A Late Night

“Harlan, I’ve got the nanotechnology sector report done, can you go to the master account sheet and make sure it fits?” Elria asked into the darkened office lit by dimming sunset light. Across from the straight dark haired, blue-eyed girl sat Harlan, Elria’s coworker. Harlan, a financial analyst, worked diligently on the total financial report on all budget use and projected income for the coming year that ‘should have been done yesterday’, or so his boss had said. It wasn’t his fault that his boss was so poor with time management Harlan thought. Regardless, he had to burn the midnight oil.

“Mamono magi-tech was down two percent, see if that factors in with estimated investor interest while I check.” Harlan replied with dexterous fingers dancing across his keyboard.

Elria, another human, had decided to join Harlan in his misery into the night. Harlan had seen her as kind and attractive, given almost constant upkeep of perfect makeup, shined nails and light complexion, he appreciated the gesture of help and her presence in the empty office building. Under the dim light Harlan could almost make out her slim figure covered by a tight office skirt and professional looking jacket. Only their monitors, stationed back to back on their shared desk, illuminated the space as the sun faded behind other skyscrapers.

Their work was interrupted by a chime from Harlan’s phone.

He briefly paused his typing to look down at the illuminated screen, adding to the little light left from the almost complete sunset. “Well looks like my walk across the street tonight is going to be slightly more hazardous than normal.” Harlan yawns, holding up his phone to show Elria.

Harlan, as a single human, had decided it would be best to cut down on his commute in general, but especially for nights in the big cities with Mamono lurking around he preferred to make it home quickly and unmolested. He had rented an apartment in the tower just across the street from the office.

Elria read the conversation on his phone, ‘Full moon party at my place Harlan, you coming?’ asked a text, to which Harlan had already replied ‘Not my style, thanks though.’

“Shit, tonight’s the full moon?” asked Elria, standing abruptly from her desk. “Oh yeah, you take the subway… you know, if you’re scared of running in to a Mamono with strange tastes, why don’t you just stay over with me tonight?” Harlan asked, trying to sound as non-threatening as possible.

“No.. sorry Harlan. I’ll make this up to you tomorrow… somehow” Elria said, grabbing her purse. Harlan watched with a confused look as she marches over to the window. “Shit, the moon is already starting to show…” Elria looked at Harlan then back to the moon, face alight with panic.

“Harlan, listen, I’m going to take over the break room for… some time. I’ll work in there, just message me if you need anything.” She picked up her laptop and began to ferry the notes on her desk across the office, out of sight of Harlan’s desk.

“Oh.. alright… just let me know when you’re done?” Harlan waved as he turned his attention back to his computer. Elria faded from his view as the spreadsheet drew his focus once more. It was time for him to take on another department budget analysis.

Harlan blinked rapidly in a vain attempt to thwart the firm grip of exhaustion on his mind. The spreadsheet was nearly done but his mind ached from the day. He let his gaze drift down to the clock which read 10:39 pm. With a sigh anyone could describe as pained, he quickly figured that he had been at the office for fifteen hours. Some of the numbers on his account sheet no longer made sense, Research Division 1 had sucked down way more money than they had been approved but they reported no requests for additional funds. He’d have to figure out where the rest of the income was coming from another time… it was likely just an error made by his tired mind. The mis-matched numbers were a Monday problem, Harlan thought.

Given that Harlan’s friends, more drinking partners, were off at the full moon party, he figured that it would be best to have a quiet night with a gin cocktail and some truly awful movies to entertain him. All that this temptation required was for him to lock up the office, walk across the street and enter into his second-story apartment.

With a relieved sigh, Harlan powered off his computer and stood up from his chair for the first time in over five hours. His legs protested at the movement and his back ached but his will to leave the office won in the end. Harlan began to mindlessly go through the motions to lock up the office.

As Harlan was about to enter his code into the security system, his tired mind reminded him that Elria was probably still in the building. His hand pulled away from the panel as he straightened his jacket.

