A Meager Sapphire

“Really? A sapphire? You gift me, a dragon, a mere piece of ore like this? I have over a hundred of these stones littering the floor of my domain, each and every one much more valuable than this… and look how small it is. It’s next to worthless to the jewels I actually care to cherish.”

“Did you know? I once took the crown of a renowned king. Of course, the man was most displeased when I demanded it, but he was wise enough to yield… even wiser to do so with haste. Do you know what I told him? I said that his little headpiece, that jeweled ornament that may as well have been the most valuable artifact in the whole kingdom, would have suited little more than a favorable decoration for a dragon like me… perhaps even—should I have been so generous—an addition to the very hoard which serves as my bed.”

“The kingdom he built, the powerful domain over which he reigned, in comparison to myself it was hardly comparable to that of an anthill in the presence of a giant. The land upon which his kingdom thrived belonged to me. It was mine, to torch or trample upon as I saw fit, to protect or nurture at my discretion… whenever, however, whatever. It was only by my permission that he was able to rule.”

“So, I ask you… with all that said, what do you think gifting a tiny, mundane pebble of a ‘precious stone’ will do for you? I have countless treasures throughout my home that would make this a most laughable tribute, any of which I doubt someone like you could even wish to afford… let me guess, did this cost the majority of your savings? Or maybe, were you perhaps so much of a broken fool to spend all that you had on something like this? I think I’m right… and I know you’re a most pitiful fool indeed…”

“There, now take a look at it… I’ve stomped your precious gift into a pile of glittering dust. Why so surprised? Didn’t I just say that it was worthless to me? Do you even listen? So then, not only are you a fool, but a deaf one at that. I truly wonder how you managed to keep a job long enough to afford any sort of gemstone, even one as pitiful as the one you offered. Now, now, there’s no reason to be upset. After all, you were trying to impress a dragon… something that is next to impossible coming from such a commoner like yourself.”

“Where do you think you’re going? I never gave you permission to leave… I wasn’t finished, boy. Don’t you know that it’s rude to depart midway through a conversation? Your foolishness knows no bounds, it seems. Oh? Did that make you angry? And what makes you think I should care? I don’t, in case your foolishness has allowed you to be blind to even that. You humans, always so emotional… so expectant, so privileged. Despite what you might think, you don’t deserve my kindness, nor are you entitled to any gratitude by me. In the end, you aren’t even worth my attention, despite me offering it to you freely like this. Consider that much a gift of my own, a most honorable gift in return for such a lowly offering…”

“No, you are correct. I didn’t have to crush it. I could have kept it, as mundane as it was… but I wanted to. Just as I could want to crush you, should I be in such a mood. You see, we dragons can be quite precarious in our decision-making… not that we are foolish, but rather we just don’t care. So what if we burn down a country in search of a certain fool who decided to steal from our trove? So what if we decided to destroy a mountain range simply because it was in our way? The land is ours, as is everything in it… and we are above the consequences of our actions, so why put much thought into them? You expect us to care about the little ant and his worries? Don’t be so ridiculous…”

“Back to the gemstone in question… or rather, what’s left of it. You said you spent your entire savings on it? Again, such a foolish investment… however, I am not one to overlook the intent. Of course you’d never be able to afford something worth my interest, but at the same time you were willing to offer the best at your disposal. It is only natural that the only gift worth asking for from a dragon is the most one could give… a mortal, insignificant creature like yourself would only come up short otherwise. Which is why I’ll give you another chance…”

“You say it took all of your savings to get me that stone. That’s only part of everything you could give me. Should you be so keen to catch my interest, you would do better. As you know, we dragons are most notorious for our greed… which is why I’ll ask you give me everything.”

“You will give me your every asset, every single possession from the littlest trinket to the very house in which you live in and the land surrounding it. You will give me the rest of your wages, and from there you will quit your pathetic job and give me your time… the hours you spend at home will be spent in my cave, and every minute you would have spent earning your wages will instead be put to use cleaning and organizing the many troves in my hoard.”

“All of your time, all of your money… and all of yourself. Starting with that foolish mind of yours, you will spend your every thought dedicated to me, and nothing else. If I ever have an inquiry, you will answer truthfully, thoroughly, and with utmost haste. As for physically, you will dedicate your entire body to my every beck and call. Whatever I should demand of you, you will carry through down to the littlest detail, until total completion… and then ask if there’s anything more to be done. Whatever I will of you, you will do. Your mind, your body… your soul. You are to offer me your very life itself… anything short of that will not be worth any dragon’s interest… certainly not mine.”

