A Red Admirer

I don’t really care much for flowers. But you gotta keep the lights on you know?

I stroll up next to my last customer of the night, my car not in the best condition to be riding but it gets me places. Too bad not ‘those places’…

I shake off my gutter worn thoughts and step out of the car, and pick up the last bundled bouquet and head out to the large building before me. The inside is as lack luster as any other high-grade apartment complex, lots of whites and lots of accentuated wealth.

Like I really care.

Up the elevator I go and finally arriving at one of the top penthouses. It’s doors are pretty intricate and the wooden mahogany is pretty expensive. Then again, I’ve been here before. Many times actually.

I knock a few times on the large doors and await the all too familiar rumbling of feet and a soft pause. Then a quick opening of the door and low and behold, there is the woman herself: an obvious, last-minute-spruced-up Red Oni. Her black tee-shirt had been stretched a bit and sagged on her left shoulder and her slacked, gray sweat pants hung like sagging curtains.

All in all, our best customer from Rosies Flowers.

“Miss…Akeno?” I say sarcastically, although she and I have met on numerous occasions. Despite the sarcasm, I always sound abit low on the speaking, mostly because her tall and volutuous form is quite intimadating.

She smirked and giggled, “Come on in, sweetie. You don’t have to be so formal!” She’s always so dang cheerful. 

I politely walk in and push off my shoes on to the tiled floor next to the door. On a flower business, you meet a lot of people and as such, have to respect their cultures.

Although, Akeno doesn’t particularly care all too much.

to be honest, neither would I, but I find it good to at least appear to be a nice person. I carry her bouquet over to the fluffed white couch and sit down.

She was much quicker than I was, due to such thick glistening thighs. I am not one to straight up fantasize, but someone like Akeno could do that to a man. Before sitting down, she picks up a white towel and dries her face and chest, “Sorry, just got done with my excersizes at the gym. How are you doin’?”

I respond, “Not too bad, but work is is being a good to me every now and then.” Not quite true, work was a total pain these last few weeks, as nobody really paid me a tip or nothing.

“Well thats good!” She plops on the couch beside me, pulling her knees onto the couch, sitting crosslegged.”Who is it from this time?”

I lay down the bouquet on the coffee table and hand her the card that came with it. It was one of those random throw-away Hallmark cards that not many people read anymore, except just for dramatic build up. And, as usual, she disregards that part and jumps straight to the name and note:

My dearest Akeno,

I wish to be there on such an auspicious day, but alas my stunt man carrier is keeping me here in Canada for a while. Once I finish and come back down to the states, we will have all the fun that you wish. Happy Valentines Day ~

~Your love, Sven

I honestly thought it was rubbish, and that was apparently showing.

“Hey! You never know. Sven may be that fabeld ‘one’ for me!” She puffs her cheeks and holds the letter to her chest.

I think I should explain my current situation, mostly so that I can remind myself as to why I’m here. Firstly, the letters and flowers she gets are from herself and not the said mystery man, Sven. Despite being the heiress to a Sake distillery, Akeno mails herself flowers and cards, although the reason being, I don’t know why.

As to why I’m still here, was when she asked if I’d be willing to keep her company. I didn’t really have much to do, nor anything else to keep me. So for the past few weeks, I had been a nice little mouse to keep the luscious cat company. That and the sake was good.

So, as she held the letter to her chest I couldn’t help but laugh and cough from the boisterous attempt, whilst receiving glares from Akeno. “Oh really now? Yeah sure, and Im the king of Taiwan.”

A smug look pulls over her face, “What’s wrong? Jealous?”

I divert the subject, “How’re your sake reserves doing? I’m a bit parched actually…” It sounded like a fib, and it most definitely was, but she was more than willing to go along with it for the moment. 

There was some truth to her remark. I’ve been pretty much single for a few months, and the last girl I had, would much rather take my paycheck over me. So, I had some underlying jealousy, but I couldn’t care less. Or shouldn’t.

She disappears into her kitchen and lugs a large bottle of the bitter-sweet elixir. And boy, could I use a drink. When she returns, she didn’t even bring out cups or saucers, we would just take sips from the bottle. Not so different from the nights before, us just taking gulps of sake and telling off stories of our passed day, sometimes so pretty dang funny ones too.