‘Maybe Elria would want to hit the bar down the street again?’ Thought Harlan as he meandered through the office. He and Elria had spent some time together outside of work. Elria had usually the one to ask, but maybe this time, he would be the one, he thought.
Walking down the darkened corridor, Harlan approached the lone door to the break room. He felt an unexpected nervousness from how Elria had acted earlier, but even with the thought itching at his mind, he opened the door to the gasp of someone inside.

Harlan was met with the view of a Mamono standing startled in the breakroom. In the light of the laptop that sat in front of the girl, he could see curved horns jutting from underneath straight black hair. The office attire she wore was pulled up slightly around the bottom of her shirt and jacket, letting two black wings hang out from her lower back. Her eyes were an iridescent pink and an arrow-head tipped tail swung behind her. Her face looked extremely similar to Elria while her body took on larger proportions than her, Harlan thought as he dropped his laptop bag in surprise.

“Shit… Harlan this isn’t what you think it is..” said the Elria look-alike as Harlan began to take startled steps backwards. “You’re here to tempt me right? I’m not looking for that kind of thing right now…. just let me leave, like Elria would.” Harlan stammered out as he groped for the exit door handle behind him.

“Harlan, it IS me, Elria ” the succubus declared as she took a firm step forward. “Stay back… I won’t fall for your tricks!” Harlan yelled as his hands finally griped the handle, throwing open the door behind him with a force only fear could draw from a man. He stumbled into the staircase, only to trip and fall against the metal railing. As he tried to scamper up from his fallen position, he felt a firm hand grip his wrist and pull him up.

Harlan tried to pull away from the firm grip of the succubus but she didn’t relent. She held him with a disappointed gaze as he squirmed with futility under an inhuman strength. “Harlan, I’m not here to tempt you. In fact, I didn’t want you to see me like this at all.” the succubus said as she bowed her head down to view the slim office skirt ready to burst with her ample body ready to spill out of every opening.

“Fine.. then prove it” Harlan stopped struggling and the succubus released her grip on him. “You refuse all advances from Mamono in the office, you got invited to a party today but refused, I stayed to work with you because you’re the only guy who will hang out with me, and I was afraid of the full moon because I can’t contain my real form.” Elria spilled her words to Harlan like a volcano of fast-flowing words.

Harlan sighed, “You could have just mentioned the text…” He tried to add an awkward laugh at the end, but Elria wasn’t in a lighthearted mood. “Harlan, I’m sorry I lied to you about this.” Elria backed away from him and picked up his bag to offer it to him. Harlan took the bag in hand and watched as she walked into the breakroom and sat down in front of her laptop in a defeated manner.

“Look, we’ve had a long day. I’m too tired to be offended by this. You’re still my friend as far as I can tell… just answer a question for me and then we can kick back at my place for tonight. I think our favorite bar is going to be filled with those Lamias that like to rent it out….”

Elria quickly stood up, “You mean it? Even after this?” she gestured to her body. “Sure, just give me your honest answer. Why aren’t you all crazy like the rest of the Mamono on a full moon? I thought succubi were supposed to be one of the more… affected.”

“It’s a little more than crazy for most of them, but unlike the rest of my kind, I don’t want to live man to man, sexual encounter to sexual encounter. Growing up, I saw humans as a better way to live, so I used my body’s ability to look human. I feel urges from time to time, but I think living the way I have has kept me from degenerating like the rest of them.”
Harlan lazily motioned for Elria to follow, “Well then, I guess I’ll be safe enough. Let’s not waste what’s left of this Friday night.”

The two walked from the lobby of the high rise above into the loud streets of the city. Around them could be heard the noises of boisterous groups of men, some hurriedly ran in a pack to their respective domiciles or others out looking to get lucky with such a celestial occasion. The Mamono were also plentiful in their seductive laughs, sultry moans and bid any man who dared into their embraces. Harlan quickly crossed the street with Elria bouncing behind him and used his keycard to unlock the front door to the apartment building. “You know Harlan, I’ve never seen you invite a girl over.. no less a Mamono..” teased Elria as he held the door open for her. They began to ascend the stairs away from the first floor doors to arrive at the rows of rooms where Harlan’s apartment lied. “I’ve… had a hard love life believe it or not. As for Mamono… my parents still don’t approve of them.” Harlan said, unlocking the door to his studio.

