A Night Out


Authors Note:

So I kinda felt bad for having a Kejourou as a bad guy for my HIS stories- they are actually one of my favorite MG’s- so I figure a nice little smut piece would make me feel better. Enjoy

PS it’s my first time writing in present tense- was a pain in the ass but I wanted to challenge myself- go easy on me if you find a couple errors lol plus props to Opie for introducing the MGTOW to us… I’ve never heard about that until I read one of his stories and the whole Mamono continent storyline- the idea for it really sprang forth this story. 


Ah ChiChi’s, the seediest strip club this side of town, where no upstanding, moral man would ever go or be seen at. And yet there I was as I sat at it’s bar. Ever since the #Metoo, #Youtoo and the #Ustwo brand of feminist special interest shut down the Craigslist Casual Encounters side of the website, my best friend was going nuts. He’s a solid horndog of a skinny, handsome son of a bitch and I hate him for it. His only downfall is he sucks at asking women out in person which was why he loved Craigslist. With that avenue forever gone, he was now forced to do what all horny guys did back before the magic of the internet- go to a strip club. 

Of course he’s  too chicken shit to go alone, which was why he’s dragging my ass along with him. I really don’t  want to go, strip clubs aren’t my thing and after the divorce, I really want to just do the MGTOW deal. But then bastard pulls out an IOU I gave him from way back in college and now here I am sitting at the bar, with loud shitty techno music playing watching nasty old men throw dollar bills at girls that would rather be anywhere else. While all this is going on, my friend is having his fun in the back room after paying a couple ‘working girls’ here for the VIP special. 

“Why hello there, why are you here all alone?” Says a lovely ebony gal, dressed in her very best white bikini. 

“Eh, my dumb ass friend dragged me here. I’m just killing time while he finishes whatever he’s doing.” I shrug with a small smile. 

“Well how bout you and I go have some fun, it’s not fair that your friends the only one enjoying himself.” She replies seductively. 

“I uh, I’m kinda shy. How- how about I buy you a drink and let’s just see where things go?” I ask. Now the one thing to consider is while my friend is skinny, handsome and attractive where I tend to be the exact opposite. I’m a bit chubby at 230lbs to be exact – doc says I should be 200 at max, and I was decidedly not handsome or attractive according to female friends. Women coming on to me is a bit scary and even now so after the old ball and chain and I called it quits. 

The ebony beauty thinks about it for a moment, shrugs and says,

”Why not, I got some time to kill.”  

Grabbing a couple of beers from the bartender, I hand her one and decide to take a chance with a come on, taken from a favorite movie of mine.

”So … what’s a dazzling urbanite such as yourself doing in a rustic setting such as this?” I ask with a charming smile- or at least what I hope is one. 

She stops mid sip of her beer, puts the bottle down and frowns at me.

”Is that suppose to be some kind of racist joke?” 

“Huh? No… it’s from a movie- Blazing  Saddles.” 

“Oh, so what, you think I’m a lesbian now?” She says in a loud, angry voice. People start to turn and stare at us as I begin to sweat profusely.

“Wh-what? No! I never said that! It was just a joke! It’s from a movie! It was a joke!” I cry. God damn it, doesn’t anyone watch classic movies now a days?

A large beefy hand settles  itself on my shoulder. Looking over I see King Kong’s cousin, a giant, bald muscular white guy wearing a black T shirt with white letters on the chest that says ‘Security.’ 

“Time to go, pal.” 

“Wait, it wasn’t anything bad, it was from a movie!” Seriously, no ones seen that movie before?

”Leave on your own two legs or not, your choice.” He growls.

Choosing the path that doesn’t end up with me getting my ass kicked, I follow Kong’s instructions and walk out. 

Making my way over to a nearby bench I sit down and sigh as I take out my pack of Black and Milds. Yeah, I know they’re really  bad for me, but after tonight- I deserve one.  Grabbing out my phone I text my jackass buddy that I got kicked out and was hanging out in front.  Not expecting a response, I throw the phone back in my pocket and focus on enjoying my mini cigar. 

I must be really out of it because next thing I know, there’s this drop dead gorgeous Asian woman sitting next to me, dressed in some sort of…  short asiany dress thing that looks like a bathrobe. Her skin is porcelain white and her glossy black hair reaches down to the ground as the light from the neon signs above shine off it. Holy bejesus, I think I’m in love.

“May I get one?” She asks shyly with an accent, while pointing at my cigar. 

