Alena, the Griffon Maid


“You’re going to love it here man, and I still can’t believe you found a house in the city.”

I nodded and smiled to my longtime friend. Charlie and I had always talked about moving to the city together, and almost after ten years of oddball jobs and living in cramped apartments, I had finally caught up to my friend in the big city. I turned the plastic fan towards me as we stopped at a red light, the summer sun was especially warm today as well. I still had no idea how he wasn’t breaking a sweat with his thick plaid shirt.

“Dude, we gotta throw a housewarming party for you.” He said with sudden awe in his voice as the light soon turned green.

“A house warming party? I barely even know anyone here.” Who was I going to invite, my real estate agent?

He merely shrugged his shoulders, a confident smile on his face. “C’mon dude, its me were talking about.”

And then I remembered who exactly I was friends with. In the old days we called him Crazy Charlie, because of all the wild shenanigans he’d always drag our old circle of friends into. This was the man who somehow got kitsune strippers to show up for my 21st birthday. And not just any kitsunes; tanned kitsune, with the thickest and fluffiest of tails. The guy was still legendary even years later. I heard he had found a nice wolf monster girl to settle down with, but knowing Charlie he always had something crazy planned up his sleeves.

“Alright, alright. I got it.” He said with his trademark grin that I still remember even years later. Funny how little things change with time.

“How about I get you a little something that I know you’ll love to play with?” He said with a huge smile on his face.

“Oh really?” I was genuinely intrigued. If this was any other guy, I would have expected a video game or something, but this was Charlie. Knowing him, it’d be something definitely crazy.

“It’s the most adorable little thing I saw at this place downtown. I’m telling you though; you gotta have some toys ready because she can get pretty playful.”

“Are you serious?” I asked in disbelief. “You’d really do that for me?”
He shrugged his shoulders once again, his giddy grin growing wider as we neared my new house.

“Of course man, were buddies! Plus I know it can be lonely in a new city, especially since you don’t know anyone here, so a little companionship never hurt anyone right? Plus, its not like you have a girlfriend or anything here.” It looked like he was dead set on his idea of a gift as we pulled up to my driveway of my new house.

I barely even remembered pulling out the “For Sale” sign that was implanted in my front yard as he waved and pulled away.

Yep, definitely crazy.

Looks like I’d have to prepare.

Later that week, I heard a knock on my door. For a moment, I had thought something I had ordered online arrived early, but as the door swung open, I knew Charlie had outdone himself once again.

“Hello good sir, my is Alena, and I shall be servicing you for today.” The young girl said bowing to me.

I immediately noticed two things.

The first, and to my utter disbelief, was that there was an actual maid standing on my front porch. She was in appropriate attire, with low cute white blouse that partially showed off her ample cleavage and a black dress that even I could tell was of high quality. Not to mention the cute little headband she had on her sandy blonde head. She had to be no older than twenty five at the very least.
The second thing I noticed was her massive white feathered wings that nearly dwarfed me. For a moment, I thought she was a harpy but as
I looked over her attire noticed that she curiously had lion’s paws for feet. It was only after I saw her tail swishing behind her slowly did I finally realize that she was a griffin.

A griffin maid? How rare was that?

“May I enter sir?” she asked innocently, clutching a small black bag she carried in one hand.

Her abrupt politeness had caught me off guard, but I managed to find my manners and let her inside. She gracefully stepped over the threshold, making sure to tuck in her wings as she made her way to the living room. I was rather enamored with her swishing tail, the feathery tip just barely touched the floor as she gazed around the room before setting her bag aside. I closed the door behind her, admiring the divine creature before me. I was lucky I had days to plan this out. I wasn’t the biggest fan of role-play, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to let this opportunity go to waste.

And now I was going to make every second count.

The young griffon maid turned towards me, her hopeful smile full of enthusiasm. “Where would you like me to start sir?” She asked in a sudden professional tone, clasping her hands together in as she waited for my instructions.

I walked around her several times, continuing to admire her body, while her eyes followed me, curious as to what my intentions were.

“So…Alena.” I began. “Are you aware of what proper maid attire entails?” I asked standing before her, my arms crossed in a stern manner.