“So? Will you do it? Are you so fixated upon gaining my favor that you’d go so far as to sacrifice everything you hold dear, even to the extent of giving yourself to me as a living offering? A personal slave to cherish or dispose of as I deem necessary? I would hope so, else you would have wasted a considerable amount of my time… and time is something that, once stolen, even a dragon cannot reclaim. You do know how wrathful we dragons are like when something is stolen from us, don’t you? Surely you’re not that foolish~…”

“…Of course you would do such a thing. Why wouldn’t you? After all, to even be entertained as the property of a dragon would be of the highest honor, and you of all people are going to be just that. Mine.”

“And wipe that smile off your face! I don’t care if you’re excited to be my personal offering… even if you should be. Don’t misunderstand! I simply have pity on you. Regardless of your lack of worth, your dedication is at least commendable enough to warrant my attention… just be grateful I was bored enough to distract myself with you. Don’t you dare assume that I’ll be so considerate in our future together, either… I already have a number of things in mind for you to start with once I get you back to your new home. If you think living with a dragon is going to be easy-”

“… What? Of course you should be willing to do what it takes, regardless! Even a fool like yourself aught know this much! And don’t interrupt me again, or I’ll break your jaw… maybe. You’re my property now, aren’t you? Perhaps I might just keep your flimsy fragility in mind, in that case… I wouldn’t want to break my newest treasure, would I?”

“Now then, off with you. Go back to your home, say your goodbyes or whatever… I expect you to be back at my cave before sundown, with as much as you can bring with you. Take multiple trips if you have to, just ensure that you are back by my side before the sun descends beyond the horizon. As for that which you cannot possibly bring—your house, for instance—I will simply burn it to ashes in the morning. Why, you ask? Tell me, what use do I have of a house? Yes, you offered it to me at my request, but as with everything else that is mine: it is mine to do with as I see fit. It’s no longer yours, so don’t worry about it. You will soon learn that living your new life will be much simpler for you so long as you leave all the decision making to me.”

“Remember, you will be here by sunset. All this interaction with you has gotten me winded, and I plan to retire soon… and when I do, I will have you warm my bed while I sleep. Hm? What’s with that reaction? Already having second thoughts? No? Good… because you no longer have a choice. As long as you are my property, you never will. What was that? You’re stuttering, boy… speak up. You’d… like nothing more? To ‘sleep with me’? You FOOL! Don’t you dare make it sound suggestive like that! The nights are cold, and my cave is drafty… do not make a mockery of me. I’d just as easily warm my bed using the collection of firestones from my trove of magical artifacts… sadly, my bed of treasure is just too precious to chance being melted by the heat of those fiery gems. It just so happens that you are sufficient enough to be used as a bedwarmer. That’s all.”

“By the way, I should also warn you while we’re on the subject. I know you humans. Like monkeys, many of you are depraved and carnal, immoral primates who’ll grasp and grope at the first interesting thing you lay eyes on. While it is undeniable that I am beautiful, and quite understandable should you find my body most alluring… you are not permitted to touch me. Should you decide to latch onto me like some mindless animal in heat, I promise you that I will not hesitate to make you burn in an unquenchable flame. No, I won’t kill you… who says fire has to kill? A dragon has access to more than one type of flame, you know. Anyway, I shouldn’t have to explain any of this to you… for while you are a fool, I think we both know you’re not entirely stupid. At least not that stupid.”

“You really should head off now, the remaining light in the day is already fading, meaning you don’t have much time to gather your things… my things. Be back before sundown, and I will take you to my favorite trove, where you will proceed to keep me company for the night… and who knows? Should you exceed my expectations in behaving yourself, I might just reward you with a quick grope or two~. Ahah, look at your face! I merely jest, of course… how naive. You’re much too gullible to think I’d let you just roam your hands over my divine body so easily…”

“… Maybe…”

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3 thoughts on “A Meager Sapphire

  1. You really captured the nature of a dragon, prideful and arrogant. But when I listen to her talk I could tell that she was giving off small hints of kindness, such hints were so subtle that they could easily have passed by unnoticed.

    It does take a lot of skill to create a story based on just a monologue alone but you showed me that this is not an issue for you at all. I look forward to more stories like this, it feels like one is reading a script for an audio CD.

  2. “So, I ask you… with all that said, what do you think gifting a tiny, mundane pebble of a ‘precious stone’ will do for you? I have countless treasures throughout my home that would make this a most laughable tribute, any of which I doubt someone like you could even wish to afford…”

    If the boy’s response to that statement was something along the lines of “But are any of your treasures ones that were given freely like this one? Is not the greatest treasure one that is given freely rather than plundered?” it could have been interesting and made for a nice exploration of the potential of Dragon Tsundere, but as it stands its right now this “Tsundere” is just plain mean. Give me your all? Anything you cannot bring with you by sundown will be burnt? Where is the dere? Where is the thawing? Why does the boy care about this ill-tempered tyrant lizard?

    1/5 for wasted potential feels

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