Shrugging, I take out the pack and hand it to her along with my Zippo. Nodding her thanks, a coil of her long hair reaches up, grabs it, puts the small cigar in her mouth, lights it and then hands me back my pack and lighter. I fight to keep myself calm as I pocket everything. She- she’s not human- is she one of them… Mammamonals or whatever that I keep hearing about? I try to remember anything I can- I knew they appeared after some crazy storm or something, a whole continent full of them. I would have expected to see someone like her in a big city, not some one horse dump such as this one and especially not at a strip club!

Inhaling deeply, then blowing out a thick puff of white smoke, she grins over at me.

”It’s good, never had this before.” 

“Uh… yeah they are. They’re my favorite.” I say awkwardly to her. 

Still smiling she reaches her hand over to me and says,  “Yumi.” 

I stare at it for a second. I didn’t really watch the news too terribly much, way too depressing, but I never really heard anything bad about her kind. I decide to throw caution to the wind and reach over to grasp it.


“Why are you out here Bob? Why not inside looking at the pretty girls.” She asks with a coy grin, while leaning back on the bench. Her breasts push against her robe, bringing them to my attention. A full C cup or better if I’m any judge. Definitely more than the ex.

“I uh, got kicked out. I said a… joke to one of the girls and she didn’t like it, I guess.” I tell her while flicking some ash off my pant leg. 

She blows another large puff of smoke out as she’s listening to me intently. 

“So you get thrown out because of a joke?”

”Yeah, I guess so.” 

“Stupid…  Stupid people in there.” She says with a gesture of her chin towards the strip club. 

“It’s ok, I don’t really like places like these anyway. My friends in there having fun, I’m his ride. I’ll just wait in the car.” I say slightly depressed. “Have a good night Yumi, nice to meet you.” 

I stand to leave, but a piece of her hair wraps itself around my wrist. 

“You come in with me, shouldn’t leave friends alone.” 

Aside from the slight concern that there’s a hair appendage thing on me, I’m struggling to figure out what she means.  Does she think we were friends now after sharing a smoke or is she referring to my buddy, fucking around inside?

She stands up, puts out the cig and starts to tug me along by her hair like I’m some kind of puppy she just found when I remind her,

”Hey, I’m not exactly welcomed in there anymore. I got kicked out, remember?”

”It’s ok, I work here.” She says simply as we head through the entrance. 

As she leads me back in through the door, I see King Kong rushing over to  beat my ass when Yumi steps in between us. Holding a palm against his chest, she says,

”No worry Bruno, he’s with me.” 

Bruno? Jeeze, what a tool name for an obvious tool. He glares at me the whole time, saying nothing before he steps aside to let us pass. As we go by, I look back at him to see he’s gesturing with two fingers up at his eyes then points them straight at me. Tool. 

She leads me past the various stages and towards a room the back section. The place itself is dark, with a couch in the back and illuminated only by a small lamp with a red sheet over it, casting a reddish glow on everything. 

“Look, I’m flattered but… I mean, your insanely hot but… I’m not into the whole pay for play kinda thing.” I say embarrassed as she pushes me down onto the couch. 

“Who says you pay?” She laughs as she starts swaying her hips and dancing in front of me. There’s  no music playing, aside from the muffled sounds of the techno beats beyond the door, but she really doesn’t need any. Her movements are graceful and hypnotic as her midnight colored hair flows and moves alongside her in a sensual chorus. 

“W-well I kinda thought that.. you know…” I stutter awkwardly as I try my best not to both let myself be overcome by this amazing creature and not insult her either. 

She stops and straddles me, her hands resting on my shoulders. Up close, I can see a slight amount of makeup on her, she’s wearing red lipstick and I smell perfume along with some slight perspiration creating a sexy musk on her body. This is a far cry from the ex, who never wore makeup or anything to make herself smell nice. 

“That I want money?” She finishes my sentence looking straight into my eyes with a smirk. 

“Yeah…” I say, glancing away and slightly blushing. I’m scared that she’s going to take offense like the last girl, but she surprises me by giggling.

“Why would I want money when I want you?” She whispers in my ear. Damn it, she’s really got me blushing like a school boy now. With her wiggling around on my lap, I can feel myself hardening against my better judgement. 

“I donno,” I tell her, looking away, mumbling,  “But I’m no prize, I’m not good-looking or anything.” 