I had read somewhere in an article that if you wanted to be taken seriously or be intimidating, one simply had to cross their arms and stare a down at a person. Luckily for me, Arin was a head shorter than me. Instantly, she became unsure, looking away confused as I waited for an answer.

“I-er…am I not wearing proper maid attire, sir?” she asked, nervously laughing.

I quickly held up a finger, catching her undivided attention.

“Firstly… I am your master, and you will refer to me as such.” I started. “Secondly, maids who work in my home must adhere to the proper attire, and that means…” I said pausing for dramatic effect, “…no underwear.”

Instantly her eyes went wide with shock and then disbelief. She stared back at me with a confused look, as if I had just spoken a different language to her.

“I’m sorry sir, did you just say-“she began before I immediately cut her off. “Master,” I corrected her. “You will refer to me as Master. And yes, there will be no underwear while you work here.”

I could see a mixture of irritation and fear in her eyes as my words began to take root in her head.

“But, but you can’t do that! That’s appalling!” she shot back. Bemused, I merely raised an eyebrow.

“Can’t I? I can easily evict you from my house, without pay if necessary, but I really don’t want to do that.” I said, making sure to keep a stern voice.

I decided to go with the commanding/domineering top position for our little roleplay; I had to admit it was beyond exhilarating watching her frustrated reactions. She played the part of the innocent maid well. Hopefully, I didn’t overstep my bounds with the threatening to not pay, but it was the perfect motivator to get her to do what I want. She mulled over my demands, wringing her scaled hands as she looked down at her feet. I decided to play it up even more.

“Well then…I suppose we have no business here.” I said dejectedly shrugging my shoulders before I began to make my way towards the door.


I paused, my hand just inches from the bronze doorknob. I slowly turned around, raising my eyebrows as if I was surprised she had said something. To her credit, she was really into this. Her face was beginning to redden now, whether it was from frustration or her embarrassment, I couldn’t tell. I strode back over to her, and held out my hand for her. She glanced once at my hand and back at me before she got the idea. Her fingers were that of a harpy; scaled and usually with sharp talons. I could see however that she had her talons nubbed, like that of many typical monster girls these days so as not to rip apart anything and everything they touched.
She hung her head, looking downwards in apparent shame and taking a deep breath before reaching underneath her skirt with her hands. She seemed to hesitate, but only for a moment. With a quick shimmy, she began to work off the panties down her legs. She soon stepped out of them, her tail swinging wide to help keep her balance as she picked them up and reluctantly put them into my hand; I could easily feel her still lingering body heat coming off them. I held out the balled up underwear with both hands. I had expected a thong or something similar, but instead I was surprised to find normal black panties with simple black lace trimming.

“They’re very cute.” I said smirking as I put the garment in my shirt pocket, letting half of it hang out to remind her who owned it now.

She didn’t say anything back to me but continued to stare downwards as she fidgeted with her fingers, apparently ashamed at having to surrender her panties.

“What do you say when someone gives you a compliment?” I said taunting her once again.
She paused for a moment, as if she was trying to find the will to say those magic words I wanted to hear.

“T-th-thank you…M-Master.” She whimpered.

“Now you’re learning. “ I said satisfied that she was learning her place.

“Now…I think this place could use a little dusting, don’t you think?”

She soon set to work, digging into the bag she brought with her to fish out a small feather duster, and began to work dusting around the living room, all the while she refused to look in my general direction. Again, I continued to be amazed how well she was playing into this, but she could have done better. Not once did she bend over to clean anything below waist level.

“Oh Alena?” I called out to her. Instantly I could see her ears flinch as she heard her name being spoken.

“I’m having a hard time trying to admire your work. Would you mind shortening your skirt for me?”

Her tail abruptly stopped moving, and I could hear give a shaky sigh before she put down the feather dusty and began to tuck in the top part of her skirt in-on itself to shorten it. The black skirt that originally hung low to her knees was now at mid-thigh, exposing her well-toned legs. Calmly I walked over to her, picking up the feather duster she had placed down moments before. Her amber eyes looked at me curiously as I took her tool away, wondering what I was going to do with it. I gave her a reassuring smile as I dropped it behind her just a few feet away.

