Akai’s New Look – A Haohi Short

“What’ve you got there?”

Akai glanced up from the book before him to Haohi standing in the doorway. “Something on illusion and disguise magic,” he said, turning one of the yellowed pages.

“Oh? Where’d you get it? Looks old,” Haohi said, wandering closer to get a better look. She peered over his shoulder at the book.

“A friend sent it to me; said he picked it up from some magic shop. Guess the owner died and his family was selling everything off.”

Akai flipped another page, only to frown as the corner simply cracked off in his fingers. Age had certainly done a number to the book.

“Like, you think he was a real witch, not just a ‘magician?’”

“I think so – I recognize some of this,” he said, indicating to a few lines on another page. “Though I’ve never seen some of these spells combined this way.”

“Hmm, is that so?” Haohi said, feigning interest. To her, spells and incantations were a novelty – she could do things most practitioners could only dream of simply by willing it so.

Rolling from the desk to a bookshelf on his chair, Akai poked around a few shelves. “That’s so,” he said plainly, realizing any effort to keep the angel’s interest would be in vain. “Ah, here it is…”

Of course, he never bothered to mention what ‘it’ was, but to Haohi it was little more than a dusty tome. It threw up a little cloud when he dropped it on the desk next to his most recent acquisition. Shying away from the dust as if it were a deadly miasma, she beat a hasty retreat back to the door. “Well, you have fun. Don’t forget to make dinner!”

“Yeah, yeah,” Akai mumbled, sighing at the angel as she left him to his books. Well, at least with her gone he could focus on the things at hand. Truly, he was beginning to suspect the deceased magician had managed to work up his own particular school of spells. Certainly, if some random mortal could practice it, so could he.

Approximately several hours after dinner should’ve been and Haohi had resigned herself to munching on whatever was easiest to make, she heard a scream. It’d come from Akai’s little library, but it wasn’t his voice. Or rather, it was like his voice, but very much different. Lurching up from her comfy sprawl on the couch she bolted to his room and threw open the door.

Billowing pink smoke greeted her, flooding out into the house. “Akai! Are you okay?!” She asked, coughing and waving around her face to chase away the oddly fragrant smoke.

“….I think so,” came a voice that made Haohi freeze in her tracks. “But ah, I think I made a mistake…”

As her vision cleared, she spotted Akai through the disappating fog. At first she was relieved he wasn’t on fire or in pieces or some various state of death or injury, she quickly realized the very feminine voice was coming from him.

Indeed, he was whole, but not quite the same. Haohi’s jaw dropped. “He” was now “She,” in so much that Haohi could tell at a glance. “What the hell happened?! Why are you a woman now?!”

Akai looked himself over in equal parts shock and curiosity. His mind went through an order, a sequence of checks – he was still the same height, based on available references. His hair was the same length, horns were in the same spot. Shirt was looser in most places, but close to being uncomfortably tight across the chest. Same with the pants – they’d become rather tight around the thigh. Biggest of all was the feeling of… something important no longer being there. There was something similar in its place, but it was so very alien at the same time.

He looked up at Haohi, who’d frozen stiff. “Well, I think I figured out one of the spells…”

Forcing herself to take a deep breath, Haohi calmed herself. Akai was still himself. More or less. And unharmed. Those were good things.

“I guess this is a disguise,” he said with a shrug. “How’s my face look?”

Leave it to him to not be bothered at all with this. Haohi sighed; he could get worked up over the dumbest things and yet whenever something like this happened… The least she could do was humor him. “You look like you, only much… prettier.”

“Really? That’s a shame,” he said, shoulders slumping. “If you can still tell it’s me it’s not much good as a disguise, is it? Still… I wanna see.”

Rushing past Haohi and out into the hall, he paused in front of the full-length mirror. His fingers traced around his features, and rather than horror or surprise he seemed to find the whole ordeal interesting in the way only a scholar or scientist could. “You’re right,” he said, glancing over his shoulder. “I’m still me, only… girly.”

Of course, in purely scientific interests, he had to research things further. Akai looked down at himself – his chest in particular. Only now did he notice their weight. And size. To not look would be an affront to research!

