Without Leave Ch. 3: Alone With a Cheshire Cat

Tyler awoke to see that the sun had already began its track across the sky. Judging by it’s progress, it must have been about oh-nine-hundred. He made a quick check to see if his estimate was right. Raising his left hand, he found out his cheap digital watch had been busted.

“See? This is why my Bulova never leaves the house.” His grumbling was barely audible. The man in digital-camo looked around their little camp site. Since the weather wasn’t that bad, the four of them didn’t set up a tent. Their camp consisted of bedrolls laid out on the ground around the fire. To Tyler, it felt like they had been camping like cattle rustlers would have back in the wild west. Well, almost. There certainly weren’t mushrooms the size of trees out on the American plains.

“Oh, you are finally awake. How are you feeling?” The Japanese-accented voice sounded familiar, who did it belong to again? Tyler looked over to see the snake woman with white hair and scales next to her husband.

The Corporal had a hell of a time trying to remember her name. Michi… Michigan- no… Michiko. That’s her name!

Michiko and her husband, Reggie. The formerly injured man mused about the doctors back on Earth. He bet that each one would give up a decade of their own lives to learn the healing magic that these two traveling healers took for granted.

Oh yeah,” Tyler thought. “I’m not on Earth. Fuck.

“Hello, Is anybody home?” Reggie asked as he slowly waved a hand directly in front of Tyler’s field of vision. Tyler must have been spaced out for a minute. However, the gesture pulled him from his thoughts easily enough.

“Hm? Oh, sorry. I’m feeling great, thanks to the both of you.” He answered as he got up and stretched. “I see you both are getting ready to leave, I hope you have a safe journey.”

“Thanks and the same goes to you.” Reggie responded.

“Take care, Mr. Emond” Michiko said as both of them grabbed their traveling bags and continued on their own adventures.

Tyler felt stupid for not going with them but he didn’t want to be a bother to the traveling healers. He went back to the camp and covered the still glowing embers from the fire in dirt. Silence fell after that. Nobody else was around.

“Wait, where did the teleporting catgirl go?” Tyler asked nobody in particular. As if getting a sarcastic answer to a very stupid question, he felt a poke on his shoulder.

“Oh.” He said with a nod as he turned around but nobody was there.

Tyler smirked and rolled his eyes. “Somebody is enjoying herself.” He fell forward into a patch of grass as the cat girl silently ‘poofed’ onto his back.

“Oh, you have no idea.” Came the sweet and sultry tone. Her weight vanished from his back as soon as she finished talking. Tyler turned over and sat up with his elbows keeping him supported.

“Cheshire cat is me and I shall be your guide through Wonderland.” The wording wasn’t what caused Tyler’s brow to scrunch up. It was the fact that the words came from a detached smile floating in front of him.

“I’m sorry,” The Corporal paused. “But you are a Cheshire Cat?” He asked with a hint of suspicion in his voice. “You have a sort of lime green and black fur, er, hair. Aren’t Cheshires supposed to be purple?” Then the Cat poofed again and was now straddling the man’s lap with her arms wrapped around his neck.

“What’s wrong with green fur?” The wide smile she usually boasted was now a pout. He found the situation to be uncomfortable but he couldn’t really break eye contact given how close their faces were.

“N-nothing is wrong with it. I personally like green. And if most Cheshires are purple then that makes you unique in a nice way.” Tyler knew his response gave away just how bashful he felt.

She giggled at his response and pulled herself as close as she could to him, pressing her impressive bust into his face. Tyler didn’t mind being smothered by her. It’s not like he had more important business to deal with. The green neko girl with a lewd grin kept him in place like a fuzzy pawed vice grip. The Corporal noticed she had the scent of an unfamiliar flower.

Immediately his thoughts shifted to sneaking her onto the base and keeping her hidden and having fun with her every night. Tyler didn’t know how he was going to pull it off but obstacles were made to be overcome.

Then logic decided to be a godnammed, tactless butt shark.

