A Snow Leopard’s Teasing

An early Friday, courtesy of my boss who told me I’d worked enough that week. Coming home when it was still daylight during the winter was a rare treat, and certainly one I relished. The only downside being Vanessa was still at work so I couldn’t enjoy it with her.

Both of us were more or less peons where we worked, slaving away for a wage that wouldn’t be livable if we weren’t together. But, we were, and we made things work.

I glanced at the thermostat – 62 degrees – and sighed. It saved energy, sure, but it meant I always had to wear thick clothing inside. Usually a blanket to boot. For Vanessa, however, it was perfect. Given her heritage as a snow leopard, with all her thick greyish fluff, it was easy to see why.

Played some video games for a bit, but then I thought I ought to do something special for her. When was the last time we had a home-cooked meal, like, an actual meal and not just throwing something in the oven and microwaving a bag of vegetables?

Rummaging through the fridge and cabinets was a little disheartening, but with the aid of some cooking websites a plan came together. With a bit of luck, I could have it plated just as she walked in.

“Hey love, I’m home—What’s that smell?”

30 seconds left on the stir-fry. Damn, I ran over time but close enough. “Boss let me out early, still gave me pay for the full day though. Thought I’d cook for us for once.”

The way Vanessa dressed, you’d think it was a cool autumn day rather than a bone-chilling frigid winter evening. A light jacket was all she needed, didn’t even mind the snow on her bob-cut hair.

“Ooh, smells great. Good thing too, I’m starving. Was actually going to call to see if you wanted me to pick something up.” She padded over to me, kicking off her comically-large shoes and sending them into the corner of the hallway. Considering the way wrapped her paws around my waist and sniffed the back of my neck, I couldn’t tell if she was referring to the food or me.

“Thanks babe,” she said, giving me an affection peck on the cheek.

“Anything for you,” I said with a smirk, emptying the stir-fry onto two plates.

Dinner was a smashing success, both of us eating far too much. No worries about what to do with leftovers tonight. We changed into our pajamas, which was thick sweatpants and a sweatshirt for me, and thin shorts and a shirt that exposed her slightly-chubby belly for Vanessa. Also made it obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra, considering at certain angles I got a good view of some delicious underboob.

“Thanks for dinner,” she said, snuggling up against me on the couch and pulling me in tight.

Vanessa was practically my own little space heater and her paws were soft as pillows – both her hands and feet. Her embrace was the sort of thing that could make me forget about any care or worry in the world. “Anytime.”

Our scene of tender love was innocent enough I thought we’d just cuddle and watch some backlogged shows, catching up after a long work week that saw both of us stockpile overtime.

Curled up against her, I couldn’t ask for anything more in the world.

Well, I couldn’t, but she had other plans – as I soon discovered when she licked my cheek and a rumble emanated from her throat. Bit by bit more of her weight bore down upon me until I was nearly flat on the couch with her sprawled out on top. “Aw come on, I’m tired,” I said in protest, to which I got a lick on the nose and a wry grin.

“Don’t give me that, it’s been an entire week,” Vanessa said with a bit of poutiness, running a paw through my hair, gazing at me with those sparkling golden eyes of hers.

“Can’t we just cuddle?” I said, taking the chance to run my fingers through the thick fur on her arms. “You’re so fluffy, after all.”

My cunning plan of acquiring fluff and cuddles backfired. Seizing my hand, she shoved it down her shirt, practically forcing me to grope her plump breasts. “Now which do you like more?” She said through a knowing grin, the barest of reds rising to her cheek as I palmed her breast and and swirled her pert nipple in my palm.

There was only one correct answer: “Both.”

Tits and fluff, I loved them both – almost as much as the woman they belonged to.

“Mmm, good answer,” Vanessa said, lowering her face to mine, our lips just out of reach. Every time I squeezed her soft flesh she slid herself across my leg, finding my knee especially delightful.

Thoughts of innocence drained away, replaced by something far more lustful. Fine, whatever, she’d won! Giving in I snaked my other hand up her shirt to get myself two handfuls of her assets, but just mere millimeters away from my prize she sat bolt upright, pulling my hands from her shirt. “See, I knew you’d be game,” she said with a teasing wink.