“Sorry, could you pick that up for me?” I asked kindly to her.

She gave me an incredulous look as her face began to redden once more. Nevertheless , she turned around and proceeded to crouch to pick up the cleaning utensil .

“Wait a minute.” I commanded, “No crouching, it’s unladylike to crouch.”

“Th-then, how am I supposed to pick it up…Master.” She softly asked.

“By bending over of course.”

She got the hint. In a swift motion, and probably to prevent me to getting a full view, she quickly bent down from the waist and picked up the feather duster. But what she didn’t count on was her tail betraying her. As she bent down, her tail naturally rose up, pulling up her skirt even more and giving me a full view of her bare ass. She seemed to notice and jolted back up, her face even redder as she tried to fix her skirt.


She froze, her face still red as she looked at me embarrassingly. I took a step towards her, her wings shrinking in size as I approached. Her back was towards me as I carefully wrapped an arm around her waist, holding her against me. She struggled at first, trying to pull my arm away but she instantly stopped and gasped when I dragged my fingers across her supple butt. She was taking deep ragged breaths as I traced my fingers across her flesh before I finally took a handful and gave it a playful squeeze. She flinched, a light cry emitting from her lips as I began to fondle her firm rump.

“You have an amazing ass; do you work out?” I asked generally curious.

I began to nuzzle into her neck, inhaling her scent as I continued to play with her ass, alternating between each cheek.

She struggled to control her breathing as she tried to answer me, “I-ha…I like to…to jog.”

“Very nice. But do these get in the way much?” I then reached around and cupped her breasts in my hands.

They were a perfect fit. She let out another light cry as I began to fondle them as well, her wings threatening to spread to their full span. But even through the thin fabric of her blouse I could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I smiled as I felt her hardened nipples. I began to rub my fingers across them, lightly twisting and pulling them. At every touch she gasped and squirmed even more.

“You’re a very lewd girl.” I said whispering into her ear, before I gently began to nibble on it.

“Ah wait! That’s inna-innapropiate!” She said weakly, trying to pull away my arms.

I ignored her pleas and instead gripped the top of her white blouse, pulling them down to free her generously sized breasts. She didn’t even have time to gasp as I assaulted the cream colored D cups once more, pinching her nipples softly. She moaned loudly, a shock of pleasure coursing through her body; I could feel her tail begin to wrap around my leg.

“You’re a very beautiful, Alena.” I whispered again as I began to plant kisses along her neck.

“B-beautiful?” she sounded unsure of herself as I began to press her breasts together.

I nodded, relishing in the fact that her resolve was beginning to weaken.

I gently grabbed one of her arms and brought it behind her back. Grabbing the other, I brought it behind her back as well, all the while I continued to kiss and lick the crook of her neck. She seemed to like it, her moans becoming softer as I tasted the sensitive flesh. Carefully, I pulled something out of my pocket and in a quick motion, latched it onto her arms. Instantly, she tried to pull away, but it was impossible for her.

“W-What is this?” she cried out, trying to break free from her new bindings

“Handcuffs my maid, but don’t worry, they’re padded so you won’t hurt yourself.” I said reassuringly.

She began to turn around, struggling to break free from her confines, her grunting and frustrations growing stronger with each failed attempt to break free. Again, I felt the sense of empowerment fueling me. I really could get used to this.

“If you’re a good maid, Alena, I’ll release you.”

“But first, bend over for me. I have another gift for you.” I repositioned her in front of me, so that her exposed butt was rubbing against my crotch. I had no doubt she could feel how hard I was.

“Please sir…I’m not prepared for this.” She whimpered as I gently pushed on her back, forcing her to bend over.

“Relax, relax. I told you it’s a gift. It will make you feel good.” I said once again reassuringly.

From my pocket, I pulled out another toy I had bought for just the occasion. Interestingly, I actually found most of my toys at the mall. There was a specialty store that mostly appealed to college kids and immature adults, selling a variety of party accessories and adult themed gag-gifts. But in the back of the store was where I found a treasure trove of goodies, and this was one of them; a wireless egg vibrator.