Hauling his shirt up and over his head, he freed his new-found twins from their cloth prison. They bounced and jiggled with an impressive heft, oh and they were ever so large yet shapely. Palming and groping himself, he turned to Haohi with a big, dumb smile. “They’re huge! Can you believe this?”

Haohi was stupefied. Of course he’d fucking go and start feeling himself up. And how’d he get such big tits? Gritting her teeth, she found herself getting jealous for reasons not entirely clear. “Put your shirt back on, idiot,” she grumbled, crossing her arms across her own decent, if somewhat lacking in comparison, chest.

Laughing and palming, he made the mistake of pinching one of his much-increased nipples. A little surge of electricity coursed through him, forcing a tiny gasp and making him blush.

“W-what the fuck are you moaning for? Stop that!”

Well, that was new. He stared down at himself, marveling at the little pleasures of his new form. One thing let to another, and before Haohi could react Akai loosened his belt and dropped his pants. Standing stark naked in the hallway, Akai spun around in front of the mirror, getting a good look at all his curves.

And what curves (s)he had!

No wonder his pants were tight; his thighs and hips were massive, let alone his butt! Oggling himself, he found himself getting more than a little aroused. Which, instead of giving him a half-stalk, spurred on new and intense desires within his body.

“You would stare at yourself, wouldn’t you?” Haohi growled, staring daggers. “Knock it off, you pervert.”

Akai blinked. Haohi was unusually upset, given the situation. He’d done far worse things, set many fires, and she always just sighed and helped clean it up. Could it be? “Are… you jealous?”

“W-what? No! What are you talking about?”

Right on the money. A sinister thought wormed its way through his mind. Such opportunities did not often present themselves – being able to tease her was such a rarity.

Running his hands across his curvy body, he struck the sexiest pose he could think of. Unfortunately, his lack of experience made it seem like he’d frozen mid-convulsion. “You’re envious, aren’t you?” He said with a wink, groping one of his breasts and letting his other hand dance between his legs. Just from a touch on his…. New parts, a subtle wave of heat washed through him. “Of my sexy new body!”

“Of all the-!” Haohi simmered. She tapped her foot against the floor – or more like thumped it – in annoyance. She was still he, and he was still Akai. Sure he may have a better figure than she did, it wasn’t like he was staring at another woman. Or was it? She couldn’t explain why she felt that certain, womanly irritation that he was getting visibly turned on from his new form.

He laughed in his stupid, hilariously un-ladylike way – at least until Haohi’s withering stare made him shut up. “Put some fucking clothes and go back to normal,” she said in a huff, standing in such a way that he knew she wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

Though he tempted fate and ignored the clothing bit, shuffling by her back towards his research room. He’d have to keep note of this spell for later. In particular, a later when Haohi wasn’t around so he could conduct some more thorough, “in-depth” investigations.

But, as fate would have it, he ran into a snag. He stood with his arms out and eyes closed, having recited the portion of the spell that reversed the effects of the spell. Except, there was no reversal. Nothing happened at all.

“Eh, did I say it wrong?” He muttered, scanning through the pages again. Verifying that the words were correct, both in order and enunciation, he tried again. Still nothing.

“Now isn’t that time to be joking around,” Haohi said, her tone making it clear that her patience was coming to an end.

“I’m not,” Akai said, slightly panicked. A third and fourth time he read over. Then a fifth and sixth. Every time he came to the same fruitless result. “Why isn’t this working…?”

“Are you sure you’re doing it right?” Haohi asked, not quite as full of smoldering jealousy.

“Yes, very. Maybe if I do the original spell again?”

Flipping through his notes, he again repeated the incantation that’d given him his current shape. There was another flash and cloud of smoke, and again Akai felt different.

In a bad way.

Escaping the smoky confines, he felt heavier. Bouncier. His hair had grown to back length and his breasts swelled larger, to almost the size of his head.

“It got worse!” He cried out, staring into the mirror and touching his hair. “How, why?!”

Haohi wanted to be even more pissed off, but the clear surprise in her… his voice made it clear this wasn’t an anticipated result. She reached to hold onto his shoulder as some means of comfort, only to receive another surprise at how soft his skin was. Easy now, no need to be angry…

“This, uh, you’re really not fooling around, right?”