“Then why’d you stop,” I said with an exaggerated pout, “I was just getting to the good part.” I flexed a hand in the motion I would’ve been making had she not so rudely interrupted me. Straddling me as she was, it was plain to see her stiff nipples tenting out her shirt, so I knew she wanted it just as badly.

“Because you need to savor the thrill,” she said, running her paws down her sides to her hips where she wiggled them side to side. From her hips to mine her paws wandered, quickly finding my half-stalk.

Turning lazy circles, she rubbed the underside of my cock through my jeans, bringing me to full mast in no time. “See, you need to slow down,” she said, stopping just as quickly as she’d begun.

This wasn’t the first time she teased me so, but normally when we had little dry spells she was in an awful hurry to get off. Like, my pants would’ve been gone and she would have ridden me with her ass or pussy, whichever she felt more like at the time.

Vanessa stood up, much to my dismay, and padded over to the center of the living room. She turned about once or twice and half-laid down, propping herself up with an elbow. Before I could ask what she was up to, she curled one of her snowy-grey digits in a come hither motion.

Without a shred of hesitation I bolted to her side, grinning like a fool the entire time – thoughts of taking her from behind, face down and her sumptuous butt high in the air.

No sooner did I drop down alongside her did she wrap her paws round my waist and began to tug off my shirt. But, she didn’t take it all the way off, coming to a stop with it binding my hands over my head and just barely covering an eye.

Taking both my wrists in one paw she ran the other down my back and leaned in close, pulling me into a kiss. Her rough tongue found mine, twining about, but soon, far too soon, she pulled away and gave my shirt one last tug to free me of its bonds. “I thought you wanted to take it slow,” I said in the same sort of way she’d teased me, which earned me a nose poke.

“Are you going to make jokes or help me out of these clothes?”

Well, who’s to argue with a lady over something silly, anyways. Inch by inch I dragged her shirt up and off, freeing her bountiful breasts, each capped by a thick, suckable nipple. Following my gaze, Vanessa took my chin in a paw and guided me in, wrapping her paws around the back of my head as I sucked on each of her buds in turn, flicking with my tongue and gently nibbling just enough to make her back arch.

It was moments like these I wished she was pregnant.

Busy with her nipples as I was, I hardly noticed her paws snake down and begin slipping my pants off. Wasn’t until my erection sprung free I realized what was going on, but by then, it was too late. One paw to my chest and the other hooked around the band of my pants, she forced me off her, pushing me to the ground and dragging my pants all the way to my knees. I found myself on my back and standing proud.

“Someone’s eager,” Vanessa said, eyeing my rigid penis and licking her chops.

My eyes wandered to her crotch, spotting the telltale signs of arousal darkening her pants. “That makes two of us,” I said, earning myself another flick from her paw – this time on the head of my cock. Or I thought it was going to be a flick. Instead her pad settled on the tip and traced a few circles, catching under the rim of my crown a few times.

Oh, she loved my gasps, chuckling to herself with every one. “I love how sensitive you are.”

“I love how sensitive I am too,” I said with a grin.

“Do you, now?”

The look in her eye was playful, but the fangs poking out signaled anything but. She stood up, straddling me between her legs to give me a show of her thick butt as she pulled her shorts and underwear down one tantalizing tug at a time.

Every slip of the fabric down her hips was accompanied by a wiggle and sashay. The show went on steadily revealing her full, puffy lips from behind their cover until she was finally bare. Oh, and how wet she was. Beads of moisture had run down the inside of her legs, not that I could blame the woman, it had been a week.

With a flick of her wrist her pants disappeared into a corner and with her lascivious show complete, she lowered herself to sit on my chest, her big fluffy tail waving around like an energetic serpent and coiling around my face.

Her big butt, wrapped in glorious white skin – I couldn’t help but reach up and give each cheek a squeeze. Soft and warm, just like the rest of her. “Touch allll you like,” Vanessa said, scooting a bit and leaving a trail of sticky warmth across my chest.

I had no idea what her plan was, but I couldn’t say I cared too much at that point. A firm ass in my face was all I needed or cared about right then. Kneading and spanking, drawing happy, playful gasps and murmurs. Heaven.

And then heaven got better.