I couched down to get a better view and to see what I was doing, but I could already tell that her shaven pussy was glistening with her natural lubricant. I could feel the heat coming off from her as I began to rub the vibrator against her lips; instantly she cried out.

“Ah ha! Ha! Wha-What is that!?” she cried out trying to look back at me.

Sufficiently lubricated, I began to push the device into her, parting her lips as I pushed it on in. She whimpered as it entered her, her voice rising higher and higher as I pushed it farther in. Her pussy easily accepted the vibrator, along with the entire length of my finger. I slowly withdrew my hand, my finger soaked, but I was happy the toy didn’t fall out of her. I had to stifle a chuckle as I realized how ironic it was that I was shoving an egg up a griffin. Actually, did griffins actually lay eggs? I mean, they are part lion but also part eagle? Hmm, I’d have to look that up later.

At any rate, I licked my finger clean of her juices, which had a rather unique taste to it; I wouldn’t mind trying more of it. All the while her hips were shaking as she tried to accommodate the egg vibrator currently inside her. Her knees threatened to buckle as she gasped and whimpered lightly. The sight of a griffin maid with her tits hanging out and skirt riding up along with her strained expression almost made me want her then and there.

“What do you say when your master gives you a gift?” I asked as I began to fondle her ass once more.

“I…I…th-thank you, Master.” She said in a hushed voice.

I smiled as I lightly spanked her bottom, earning a cute little “eep” out of her.

“Very good Alena. So next, how about we play a game.”

She turned her head towards me, her ears and tail twitching as looked at me with a flustered reaction.

“If you’re a good girl…and can make it to the wall over there and back,” I said pointing to the other side of the room, “I’ll pull out that vibrator I just put in you, give you back your underwear, and stop all this naughty business. Does that sound good to you? ”
Her ears perked up as she heard those words. “Do you…mean it?” she asked, her voice full of hope.

I nodded once, “Of course. But you have to touch the wall and make it back to me first.”

Her amber eyes soon filled with a new resolve. The wall itself was only about eight or ten steps away, easily doable if someone wasn’t handcuffed behind their back and had a vibrator shoved up inside them. To her credit though, she made astonishing progress to the wall, placing one lion paw in front of the other. As she made it half way there, I placed my hand in my pocket and felt the controller for the toy.

With a simple flick, turned it on.

Immediately she stumbled forward but managed to keep her footing, she gasped loudly as the sudden course of pleasure wracked her body. I could hear a muffled buzz between her heavy breathing as she struggled on.

“C’mon almost there!” I encouraged her.

She practically lunged at the wall, resting her body on it as she tried to steady herself once more. I wasn’t having any of that, so I flipped the controller to its next setting. She half moaned half screamed out, her wings splaying out wildly as she fought to remain standing. To my astonishment though, she gritted her teeth and fought through the waves of pleasure gyrating her most sensitive parts, and turned around to face me. Cautiously she began shuffle forward, placing each paw down with the greatest care as if she was walking on glass, all the while I could hear the buzzing of the toy within her, growing even louder as she closed the distance between us. She was halfway back to me now, her agonized reaction soon turned towards relief as she realized that her torment would soon be over. I greatly admired her strength as she took the final steps. But I was having none of that; I flipped the controller to its max setting, bypassing several settings along the way.

“Ha! Ahhhh!” she screamed out as she crumpled to her knees and her head lolled back. Her wings splayed out to their full length while her body continued to shake, her shoulders and wings visibly shivering.

‘I think I just made her cum.’ I thought to myself, amazed at my own handiwork.

I carefully strode over to her, kneeling down beside her as I gently wrapped an arm around her shoulder.

“You did well. You almost made it.” I said congratulating her.

“Wait a minute…” I said noticing an object between her legs. It was covered in cum, and still vibrating as I picked it up gingerly with two fingers, “What is this?” I asked her showing the toy.

She had cummed out the vibrator in her orgasm.

Her face was still flushed as she struggled to catch her breaths, her chest heaving with each breath she took. She looked up at me fearfully as I held up the egg vibrator for her to see.