“Is that why you never took Karina up on her offers? Gods the way she swished her tail at you…” Elria waved her hand as if to cool herself at the thought of the seductive fox girl that was their manager, always willing to prey on the lone men from the office. “I had my eyes on someone else.” Harlan pushed on the door to reveal the open studio, light from the office building across the road filtered in through the window spanning the back wall. Red brick was lit by blue office light and ran along the unenclosed kitchen along the right wall accompanied by a dining area on Harlan’s close right, a common area directly in front of the large window and partially enclosed rooms to the left.

“Oh Harlan, don’t tease, do tell”. Harlan flicked on the lights and instinctively grabed the neck of the gin bottle from the liquor cart positioned conveniently in the entryway. “After one or two of these… What’s your poison?” He brushed off her question with a shake of the gin, dropping his bag along his quick journey to the kitchen.

“Whatever you’re having” Elria said, standing out of Harlan’s way of the kitchen. With the practiced motions of countless lone nights spent in the company of a cocktail, Harlan opened his fridge, to retrieve tonic water and lime slices ready to be crafted into his preferred companion. To Harlan, a simple gin and tonic helped show off the flavor of the top shelf gin he regularly purchased whilst providing a small zest of citrus that wouldn’t have been present from drinking the floral liquor straight. With an expertly estimated pour of liquor and the addition of the remaining components, all to be chilled by the large ice cube dropped in at the end, Harlan finished his nightly performance by sliding one of the glasses across the kitchen island to Elria.

“So how should I tip the bartender?” Elria leaned over the black marble countertops to let her ample breasts rest upon the clean surface and took the drink in hand only to place the glass as to obscure her cavernous cleavage, lips furled over the straw in an act that accentuated her full lips. Harlan was flustered by the sudden display, ceasing his practiced tired attitude from the long day into a stuttering mess.

Elria’s face flushed red and she quickly straightened herself in her barstool. “Sorry! That wasn’t like me… Harlan?” Elria pulled at her jacket to cover the voluptuous form barely held beneath the constricted clothing as Harlan let out a held breath, “you’re… you’re fine. That just.. it went right in to a question I had for you, about how the whole succubus thing works.”

“Well to start, if I have sex with someone I won’t kill them… I don’t know who’s the idiot that went around spreading rumors about that but yes it can affect the unprepared negatively. As for my appearance, I have some control over how I appear, eye, hair and skin color, body proportions, the presence of certain… features” Elria wiggled her tail, “it all comes down to Mamono magic, harvesting mana.”

Harlan raised an eyebrow as Elria began to pull at her clothing, as if to begin undressing. In a bid to avert his eyes, he drank deeply of his cocktail, only for his gaze to return to Elria’s bare midsection. “You’ve probably seen something like this in those Mamono guides, the markings of succubi?” She showed off the heart-shaped floral vine tattoo that resided above her pelvis. “It relates to what kind of magic we have. The more mana we harvest, the more pronounced these markings become, the more powerful we become. I’ve… never empowered it, so this is close to how they start when we’re born.” Elria re-adjusted her clothing to hide her midriff.

“Wait… you’re a succubus… and you’ve never been with anyone?” Harlan asked in disbelief. As the words left his mouth, he realized he probably just hit upon a sore fact for Elria, given her downturned gaze. “The way my sisters were treated by their men… I couldn’t bring myself to their level.”

Elria drank deep of her gin and tonic and leaned back in her barstool, “I feel the urges, but they’ve been locked away for some time, and keeping to a human form helps. It’s as if pretending to be human makes me think more human. When I’m like this, I get intense thoughts to do things that I swore I would never do with a man I didn’t love.”

“So it’s a curse?” Harlan asked, leaning on the kitchen island. “To some Mamono, it’s life. To me, it’s a reminder that I’m not human. But to be a human woman in a world with Mamono, it’s a lonely experience.”