A single paw pad graced my length, tracing down on a trail of pre-cum. Up and down a few times, then around my head and her pattern repeated.

Another pad joined the fun, and another until her entire paw wrapped around me, sliding up and down at just the right speed to get me content and happy. Her thumb teased and flicked, and then all at once it came to a halt, leaving me in throbbing despair.

She shifted and stretched out, resting her weight on her knees and bringing her drooling snatch to my face. “Eat up,” she said, tossing me a lurid glance.

How’d she know her pussy was my second favorite food? Taking hold of her hips and dragging her down I dug in, pushing my tongue deep into her tangy folds. “Oh, fuck…” she gasped, taken by surprise. “Mmm yeah, just like that…”

Her thick-furred calves clung to my head, making absolutely sure there was no escape; not that I wanted to. Every time I circled her bud, licked her deep as I could manage, her whole body quaked.

But, just when I thought I had the upper hand, she brought her mouth into play.

Her hot breath washed over me, one, two, three breaths as she took her time. A paw renewed its grip on me and I eagerly waited entering her mouth, feeling that rough tongue all over – but instead she gave my sack a tentative little kiss before taking my balls into her mouth, sucking and licking with the utmost of gentle caresses while her cushiony, velvety paws went to work on my shaft.

It was a battle to make the other cum fastest, one I wasn’t intending to lose as I gave her a furious tongue-lashing. Both her paws came into play, one palm working my glans and the other alternating from languid to a rabbit’s sprint.

I could feel every pad, every fine, downy hair nestled between them, but I’d won – Vanessa’s whole body stiffened and she went tight, letting out a cute little chirping caterwaul that sounded more like it came from a kitten than a mature woman.

When the aftershocks faded she swung her derriere and fluffy tail off me, but in place of the look of defeat she was positively predatory. “Thanks hun, I needed that,” she said, brushing her cheek against my rigid shaft.

Her motions had changed to something precise and meticulous, the sort of motions intent on keeping me at the edge rather than bringing me over. “Hey now, the least—“ I began, but she silenced me with a furry digit across my lips.

“I’ll take my time, one way or the other,” she said in a manner that sent a tremor of anxiety up my spine.

Again she climbed over me, but this time she kept my arms pinned with her knees while her slit bobbed up and down inches from me. Her tongue and paws licked and touched every square inch of flesh on my cock, sack, thighs and everywhere in-between. She closed her lips around me mid-shaft and began to purr, causing me to groan out in muted, fogged pleasure.

“I’m so close, come on, don’t keep me hanging,” I said, only to be greeted with her thighs gripping my cheeks to silence me.

If that had made me lose control of myself, her punishment did it doubly so – one of her claws, filed down and blunted, slipped into my urethra, spreading my opening wide even as she continued to purr and suck and squeeze and tumble my sack within her paw.

My hips twitched and I cried out for release, but her masterful touch kept me on edge. Her claw dipped in and out, stirred, and brought me so close I began to twitch and clench in anticipation, but it was not to be.

Just when I was about to peak she stopped, leaving naught but the cool air to light my senses.

“Naughty boy,” Vanessa said, nuzzling her cheek to my face, her tongue flicking out to lick the tip of my nose. “Look at the big sticky mess you’ve made…”

Following her eyes down my chest and towards my crotch, I couldn’t believe the wet mess on my crotch; some of that had to be her saliva. There was no way…

“And you want to make more? Haven’t you had enough?”

I knew I should’ve been more assertive, taken some of her power away, but I was so close and the feeling was fading so fast – all I wanted was her to finish what she’d started. “No,” I said weakly. “C’mon, you got off…”

“I suppose you’re right,” she said, paw wrapping around me once again, lofting my spirits. A few tender strokes at first, then her pads squeezed down hard, spreading around me as she took off into a mad dash. “Cum for me,” she cooed, her tongue tailing a path from my chest to my crotch. “Give me everything you’ve got!”

Her lips sealed around my tip in an O and she began to suck and purr while her paw beat me off in a frenzy. Stars and nothingness washed over me as a boiling pressure built up to an explosive finish. My hips bucked and I moaned happily as I fired off rope after rope of semen into her mouth and she greedily drank down every down, even going so far as to take one last suck and spread me with her tongue.

And she kept going.