“Of course not! This is just… just uncomfortable!” He complained, heaving his breasts up and then letting them fall. “My back already hurts… and it’s hard to walk right.”

To demonstrate he attempted to walk as he’d always done so, but it was off, like someone who’d not quite recovered from a terrible injury. Haohi rubbed at her temples. She had to be helpful now. They’d figure this out. “You need to swing your hips,” she sighed.


“Like this,” Haohi demonstrated for effect, shaking her butt back and forth as she walked.

“Who would ever walk like that? That’s Stup-“ Akai blinked. Suddenly walking wasn’t such a chore. “Oh what the fuck!”

“What’s wrong now?” Haohi asked, cocking an eyebrow.

“Only harlots move like this!” He said, gripping his hips and cringing with every step.

“It’s well… yes. You’re a slut now, honey,” she said with a pitying expression. “Comes with the hips.”

This had to be her way of getting back at him for his earlier attempt at teasing her. If it was reversible he could still have quite a bit of fun with his current body. In private of course. But the prospect of being trapped like this was horrifying.

“I’ve got to figure out what happened,” he said, rushing back to his lab, butt jiggling with every sashay of his hips. Haohi shook her head and sighed. If it came to it she could probably figure something out, but it might take a while to find someone that could undo whatever magic Akai cursed himself with.

Doing the best she could do, which was mainly offering moral support and secretly marveling at the softness of his skin and staring longingly at his cowtits, she stayed by his side as she read the book from cover to cover through the night.

“I can’t… There’s just… What I’m doing should be working!” He slammed the book shut in frustration and pored over his notes again. And again he recited the incantation that was supposed to reverse his transformation, and again nothing happened.

“There there,” Haohi cooed, patting his head. “We’ll figure something out soon enough.”

Akai took in a long breath through his nose and closed his eyes. “Doesn’t help I can’t really think right, either.”

“What do you mean?” Haohi said, peering down at him, holding his cheeks in her hands.

“Promise you won’t laugh?”

“Well… I can try.”

A blush rose to his cheeks. “I think I’ve been really turned on all this time.”

Almost true to her half-hearted word, Haohi let out a single snort. Struggling to stifle her smile, she asked “How’s that?”

Feeling the sting that only comes with a sort-of betrayal of trust, Akai got his revenge and demonstrated his point in one fell swoop. Running a finger across his chair between his legs, he then wiped it off on Haohi’s forehead.

Her stupid grin faded in a hurry. “Oh my god, what did you just wipe on me?” She rubbed fiercely at her forehead, then paused to look at her hand. She blinked, then sniffed. “Oh my god! Did you just wipe your pussy juice on me?!”

Akai got some relief from that. Being smug was a comforting feeling that crossed the sexes. “You don’t seem to mind when I shoot all over your face.”

“That’s different! This is weird! My BOYFRIEND shouldn’t be rubbing HIS vaginal secretions on me!”

“That’s weird for you? Try being me. I’ve still got my old mind, but this body,” he scoffed, glancing down at his hardened nipples. “I turn myself on like you wouldn’t believe and I just want…” he winced, “…things inside me. I’ll have you know this is very distressing.”

“And it makes you feel better to weird me out?” Haohi grumbled.

“A little,” Akai said with a bit of his usual grin showing.

She rolled her eyes. “Glad I can help. Anyways, what now? It’s late, and I don’t think you’re going to get anywhere reading through that damned book again. Plus, you never ate.”

“I guess you’re right,” he said, standing up.

A long tendril of arousal clung between him and the chair and a fresh stream trickled down his leg, sending a shiver down his spine. The sigh was enough to make Haohi’s cheeks go red, and as much as she wanted to tease him, she knew what being that aroused was like. Hell, he was probably having it worse than she ever did.

“How do you even deal with this,” he said with a pant, taking a few awkward steps before remembering his slut-walk.  

“Lots of practice,” Haohi said, giving Akai a comforting pat on the shoulder. “And lots of masturbation doesn’t hurt either.”

