fingertips gliding along the sheer fabric of her shirt along the swell until she reached a nipple. She pinched and caressed the bud, and in only seconds it’d stiffened up nicely, along with its sister. Her heightened sensitivity during these times was another little perk.

Thinking about her last encounter just a few nights ago, she began to pull up her shirt. Her soft mounds gathered up as the hem of her shirt came up, straining to be free. With one last tug they fell free, swinging and jiggling into their natural resting position, pert nipples pointing to the sky on the pebbly bed of her areolas.

Two hands massaged and squeezed her breasts and teased her nipples, and already her breaths were coming on shorter. Her third hand drifted down her flat stomach to the simple black satin sash tied around what would’ve been her hips, had she had any. On nights like this, she made sure to wear as little as possible.

The knot holding the sash secure came undone, and though her heart was starting to thump, she still had the presence of mind to wrap the strip of cloth around an arm, which also made sure her phone wouldn’t be disappearing anywhere. She’d made that mistake before; trying to get home with nothing to cover her naughty bits was a task. So was having to deal with getting a new phone. Back in the day no one would mind, but nowadays they had all these laws about not showing yourself off in public.

Myrsi harrumphed, but she was already so wound up there was no getting her out of the mood.

With no obstructions in the way, her hand glanced down a lengthy slit – longer than her hand from finger tip to wrist – in her scales. Already moisture was collecting on the sensitive scales.

Another instinct was building, one even more primal and powerful.

How fortuitous it was then when a flickering flame bobbed into her periphery.

A salamander? No, it looks like…

Cresting the hill, there she was, jogging away.

A hellhound!

Both instincts agreed in a flash. There wasn’t much else hotter than a hellhound. They may be powerful in their own right, but this one appeared… a bit short.

Short yes, but even with a sports bra, the hellhound’s breasts swayed and bounced with every step in a hypnotizing rhythm. Thanks to the ephemeral flames emanating from where her eyebrows should’ve been, Myrsi could see bits and pieces – the important bits and pieces, of course. A slight belly underneath those heaving tits, and thighs so thick they rubbed together and made the cuff of her short jogging shorts roll up. And all that fluff!

Myrsi readied herself, every muscle ready to spring into action. The hellhound approached, came directly underneath her, close enough to hear the patter of her paws on the path. A few more steps and the hellhound passed by, her back to the unseen snake.

In a flash Myrsi dropped from the branches to the path and snatched up the hellhound. Her four hands secured the top half of the woman and her snake half bound up the lower half. The hellhound let out a startled cry and squirmed, her ruby eyes filled with confusion and fear.

“W-what? Who are you? Let me go!”

The coils shifted, binding the hellhound in full. Myrsi cupped the hellhound’s chin with one hand and pulled the earbuds from her ears with another. She looked over her over this way and that and smiled. Pretty young, probably early 20s, and had a face to match her body – just a little round, and so very youthful. “You’re cute. What’s your name?”

“What? What the hell! Unhand me!”

“Ah, okay,” Myrsi said with a chuckle, making a show of holding her arms out with the palms facing the hellhound, “there, you are unhanded.”

The woman growled and strained. “You know what I mean!”

“Do I?” Myrsi said innocently, holding a hand against her chest. The action drew the hellhound’s gaze down.

“Why are you naked?” She asked, her eyes continuing down to Myrsi’s slick-shined slit, where two nubs appeared to be poking out. “What’s going on?”

“So many questions, and you won’t even answer one of mine! Does no one have manners these days?”

The hellhound studied her, eyes narrow slivers. “Amel.”

Myrsi clapped two of her hands together. “Excellent, Amel. See, was that so hard? Now, to answer your first question, I am Myrsi.”

“That’s great. Let me go!”

“Now now,” said Myrsi, tapping a finger on Amel’s nose, “Is that any way to request a favor? As for your other questions, you’ll figure it out soon enough, I imagine.”

“Favor? You grabbed—“

Amel’s voice cut short as Myrsi grabbed the hellhound’s sports bra and gave it a sharp tug up, exposing the jiggling mounds for the world to see. They were nearly large as Myrsi’s. “Yes, very good!”

