Almost Christmas

You are walking home in the evening, the day before christmas. It is cold, dark and the wind is eating it’s way through all your layers of clothing, digging it’s icy fingers deep into your body and robbing you of your warmth.

You silently press on, guided by the dim light of the streetlamps. It’s not currently snowing but the ground is covered in deep snow, making your progress a lot slower then you would like it to be.

You silently curse your manager for forcing you to come in to work today ‘to help with the sales of last-minute-presents’. You also curse the lazy ass parents who couldn’t be arsed to buy their kids presents until the absolute last minute, if more of them had the good sense to buy them in time you would probably be home now, sipping hot chocolate while watching your favorite christmas movie in the comfort of your soft couch.

You think of the visitors you’re expecting tomorrow, hoping that their day has been better then yours. A dry smile creeps across your lips as, even in a situation like this, thinking of your cute girlfriend and her funny sister can make you feel happy. You hope that you won’t be to stiff and tired tomorrow to celebrate a fun christmas, a hope the icy wind seems determined to rip from your chest. You grit your teeth and march on, one agonizingly slow step after the other.

You finally make it home, fumble with your key for a few minutes due to frozen fingers, then trudge into the hallway and take the elevator up to the 4th floor, because fuck walking up stairs after that ordeal. You then get to your door and repeat the key fumbling process, silently swearing to yourself when you almost drop them.

You manage to get through the door and take your coat of before you notice there are two extra sets of shoes in the hallway and the lights are on in the living room. Figuring it can only mean that Mona (your girlfriend) and Nell (her sister) got here a day early (since Mona has a spare key), you feel happy at first, then a little dejected as you think you’re probably not very fun company right now.

You struggle for a few minutes with your snow covered boots with your frozen fingers, swearing internally in case they can hear you, before finally kicking the infernal things of your cold feet and slowly dragging yourself into the living room, expecting to see the happy face of Mona to turn worried the second she sees you.

The room is empty though, save for three drained teacups that are sitting on the table. Slightly confused by this, you continue to look around when you suddenly notice a strange noise. It sounds like muffled voices coming from your bedroom, so you figure they must be chatting about something while going through your wardrobe or whatever, and go there to greet them.

As your hand touches the door handle though, you pause. What you hear from inside the room is labored breathing. Now worried that one of them is sick or injured and bedridden, you carefully knock on the door and announce your presence.

When you receive no response, your worry increases and you open the door, only to freeze in place as your jaw goes completely slack.

Mona is sitting on the bed, her back leaning against Nell’s chest behind her. They are both naked and one of Nell’s hands is slowly massaging her younger sister’s perky breast, while the other hand busies itself further down, between her legs. Mona’s eyes are closed and she continues to moan as Nell slowly licks her neck up and down, an almost pink flush on her face along with her cute freckles.

While this is certainly surprising, it is nowhere near as shocking as the seemingly new physical traits they both possess. Mona’s body has what looks like soft, white, fluffy fur covering her legs, arms, hips and part of her chest. Her feet are shaped like hooves, her ears are longer, droopy and also covered in fur, and there are two curved horns growing out of her head, while her naturally blond hair seems more curvy then before and almost glistens.

Nell meanwhile has a pair of fox-like ears on the top of her head, covered in red fur that contrasts against her silky black hair. Also, perhaps more surprisingly then anything else, she has a number of long, fluffy fox tails covered in the same red fur that all seem to move independently, each one caressing a different part of Mona’s body, making her sister tremble all over.

As you are incapable of making any sense of the situation, you end up standing there like a statue with a cloud of confusion in your mind, the only part of you that’s moving being the tent that’s slowly growing in your pants.

Then they both open their eyes and look directly at you, smiling and beckoning you to come closer. Without really thinking you move towards the bed, leaving a trail discarded clothes in your wake. When you reach them Mona gently embraces you and kisses you on the lips in her characteristic girly fashion that never fails to cheer you up, and you find yourself just melting in the softness of her fluffy arms. Never in your life have you felt anything so pleasant against your skin, and the warmth from it seeps into your tired body, heating you up and making you forget about your hard day.

Nell gets up from the bed and moves to embrace you from behind with both her arms and her tails. The tails have a different feeling to them compered to Mona’s fur, but being covered in their softness and warmth feels just as good, and you can feel heat returning to your frozen bones.

As Mona continues to kiss you and Nell’s tongue starts to travel along your neck and earlobe, you slowly get pulled down onto the bed with Mona under you and Nell on top of you.

Feeling like you can’t wait a second longer, you grab your rock hard dick and guide it to your girlfriends soaking wet entrance that seems just as eager to greet you. As soon as you get the head in, Mona’s fluffy legs lock themselves around your waist and quickly pulls you closer, burying your entire member into her love cave.

You wince a little as a powerful surge of pleasure hits your nether regions. You remember her pussy always feeling really good, but not quite as silky as this. Combined with the soft warmth that is now enfolding your whole body, it is all you can do to not come instantly.

The two girls seem to have other plans though, as one of Nell’s tails starts stroking your balls while Mona kisses you deeper and more passionately. The combined stimuli is to much and you start jerking your hips to the same rhythm of your spurts, each thrust followed by a string of semen shooting deep into Mona.

She presses her eyelids together while freely moaning in that incredibly cute orgasmic voice that she does, the shivers of her body making the fluffy fur rub you pleasantly all over. All the while Nell’s hands and tails never stop their ministrations.