Haohi giving her tacit approval to, well, discover himself in new and exciting ways only exacerbated his new-found issues. Any sense of modicum or tact quickly flew out the window. “Can, I uh, borrow your…”

At his question, Haohi made a difficult expression – the half-smile of reluctance measured with pity and compassion. “Yeah, sure,” she said, running a hand through her hair. “Just… clean up, yeah?”

“…Mind helping me out?” Akai made such a sad, longing face, like a man who was condemned to venture into uncharted, dangerous territories alone. Haohi’s difficult expression became even more difficult.

What followed was a profound experience for both parties. A long, winding journey of exploring one’s limits and of self-discovery. New heights were crested, along with deep trenches. Ambivalence played havoc with poor Haohi as her mind struggled to reconcile the mind with the body. Her switch flipped on and off so many times it nearly broke. Didn’t help that what should’ve taken ten minutes wound up going into an endurance marathon that saw the sun rise.

For Akai, the complete lack of a refractory period and the unparalleled high of a full-body orgasm made him fear he might not actually want to return to the way he was. Though that fear was short-lived as a few post-fuckathon realities set into place. Without the erotic high, he was finally able to think rationally. Once the thrill of new experiences faded, it’d be nothing but a massive headache.

Namely, Haohi would probably never grow accustomed to a new life as a lesbian, his tits made it impossible to sleep on his stomach, and most of all, he dearly wished to never have to go through menstruation.

Those were things he could do without.

Well past noon, the weary and troubled couple finally awoke. Already his mind was again growing dark and hazy with the clouds of lust. This was getting out of hand. So, in hand, he spirited away one of Haohi’s favorites and occupied himself while she showered.

“Wow, you’re still going at it?” Haohi said, seemingly indifferent to the sight of Akai going it with uncanny vigor on their bed. Given his precarious position, he wasn’t entirely able to muster a response. “…You really are a slut,” she sighed.

Getting dressed, she continued on, almost as if just speaking to herself. “If I remember right, a friend of a friend’s father is pretty knowledgeable in arcane, esoteric magics. Hopefully he’ll be able to help out.” She looked over her shoulder and blushed just a tiny bit as Akai reached his crescendo yet again. Panting, he seemed to finally acknowledge her with his eyes while gasping for breath. “Poor thing. Makes me wonder if I’d be jerking off non-stop if I had a cock…”

A few calls and messages and hours of waiting for replies later, Haohi’d managed to arrange a meeting with the guy who might be able to help them. He’d never heard of the book that the spells supposedly came from, but a few choice phrases later he had a hunch as to what it really was. All they had to do now was go meet him.

“Akai, honey, can you stop fucking yourself stupid for like five minutes and get dressed?” Haohi slumped against the doorway, looking on as if she were asking a child to quit playing with their toys.

“S-sorry, I just… can’t help it! It’s like my switch is permanently stuck on!”

“Well unstick it, we’ve got places to be. And I don’t want you trying to feel yourself up when we’re at Forus’ place – he’s agreed to meet us tonight.”

“Really? That’s great,” Akai said, his tone and face betraying his words. Even still, his hands kept roaming and plunging and doing all manner of lewd things.

Haohi narrowed her eyes and began to take slow, measured steps into the room. “Sweetie, do you need some help getting ready? Because I don’t think you want my help.”

Icy fear reached across his mind, finally quelling the flames of passion. “R-right,” Akai said, clambering off the bed and rushing into the bathroom to clean up.

Not one to give him the chance, Haohi waited and watched like a hawk. Which, aside from ensuring he didn’t slip into old habits, proved to be vital in other, important ways.

“You can’t wear just a white shirt. Or go without underwear in those pants.”

Akai looked down at himself and frowned. “Why not?”

If anything, Haohi groaned more due to the fact that he knew damn well why, but for some reason didn’t apply that knowledge to himself. “Come here for a second,” she said, motioning to the bathroom.

Inside, Haohi faced Akai towards the mirror. “What do you see?”

“…A rocking set of tits? Like I just want to… oh. Ohhhh. You really can see everything,” Akai said, impressed with the tents centered over his breasts.