Yumi suddenly grabs my face in her hands and kisses me, her tongue invading my mouth trying to play with mine. I try to resist out of instinct but it becomes frightening clear she is absurdly stronger than me. 

With little options left to me, I stop resisting and try to relax. After a moment, I find myself becoming more and more aroused by her aggressiveness. I can feel her hair moving all over my body, caressing me with its softness. I want to be alarmed by it but her hair is so soft and gentle. I think that if she wanted to hurt me, she would have by now. Eventually she let’s go as we both pant and gasp for air. 

“You taste good, have good mana. Makes you look good to me” She says while licking her lips. Grinning she runs her fingers through my hair, grinding her self into my crouch and cryptically says, “They don’t want you…then I take you. I win, they lose.” 

“I bet you say that to all the guys,” I say half-joking. All the attention is nice, but suspicion worms its way into my thoughts. She just met me and she’s going on about wanting me and I taste good and whatever the hell the whole mana thing was.

“No, I never talk to other men, just dance. You’re the first.” Yumi says as she’s still caressing me. I don’t really believe that but whatever, if that’s the story she wants to tell, I’m not going to argue. I try to change the subject by asking, 

“So, uh how come this place doesn’t shout out how they have a M~” She puts a finger over my lips, silencing me. 

“Shhh, they don’t know. They think I’m human… Not suppose to be here.” She whispers with a finger over her own lips. 

Well, nothing quite like getting a lap dance from an illegal immigrant to spice things up. I keep quiet, after she says that, curious as to how all this would play out. It’s definitely a much better way to spend the evening then waiting in the car for my buddy. 

Her hair begins to sweep around us, unbuttoning my shirt, unbuckling my pants, while other strands undo her robe to reveal she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Large breasts with, pink, suckable nipples sat atop an even larger sized aureola for me to see. Trailing my eyes down, a trimmed pubic patch of hair in the shape of a heart led the way to her puffy moistened slit. It’s  incredibly obvious that she’s  turned on by our short make out session.

Her hair and hands work quickly in tandem and the next thing I know my shirt is off and Yumi is running both her hands over my hairy chest.

”Mmm, I like this.” She hums as she’s exploring my body with her hands.  

“That’s a little hard to believe, Yumi. All you girls just want some hairless feminine looking pretty boy or some muscular He-Man model. Not exactly much room for the male Ashley Graham’s out there.” I say bitterly.

She shakes her head rapidly and replies,

”No, you believe me, I do like you. They- They poison you,” She says passionately while pointing to the door.

“They poison you here,” She puts her finger tip on my forehead,

“And here.” She takes the same finger and puts it on my chest. 

“Make you think bad things about yourself. But I fix. I cure your poison. You don’t need Human woman, you need Kejourou woman.” She says firmly. 

Before I say anything, she kisses me again. Her lips are soft and hungry. This time I don’t resist as she dominates the exchange. 

“I want you, you want me?  Say yes, then I belong to you. You to me. I treat you better. Take care of you. Make you feel good.” She says when she let’s go of my mouth. 

“No more bad thoughts.” She says pointing her finger at my forehead again. 

Every rational voice in my head says no, that this was crazy, a bad idea, that I had just met this person and I know nothing about her. Yet rational thinking was what made me end up with the ex. Maybe I should do the exact opposite? It feels really nice to be wanted, to be desired. It’s something new to me, but it does really feel good, so does the promise of being treated right. Aw what the hell, in for a penny, in for a pound.

I nod my head yes to her and hear her let out a cute little squeal of delight before grabbing my hardness with her hand. She rubs the head of my dick on her slick opening before sliding me in.  A hot, tight wetness envelops me and she pauses  as we get use to each other. The rational voice in the back of my head is screaming about HIV, STD’s and the merits of safe sex, but we’re already well past that point. Yumi gives me a satisfied smile as we each moan softly. 

“So hard, feels so good. Fill me so good.” She moans in broken English.

“I cure you now.” She says softly, eagerly as she grabs my shoulders and begins to bounce herself up and down off my cock. Her hair starts to tease and caress me all over again, almost like there’s another girl or three with us. I feel some strands wrap themselves around my shaft and stroke it up and down in between Yumi’s thrusts. God sex was never even close to being this good with anyone else. If this is her cure, I’ll take a dose everyday please! 