I gotta get back to Syria and report to base. His mind thought for him, shattering his good mood into pieces. The Cheshire leaned in and tried whispering something as she started nibbling on his ear.

Damn it all. Why now? Tyler thought to himself. There wasn’t a man or woman his age that wouldn’t honestly sympathize with chasing tail and having fun. Unfortunately, Emond’s 1st Sergeant was neither his age nor the sympathetic type.

He gently pushed her away so he could speak. “Hey, What is your name?” He asked.

Her grin was unchanged. “Nyu Nyu, That’s what you shall scream in lust and frustration!”

Don’t I wish. Is what he thought to himself.

What he said went more like this. “Nyu Nyu, I want to thank you for what you did yesterday.” With a raised eyebrow, she tilted her head to the side in confusion.

“What did I do yesterday?” She asked.

“If it wasn’t for you, I would have been left alone here and likely would have…” His voice trailed off, intentionally. He didn’t want to think about how agonizingly slow that day or two had passed. Or worse, how many more days would have passed before he would have inevitably perished. “You saved my life, Nyu Nyu. Thank you.”

Her mischievous grin turned into one of pride. He certainly couldn’t blame her. Most people go their whole lives without getting thrust into life and death situations like Nyu Nyu had. People never learn whether or not they will freeze or act. But the Cheshire Cat had certainly taken action. She kept going back and forth between the main road and where he was resting to check for help and make sure his condition was unchanged.

“Thank you for what you did for me. Now I really must get going.” He hoped that would be enough but Nyu Nyu didn’t get the hint to get off his lap. Then his stomach gave it’s best imitation of a dragon’s roar.

Nyu Nyu looked down at the source of the noise and let out a silent giggle. “Would you happen to know where we could get something to eat?” He asked, hoping to move this along as quickly as possible.

She teleported from his lap and made a nice exaggerated performance of looking over herself for something. Checking her nonexistent butt pockets, looking between her tits, and all where Tyler could see everything.

He was certain it was just to show off her pleasant assets. She looked back toward him and he tried to avert his gaze. He was certain she caught him and was walking over to smack him for checking her out. Why he thought that, even he didn’t know.

She reached behind his ear and grabbed out a cookie. “Of course! Nyu Nyu is your guide after all. Wonderland is known for many, many, many de~ licious treats!” Tyler pondered how it was possible for this cat to make everything sound so lewd. He thought that, if Nyu Nyu was a commercial actress, she could sell anything just with that sultry tone alone.

“Say ‘Nyaa~’” Nyu Nyu held out the cookie for Tyler to eat. Choosing to humor her, he complied. Despite the orange chips, it tasted like a normal chocolate chip cookie. He stood up and patted the dirt and grass off of his pants. As soon as he finished, Tyler started to feel tipsy and everything around him seemed taller than before.

“Oooh shit.” He muttered under his breath. The cookie was drugged. He should have expected something like this in a place called ‘Wonderland’ but now it was too late. Then it occurred to him. If he was high right now then why did he feel like he was at least two feet shorter than usual?

Also, his clothes and boots felt loose. No, they didn’t feel loose, they were loose. He had to tighten his belt or the ACU pants would fall after a few steps. Then he felt two familiar melons press down on his head as Nyu Nyu snuck up from behind and held him in with those fuzzy green and black paws.

“Oh my, a little boy like you could get attacked by any predator in a place like this. Don’t worry, your big sister will keep you safe.” Nyu Nyu was in complete control now. The Corporal couldn’t have slipped away if he tried. Tyler Emond the adult had strength. Tyler Emond the ten-year-old was powerless.

The Cheshire teleported in front of him. She crouched down to be at eye level but still held him in place with one paw on his shoulder and another holding onto the back of his head. Her lecherous smile was renewed and Tyler couldn’t help feeling his face go flush with heat.

