A Visit From A Vampire(Abridged) Journal Entry #8

(Original voice acted by Willow Wisteria and written by Kyle R.)


Journal Entry #8

My transition from dreaming to consciousness was significantly rougher than usual. The first thing I notice is how tired my limbs still felt, they weren’t soar per-say, but they just felt drained of “something”. Thankfully my mind didn’t seem to have been affected and I was fully awake in a couple of seconds.

I tried to move but could only wiggle around before I felt two arms tighten around me and a slender leg hock my waist.

“Awake already, Darling?”, I hear Viktoria snicker into my ear right before I open my eyes and see her lying cuddled-up next to me with a surprisingly warm smile on her face. “I admit, I feared my magic had put too strong a strain on your constitution; But now that I see you are merely just exhausted…”, her smile turns into a leer and I am quickly rolled onto my back, my drained body helpless to resist.

“G- good evening?”, at least I got the time of day right.

Adam.”, she obviously wasn’t going to be distracted or impressed by my ability to keep track of time. “I want you to tell me what you learned from your little punishment last night.”, she says with a mix of teasing and steel in her voice, right before straddling my chest and grabbing the sides of my head. Forcing me to look directly up into her eyes.

“Uh, would you kindly give me sometime to think over my answer?”, I say tentatively. trying not to let my eyes linger too long on the slim-naked figure on top of me. She usually didn’t mind if I gawked, but this seemed like not the time for ogling.

She let’s out a pleased hum before responding, “Of course, Darling, just don’t take too long.”, her hands went from my head to messaging my shoulders as her thighs squeezed me a little. “Forewarning though; If you give an inappropriate answer then I will simply continue from where we left off last night.”, she says with a look that dared me to try her.

I take a deep breath and actually try to think about what happened yesterday and why, trying to put the admittedly amazing sex out of my mind. My slowly growing erection was a testament to my failure on that part.
So, I figured being honest was my only real option at the time, “I learned to not look over any of your personal items without asking permission?”.

She huffs slightly at my words, “I suppose that is a… satisfactory answer.”, her pout quickly turns into a gleeful smile. “Though I guess I should give you a reward for being so astute.”, suddenly she flips us over and wraps her legs around my waist, pulling our bodies flush together with my tip grinding against her cunt with precarious force.

I tried to say something but was quickly silenced when she grabs my hair and brings me into a sudden tongue-filled kiss, right before pulling her legs in more and full sheathing me inside of her. My voice gets caught in my throat from the sudden pleasure and my hips buck forward instinctively, grinding our hips together in a sensual dance as her nipples lightly flick over mine as we move.

The initial shock passes over quickly after that and I begin to reciprocate her sudden and forceful proposition. I start slamming my hips into her in earnest, angling downwards to hit that particular sweet-spot, my balls slapping pleasantly into her perfect ass. I grunt down her throat as she violates mine with her long vorpal-tongue.

She suddenly breaks our kiss and goes for my neck, fangs already extended, she bites into me and starts drinking, the sudden mix of pleasure and pain bringing me right to and past the edge.

I wrap my arms around her to bring us even closer as I feel my nuts churn, shudder, and pulse with the load traveling up to and through my member. The first shot is heaven, the several others that follow feeling no less stimulating as I can do nothing but grunt and whine as I continue to pump my spunk into her.

We both calm down from our orgasms soon afterwards, slowly relaxing into each others’ embrace. My sweaty and tan skin a stark contrast to her near-porcelain complexion and steady breathing. She eventually untangles us and lays me down on my side, reclaiming her position of big-spoon quickly afterwards.

I stay relaxed and almost dozing in her arms for a while before having a sudden thought and deciding to break the silence, “We should read together in the library.”. The idea seems so obvious now, it would let me learn a little more and Viktoria could keep me from accidentally reading her personal stuff, ‘Even though I would really like to read more of her notes’.

“Is that what passes for pillow talk in the current generation? Discussion of literary pursuits?”, she asks in a surprisingly snarky tone.

“I’m being serious!”, I say, admittedly a little petulantly.

She just sighs, “Baby; I’ll think about it. But right now I’m more interested in taking a nap and cuddling you while I do so.”, she finishes before nuzzling into my neck and taking a deep breath. Apparently liking what she smelled considering how she shuddered not un-like a druggie after getting a fix.

After a little internal deliberation, I decide to just go with the flow but mentally note to continue the discussion later.


A few hours later and I’m sitting on Viktoria’s lap as we both read another book together on one of the loveseats in the library. I’d originally protested the position, but her superior height and strength had rendered my arguments moot rather quickly.

The tome we were currently looking over covered the more immediate and apparent changes relatively young Nosferatu underwent; much better than the obviously complicated and comprehensive biology text I’d originally picked up.

So engrossing was the new book that I could almost forget Viktoria’s rather skimpy choice of clothing; nothing but a small wife-beater over some basic lingerie, while I had on sweat pants and a short-sleeve.

Though the really distracting factor was what she was doing to my ear while she looked over my shoulder. Viktoria was constantly humming a soft tune into my ear as I read, so close her lips often brushed against the lobe, occasionally giving it a playful nip when she thought I wasn’t paying her attention.

I’m a few more nips away from gently asking her to ease off the affection when a thought crosses my mind as I read over a section about Nosferatu being infertile and/or sterile. “Viktoria, I read in the other text that ‘breeding’ was possible between humans and your kind. But how can that be when this tome says you’re infertile.”, admittedly I should have seen how I set myself up for what happened next.

She chuckles lightly before hugging me closer and speaking huskily into my ear, “Oh? Don’t worry. This tome is just a little outdated in certain areas. The union of a human and one of my kind can definitely bear fruit; you just need the right kind of breeding stock and be very persistent.”. Viktoria pats my crotch lightly and gives my ear a long sensual lick.

Her not-so-subtle hint was disturbingly clear.

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4 thoughts on “A Visit From A Vampire(Abridged) Journal Entry #8

  1. Two minor typos.
    “when this tome says your infertile” = “when this tome says you’re infertile”
    “my kind can definitely bare fruit” = “my kind can definitely bear fruit”
    Just out of curiosity, why so many very short stories?

    1. Thank you for pointing out those errors.
      As for your question:

      I simply didn’t know these were considered short. I’m just use to writing chapters a little over 1000 words long.

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