The room grew silent with Elria’s sullen mood casting shadow on the attempted fun Friday night. “Why don’t we take this to the couch? I’ve got some frozen snacks we can warm up… the new season of ‘Who wants to be a demon queen?’ airs tonight. I know you said you enjoyed the last one.” Harlan asked excitedly, trying to breathe new life into the depressed succubus’s form. The proposition looked to work as Elria’s smile returned, “sure, Harlan. Just one thing… Do you have any clothes that might fit me? I feel like I’m being strangled in these.”

Harlan sat expectantly as the episode of ‘Lamia Island: Down Under’ played in the background. He could hear Elria as she struggled in his closed bedroom, but he hadn’t known that the sounds of exertion were from her attempted removal of the tightly bound clothing. Her more plush body had kept the zippers firmly locked and the buttons nearly inaccessible as she tried to pull herself free of the office attire. With a sudden pop, the white button-up released her struggling bosom and let her barely restrained breasts flop out. She took in a full breath and allowed her now unrestrained chest to take a first unburdened breaths since the full moon had first appeared in the night sky.

Elria continued to work at the zipper on her skirt; eventually she tore at the fabric with frustrated strength to have it removed from her wide hips. The story was the same for her underwear, her black lace bra was at least two cup sized too small and her panties resembled a thong. Her bra had to go, Elria thought as she tossed her clothing into a pile next to Harlan’s dresser. She thought of Harlan fondly as she picked up the overly large hoodie and sweatpants provided. With the source of her sudden compulsion unknown, Elria brought the clothes close to her face and recognized the scent of Harlan upon them. She could detect the fresh linen scent of the detergent he used mixed with the scent every human unwittingly left behind. Elria knew there had been another scent present upon the clothes but Harlan’s was the only thing she focused on as she buried her face in the hoodie. Elria’s eyes began to glow a more intense pink as thoughts of her violation by his sudden lust ran rampant, only to be dispersed by Harlan’s voice calling from the other room. “Credits are rolling, you’ve got two minutes!”

Elria had half the mind to leave the bedroom in her current state, but given Harlan’s response to what most succubi would have consider a chaste view of her cleavage, she thought the better of it. She pulled on the hoodie and sweatpants and exited Harlan’s bedroom to the opening sounds of season three of ‘Who wants to be a demon queen?’.

“No! Izaria dropped first?” Elria cried at the TV. The rankings had come in for the final competition of the episode, Demon Queen Costume Design, and Elria’s favorite had made a terrible blunder. “After what she pulled over Tamra in the first competition? She deserves it.” Harlan leaned into the corner of the sofa, his hand dangled over the second empty glass on the couch-side table. He had long forgotten his business jacket, tie and belt as he sat next to the comfortably dressed Elria in his socks, previously well ironed pants, partially unbuttoned white button-up, and the undershirt peeked out from underneath his parted shirt.

In his relaxed state, he hadn’t notice Elria’s eyes go from a fluorescent pink to an iridescent pink, as if her eyes were ready to become a lighting fixture of their own. Elria hadn’t given her state much thought either due to the drinks she had consumed to drown the doubts and thoughts that insecurity readily brought. The night for her had slowly progressed from shying away from her innermost compulsions to a near complete blockade of the urges that assaulted her mind. Normally she had.. ‘methods’ of taking care of such things on a full moon by herself, should they grow to this level, but she was with Harlan, this amazing friend who surely wouldn’t mind some casual fun….

Elria snapped herself out of the thought as it left its scandalous mark on her mind. Harlan was still none the wiser as he turned down the volume on the preview for the next show, ‘Hero’s course: Wipeout Edition’, wherein male contestants in varying states of physical condition would attempt to navigate obstacle courses as if they were to infiltrate a demon queen’s hideout. Harlan thought the show was a great compliment to the previous, but the whole Hero-Demon queen dynamic had long died out after the first year of the convergence, only to be turned into this commodity of its former self by Hollywood. “So, are you going to tell me who’s the office crush? I need some gossip for the water cooler!” Elria laughed, her succubus instincts forcing the jocular tone in her voice.

“Don’t get too upset with me.” Harlan held up his hands, “It was you.”