“What are you doi-!” Amel shrieked, only to have a tail tip stuffed in her mouth.

Leaning close, Myrsi flicked the hellhound’s nipples, delighted in how thick and suckable they were – oh yes, she’d have to sample them herself. Her long tongue spilled from her mouth and circled over one bud, guiding it into her mouth. Saltiness filled her mouth, a result of the sweaty hellhound, but it very quickly faded to the earthy tang of flesh that Myrsi did so enjoy.

The hellhound let out a gasp through her nose and tried to say something, but all she could do was mumble around the tail in her mouth. She did try to bite down, but the scales there were particularly thick. Myrsi smiled up with her eyes.

She shifted to the other breast, squeezing the soft flesh and suckling on the tit, getting it nice and stiff like its sister. The flames from the hellhound’s brows grew a little brighter.

“I am going to enjoy this,” said Myrsi in a loud whisper, wiping a trail of spittle from her mouth. She noticed Amel’s face had hues of red under her ashen complexion. “Seems you already are,” she added with a smirk.

The bit of tail in Amel’s mouth began to slide back and fourth. Her jaw slackened. She tried to look defiant, but her gleaming eyes couldn’t lie.

Myrsi shifted her coils, exposing the hellhound’s crotch and hips, and pulled down her spats. A rivulet of something stickier than sweat clung to the fabric. “Oh, don’t mind if I do…”

She lifted the hellhound into the air and dove in, her lips locked to the hellhound’s and her long serpent tongue went to work, parting the soft folds and probing the sensitive flesh within. Amel twitched and Myrsi was rewarded with a veritable gush of hot, tangy juices. Just like her tongue, her tail was unrelenting, forcing its way deeper with every thrust into the hellhound’s mouth.

That only made her wetter and hotter.

Myrsi’s tongue slithered round and struck out deep within, all while she kept her licks locked to Amel’s cunt, sucking and humming and dragging her top lip across Amel’s clit. All the fight had left the hellhound’s body and she hung slack, her body happily accepting Myrsi’s ministrations.

Hands roved to Amel’s nipples, pinching and twisting and the other two saw fit to stroke and carress what flesh they could find all while Myrsi drank greedily of the plentiful juices. Amel was so wet, so fucking hot – she couldn’t have asked for anyone better. More and more of her unique appendages grew from her slit, but Amel didn’t notice, busy as she was being brought to the brink.

Amel’s hips began to lurch and buck; the tail fell out of her mouth, allowing her to both suck in a deep breath and let out a deep, throaty moan at the same time. With one final push from Myrsi’s fingers tweaking the hellhound’s sensitive clit she came with a howl. Her vaginal walls clamped down on the tongue inside and she writhed about, riding out her intense orgasm.

Her head lolled to a side in the post-orgasmic bliss. Myrsi’s eyes met hers. Amel blinked slowly. “C-can I go now?”

“We’re just beginning, my dear,” said Myrsi, hands reaching to her unique equipment. With a few tugs, two long and pink appendages flopped out from the slit.

Amel’s eyes went wide.

Each were well over a foot long, though they weren’t identical – one was noticeably thicker than the other, and rather than a pointed tip had a sort of blunted end with a very visible opening.

Myrsi’s fingers danced across her sensitive flesh, two hands each stroking them to full hardness.

“You’re going to be a mommy, at least for a little while,” said Myrsi.

“W-what? No!” 

Amel was tipped down, her ass and big fluffy tail exposed. Myrsi squeezed each of the big, soft cheeks before her, hands rubbing and stroking everywhere – including the soft fluff of the tail. “Oh, I am going to enjoy this!”

“No! That’ll split me in two!”

She brought the blunted-tip penis to the hellhound’s netherlips, rubbing it up and down her swollen vulva. Myrsi shivered from the rush of warmth. A few more strokes to get herself nice and wet, she lined herself up.


“That’s the idea!”

