A Visit From A Vampire(Abridged) Journal Entry #7

(Original voice acted by Willow Wisteria and written by Kyle R.)


Journal Entry #7

I woke up from another rather exhaustive night(day?) to the view of my new shared bedroom’s stone ceiling, tangled up in satin sheets as my vampire cuddles up next to me. She was surprisingly cuddly after our “romantic endeavors”, always wrapping her arms around me and whispering sweet nothings into my ear.

On one particularly creepy occasion she’d breathed ‘I love you, I love you’ over and over again to me until she feel asleep. I’d always found her obsession with her and my blood to be disturbing, but that had been a little much, even for Viktoria.

My morning routine of stretching, showering, and eating a surprisingly good breakfast go by with relatively few interruptions. Viktoria obviously doesn’t join me in the stretching, being undead and all, so she just contents herself with admiring the view.
I manage to not shiver as she takes her early-night feeding and then gives me a pleasant surprise.

“I need to go out and do some errands. Nothing dangerous; just going to get some supplies.”, She says with more than a little dreariness in her voice.

My mind instantly goes to the book collection I haven’t had the time to visit yet and I get a little excited at the prospect of some private study time. Then suddenly she blurred into motion and had me up against the wall, her face barely an inch from mine. “Um, uh-“, I start like the social-savant I am before she cuts me off.

“I want you stay on this floor; no exploring the tunnels or going through storage in the last floor.”, She said with confidence and in a tone brokered no argument. “And if I find out that you disobeyed me I will be very upset.”, she finished, not even trying to hide the threat in her tone.

“Y- yes, ma’am.”, I say nervously as she stares me down. After a moments hesitation I decided to take a gamble and lean forward to give her a soft kiss.

She melted into it almost immediately, arms going around me and a hand griping my hair and deepening our lip-lock. I return her enthusiasm, feeling and pressing on her spine in a way that I knew made her shiver, before slowly disengaging from the kiss. She gives me a pout as I pull away, but doesn’t press for more.

“Your kisses won’t save you from my wrath if you misbehave.”, she mutters with no real conviction before giving me one more chaste kiss and walking off toward the stairs that would lead her to the upper floors.
She’d gone for practicality over aesthetic with a plain t-shirt and jeans combo that did nothing to hide her figure. I watched her, and her hips, as she left before heading off toward her “library”.

The underground mansion I now live in is almost maze-like if you don’t know where you’re going. Even then, it took a solid five minutes of re-wandering around before I found the right hallway and pushed open the barely familiar double doors. Her collection of books wasn’t unreasonably large, but it was definitely above average. ‘More like a Personal Library of Unusual Size’, I think to myself before setting off to search between the near ceiling high shelves.

I spend an embarrassingly long amount of time searching through the ‘V’ section before checking the ‘N’ section and almost immediately finding what I want; “Nosferatu Physiology: All 28 Generations by Viktoria Wisteria”.

‘Well, got two useful bits of information right off the bat.’, I thought, holding down a whop of excitement and sat on one of the love-seats in preparation of a long reading session. ‘One; Viktoria is apparently an expert on Vam- Nosferatu biology. Two; If my math is right, Nosferatu started first started appearing in the beginnings of the 13th century’, I open to the first couple of pages, skim over the glossary, and get to the first section; “Introduction: Origins”.

The introduction didn’t give away anything two useful; Just a few theories about how the virus that makes Nosferatu might have originated from “another realm”. What really interested me were the first two chapters that covered general strengths and weaknesses respectively; took over an hour just to comb through those two.

They had the general physical enhancements I’d expected. With the freshly turned starting out as twice as strong, fast, and durable as a regular human with some moderate night-vision. And they had the typical weaknesses to sunlight. But what was really fascinating was what silver did; it causes intense pain upon skin-touch, practically paralyzed them if it got into their bloodstream, and it negated their preternatural healing. The text even notes that silver has a similar affect on almost every supernatural creature, except for Fea and Dragons, the later I hoped to never meet.

I stopped when I noticed a little gap farther in the book and find a bookmark. Curious, I flipped to that page and was summarily creeped-out; “Inter-Breeding between Humans and Nosferatu” The section had a bunch of statements and definitions underlined, along with some obviously new notes scribbled on in certain pages. Most of it was biological jargon that I couldn’t quite understand; but the general theme was more than enough to put me off.

But just as I’m about to close the book and put it back, two pale hands come up from behind me and grab my wrists.

“Naughty boy~.”, I hear an all-to-familiar voice whisper into my ear.

‘Oh no’, I think before futility trying to un-fuck my situation. “H- hey, I can explain. And didn’t you say I could read from your collection?”

“Hmmm, true enough. But I still consider you refiling through my notes to be a slight breach in privacy.”, she says without missing a beat, obviously having predicted my protest. “But I shall endeavor to be merciful just for you. You wouldn’t be too opposed to some light reprimand would you, darling?”, she leans in even closer, pressing her chest to my back and giving my ear a flick with her unnaturally long tongue.

I gulp slightly at her tone and the knowledge that “Yes.” wouldn’t be accepted as an answer here. “What exactly did you have in mind?”, I ask nervously.

She doesn’t respond, simply dips one of her hands back and then dangles a pair of very exotic looking handcuffs in front of me.
“Oh, joy…”, I breath out before Viktoria takes a firm grip on my arm and drags me out the door and towards what is sure to be another very tiring night.

Or day. Or whatever time I happen to pass-out from exhaustion and wake-up again.

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One thought on “A Visit From A Vampire(Abridged) Journal Entry #7

  1. Noticed a recurring error…

    “Hmmm, true enough. But I still consider you refiling through my notes to be a slight breach in privacy.”,

    Don’t put commas after something in quotes, and also separate the dialogue lines. Proper form would be:

    “Hmmm, true enough. But I still consider you refiling through my notes to be a slight breach in privacy,” she said.

    Also, refiling is a typo, I assume you meant rifling.

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