Elria let a small smile creep across her face. She had suspected that Harlan’s kindness to a lone human woman was not out of purity, but she hadn’t cared. To her, he was the only man who had extended his hand in friendship for the whole time she had hidden as a human. “Was?” She asked, letting her head fall low, fists gripping at the sofa cushions. Elria knew the act would bring out his true feelings, but what had compelled her to employ such a tactic was beyond her. “I.. didn’t know who you were.” He stammered out, as if to justify his words. His mouth fell silent as soft hands gripped his own gently, the tremendous strength Elria was capable of was only held back by her need to show compassion. Her succubus instincts cheered in her mind as the death-stroke was dealt, her act would be completed with a few words more. Elria held his hands in hers and for the first time, her gentle succubus skin brushed against his matted human skin. She brought her head up to look at him eye-to-eye, deep green to iridescent pink.

“I’m still me, Harlan.”

She felt his pulse through his hands, the normal heart rate rose from a steady slow beat to a skipping rapid mess. Elria saw an expression behind his eyes that she had never seen upon his face before, a want, a desire… lust. She realized her mistake and released his hands as if she had held something hot. In a lapse of judgment, she had fallen to her instincts and just touched the man she desired, her succubus body worked to draw out the same desires in Harlan. Elria knew from her sisters that the unintended effect was not only a powerful desire, but one that would undoubtedly remain for many hours.

“Shit! I… I didn’t mean to do that!” Elria stood up sharply as Harlan’s eyes locked on to her in desperate need. “You are still you… Elria.” Harlan chimed. He stood to meet her eyes. Harlan had been slightly taller than her, but at this moment, Elria had felt as if Harlan towered over her.

She was unprepared for the strength he gripped her close to draw Elria into a deep and passionate kiss. Any semblance of objection melted away in Elria’s mind as the oral exploration they both embraced shattered the mental wall she had so carefully constructed to hold back her succubus needs. To both of them, a succubus who tasted a human for the first time, and a human who sucked on the essence of a succubus, their saliva was a drug. Each of them vied for more of each other as their kiss grew with their desires, eventually the sound of the TV was drowned out by the lewd sucking noises that they made, the entwined couple collapsed into a handsy mess on to the couch. Elria forced Harlan’s hands underneath the sweater to let him grope at her enormous breasts, to squeeze the supple flesh while his other hand began to explore down her backside. She, likewise, had her hands busy to undo Harlan’s pants.

Without a word to interrupt their passionate twist of tongues, Harlan began to take off Elria’s sweatpants. In a hurried flurry of heavy breathing, they both disrobed entirely. Shirts were thrown aside, underwear torn off in a hurried mess, panting lust drove both of them to extreme haste. Elria stood to face Harlan, his manhood stuck upright with desire as he leaned back into the couch. Harlan had never thought he would be in such a situation with a woman so soon and his body ached for action with Elria, but he didn’t know how he should approach it. Fortunately for his lust-fried mind, Elria’s succubus instincts knew action unlike any other and turned to bare her rear at Harlan. She spread her ample posterior to show the puffy moist mess of her womanhood, only to slowly lower herself on to Harlan to sit on his lap. He felt the intense heat of her insides, as if to welcome him back from a long trip. He felt the strange texture of the tight walls as they enclosed around him, Elria’s soaking juices guided him deeper inside. Elria’s mind dreamed of having Harlan to herself forever, it was her first time after all. All Harlan could think was to drive himself deeper, to pound desperately into this hole as if his life depended on it. His heart raced with lust as Elria’s thighs met his and engulfed his mast in its entirety. Elria reached the base with a satisfied and lewd smile plastered on her lecherous face. She felt Harlan shift to try and drive himself deeper, even if to only experience a millimeter of motion.