I was right in the middle of one with a old guy buying them for his wife while she was at the pharmacy, when Akeno suddenly she bursts out laughing, “You know what? I think my Sven would do that one day too! Me coming home and seeing him surprise visit me with a bottle of champainge !”

Alright, this time I full on laugh.

“Yeah right! Like hell he’d do that!”

She swats my head with a free hand, almost making me lose my mouthful of sake.”Why not? He would definitely do that! I love the guy, don’t be laughing at him!” She huffs and sticks her nose in the air, a small tell-tale of drunken blush on her face.

Alright, time to call her bluff. “That’s utter bull and you know it!”

Her posture was unmoved. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

And the bomb dropped. “You’re guy is a fake and you know it. The credit card on the flower order is from your name and this residence , not your Canadian boyfriend who always so happens to always have a reason to be away.”

I didn’t just stop there, probably because of the regular amount of sips from the sake bottle. “And even more, you just have me here to hear you brag about it, so that you feel all high and mighty about having someone. Not like I really care, but every once in a while it hurts not having some one like that. So just….just….”

Sorrowful sobs grew over my voice. Out of all the things I could’ve foreseen happening, her crying wasn’t on the list. She was now turned from me and bawling into her shirt. “It’s….not my fault….”

Despite my outward attitude of an ass and a careless nobody, I do have some worth of gentlemanly conscience. I slide over next to her and rub her shoulders, “I’m sorry….I didn’t mean to be so mean, Aki. I’m just a bit grouchy and drunk at the moment…”

She sniffles and takes a big, I mean big, tall drink from the sake bottle and then drops it down with a large ‘thud’, before turning back to me. “I don’t even -hick- care anymore! Ish don’t care that I send meself flowers! I just want to get out of bein’ a stuck up rich girl! My sister has it all nice! She doesn’t have ta worry about parties and meetin’s with famous people! I just wanna be meself and…-hick- and…”

She throws her arms around me and wails, her weight and height almost crushing under me. She never got so close to me before and neither had I ever let it go this far. “Akeno…I’m sorry, okay?”

Our faces meet and she looks me dead in the eyes. Albeit we’re both a bit drunk, but both of us were as serious as possible. If there was anytime to do it, now was that time. Then, with as much gusto as any drunk, we kissed before the other could take the lead. And God did she kiss good!

Her tongue rolled around in my mouth like a wet snake, while mine was helpless in her twisted grasp. Her broad breasts pushed against my chest like large pillows, hands on my collar and my own wrapped around her large body, as best as I could manage. Needless to say it was a mess of a makeout cession.

She pulls away from me with a long trail of saliva still connected to our lips. It was in that one moment, my first ever moment of true yearning, I saw Akeno’s blushing red and embarrassed face. This close to her, I can see out of her dawn-red skin, the dark fluster of blush upon her face. We stayed locked in each other eyes for what seemed like an eternity, but I broke the silence.

“I love you.”

In those words, I found why she kept me here, why I stayed, and even why she kept writing herslef those cheesy letters and flowers. They were all little signs.

She smiled, eyes a bit watery, “It took you long enough, baka.”

Yes, yes it did. I fell in love didn’t I? I fell in love with my flower girl. Even through the smell of sake and white-wash wealth, I fell in love with Akeno.

Waking up later that morning, I had the mother of all hangovers. I felt like a jackhamer was breaking through the base of my skull, and the bright sun-lite, white room didn’t help me.

Wait, white room?

It slowly seeped back to me. A bouquet. A large bottle of sake. A confession. My confession.

I try to get up, only to be greeted with a sharp pain through my hips as my pelvis seemed to screech with pain. I fall back onto the bed and look to find the lovely red rose lying next to me. Akeno’s mouth hung open and drool may be slowly dripping out, but looking at her now, I feel more….happier. I guess I found something to be thankful for now in my life.

Now all I need to do, is lay and wait with our next bottle of sake for her to flutter open her eyes and be there to say, “Good morning, love.~”

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