A Mid-Winter Nights Dream: Underwear Under Fire

“I donno why you want me to keep writing this storyline, not too many people seem to like it..” Bono complained as he worked on Tangled Tentacles Ch.2. 

”Because it’s fucking hot, that’s why!” Replied Karen as she sat on his shoulder.

Bono didn’t fail to notice the extreme emphasis she put on the fucking part, damn pervy fairy… 

“Can’t we just do the June’s Revenge thing?” 

“No, I wanna do this.” Said Karen stubbornly

“Don’t I get a say in what the hell I write!?”


Bono barely suppressed a roar of frustration as he slapped his hands over his face.  Karen jumped and flew in front of him, smirking.

“You’re such a fucking brat!” He said, glaring at her between his fingers.

“Your point?” She replied sweetly. 

“Lucky I don’t just get out a can of Raid…” he mumbled to himself. 

“Try it and I’ll burn your underwear to the ground.” Karen threatened pointing a finger at him then at his treasured underwear drawer.

“You’re bluffing…” Bono said, eyes narrowing on the fairy. 

”Try me.” 

Bono wanted to… he really did, the fuckin fairy needed a good blast of bug spray to put her in her place, but a nagging doubt in his mind stopped him. What if she really could? Underwear wasn’t cheap, especially the good kind that he wore…

Thus started tense moment of staring each other down. It was the kind of moment that would rival every Mexican standoff in history, however to save his precious underwear, Bono finally relented to his sparkly foe…

“Fucking fine… what’s next?” He asked defeated, as the Leanan Sidhe began to outlay the next chapter for him. 

 Fucking fairies…


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