“Yes, and if you got even a little wet…” Haohi ran the faucet for a moment, splashing him with a bit of water. Not much, but just enough for the fabric to cling to his skin. And become transparent.

Akai bit his lower lip. “Are you trying to turn me on, here? ‘Cause it’s working. A lot.”

How could anyone be so horny all the time? He wasn’t anywhere close to being this bad even when he was a he. Her patience was running thin, but at the same time her old thought gained traction. “That’s not all. Look! The crotch of your pants is practically glued to you. Even camels don’t have toes like that.”

“So, what’s wrong with that?”

Of course. She’d been thinking like a woman. “If you go out like that, I don’t think even I could beat off the mob that’d try to fuck you,” she said flatly.

“What? I guess,” he said, shoulders slumping. “…That’d be terrible if I was used like that…”

She’d still been thinking like a woman. Defeated, Haohi abandoned reasoning all together and went for brute force. “You are such a slut. We can do this the easy way – you put on a bra and some underwear yourself, or I do it for you.”

Perhaps unconsciously, her wings spread out as in emphasizing her point. Akai shrank under her fiery gaze and nodded quickly.  While Haohi had nothing that would fit as far as a bra went, they made do with a sheet wrapped around his chest. He complained about it being binding and tight, but Haohi reminded him that was the bloody point. Some boxers and the loosest jeans he had later, and he was almost presentable.

“That’ll do, I suppose,” Haohi said, looking him up and down. “All right, let’s go. We’re going to be late as it is.”

With a sigh Akai fell in behind Haohi as they departed, book in hand. The drive was more or less quiet, which made everything all the more unusual. The normally chatty Haohi was all but silent. He couldn’t figure out if she was angry or worried. Probably both. Was it just because of his body change, or the way he’d begun behaving? Probably both again, he concluded. As much as he wanted to conduct a few more “experiments,” he’d rather have Haohi be herself.

Finally they reached their destination – the house of Forus.

“Be on your best behavior,” Haohi threatened as she knocked.

“Yes ma’am. I’ll try to avoid inserting the nearest solid into myself.” He’d intended to be sarcastic, but considering how he’d been…

“Hopefully he won’t have any candlesticks of cucumbers laying around. Wouldn’t want to tempt you too much,” Haohi said with a sidelong glance.

Oh, she was angry all right. Even more than when they’d left. He couldn’t figure out what exactly was eating her so much – it wasn’t like he was resisting getting his transformation undone. There was one idea, but it couldn’t be that. Could it?

That train of thought died as the door opened with a clack. An old, yet jovial-looking and bespectacled man greeted them. “Welcome. You must be Haohi,” he said, waving the pair inside. However, his gaze lingered on Akai, though not out of attraction. “…And you must be Akai,” he hummed, as if studying a specimen.

Being stared like that was both unnerving and strangely arousing. Akai flushed and darted inside.

“Hah! That’s a strong reaction! Yes, I think I’ve got the jist of it now,” he said, all smiles.

“Pleased to meet you – and what’s that?” Haohi asked, fluttering her wings.

“Come, come, let me show you to my study,” he said with a chuckle, guiding the pair through his house. He certainly fit the part of someone who was a scholar of magic, what with the books that lined practically every wall.

“I’m so glad you agreed to meet us on such short notice,” Haohi said politely, clasping her hands in front of her. “This has really been awful.”

“I’ll bet it has,” Forus said, giving the bashful Akai another glance.

In his study, filled with books and the musty scent of the past, Akai set the tome that’d wrought so much trouble onto a table.

“Is that the book, then?”

“Yeah,” Akai said, sliding sideways away from the table as the old man approached. Not trying to be too obvious, which made it all the more obvious, he took shelter behind Haohi.

Forus examined the cover and made all the noises one would expect a scholar to make when studying an old text. Lots of hmms and humms and oohhs and ahhs.

“So uh, what is it? I’ve never seen illusion magic like that before,” Akai said from the safety of Haohi’s shoulder.

There was a long delay before the man gave any indication of even having heard Akai. Just as he was about to ask again, Forus removed his glasses and sighed. That could only mean dire, woeful things.