We kiss again, only this time I meet her tongue with my own. I let go of her lips and wrap my hands around her perfect ass as I trail hot kisses down her neck to her breasts. Capturing one of her nipples in my mouth, I greedily suck and nibble on it as her moans intensify. I feel more of her hair wrap around and caress my head while her hands are still busy steadying  herself while she enjoys my stiffness. 

Eventually, I feel the pressure building in my balls to the point where I have to cum soon. Reluctantly letting go of her nipple I tell her I have to cum. 

“Yes, give to me. All mine.” She says huskily.

”You’re going to get pregnant,” I grunt as I use all my willpower not to shoot inside her. 

“Not get pregnant. Not unless I want to. You cum now, give me your mana.” She says firmly, grinding her soaked pussy against my crouch as hard as she can in an effort to get me as deep inside her as possible.

Praying that she was on some kind of birth control and that she was clean, I cum inside her with a loud moan that she echos. Shot after shot, I fill her with my saved up  desire. 

“Ooooh, so much.” She groans happily as she rests on me. The heady musk of sex mixed with the perspiration from her body is overwhelming my senses. I find that I’m still hard inside her as we cuddle in post orgasmic bliss. 

“Now your mine. I take care of you. No more poison” Yumi hums contentedly in my ear. I feel her shifting around on me and I think she realizes that I haven’t softened as she gives me a mischievous look. 

“Want To fuck me now?” She asks with a naughty grin as she slides off me and lays down on the couch. Her legs are spread wide with one hanging over the backrest. I can see my spunk oozing out of her puffy red slit as she makes a come hither gesture with a lock of her hair. With a finger she scoops up the leakage and puts it in her mouth. 

“Taste good. You give me this everyday.” She says as she’s sucking on her finger. 

I don’t answer as I position myself between her legs. The only thing on my mind is to fuck this exotic little tease into next week. Her hair wraps loosely around my waist and the base of cock as she impatiently pulls me inside her. She’s still tight as ever but the lubrication of my cum makes it easy to thrust in and out of her as she wraps her arms around my neck pulling me in for a kiss. 

I reach under her and roughly grab her ass cheeks as I pound myself into her over and over as she moans loudly. Her hair flows behind me, caressing and urging me to thrust more and more into her. I feel the familiar urge building up in my balls again as I grunt to her that I was gonna cum.

”Pull out,” Yumi moans much to my disappointment. Resisting the urge to ignore her and just shoot another load of baby batter inside her, I reluctantly pull out of her hot, slippery snatch. 

Instantly as I do, her hair wraps around my straining memeber and envelops it in a cocoon. The silky smooth softness is almost just as pleasurable as she jacks me off with it. I can feel the individual strands shift and move creating an indescribable sensation on my cock as my willpower fails and I shoot my cum into her hair pussy.  

As it unfolds, I see my white, sticky spendings being absorbed into it. I absently marvel at myself for how fast I got use to how alien her hair is. 

Collapsing down on top of her she coo’s happily to me,

”Knew you were right one.” 

“So does this make us a couple?” I ask, silently bracing myself for her to tell me no, it was just sex. 

“Couple, yes. You mine. I yours.” Yumi sighs as she wraps her arms and hair around me. I’m beyond shocked as she says it. Maybe she’s really serious about wanting me?

“You really mean it?” I ask, praying that I wasn’t hearing things.

”Yes, why? You no want?” She looks at me with sad eyes as if her heart was going to break.

”I want! I really do!” I exclaim, giving her a reassuring squeeze. She smiles warmly as I say it. 

”But… are you going to keep on working here?” I ask, not really sure that I like the idea of my now girlfriend working at a strip club. 

I see her gaze off in thought, to me it is defining moment where if she really did want to be with me then her stripping for other guys would be quite a conflict of interest. 

“I quit. No want other men looking at me. Just you.” She says caressing my face with her hand. 

And that’s how I ended up with a former exotic dancer as my girlfriend. Yumi ended up moving in with me the next day. Of course the ex did find out through Facebook and let’s just say she wasn’t exactly happy that I ended up with such an alluring, knock out beauty like Yumi, while she was still looking on Tinder. She actually got her account banned for some of the comments she was posting about me, but that’s neither here nor there. I think in the end, her divorcing me and my buddy dragging me to ChiChi’s was the best thing in the world that could have happened.

I say this as I lay in bed, Yumi has just walked out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a knowing smile and skimpy white lace thong that is soon to come off. Yeah, I really should send some ‘thank you’ flowers to both of them… 

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