To Harlan’s dismay, she began to rise up and revealed the glistening shaft soaked with her juices to the dim blue light of the city outside. Elria quickly lowered herself down once more, letting all the sensation of the first insertion hit Harlan in one quick motion. He spasmed at the intensity of the feeling as she began to ride him with a desire that only a succubus could manage. The desperate slapping of her ass flesh against his legs rang throughout the apartment as her body sought to milk Harlan dry. She let the soft grip of her interior massage his shaft in aphrodisiac fluids. Her wings and tail flopped around dumbly under the rhythmic motion. Elria felt determined hands grip at her wrists to pull her down further with each motion, the intensity of each ‘slap slap slap’ grew louder as both Harlan and Elria lost themselves in the pleasure. Again, with a strength Elria was unfamiliar with, Harlan pulled her down hard, the base of his spear driving further into her than she knew possible. She felt her insides stretched by the frantic motion before he spilled white inside of her. With a sudden release, Harlan’s body sought to drive his seed deep within Elria as he forcefully held her against him. Elria reveled in the fluid washing inside of her, paying no mind to the firm grip holding her in place. With each pulsing release of new seed spilling forth, she felt a power well inside her she had never experienced before. With a final and complete thrust, Harlan emptied himself in his entirety into Elria’s depths. Elria climaxed with a lecherous moan, sending her succubus fluids across Harlan’s lap as she experienced etheric ecstasy from their carnal act. Mana flooded into her and her skin began to turn a lighter pink color. Harlan didn’t witness Elria’s change as he slumped back into the sofa, content to remain with his manhood forcibly at attention inside of Elria. Her hair and horns began to lengthen and the vines tattooed on her pelvis began to grow, forming flowers as they reached outward to her pelvic crests. Even her lips had become unnaturally full and sensitive with desire.

Elria’s visage was now that of a more properly formed succubus, which she saw in the reflection of the TV, which had turned off in the course of their lovemaking. Elria’s mind was drunk on her succubus desire, no longer did her appearance cause her grief as she felt Harlan’s juices absorb deep within her. All she could think of was Harlan and how to feel such ecstasy again.

Harlan’s mind reeled from the experience with Elria, his heart raced and his body was covered in sweat and succubus juices. He had precious seconds of pleasure as his head laid back, staring off into the ceiling before he felt Elria stand to finally let his soaked shaft experience air once more. He sat in complete serenity until soft hands pushed his legs apart and a presence made itself known between his thighs. Lazily, he rose to see Elria, who resembled a full succubus, licked at the juices along his manhood. She worked methodically with her tongue, as if to capture as much of the amalgam of Harlan’s and her fluids as she could, before she took his entire length in her mouth.

Harlan had felt drained, but this new act drove sudden vigor into his body in that moment. Elria greedily sucked away, engorged lips sliding sloppily over his shaft. Her pace was torturously slow to Harlan, her moments were spent to savor his flavor which only made him want to thrust away. Elria’s arousal grew as Harlan’s actions became more forceful. He gripped the sides of her head and began to use her mouth like a sex toy. He forced her up and down with a vigorous pace. His tip impacted at the back of her throat over and over again, her succubus physiology only provided her body with pleasure. Elria complied with his every wish, turning the vigorous face fucking in to a deep oral experience; she tilted her head to allow Harlan to feel the entire length of her throat, opened for access rather than halting mid-length and skillfully used her tongue to enhance the experience. Again with one last sudden thrust, Harlan began to spill into Elria’s mouth. She gripped at his rear to drive his manhood deep into her throat and brought her full lips up to the base as an unreal amount of fluid began to pour into her throat. Elria knew in the back of her lust stricken mind that a man who laid with succubi repeatedly would have effects, but she had not known it would have been so immediate to make him so… productive. Elria’s body once again responded to the injection of Mana and unwittingly turned it on her lover, letting his assets become more potent for their next act.

Elria or Harlan couldn’t have known that their collective inexperience with sex increased the potency of their effects on each other, Harlan’s sudden exposure to Mamono lust never let him grow flaccid while Elria’s first taste of potent Mana drove her to an immediate addiction. Harlan knew that he had to keep going as Elria let a ‘plop’ noise into the air as she backed away from his shaft, her open mouth showed off how much Harlan had left in her throat. In a show of submission, Elria swallowed in front of him as her dead gaze showed her complete lack of thought, the only thing that drove her mind now was lust.