There was no pause, no mercy.

“V-vanessa,” I squeaked, twitching and shuddering so much I could barely speak. With how much I came, how empty my balls felt, there was no way she didn’t know I came.

With a pop she pulled my tip from her mouth, still leaking tiny bubbles of semen. “Yessss? Oh, I know what you want!”

Moving fast as could be she pinned me with a kiss, forcing my own semen into my mouth. I resisted at first, but her insistent tongue and ceaseless paws weakened me to the point I had no choice but to accept.

Bitter, salty, and somehow lewd in ways I couldn’t begin to imagine.

“Oh? That got you even harder,” she said, pulling away and leaving a trail of spittle and seed between us until it snapped. “Now what else haven’t you been telling me?”

Held on the edge so long, her playfulness may as well have been an interrogation. “Why are you doing this?” I said, sounding more like a mewling kitten than a man.

“Because I know you like it…”

Letting slip a throaty little laugh, she moved in close and licked my ear, pressing her breasts against my neck and chin. Never once did her paw stop its ministrations, every squishy pad working in tandem to keep me at my height.

Just when I thought I couldn’t handle her exquisite touch any longer, she sucked my ear lobe into her mouth and nibbled it with the same care and affection I’d nibble on her. In the same motion she pumped down in a long, fluid stroke and again and again, beating me off to some crazed tempo.

I shuddered and quivered, all my senses crackling and snapping as the overload from just one spilled into all the others. Vanessa held me fast, nibbling, pawing, and stroking me every which way no matter how much I gasped or cried for her to stop.

Pain and pleasure twisted and joined, morphing into one exquisite sensation. On and on she went, switching up her pace to ensure I could never acclimate to her touch.

And somehow, I found myself hoping I never would.

Time blurred into nothingness. Until I felt something new deep within my loins.

“Oh my, it’s really throbbing now” Vanessa cooed, having left both my ears wet. “About to go off again?”

I weakly nodded. “Y-yeah…”

Putty in her paws, that’s all I was. Had I known she was so dangerous, I never would have… or would I have?

Her paw relaxed its grip and pulled off my cock, causing anger to flash through my mind. After all that, she was about to leave me hanging?!

“Tut tut!”

The same drenched, sticky paw pinned my chest and she pivoted, raising herself from my side to on top. Her snatch was sopping, more so than I’d ever seen her before – tendrils of her lust drooled onto my cock, still thick with her body’s heat.

Paws on my shoulder she lowered herself, taking me into her sweltering folds. “I need it inside me,” she said, lifting up and dropping down until I was entirely inside her. “Fill me to the brim!”

Wasting no time she rode me like a bucking bronco, leaning over and wrapping her paws around my back as she locked me into a deep kiss.

My hands roamed about, finding purchase on each her cheeks and aiding in slamming her down on me. Every powerful clap of flesh slammed me into the floor, every wet smack of flesh the symphony of our love.

Not even a minute in and I couldn’t endure it anymore – with all the strength my abused body could muster I pulled her tight and thrust up at the same time, emptying every ounce I had into her.

Cumming twice in such a short time meant I could only fire off two, three weak spurts, but every muscle was focused on pushing out as much as I could offer. My whole body shook in the aftermath, and it wasn’t until I realized Vanessa was grinding her hips in circles, rubbing her stiffened clit against my crotch while I was buried inside her.

“Almost… almost…” She moaned, biting down on her thumb and staring at me with equal parts lust and love.

Somehow I found it within me to lift my arms-turned-noodles and did what I could on her heaving breasts. My mind blanked, exhaustion covered me like a dark veil, but just before I fell asleep I heard her pleasure-filled moans of fulfillment.

I woke sometime later, a few hours going by the clock. We were both still on the rug, though Vanessa had covered us in a blanket. Not that I especially needed it, considered just having her draped across me was enough to make me sweat. One of the (dis)advantages of having a snow leopard for a girlfriend, I suppose.

My mind began to hatch a plan for revenge, something to turn the tables. Perhaps buy a sybian and some rope…

It occurred to me that we were probably heading down a kinky road. Considering what I’d just experienced, I wouldn’t have it any other way.



(Apophecary commissioned these two images of Vanessa. Enjoy!)



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