“I-I-I didn’t mean to! I tried to hold it in!” she exclaimed as I helped her up, getting her back on her feet.

“Shh, its fine, I’m not mad at you.” I began as I led her back onto the couch.

I sat myself down, and with a quick tug on her hips she plopped down on my lap.

“Although you do realize rejecting my gift like that…means I do have to punish you.”

It took some slight maneuvering, but I finally got her to lay face down across my lap, her toned butt raised in the air for me.

“Please sir…I don’t want to be punished.” She pleaded as I once again began to fondle her ass, squeezing the malleable flesh in my hands like putty. I honestly didn’t believe which I liked more; her tender ripe ass or her amazing chest. If I had to choose, it’d probably be a dead even tie.

“I told you Alena, you have to call me Master.” I reminded her again as I raised my hand.

She looked at me with pleading eyes, and with a swift motion, I brought my hand down and smacked it across her bottom sending ripples through it. She instantly cried out, shocked that I was actually spanking her forcefully. I rose my had again and spanked her, this time across the other cheek. I watched in awe as the once pink flesh turned redder and redder with each spank. I came down with varying degrees of power, starting small and ending with a forceful slap; each time she cried out, her tail jerking about with each subsequent spank and the chains of the hand cuffs jingling.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Stop! I’m sorry!” she cried out occasionally.

I grabbed her tail with my free hand and began to stroke the base of it. She seemed to like it as her cries soon turn to grunts and moans, until finally she was only whimpering with each hit.

“So what do you have to say for yourself?” I said bringing my hand down once again.
To my satisfaction, she said exactly what I wanted to hear.

“M-Master! I-Im sorry Master!” she cried.

“Sorry for what?”

“Im sorry…I came and…I’m sorry I orgasmed out my gift.” She said out of breath.

I smiled at her answer. “Good girl.” I said as I began to lovingly rub her ass once more, my handprint was clearly visible on her butt cheeks.

I gave her light peck on the buttocks as I pushed her legs off the couch, letting her slide down between my legs so that her head was resting on my thigh. Her forehead was glistening with sweat as she leaned against my leg.

“Actually, Alena, I have another gift for you.” I said to her.

Instantly her eyes flicked up at me.

“Would you like it?”

She nodded slowly, before perking up her head.

“Yes Master…I want it.” Her voice was low and sultry as she looked up wistfully.

I merely pointed a finger to the bulge in my pants.

“You’re going to have to get it.”

She seemed to get the idea as she stood on her knees and began to gently rub her head against my crotch. Her tenaciousness was oddly erotic as her teeth latched onto the top of my jeans, and began to work away the button. Having undone the button, she used her tongue to flick up the zipper before gingerly grabbing it with her teeth and pulling it down. Next she nibbled along the leggings of my jeans, pulling them down with her head. She was too cute to not pet as I began to softly stoke her hair, rewarding her effort as I began to rub her ears. Diligently, she continued to work, her hot breath stimulating my genitals. Leaning forward, she rested breasts on my crotch as she gripped the top of my boxers with her teeth and began to pull them down. I had to help her with this, but eventually, my hardened rod sprung free, nearly smacking her in the face. She looked up at it in awe, admiring it before looking back up at me.
I nodded to her, letting her know that she could have it.

“Thank you…Master.” She breathed as she leaned forward and began to drag her tongue across my length.

I had to stifle a groan as she worked on me, dragging her tongue from the base to the tip several times over, occasionally planting light kisses on me. Finally, she engulfed me, taking my whole length into her hot wet mouth. I couldn’t help but moan at the sudden sensation, her lips wrapped around me wholly. I could feel her tongue flick and swirl around my head before she came down to my base, all while swirling her tongue around me. She had to do one hundred percent of the work with her head, as her hands were still bound behind her back.

She was clumsy I had to admit, as sometimes my cock would slip out of her mouth. But each time she hungrily re-engulfed me again, as if
she was afraid that if she was going to lose it. Still, her clumsiness had its own unique advantages, as she began to experiment her own thresholds. I could soon feel my head hit the back of her throat as she came down to my base. She stayed there wiggling her head back and forth slowly to rub my head against the silken flesh. It became too much for me to handle as I grabbed both sides of her head and forced her down on my shaft. I let out a long groan as I came hard and released my seed into her mouth. She struggled a bit, but I could feel her attempting to swallow the load I had just given her. I let go of her head and watched as she came back up, coughing and letting spittle and cum dribble down her chin. She licked it back up again as she gauged my reaction, a hazy look in her eyes.

