Ace of Joker – Part Two


There are puddles everywhere…

Damn, you didn’t expect the rain to this bad. You can count at least five miniature oceans. At least the Kappa children seem to be enjoying themselves. Then again, they are frolicking in dirty street water.

‘Eh, they’re monster girls. They can handle a little dirty water.’, you say to yourself.

The job called and apparently, they have to temporarily close their doors. The ditzy March Hare left the back door open and water just flooded the area. They say that the Yogurt Room had the most damage.

Simply mentioning the Yogurt room makes cringe slightly. Your managers have constantly assured you that it’s just yogurt. You internal rebuttal always asks ‘Why is the Yogurt sold in plastic bags then?” You can also swear that the Manticore who retrieves the Yogurt gets a little too excited…

You hope to God that it isn’t what you think is…

Your mind then wanders onto another topic: that fucking Jabberwock. You have no idea who she is or what her name is. Better yet, how the hell did she even know where you live? As more questions come to mind, you end up bumping into someone.

“Ack! Sorry, I-“

Your eyes widen you come face to chest with the Jabberwock from before! She seems to have ditched the risque dress in favor of a simple and more conservative Summer Blouse. It lacks sleeves in favor of just have shoulder straps. It’s cut just low enough to revel her collarbone, but remains high enough to not flaunt her cleavage. It’s long enough to cover her legs, too.

She stares at you with shock in her eyes. Before you can even open your mouth, the Jabberwock screams:


God damn, that was loud. People’s heads have snapped your direction. Ah, fuck…

“I didn’t mean to break into your house! I was just trying to…to…”

“Please don’t make a sense…”, you plead. You can see a Kitsune  giving you this dirty look from across the street. Great, now people think you’re an asshole.

“I was just trying to ask you out on…a date! YES A DATE!”

Why is she screaming so loud?

“Please!? Pretty please with a prisoner’s fruit on top!?”

“Prisoner’s fruit?”

“Uh, forget I said that. Still…date?”

The Jabberwock’s face is so red right now. This is probably just as uncomfortable for as it is for you. Weighing your options, you think of all the horrible ways this could end…

“I don’t even know your name…”, you begin. From across the street, someone yells at you to give her a chance. Oh wow, now you have hecklers.


Nearly dying from shock again, you jump as the Jabberwock roars at the poor bastard who challenged your dating skills. Wait, what the fuck are thinking?

“Ah, sorry about that. My name is Ekaterina. I have the great desire to date you. Just for a little bit, please?”

The Jabberwock’s visage softens as she folds her hands, er…claws together. Oh god, no. Not the Werewolf pup eyes. Your one true weakness!

“I…guess so?”


Ekaterina sudden starts jumping up and down with glee. Those chocolate marshmallows are having little trouble moving around in that loose blouse. You can feel mini-you starting to rise from his crypt. 

‘Come on,’ you say to yourself. ‘You’re better than that…”

Comes off her high, recomposing herself into a calm state.

“So, let’s go, yeah?”

“Wait. Now?”

“Of course, silly! This is the perfect day!”

You find yourself being dragged down the street by an elated Jabberwock. Looks the weird shit isn’t done with you yet.

The amount of willpower it is taking to note feel uncomfortable is taking its toll on you. On one hand, the sun was shone brightly now. Those puddles wouldn’t last much longer. Also, besides some social awkwardness, Ekaterina is quite the friendly draconian abomination. Okay, maybe abomination is pushing it there. Right now, you two are taking a casual stroll through the park…and that’s where the problem comes in.

Ekaterina is eating a dic-


She’s going to town on that shit , too. Her tongue snakes around the blue dick- NO! STICK! Yes, blue stick with practiced ease. She slowly thrust it in and out of mouth in an overly sensual motions. Ekaterina also no qualms about letting the excess fluid run down chin. She looks happy though.

God help you poor soul…

“Are you okay?”


“You seem very unfocused. You need to sit down for minute?”


“…Yes. Please.”

Smiling, Ekaterina tosses the Popsicle way (much to your (dis)pleasure) and walks you over to a secluded park bench. Talking seat, you do your best to hide your raging hyper cannon. Ekaterina seems perfectly relaxed as she leans back in bench.

“Man, this was so much easier than I thought! I don’t know why I didn’t try to just ask you! By the way, that’s a nice erection you’ve got there…”


With mischievous grin, Ekaterina hops off the park bench and drops to her knees.

“Now-now wait a minute! Ha ha, we just met!”

“Hmm, but that’s the way to man’s heart, is not? My mother would never lie to me!”

Before you can attempt to flee, she blows some pink misty shit in your face. Within an instant, you feel all your resistance wash away.  

Well, fuck.

Ekaterina easily gets you dick out of your pants. Mini-you stands rebellious against your reason. Though, you can’t really do anything after smelling the pink shit.

“That was just a tiny dose, lover. I think this is good start our relationship!”

In swift motion, she inhales your penis all the way to the base. Her tongue lashes around you crown and shaft, trying to milk you has hard as possible. 

God have mercy your pitiful soul…

Ekaterina pulls up until your dick almost free of the confines of her maw before sucking it up again. Her tongue turns into a mini onahole as your taint enter and exits her throat. This mouth is so tight… 

It’s like an endless, fleshly vacuum. You weren’t prepared for this. No ever told you sex would be this good. You can’t handle it.

The world goes black…

“Huh? Did he pass out? HE DIDN’T EVEN CUM YET!”


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