And thrust forward, plunging 12 inches in one go. Amel yelped, she was so fucking tight and so hot – Myrsi just let herself relax inside the hellhound’s pussy, relishing the slick walls pulsing around her.

Inch by inch she began to pull out, and just as her tip was about to spring free she thrust home again, hammering against Amel’s cervix. The hellhound had no more words, only gasps and moans and the shuddering of her body every time Myrsi plunged inside.

Wet slaps of flesh filled the path, Amel’s ass and tits shaking with every thrust. Myrsi leaned over, pressing her tits into the hellhound’s back. Her hands scooped up the big breasts swinging and jostling around, kneading and squeezing the flesh.

“Fuck you’re so good,” Myrsi whispered into the hellhound’s flicking ear, only to be responded with a loud pant.

Over and over she speared the hellhound’s cunt on her thick tool, and soon, far too soon, she could feel them coming. Slowing her pace, she fumbled around with a free hand, finding her neglected second cock. She guided the tip to Amel’s quivering pussy.

“You can’t!” She turned her head with fright in her eyes.

“There there, you’re such a wet bitch, it’ll slide right in!”

Amel tried to say something else, but a two-fold assault crossed her eyes and had her biting her lip: Myrsi took a tip of a fluffy ear into her mouth and bit just enough to make her feel it, and the second dick slid home.

Myrsi, for all her gusto, nearly lost control of herself as her twin dicks were clamped together in the vice of Amel’s cunt. Not wanting to waste any time, her waist lurched into a frenzied pace.

Amel’s hot juices drooled out around her strained opening, trickling down the snake shafts impaling her and dripping onto the ground. Myrsia sawed into the hellhound relentlessly, stuffing her full of so much cock her belly bulged out obscenely.

The hellhound came again, her entire body contracting – her cunt bore down so hard it was almost impossible for Myrsi to keep up her pace, but she was so close herself. Just a little more, they were welling up within her, just a little more–!

With one final, brutal thrust that spread Amel’s cervix wide and allowed access for the rampaging cocks, Myrsi came.

Her lower cock jumped and twitched, discharging thick ropes of white cum, but her top cock – which was not a cock at all, swelled at one end as the first orb traveled through.

“Fuck yeah, take ‘em! Take my eggs!”

Amel’s eyes were hazy, unfocused, until the first orb reached her entrance. The strain was incredible; she let out a cry of pain. Again and again Myrsi’s muscles contracted, flooding Amel’s womb with spunk and forcing the first grapefruit-sized egg inside her painfully stretched cunt.

The egg traveled up through the ovipositor and dropped off into her womb, but it wasn’t over yet. Myrsi kept cumming, and a second egg traveled through, depositing into the hellhound’s warm belly. Her stomach bloated with cum and two eggs, and then three eggs.

Amel howled and went rigid as she rode out a third orgasm, then fell silent and went completely limp. Myrsi frowned, but it did make getting the forth and final egg in her that much easier. Amel was absolutely gravid, looking like she was about to give birth to twins at any moment.

Adding a few more drops of cum, Myrsi pulled out with a long, content sigh. With a pop her ovipositor and cock slipped free, followed by a torrent of cum spilling down Amel’s asscheeks and twitching legs. Amel’s cunt gaped continually, almost as if pleading for another thick cock to fill it.

She laid the insensate hellhound on the ground, running her hands all over the aftermath of her handiwork. Jizz pooled underneath Amel; such a waste, but it made sure the eggs were good and fertilized. Amel breathed heavily, eyes closed and head rolled to the side.

Myrsi rubbed her half-hard organs off on the hellhound’s skin and fur before tucking them back inside her slit. With a giggle and an almost-chaste kiss to her lips, Myrsi set off back to home, leaving the hellhound with a clutch of eggs in her belly.


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  1. “This better not awaken anything in me.”
    – Craig Pelton

    How did Amel not hear Myrci? Or smell her? I might be taking this a little too seriously, but unless they hatch immediately what’s stopping Amel from getting them removed at the doctor – or in the worst case killing them when they hatch?

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