“Am I a good girl now, Master?” she asked hopefully.

I smiled as I gently petted her head.

“The best.” I congratulated her. She seemed genuinely proud of herself as he nuzzled against my hand.

I pulled her black panties out of my shirt pocket and carefully took her chin in my hand. I plied her lips open and I began to stuff her panties inside her mouth with little resistance from her. Instead she looked at me with curious, begging eyes as her mouth soon became full with her panties.

“Hmmph?” she hummed at me pleadingly.

I could only smile at her.

“Were not done yet.” I promised her as I stood up.

I had to carefully pick up her princess style as I made my way to the bedroom, making sure not to knock her wings into any door frames or corners. The bed and mattress were still new and hopefully the mess that we’d be making on it would be minimal. I’d hate to have to buy a new one so soon. With a slight ‘pomf’ I placed her on the bed and began to remove my clothes. I could feel her stare at me as I disrobed and lay beside her, pulling her atop me. I had wanted to have her missionary style but I was worried that I might hurt her wings. The still partially clothed maid began to grind herself on me, letting her soaking pussy glide atop my now hardened shaft again. I found it more erotic to sully her maid attire.

I smirked as I reached up and grabbed her tits once again, fondling her freed breasts in my hands, and earning myself more moans.

“Mmmph! Hmph!” she half moaned half hummed as I began to tease her nipples.

But I’d had enough of foreplay and I needed her now. I took ahold of my shaft and proceeded to guide myself into her. Unfortunately, she was a bit too eager as she immediately hilted herself atop me, and I swore loudly as I felt myself become enveloped in her hot wet folds. Her wings and spread out to their full length, and for a moment, it looked like an angelic deity was riding atop my dick. I could feel her pussy clench and hold onto me, her every fold quivering with excitement. She stared down at me with pleading amber eyes as she lightly began to ride me, unable to get the proper leverage. I grabbed her hips and with a single buck, I thrusted myself into her, causing her to bounce atop my shaft.

“Mm!” she eeped out as I rammed myself into her, her breasts bouncing along.

I thrusted into her again, earning myself another squeak out of her as I began to set my pace. I was slow and steady at first, but I began to pick up speed as I became enthralled with her bouncing breasts and incessant moaning. She tried flapping her wings occasionally, sending loose feathers flying around the room as she tried to get higher up so that she could slam herself back on my rod. She suddenly leaned forward, rubbing her breasts against my bare chest. My own hands moved father south and took handfuls of her ass once more, squeezing them tightly. She began to rub her cheek against mine, and the look in her eyes told me that she was trying to say something.

“Mmhpmm! Mmmphmm!” she moaned as I continued to thrust into her.

I cupped the back of her head as I bought my lips against hers, kissing her softly as my tongue invaded her mouth. Instantly I could taste fabric, and after probing it for a while, I managed to wrap my tongue around a thin piece and pulled out her soaked panties, before I spat them out off to the side. She flapped her wings and leaned back atop me, coughing loudly as she gasped for breath.

“Ma-Master!” she said practically begging, “I want to hold you! I want to hold you when I cum!”

Who am I to deny such a request, I thought.

I leaned up with her and wrapped my arms around her, searching for the padded handcuffs. I began to feel for the latch that would instantly unlock the handcuffs, an emergency feature in case someone had lost the keys. As soon as I sprung the latch, her arms instantly shot forth and held me tightly along with her wings. I was wrapped in her personal cocoon of wings and feathers, all the while I continued to pound myself into her.