“Well, it’s not illusion magic at all,” he said, patting the cover of the book.  “That in itself isn’t the problem, but…”

Haohi trembled ever so slightly. “But what? Is it bad? Can he be cured?”

“Unfortunately, it’s transfiguration magic. I’m sure as you’ve figured out, Akai there is completely a biological woman now. If it was just an illusion it’d only fool other people, not himself. Plus, I’m sure you’ve assessed that on your own.”

“So? Is it permanent? He can be changed back, right? Right?”

Forus pressed his lips into a thin line. “I’m sorry…”

 “…No. I can’t be…” Haohi mumbled, practically sinking to the floor on her knees.

But Akai wasn’t so quick to follow suit. He knew a little of transfiguration – enough to know that changing back wasn’t at all an impossible task.

Then the old man laughed, unable to keep up his act. “W-what are you laughing for?!” Haohi demanded.

“Ah, I’m sorry. Humor an old man, would you?” He said, completely unable to suppress his grin. “The look on your face… I love it!”

“Why you old fu-“

Akai grabbed her shoulder and quickly shook his head. Her nostrils flared, but she seemed to find the wisdom in not assaulting the man who’d agreed to aid them.

“So, what is it really?” Akai asked, finding some strength in knowing there was definitely a solution to the problem at hand.

“Well, whoever wrote this book was into some really kinky shit.”

“…What? What do you mean?”

Still chuckling, Forus stood up and browsed through his collection, pausing when his finger ran across a particular spine. He pulled it out, and showed off the cover to Haohi and Akai. “Fun in the Bedroom: Keeping the Spark Alive Through Transfiguration.”

He licked his finger and began thumbing through the pages. “What he did was basically hiding a porn magazine in his math book. Look,” Forus said, flipping the tome onto the table alongside the other. With his finger he indicated to a line in his book, then to its duplicate in the one Akai had bought.

“Hey, that’s what turned me into a woman!”

“Yes indeed. Particularly, that incantation is to turn a man into a, and I quote here, “Lusty Succubus.””

“What? But I didn’t grow any – Oh, I already have horns. Still, uh, shouldn’t I have gotten wings and a tail?” Akai said, examining himself as if said appendages were cleverly hidden somewhere.

“Well that explains the giant tits and ass then,” Haohi grumbled.

“Since you’re already a demon, it didn’t work quite the same,” Forus added. “Though I do imagine it probably gave you a hell of a sex drive.”

“…A little yeah,” Akai said meekly, then sought to change the topic. “But wait, when I tried the spell that was supposed to reverse it, nothing happened.”

“That’s because he, or whoever transcribed it, got several of the characters in the pronunciation chart wrong. If I had to wager…” he trailed off, flipping to the chart that elaborated on how each rune was to be spoken. “Whoever used this book probably had a thick accent. Here, repeat this,” he said, jotting down a long series of words in common-form.

Akai cleared his throat and recited the words, ever so slightly different than what he’d tried at first. His body tingled and then all at once, with a burst of pain that can only accompany having your body forcibly changed, he was back. He stared as his hand and flexed it – his fingers were no longer slim and dainty. Looking down, he could see his feet instead of nothing but breasts.

The most important check. Yup, he was back to normal down there, too.

“You’re back!” Haohi shouted, jumping onto him and wrapping her arms around him. “You’re really back! Oh, what a relief…”

“Heh, I imagine you two were worried sick over that little mishap,”  Forus said, cradling his chin.

“She was worried. I was just… really horny,” Akai said, finding himself able to laugh about it all like it was just one big joke.

“Say,” Forus began, an odd smile on his face. “You two want this? I’m a bit too old these days…”

Haohi’s mind jumped to the errant thought that’d been squirreled away. “…What else is in there?”

Dread began to well within Akai’s chest. She wouldn’t. She might. Haohi had that look in her eyes. Bending over near the old man and book, he flipped a few pages and whispered something in her ear.

Clearing her throat, she uttered the incantation.

There was a familiar burst of smoke, though purple this time instead of pink. Akai shuddered in fear. A familiar, yet different voice called out to him.

“Hey honey,” she said, now rather taller and more… defined. “Think you can try being a lusty succubus again? I’ve got something I wanna try…”

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