“I know what your thinking, and it’s alright.” The Cheshire said as she slowly pulled Tyler closer. “Age doesn’t mean anything to Big Sister Nyu Nyu.” Before he could respond, Nyu Nyu’s tongue had already forced it’s way passed his lips and was dancing around in his mouth.

Bewildered by the turn of events, Tyler tried to push away but to no avail. Then, abruptly, Nyu Nyu let go and he fell backwards. He rubbed his bruised elbows but soon found another thing to focus on.

There was idle chatter, haggling, and the distinct sound wheels make when moving on a cobblestone or brick road. Tyler looked around to find that both he and Nyu Nyu were out of the woods and in a town.

For a moment, The adolescent Corporal actually thought he had suffered a stroke or missing time. He had no recollection of venturing into this town. But honestly, why would he need to?

He had been walking through an Army storehouse arranging boxes of food and medicine when he tripped and fell into Wonderland. And of course, it would take years before any theoretical physicist could figure out how Nyu Nyu could teleport and turn invisible. At will.

Tyler figured this event was a good reason to take everything in stride and stop asking ‘How?’

“If you are still hungry, this village is known for it’s outdoor café, my Treat.” She picked him up by his collar and set him back on his feet.

“Thanks. I don’t think they would accept American dollars and Jordanian dinars as payment, anyways.”

— Foreign Aid storehouse, Kingdom of Jordan—

“Anyone found that fucker yet?” The 1st Sergeant growled. Everyone was afraid to answer. Supposedly, the Sergeant was knife crazy and stabbed a lower ranked, unlucky bastard for looking cross eyed at the NCO.

The story goes, as most fantastic army stories do, that no one could prove who did it. Either that or the higher ups did know but were afraid of loosing their balls if they pointed fingers at the 1st Sergeant. But they had to do something. So the bitch was transferred into the Logistical unit stationed in Jordan from her squad that had been on the front lines.

That was the most common of the stories but there were about fifteen other variants that the other soldiers stuck to. None of them ever uttered a word of the legends if they knew their 1st Sergeant was close by. That’s for damn sure.

“No, first Sergeant. Corporal Emond is still AWOL.” Came the fearless response from Private First Class Johnson. Johnson didn’t buy into the stories about the Sergeant. He thought they were bogus. But then, Johnson also had a reputation as a dumb ass so what did he know?

To give a little context, Corporal Tyler Emond has been missing for a little over two days now.

“How could a man just disappear from a storehouse without being seen by personnel or cameras? That fucker better pray I don‘t find him.”

Everyone knew that the First Sergeant had her next victim picked out. The rumor was that while the Corporal was on leave in Amman, he met this pretty Jordanian girl and it was love at first sight. But he had to return to base to be with the rest of us instead of her. His heartache was too much for him to handle. So after a whole day of being back from leave he managed to sneak out of the base to run away with the cute Arab girl of his dreams.

That sure sounds better than being on base with the woman that wants to curb stomp his head and deflate his lungs with a kabar. Everyone did the best they could to drown out the latest batch of screams from the certifiable Sergeant.

—Back in Wonderland—

Despite getting teased by Nyu Nyu and their Cheshire waitress in a skimpy, white stained uniform, Tyler enjoyed the food. Sure, the debauchery around them seemed like it was out of some cheesy free-use story. Worse, he couldn’t fully appreciate that. His ten-year-old body wasn’t built to lift a woman up and push her against the wall. If Tyler still had an adult body he wouldn’t have wasted time getting some action of his own.

After all, as the meme goes: Wen in Gerce, Do as deh Gerks do.

“Enjoying everything, lil’ brother?” Nyu Nyu had finished her food a few minutes ago. Now, she sat at the table watching him with her chin resting in her paw. Smiling as always.

Before he could answer, Tyler was startled by the sudden appearance of their Cheshire waitress. “How is everything today?” She asked the both of them while picking up their plates.