“Fu-Fuck me Master, please fuck me.” She moaned into my ear and I happily fulfilled her request.
I could feel her nibble on my on my shoulder and I returned the favor by biting into hers. She let out another long groan as I furiously began to ravage her, until eventually and quite suddenly, her pussy tightly clenched on me. Her wings splayed to their full length, touching the opposite sides of the room as she came. I winced in paid as I could feel her teeth sink into my shoulder. I took out and used that pain on her, and soon enough, I could feel my own end coming as I erupted into her. I pumped her full of my seed several times over, each thrust sent thick ropey strands deep within her. I could feel our hot juices leak out and drip onto my balls.

Exhausted, I collapsed back atop the bed and she followed suit.

“Master…” she moaned one last time as she cuddled up against me. Little did she know that our night was just beginning. I still had more toys to try out on her.

I awoke early the next morning, the sun’s first rays just started to pass through my window. Alena was still asleep, resting on her side and using one of her wings as a pseudo blanket. A part of me was almost sad that our night had ended, but at least I could probably get her phone number. Then again, she probably saw me as just another client.

Although I figured I should call up my friend and thank him for the wonderful gift. A few short rings on my cellphone and he finally picked up.

“Yo whats up, man? A bit early don’t you think?” he said energetically over the phone.
“Yeah, it kinda is.” I said agreeing with him. “Hey listen though; I just wanted to thank you for that awesome gift you got for me.”
“Huh really?” he said, sounding generally surprised. “Are you serious? Did someone tell you about my present?”

I smiled knowingly as I looked over to the sleeping form to my right.

“Yeah well, she’s kinda sleeping in my bed now.” I said outright bragging to him.
There was a long pause on the other end of the line.
“Huh? How could you, she’s still at the pound.”

I froze as I heard those words. Immediately, I asked for some clarification.

“Yeah dude, I got you a puppy. I told you, you needed some companionship and a puppy is the best way to do that. Plus you got a backyard now for her, and it’s a great way to pick up chicks.”
My jaw dropped as I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
“But what about the maid!?” I hissed back to him.
“Maid? What maid? I didn’t get yo-“

In a flash I ended the call and reached over to the sleeping griffin and shook her awake.
“Mmn…Master?” she said groggily, wiping away the sleep from her eyes.
“Who are you!?” I said grabbing her by the shoulders, “Who are you and what are you doing here?”
She looked at me confused before smiling, a stray feather in her hair as she leaned towards me, squeezing her breasts together with her

“I’m your Maid, Master. I’m yours.” She whispered in a sultry tone.

I shook my head furiously. “No, what’s your name, and why did you show up and my house?” I demanded once more.

She seemed confused by my words, but eventually she began to think back.

“My name is Alena. I’m a university student and I work for Abbaton House Keeping services. I had an appointment with Mr. Fergus yesterday.” She explained.

“Mr. Fergus? Who the hell is Mr. Fer-“

Hold on.

I know that name. I definitely knew that name. My real estate agent knew that name as well. Unholy shit. It was the name of the previous occupant of this house. He died a few weeks back, and that’s why I managed to buy this house at a bargain price.
“So then why let me do all that stuff to you!?” I said panicking. “I put you in handcuffs, and took your underwear, and that thing we did with the collar and rope…and…everything!”

She cocked her head sideways and looked away, as if she was ashamed. “Actually…it was my first day at this job…and I thought this was all part of it.” She said truthfully.

“But…I’m still a good girl, aren’t I Master?” she asked, her voice full of uncertainty.

I let out a long heavy sigh as I leaned back on the headboard, my head whirring with thoughts. Gently, I tugged on her arm and she came and wrapped herself around me, her wings enveloping us both.

“Yes…you’re a good girl Alena.” I said reassuring her.
She hugged me tightly as I too wrapped my arms around her.

“Then…kiss me, Master?”

I looked down and petted her once again, plucking the errant feather out of her hair as I leaned down and claimed her lips and my new maid.

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4 thoughts on “Alena, the Griffon Maid

  1. Like for the love of god the like and dislike buttons tilt the living hell out of me. I just voted and I meant to hit yes but I hit the dislike -on ihpone-. I’m pretty sure the admin will fix it in the future. I liked the story, the ending was pretty funny and the smut was nice and hawt.

  2. Nice story,, you make Griffons sexy long before KC mentioned them and this is still better than any other fanfic of this monstergirl I have seen.

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