You continue to pound Mona’s pussy and cumming for what seems way longer then normal, before finally collapsing on top of her, struggling to catch your breath. You can feel the hot air she exhales brushing against your ear as she continues to hold you tight, not letting you pull out. Your dick, somehow still hard, it slowly being massaged by her folds and the incredible amount of mixed semen and pussy juice.

After several minutes, when your heartbeats have finally slowed down somewhat, Nell lets go of you and Mona slowly rolls around with you until you are on your back. Smiling, she pulls herself of you with an audible ‘plop’ as your penis head leaves her entrance. A surprisingly small amount of semen leaks down on you, but you don’t have time to think about that because both girls now go to work on your dick and balls with their mouths.

They alternate between themselves who licks what part, and they use many different tongue techniques, some of which you are convinced Mona would have been to shy to try in the past.

Unable to stop yourself, your hands reach out and starts patting their heads.

The fluffy softness of Mona’s hair and the silky sensation of Nell’s hair almost seems to caress your fingers, and you soon find their weak spots. For Mona, it’s getting stroked just below where her horns grow out. For Nell, it’s getting scratched behind her fox ears. When you do this it makes grins spread across their faces and they increase their efforts, licking you more sensually.

When you finally come again Mona takes the head into her mouth and catches the spurting semen, holding it without spilling or swallowing, until her mouth is full and the two girls quickly trade places, and you miraculously keep spurting long enough to fill Nell’s mouth as well. You don’t really spare this strange phenomenon much thought though, as you are to busy watching the girls kiss each other and swap your cum between their mouths.

Once they are done swallowing all of it, Mona smiles and sits down behind you, lifting you up and leaning your back against her chest. Once again embraced in her soft, warm arms, you reach down and pet her leg with your fingertips.

Nell grins, turns around and sticks her butt out towards you, her many red tails moving almost hypnotically around in front of your face before she lowers herself onto you. Surprised that you can somehow still be hard, you feel your dick penetrate into her wet honey pot and her tails wrap themselves all around you and Mona.

As soon as she feels your dick inside her, a certain shift in demeanor occurs. Her confident grin disappears as if it was never there, and it’s replaced by a shy, happy smile as she throws brief glances at you over her shoulder and her ears fold down. Realizing why she turned her back towards you before she took your penis in, you smile in return and look at Mona, who strokes your cheek softly and gives you a small nod and a peck on the lips.

You grab Nell’s hips and start to thrust into her, using your hands to move her back and forth at a matching pace. Almost immediately, her arms wrap around her like she is hugging herself, and her voice starts to sound like a whimper.

Mona reaches forward and wraps her arms around her older sister’s chest while whispering something to you. Nodding, you lean forward a bit and take the tip of one of Nell’s ears into your mouth. Instantly, her back stiffens and her head leans back as she screams, ironically giving your mouth better access to her ear in the process. You start licking and sucking on it while Mona gets to work on her breasts, and soon Nell’s voice reaches new heights and her hips starts moving more vigorously, grinding herself harder on your dick.

When your release comes Nell’s entire body goes stiff, only jerking in rhythm with the semen spurts that hit the back of her love tunnel. You and Mona continue to hold her as her tails wrap more tightly around you, orgasm waves washing over your bodies.

When your stream ends, you all collapse on the bed, your dick plopping out and finally hanging limply again. You end up as a triple spoon set with Mona as the back spoon, you in the middle and Nell in the front.

You notice Nell is doing her best to avoid looking at you, but when you steal a glance at her face from the side you see a happy, embarrassed smile and eyes flickering in your direction. Her tails also haven’t let go of you.

You look behind you and are greeted with another slow, warm kiss from Mona as she gently strokes your neck and chin with the fur on her arm.

As the three of you lie there you find yourself wondering how they came to have these strange new physical traits, and who the third teacup belonged to in the living room, but such thoughts are quickly drowned in the most warm, pleasant drowsiness you have felt in a long time. Unable to think of anything but how warm, loved and happy you feel, you slowly drift of to a peaceful sleep. Neither one of you notice the black cat that slinks out of the closet and leaves the room.

Mari puts down her pen and stands up on the roof she has been sitting on, inspecting her latest artwork. It had been fun to drink tea with those two girls, even more fun monsterizing them, and now they provided her with such an excellent scene to immortalize in art form.

Smiling to herself, she pets her cat familiar who has just returned, telling it what a good job it did in letting her use it’s eyes to observe the scene from up here.

Once more she sends her sister, The Queen of Hearts, a thankful thought for making her wonderland capable of such amazing feats, even randomly producing a portal into this entirely new world.

Standing up and stretching her wings, she looks up at the sky and thinks that the weather tonight is perfect for a little flight through the moonlight. Smiling, she can’t wait to explore all the new mysteries, pleasures and inspirations that this new world has to offer.

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6 thoughts on “Almost Christmas

  1. Aside from a missing second ‘o’ making too into to, I didn’t see other errors. Very well written, I would like to see a lot more writing from you in the future, if you will. Thanks for the enjoyable story!

  2. Aside from a missing second ‘o’ making too into to, I didn’t see other errors. Very well written, I would like to see a lot more writing from you in the future, if you will. Thanks for the enjoyable story!

    P.S. I wish the Lilim would come to this world, and visit the town I live in…

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