So that’s what it’s like when I sneak up on people. Serves me right. Tyler thought as he recovered from the jump scare. “Everything was delicious.” The Corporal, still stuck as a shota, was quick to respond. Even with her smile, she had a look of expectation. The waitress gave off the impression that she would be personally offended if the food had not met his expectations. Though, as Tyler had said, the food was great and the Cheshire lit up with delight as she heard his response.

“Excellent, and will you both be having any dessert?” She had a sparkle in her eye as she asked. However, her eyes didn’t quite shine as bright as Nyu Nyu’s grin.

“I think he would love the Café Dessert Specialty!” Tyler turned from the waitress to Nyu Nyu then once again looked at the waitress before giving a shrug with a smile. If Nyu Nyu was paying and recommending the dessert then he wasn’t going to be impolite and decline.

“A great choice. Coming right up!” She went back inside with the used dishes. Emond turned to Nyu Nyu with a raised eyebrow.

“So what is the café dessert special?” Nyu Nyu only answered by sticking out her tongue. “A surprise, huh? At least I’m not allergic to anything.”

Tyler was surprised with just how quickly the waitress had returned. It had only been a minute or two. Perhaps they had run out of ingredients for the dessert special, he thought. His assumption couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

A man straddled by a slime girl that looked like an egg, a woman in a formal suit and big top hat having her drink flavored with a man’s seed… Even with all the depravity going on around them in the streets, the dumbstruck expression on Tyler’s face showed just how naïve the little bastard truly was to the lewd ways of Wonderland.

The Cheshire waitress sat down on the table with her legs spread. She pulled up her skirt and presented herself to him. No panties to be seen, just dripping wet sex right there in front of Tyler. “Bon appétit!” The Corporal could not believe what was happening right in front of him. He just sat there with his mouth wide open in shock. His waitress was quick to fix this as she gently guided his head down to her snatch with a paw. After that, instinct took over where Tyler’s mind had utterly failed.

For the first time ever, Tyler experienced the smells of a lady’s womanhood. He was overwhelmed by the rich and exotic, sweet scent. Without thought and with his own lust rapidly growing, he started lapping at her lips without another moments hesitation.

With his face being pressed snugly in between the waitress’ legs, Tyler couldn’t have seen Nyu Nyu creep under the table. She pushed his knees apart and made quick work out of unbuckling his Army Combat Uniform. Pulling them down was easy enough and then she found her goal. Tyler’s arousal had grown quickly and made a tent out of his loose pants. Now it was free and all to herself.

As the Cheshire on the table cooed her lewd words of encouragement, Nyu Nyu began tickling Tyler’s balls with her tail as she kissed the head. Then she slowly moved down the shaft only to run her tongue from the base all the way up to the top. Then in a quick motion, she took all of him into her mouth at once. His ten year old body wasn’t used to such pleasure so he didn’t last long before squirting cum into Nyu Nyu’s mouth.

Unable to stop because his head was held in place by her legs and paws, Tyler continued tongue fucking the waitress until she finally reached her limit. The Cheshire’s whole body tensed up as she was hit with her own orgasm. She released him from her grip and he fell back against his chair, gasping for as much air as possible. The waitress hopped off of the table and set the receipt down in front of him. “Just let me know when you are ready to pay.” Is all she said before ‘porting’ from beside their road-side table to inside the café.

By the time Nyu Nyu was done cleaning his cock with her tongue, the effects of the cookie had worn off and Tyler returned to being twenty-four. His Cheshire companion got out from under the table and sat beside him, smiling like the cat that ate the canary and giving a satisfied “Nyaa~”

With a quick lick of her lips to pick up any seed she might have missed, she turned to him and asked “Do you have any money on you.?”

“I thought you said you were paying.” Tyler was completely dumbstruck as he looked at her. She tilted her head to the side as if in thought before answering.

“I never said that.” The Cheshire began. “Nyu Nyu only told her treat that this was a great café.” Nyu Nyu looked happy to have remembered her own words. Tyler had a different expression on his face.

“Oh shit.”

One of horror.

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