Harlan followed on the lust forced upon him, he let himself fall to the floor on top of Elria, who all but licked her lips at what she knew was coming next. He took a leg in each hand and parted them to the soaked prize beneath. He had seen her playing with herself the entire time he had resided in her mouth; it was all a prelude for this moment. He looked down to his manhood to find it engorged beyond anything he could have ever hoped. It had grown in length and girth somehow… likely due to exposure to such potent Mamono magic he thought as he forced her legs high into the air as he teased her entrance. His body pleaded with him to stop as his muscles ached, only to have every sensation drowned out by the need to fuck as his tip entered in to Elria. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as he gripped her more prominent horns to force himself deeper and used his arms to keep her legs upright in a forceful mating press. Her body was far more elastic than any human body, but even Elria had limits. She felt her body stretching as if to part for Harlan’s enlarged manhood as he forced her into the ground with every frenzied thrust. Her large breasts flopped around to each side with the violent motions, his mind only focused on driving his potent seed as deep as it could go into Elria. She bit her lip and let out a lewd moan and gripped at his forearms to bring him in closer as Harlan jackhammered her insides. The loudest ‘plap’ noises and wild moans rang out in the apartment, as if to make it known to the room that their love had firmly been exercised.

Their final climax came together as a tidal wave of fluids washed into Elria’s deepest crevice. Both of them let the repeated pulses of pleasure hit with every heartbeat as Harlan’s swimmers found purchase in Elria’s womb. He collapsed on to Elria’s chest, letting his head come to rest between her enormous breasts. Harlan’s body had finally given it’s all to perform this last act and provided a potent mix of mana to trigger the last transformation Elria would experience that night. Her tattoo had become far more ornate and ran from pelvic notch to pelvic notch and now glowed the same pink of her eyes. With Harlan still partially inside her as he grew soft, she could feel her control over her body return.

As Harlan let his tired mind and body encounter the sweet embrace of sleep after such a demanding day, Elria’s body began to shrink back to her human form, bereft of all succubus features except for the barely visible tattoo glowing from her pelvis.

Her mind began to realize the gravity of what she had just caused as Harlan let out a snore from the carpet that had cushioned them in their final throes of passion. She had inadvertently caused her only friend in the office to run himself dry over her repressed Mamono form, which only time would tell if he would forgive her.

Elria thought to make the best of the situation and picked up Harlan’s sleeping form to bring him into the adjacent bedroom.

Harlan awoke to the most comfortable pillow he had ever experienced in his life. He felt a soft weight pressed against the back of his head as he shifted nude in his sheets. His mind hardly began to piece together his memory of the night previously as a gentle hand pulled him back into an embrace. He didn’t fight the grip as warmth flowed around him from Elria. He turned around to see her blue eyes and black hair looking back at him with a nervous gaze. All of Elria’s worries washed away as Harlan asked, “Want to stay over again tonight?”.

Monday was certainly a strange day for the office as an already drained looking Harlan exited the elevator with a foreign looking Elria following behind. Their boss was taken aback by Elria’s sudden change to a succubus but ignored the obvious question in favor of his immediate demand. “Harlan, where’s the compiled financial report? Remember, you work on Balthazar time, Balthazar money. They expect quality results!” he asked in a stern voice. “Elria’s got the last projection to do today… I found a discrepancy in a departmental budget, gotta re-run the numbers today, but I’ll have it in your inbox at the end of the day.”
“Good. And after this, take some time off. You look like you had your soul drained…” their boss suddenly stopped as his eyes drift to Elria. “You know what? Both of you take Friday off. Learn to manage a ‘beneficial’ relationship better.” he said knowingly. Harlan just noded with a drained smile on his face as he looks over his desk to a gleeful Elria. He lazily signed in to his work computer to find a message already in his inbox from corporate.

‘Request for financial model: Hey, I saw you were assigned to gather some information on the total budget for the year. If you find any discrepancies, please forward them to me for my department’s investigation. Thanks, -Z.’

Harlan didn’t pay the message much mind. He could only think of the time left in the work day, the minutes it would take to get to his apartment, the seconds it would take to undress, all to get back to Elria. He gave her a smile from his monitor as he turned his attention to the spreadsheet that had spurred their encounter and he began to comb over the numbers once again.

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